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Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Booster 30ml 30ml

4.4 of 39 reviews

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4 instalments of $7.20


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Who has time for an unpredictable breakout? We sure don't! The Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Booster will stop your blemish in its track, killing breakout-causing bacteria within 15 minutes of application. This spot treatment will calm irritation, soothe dryness and clear pores to help banish your breakout, fast.



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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.4 of 39 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Cleared my acne!


This was the best purchase I have ever made! It really cleared up my acne on my T zone.

Most Helpful Criticism



bought this for my partner as he gets breakouts quite often. works well for him as it is for me. doesnt dry out the skin too much, however needs to be consistent with applying it
  1. Perfect clearing serum!


    My daughter loves this for her skin when she gets breakouts. Very gentle on the skin, yet very effective in helping clear her acne. Wouldn’t use any other brand now after using this range - super affordable for what you get as well!!!
  2. Cleared my acne!


    verified purchaser
    This was the best purchase I have ever made! It really cleared up my acne on my T zone.
  3. quick results


    Good spot treatment, it works over night with me for any big pimples I see that have formed during the day! Also helps to calm the swelling and irritation of any pimples I wake up with in t he morning.
  4. Quick results!


    I have congested acne and my skin can be both oily and dry. This product helps to even out the texture of my skin and reduce the size of my pores. I use a small veil over my face or as a spot treatment. Results are relatively quick. It can be a little drying so make sure to moisturise!
  5. Works really well


    verified purchaser
    Great product, easy packaging and clears spots up in just hours. Thank you! Would highly recommend!
  6. Great spot zapper!


    I trialed several skin care ranges for my young teen. She needed something effective and active but not too harsh as she is still so young.
    I used the full clear start range in conjunction with a glycolic scrub from another brand.
    Her skin was very congested but within a week or two it’s bright and clear. Definitely the perfect range for preteen/early teen
    This was used all ove...
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  7. It works for the small pimples


    verified purchaser
    This product works amazing for small pimples. I usually put it on before I go to sleep and the next day the pimples will clear out. However, it doesn’t really work for those big nasty pimples.
  8. worked overnight


    i had a small pimple and i borrowed this from my daughter to put on it. and to my surprise my pimple vanished overnight. just a tiny redness was left of it in the morning that i covered with makeup. this is magic. i have aged skin and i do not get much pimples
  9. Great for active breakouts


    verified purchaser
    Calms down and reduce the size of active breakouts very effectively. The redness goes down notably. I also think it prevents new breakouts to an extent. I’ve never been disappointed by dermalogica and I think this is a pretty reasonable price compared to some of their other products. However, it is very sticky and cannot be worn under makeup which made me stop using it.
  10. Great product for acne


    Amazing product for acne as a teenager and young adult. Slightly drying so use a moisturiser as well. With acne prone skin use day and night after washing.
  11. Great


    This particular treatment works absolutely amazing! It completely cleared my skin and now I use it when I start to notice a breakout coming or if I have a couple of zits I need to get rid of ASAP. My skin actually clears up over night and it feels super soft which is an added bonus.
  12. Great


    I absolutely LOVED the dermalogica Breakout Clearing Booster!!! This stuff is fantastic. I couldn't believe how fast it would clear my breakouts with just one application overnight. I have never had such great results!! I am so very excited to have found this product and will be continuing to use it. The formula was not thick or greasy, had a light scent and was very easy to apply!
  13. good


    bought this for my partner as he gets breakouts quite often. works well for him as it is for me. doesnt dry out the skin too much, however needs to be consistent with applying it
  14. Good for acne prone skin


    Happy with this product! Within a few days my skin started to clear up. It’s not an overnight success and will take time, but I’m noticed a huge difference. Make sure you’re using a really hydrating moisteriser though as it drys your skin slightly
  15. big ye


    such a great product. have been using it for roughly six months now and cannot stress how well it has worked for me
  16. My favourite product from the range


    I loved this and plan to repurchase it in full size singularly after trying the kit. I thought it helped pimples heaps when applied before bed.
  17. Great


    My holy grail acne treatment. I apply this at the first signs of breakouts and it clears my skin so quickly. In love
  18. Magic in a bottle


    Loved this product this has really helped my acne so good and I love how affordable it is.
  19. i don’t know


    i’ve used it a few times have not really seen a difference. might work on different skin types tho
  20. average


    does it job to dry up pimples, however does not happen overnight. also does not really work on blemishes like it says. but overall still helps with breakouts
  21. Its good


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    This is a great cleanser for when I break out, even better is how affordable this range is.
  22. Not for me


    I was excited to purchase this product after reading all the reviews but it’s done nothing for me!! Shortly after it came I had a spot appear on my head so I put it to the test and 4 days later it’s still there! No reduction in size or appearance. Not sure what all the fuss is about it certainly has not proven useful to me!
  23. MAGIC product

    perfecting skin

    i have tried on many products regarding the here and there pimples i get. but nothing has worked for me as much as this did. i saw the results overnight. my skin is dry and i do not get too much breakouts but when i do get one or 2 they last forEVER. and very difficult to get rid of. but this product is magic.


    I have normal/combination skin and was looking for something that would help my skin without being too harsh as I started noticing breakouts on my cheeks which I have never had before. I have always been skeptical of using anything labelled to help "acne" or "breakouts" because i just have a few problem areas and I don't want my skin to dry out, but this product is so light and actually feels hydr...
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  25. Works like a charm


    I started using this product morning and night for the last couple months and I love it! Any breakout that appears it quickly fights it and speeds up the healing process! Apart from the smell this product is really nice on the skin and does the job!
  26. Helps clear breakouts


    I have recently been suffering with several break outs and congested bumps on my cheeks and around my mouth. I had tried so many products on the market to try and help my skin but nothing worked. Well I can say this is a magic cream! I saw drastic results the very next morning after applying and it doesn’t dry out my skin. I use this any time my skin is going through a bit of a hard time and it ha...
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  27. Great product!

    Jennifer Ann

    I got this a free sample in another order and love how quick it was to make my pimples go down. I get really angry pimples so it was a big plus for me to find this. So I decided to order one because my sample ran out lol
  28. Does the job


    I discovered that Dermalogica's Emergency Spot Fix Treatment had been discontinued and it was one of the best acne treatments I've tried. I gave Dermalogica a call to see if there was a similar product and they recommended this one. It's similar in that it doesn't irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin but I find it takes a little longer to work than the Emergency Spot Fix. The downside for me is ...
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  29. Best. Thing. Ever.


    I have extremely sensitive skin. Any cream, will add to getting acne. I've used this twice and my fave is amazingly clearer, no scarring, no burning nothing. It doesn't exactly what it says it will do. My fave feels amazing it doesn't get oily with the product. Absolutely love it. Would highly recommend
  30. Great product


    It works well, but i prefer the dermalogica overnight clearing gel. It seems to work faster and better on my oily skin
  31. Effective to combat early stages of breakouts


    My skin type is oily combination and so far the product hasn't cause breakouts. I've been using this product for a month now and it has helped with the initial stages of breakouts. its not for those with red and inflamed breakouts tho. But overall its a good product for prevention of acne.
  32. Very good clearing booster


    I've been using the product for 3 days and it's significantly helped to clear up a very large angry breakout all over my neck (bad reaction to a chemical peel gone wrong). It's very calming and surprisingly hydrating, calms down redness and dries out the breakouts without drying my skin. I'm very happy with it!
  33. absolutely LOVE


    i love this product. it has been a huge factor in helping my skin clear up. definitely would recommend to anyone with acne that is looking for something new to try out. :-)
  34. absolutely LOVE


    i love this product. it has been a huge factor in helping my skin clear up. definitely would recommend to anyone with acne that is looking for something new to try out. :-)
  35. Works really well on acne!


    Put this on pimples coming up and it will banish them! It doesn't hurt or dry my skin out at all. I already have dry skin as it is so I figured it would dry out but I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend this product!


    literally A DAY after I used this product I seen results! Any breakouts I’m getting now are really tiny! I only get the odd people here and there and once I use this it’s gone within 24 hours!
  37. Love it!


    Hands down one of my favourite products by Dermalogica. This product visibly reduced the appearance of acne within minutes of application. Not only is redness reduced and calmed down but the overall appearance of acne is reduced. I will definitely be repurchasing this product in the future
  38. The only spot treatment that's worked!


    I absolutely adore this. I have skin that freaks out at the slightest change in anything so I'm constantly dealing with whiteheads, blackheads, and blind pimples - this has honestly helped all of them. It dries them out without being overly drying, and it definitely helps calm the area too. Honestly my favourite spot treatment ever.
  39. Works wonders on breakouts


    This dermalogica clear start breakout clearing booster is amazing! It helps with clearing up my breakouts fantastically. I apply it to the affected area as soon as I feel a breakout coming on and it works wonders. This is a great product for targeting unwanted breakouts.
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