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Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30 22ml

4.6 of 157 reviews

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4 instalments of $18.27

Or 4 instalments of $18.27 with LEARN MORE

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Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30 blurs the line between skincare and makeup.
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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30

Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30

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Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF30 Reviews

4.6 of 157 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Received this as a sample and have since purchased the product. It is amazing! I have dry, sensitive skin but the mouse like formula feels lovely. It is a great base under my mineral powder foundation and I also use it on it's own for that "no make-up" look, only better! Great product.

Most Helpful Criticism

Weird for pale skin


Got the sample, was excited to try cuz this is a good brand but it looks really weird on my pale skin tone and it gives me a feeling that it will stuck in my pores. Will not buy full size
  1. WOW!


    Received this as a sample and have since purchased the product. It is amazing! I have dry, sensitive skin but the mouse like formula feels lovely. It is a great base under my mineral powder foundation and I also use it on it's own for that "no make-up" look, only better! Great product.
  2. good primer, work well with my armani foundation


    i received it as a sample, it works well on my armani foundation.
  3. Smooth perfection


    I was given a sample of this and from the first try, fell in love. It blurs all my pores, had sunscreen and is the perfect base for liquid or powder foundation. I also use this as a quick get up and go for a make up free day. Gives me sun and skin confidence.
  4. Not for me


    I put it on my skin and my skin burnt red maybe I am allergic to an ingredient in it but this is just a miss for me. I have dry skin
  5. Highly recommend


    This primer is one of my favourites. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I absolutely LOVE the fact it has SPF included very important .
  6. leaves your skin smooth


    This is a fantastic primer for oily skin.
  7. good choice


    I bought this sunscreen for the third time. The sunscreen effect is really good. It is much better than other sunscreens I have used. The moisturizing effect is very good, and it is not greasy and forms a film quickly.
  8. So many uses

    Stephie F

    verified purchaser
    This is one of my favourite products. I use it for sunscreen, makeup primer, sometimes with no makeup and it makes my skin feel so silky but not clogged. A little bit goes a long way and it comes with a little contraption that ensures you get every little tiny bit out of the tube. Can't reccomend thisproduct enough.
  9. Feels great but awkward tint


    I love how this product makes my skin feel - so velvety! It layers beautifully (this product's saving grace, for me) and applies really nicely. The SPF is definitely an added bonus. The tint colour though is not quite right. I have very pale skin (the sun and I are not friends) and this is too orange-brown for me. I have to apply very lightly and blend the edges really well, and always wear t...
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  10. Amazing all rounder!


    I love the consistency of this product. I use it everyday, mainly on its own, but beautiful under makeup too. I received a sample from Skinmart in another order and haven’t looked back since.
  11. Game changer


    This primer is everything you want- tinted, smooth, spf and literally abolishes pores. Sometimes I even wear it instead of makeup if I just want a little coverage and sun protection.
  12. Great


    This gives me airbrushed looking skin and makes my foundation look amazing
  13. Awesome


    This is wonderful, I love having spf in my products! This keeps my makeup on all day and protects my skin well. Happy I found it.
  14. low maintenance lifesaver


    This is my best friend - it protects my skin from the harsh sunlight and doesn't clog up my very adult acne-prone skin. Absolutely love the light shimmer, lovely texture, and lasting effect throughout the day.
    I like the smell because it is slightly medical so it seems clean and healthy. I understand not everyone might love that about it, but honestly, I wouldn't change anything about this ...
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  15. Nice product but a little too sheer


    I guilt-purchased this after a massage at Endota Spa. You know, after 60 minutes of mmm mmm mmmmmmmmm and then they whip out their "ooh your skin this", "your skin that" and next thing she was applying this to my face and in my post-massage haze, I was like I LOOK FLAWLESS I'LL TAKE IT! Next thing I get to the register and nearly have to sell my left kidney for a teeny tube of cream. (Can you tell...
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  16. Great with SPF


    Really important to have everything with SPF in it these days, including primer - which is great for added protection. Tinted is also an added bonus. Really up to personal preference as to whether you prefer tinted or a clear primer.
  17. Nice Sunscreen but Hate the Tint


    A hybrid sunscreen slash makeup primer. It's very silky and sits very well under makeup. The high SPF is great! I think it has some slight blurring properties in the formula too, which helps to minimise the look of pores. It does have a subtle tint to it (I hate tinted sunscreens or 'skincare' with a passion) which doesn't show up on my fair to light complexion, but could potentially look funny on...
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  18. the best product i’ve ever used


    this primer is by far the best face product i’ve ever used ! i have large pores on my cheeks and this literally makes them disappear and adds the most flawless base to my skin. i often just use it on its own for a super natural look but also works really well under makeup !
  19. Great


    I received this as a gift probably a year ago. It lasted a long time and I then ended up buying it. I don’t use it all the time, but I use it on non-work days for a natural look. It’s a bit darker which clearly is unusual for a primer. I’m quite pale, but I can imagine that it could be somewhat too dark for someone who is very fair.
  20. Perfect


    I love how this gives my skin a velvet and satin look. It works great for my oily skin. This is my go to primer
  21. Great choice


    I really enjoy using this primer underneath my foundation. It makes any foundation look amazing and last so much better
  22. The best primer ever - with or without make up!

    Mrs S

    I received a sample of this product and loved it so didn't hesitate to buy a full size bottle. It has has a real complex correction look to it - a your skin but better kind of look. It also makes my make up look flawless. I love it!
  23. blurrs the skin


    gives skin a blurred flawless appearance, great for oily skin and helps reduce the look of textured skin. great to take travelling too
  24. Primer goals!


    This needs to come in a bigger tube because it feels fabulous that you want it everywhere. It’s lightweight it’s slightly tinted so it covers a bit of those red blotches and it has this touch of shimmer so the skin looks really dewy and radiant.
    Plus piece of mind or has some antioxidants and spf in it so my skin don’t age as fast bonus!!
  25. Great


    This makes my skin look absolutely beautiful and flawless and wears amazing underneath foundation
  26. Amazing


    My oily skin looks amazing and blurred when I use this. It also controls my oil during the day
  27. makeup didnt budge!


    felt great on the skin, no irritation and kept everything in place all day. Its comfortable to use multiple times a week, would definitely re-purchase!
  28. sets on skin nicely


    my makeup looks wonderful on top of this
  29. Keeper


    This is a beautiful primer which I have been using and repurchasing for a while now. Easy to use with SPF and good coverage. Definitely a keeper.
  30. Smooth mattifying primer


    I bought this primer after it was suggested by a you tuber Nikkia Joy. It gives a smooth matte finish and I can see how it would be a holy grail for some people under med to full coverage foundation . It feels luxurious and smells lovely of lavender. I am still in the hunt for pore smoothing luminous and blurring and natural skin like finish. A big ask! I currently also use the designer brands lu...
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  31. Great


    This has become a fantastic way for me to pack my sunscreen unto my face! It's very cosmetically elegant and stops makeup breaking up on my oily skin. I hate the tint though. I'm far too pale and unless I'm wearing a coverage product it turns me orange
  32. Best primer!!


    I keep repurchasing this primer! Leaves my hydrated yet matt. I have oily skin and this is wonderful! Love that it has spf as well!
  33. Lovely


    I like to use this primer on its own without any other makeup. I love the fact that it also has spf making it completely okay to wear it everyday. I feel as though only using a little is enough because it is quite heavy and the little is very enough for the whole face. It will last very long when used carefully ! Recommended.
  34. Perfect


    This gives my skin a natural glow, airbrushes it and makes it look silky and smooth. I have oily skin and this controls my oil during the day. It also makes any drugstore foundation I wear look flawless
  35. Best primer ever


    This glides on like silk. The tint gives a gorgeous glow under make up . Definitely see a difference when use others.
    Superior quality.
  36. Smooth


    Smooth as it goes on, easy to use. It is a little heavy but all around I do like this product
  37. Cannot live without this primer


    I’ve been using this primer for 5 or so years now. I can’t live without it. It feels weightless but immediately stops your skin from ‘eating’ your foundation / tinted moisturiser / makeup. Products glide on so smoothly after application and stay on for a ridiculously long time - plus it has an inbuilt subtle glow to it - it’s my HG primer because with its SPF it does everything a great primer can ...
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  38. Beautiful product


    I received this as a sample and loved it so that I thought I'd buy the full size. It feels beautiful and soft, like putting silk on your face (weird but I don't know how else to describe). My face felt so soft after putting it on. To be honest though I'm not sure I'll buy again. The tube is quite small and if you use every day (I'm not going to) I think you'll use it quickly. The price is qui...
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  39. Best Primer


    I first tried this as a sample from Adorebeauty and have been hooked ever since! It's the best primer under any foundation and perfect for those of us in our late 40s
  40. Amazing!


    It was long lasting and worked well with cream or power blush/bronzer as well. Overall a very nice product.It left my skin feeling silky and a lovely finish to my skin that didn’t then need any further foundation.
  41. As essential to your summer as an aperol spritz


    This product is great. Love having a primer and spf protection in one! Definitely would recommend.
  42. Great in summer


    I love this primer, as it’s slightly tinted I’m not sure I could wear it in winter when I get quite pale. However I’ve been using it since about October, and I was by no means tanned and it works great. The consistency is lovely and I find that I don’t necessarily need to wear foundation over it. When I do though, it certainly ensures that my foundation lasts throughout the day.
  43. Magic!


    It feels like silk when I put it on. It goes really well under my makeup and creates an even toned surface. Fell in love with this product after receiving a sample.
  44. Great primer


    A lovely primer that is to be used sparingly. Apply as first step in your makeup routine, or just wear alone. Gives a lovely finish and contains spf too.
  45. Amazing


    This is the first ever primer I used and I have ever since been using this. Best primer ever. It blurs my skin so perfectly and even has spf
  46. best product ever!


    This is my favourite product in the whole world and I can't live without it!! I use it every day, with or without make up. It just makes everything look and feel better!! Buy it, it's worth it!!!
  47. Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer


    A very expensive primer but worth every cent. The primer glides onto my skin smoothly and it does blur out my large pores under my eye areas and hydrate the creases on my face. The primer is tinted with SPF so I love to wear it during summer. It also works beautifully as a makeup base and makes the foundation more long lasting and makes my skin looking flawless.
  48. Great!

    Mary may

    This product is great. Love having a primer and spf protection in one! Definitely would recommend.
  49. Great


    This makes my face look poreless and blurred. I love this for my oily skin. Will buy again
  50. Weird for pale skin


    Got the sample, was excited to try cuz this is a good brand but it looks really weird on my pale skin tone and it gives me a feeling that it will stuck in my pores. Will not buy full size
  51. Can be worn alone for a fresh everyday face without makeup


    I really liked this product and got my Mum to try it...she liked it so much she decided her skin 'needed' it more than mine and took it! While I was using it I found it was a great everyday base after moisturiser. I don't wear much makeup, so this was enough for me. It has a nice tint, blurs the skin and minimises pores. I found it a little irritating for my skin, but at the time my skin was s...
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  52. perfect primer


    I love wearing this primer both underneath makeup and by its self. It just gives the skin a nice natural glow from within. The perfect base under any foundation, I love this!
  53. Holy grail primer!


    I am obsessed with this and haven’t stopped using it since I discovered it. I have oily/combo skin and it blurs my skin and also makes it stay matte ALL DAY. I use it in my T Zone and find it works perfectly at keeping my oils at bay. The added SPF is a nice bonus.
  54. Great primer with SPF bonus.

    Emma C

    This is my fave type of primer - silicone slip with a mattifying effect - and I find the best type for my desired look and products. I was really happy with this formula, and it's SPF is a massive bonus! Now I can be protected on days when I'm getting only small incidental amounts of sun exposure without having to layer on my heavier weight sunscreen. This is great under make-up, but also fantasti...
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  55. Great product


    I was actually surprised about how this glided on my face and felt so smooth. I like it has spf in it, and my make up stayed put all day
  56. Silky smooth finish


    I tried a sample size of this product and loved it. It left my skin feeling silky and a lovely ‘blue’ finish to my skin that didn’t then need any further foundation. It was long lasting and worked well with cream or power blush/bronzer as well. Overall a very nice product.
  57. Like cashmere!


    I fell in love with this product after receiving a sample. It feels like cashmere when I put it on.
    It goes really well under my makeup and creates an even toned surface, but it's also perfect for the weekend when I don't want to wear any makeup as it makes my skin look clear and smooth. Definitely worth the price point as you only need a little bit so it should last awhile. Plus it has SPF...
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  58. No More Foundation


    I am 54 years old with very pale skin. I have tried many foundations but I always end up with a 'mask' and I always had the sensation I was wearing a layer on my face. After discovering this product, I wouldn't go back to anything else. It's light, adjusts to my own skin tone and smooths out the blemishes without needing to create a mask effect.
  59. It works


    This feels amazing on the skin. I like that there is spf in it. Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the skin. I love it. Does what its meant to do.
  60. Skin perfect primer


    I keep buying this product I love the feel and results I get when using it some days I just use it without any foundation.. I love that it is tinted
  61. Better for mature skin


    I received a very generous sample size of this with a recent order and was excited to give it a go, as a big Dermalogica fan! I was surprised that it's tinted- much darker than my skin colour but not really noticeable once applied. I have dry skin and I'm in my 20s so I know I'm not exactly the target for this product- it's very smooth and silicone-y, which isn't well suited to my skin. My makeup ...
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  62. Love love love!


    This primer is amazing! I got a decent sized tube in a sample and am just loving it! It feels silky smooth and spreads on the skin beautifully! I’ve noticed my face looking brighter and smoother when I do my make up and I will definitely be adding this to my next AB haul! So good!
  63. Great


    Whenever I wear this underneath foundation, my drugstore foundations last longer, look better and my skin gets less oily during the day. Love this!
  64. very nice


    Really liked the feel of this primer. It really did even out my skin tone (it's slightly tinted) and my makeup went on very nicely.
  65. Great primer for older skin


    This primer is silky and smooth and really does seem to smooth out fine lines. Foundation goes on top evenly and this primer can even be used on it's own. I have a few fine lines but still get an oily T Zone, I find a lot of products for "ageing" skin usually leave it oily but this product doesn't.

    The only downside is the size of the tube for the price but a little does go a long wa...
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  66. Amazing


    Had this product referred to me by my skin care lady a year ago, and absolutely love it! I have drier skin so this product works a treat, for everyday use when I don’t want foundation on, or as a primer for when I want that full face of makeup on.
  67. The best primer


    This is by far the best primer I've tried. It's slightly tinted and evens the skin tone even before applying foundation, and I often skip concealer as this primer and foundation is enough to cover imperfections. I keep repurchasing it again and again.
  68. Great coverage


    This product gave great coverage of my skin. It allowed my foundation and powder to go on smoothly and blend effectively
  69. Good


    This primer works well for aging skin, it has a slightly oily texture and it’s good for use under powder while avoiding that dryer caked on look that can happen with more mature skin
  70. Awesome


    bit slippery when applying my foundation but feels moisturising and nourishing for my oily skin id repurchase
  71. Love the tint!


    The tint this primer gives off is so flattering, easy for someone who likes minimal makeup as you can just pop some powder over the top and you’re good to go! Can be a bit oily for someone with an Oiler skin type though!
  72. great for all ages


    I am young and dont quite need the anti-aging properties however it is really healthy for my skin and goes amazing under makeup. the coloured tint is the only thing to criticise because it makes my face a little white
  73. Excellent primer


    I have used this primer previously and decided to try some other brands over the last 12 months, but I have to say that I'm back to using Dermalogica as it has the best coverage (slightly tinted),and often wear it on its own. I play outdoor sport so it also gives extra UV protection. I also like that its PETA accredited.
  74. LOVE


    I do not have mature skin, however, i love this product still! one of the best primers ive ever used
  75. love


    Quite a pricey primer, but it is really great and versatile. Smooths skin and is SPF 30 which is fantastic
  76. The best primer on the market


    I have used many primers and will only use this primer . It is so easy to apply, as it glides smoothly onto the face and blends in very well into the skin. The tint /colour of this primer is so perfect. It provides good coverage for post acne blemishes and it does not lead to breakouts at all. I find that I need to use less mineral foundation when I use this primer and it combines and works so wel...
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  77. SPF and foundation primer in one


    I’m not usually one to bother with primers - all the ones I have tried didn’t do much for me and I don’t care to add unnecessary steps to my makeup routine. This one is a different story as it has SPF 30! It is quite a thick, velvety consistency primer with a subtle tint and glides on nicely. The tint is not too noticeable or too dark on my fair skin, it just sort of evens out the skin tone. I fin...
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  78. A great treatment primer!


    This primer feels so luxurious on the skin and gives a great subtle tint for everyday use! I have a normal to oily skin type and i find this primer helps control the oil on my skin throughout the day so i dont end up looking shiny! A bit pricey for a primer but definitely worth the investment!!!
  79. Good primer


    Bought full size this after I have received a sample. The colour though is darker than my skin so I must use it in summer. It will be awesome if they put more spf to it to be considered well priced
  80. Amazing primer


    This is such a fantastic primer! My makeup looks flawless when I use this as my base.. makes skin feel healthy and beautiful too!
  81. Best Primer


    I’ve been using the Hourglass primer for sometime however I just started trying this and it’s a game changer. It completely smooths out the skin whilst providing SPF protection. I have combination/oil skin and with this primer my makeup stays smooth, even & matte all day!
  82. I honestly like this on its own


    I like this product at the end of my skincare to fill my pores and make my skin look glowy. I tend to reach for this as less of a primer and more of a skin enhancer! Quite expensive but i think it’s worth it!
  83. Great


    I wear it daily on its own. It’s lightweight and smooth on perfectly leaving skin looking flawless and glowing. Last till end of the day and skin shows no sign of drying or clogged. Its my 2nd full size tube and I use it everyday.
  84. Primer


    This is a fab primer and I love the spf component
  85. Great base


    I can’t get enoug( of this product. Have been using it for years and it’s the best on the market. Light soft and offers sun protection. I sometimes used instead of moisturizer and do my contouring. No need for foundation. It makes my skin soft and even.
  86. Even base


    I tried a sample of this that a friend gave me and fell in love. This is a different kind of primer than I was use to. It has a slight tint to the colour which I loved because it provided me with an even base and I sometimes just use the primer without any foundation.

    I have dry skin with an oily T-Zone. This primer worked out with my skin issues but can move around a little bit of y...
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  87. Favourite primer


    My initial response with trying this primer was it felt to slippery and I was unsure on how long my foundation would last but I was pleasantly surprised on how long my foundation stayed on.
    I find it makes my skin feel gorgeous after application and my skin looks better just by using this primer.
    I don’t like the packaging of this and would personally prefer it if it was in a pump bott...
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  88. Love it


    This is super nice, I lik the slight glow it gives me and looks really pretty when I just put a little concealer over it. I also love that it has spf because then I don’t need to wear too many products on my skin at once! It can be a little clumpy/ball up on my skin sometimes but it’s easy to fix. Definitely reccomend!
  89. Really love this prodct


    Love the shimmery look and effect. Holds make up really well. Only complaint would be that it does clump a little on my fingers as I'm applying, but hey nothing is perfect!
  90. The best ever!


    This is the best primer I've ever used. It has slight tint to it which covers all imperfections. I often get away with just using it without even having to apply foundation. I've purchased it few times, and will keep doing so.
  91. A great primer


    This is my favourite primer. Not only does it soften the skin and give me a flawless complexion but it’s tint gives me some colour as well. As I have maturer skin I don’t want my makeup falling into the cracks during the day and this primer really stops this from happening. My skin also feels hydrated and soft after application. You don’t need a lot and it can be worn on it’s own not just under fo...
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  92. Great


    Product has been purchased before. Best product used on skin so far, nothing compares
  93. Excellent application


    I'm in love with layering various spfs on my skin as part of my sun protection, but using this one as the base layer is amazing. the application is a dream and it feels fantastic and holds brilliantly.
  94. Great as a primer or on it's own for a great makeup free look


    I use this daily and its fabulous. It goes on smooth so you don't need a lot product and I often wear it when I want a makeup free day but need a little something on my face. I've got skin that can sometimes be a little dry but I've never had a problem using it with any of my other products and it's a must have part of my make up routine.
  95. This is deluxe


    I love how this feels on my skin. It feels light weight and super lux.
  96. Use instead of foundation!


    - matte finish without looking like a porcelain doll
    - texture is almost a little gummy. Run it between fingers to apply. I like that because it’s easy to use.
    - blends in with skin colour and covers blemishes and evens skin tone. Now I use it instead of foundation for a natural look
    - am a regular user now
    - good packaging for the tune with a squeeze to help you get ever l...
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    I’ve been using the Sephora primer for sometime however I just started trying this and it’s a game changer. It completely smooths our the skin whilst providing SPF protection. I have combination/oil skin and with this primer my makeup stays smooth, even & matte all day!
  98. Good as an eyeshadow primer


    I find this primer is a bit too slippery, oily, silicony for my face; although I do love the colour correcting properties and the inclusion of an SPF. It tends to pill up on the skin and clump. I had only been applying it to my Tzone and to the visible pores on my cheeks, but by the end of the day my skin feels extremely greasy in those areas. I’m now using it on my eyelids as an eyeshadow prime...
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  99. An Amazing Primer!


    This is one of my favourite primers to use - it gives me the best canvas underneath my make up. It provides me with a flawless and even base and really helps to ensure my make up stays in place all day and all night, while at the same time, hydrating my skin! Love it!
  100. Fantastic primer


    Despite its silicone-y feel, this primer does not clog pores. It's creates a smooth canvas for my makeup with the added bonus of SPF.

    Sometimes I'll wear it on its own for a subtle tint on good skin days.

    I've worn it through workouts and it never breaks me out.

    Highly recommend!
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