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Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator 60g

4.6 of 38 reviews


4 instalments of $30.00

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4 instalments of $30.00

Or 4 instalments of $30.00 with LEARN MORE

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Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator is a deep penetrating moisturizer is an extremely soothing and hydrating treatment for dry, sensitive, irritated skin. May be used post-treatment, or alongside resurfacing treatments.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator

Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator

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Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator Reviews

4.6 of 38 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive


J Walker

I have very dry skin in winter and no other products were providing enough hydration. This makes my skin feel dewy and hydrated. Although this product is expensive it’s worth it when you’re skin is extra dry.

Most Helpful Criticism



It’s certainly hydrating but I find it pills terribly.
  1. Great moisturiser


    Quite pricey for everyday use but great in a crisis when my face is drying out. As others have mentioned you can't put too much under it or it can pill, but my skin generally drinks it in. Really enjoy the citrusy scent as well
  2. Pilling!!


    I have to agree with another reviewer with the pilling, I don’t like this cream at all. I’ve used it with and without serums and it still balls up on your face. I usually love cosmedix but not this cream.. it’s not worth the price tag.
  3. Incredible

    J Walker

    I have very dry skin in winter and no other products were providing enough hydration. This makes my skin feel dewy and hydrated. Although this product is expensive it’s worth it when you’re skin is extra dry.
  4. Pills


    It’s certainly hydrating but I find it pills terribly.
  5. Winter must


    This is the perfect addition to add to your Winter skin routine. Super hydrating and nourishing on the skin when you need that extra hydration during the cooler drier months.
  6. Soooooo Hydrating! Love it!


    This product definitely hydrates your skin! I got it as a sample originally and I love the thickness of it. However because it is so thick and hydrating it leaves a sheen afterwards so I wouldn't recommend using this in the morning prior to makeup application. I also don't use this everyday - only on days where my skin is dry or after a deep chemical exfoliation. Put it on at the end of your night...
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  7. Great for winter/travel


    This is a great moisturiser that provides deep hydration. I use it when my skin is really dried out from windy winter days or travelling in planes.
  8. Comes out purple!


    I find this a bit intense for every day use so I reach for it when I’m feeling very dry, travelling on a plane or in cold climates. It’s very hydrating and I find the purple colour to be very soothing! The only downside is the citrusy scent is a little strong.
  9. It Delivers


    Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator definitely delivers on its claims. Intense hydration for sure. I found using this as a day moisturiser to be too thick, however at night it delivered an intense hydration to my skin. I'm oily and while I originally stressed it would make me slick, I find my skin drinks it up of a night.
  10. Lovely at night


    This moisturiser is absolutely lovely and leave my face feeling deeply hydrated, however I don’t love using it in the morning as I find it pills under my makeup. But other than that I love it, and such a beautiful colour when it first comes out the tube too!!
  11. Best skincare


    First when I use don’t like the smell , but when use small amount so easy to spread out,

    It work very good for my skin , special open pore and pigmentation my skin looks much more clear

    after one week use .
  12. Great!


    I received a sample of this moisturiser and immediately fell in love with it. It's so light yet deeply moisturises. My skin felt so nourished and looked luminous. Im ordering a larger size!
  13. Really great


    A really great lightweight but super hydrating moisturiser. I have oily skin but still get dehydrated and this moisturiser is not too heavy but still very hydrating. Love it post treatment as well.
  14. Great Hydrator!


    This is my daily moisturiser, am oily skin type but I still enjoy hydrating my skin as much as possible. This moisturiser is great, its purple in color but doest go on that colour obviously. There is little to no scent which I prefer as I am quite sensitive, it doesn't cause any burning or tingling which I struggle to find with a lot of products. Cosmedix products on a whole are my most used brand...
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  15. Love it!


    Definitely don't use this under make-up hahaha! It doesn't play nicely with it, kind of gets all tacky. But if you're looking for awesome hydration overnight to really lock in your serums... THIS IS IT! I will buy this forever.
  16. packs a hydration punch


    This is a powerful hydrator! It's pink and think and smells yummy. Skin just sucks it right in. It's best for evenings though as it goes pulpy under foundation. Doesn't exacerbate my acne. recommend if you want a healing moisturiser after using too many actives.


    I am obsessed with this hydrator! I am a hot yoga teacher and spend so much time sweating that my skin can be really dry and bumpy (perioral dermatitis). I ordered this product as a last ditch effort after trying a number of hydrators and was so happy with the results. The bumps and redness settled and my skin was so soft. I have been wearing it to bed and have been waking up with glowing skin!
  18. Definitely an Intense Hydrator


    I received this as a gift with purchase. It really lives up to its Intense Hydrator name. So hydrating, soothing and softening. I have used this on my face after a peel and also on my hands, which have been really dry. It goes on quite thick (and pink) but does become colourless and it sinks into your skin, leaving a very fine, protective film. I love this moisturiser. If you have dry skin, defini...
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  19. Hydration without the Grease


    Cosmedix can do no wrong! This moisturiser is super hydrating and is a staple in my skin care routine. I have combination skin, mostly dry with some oil through the t-zone. My skin is easily irritated so I am conscious of using products that are calming and won't cause redness. This product ticks all the boxes - my skins soaks it right up, it gives the skin a lovely glow (making a great base for u...
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  20. Very Hydrating - Too Sticky For Daytime Though


    This doesn't feel very nice on, it leaves a weird sticky residue, absolutely not suitable for day-time, but even though it doesn't seem to absorb into the skin, it is very moisturizing and you wake up with plump, healthy looking skin. Nice smell. I only use it every couple of nights, not sure if I will re-purchase as yet.
  21. Less Wrinkles


    Wow, I've been using this for a few weeks now and i have noticed a considerable difference with my skin! I use it everynight after cleansing and it has helped with healing the skin I had burnt off from sun damage. When i wake in the morning my skin is soft and plump!

    Love, Love, Love!
  22. Worth every cent!


    I'm currently using this every morning after cosmedix serum and wow it has made a difference with my usually dry dull winter skin! I have noticed that my face is feeling smoother and my make up looks flawless now, people are saying what great skin i have, mind you i am using all Cosmedix regiem so that might be helping too.
  23. This is Fantastic


    I received a sample with my order and I loved this product more than the serum I had ordered. It is incredibly hydrating. It absorbs easily and my skin feels fantastic, particularly after I have put it on at night. My skin tone is better and it has reduced some of the redness on my cheeks. I am definitely going to purchase this once I have finished this very general sample.
  24. Love love love this moisturiser


    Definitely a superior moisturiser. It plumps up skin leaving it super soft.
  25. Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator


    A lovely light and soothing cream. My combo skin easily becomes irritated and red and i've found this to be wonderfully calming. It's light but not too light, so you get plenty of hydration. This is a perfect option for the summer months.
  26. LOVE this!


    I recently bought a sample pack of Cosmedix products and bought the full size Emulsion as soon as I ran out. This has a lovely scent and makes my skin so plump and dewy.

    My acne has cleared up and I have my confidence back.
  27. Love this moisturiser


    This moisturiser is my favourite Cosmedix product. It just has so much impact on the skin. I am 64 and have pretty good skin, but when I use this I feel l have had a deep moisturising mask treatment.
  28. Good Night Moisturiser


    I'm using this as a night moisturizer only because it doesn't contain any SPF. It does come out purple and a small dollop gives a decent spread on the face. My face feels hydrated afterwards like it says and it feels nice and smooth in the morning. It gives this fresh feeling with nice clear skin. When I cleanse in the morning, I know I'm cleansing off the moisturizer so it does last the night plu...
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  29. Beautiful moisturiser


    I love this moisturiser. I have tried a broad range of products in my time at various price points. This one compares with the $300 one I was using before this. I have rosacea and this helps to calm and soothe the redness. I'm transitioning to the Cosmedix brand as I feel this is the best value for money.
  30. Very hydrating moisturiser


    Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator says what it does. Intense hydration for sure. I found using this as a day moisturiser to be too thick, however at night it delivered an intense hydration to my skin. I was a bit shiny after application, but knew that my skin was loving it and would drink it up in no time. It comes out purple, however dries clear. It is a good night moisturiser if you have dry sk...
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  31. Very hydrating


    This is very hydrating and always makes my skin look super soft
  32. Hydrating


    Expensive but definitely worth it for dry skin! Was recommended to me by my beautician and continue to repurchase. Quite a thick consistency so prefer to use at night but wake up with calm and dewy skin
  33. Ultimate hydrator


    As soon as this lush emulsion hits your skin, you glow. It’s beyond unbelievable. My skin is left soft and dewy. I use it in the mornings after I apply my vitamin b and c serums
  34. Nice hydrating lotion


    I have oily/combination skin and find this light enough, but intensely hydrating. You need a small amount and it immediately "wakes up'" your complexion. I received this as a sample and am keen to try more from the brand
  35. Amazing


    Skin type: Oily/combination

    This is a fantastic everyday moisturizer, its lightweight, hydrating, and non greasy. Will repurchase.
  36. Great for the winter months


    I tend to get quite dry skin in winter and this has been great for the colder months. A little goes a long way as well. I found it a bit too rich heading into summer but will be back on this again next winter.
  37. Amazing - but best for night

    Kate Morris (Adore Beauty Founder)

    I really love this moisturiser for night use. It's very thick and creamy but not oily - if that makes sense. I can still feel it on my skin in the morning, which I like; it sits on top of my skin like a protective film so that I wake up with my skin feeling very hydrated. I think of it as being sort of like a sleep mask. I did try it a couple of times for daytime but found it tended to pill up ...
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  38. Not overly impressed


    I wasn't impressed by this product, especially for the price. It sat on my face and it didn't absorb, when I woke up the next morning I could still feel sticky residue on my face. I persisted with 3/4 of the bottle but didn't see results or feel like my skin was any more hydrated.

    I wouldn't buy it again.
  39. Soaks in straight away


    This is the only moisturiser I have ever used that actually goes into your skin without feeling oily. I have to stop my daughters from stealing it.
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