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Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque 212ml

4.4 of 178 reviews


4 instalments of $16.23


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4 instalments of $16.23


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Coco & Eve Coconut & Fig Hair Masque is a five in one miracle treatment for your hair. Banish one trick ponies from your cupboard. Take your hair back to where it started - soft, hydrated and free from damage and split ends.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 84% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Brassy tones (blonde/grey hair)
  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Curl control
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque

Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque

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Customer Reviews

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4.4 of 178 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This will leave your hair feeling so soft! I can't believe it actually, I was very sceptical at first and thought this would be over-priced and ineffective-BUT I was sooooo wrong. Absolutely love this product- I'm onto my third bottle.

Most Helpful Criticism



So the first time I tried this, I loved the scent and found it to be nourishing. Then I used it a few more times and after rinsing it out, my hair felt like straw!! I don't have dry hair either but this is suppose to be nourishing so not sure what's going on

  1. wow


    This will leave your hair feeling so soft! I can't believe it actually, I was very sceptical at first and thought this would be over-priced and ineffective-BUT I was sooooo wrong. Absolutely love this product- I'm onto my third bottle.
  2. wow


    This will leave your hair feeling so soft! I can't believe it actually, I was very sceptical at first and thought this would be over-priced and ineffective-BUT I was sooooo wrong. Absolutely love this product- I'm onto my third bottle.
  3. wow


    This will leave your hair feeling so soft! I can't believe it actually, I was very sceptical at first and thought this would be over-priced and ineffective-BUT I was sooooo wrong. Absolutely love this product- I'm onto my third bottle.
  4. A special hair mask, great for making hair look nice and healthy


    A special hair mask, great for making hair look nice and healthy. It's easy to use and I find that it lasts for quite a long time. I've just been using it once a week and it's made a big difference to my hair.
  5. Love this


    I have dry and brittle hair and this is a miracle treatment. I absolutely love it. Its moisturizing and my hair feels so smooth and soft and fresh. Its a little expensive for the size but i still think its worth it
  6. Smells amazing


    Smells amazing! I love coconut so I really enjoyed using this. I haven't noticed any major changes to my hair, but ti does feel soft. Would recommend trying the mini size if you're not sure
  7. Best Hair Treatment on the Block


    Treat yourself without breaking the bank. I have damaged hair and this product have helped me to feel beautiful again. My hair was bleached damaged and coloured, but now feels soft ans luscious. And I only use it once a week, I do sleep with it and wash it out in the morning. Doesn't remove my hair colour and removes fizz. AMAZING!
  8. Nice surprise


    Being a small brand that I have never heard of before I wasn’t expecting much from this. But wow I am surprised. This has really nourished my hair and left it feel so wonderfully soft and smooth
  9. drying!


    So the first time I tried this, I loved the scent and found it to be nourishing. Then I used it a few more times and after rinsing it out, my hair felt like straw!! I don't have dry hair either but this is suppose to be nourishing so not sure what's going on

  10. Super soft and tangle-free hair


    This hair mask is great when my hair feels super dry and tangled. I use it about once a week after I’ve shampooed my hair and it always leaves my hair feeling soft.
  11. Silky Smooth Hair

    Caitlin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This mask is amazing! Smells so good, left my hair feeling healthy and soft, and didn't make it feel greasy or heavy. Was so easy to use, and I'm amazed with how nice my hair feels. Love this product.
  12. Nourishing


    This hair mask is a must. It’s so hydrating and nourishing. My hair has improved a lot after using it. Definitely repurchase.
  13. hydrating


    works so well. i love this product for its great results. definitely recommend
  14. Sample


    Had a sample of this and was very impressed after just one use! I think it definitely hydrated my hair and made it less split at the ends. The smell was tropical and fresh
  15. This makes my hair so soft!


    I love this product, it makes my hair super soft and healthy and I found a little goes a long way. I took one star off because I really cannot stand the smell!! It is coconut but quite overpowering.
  16. Extremely hydrating


    This hair mask is my number 1 go to! It is soooo hydrating and leaves the hair feeling knot free and soft everytime! Ever since I started using this I have also seen a huge improvement in the amount of split ends I have! I now have hardly any split ends, this mask is amazing and keeps my hair extremely healthy!
  17. Great hair masque


    Love this treatment It given my hair back some much needed life after hair bleaching, I Highly recommend this product its smells beautiful and has improved my hair 10/10 after first use.
  18. Does what it says on the tin


    I'll admit, when I was recommended this by one of the Adore Beauty consultants, I was extremely skeptical. I'm definitely wary of anything that has as big a social media presence as this mask, especially when it always seems to be accompanied by gushing testimonials and before/after videos and images of girls whose hair wasn't that bad to begin with. On top of that, I was convinced that anything full of this many oils and butters would be far too hydrating and heavy for my fine, long hair that gets easily weighed down.

    However, after using this three times, I have to say that the praise this mask gets is well deserved. Somehow, this mask manages to smooth, hydrate, detangle and add a ridiculous amount of shine to my hair without making it lose its volume or making it greasy, even when put near the roots! Not only that, but I'm convinced that this mask actually improves the appearance of my natural hair colour. While the price is a bit steep, I'd happily purchase this again if these results continue.
  19. Disappointed!


    I heard good reviews and I was so excited to try! At first my hair was very smooth and smelled great! Even three days later it smelled great. But no wonder it is full of perfume and silicone. My scalp is extremely dry. It’s never been like this before and my hair feels dry too! Nothing like when I first tried this mask! Will not be finishing my tub! Not worth it!
  20. Seems amazing to start


    I’ve actually brought two tubs of this as my hair felt so amazing after the first few washes. I noticed though that my hair was deteriorating a lot, so much breakages and then I realised how much silicon and fragrance was in this, my scalp was a mess too. I loved it to start but am throwing away my remainder, wouldn’t put my hair through using the last of it.
  21. Smells so good


    I love this hair mask the smell is so amazing just like a coconut holiday! It always leaves my hair feeling so nourished and shiny and soft after use, holy grail mask!
  22. Over hyped


    My hair felt nice after using this, and I like the smell, but having used a full tub by now I have noticed no effect long term. It feels smooth after using but I think that is because of the silicon in it, I notice no improvement long term. Fragrance is VERY high on the list of ingredients, and fragrance itself is of no benefit to the hair or scalp, so with this & the silicon it feels more like a mask that feels good after one wash but not actually providing much benefit.
  23. LOVE this


    It's the most amazing hair mask I think I've ever used! Makes my hair feel so good. I will repurchase for sure
  24. A wolf in sheep’s clothing


    After the first couple of uses I noticed my hair was softer& shinier. But after that my scalp became scabby&was very painful. I also developed dermatitis behind my ears. I’ve also noticed my hair has now started getting very knotty during shampooing, which hasn’t happened to me in forever. Eventually threw out the remaining product.
    Ultimately, an extremely disappointing result considering what it’s meant to do.
  25. Love love love this treatment!


    Love love love this treatment it's one of my go to hair products. It gives my hair back some much needed life after all the bleaching lol. Highly recommend this to people with blonde or hair that's a little dry and in need of a pick me up.
  26. Disappointed


    Smells nice certainly but I wasn't buying a perfume for hair. Did not hydrate nor nourish my hair in the least.

    Did what any cheap conditioner would do - for that kind of money, I really feel robbed (and their money back guarantee isn't one of course).

    Marketing gimmick.
  27. Repaired my dry hair


    My hair got really dry after I went to Dubai and this mask restored moisture and health back into my hair
  28. Great for curly/frizzy hair

    Yasamin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    The only way to tame my curly hair is with hydration and this delivers. It smells amazing, and use it instead of conditioner as part of my Sunday night pamper ritual. Some hydrating products give me really oily roots but this is the perfect balance of moisture. Love it!
  29. This smell though !


    This product is not amazing for the hair but the smell is delicious. I would recommend it if you have normal hair and not damaged, or after a more powerful conditionner to smirk like a mermaid :) xo
  30. Smells amazing


    This hair masque smells amazing and is probably the best masque I've used in my hair as I find most to be really heavy and leave my hair feeling weighed down and greasy. I'd consider using it again however the price is a bit offputting
  31. Lovely scent and super soft hair


    After my usual trip to the hair salon, my haidresser mentioned my hair was awfully dry and really needed attention. So I got this masque - it's had great reviews but I also really wanted the free turban & tangle teaser promo at the time !

    The masque is a dream to use. I just dip my comb into the tub in the shower, distribute, and rinse off in 5 mins. The texture is perfect for a masque, I have fairly long hair and I can get my hair up and held up with a hair tie while it soaks in. I've used this about 6 times now and still have 4/5 of the tub left!
  32. Latino hair


    Received a sample with my latest order. The scent is divine! My latin american wavy/curly hair look shiny and healthy after using this product ONE time. It calmed down the frizz as well. Would recommend!
  33. Smells insanely yum


    Smells so so so so good omg. It’s so moisturising and nourishing! I definitely needed this way more than I thought!
  34. Not bad


    It's a good product but there are better out there. Honestly it did what it suggests it does, but I didn't find it amazing, especially that there is silicone in the ingredients
  35. Great hair mask


    This is a really great hair mask. It is super hydrating and I've found using it once a week on my hair has made a huge difference in the amount of knots I get.
  36. Not create for psoriasis


    I have bad psoriasis, this masque made it flare up bad even though it's vegan. My scalp has been ruined I am so upset but hopefully it works for other ladies!
  37. Not as great as everyone thinks


    Look, its a good hair mask and delivers on what it says it will do but I wouldn't buy it again and definitely don't think its the best on the market. Smells good and the packaging is cute, but it doesn't over deliver like all the social media videos and other reviews on here says that it does.
  38. Fabulous smell


    I received a sample of this in my latest Adore order. Smells fantastic and leaves hair soft.
  39. So soft!


    I received a large sample of this and love it! I was worried that a mask would make my fine hair super greasy, as heavier conditioners tend to do, but instead it left it incredibly soft and beautifully scented. I usually wash and dry my hair at night, then flat iron in the morning, and after using the mask the night before I haven’t had to apply a serum to stop flyaways. The only thing stopping me from purchasing the full size is the price, which I think is a bit high for the quantity.
  40. hair is so soft


    Love this! I wear it to bed and wrap a bun with plastic wrap and wash it off in morning. Hair is so soft after. Highly recommend.
  41. Nice hair


    I got this for my sister and she raves about it. loves the smell and how her hair feels after using, softer hair with more shine.
  42. Smells gorgeous!


    I quite liked this hair masque. I have very damaged hair so I wasn’t sure how this would go. It’s definitely left my hair softer, with more shine. The smell is amazing, fruity but not overpowering. Would definitely re-purchase for a quick in the shower hair treatment.
  43. OK


    I bought this hoping it would be something wonderful and honestly I found it to be OK especially for the high price. I did not find it to completely nourish my hair, I will continue to use it until it is finished to see if over time it makes a difference, but it was not instant for me like some of the other reviews stated.
  44. Fantastic


    I thought I would try this and have found it to be very good for my hair, it is not as dry and sad as it was before I started using, I would say it is one of the better conditioning treatments that I have used in a long time and I really like the coconut fragrance.
  45. Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque


    I've bleached and dyed my hair numerous times - as you can imagine, my hair is dry af. This hair mask saved my life! I use it 2-3 times a week and my hair is very obviously a lot more healthy than it was.
  46. Delicious smell!


    I received this as a large sample size and have found it nice to use so far. The mask smells amazing and is fairly nourishing. If you love to use a hair mask than. I think this is worthwhile for you.

    For me personally, I don't find it any more amazing than conditioners I already use though, so I probably won't be purchasing the full size.
  47. From Sample size to addict


    I received this as a sample and I’m totally in love. Not only does it smell great but it leaves your hair feeling amazing. I am aware that there is a touch of silicone in it but Coco and Eve have said it’s minimal and just to assist in the damage at the ends.
  48. Highly recommend for thick & frizzy hair


    After reading the reviews for this I was desperate to try something to help my very thick blonde frizzy hair. I was not disappointed. Leaves my hair feeling silky soft, smooth & more manageable.
  49. Soft, Silky, SMOOOOOOOTH


    I received a gift pack sample size in a recent order and just HAD to try it out! I often struggle with hair masques leaving my hair feeling heavy and oily with an irritated scalp but this was a welcome surprise!

    Low scent, non greasy and it left my hair feeling light, nourished, silky, smooth and shiny! I see a full size tub on my Christmas wishlist!
  50. Love it


    I recently got a sample of this and I love it made my hair so soft and manageable will purchase a larger bottle
  51. OK, but nothing to write home about


    I received a sample of this masque and while I like this masque, I don't think it's enough to warrant the price tag. I feel it's really nice on my hair, helps tame the frizz and dryness, but it's also not necessarily any better than other moisture hair masques that cost about 1/2 the price. Don't think i'll purchase.
  52. So great for dryness


    I find I use this during the winter months as a conditioner for my scalp and it helps stop any flaking or itchiness and smells gorgeous!
  53. Nothing Special


    A bit disappointed, as this has been raved about, so I had high hopes. But, I felt like it works just as well as a regular conditioner. It has a really lovely smell, but that's about all I find it offers. Wouldn't rebuy sadly
  54. Good Deal!


    This product has saved me! I have dry hair due to hair dye and rebond. After using this for a week, my hair has improved and lessened the tangles. Great to find it here at Adore Beauty!
  55. Life saver


    This hair mask is my life saver. It hydrates and gives my hair the nourishment it needs. My hair is more shiny and healthier after using this hair mask for one month. Highly recommend
  56. Love it but prefer other masques


    I adore that this masque comes with a detangle brush and smells amazing. It does a fantastic job but for my heavily damaged ends, I prefer the Shu Umera Reset mask as it works better and faster.
    This masque is not as heavy however, and can be used on roots as well as ends.
  57. Works


    Makes hair look healthy, soft & shiny!
    I use instead of normal conditioner
  58. So in love!!


    Coco & Eve has saved my hair!!!

    I have really long hair and the end are bleached. For so long I have struggled with knots and dry hair but coco & Eve have completely transformed my hair, it’s now soft & silky.
  59. Amazing


    This mask has helped my hair so much. I had bleached too many times and lost all my curls.
    After using this for a week my hair is hydrated and my curls are coming back!
  60. drying!!


    I have medium hair that's a bit on the thick side. This made my hair feel dry after rinsing, very weird considering it's suppose to be nourishing!
  61. Love!


    ive been using this for 4 weeks now and i feel like its really made a difference. My hair feels significantly softer and less damaged.
  62. Good for a spendy


    This smells amazing and does the job. My hair was soft and shiny after and it was not too heavy, which I thought it would be. I will try some other brands before repurchasing (coz variety) but would be more than happy to get this again.
  63. Good for a spendy


    I like this for a treat. Smell is amazing and the end result leaves my hair shiny and soft. I may try some others before repurchasing but would be more than happy to go back to this for a treat-yo-self.
  64. Smells gorgeous!


    This masque really does make your hair soft and shiny, I have naturally curly hair and I love that it gives my curls some extra bounce and hydration, the smell lingers as well.
    I love that this product is vegan friendly and it comes with a cute little brush. Also seems like it will last a while as you only need a bit as it’s quite thick, so far so good!
  65. Seriously the best


    Amazing hair mask for dry brittle (especially bleached) hair.! Made my hair literally feel like silk! So amazing and a must have for beautiful luxurious hair
  66. Great for normal hair


    I gave this a try as its jam packed with natural ingredients and oh wow it sure did smell amazing! But I don't feel it performed any miracles for my damaged hair, it was a beautiful treat though! I really did loved the scent and how soft and creamy the texture was ( Made it easy to apply from roots to ends) but I feel it would be better suited to hair that just requires a shot of hydration!
  67. Decent hydration


    I have dry fine hair and have used this once a week for a few weeks now. I leave it normally leave it in overnight and find my hair is nice and soft the next day or so but it doesn’t last long. Will keep looking as this is a little pricey for a day or so of results
  68. Magic For Your Hair


    This is an incredible product for all hair types. I was sceptical at first, thinking it was just well advertised and may not be as good as it says. I was wrong, this is as amazing as it is made out to be. My curly hair is recovering from bleaching, it has been 3 weeks of 2 treatments per week and my hair has never felt this soft, full and healthy (even before bleaching and colouring). It doesn't weigh down my curls and it reduces the fuzz.
    My bestie has thick straight hair and used some of my coco & eve - her hair falls through fingers and dances in the wind like Pocahontas.
  69. Best I've found


    Despite being quite pricey, I have found one tub gave me approx 15 uses and I have very think, long, wavy hair. It smells amazing and is easy to apply and once washed out and dried naturally my hair felt significantly softer after just the first wash. Hair feels softest using the mask then letting it dry naturally. Didn't notice much difference using it and then using too many heated tools on my hair, it still felt dry.
  70. LOVE!


    This product is expensive but worth it. I use it twice a week and leave it in for roughly an hour. It leaves my hair feeling SO SOFT and looks super shiny. I feel its done wonders for the condition of my skin. I would defiantly reorder this!
  71. Amazing!


    Makes my hair feel so healthy. Will definitely buy it again.
  72. Amazing!


    I have straight, long hair and I'm loving this so far. I use this mask once a week and apply it after conditioning, I leave it in for about 10 minutes and my hair feels soft for days!
  73. Has done wonders!


    Love this so much! Transformed my hair!!
  74. The best!

    Toni Lee

    I have blonde damaged hair from bleaching I use the olaplex take home treatment set but find it drying and that's because of its strength in repairing so I alternate between olaplex and this Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque and OMG everytime I use this my hair smells good and is so super soft and notice a difference like no other. I shampoo then towel dry my hair cover my hair with this leave it in over night and rinse the next day! Must try!!
  75. Absolutely amazing


    Recently bleached my hair and it was going terribly as it does when you forget to take care of it! Coco and eve honestly saved my hair, and it smells amazing! would highly recommend it to anyone!!!
  76. LOVE


    I love love love this hair mask. I have bleached damaged and porous hair, and this is one of the only masks that hydrate my hair. It also has great, natural ingredients so I know that my hair isn't just being coated with silicones or that it's being secretly dehydrated by drying alcohols. Great smell too. The only issue is that it's quite steep price-wise and if you're someone with long and thick hair like me, it's not going to last long. There's a new great, affordable hair masque (Garnier Hair Food) very similar to this one in the drugstore with just the same awesome natural ingredients, so I won't be repurchasing.
  77. Best product


    Good product, a bit greasy but it left my hair feeling silky soft and smooth. I will be purchasing more when this is finished.
  78. Eh-better products out there


    I bought this a few weeks ago, and have been using it pretty consistently since. To be honest, I don't notice a huge difference in comparison to just using any other conditioner after shampooing. The only time I would say there's a noticeable difference is when I leave it in overnight, but personally I don't enjoy leaving hair masks on while I sleep. The Aveda one is only $15, and I notice way more of a difference with their daily damage remedy than this. I really like the brush though, I use that almost every day with other hair products.
  79. Fixing my dry ends


    The ends of my hair are wrecked from colouring. This mask is bringing it back to life, so to speak!

    The brush is a cute addition.
  80. Smells great, but I haven’t noticed a difference


    I really love the scent and how it feels in the shower but I probably won’t purchase again as I expected better results, especially at their price point. I have very thick and curly hair so maybe I need stronger treatments. I didn’t notice anything different after many uses
  81. Wonderful hair mask


    Love this coco and eve hair mask as soon as I put it on my hair which is naturally curly and dry I left it overnight and the next day I rinsed it of and my hair was left soft and shiny and it wasn’t dry and plus my hair smelled lovely of coconut. Wonderful product
  82. Super softening


    My hair is quite fine but it's super long so and gets weighed down easily. This has made my hair incredibly soft but leaves my roots feeling super clean at the same time. Love it, will be repurchasing once I run out.
  83. Good Product


    I quite liked the product, I have very frizzy hair and try just about anything to tame it, it is oily but I found that okay as I am always putting oil though my hair anyway, my hair did feel nice after using but I cannot say it was brilliant.
  84. great for dry hair


    This is an amazing treatment for dry damaged hair. highly recommend.
  85. Waste of money


    Don't get me wrong, it's a nice mask which hydrate hair. But not for this price. You can find more effective cheaper products out there. This was definitely a big waste of money.
  86. I was surprised.. in a good way


    I read reviews and found it was mixed with Coco and Eve was compared to Olaplex.I decided to try and found my hair to be very soft and manageable. My curls were soft and bouncy but not frizzy.

    I have to say I found Coco and Eve to be better than Olaplex as my hair was feeling so much better and the colour seem more vibrant.

  87. Too Oily


    I used it when I had really long hair, will never use It on short hair. it gets too oily and the only time felt good on my hair was the first couple of time I used it!
  88. Not the best


    the smell is a little off-putting and I didn't notice a visible difference in my hair. my hair is in between thin and thick and I have oily roots and dry ends. don't think its worth all the hype, the garnier fructis macadamia mask gives similar results at a third of the cost.
  89. Better than Olaplex


    I really hydrating mask that leaves my frizz-prone hair smooth and shiny, especially after I go over it with my GHD. I'm growing out my old colour and this mask has been a life-saver. I think it's worth the hype - probably one of the best conditioning treatments I've tried. LOVE!
  90. Half like, half dislike


    It seemed to make my hair feel amazing in the shower after using, however didn't notice much difference.
    Also experienced break out's on my back after use, which is not normal for me..
  91. Doesn't make a difference


    This product isn't worth the hype it's getting - I have thick, coarse hair with a natural wave and notice no difference whatsoever, if anything it felt like it left my hair feeling dryer. Very disappointing - would recommend using Olapex instead.


    I was at the start quite hesitant in buying conditioner at $65+ but I thought I will give it a try, I am so glad I did ... honestly was great for my hair, it was soft and silky ... and then once blow dried and done over quickly with the Cloud 9 it looked amazing .. I only did this if I was going out .. give it a try you won't regret it.. I honestly found this better for my hair than Olaplex...
  93. Don't buy into the hype


    What a disappointment. I have long straight hair and normal conditioner works better in my hair. After using it my hair was so tangled I couldn't get my fingers through it. I had to rewash my hair with my normal conditioner, I could not even get the brush through it. I actually got out of the shower with a headache. I am so mad at myself for seeing the videos and thinking it would hydrate my hair and make it feel like new again. Such a waste of money.
  94. Don't buy into the hype


    What a disappointment. I have long straight hair and normal conditioner works better in my hair. After using it my hair was so tangled I couldn't get my fingers through it. I had to rewash my hair with my normal conditioner, I could not even get the brush through it. I actually got out of the shower with a headache. I am so mad at myself for seeing the videos and thinking it would hydrate my hair and make it feel like new again. Such a waste of money.
  95. Smells Divine


    I have long, curly and frizzy hair which is dull, dry and dehydrated (growing out colour). I absolutely love the smell of this hair masque, it's divine. I find the consistency very thick and creamy. I'm still trying to master the perfect way to use this product, however I'm finding I don't need to use as much as I think. I'm so used to drenching my hair in conditioner or a hair masque, so this is new for me. I find if I don't brush through the Coco and Eve masque it doesn't work as well. After trial and error, for my hair I don't notice any benefit if I leave the masque on my hair for less than 5mins. I notice results with 5mins and 10mins even more so, however after 10mins it seems to revert back to minimal results. When I get it right, my hair looks and feels in dramatically better condition. It feels so soft, hydrated and conditioned. The frizz is noticeably reduced and is 80% better and my hair looks smooth, shiny and healthy. I also find after using this masque when I straighten my hair it looks fantastic.
  96. Wasn’t a fan


    I tried to use this in every possible but to me it didn’t really do much for my hair. The most results I saw was if I slept in it so if you do buy it I recommend that if you want to see most results.


  98. Shower staple!


    I have very dry and damaged hair after bleaching. This product has been fantastic as a quick conditioning hair mask after following shampoo. It provides a bit of extra hydration and makes my hair feel a lot softer and silkier for a few days after using it. Love it!
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