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ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 200ml 200ml

4.2 of 96 reviews


4 instalments of $14.25

Or 4 instalments of $14.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.25

Or 4 instalments of $14.25 with LEARN MORE

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Introducing Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, an award-winning styling spray that protects your hair against humidity and frizz, while creating a sleek, high-shine finish that lasts for up to 3 washes.

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GREAT - 79% recommend

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ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 200ml Reviews

4.2 of 96 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


When using this product correctly I love it. You need to make sure you spray enough over your hair and heat style it after. When I blow dry my hair straight it adds a healthy shine to it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't work for me


I was excited to try this product as there were so many positive reviews. Unfortunately for me there was not much difference noted compared to other products I have tried. I would most likely not repurchase this and will try something different next time.
  1. Love it


    When using this product correctly I love it. You need to make sure you spray enough over your hair and heat style it after. When I blow dry my hair straight it adds a healthy shine to it.
  2. It's really just heat protectant spray......


    I have wavy, hard to control hair, which on a good day I describe as an electrocuted squirrel. I was hoping this was the answer. Used the pre-wash spray, washed my hair then drenched my towel dried hair in Dreamcoat. Next step, did the blow dry, keeping the tension with my brush then finished with a straightener. Looked great, but no better than when I use good old Schwarzkopf heat pr...
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  3. Amazing styling prodyct


    verified purchaser
    On first use my hair felt and looked amazing! Given I have quite frizzy and bleach damaged hair this made my look like sleek and shiny! Highly recommend!
  4. I love this product!

    Lea Lea

    verified purchaser
    I bought this not knowing I was going to find my holy grail and learn to love blowing drying my hair. I’m very uncoordinated and have thick long unruly hair. I was so surprised that this worked and lasted! It made my hair look like it had been blown out at the hairdressers. Can’t complain about that! I never knew I needed this product, but now that I do know I’ll never be without it. (My only cav...
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  5. worth the hype


    verified purchaser
    If used properly this hair treatment really does what they claim it does! Took me a few goes to perfect it, but you need to nearly drench your hair in it before blowdrying/sealing it in section by section. Honestly lasts a few washes if done properly and even drops of rain don't send my hair frizzy! I have super curly hair so may not be so effective on someone with naturally straighter hair...
  6. The youtube video of hannah helped me get the best results


    Okay I'm not much for reading up on things but you definitely need to know how to use this product to get the desired results. MUST cleanse hair thoroughly before using, must only use Color Wow styling products before applying dream coat (I used the coconut cocktail), must drench hair in the dream coat and the dream coat only activates with heat and tension. You definitely need to blow dry it into...
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  7. love


    Love this product leaves my hair silky and soft
  8. No Wow


    This product didn't do anything it promised. What it did do was coat my hair in a strange greasy coat that took a couple of washes to remove. It was more frizzy than normal and felt awful. Avoid.
  9. Best product I’ve ever used


    verified purchaser
    I’ve bought a ton on hair products and never found one that compare’s to COLOUR WOW dream coat!!
    My hair was so smooth & so so shiny
    It blow dried straight with way less effort than usual
    Definitely recommend
  10. Left hair soft and shiny


    verified purchaser
    I didn't get the 'wow' glass hair results but it definitely did leave my hair soft and shiny and more manageable so I would definitely recommend this priduct.
  11. super shiny hair


    this is really good, makes my hair so smooth and shiny!!
  12. Didn't work for me


    I was excited to try this product as there were so many positive reviews. Unfortunately for me there was not much difference noted compared to other products I have tried. I would most likely not repurchase this and will try something different next time.
  13. WOW.


    Holy WOW. I've been looking for a product that delivers anything close to an in salon caviar treatment, in between salon visits. This is it. I had high expectations for this product. It delivered. I did combine with a little blow-out butter by Alterna, and found this combo perfect for my incredibly coarse, frizzy, occasionally curly but always incredibly hard to manage bleached hair that goes insa...
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  14. Holy grail


    My hair is thick and frizzy, but I never thought it reacted to humidity too much so I was hesitant at first about this product. However, it made my hair smooth the point where it looked like I had used my hot brush or straightened my hair a few days prior. It really does last through 3-4 washes as well! Would definitely recommend
  15. AMAZING!


    This product is seriously amazing. I’m really lazy when it comes to styling my hair but this is so easy to use and almost effortless. When I use this and follow up with a straightener my hair is so silky and shiny! 10/10!
  16. Helpful


    I have pretty frizzy hair and need something to tame it all the time. This does the trick! It smells good and works well for me, I recommend it.
  17. Helpful


    I have pretty frizzy hair and need something to tame it all the time. This does the trick! It smells good and works well for me, I recommend it.
  18. Super Impressed


    I have long, thick, dense, naturally wavy hair- so it gets pretty frizzy. I like my hair straight most days.
    This is the only product that gets my hair to sit sleek and polished all week. It is the best. Highly recommend.
  19. It’s WOW


    Wow wow wow it totally transformed my normal frizzy waves into smooth straight hair that looks like I just got my hair professionally blown out. Great product.
  20. Obsessed


    New fav hair product. Leaves my hair so shiny and glossy I can’t stop touching it. Will definitely purchase again but you do get quite a lot in the bottle so feel like it will last a long time. Definitely recommend if you want to increase shine without that oily feeling that you’d normally get from a serum or hair oil. Awesome product.
  21. Obsessed


    New fav hair product. Leaves my hair so shiny and glossy I can’t stop touching it. Will definitely purchase again but you do get quite a lot in the bottle so feel like it will last a long time. Definitely recommend if you want to increase shine without that oily feeling that you’d normally get from a serum or hair oil. Awesome product.
  22. Game changer


    Dreamcoat has literally changed my hair. My hair is very fine, and riles out of control from any form of humidity. This is the first product I have tried that has successfully tamed my frizz and fluffiness at all times. I find it even seems to work better after the first wash. Will definitely be repurchasing again and for many years to come!
  23. Best product for heat danage


    I first discovered this via Joseph Maine’s instagram Page and I’m a convert. It does exactly what it says without making my hair heavy. I have oily hair and find that any products I use need to be washed out after one day but I can go two or three days with this.
  24. Wow


    Wow this really works. Feels good looks good on my fine blonde fuzzy hair. Video on how to use was really helpful. Will definitely buy again.
  25. Great


    I have thick dry wavy hair that can become very frizzy, and as it is so coarse no products can hold those baby hairs down. I have never seen a product like this before and it works so well.
  26. Really works!


    I really like the way my hair feels when I use this spray. Its so nice and soft after I blow dry. I can really tell the difference when I haven't used it.
  27. Bring on summer in QLD!


    Hair novice here to say practice makes perfect. It leaves a great finish when I get the blow drying technique right. It looked like I was wearing a wig and I couldn’t stop touching my hair. I use a straightener to fix the other times. The effect lasts about two washes in my thick hair.
  28. Obsessed - amazing


    I shamelessly bought this after reading an article about it, and its use by celebrities - but it actually met expectations! It deals with flyaways, and leaves my hair soft and smooth. It really does keep my hair looking smooth and neat as well. I use it for events or when I need a spruce! Will definitely keep re-buying.
  29. Not bad, but not the best either


    This isn't a bad product. However i don't think it lives up to all this hype. I have frizzy, oily hair. And this does help to reduce fizz but this isn't a game changer and it does not eliminate it all together.
  30. soft as a baby's.....


    I have dry hair due to chemical straightening as well as colouring. I saw the video of J.LO using this at the superbowl and I was intrigued but not convinced.
    Let me tell you.... it is the single best hair product I've ever used! My hair has never looked and felt more shiny in my life. I love that you only need to use this every 2-3 washes it means the product will last me months. If you ar...
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  31. It does work!


    Really liked this product as I felt it made a difference - hair was not as frizzy after my blowdry.
    It is pricey but I probably will repurchase.
  32. The frizz is gone!

    Frizzy free finally!

    I have frizzy curly/wavy bleach blonde hair and live in North Queensland which means crazy humidity. This works amazingly well when I want to smooth it out. It works when I shampoo and condition as normal, then saturate my hair with it. I use a heat protectant over the top then blow straight with tension. I don’t need to use a straightener for it to work but it makes it super sleek.

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  33. Great for frizzy hair


    I really love this product, it seals my frizzy hair and makes it look so sleek. Only downside is the pump/bottle shape which can make it a bit awkward to pump.
  34. Great, but not perfect!


    So, I have heavily textured, wavy hair (AKA as Hagrid Hair) and struggle to find products that work well in my hair and combat Queensland humidity. It is mostly a losing battle as my haircare product drawer can testify. But this seemed to help - my hair was definitely sleeker for an extra day before the frizz creeped back in, and post shampoo, it did seem to naturally straighten my hair a little, ...
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  35. this is really interesting


    I was not sure if this would work but it did, my hair was left less frizzy at the end of the day
  36. Perfect at-home Blowdry


    This stuff is actually pretty great! It does keep your hair straighter for longer and it also adds volume and softness. Its great! Looks like i just had my hair done!
  37. Surprising results!


    I bought this after hearing the rumour that J-Lo's hairstylist uses this on her? Who knows! But I really never do anything special for my hair, so I decided to treat myself to this spray to see if it really lived up to its claims. Once I've washed my hair, I douse it with the spray and then blowdry with my round brush, and it's sleek, shiny and ready to go. I've been getting a lot of compliments a...
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  38. Soft and silky


    I have super thick hair that is hard to deal with, and dont have the best blow drying skills but this product makes it super easy to tame hair. I watched Adorebeauty's video on this, WoW's videos, and a couple of influencer tutorials to make sure i got the instructions correct. Once you do, this works really well! It does take up alot of product each use though, and is a bit expensive considering ...
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  39. Works well...but worth the hype?


    I bought this product after being intrigued by the raving reviews. It is sprayed onto washed towel dried hair then activates with heat. So I followed the process which was a fair bit more time consuming on my thick than using a good conditioner (and feels much less nourishing), and I discovered it did leave me with silky hair that lasted pretty nicely...but all the raving reviews? I’m not sure I t...
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  40. Don't believe the hype - Does not work


    If you have frizzy hair, don't waste your money.

    I have long hair with loose natural curls and frizz. I followed the instructions to the letter and also watched several online tutorials first because I really really wanted this product to work.
    Unfortunately it did nothing for my hair but left it feeling dirty and damaged.
    It doesn't provide any heat protection but you n...
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  41. Don't waste your money, time or effort.


    This has to be the winner for most over-hyped product. I followed the tutorials and videos exactly, and it took me ages and was so much effort. My hair ended up having more frizz then if I had let it dry naturally and then lightly straightened it! The only thing this product managed to do was leave my hair a little softer than usual, even though it took me almost half the bottle to even get that i...
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  42. The hype is real


    Caved to the hype over this product and it didn’t disappoint.
    Washed hair as normal then sprayed this throughout.
    Blow dried and straightened and the straightness lasted days compared to over night the next day it would usually need a touch up but never needed to touch up.
    Second and third washes wasn’t as amazing but still could see the product was working.
    Kind of reg...
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  43. Brilliant if used as per the directions!


    The first time i used this i didn't read the instructions and sprayed a bit on all over my head then just blow dried it casually. It was fine but not amazing. After using it correctly as per the instructions- saturate every strand with the product and blow dry pulling hair taught with a brush with hairdryer close to the hair, the results were stunning! My hair looked and felt like i'd had a salon ...
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  44. Don’t waste your money


    I was really hopeful given all the positive reviews I read, but this product does not live up to its name or hype. As someone with wavy frizzy hair I had hoped this product would tame some of this - not in the least! It barely reduces frizz post blow drying straight, I have no idea how this is meant to last up to 3 washes?! Please don’t waste your money. While I’m yet to find the frizz free holy g...
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  45. Best hair product to frizzy hair!


    After reading raving reviews about this product ive decided to try this. Best hair product I've ever used, its activated by heat, so apply on damp hair and blowdry. The result is amazing, my hair is waist length and it looks super smooth and shiny and last all day with no frizz. Best buy!.
  46. Left hair heavy, not glossy


    I so wanted this to work! I followed step by step the online tutorials to the letter. Unfortunately I was left with heavy hair that lasted through a few shampoos and no visbake difference in shine. I wonder if perhaps this works better on coloured hair better? I have uncoloured, very dark hair.
  47. Disappointing product


    I bought this product based on previous reviews but I think the girls who reviewed this product don’t have curly or frizzy hair. It really doesn’t work, as soon as I leave the house on a rainy or humid day, my hair starts to curl again! Waste of money!
  48. Totally works


    I have thick frizzy curly hair and have always wanted to achieve that glossy kardashian hair without having to get a keratin treatment or do anything drastic so I decided to try this product and it works! It is a little time consuming but it is worth it and I find that I don't need to wash my hair as often as my hair stays straight. I find that the bottle lasted two months and I used it twice a we...
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  49. WOW


    I was pretty amazing with this product - I blow dry my hair straight and it lasts multiple washes and leaves my hair shinier and smoother in between
  50. Amazing shiny hair


    I loved this! It gave me insanely shiny and sleek hair. Didn't leave my hair feeling as if their was any product in it and it left my hair feeling so smooth and soft! Didn't last completely for 3 washes but my hair was still kinda shiny after the third wash. Obsessed!
  51. Great spray


    Helps control frizz and hair is left a bit smoother
  52. Pretty Good


    Hair definitely felt smooth and soft after, but I didn't notice a massive difference. I used a fair amount of the spray too, so I feel like the bottle won't last that long. I wanted to love it after reading really good reviews.
  53. This stuff is amazing!!!


    It is so rare that you buy a product and it actually does what it says it will do - but this stuff WORKS!!! I have very fine hair that suffers from humidity badly. It gets all booffy around my hairline at the slightest drop of moisture. I used this and WOW my hair was super straight, shiny and frizz free, and it definintely lasts a few washes.

    I was amazed that it didn't make hair gre...
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  54. Definitely NO wow


    I don't really have frizzy hair, I got this to smooth out but mainly for the shine. I noticed no difference to the look of my hair at all.
    The final texture was sticky, like I had a lot of product in my hair and need to wash it, not nice at all, could not run my fingers through it they got stuck it was that bad.
    The effort of putting it on was fine though, just like a normal blow out...
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  55. Good product in the right hands


    You need to have serious dexterity to make this work honestly. I believe the product is not bad, I'm just not adding enough tension to my brushing whilst drying it. I prefer using Aveda Color Conserve which provides a professional result even without all the professional brushing and blow drying.
  56. This product is amazing! It mades my hair shiny and smooth. No more FRIZZ!


    I was truly shocked at how well this worked! So awesome! You can see a huge difference when you use it. My frizz is absolutely gone and my hair is very shiny and soft! I highly recommend.
  57. WOW!


    I was on the fence with this product as the feedback online seemed too good to be true. I used this straight away once I received it and all I can say is WOW! You only need to use this every 3-4 shampoos. I don't recommend using it every wash as it will build-up. It has made my hair much more manageable especially after leaving it to air dry.
  58. Sleek and shiny


    My hair is naturally very thick and curly so I was sceptical about what this product was promising. Upon following instructions I noticed that my hair blow dried faster and the results after using my flat iron were sleeker and straighter. This also helped my hair stay less frizzy in the humidity.
  59. Not very effective


    I’ve been using this product for 2 months over different conditions and I don’t feel it makes a significant difference to my frizz. Definitely doesn’t work as well as keratin treatments I’ve had. You’re not supposed to use other products with it, which I tried, but it barely controlled the frizz. It works slightly better when combined with other products. Generally I can’t recommend. There are b...
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  60. This works.. I think.


    Tried this for the first time. I would compare it to a keratin treatment. You can feel that something is in there but not in a over product way. It felt weighted but controlled and looked good. I used this on top of my heat products and blow dried it in. Haven’t had humid weather to truly test results.
    A bit expensive, would buy again in summer.
  61. Incredible!


    This stuff is amazing. I was skeptical before using it, but I am now converted.
    I have fine frizzy/wavy hair and struggle to get my hair super straight and frizz free.
    I used the dream coat on damp hair and then blow dried my hair, went over my hair with a straightener and I had silky shiny smooth frizz free hair. Simply amazing! Best purchase ever!
  62. Shine for days!!!


    After reading the instructions and also watching a few tutorials on how to get the best result from this product I dug out my old blow dryer and decided to give it a whirl. The product smelt great and the spray nozzle distributed the product evenly. My hair looked super shiny and smooth after using the blow dryer but I decided I wanted it to be dead straight and sleek so I used my cloud nine to t...
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  63. Wowee


    This product does make a difference! I found the best way to use it was actually spraying the hair in small sections, brushing through and THEN flat ironing. It didn't shine as well when i just blow-dried my hair.
    The heat and a lot of the product is what makes it activate!
  64. Silky smooth!


    My hair is more Hagrid than Hannahs but Dreamcoat has left it silky and smooth. I have tried many products over the years using masks,serums and treatments to obtain smooth hair without that greasy look and this is the first one to give me that. It is also very easy to use and the results have lasted through a second wash which I was extremely surprised with. This is amazing and worth every cent t...
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  65. Not what I expected


    After buying the curly version I decided to spend the money on this as I sometimes blowdry my hair and it was disappointing.
  66. Amazing and not heavy!


    I really love using this product after my anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner as it tames my frizz and flyaways without being really heavy and sticky like most serums/products.
  67. Okay


    I have medium length foiled blonde hair, it is quite dry and straw like. Using this product exactly how it tells you did make it smooth and soft. However sorry to say It did not do exactly what it claims. Disappointed. Overall it’s a okay product to make your hair soft and smooth and is does last that way until u wet it.
  68. Wow!

    Beauty addict

    I was skeptical purchasing as lots of products don’t work as claimed. I can honestly say this is absolutely amazing!! Will be OTT and say life Changing because it saves me so much time and I have changed my hair styling routine since purchasing. Wash at night blow dry and don’t do much to hair for 3 days!! Just add some texture spray as I love a bit of volume and texture. Will last ages as only ne...
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  69. Overall not good for damaged or breakage


    I thought the product had heat protection & thought heat activated meant protected from heat... wondered why my hair was dryer. But if you have lovely natural hair .. blow waving & straightening will damage hair, without a product to protect it.
  70. Works when used correctly


    I was lucky to receive a sample, and I do like it but think I’d buy it on sale, not full price.

    I have waist length hair, that is fine but I have lots of it. No damage etc. I noticed that when this blow dried in, my hair seemed a bit hard to manage. When I brushed it that night and the next day, it held up really well, and my hair still looked pretty good on day 3 of no washing.
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  71. Great for thick hair.


    I purchased this product for a friend for her birthday as she wanted something nice for her hair and she can’t stop raving about this stuff she keeps saying “it’s fixed my hair” so I’m assuming she enjoys it. She was really worried because she has heaps of natural hair and it’s not and issue with this product.
  72. Silky smooth and fast


    This product is an excellent pre-styling product and i love that you only need to use it once every third wash. I probably wouldn't bother otherwise as i don't blow dry my hair every time i wash it. This has made my hair super silky and 'swishy', tamed frizz and fly-aways and i found it really cut down on my drying time. I don't feel the need to use a straightener after blowdrying with this either...
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  73. It actually works!

    Lisa c

    The videos on this stuff looked great so I needed to give it a try.
    Really easy to use, after the first blow dry my hair was sleek, shiny and super smooth. My hair probably looked like it needed a wash quicker than usual though.
    After washing my hair up to 3 times during the following week I can still see the results. My hair is a lot more tame, frizz is gone just not as shiny and sle...
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  74. Wow is correct


    This product is perfect for my thick hair. It lasts all week after multiple washes. Everyone says my hair looks like I’ve been to a salon for a blow wave. I spray it in and blow dry once a week. 5 stars
  75. Best hair product ever


    I bought this a bit dubious as how it would go with my thick hair. This product blew me away, super easy to use, I’m terrible with hair and could use it. I had so many compliments on my hair, i went to the gym and got it sweaty and it still stayed good! This is the best thing I’ve ever discovered.
  76. Ok.


    I purchased WOW supernatural coat & the one for curly hair. ..and coconut cocktail. I thought it was for keeping hair repaired but I messaged online to Adore and the specialist said Wow is more as a styling product. I have breakage & she said won't damage it further. Not impressed.
  77. Love this product


    Love the way this made my hair look and feel, made blow drying my hair quicker. I was able to get smooth hair with much less frizz which usually never happens as im terrible at styling my hair with a blow dryer!
  78. Tried for first time


    I have thin hair that reacts to fog, humidity etc
    No matter how much i straighten it the minute i walk out into humidity or rain it goes poof!!
    I tried this on the weekend - you have to lather hair till its wet then blow dry with a brush - i usually do this anyway.
    I went out in the rain on saturday freshly washed hair, it did frizz abit but no where near what it usually does.
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  79. WOW - so disappointing!!


    Reading reviews, and watching videos, this product promised much, but in my case delivered little. Designed to fight frizz, instead it made mine worse. I followed instructions and videos closely, but the results were not there. One thing is true though, the effects certainly last two or three washes - just not the effect I was hoping for. WOW - what a waste of $57!
  80. Great results


    I have fine/coloured hair that’s difficult to blow dry but this product calmed the flyaways and gave a lovely finish.
  81. makes hair shiny and manageable


    i have always struggled with static, frizzy hair and am yet to find a holy grail product. however this did smooth and straighten my unruly hair, but my roots still had many flyaways.
  82. New best friend


    I was a little dubious especially with the price, but I was like "I lose more money on the floor when drinking on a Saturday night" so figure there are worse ways to lose money. Anyways ordered the product it posted out really quickly. I read the instructions then read them again as I was enjoying a bottle of wine - needless to say the instructions were simple enough. But what this has done for my...
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  83. Won’t hold a curl


    This product made my hair lovely and soft, however it will not hold a curl. I used my regular curling iron and it dropped out very quickly. I imagine the product will be great used with a straight style. A shame, because I purchased this based on the JLo review and article.
  84. Highly recommended


    I've got this as a sample with my last purchase and guess what I'm in love with it. De frizzes the hair and repairs my thick bleached hair I will be buying this as soon as I run out of it as I can't go without it
  85. Good


    Works well but takes a lot of effort. Will continue to use though to see how it goes.
  86. Wow


    Only used twice but frizzy hair was much more controlled.
    Hair feels great more conditioned post having foils & visit to beach over summer..
  87. Not quite WOW


    Big improvement in my fine, flyaway hair, but in high humidity my hair still kinked and curled so not quite the miracle formula I was hoping for
  88. Glossy


    Miracle product for my dry frizzy hair, now it’s smooth and shiny
  89. Liquid gold for frizzy hair!!!!


    Ive only just began using this, i did a very half hearted job at applying it and blowdrying it (i can sit on my hair so i dont want to spend tons of time using products and hair tools) i let my hair air dry mostly and then sprayed a bit through and brushed and blowdried it and you can see the difference. I wish i could post a photo to show what it looks like with this little bottle of magic!!! The...
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  90. “Wow” is right!


    “Wow” is right! This product is simply amazing on my thin, fine blonde hair. The name and description on the front of the product says it all!
    Highly recommended
  91. Smooth glossy hair


    Amazing. Similar results to a keratin smoothing treatment. Made my very frizzy hair much more manageable. It dried a lot faster, and remained almost totally frizz free until next wash & dry. You must follow the instructions on the bottle for it to work well.
  92. Life saver

    Mariam H

    Purchased this item after reading the reviews. My hair is extremely frizzy. When applying the product I was surprised by the light weight feel. Couldn’t be happier my hair is extremely soft and Shinny, would buy again !
  93. Finally, manageable hair!


    So glad to see Adore stocking this incredible product! I've been buying it from overseas for years now. I have long, fine, wavy hair that gets dry at the ends plus I live in an area with high humidity throughout the year - it's the perfect recipe for frizz. This product is a godsend and does exactly what it promises. I use it after every other wash and my hair is left silky, smooth and manageable...
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  94. The ultimate finishing and glossing serum that really stands up to its name!

    Meike (Adore Beauty Staff)

    First, try and you will be hooked!

    In 30+ heat and high humidity and/or rain this product keeps the frizz away and hair looking soft/ smooth and shiny. It is colour safe and for those with fine hair - no worries it wont way you down.

    Definitely buy with the pre-shampoo spray (Dreamfiller) to remove mineral /product build up or leftover Dreamcoat before you start to get th...
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  95. WOW is right!

    Yasamin (Adore beauty Staff)

    Finally an anti-frizz product that works! I have naturally curly hair which I like to wear straight, but it doesn't stay straight and I get lots of kinks by the end of the day, so I usually have to re straighten it everyday. This product keeps my hair smooth and straighter for longer, which means I can cut down on heat damage. The best part is the anti-frizz properties last for up to three washes,...
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  96. Best product to prevent frizzy hair


    I have very thick hair, this product helped to smooth the thickness down. I was caught in the rain but my hair still managed to look sleek not frizzy. I have noticed when I brush my hair this product prevents my hair from breaking and snapping.
  97. more than worth it


    The effect is soft, shiny hair with glass-like reflections. Not only that, but when a hot flush hits and I find myself with damp hair, once it dries out again, it simply falls back into place. No frizz or curls whatsoever.
    It’s pricey, I admit - but more than worth it.
  98. Silky Hair Dream

    Caitlin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    After using the color wow dream coat my hair was left feeling super soft and silky. Once activated with heat it gives you the most beautiful healthy shine. My hair honestly looked and felt amazing! An added bonus is that it lasts for up to 3 washes. This product would be amazing for anyone concerned with frizz.
  99. Review & Earn
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