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Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 125ml

4.6 of 371 reviews


4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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Gentle cleansing balm formulated to effectively remove eye and face makeups.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
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Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Reviews

4.6 of 371 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Removes all my waterproof makeup too!


This product is absolutely amazing and it removes all my makeup including my waterproof makeup which helps my skin to not breakout!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure


it removed my make up flawlessly, it melts into my skin but it breaks me out as well. If you aren't prone to acne, may be this will work well for you.
  1. Great pre cleanser


    Great simple pre cleanser. Melts makeup and other products like sunscreen away with ease
  2. Removes all my waterproof makeup too!


    This product is absolutely amazing and it removes all my makeup including my waterproof makeup which helps my skin to not breakout!
  3. Great alternative


    Is a nice alternative to liquid cleaners and is easy on the go, especially when you don't feel like spending a lot of time removing your makeup at the end of the day.
  4. Good


    The texture is moist and soft
  5. Excellent double cleanse step 1


    This cleansing balm is great for removing makeup and waterproof sunscreen as part of a double cleanse. I apply the product to dry skin, work in, rinse and move to second cleanser. I had a few breakouts when first using this product alone, but with a double cleanse followed by gentle cleanser or micellar water it's working perfectly now. Frangrance free is also a huge plus and the tub lasts a long ...
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  6. Amazing


    This does a brilliant job at removing makeup. It melts away everything without leaving your skin feeling dry or stripped.
  7. Perfect Camping Must-Have


    I take this bad boy with me when I go on little adventures in the campervan. It is great for removing my makeup at the end of a day and, unlike liquid cleansers, I know it won't spill all through my makeup bag or take up much space. It's very effective and lasts for AGES!
  8. Best balm


    I have almost finished two pack of this products love this, very easy to clean the make up even the eye make up without bothering my eyes. I usually cleans with this once and the second cleanse is with a gel cleansing or sometimes if I feel too dry I use the same product on the second wash. first apply on dry face and massage, then wet your hands and massage and then wipe it with a wet face washer...
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  9. Best Makeup Remover!


    This removes all traces of makeup including my waterproof mascara. And does it with ease, I do recommend cleansing again with your favourite cleanser for an ultra clean face.
  10. Good for removing eye makeup but make sure you wash this off with foaming cleanser afterwards otherwise this product can block your pores


    Good for removing eye makeup but make sure you wash this off with foaming cleanser afterwards otherwise this product can block your pores
  11. cleansing balm


    Works just like a cleansing oil except it's solid - so great for travel. I like that it breaks down my mascara and eyeliner with ease.
  12. wow


    I helps to take off my makeup well
  13. Great cleanser


    Nice cleanser that does a thorough job of cleaning the skin and great for removing make-up without needing to rub the skin too much
  14. Good


    It removes makeup but it is very pricey for what it does.
  15. Nothing gets makeup off better


    Only product that actually removes all traces of waterproof mascara! Definitely need to follow with another cleanser after (I like to use a gel) to remove all traces but this stuff will melt all your makeup like nothing else.
  16. Gentle and don't leave any greasy feeling


    It is gentle and i love it
  17. successful balm


    took off all my foundation well and left skin feeling soft but did not take off non waterproof mascara at all
  18. Amazing


    This product works wonders to remove all your makeup at the end of the day! I love using the double cleanse method and this product literally takes all my make up off. The consistency of the product is really good and it’s quite soft to touch. I definitely recommend this product!
  19. Amazing


    I got a travel size of this when travelling as I forgot my normal eye makeup remover and absolutely loved how easy it melted off my waterproof mascara (which is very difficult to get off at the best of times). A little goes a long way with this.
  20. Takes off waterproof makeup with ease


    Received this as a sample and very impressed. Takes off my waterproof eye makeup with ease and leaves my skin feeling really hydrated (but not oily).
  21. amazing!


    I received a sample of this and couldn't believe I only just learnt about double cleansing! This is great for taking off even the most stubborn, waterproof, full glam faces. It's oily so it goes right into the pores. My skin is oily and this has never caused a breakout. You don't need too much either, it'll last a good while. Essential, will be purchasing!
  22. Best thing since sliced bread


    I had no expectations of this product, But my friend who is a qualified make up artist had a video using it on her facebook and I was like... well.. Ill give it a go. I use Estee Lauder double wear... so I needed something good.

    This is the best damn makeup remover I have ever used. It glides over your skin like an ointment and lifts the make up off your face without drying it out. I...
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  23. Very happy with this purchase!


    Dissolved all my make up I mmediately on my face - even mascara and eye shadow. Did not leave my face oily or dry, so very happy with this purchase.
  24. Great to 'take the day off' ;)


    I use this as a first step in a double cleanse at the end of the day to take off my makeup. It does such a good job (although I look a little like joker when my makeup smudges and slides around haha!) You only need a little bit of product so it lasts so long!! I think it's really great value and does exactly what it claims :)
  25. A very effective cleansing balm


    This is a very nice, effective cleansing balm for removing any makeup and SPF. It absolutely destroys any makeup, I even use it to remove my eye makeup. I apply a little to my dry face, massage in, then emulsify with water and remove with a face cloth and all my makeup just melts away! It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and doesn't feel stripping at all. I use this as a first cleanse, or ev...
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  26. Good cleansing balm


    Got a sample from goodie bag. It dose a good job to clean my skin.
    Easy to wash off. No greasy feeling.
  27. My skins best friend


    This is my favourite part of my night time routine! It removes all of the dirt and makeup from the day and literally feels like it melts it off. It’s the most satisfying thing ever and I feel like my skin is 100% clean since introducing this to my routine.
  28. Good but expensive


    This is my second time purchasing this product. I love the balm consistency and it does a great job at removing my make up. I am giving it 4 stars (not 5) due to the cost as I find it quite expensive.
  29. My new friend


    I got it as a sample and this is my all time favourite cleansing Balm now. Makes cleansing a breeze for my dry skin.
  30. Amazing


    Received this as a sample and absolutely loved it. Melts into the skin, washes of easily and breaks down the toughest of make up. Definitely going to buy in the larger size!
  31. The best makeup remover


    Super moisturising and leaves your skin feeling noursished
  32. my favourite


    Love this product so much as part of my double cleanse routine! it melts my makeup off so easily, especially my waterproof mascara without tugging my skin. you will most likely need to go in with another cleanser after as it is hard to get the residue off with just water, however as I double cleanse my second cleanser does this. Your face will feel so clean afterwards, definitely repurchasing!
  33. Cleansing Balm


    This is a really nice gentle cleansing balm, not to strong for sensitive skin!
  34. One of the best out there


    This is one of the best cleansing balms out there. Super smooth to apply and works amazingly at getting off makeup even the thick waterproof stuff !
  35. Amazing


    Takes off a full face in one small use, I'll never go back to wipes again
  36. Definitely takes the day off!


    Awesome makeup remover, it gets rid of all your makeup and waterproof mascara. It's nice and hydrating, takes the makeup off but doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or dry.
  37. Amazing balm


    I love this cleansing balm, it takes off a FULL face of makeup so easily and doesn't leave any sticky residue when washed off. LOVE!
  38. Does the trick


    It works really well but I find myself a bit bleary eyed after using it other than that it takes everything off well. I only use it after a heavy makeup day.
  39. Best makeup remover


    I love using this after a night out, especially for eye makeup as I have sensitive eyes and I never have any problems. Quick rub finish with cleanser for the oily ness and hardly takes any time!
  40. Best makeup remover


    I love using this after a night out, especially for eye makeup as I have sensitive eyes and I never have any problems. Quick rub finish with cleanser for the oily ness and hardly takes any time!
  41. Fantastic


    This effectively removes makeup. A small amount is all you need. It’s gentle for sensitive skin.
  42. All Time Favourite


    I didn’t know what to expect with this product, as I hadn’t heard much feedback prior to purchase... Well!!! This is now my all time favourite first cleanse. It is super effective at removing any and al SPF & makeup, but leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. Never ever does it cause try or tight skin, common with stripping cleansers. It’s fragrance free, and I’ve never had any irritation with ...
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  43. best makeup remover


    takes off all of my makeup
  44. Excellent product

    Love Clinique

    Am thrilled with this cleanser.Its thorough & mild & it removes everything including eye makeup. Also its effective without being drying.I will be re purchasing this, will be a regular with Clinique - a highly recommended brand & dollar for dollar its a good buy :)
  45. Simple and effective!


    I think this balm would be good for either light or heavy makeup users, or even just to cleanse the SPF from your skin. It's not heavy, doesn't feel too conditioning and is very effortless! I'd recommend giving it a go!
  46. Gentle Make-Up Remover


    Great makeup remover, especially if you have sensitive eyes. I find I like to cleanse afterwards, as i find it can leave a “film” on the skin of you use a good amount. But a little goes a long way, and it is a great makeup remover!
  47. excellent product

    Hair crazy

    I found this to be a very nice product to use. A little goes a long way, it becomes an oil under the heat of your palm, so its not drying or irritating at all. I would rather use this product twice if needed than use too much in one go.Highly recommended!!
  48. Skin stays hydrated


    It feels clear and hydrated after using this
  49. love this


    I love the texture and concept of this balm. Its solid but melts into your skin removing make-up and gunk effortlessly.
  50. Soothing moisturising cleanser


    This product is one of my favourite 'balm' style cleansers. It takes off all makeup without stripping your skin of the essential oils and moisturise. This usually does not need a second cleanse after but if you have put on a large amount to budge waterproof makeup, then you may need a foaming cleanser afterwards. Excellent product, really lovely to use.
  51. Confusing but great


    I was confusing by this product... it’s a cleanser but it’s a balm?? Anyway, I tried it after a face mask and it was AMAZING!!! So soft and beautiful on the skin, I’m not sure I would use this to remove make up but on make up free days or mornings this is a beautiful luxurious product
  52. Fantastic Makeup Remover


    I got a tub of this as a gift. It is fantastic at removing all traces of makeup. I have very sensitive eyes, especially when using cleansers. Found this product to be perfect! No irritations at all. Highly recommend if your looking for a basic no nonsense makeup balm cleanser
  53. Takes it off without stripping


    I love this, it takes everything off and it’s obviously solid but melts so nicely, I’m not acne prone, I’m more prone to dryness so I think this is perfect for me. Once I finish the deluxe sample I will buy this as I think it’s a good value for money
  54. Feels amazing on your skin


    I love this cleanser. It feels amazing and smooth on my skin and melts off my sunscreen and makeup. I pair it with a water based cleanser and i love the combination
  55. Ineffective


    This product is alright, but definitely not worth the $$. It’s quite ineffective with mascara and so I have to use another makeup remover anyway. I prefer a normal oil based cleanser.
  56. luxurious experience


    Taking makeup off at the end of the day is not life's greatest experience, but this product actually makes me look forward to it every night. It melts on the face in such a pleasant way, smells so good and takes everything off really easy and fast. Beautiful iconic product from Clinique
  57. Can not recommend highly enough!


    This product is a literal lifesaver for any and all makeup and grime you need gone! A little goes a long way all without having to scrub to get even waterproof mascara off in a flash. Works great with a face washer and warm water, I am yet to find a better, more effective, yet gentle cleanser - and I’ve probably got about 10 empties of it so far!
  58. Love this!


    I’d never tried a makeup remover balm before this but I’ve got to say I’m not going back to wipes. This gets my eye makeup off so well and leaves my skin feeling so much nicer than wipes ever could, very nourishing and soft. I have quite dry skin though and this can be quite oily so not sure how this would go for more oily skin
  59. Love this!


    I’d never tried a makeup remover balm before this but I’ve got to say I’m not going back to wipes. This gets my eye makeup off so well and leaves my skin feeling so much nicer than wipes ever could, very nourishing and soft. I have quite dry skin though and this can be quite oily so not sure how this would go for more oily skin
  60. Gently gets the job done


    This balm is perfect! I have sensitive/acne-prone skin and often wear waterproof make-up products. By applying a tiny bit of this product, rubbing gently and then cleansing again with my normal face wash, I am able to wash all of the make-up off my face without my skin feeling stripped. A really great product for people with sensitive skin!
  61. great to remove makeup


    this product is amazing a removing makeup and reducing the use of makeup wipes, but as it contains polyethylene, it can still potentially make a negative impact to wildlife in the water.
  62. I forgot how much I loved this.


    this is so good - i love it. Best used in winter for me (during dry periods) and part of a double cleanse, but it's so nice. I love the consistency and how it lathers in a balmy, oily kind of way. LOVE - a staple - BRB add to cart.
  63. The best!


    This is the best cleansing balm. It removes all my makeup and doesn't strip my skin! I love it so much. Perfect for double cleasning. Doesn't leave a yucky residue on the skin either.
  64. Great for removing stubborn eye makeup


    This product is gentle yet effective. I don't have to vigorously rub my eyes, the make up slides off easily Love love love
  65. Best makeup remover


    I finally stopped using makeup wipes and this was the first oil based cleanser I tested out and I love it! Super efficient at removing makeup, sunscreen and anything waterproof but gentle enough that it doesn't bother my eyes. It also took me a surprising amount of time to get through the product so to me it is worth the price, I love this product and will definitely repurchase in the future.
  66. Great Eye-Makeup Remover


    Having switched from using disposable face wipes (ick!), I have found that this cleansing balm does an amazing job removing eye makeup! It melts into your face and removes every trace of makeup.
    A nice product which I will happily re-purchase.
  67. Smooth and soft


    this came in a gift pack (a smaller tub) i got for my mum and mother inlaw for mothers day, they both really really like it. Leaves their skin feeling very smooth, soft and hydrated
  68. Makeup be GONE


    Hands down the best product to remove all types of makeup. Easy and gentle on the skin - no scrubbing required! And lasts for ages, great value for money.
  69. Melts away like a dream


    I bought this cleansing balm as I needed something that could easily remove eye makeup without irritating my skin. Because I have acne prone skin, I tend to break out when I use cleansing oils so I opted for a balm. This product removed every bit of makeup on my skin and didn't leave my eye area red or irritated. I also don't have breakouts from using this product. The price may seem quite high fo...
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  70. Very good


    I bought this product for my wife after some complaints about this step. She loves it, whenever we arrive from somewhere and she needs to remove her makeup I see her wearing it. She loves!
  71. Great stuff


    Really good at melting off waterproof makeup! I wear waterproof mascara and found it really hard to take off with micellar water. I changed to coconut oil and while it did a good job of taking off my make up it clogged my pores! I tried the mini first to see how it went then bought the big tub! 100% recommend
  72. Fantastic cleansing balm


    This is a great cleansing balm!! I use this as the first step in my evening double cleanse, and it is very effective at removing all my makeup, including long wear foundation (Estée Lauder Double Wear) and mascara. The balm is fragrance-free, and melts into a silky cream when rubbing onto the skin. It emulsifies easily when adding water, allowing it to be easily rinsed off before using my second c...
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  73. Simple and highly effective


    I have bought countless tubs of this over the past 10 or so years. I use it every evening to wash my face. It is gentle enough to be used over the eyes yet still takes all makeup and sunscreen off. It leave your skin feeling so clean but not dry. Amazing. I will continue buying.
  74. Nice oil cleanser, removes all makeup, doesn't sting eye area


    I've been waiting to try this after all the rave reviews - and here's another one! Super easy to use, it takes all of my makeup off easily (even eye makeup) and once washed off doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy like a lot of other oil cleansers. I like that it doesn't have artificial fragrances in it, it doesn't have a smell at all. Would definitely buy again, but won't need to for a while as i...
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  75. Hands-down best makeup remover


    Highly recommended makeup remover! It doesn't leave your face dry yet still removes every bit of makeup!
  76. Love this cleanser


    I love anything that is not the traditional washing of the face because I hate getting everything all wet and sudsy. This has been the perfect way to remove makeup and the days activities. I use this as my first wash and then do a second cleanse before the rest of my skin care routine and I have really loved it.
  77. Not the best


    As other reviews have pointed out, this is good to clear away grime, spf, etc. but it really makes me breakout, so I won't be using again. I think Bioderma Micellar water is much better.
  78. Perfect way to remove SPF and makeup


    This product makes removing long wearing make up (including waterproof mascara and matte lipsticks) a breeze! No eyelashes harmed in the process off taking off my waterproof mascara and my long wear red matte lips were melted off.
    I use this as step one of a nighttime double cleanse. Will repurchase, again and again.
  79. You need this product


    OBSESSED! Since using this with my ASAP gentle cleanser is amazing. Controls my oil, removes my makeup without being harsh. So much so that if these were the only two products I used my skin would be so good! LOVE
  80. deep clean


    love this as my first cleanse, melts off makeup and sunscreen easily
  81. Melts away makeup


    Loving this balm for melting off my makeup and easily cleansing skin, it works on most mascaras and other stubborn eye makeup too
  82. Great cleansing balm


    This cleansing balm is great! I haven't used a cleansing balm before but I use it on days I wear make-up and it really does an excellent first pass of removing the surface dirt before the proper cleanse. I also like the pre-shower face massage ;)
  83. Winner


    I’ve always struggled getting my mascara off because I love a good coat of mascara. This balm takes off all the residual in one go, followed up with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It’s also well priced for the amount of product you get. Love
  84. Best product for taking off makeup


    This is the best product for taking off makeup. It just melts everything off and is easy to clean away. I find i can't take my makeup off without it. You absolutely need to try this.
  85. So effective!


    Love this product, does exactly what it says! Melts my makeup off and makes my skin so smooth! I’ve repurchased many times.
  86. Good balm


    Does take make up off, but I found that it left my face feeling oily. Would still recommend as it does cleanse the face.
  87. Holy Grail product!


    This is my holy grail pre cleanse product. Every time I think I can do without, my skin throws a tantrum. It breaks down my makeup without leaving my skin feel tight. And unlike other balms/oils I've used, it doesn't make my skin feel filmy or weird after washing it off. 11 out of 10 would recommend.
  88. Does a good job


    Works great but I think there’s better out there.
  89. Hydrating alternative to makeup wipes


    This balm is nourishing, melts down to a natural oil feel. Nice for dry skin.
    However, a bit difficult to use when wearing lash extensions as the eye area should be avoided with oils.
    Effectively cuts through a heavy face of makeup!
  90. Game changer


    Previously I was using to micellar water to remove my make-up but could never get all of it off. It wasn't until I tried this that I realised it IS possible to take it all off in one go. This balm is so under-rated and I only wish I tried it earlier. I have incredibly dry and sensitive skin, and this stuff only hydrates my skin while giving it a thorough cleanse. I'll never be without this again.
  91. Staple makeup remover


    I absolutely love this cleansing balm. I first picked it up in 2015 and have not stopped using it since. I think I have purchased about 1 tub a year on average. A little goes a long way and I only use it for one purpose, the first cleanse to remove a full face of glam makeup. Day to day I wear only light makeup but for a wedding, special date night, event or party I will wear a full face that requ...
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  92. Removes every trace of makeup


    Great for removing makeup without having to rub your eyes/face. Only problem I have is that it blurs my eyesight for a few minutes after using it.
  93. THE BEST


    I LOVE this jar of amazingness! I have been using it for around 2 years now and am stil amazed with every use. It takes every bit of make up off and isn't abrasive whatsoever as it melts with application. Would 100% recommend for all skin types!
  94. Great cleansing balm but not affordable


    Tried a sample and love it! It's great for taking off all the make up and dirt from the day (even waterproof mascara). But not affordable enough for me to buy all the time unfortunately.
  95. Best product


    Could not love this product anymore for taking your make up off, only need a little bit as it goes a long way and leaves the skin so soft!!
  96. yuck


    too greasy didnt take my makeup off at all
  97. oily balm

    oily t zone

    It does a good job at taking my makeup off but found it leaves a greasy film on my skin. I did break out every time I used this despite cleansing with my cleanser. It might have clogged my pores. It wasn't for me.
  98. Take the day off


    this really lives up to its name! it helps breakdown makeup before you cleanse! really gets everything off and not to harsh on the skin! lasts a while so you are getting your moneys worth.
  99. Best Ever


    This is amazing! I use a tiny amount and it changes in my hand from a solid into a oil. Removes even eyelash glue, without making my eyes sting!!
  100. Best Cleansing Balm EVER!


    Love love love this cleansing balm! Takes every last bit of makeup & SPF off without stinging my eyes or running everywhere.. I cannot recommend this enough!
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