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Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30 22ml

4.7 of 102 reviews

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4 instalments of $17.16


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Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30 blurs the line between skincare and makeup.
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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30

Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30

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4.7 of 102 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

It works


This feels amazing on the skin. I like that there is spf in it. Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the skin. I love it. Does what its meant to do.

Most Helpful Criticism

Better for mature skin


I received a very generous sample size of this with a recent order and was excited to give it a go, as a big Dermalogica fan! I was surprised that it's tinted- much darker than my skin colour but not really noticeable once applied. I have dry skin and I'm in my 20s so I know I'm not exactly the target for this product- it's very smooth and silicone-y, which isn't well suited to my skin. My makeup wore well over the top of it, but I much prefer a hydrating primer without silicone. I will definitely use this just around my nose in future. I think mature skin and oily skins would be well suited to this product.
  1. It works


    This feels amazing on the skin. I like that there is spf in it. Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the skin. I love it. Does what its meant to do.
  2. Skin perfect primer


    I keep buying this product I love the feel and results I get when using it some days I just use it without any foundation.. I love that it is tinted
  3. Better for mature skin


    I received a very generous sample size of this with a recent order and was excited to give it a go, as a big Dermalogica fan! I was surprised that it's tinted- much darker than my skin colour but not really noticeable once applied. I have dry skin and I'm in my 20s so I know I'm not exactly the target for this product- it's very smooth and silicone-y, which isn't well suited to my skin. My makeup wore well over the top of it, but I much prefer a hydrating primer without silicone. I will definitely use this just around my nose in future. I think mature skin and oily skins would be well suited to this product.
  4. Love love love!


    This primer is amazing! I got a decent sized tube in a sample and am just loving it! It feels silky smooth and spreads on the skin beautifully! I’ve noticed my face looking brighter and smoother when I do my make up and I will definitely be adding this to my next AB haul! So good!
  5. Great


    Whenever I wear this underneath foundation, my drugstore foundations last longer, look better and my skin gets less oily during the day. Love this!
  6. very nice


    Really liked the feel of this primer. It really did even out my skin tone (it's slightly tinted) and my makeup went on very nicely.
  7. Great primer for older skin


    This primer is silky and smooth and really does seem to smooth out fine lines. Foundation goes on top evenly and this primer can even be used on it's own. I have a few fine lines but still get an oily T Zone, I find a lot of products for "ageing" skin usually leave it oily but this product doesn't.

    The only downside is the size of the tube for the price but a little does go a long way.
  8. Amazing


    Had this product referred to me by my skin care lady a year ago, and absolutely love it! I have drier skin so this product works a treat, for everyday use when I don’t want foundation on, or as a primer for when I want that full face of makeup on.
  9. The best primer


    This is by far the best primer I've tried. It's slightly tinted and evens the skin tone even before applying foundation, and I often skip concealer as this primer and foundation is enough to cover imperfections. I keep repurchasing it again and again.
  10. Great coverage


    This product gave great coverage of my skin. It allowed my foundation and powder to go on smoothly and blend effectively
  11. Good


    This primer works well for aging skin, it has a slightly oily texture and it’s good for use under powder while avoiding that dryer caked on look that can happen with more mature skin
  12. Awesome


    bit slippery when applying my foundation but feels moisturising and nourishing for my oily skin id repurchase
  13. Love the tint!


    The tint this primer gives off is so flattering, easy for someone who likes minimal makeup as you can just pop some powder over the top and you’re good to go! Can be a bit oily for someone with an Oiler skin type though!
  14. great for all ages


    I am young and dont quite need the anti-aging properties however it is really healthy for my skin and goes amazing under makeup. the coloured tint is the only thing to criticise because it makes my face a little white
  15. Excellent primer


    I have used this primer previously and decided to try some other brands over the last 12 months, but I have to say that I'm back to using Dermalogica as it has the best coverage (slightly tinted),and often wear it on its own. I play outdoor sport so it also gives extra UV protection. I also like that its PETA accredited.
  16. LOVE


    I do not have mature skin, however, i love this product still! one of the best primers ive ever used
  17. love


    Quite a pricey primer, but it is really great and versatile. Smooths skin and is SPF 30 which is fantastic
  18. The best primer on the market


    I have used many primers and will only use this primer . It is so easy to apply, as it glides smoothly onto the face and blends in very well into the skin. The tint /colour of this primer is so perfect. It provides good coverage for post acne blemishes and it does not lead to breakouts at all. I find that I need to use less mineral foundation when I use this primer and it combines and works so well in with my Nude by Nature mineral power foundation. This primer makes my face look so flawless all day and I don't really need to touch up at all. It absorbs the oil from skin as well so I don't need to use blotting tissues/paper on my skin. I can't live without it and is worth it!

  19. SPF and foundation primer in one


    I’m not usually one to bother with primers - all the ones I have tried didn’t do much for me and I don’t care to add unnecessary steps to my makeup routine. This one is a different story as it has SPF 30! It is quite a thick, velvety consistency primer with a subtle tint and glides on nicely. The tint is not too noticeable or too dark on my fair skin, it just sort of evens out the skin tone. I find that I need to use less foundation when I apply this underneath, which helps me to justify the price in my brain. I wouldn’t say my foundation lasts any more or less time with this on compared to without. Smells like rosemary but not for too long.
  20. A great treatment primer!


    This primer feels so luxurious on the skin and gives a great subtle tint for everyday use! I have a normal to oily skin type and i find this primer helps control the oil on my skin throughout the day so i dont end up looking shiny! A bit pricey for a primer but definitely worth the investment!!!
  21. Good primer


    Bought full size this after I have received a sample. The colour though is darker than my skin so I must use it in summer. It will be awesome if they put more spf to it to be considered well priced
  22. Amazing primer


    This is such a fantastic primer! My makeup looks flawless when I use this as my base.. makes skin feel healthy and beautiful too!
  23. Best Primer


    I’ve been using the Hourglass primer for sometime however I just started trying this and it’s a game changer. It completely smooths out the skin whilst providing SPF protection. I have combination/oil skin and with this primer my makeup stays smooth, even & matte all day!
  24. I honestly like this on its own


    I like this product at the end of my skincare to fill my pores and make my skin look glowy. I tend to reach for this as less of a primer and more of a skin enhancer! Quite expensive but i think it’s worth it!
  25. Great


    I wear it daily on its own. It’s lightweight and smooth on perfectly leaving skin looking flawless and glowing. Last till end of the day and skin shows no sign of drying or clogged. Its my 2nd full size tube and I use it everyday.
  26. Great base


    I can’t get enoug( of this product. Have been using it for years and it’s the best on the market. Light soft and offers sun protection. I sometimes used instead of moisturizer and do my contouring. No need for foundation. It makes my skin soft and even.
  27. Even base


    I tried a sample of this that a friend gave me and fell in love. This is a different kind of primer than I was use to. It has a slight tint to the colour which I loved because it provided me with an even base and I sometimes just use the primer without any foundation.

    I have dry skin with an oily T-Zone. This primer worked out with my skin issues but can move around a little bit of you have really oily skin.

    Recommend it!
  28. Favourite primer


    My initial response with trying this primer was it felt to slippery and I was unsure on how long my foundation would last but I was pleasantly surprised on how long my foundation stayed on.
    I find it makes my skin feel gorgeous after application and my skin looks better just by using this primer.
    I don’t like the packaging of this and would personally prefer it if it was in a pump bottle as i always seem to get too much out and can’t ever remember how much I need.. where with a pump I remember that I need one pump to do a face.
  29. Love it


    This is super nice, I lik the slight glow it gives me and looks really pretty when I just put a little concealer over it. I also love that it has spf because then I don’t need to wear too many products on my skin at once! It can be a little clumpy/ball up on my skin sometimes but it’s easy to fix. Definitely reccomend!
  30. Really love this prodct


    Love the shimmery look and effect. Holds make up really well. Only complaint would be that it does clump a little on my fingers as I'm applying, but hey nothing is perfect!
  31. The best ever!


    This is the best primer I've ever used. It has slight tint to it which covers all imperfections. I often get away with just using it without even having to apply foundation. I've purchased it few times, and will keep doing so.
  32. A great primer


    This is my favourite primer. Not only does it soften the skin and give me a flawless complexion but it’s tint gives me some colour as well. As I have maturer skin I don’t want my makeup falling into the cracks during the day and this primer really stops this from happening. My skin also feels hydrated and soft after application. You don’t need a lot and it can be worn on it’s own not just under foundation to give a little colour and a very light coverage. I have tried a few other primers but always come back to this one as my all time favourite.
  33. Great


    Product has been purchased before. Best product used on skin so far, nothing compares
  34. Excellent application


    I'm in love with layering various spfs on my skin as part of my sun protection, but using this one as the base layer is amazing. the application is a dream and it feels fantastic and holds brilliantly.
  35. Great as a primer or on it's own for a great makeup free look


    I use this daily and its fabulous. It goes on smooth so you don't need a lot product and I often wear it when I want a makeup free day but need a little something on my face. I've got skin that can sometimes be a little dry but I've never had a problem using it with any of my other products and it's a must have part of my make up routine.
  36. This is deluxe


    I love how this feels on my skin. It feels light weight and super lux.
  37. Use instead of foundation!


    - matte finish without looking like a porcelain doll
    - texture is almost a little gummy. Run it between fingers to apply. I like that because it’s easy to use.
    - blends in with skin colour and covers blemishes and evens skin tone. Now I use it instead of foundation for a natural look
    - am a regular user now
    - good packaging for the tune with a squeeze to help you get ever last bit out.


    I’ve been using the Sephora primer for sometime however I just started trying this and it’s a game changer. It completely smooths our the skin whilst providing SPF protection. I have combination/oil skin and with this primer my makeup stays smooth, even & matte all day!
  39. Good as an eyeshadow primer


    I find this primer is a bit too slippery, oily, silicony for my face; although I do love the colour correcting properties and the inclusion of an SPF. It tends to pill up on the skin and clump. I had only been applying it to my Tzone and to the visible pores on my cheeks, but by the end of the day my skin feels extremely greasy in those areas. I’m now using it on my eyelids as an eyeshadow primer and colour corrector , rather than having the tube go to waste. Will stick to Hourglass mineral veil as my primary face primer.
  40. An Amazing Primer!


    This is one of my favourite primers to use - it gives me the best canvas underneath my make up. It provides me with a flawless and even base and really helps to ensure my make up stays in place all day and all night, while at the same time, hydrating my skin! Love it!
  41. Fantastic primer


    Despite its silicone-y feel, this primer does not clog pores. It's creates a smooth canvas for my makeup with the added bonus of SPF.

    Sometimes I'll wear it on its own for a subtle tint on good skin days.

    I've worn it through workouts and it never breaks me out.

    Highly recommend!
  42. Great for oily skin


    This is my favourite primer so far! Does a great job of controlling shine and helps makeup last all day/night!
  43. Holy grail!


    This primer is so amazing. It leaves your skin smooth and oil free, ready for make up and your make up won't get oily at all with this on. You can even wear it in the day without make up on top for an even and smooth complexion. You won't be disappointed!
  44. Amazing


    I love this primer, it leaves your skin feeling smooth, lasts so we’ll under makeup all day, and contains and SPF which I love. Would definitely recommend.
  45. Love it


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    I just love that this is a primer with SPF, perfect for summer events, it blends well, impressed,
  46. Perfect primer


    I’ve tried so many primers but this one is much better than any of the others tested. I have uneven skin with sun damage and the light tint helps to even it out. Moisturising in my dry skin and lasts all day long!
  47. Great


    Lovely smooth primer. Works wonderfully with my liquid makeup and lasts until I remove it at bedtime
  48. Great primer with SPF


    I don’t use a primer everyday but I love to use it in summer as it has a SPF 30, my make-up stays put longer and it gives me a nice glowy tint. Sometimes I don’t even use a foundation on top of it. The tube looks small but it lasts me a really long time as you don’t need much. The formula spreads very nicely on the skin. I’ve been using it for a few years now, and am very happy with it.
  49. Pass


    I guess I didn’t read that this was colour correcting cause it’s a red primer also it’s tiny! For that money I wanted it to be amazing. It’s only ok. I won’t be repurchasing and it’s gone to the bottoms of my make up bag.
  50. No need for makeup


    This is a great primer, and has become my daily staple. It goes on so smooth, and it blurs out enough imperfections to make the skin look lovely and flawless. I don’t wear make up, and I just needed something to give my skin a nice smooth finish after putting on my moisturiser. This definitely does the job. The spf makes this product a great all rounder for those make up free days.
  51. Primer that can go without makeup


    This smooth textured primer is one of my absolute favourites. It adds a hint of colour to the skin, creating an even complexion with the blurring and oil-fighting finish. I have oily skin in the T zone and the primer works to keep it under control all day. I especially love the added SPF because it really makes it the perfect product to go over moisturiser. I usually wear it without makeup, but the product sits really well underneath makeup too.
  52. smooth and velvety


    Love the smooth and velvety texture of this primer. I use it over my dermalogica skin smoothing cream and under my foundation. Added sun protection is a bonus and it seems to allow my foundation to glide on easily while helping with covering my uneven skin tone from sun exposure.
  53. Best Primera I’ve ever used


    I wear sunscreen underneath and then use this product for a little extra sun protection, it goes on well and covers any potential greasiness from the sunscreen. I will often skip foundation because I think the primer looks great on it’s on own. Lovely scent too.
  54. Left my face feeling itchy


    I received a sample of this product so decided to give it a go. I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. Whilst applying it i noticed it was clumping in little bits on my face, and it was quite tinted. It did make my skin feel smooth, but also left my face feeling quite itchy afterwards. It It might be better for people who dont have sensitive skin, but it wasnt for me.
  55. Nice primer


    I love this primer. It gives a great base to make up but works so well to even out skin tone that you could wear it alone. The sun protection a definite useful bonus!
  56. Excellent Primer


    This is my go-to primer.
    At first I balked at the price, but it makes my low-end makeup sit well all day.
    It smooths really well so concealer goes on better over blemishes, and really smooths liquid foundation application.
    I would not rely on it for sun protection and still use a separate step, as you probably don't use enough to even get the full SPF30.
    I haven't tried many other primers, but find this one really good, and think dermalogica in general is high quality and uses ingredients which cares for skin.
    I've only docked one star due to the expense.
  57. Great for upcoming summer!


    It's great for the summer as a primer under make up or just on its own. Best of all it smells wonderful. It has sunscreen which is definitely a plus in the summer months
  58. A great primer


    My skin was red and my foundation was not lasting all day so the redness was showing through by the end of the work day.

    I purchased this primer and it made a huge difference to hiding the redness. It also has SPF so that is an added bonus.

    Would recommend and would repurchase.
  59. Perfect Primer


    Received this as a sample and had to purchase straight away. Does such a great correcting job and really evens my skin tone so it’s perfect for applying foundation. Subtly illuminates without being too over the top. Shame it's so pricey!
  60. love it wish it was cheaper

    pony girl

    I love what this does for me. It smoothes my skin nicely, and doesn't clump up when I apply make-up over the top of it. It is really is a very nice primer, and I will use it sparingly in the spots that most need it - nose, and corners of eyes and mouth - without putting it all over.
  61. good BUT


    This silicon based primer certainly applies smoothly and feels lovely on the skin. A big plus is the SPF30 too. But I don't really like the tint, it makes my skin look dull.
  62. A smooth primer that works as a tinted moisturizer and SPF!


    I am very fair, with sensitive and dry skin.
    Tinted moisturiaers with a minimum of SPF30 is a must for me. I've tested quite a few in the past and found that Dermologica is my favourite because it just glides on. I usually mix it with another tinted moisturizer as well just to make it last a little longer - Dove during the Summer months and then with some La Mer during the winter months so I don't get dry patches!
    Highly recommend this as a tinted moisturizer and for lighter coverage, as I don't use any foundation.
  63. Orangish primer that feels heavy in silicone


    I wanted to love this, however, it seemed to make my fair skin look dirty, and it highlighted any dry patches (I have combination skin with occasional dry patches in winter).
  64. Terrific primer


    I have fair skin with fairly large pores and am in my early 50's. This primer is the best I've used to date. It is so smooth, has subtle skin toned tint and light essential oil scent. Good on it's own for the weekend and lovely base to foundation. Make up lasts well all day. Wouldn't be without it.
  65. Fabulous primer for combination to oily skin


    I have been using this primer across seasons and can say it works wonderfully for combination to oily skin that is also impacted by seasonal changes. It applies nicely and is absorbed well with a great mattified and smooth finish. Skin tone looks even and the appearance of pores is minimized!! Nice to wear alone on makeup free days and wears well under BB cream too!
  66. Perfect for daily use


    This Dermalogica Primer prepares my skin for the day perfectly. I love that it has SPF30, giving me confidence that I am looking after my skin the best I can during the day. It feels gorgeous on my skin and sinks in really well. I would recommend this primer for anyone who wants to take great care of their skin.
  67. The best primer I have ever used!


    This primer is the best that I have ever used!

    I always apply the primer after washing my face and applying my face creams. The makeup seems to stay on all day and my skin doesn't feel oily or dry. This primer provides the best base for applying makeup. I have tried other high end brands but nothing compares to this product!
  68. Great product


    I'm 40 and have quite dry skin. Ive started using this one my nose and around my eyes and at the edge of my mouth. It smooths the skin and holds my powder foundation much longer. One weekends I wear it as a tinted foundation. I love it!
  69. LOVE this primer!


    I have sensitive and acne prone skin and this product works wonders! I bought it s a primer that has SPF 30 in it so i can protect my skin every day from the environment. It has a lovely texture and a light colour to it, so when i wear it by itself for me it gives me a tiny bit of coverage for my acne.
    I will be buying this again and i recommend it.
  70. Every day wear


    I use this as my everyday wear if I'm not going to be in the sun for an extended period. I's great under a little bit of powder if you need a bit of extra coverage but don't want to wear a face falloff makeup. Gives the skin a nice glow and has 30 + sun protection. My only complaint is I go through it quickly, so it can be a little expensive.
  71. Best primer ever


    I've been looking for a good primer that keeps make up in place but doesn't clog pores like silicon primers do, and read about this one on adorebeauty website. I've decided to give it a go, and it's the best primer I've ever had. Very smooth, and foundation easily spreads over it and stays in place. It is slightly tinted, so it covers skin discolirations, so less concealer is required. I've just ran out and purchased again. This primer is a must-have item in my makeup bag!
  72. Favourite!


    If it wasn't so expensive for a tiny tube I would buy this every single time but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. It's great, I didn't even need to wear foundation, concealor or powder with this for an every day look. It smooths the skin, it's tinted but not too dark, it feels great and it's helping to protect your skin from the sun. It is amazing!
  73. Must have!!


    I am absolutely in love with this product! I’ve even bought some for close friends/family as gifts because it’s just THAT good! As a 22 year old girl who loves make up, I’ve always struggled to get it to stay on my oily skin throughout the day, hide my pores and stop the build up of cakey make up after a long day and this product does all of the above AND MORE! I no longer worry about make up coming off my face throughout the day and I always get home or check how my make up looks and now I don’t have to worry! This product is AMAZ-ING and I cannot say a single thing about it. Works well on its own too and I love that it has SPF30. When I apply I like to wait a little bit before doing my foundation or mixing it in with my foundation if I’m in a rush. I find it helps set into the skin a little better if I do so. While this product is on the pricy side, adore makes it so much easier with afterpay and their shipping is insanely good!!!! Couldnt recommend this product and site enough!
  74. Perfect base for foundation.


    This is the only primer that does not make my oily skin breakout. It is the perfect base for my foundation & makes everything glide on so smoothly. It camouflages my enlarged pores & smooths out fine lines. It can also be worn by itself as it has a very light tint to it. I received a sample of it & loved it so i purchased a full size. I'm really glad i came across this primer!
  75. Simple, Elegant Primer


    This primer does the jobs of a primer and a foundation. It glides over the face so naturally irrespective of the tone of your skin. It certainly lightens my freckles and spots, and also helps protect the skin from the Sun. Easy and practical to use. The finishing result is a feeling of not having done much to my face, and yet I feel good about it. Highly recommended.
  76. Favourite primer


    I’ve got clear fine translucent skin, medium bit yellow undertone, bit of aging lines starting around forehead area. I’ve been using Biotherm’s make up base primer for a decade plus, never found anything better until this Dermalogica primer! I received a sample with my adore beauty purchase a while back and was just blown away by the way it feels and looks upon application. The end result is a smoother looking luminous and natural finish that I love + sun protection! So out with all other primers, and in with Dermalogica’s!
  77. Lovely Glow


    I really like 2 of the dermalogica primers. This one has a subtle glow and a sheer tint like a tinted moisturiser. I have worn it alone with just mascara and gloss on the weekend. It isn't as good at disguising my pores as the hydrablur one though.
  78. Best primer with SPF i've found


    I love love love this primer. It took a little while to get used to the texture and the slight shimmer, but I now use it everyday and am onto my second tube. It's great if you're after a light makeup look due to the skin blurring effect it has. I use it overtop of Cetaphil moisturiser and then apply RMS un cover up concealer and Nars creamy concealer and I don't need foundation or tinted moisturiser to provide me with a fresh faced, even toned complexion. (I have acne scars, redness, discolouration and broken capillaries, so this is quite a feat.) I have previously found primers with SPF to be heavy, sticky and uncomfortable to wear, and most of them have made my skin oilier and led to break outs. This is the only primer I've tried thus far that does not do this, so I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone who is breakout prone and oily that wants to wear less makeup and have high SPF coverage. Yes it is expensive for the size, but the tube lasted me for 5 months, and for how high quality the product is, I'm prepared to pay $65 every 5 months.
  79. Possibly the best primer...


    Up until I used this primer my best primer was Benefit Porefessional which is really silky and nice. I got a sample of this primer and the last time I used Dermalogica I had a skin break out so I was a bit reluctant to try it....

    When I first squeezed it out it had a tint and again I was apprehensive but when I put it on my face it became more translucent and felt silky and light. The primer glided onto my skin and gave my face a bit of a shimmer. I put my bb cream over the top and normally this bb cream makes my face a tad orange but combined with the shimmery primer my face was glowing and radiant! My skin has felt velvety and soft all day.

    Dare I say it, best primer I've used.... will now have to buy a larger size!
  80. I keep coming back for more


    I have used this product for many years. Every once in a while I get lured away by boredom and by promises of miracles from other brands. And yet I keep coming back. I could go on and on about it but the other positive reviews reflect what I would say. I will just add that for me the revelation was recently trying it on my skin again and removing corrective contact lenses (which make it hard to see detail) and taking a very close look at myself in the mirror with this product on my skin vs the "other" top quality primer/foundation I had been using and that I thought looked great and natural. Well the difference was stark. This product melts into my skin, gives a wonderful light cover and glow and does not look like I have makeup on. The other product/s looked dreadful in comparison, pooling up in my enlarged pores and highlighting my menopausal facial fur (aaargh!) and just looking so artificial - even though as I say it is a top brand and I applied it properly. This product may not offer total coverage (for that you can use a powder over the top if needed) but I now realise it makes me look more natural and it does not exacerbate my skin imperfections (signs of age) like other products do. It is very expensive, but its worth it. I do wish they would make a bigger tube (and lower the price a little!) although it does last longer than you might expect.
  81. Really impressed


    I am really impressed with this product. The formula has a lovely silky texture and only a small amount is required for application to the whole face. Considering the product is quite pricey it is good to know it will last a while. It is tinted so provides very light coverage which I find helpful to even up my complexion. I have freckles and some redness. The formula really does give the skin a natural luminous glow, it is very flattering, especially for us 40+ year olds. I wear this on its own, no foundation, and it looks very natural.
  82. Disappointing


    After reading all the amazing reviews, I really wanted to love this product. I really did. But after the first use, my make up did not stay in place. It was all caked around my chin and did not stay in place. I thought perhaps I didn't put enough on and tried again then next day. Same thing. Really disappointing considering the reviews and the price! I'm just going to use it as a moisturizer so it doesn't go to waste. Back to nivea mens post shave balm.
  83. Illuminating


    My skin glowed with this product nice enough to wear on its own not just under Foundation
  84. My #1 Product!


    I'd tried LOTS of BB & primer products, this is the absolute holy grail for me! It's not cheap but it WORKS and it does have great coverage so it's not bad value. When I use this product I get compliments on my skin all the time!

    It's tinted so I wear it alone during the day with a bit concealer/YSL Touche Eclat where needed. If I want extra coverage or for night I use YSL Top Secrets BB over the top and my skin stays perfect. I'm 37 with fair, normal/dry skin.
  85. My new holy grail product....


    This primer is nothing short of amazing, to me. I was looking for something to stop the oily, shiny look of my face after using all the skincare products I use on a daily basis. I have a decent powder, but that still will make my face look a little more cakey than I like over the products I use and it was frustrating. I don't use foundation that much, but when I do the idea of a good primer for under foundation was a bonus, as far as I was concerned. After much research I heard of this product, and when I discovered I already had a sample of it in my cabinet, I set about trying it out.

    It was love at first sight. Not only did it do exactly what I was hoping for, but so, so much more.... my skin looked amazing. I tried it every day until the sample ran out, just in case it was a bit of a fluke, before I set about ordering some. Every day I loved the results, and my partner "coincidentally" kept saying how pretty I was looking (without knowing what I was up to in the face department!).

    As far as I'm concerned it's an absolute winner: subdues the shine from my face products, gives a lovely everyday face covering which really makes me look great, actually. If there are added skincare benefits going on as well along with it, even better, but that would be an added bonus as far as I'm concerned. I bought two tubes at once, and think I'll be forever stocking up on it!!

    Maybe younger skin wouldn't have such a miraculous outcome (I'm knocking on 60 and need all the help I can get...) but for me it's perfect.

    And great service from Adore too. I've bought a few things now and everything has gone smoothly and well. A great company! Many thanks.
  86. Best Primer I have ever used!


    I have extremely oily skin and have tried every primer out there to help keep my make-up from sliding off my face...with not much luck.
    Until I came across this wonderful product. Skincare benefits, SPF30 and a barrier against the oil. This primer stops the need for me to blot or powder my face every couple of hours. The price may seem steep for a small amount of product but I get 3 months use out of a tube and that's everyday use too. And the plastic tube squeezer is an awesome idea.
    If you are losing the fight against a shiny face, this is the product that will deliver that matte, shine free and poreless face.
  87. Best Beauty Product


    This would have to be one of the best beauty products I have ever used. Without this primer I am constantly having to power the T zone to eliminate shine. With the primer I power once in the morning when I put my makeup on and that's it for the whole day. It is a beautiful product, very light, not heavy or greasy, lovely smell and can be worn on its own for a lovely, fresh, glow
    My Fav Dermalogica product
  88. Wow!


    I will hold off from saying that this may be the most lovely thing I have ever put on my face for a few days to make sure that it doesn't make me break out (as some other products do) but so far so good!
    Smoothing, calming, luminious. I LOVE IT!!!
  89. Makes you look and feek young


    Not having been a big user of foundation over the years I just love the ease of application that Age Smart Skinperfect Primer, the way it gives my complexion a zip and sheen, and the smell. I have become quite addicted to it. I am over 60 and this Dermalogica product is the goods. I have had several compliments on how young I look! What more can I say?
  90. hands down , my holy grail of primers !!!!!

    in love with this primer!!!

    this is hands down , THE BEST PRIMER EVER!!!!
    as a beauty therapist by passion lies with make-up and this is the best primer i have ever tried!

    i got it as a sample and only used it as i had nothing left, well, i has changed my life! i now longer have to touch up my make-up! my make-up last from 7 till 6 at night! amazing , amazing amazing!!!

  91. Great Product but expensive


    I am normally not one to splurge on beauty products but after receiving a sample of this I absolutely loved it!! It has a velvety feel and a great smell and goes on smooth. Best of all it gives my skin a glow and doesn't cause breakouts!! Despite being costly, the tube lasts me about 3 months and I feel it is worth it.
  92. best primer ever


    This is a fantastic primer. It smoothes & brightens the complexion. I use it under my tinted moisturiser & get great, natural looking coverage all day long.
  93. amazing


    Love love love!
    Even on its own it's a perfect base!
    Keeps my makeup flawless ALL day :)
  94. Expected more


    I was keen to try the Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer given all the positive reviews. It is a very small tube -22ml- so at this price point I think it is too expensive. Given the Age Smart Skinperfect Primer is an SPF 30, you need to apply a decent amount to achieve correct sun protection, so this tube won't last long at all.

    As a primer, it is ok. It gives a peachy sheen to the skin, and this does not work on its own for me as it seems to bring out my redness. It only works if I apply foundation over the top and then it provides good hold and no shine throughout the day. The Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer is also a little thick to apply, and seems to set very quickly so I am unsure whether I have applied enough. It does smooth out and blend easily though.
  95. A winner


    I was fairly skeptical of primers before being recommended this beauty, My beautician gave me a sample and I have been hooked ever since. This primer smooths out imperfections and pores. It is a wonderful base for foundation - in fact I only use this primer and a BB cream it is that good. Have ditched the foundation altogether!
    Non oily. Pleasant smell. No break outs. Long lasting.
    Amazing product worth trying.
  96. Best Primer. Ever.


    Finally I have found a primer that ticks all the boxes! It smooths the skin and glides on like velvet. It has a thick consistency but is not gluggy at all. It fills in pores and keeps my combination skin glowing all day. No dry patches and no oily patches! It's a miracle!
    I can be wearing makeup for 12 hours and not need a touch-up. I realise this sounds ridiculous but it's true! I didn't think that a beauty product could do that but this primer is proof of it!
    The primer has a blurring/brightening effect where it helps to even skin tone and conceal blemishes. It also helps to mattify and hydrate at the same time. I actually look awake and healthy when I put this on. It contains a slight purple shimmer which works beautifully under make-up (helping to create the healthy glow). On its own the shimmer would be very noticeable but under make-up it is lovely.
    The primer has a strong smell (herbal/lavender) that I really like. The smell may not be everyone's cup of tea but don't fret - the smell dissipates quickly upon application.
    This primer also acts as a SPF 30 + sunscreen and I imagine it would look beautiful under a BB cream to give you a very natural, healthy. glowing (not shimmery/glittery) look.

    I even used this as an eye shadow primer and didn't see any creasing on my eye lids at all. I'm not exaggerating.

    The only con is that it is very expensive. However, I've been using a big squirt of mine everyday for the past three months and I'm only just starting to run out now. Plus, I don't need to retouch my other make-up because this stuff helps it to last so it actually lengthens the amount of time in between buying other products because I don't run out as fast.

    Despite the expense, I will buy this over and over again. What a fantastically, wonderful product.
  97. amazing primer


    This is the first primer I have ever used and I think it is amazing! I love the way this feels on my skin. It has reflective particles but I don't mind.
    This primer has incredible staying power and makes my concealer look flawless. Love it and will keep buying!
  98. Review & Earn
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