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ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Curly 200ml 200ml

3.4 of 23 reviews


4 instalments of $12.26

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4 instalments of $12.26

Or 4 instalments of $12.26 with LEARN MORE

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Get your most gorgeous curls yet with Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair. The award-winning, cult favourite humidity proofer is now available in a formula designed specifically for curls. With no heat required, this light-as-water styling spray gives you frizz-free, crunch-free, perfectly defined curls all in a single product.

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GOOD - 61% recommend

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ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Curly 200ml Reviews

3.4 of 23 reviews

61% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



such a great product it hydrates and adds shine to my hair

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing wow


No real results, made nice curls but still really frizzy. Wouldn’t recommend or buy again
  1. nice


    such a great product it hydrates and adds shine to my hair
  2. Disappointed


    verified purchaser
    After reading the reviews, watching videos, reading tips, I was confident this spray would work for me. I was wrong. I have literally tried everything to get it to work - shampoo only, conditioner, air dry, diffuser, used less product, used more product... you name it I’ve tried it. The one star is for the hydration provided but I still look like Hagrid - a hydrated Hagrid that’s $50 poorer.
  3. Average


    verified purchaser
    Does nothing to help frizz but will be good to use with other products as is expensive.
  4. Nothing wow


    No real results, made nice curls but still really frizzy. Wouldn’t recommend or buy again
  5. No WOW factor


    verified purchaser
    No real WOW factor. I used with other factors as hair was still frizzy when used by itself.
  6. Helps tame the frizz


    verified purchaser
    I’ve tried a lot of products for my naturally curly hair and this one is top notch. This really defines my wavy hair and fights frizz really well. I do prefer the supernatural product though.
  7. The One.


    I have fine, wavy/uncontrolled hair and have been looking for a product I can apply so my hair can air dry without looking like I’ve been attacked by a cat - and I think I’ve found the one. I’ve used the supernatural spray for straightening for a while and it’s awesome, which prompted me to try this - and I’m so glad I did. My hair is soft, shiny, manageable and this product works with my natural ...
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  8. No WOW factor


    verified purchaser
    I used this by itself and as directed with wet or damp hair and walked around all day with frizzy hair. Was not very impressed with this product and the price tag that comes with it, as other products have more WOW factor than this spray - curly girls will understand.
  9. Love it !


    I have super thick, waving, dry hair! This product is a dream come true! I have spent a life time trying to find a product that will restore my hair to glory and this product delivers!
  10. Less frizz


    Love how easy this product is! Leave my curly/wavy hair less frizzy! You can use too much, you will get crunch if you do :) works well on my boyfriends hair too!
  11. Average


    Not a bad curl spray, but I think for the money there are better ones out there. This sets quite crunchy like cheaper sprays.
  12. Not sure what the hype was about


    Unfortunately after all the hype about this product I had high expectations however in my eyes the product didn't deliver. I noticed a small improvement to the frizz but felt I couldn't use it in conjunction with my other curl products. I am also sceptical on the fact that it lasts through a number of washes as well as the more I try and persevere with the product the less I see the little improve...
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  13. Mission to nail my curls


    After a lifetime of straightening and bleaching my hair. I have been on a mission to let my natural curls have their day. I trialed this product, as I love the dream coat for normal hair. Unfortunately I’m yet to find a product that doesn’t make my hair feel shiny and curly. My hair still looked a bit dull and lack lustre. The curls however were amazing. Becoming one with curls is a tough long pro...
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  14. Great for curly hair!


    I have natural curly hair, but constantly straighten it as I don’t love how frizzy it can be. This colour wow product has really helped to define and control the curl
  15. Wow Wow Wow


    At my first attempt at this product I decided to use this and only this in my hair to see if it truly works....AND IT DOES! I applied it to towel dried hair, but with some moisture still in and allowed it to dry naturally up to 80%. I then finished off the drying process with my hairdryer and diffuser. My curls were soft, in tact and bouncy and my hair felt so light. I will say though, that if you...
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  16. Big disappointment for a big price

    Ms Wit

    I have naturally curly hair that has become increasingly frizzy so I was really hoping this lived up to the hype, but it left my hair limp and did not give curls any discernible hold. I even tried again - suffering 2 bad hair days, in the vain hope (literally) it would work..total bummer
  17. Shiny curls


    Seems ok but I expected better for the price.It helped with frizz but didn't see a big difference
  18. Not for me


    Very disappointing. Next day my hair started to curl again. Very expensive for little result. Will not buy again
  19. Beautiful Curls


    I always straighten my hair because I have never been able to find a product to give me a nice curl, until this. I love that it leaves my hair soft but not frizzy!
  20. It really works!


    Ok so I'm one of many that purchased this following the JLo hype because... duh. The first couple of times I used it, I was disappointed. However, then I tried brushing my hair *first* and then spraying on the dream coat and bazinga! Frizz-freeeeeee for dayyyysss!!!
  21. I used this product twice & found it more smoothing.


    I purchased this product to be the best out of the one that is suppose to last three day's. I wish that they could advise on a heat protection, to use & use wise there is no detail of how to apply when and after the product of use of heat protection . I find that you can't over use this product as it will dry your hair blowdryer & straightening.
  22. WOW indeed


    Wow, ok so I bought this after learning that jLo used this brand for her superbowl hair and once i looked at the product she used, I realised I would never use it properly, as I do not bother with blow drying. So this option looked cool, as it is a air dry formula and for curly/wavy hair (i have some waves and my hair is thick af)

    The directions kind of made me nervous- shampoo, remo...
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  23. So shiny!


    My hair has a texture that I’ve never felt before and the shine is unbelievable. I’ve washed it once since I applied the product and the wonderful texture has remained. I wish I would’ve had this one week earlier when we were at the beach in hot humid weather.
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