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Take your coloured hair to the next level with Color Wow’s collection of high-performance problem solvers. Designed to address common needs and concerns found in coloured hair, Color Wow has created a compact collection of products designed to keep your hair healthy and your colour fresh.

Each Color Wow product has been specifically formulated without any ingredients that can corrupt, darken, or distort hair colour. Safe, gentle and effective, all products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free.


With cult favourite products such as the multi-award-winning Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, Color Wow is backed by some of the biggest names in the hair industry such as celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, with A-list clients including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande.


Which are the best Color Wow products for my hair?

  • Color Wow for Coloured Hair
    While the entire Color Wow range is designed for colour-treated hair, most coloured hair types will benefit from the superstar combination of Color Wow Dream Filter and Color Wow Dream Coat.
    Color Wow Dream Filter is a gentle yet effective pre-shampoo treatment that lifts and removes all mineral and metal build-up from coloured hair, leaving hair brighter, fresher and more radiant.
    Color Wow Dream Coat acts like a waterproof coat for hair, protecting it against humidity, frizz and leaving behind a high-shine, glass-like finish - the perfect antidote to the dullness and porosity that can be found in processed hair. 

  • Color Wow for Thin Hair
    Coloured, processed hair can be prone to looking and feeling thin, flat, limp or lifeless - try these Color Wow products to restore vitality and fullness to your hair. Start with Color Security Shampoo - this sulfate-free shampoo will give your hair the ultimate dream clean, leaving your hair and scalp clean and clear from any product build-up or residue that can slow down hair growth.
    After shampooing and conditioning, apply Color Wow Carb Cocktail - this thickening styling creme physically thickens strands with a carb-derived complex that plumps hair and adds mass.

  • Color Wow for Damaged Hair
    Suffering from breakage or hair damage? Give your hair a new lease on life with Color Wow’s Kale-Infused Dream Cocktail. This heat-activated styling cream helps strengthen fragile or damaged hair with every blow-dry.

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The Best Color Wow Products for Your Hair

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ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Curly 200ml
Color Wow
ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Curly 200ml


After reading the reviews, watching videos, reading tips, I was confident this spray would work for me. I was wrong. I have literally tried everything to get it to work - shampoo only, conditioner, air dry, diffuser, used less product, used more product... you name it I’ve tried it. The one star is for the hydration provided but I still look like Hagrid - a hydrated Hagrid that’s $50 poorer.
ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 200ml
Color Wow
ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 200ml

super shiny hair

this is really good, makes my hair so smooth and shiny!!
ColorWOW Root Cover Up
Color Wow
ColorWOW Root Cover Up


SUCH an awesome product!! Seriously! It's one of those things u never knew you needed until you try it out. The pigment is really strong and it hides those random white scalp spots sooo well. Brilliant for a polished refined look.