CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish - Top Coat

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CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish - Top Coat by CND

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Nail polish as you know it has been re-invented...


Discover the CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish. While ordinary nail polish wears off and deteriorates over time, CND VINYLUX™ Polish dries naturally to flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. Enjoy week long, chip free, flawless nails without a UV lamp or a visit to the salon.


CND VINYLUX™ Polish and CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish have been designed to work together to give you long lasting wear. CND's ProLight technology actually ensures your polish is strengthened as it's exposed to natural light. 


7 days with no chips and a flawless finish all achievable at home? We're there! With 62 shades to choose from, there's a CND VINYLUX™ Polish to tickle everybodys fancy.


CND VINYLUX™ Polish and CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish sold separately.

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It was ok... - 19-06-2018 by

The reviews were raving so I was so excited, nail polish that should last me A WEEK. Nope, the next day 90% of it had chipped off just as per usual nail polish would...

Love this! - 18-06-2017 by

One of the best non-salon top coats. Gives a good gel appearance, masks any tiny mistakes and lasts for me -about 4 days, but I am also not careful so it could last longer for others. Highly recommend!

Great product - 14-06-2014 by

Have been using shellac for some time and have been very happy with it. I actually mistakenly bought this product thinking I was buying shellac. I thought why not just give it a go as I've become concerned with using my shellac and lamp every few weeks, the lamp can't be good. This product is great. Only negatives, it doesn't last as long as my shellac (maybe 5 days but I'm quite hands on) and isn't as shiney but I love the convenience, super quick drying, great colours and overall I feel a lot better about using it. It also doesn't ruin my nails and is so easy to get off. I'll continue to use it and will buy more colours.

One of my staff picks - never going back! - 26-01-2014 by

CND Vinylux Nail Polish has converted me from a person who never bothers doing her nails (while envying other people for their flawless polish), to someone who sports some gorgeous colours herself. And CND is just wow, really, wow. This formula is amazing.

The CND VInylux Weekly Top Coat is a must. Using both the polish and the top coat, I have perfect nails for one week! The “weekly” aspect of the title had me thinking it was too good to be true but guys they’re not kidding! Even doing hands-on tasks all day this polish held up for the full week as it promised. Amazing right?

I LOVE using this as a top coat for cheaper nail polish - I'm no snob when it comes to polish (my collection of cheapies is huge - but because they don't last I rarely wear them). This stuff is awesome - it turns any $2 polish into a week-long chip free epic. Right now I am literally wearing a colour I paid $1.30 for. I put it on EIGHT days ago and it looks like I applied it yesterday. I am not making this up; this is not a drill!

My top picks for the rest of the CND line - though they’re all gorgeous, you don’t often see such a thoughtful collection of colours - would have to be Tinted Love, Cake Pop, Midnight Swim and Bloodline. Love love love, I want to buy the whole collection!

Great Top Coat when used with CND VINYLUX POLISH - 30-06-2013 by

Great Top Coat when used with CND VINYLUX POLISH. Dries quickly, and sets the nail hard to protect the polish from chipping.

Good product. - 27-06-2013 by

loved this product, longest wearing nail polish i have had, only one i will be buying from now on.

Positive - 10-06-2013 by

Used in conjunction with the CND Vinylux color, a great product. Dries in less the ten minutes to very hard. Yes, I did time it!Easy to apply and unlike shellac, easy to remove.

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