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Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 125ml

4.7 of 269 reviews


4 instalments of $14.00


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4 instalments of $14.00


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Gentle cleansing balm formulated to effectively remove eye and face makeups.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
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4.7 of 269 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Cannot live without this!


this is my favourite cleansing balm! It feels so nice on the skin and takes off all my makeup!! I find it doesn't leave a bad film on the skin and you can take it off very easily! It is very gentle on the skin and makes it feel so smooth after. Also, the one container will last you so long!

Most Helpful Criticism

Works but not the best texture


This was the first cleansing balm I have used and I did enjoy it. However, I have since used a number of other cleansing balms and realised in comparison that while this did work really well, it does take a tiny bit more time to melt on your face. I also didn't like how when you open it, it has this thick top layer that has really solidified and you have to work with big chunks that you have to warm up with your fingers before you can apply on your face.

I also didn't enjoy using this on my eyes. I feel like no matter how hard I try, some residue is left over and makes my vision blurry (but it does not irritate the eyes).

It is still works really well though. Just does not suit my preference based on what I now look for in a cleansing balm.
  1. Good mid-range cleansing balm


    This product works really well. The price is reasonable and I prefer it to the Elemis one. Takes makeup off beautifully, however Ive recently switched to using Face Halos which are more cost effective.
  2. good for long wear make up


    It does work, it melts even the toughest of my make up. however it feels very weird rubbing it onto a full face because your left with a mush of foundation and powder it turns into a gunk. I prefer to use Thi sin the shower so I can wash the make up off without it runnning down my face when its melted
  3. nice


    This cleansing balm helps to cleanse my skin thoroughly and it was easy to use. I like that it doesn't have very strong scent.
  4. gold standard


    Absolute gold standard in oil cleansing balms, does what it says on the tin and you don't need much
  5. Cannot live without this!


    this is my favourite cleansing balm! It feels so nice on the skin and takes off all my makeup!! I find it doesn't leave a bad film on the skin and you can take it off very easily! It is very gentle on the skin and makes it feel so smooth after. Also, the one container will last you so long!
  6. Blurs my vision


    I enjoy using this to remove my makeup but find that it blurs my vision for some time after using it to remove my mascara. It's a bit concerning! Otherwise, does a great job at removing all traces of makeup while not stripping or drying the skin.
  7. Works but not the best texture


    This was the first cleansing balm I have used and I did enjoy it. However, I have since used a number of other cleansing balms and realised in comparison that while this did work really well, it does take a tiny bit more time to melt on your face. I also didn't like how when you open it, it has this thick top layer that has really solidified and you have to work with big chunks that you have to wa...
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  8. Takes off waterproof mascara!


    verified purchaser
    I found that the cleansers I'd used previously took off 90% of my makeup easily HOWEVER they never completely removed my waterproof mascara...until this product. I use my dry hands to rub a pea sized amount over my dry eyelids for about 2-3 mins and then add a little water. Rinse off and then double-cleanse with one of my cheap gel cleansers to completely remove the rest of my makeup as well as th...
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  9. One of the best cleansers


    I usually prefer an oil cleanser but the convenience of a balm cleanser made me purchase this product. I am a convert to the balm cleanser now. This balm cleanser melts into an oily substance that manages to do what it says - takes the day off. I always follow up with a second cleanse anyway but this product does an excellent job of getting even the most stubborn mascara off.
  10. The Best!


    verified purchaser
    This is the best cleansing balm hands down! I have dry sensitive skin and this is the most gentle, basic yet incredibly effective cleansing balm. No scent, doesn't leave a residue, gets all make up off.
  11. Almost perfect..


    I have been using this same tub for over 6 months now and still have so much left. It does an amazing job at getting rid of all traces of makeup but the only issue is that it blurs my vision! It makes my eyes go cloudly for a few minutes after using it which really bothers me - I am surprised not many others have mentioned this.
  12. Leaves skin silky and clean


    I have been trying a few different cleansing balms and oils but this one is my favourite. Feels so luxurious and nourishing but also effectively removes makeup and sunscreen. Good value too, a little goes a long way
  13. Perfect for removing makeup


    This is great for removing your makeup as the oil breaks down EVERYTHING. However, unlike other oil cleansers, this can sometimes get in your eyes which doesn't hurt but does 'fog' up your eyesight. which is why I've switched to another brand instead. If this doesn't bother you then this is really great
  14. Love it!


    This stuff is amazing. So smooth and silky to apply, a little goes a long way. Takes off all your makeup and any dirt built up from the day and feels super hydrating.
  15. Best make up remover


    I’m in love with this product. I use a lot of make up every day. I use this product every night in the shower and it helps remove all my make up. My skin feels so nice after using it also. It doesn’t dry my skin out
  16. Good but not the best


    I have received a few samples of this and I have to say, although it does end up removing my makeup, it is a lot of hard work. I find myself having to use a lot to cover my face, although I don't really use too much makeup. It takes a bit of rubbing to break down the makeup but does wash off well. I much preferred the discontinued oil version and wish they'd bring it back.
  17. Best makeup remover!


    I converted to using this after removing my makeup with coconut oil for 1+ years.
    I thought it was pricey to start, but originally purchased in March, and now only running out at the end of October so it's definitely worth the money. Removes my makeup, even waterproof mascara/liner etc well, and I follow up after with a water based cleanser.
  18. Surprised


    I really thought I would absolutely hate this product, but to my surprise I am loving it! It is so fun to use and is very effective at taking off all my makeup
  19. Effective make up removal


    This removes make up and grime easily and quickly. Skin feels soft and hydrated after using, love that Clinique produts are fragrance free.
  20. Makeup remover


    One of the best. Has a balm like consistency and once you warm it up in your hands and over your face it gets oily but it is so effective in removing dirt, grime, makeup and easily washed off too. Love it.
  21. Makeup remover


    This product works so well at removing all of my makeup - even removes waterproof eye make up well. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft after using .
  22. Melts the Day Away


    I love this! It literally melts every product of your face & leaves you feeling clean & refreshed.
    It does leave a slight residue on the skin, but feels really hydrated, not greasy.
  23. Does everything you want


    There are definitely cheaper options, but this is the OG, and still so good!
    Takes off any makeup, including waterproof lip and eyes. Doesn't leave any weird residue... the jar packaging may get a little gross over time.
  24. Very Effective


    I could kill my friend for gifting me this. It's SO effective and removing makeup (and I wear a full face on most days) but a little pricey for a makeup remover.
    It feels lovely and luxurious when applied though can get stuck in lashes and in eyes quite easily (something I've found occurs with most cleansing balms). As a cleansing balm, it's one of the best I've used.
  25. Great make up remover


    This takes off everything in seconds! It's best for the eye area as you don't need to rub hard to get the make up off, I always use a cleanser after this but this make it so easy to remove my make up.
  26. Game changer!


    This is my absolute holy grail. I take the majority of the makeup off with a cleansing wipe, then use this, and it breaks down every little bit of makeup with absolutely no dryness or skin irritation.
    I use Estée Lauder double wear, and this is the only thing strong enough to make my skin clean after wear.
  27. Clean the day away


    This is the best makeup remover my far. I love that you can apply it to dry skin and then just wash it off in the shower
  28. Best makeup remover!


    Out of all the makeup removers I have tried, this is by far the most effective. I have been using this for over 2 years now and love it's silky oily consistency. I find this the best too for eye makeup. It really does remove all the makeup off your face, unlike other removers which still leave some residue on your face.
  29. Melts away the day


    When I am feeling a little lazy I used to reach for the makeup wipes but I now reach for this instead! The solid formula ensures that there is no mess and it is super easy to glide on my skin and wipe off with a cloth.
  30. On my 6th tub


    This is the best makeup remover I've ever tried - better than Eve Lom, better than Emma Hardie, better than the Body Shop, and definitely better than any micellar water or wipe out there. This absolutely massacres your makeup and is so quick and easy to remove with either water (emulsify first) or with a flannel. A tub lasts months and months with daily use and always leaves the skin feeling perfe...
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  31. Best Makeup Remover


    I have been buying this product for 1-2 years now. I absolutely love it. It removes all makeup in a gentle way. I usually do a quick cleanse afterwards but that is all you need. I truly believe this has helped me to keep breakouts under control as no makeup left behind.
  32. Soooo good


    I wear makeup everyday and this stuff is the goods! Definitely a must have
  33. Laughed a


    My friend recommended me to try this saying it takes every bit of mascara off the first time. so I bought a small one. After using it the first time I was completely sold, I had no make up residue. although, I do recommend putting moisturizer on after which should be the case. I makes your skin feel extremely tight.
  34. Love it!


    I wasnt sure about this product but gave it a shot and its so good! Melts off all my makeup from the day and leaves my skin feeling very clean. I use it as a pre-cleanse.
  35. Best oil cleanser - effective and gentle


    I wasn't sure about using this as I don't like oil on my face but it honestly melts away make up and most importantly, zinc-based sunscreen, easily. I use this as a pre-cleanse. Love it.
  36. Fab makeup remover


    I love this stuff a little goes a long way and makes your skin feel great afterwards and removes make up will ease
  37. Great everyday cleanser


    I love this cleanser for removing make up and deeply cleaning my skin. I use it daily as the first step of my two step cleansing routine.
  38. Leaves my skin so clean!


    This is an awesome cleanser. It removes all traces of make-up so easily and leave my skin feeling so soft and clean. I would highly recommend this product!
  39. So good


    Melts off all my makeup so well. I only need to use once Because it does the job on the first go! Doesn’t feel too harsh on my skin which is great too!
  40. Very nice


    I really like this cleanser. It’s very creamy and non drying
  41. Yields a lot


    Cleans very well and leaves no residue on the skin. Without doubt the best makeup remover I've ever used. Ah, a lot of product comes in the package and just needs a little bit per use!
  42. I cannot live without


    This is my absolute holy grail. I take the majority of the makeup off with a cleansing wipe, then use this, and it breaks down every little bit of makeup with absolutely no dryness or skin irritation.
    I use Estée Lauder double wear, and this is the only thing strong enough to make my skin clean after wear.
    I cannot live without, and it lasts for so long, I only repurchase every 6-9 m...
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  43. Can't imagine life without it


    This is so easy to use! I use it everyday and it doesn't dry out my skin. Have been using for 5 years!
  44. Great remover


    This cleansing balm easily remove my make up. A little goes a long way. This is definitely one of my favourite makeup remover.
  45. The Best Cleansing Balm!


    Perhaps this balm does not need any introduction, it has been a cult favourite for so long and I can understand why. It takes your make up effortlessly, no rubbing required. It is very gentle and sensitive skin friendly. I have purchased this for so many times and I will continue to repurchase it. This will be a forever favourite!
  46. Best cleanser


    I have been using this cleanser for years and it is my number one skincare product.
    it just melts off make up easily and quickly and is great for a first cleanse
  47. Makeup remover


    this makeup remover gets all your excess makeup off! even mascara!
  48. Holy Grail of Cleansers


    This really is my HG for a first cleanse - takes off all makeup, feels lovely and silky on the skin and a little goes a long way.
  49. A MUST HAVE!


    I had heard about this product raved by influencers on Youtube and thought it must be like every other makeup remover until I received a deluxe sample of it. The biggest time saver! I would always refrain from using waterproof mascara daily because the removal process caused me to tug at my eyelashes and delicate skin around the eyes to get it all off but this product allows you to remove EVERYTHI...
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  50. Worth the Hype


    I have been reading/watching reviews of this product for the longest time.. I thought it can't possibly be worth the hype but it really is. For many years I had been using the Body Shop cleansing balm and though how could anything beat this, balm to milk, gets all the makeup off and doesn't upset my oily dry sensitive skin. My issues with that product, bit heavy and the scent are all solved with t...
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  51. Intense removal


    Really does get rid of all the makeup on my skin with just one application
  52. Gentle and effective


    Great alternative if you find normal cleanser too harsh and drying. Great at removing eye make up no need to rub them. Love how it easily takes off any heavy make up with me having to rub vigorously. Removes every trace of makeup including long wear foundation
  53. Would give 5 stars if it wasn't so pricey!


    I absolutely love this balm for removing my makeup before cleansing. I find it isn't drying and is really effective at getting everything off! I just wish it wasn't so expensive. It is difficult to justify spending $50-60 for something that gets washed down the drain. If you can afford then definitely give it a go!
  54. Great makeup remover


    This is a great makeup remover. It feels lovely to use and I think the pot will go quite a long way. Like some of the other reviews, I do follow up with another cleanser but that is more for treatment of my acne than feeling like this product hasn’t done a good enough job. A huge plus is that it doesn’t sting your eyes!
  55. Prefer this over wipes


    I love using this over using makeup wipes since makeup wipes leave my skin irritated after constant wiping. This is alot more softer and more gentle on my skin.
  56. Holy grail make up remover


    This is by far my favourite make up removing product! I've tried a number of different ones but keep coming back to this one and I personally think it's worth the price.
    My skin always looks best after removing my makeup with this then cleansing with my clarisonic. There's never a hint of foundation left on my clarisonic brush so you know the balm is doing it's job!
  57. great for removing makeup


    great for removing all the makeup of your skin, however is super messy to remove the balm as its super oily, defs recommend using something like halo remover pad to remove the balm. does leave oily skin a little oily but can be washed off with warm water
  58. Love!


    I'm so glad I found this! Makes taking off makeup and dirt such a breeze. Its silky smooth, face feels clean and soft after. Will be buying again.
  59. Amazing make-up remover


    When I first tried this product I was a little confused at the formulation - but now after using it - WOW. It takes off make-up so quickly and easily. Absolutely love it.
  60. Really Takes Everything OFF!


    The Clinique Cleansing Balm comes in an elegant purple hard plastic jar with a sturdy silver screw off lid.
    The balm itself is a waxy texture and has no scent at all.
    The solid wax melts instantly upon contact with skin! It was incredibly easy and gentle to smooth and rub on my face.
    Best of all-it rinses off effortlessly upon contact with water! No waxy,oily residue left on ski...
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  61. Removes all makeup


    This balm is so good for removing all makeup! Doesn't irritate the skin, smells so nice and the formula is great!
  62. Forever a staple


    I just cannot live without this product. I haven't found anything as good as this balm for makeup removal. I lather it all over my face, including the eye area and gently massage to loosen and remove makeup. Then wipe it off with a warm soft cloth or facial wipes. One time that i skipped this step, I found that makeup residue was still on my face, hence not clean enough. Do yourself a favour, make...
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  63. Gets off really stubborn makeup


    I originally received a sample pot of this and loved it so purchased. It just really gently melts off ALL your makeup, and feels nice while you massage it in. I'm not usually a Clinique fan but this is an excellent product.
  64. Effective cleanser


    Easy to use and effectively removes makeup, love that it is fragrance free like all Clinique products. It is quite expensive though.
  65. Good for first cleansing step


    I liked the texture of the product, didn't feel too heavy and was great for removing makeup easily. Felt nice on my skin. Only thing is its not the cheapest for the amount you get, but if you can afford it its a great cleanser for step 1 of your routine.
  66. Best solution for makeup removal


    This balm is brilliant for removing makeup at the end of the day. I found it must be used on dry skin to ensure it works well. I always follow with a gentle milk cleanser so it is not a one-step solution but it works brilliantly at removing all makeup and not giving a "stripping" or tight feeling which I hate. Not a lot of product is needed and can remove (almost) all traces of waterproof eye make...
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  67. Makes my vision blurry and my eyes water!


    Amazing balm, first cleansing balm I have used and don't want to go back. Only thing is it makes my eyes water after removing mascara and sometimes my vision goes blurry... hoping that is normal!
  68. Not what I expected


    I was keen to try it on my skin. Sadly I was unimpressed I found I needed a large amount of the product to work into my skin and my skin was left feeling over oily and the makeup was not removed. Do not recommend
  69. Works a treat, great value


    I can't believe how long this product has lasted me! Only a small amount is needed, and it takes off all traces of make up when paired with a warm flannel. I can see myself using this forever.
  70. Great cleaning balm


    This cleaning balm is one of the best I have used. It is fragrance free so won’t irritate the skin. It rinses clean without any residue. It removes every trace of makeup on the face. Recommend for every skin type
  71. No oily residue!


    I purchased this cleansing balm in a set or else I wouldn't have bought it at the RRP price! It removes all of my makeup off completely but I find it's easier to remove with a face halo/microfibre cloth. I found that my skin cleared up a bit after using this as I was cleansing much more effectively than using a makeup wipe. I'm not sure if I would repurchase at the full price but definitely worth ...
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  72. Great to use in the shower


    This gets everything off! Love how I can just apply it in the shower and it gets all makeup off pretty quickly with no scrubbing. Only issue I have is that there is some residue left over so you do need to cleanse properly afterwards.
  73. It does take the day off!


    Like it so much! I don't use it every day, only on days I wear heavy makeup. found it best keep in the shower, apply, and then rinse it off. so convenient that way.
  74. Really loved it but too expensive


    I really love this balm, it did a really great job at taking all of my foundation off and waterproof eye makeup. It never irritated my skin either and always had my skin feeling soft and moisturised afterwards unlike most make up removers. My main issue was that for the price, I went through it waaaay too fast and so I feel like I would not buy it again as it is too expensive for how long it lasts...
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  75. Great Cleansing Balm


    This cleansing balm is a no muss no fuss kind of balm. It removes makeup extremely well. This doesn’t leave any residue on the skin and doesn’t break me out. Love this product.
  76. Worked well


    I received a sample of this and found it took makeup off quite well and makes a great initial cleanse in winter. I prefer the Omorovicza thermal balm or drunk elephant slaai cleansers however this does well also.
  77. Gentle remover but can feel greasy


    I like this product for removing heavy eye makeup. It feels more gentle on the skin around my eyes and my lashes than rubbing with cotton pads. However I don't like to use it to remove foundation on my skin as it feels greasy/oily. I have adult acne so I prefer to avoid adding the extra oil to my face.
  78. Great for removing waterproof make up


    I have combination to oily skin and I use it mostly to remove my eye and lips make up. Work great in the shower!
  79. Good different


    This is really different to other make up removing products I've used. I like the feel of massaging it into my face - the balm warms into a really nice feeling oil on your face. It does seem quite effective at removing make up. I don't wear very heavy make up but I think it would be quite effective. It is also nice to not have to rub off eye make up with a cotton pad. The whole process seems a ...
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  80. One of the best cleansing balms ever


    ​I have been using this product for a while and it is my go to for removing eye, lip and face makeup. I apply it directly onto my face by massaging it in, rinse off with water and the makeup comes off instantly. For my oily/combination and acne prone pre menopausal skin I do not find it greasy at all and the balm leaves my face not dry but so soft. The jar also last a while, so you get your money'...
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  81. Lovely


    I've only used this product twice, because I really was over the stripping feeling of makeup wipes but I think it's a great product for removing a full glam look or even just an everyday makeup look, which is great! It is quite thick and oily but you really dont have to use much to remove the makeup and after one cleanse the thick butter feeling is gone afterwards
  82. Leaves face oily after use


    I use this product to remove sunscreens and it does the job. However I am a bit reluctant to give it a 5-star as I don't like how it still feels oily on my face after the wash. The smell of the product is not very nice either.
  83. Love love love this product!


    Never has my makeup come off so easily. A small amount of this balm can remove a nights worth of makeup in minutes. It’s very gentle and feels really nice to rub into my skin. I was worried it would leave an oily residue as the balm turns into an oil when rubbed on skin, but it washes off nicely leaving my skin smooth and clear. I purchased a tub of this 6 months ago and have only just finished it...
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  84. How have i not heard about this sooner!!


    This takes your makeup off instantly and your entire face - waterproof and all. I apply a think layer on the tips of my fingers, rub it in, then go into the shower to rinse off. Can get messy if you dont use wipes (if you arent going in the shower) but still by far the best product I now own.
  85. Great product


    So fantastic. It breaks down very little bit of makeup. Super gentle and soft!
  86. A Must Have


    This product is just the best!! Takes everything off as promised, its gentle on my sensitive skin. Love it.
  87. Does the job, but?


    This makeup remover does the job (melts your makeup away), but I don’t think I’d purchase it again. I love the packaging and I really wanted to love it but I found it left my skin very oily (I have dry skin). For the price, I’d just prefer to do 2 rounds of cleansing with my face cleaner or use a cleansing oil.
  88. Melts Make Up


    I love this product because it is a simple balm that you can use on your eyes and face to melt all make up away. This one is my go to product after a day of wearing a lot of make up. I use it purely as a make up remover though and always follow up with a cleanse.
  89. The best double cleanser!


    I love this - there's no scent and it removes all of my makeup. This is a no-nonsense product and I love it for that. It's definitely a must-try, especially if you are new to double cleansing. It works great on my oily, acne-prone skin and has definitely helped to clean my skin without over-stripping it of its natural oils.
  90. Best Makeup Remover


    I love this stuff. I have repurchased before and will continue to do so. I am not even tempted to try anything new because this ticks every box for me. It is very effective at removing even stubborn makeup yet is gentle and non-irritating. I use it every day and it doesn’t cause any congestion in my skin ( I do use a cleanser afterwards though ) The only draw back is it can be easy to use more tha...
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  91. MAGIC


    Honestly amazing, I am a person who wears a huge amount of makeup daily and this is a godsend it is utterly amazing at removing makeup.
  92. Melts makeup off


    A beautiful, buttery cleansing balm that effectively takes makeup off. Great first step in double cleansing. My only hesitation is sticking my fingers in the pot every time I use it.
  93. Like it


    This is a great makeup remover, and a great cleanser even if you don't have makeup on. I like to gently rub the balm/oil into my skin for a minute
  94. Great makeup remover


    Not a fan of the jar packaging for hygiene reasons but the product works really well to remove every bit and every kind of makeup. Easy to carry around while travelling. Little goes a long way.
  95. miracle in a jar


    This cleansing balm is most literally a miracle in a jar. It works so well taking makeup off and somehow also manages to leave the skin smooth and soft
  96. Perfect to use in the shower


    I use mine in the shower because I'm a shower at night person and it works well on touch makeup where my ordinary cleanser doesn't suffice. I'm not sure if it's intentional or a coincidence but I really dig the packaging. The chrome finish lid acts as an awesome mirror when you're in the shower so once you apply it you can check to see if it got rid of all your makeup. I also use this one top of ...
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  97. beautiful product goes a long way


    i bought this after a girlfriend had raved about it . i was tossed up between this and the alpha but this had more prodct and a better price

    and i am so glad i bought it i use it everyday and after 6 weeks of using it every night there is still so much product in the tub what great value

    my skin feels gorgeous after using this. i use it as first step to remove my make u...
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  98. A staple


    I got this product after seeing Patricia Bright mention it - wow. It melts off evvvvverrrryything. I use this as step one in my cleansing routine in the evening and follow it up with a second cleanse with either the lactic acid cleanser from Skinstitute or the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser. Double cleansing is life changing <3
  99. Amazing but costly.


    This melts makeup and dirt off your face really well but does cost a bit. I also find I still want to wash my face well with a foaming cleanser afterwards to feel properly clean.
  100. Great!


    Fantastic product and works really well at removing every bit of your makeup! Makes night time routine so much easier! Smells nice too
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