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Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask 100ml

4.5 of 130 reviews


4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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Whether you want your skin to look incredible for a special event, or whether you just wanna look good for your wednesday, Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is the ultimate lazy-persons hack to skin that looks as good as it feels.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask Reviews

4.5 of 130 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nice overnight mask


A great little pick me up for my skin. I find it is a good amount of moisture and my skin always feels lovely and soft the next morning. Especially great when I'm feeling extra lazy and don't want to put much effort into my skincare routine at night. You can't go wrong!

Most Helpful Criticism

overnight mask


I was somewhat disappointed by this. I didn't feel like there was very much additional hydrating/ plumping benefits. It seemed just like a thick moisturiser to me.
  1. Nice overnight mask


    A great little pick me up for my skin. I find it is a good amount of moisture and my skin always feels lovely and soft the next morning. Especially great when I'm feeling extra lazy and don't want to put much effort into my skincare routine at night. You can't go wrong!
  2. overnight mask


    I was somewhat disappointed by this. I didn't feel like there was very much additional hydrating/ plumping benefits. It seemed just like a thick moisturiser to me.
  3. works for dry skin


    This is a basic product for the price - not many higher end ingredients but reliable to help dry skin. I have used this just as a moisturiser when my regular Winter one was out of stock and was not unhappy but for the price I want more active ingredients. Still, this does what it says and will not irritate, so I like it as a reliable back up. I have used it on my eyes without milia as well as und...
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  4. Very moisturising


    This is a great overnight mask, particular in winter. It hydrates your skin and I wake up with plump hydrated skin in the morning.
  5. Basic hydrating product


    It’s ok hydrating mask/moisturiser. 100ml tube is good value.
  6. mask


    This leaves my skin feeling so soft in the morning. It's a thick creamy consistency that sinks in like a rich moisturiser
  7. Best moisturiser on the get go


    I got this as a sample and absolutely loving it. Its texture is heavier than your normal 72 hours hydrator Clinique surge. I use this couple times a week. Best product for lazy people who wants to have a mask done during sleeping!
  8. Best moisturiser on the get go


    I got this as a sample and absolutely loving it. Its texture is heavier than your normal 72 hours hydrator Clinique surge. I use this couple times a week. Best product for lazy people who wants to have a mask done during sleeping!
  9. Good moisterizer, but pricey


    This is a good moisturiser. Absorbs alright and doesn’t have an off putting strong scent. I could even wear it under my foundation and it wasn’t too heavy. It didn’t change my life though for $65 I think there is better moisturisers! Still used it all, and I wouldn’t say it’s a OCT9657 bad moisturizer! Just not my favourite.
  10. Not bad


    Works really well as a moisturiser for my dry skin but don’t really use as a mask bc it’s not crazy hydrating
  11. not bad


    This is more like a moisterizer, you apply it on and leave it on, its fine it does the job of keeping my face moisterize, its just niothing special to make to purchase again.
  12. Hydration but suits for young ladies


    For me, the overnight mask is more like a moisturizer than a mask. It is easy to absorb in and non-greasy, but it is not enough for my dry skin.
  13. Highly efficient moisturizer, perfect for air travel or night repair


    Clinique Moisture Surge range is already pretty amazing. And this Overnight Mask is probably one of the best. I find it extremely effective. Only a small amount is needed. I discovered it for the first time while doing long-haul flights. It is perfect to keep the skin hydrated when spending many hours in an airplane. At home, it does not feel like a usual mask. It is more like a thick and rich fac...
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  14. Soothing


    This is a good moisturising mask. A small amount is all you need.
  15. wonderful product!

    Love Clinique

    This is the best product ive ever used, initially it feels heavy but bear with it because it absorbs & you'll really see the results! I do not believe it blocks pores, nonetheless - ensure you rinse it off each morning ......right before you tart again with your morning routine.Highly,highly recommend this product!
  16. my new overnight mask


    I think this is great everyday overnight mask during the dry and cold season. The price range is ok too. I feel the skin was pumped next morning after single use.
  17. night must


    I really enjoy using this at night, just feels like moisturiser really but I wake with softer and plumper skin!
  18. Great night time mask


    Recently purchased and really enjoying it. Have been experiencing dryness during this winter and this mask has been a perfect addition to my night time routine!
  19. Good


    I have super dry skin and wouldn’t call this a mask, I use this as a moisturiser and works well. I can use this during the day. Those on the more oily side this is suited to you as a mask
  20. Does the job


    This is a pleasant product. It feels nice on the skin and absorbs well. I feel like it does help with keeping the skin hydrated and soft. It does the job but I think there are other good overnight masks out there.
  21. Incredible product


    I love using this product once a week to add extra moisture and hydration into my skin
  22. Moisturising, but may block pores


    I bought this product at a 60% sale, as I had loved by clinique dramatically different gel moisturiser and was keen to find a night cream. While this product definitely moisturised my skin - it felt plump and smooth in the morning, I believe that it made the appearance of my pores larger. I have large pores in the nose area, and using this moisturiser emphasised their size.
  23. My fav overnight mask by far!


    Have been using a few overnight mask and yes they were hydrating....until i found this product!! Received a sample and its amazing!! I wake up and my skin is noticely clearer and smoother! Love love love the results. Its a staple in my skincare regime now.
  24. Clear and smooth


    Received a sample of this, i was pleasantly suprised as my skin appeared clear, smooth and significantly plumed out. Considering how dry my skin felt the night before, noticed good results the morning after. Would recommend and possibly purchasing in the futute.
  25. Obsessed and no breakouts!


    I can’t believe I waited so long to try this mask/moisture line. I underestimated Clinique, I truly did. I never thought I would be using any of their products (don’t ask me why, idk lol). This is the best overnight mask for hydration the next day. I wake up to plump, super soft skin; this has made my whole skincare routine better. It’s creamy, a bit thick, and gives you a nighttime dewy look (whi...
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  26. Super hydrating!

    Clinique Moisture Surge Mask

    Love this overnight mask from clique as it leaves mummy skin feeling hydrated in the morning! I’ve been using this daily and this really helps in winter with drier skin. Would definitely recommend this as a product in addition to moisturiser to lock in extra moisture in drier months!
  27. Lightweight but hydrating


    I really enjoyed this overnight mask as it is more like a regular night cream/moisturiser, yet truly packs a punch and hydrates the skin without being too thick or heavy.
  28. Lovely Hydrating mask


    I liked this mask. It is super hydrating like all of the moisture surge range.
  29. Very Hydrating


    I received this product as a gift with purchase. I’m so glad I did, I’m really enjoying this product. When waking in the morning, my skin feels like moisturiser has only just been applied.......amazing. Will definitely be adding it to my products to purchase.


    Clinique's Moisture Surge Products do exactly what it says in the name - gives you a Surge of Moisture and the Overnight Mask is brilliant at this. I wake up feeling hydrated and not old and wrinkly!!
  31. Great overnight mask


    Such a great overnight mask. Feels amazing on the skin. Wake up with super moisturised and supple skin.
  32. Does what it says!


    With breakout prone skin, this product definitely soothes, calms and moisturises. Love the texture, skin does have a slight film to it in the morning but easily rinsed off with the morning cleanse. Lightweight and has definitely made my skin more hydrated and plump
  33. Nice


    This overnight mask is nice, I wake up and my skin does feel ore moisturised. It isn't a ride or die product for me though.
  34. Fantastic


    I originally got this product in a sample and immediate purchased when it ran out. I use this usually twice a week and find it really helps when I am looking for that extra glow. I wake up dewy and feeling very hydrated! Will definitely purchase again
  35. Weapon against dry skin


    I got the travel size in a gift pack. OMG this is the best overnight mask I’ve tried. I have dry dull skin and this is the biggest treat in my night time skincare regime. I’ve been using this every night for a month and my skin is so soft and moisturised on waking. I love this stuff. Non-sticky and like a really rich moisturiser. I’ve just bought the full size version. You need the tiniest amount,...
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  36. Soft and dewy for sensitive skin.


    I received a sample size of this product some time ago and found it to be really handy for the nights when the weather is a little bit drier and you just want a low fuss beauty boost.

    It's really gentle on sensitive skin and absorbs well overnight leaving a dewy finish in the morning.

    Helps calm breakout redness and uneven tone.

    Not recommended for high hum...
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  37. Moisturises well


    I received this as a sample and I kept it for an overseas trip to England during winter as I knew I would need a little extra help with my skin. I found this was great to keep my skin moisturised and woke up feeling like it had all sunk into my skin well but also didn't give me a break out.

    I would buy it if I lived in a colder climate (Brisbane humidity is too much to use this with m...
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  38. Moisturising


    This is more like a serum than a mask, apply before bed and in the morning your face will feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Love that it is fragrance free like all Clinique products.
  39. Moisturising


    This is a very nice over night mask. I especially appreciated it after using retinols and other intensive treatments that leave my skin needing a little extra attention post. I would keep using this.
  40. Incredibly hydrating


    I received a travel size of this and it is super hydrating. Feels great to apply and spreads easily. Little bit goes a long way. Face is always soft and hydrated in the mornings after applying it at night. Has a natural light scent, no harsh chemical smells. Considering purchasing a full size tube
  41. Extra moisture boost for combination skin


    I have combination skin and thick overnight creams make my skin prone to break outs. This light yet hydrating product is perfect as it is a gel so doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. I love that I can leave it on overnight to give my skin the extra moisture it needs. I also love convenience of a tube.
  42. Okay


    The product is very smooth but i just couldn't get the hydration that it claimed to give. Feels nice om skin though.
  43. Free sample


    I got this as a free sample with my order but I'm not sure if ill repurchase it. When I slept in it I woke up with some fine bumps as if it was too much for my skin. But when I applied it and left it on for a few hours then washed it off before bed, my skin felt sooooo moisturised.
  44. I like it but don't love it


    I like it as it doesnt break me out..but i prefer the moisture surge 72 hr..works just as well but less heavy and doesnt leave me looking so oily and shiny..but its still a good product
  45. Locks in moisture


    This is a nice overnight mask, it isn’t sticky and doesn’t rub off while you sleep. Skin feels hydrated after.
  46. perfectly hydrating skin


    It smooths skin and deeply hydration. I have a very sensitive skin, and it never irritates my skin. Easy to use.
  47. Okay


    I received this as a free sample and it's just okay. My skin felt more oilier with this. It didn't irritate my skin though.
  48. Good sleeping mask


    As far as sleeping masks go, this is one of the better ones. I don't find it super hydrating, but it does lock in moisture somewhat and isn't as sticky as other masks, meaning your face is less likely to stick to your pillow.
  49. amazing


    would recommend. I tend to have dry skin and this mask really work which I love very much. it keeps my skin moisture that it needs every night after a long tiring day.
  50. Underwhelming


    I received this as a free gift in my order and have used a couple of times, however feel that it is underwhelming. I don't use clinique products so perhaps I am just not used to their recipes but I didn't feel that there was any real difference in my skin unfortunately.
  51. I love this


    This product is great for my skin - I am in my mid 30s with sensitive, dry skin and it really made a difference when I used this every night after cleansing and toning. I woke up with soft, smooth, even skin. It is good value for money as you don't need heaps, and I have just run out and will definitely be purchasing more.
  52. Hydrating, Cooling & Refreshing


    I love this product. I am in my early 30's, fair and have sensitive dry skin. I use this mask 2-3 times per week overnight and my skin always feels more hydrated and refreshed in the morning. I find it also calms the sun damage redness on my decolletage. It feels lovely and cool on the skin when applied. A little goes a long way.
  53. Would suit normal/combo skin.


    I love that this has no fragrance and is very soothing but it just doesn’t deliver enough moisture for me. I’ve been using this every night but I need to layer it with either Clinique moisture surge or facial oil. I think at this price it should be able to do the job on its own. I’m still giving it four stars because I think someone with sensitive combo skin could really benefit from it.
  54. Obsessed!


    I use this every second night as it does exactly what it claims - delivers a surge of much-needed hydration to the skin as I sleep. The next morning, my skin is beautiful and whatever I put on it looks great!

    This is my third time purchasing - love it, will never stop using it.
  55. Love this!


    I have received this product many times as a sample and have loved it so decided to purchase a nice big supply of the stuff!
    My skin can be a little problematic, with some stress/hormonal acne, working in OTT air-conditioning, plus travelling on long flights often; I like to keep it as hydrated as possible.
    This product is great for all of these, using it most nights and waking up wi...
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  56. Loveeeeee it


    Awesome. I use it once a week and sometimes on my eyes for an extra boost. I always wake up with a very supple and even complexion. Definitely recommend..
  57. summer glow


    I use this every sunday! and it just replenishes my skin by morning with a lovely glow! very hydrating
  58. I love it!


    I got this for free on Adore with a purchase and I am obsessed with it! Makes my face soo lovely and soft by morning
  59. Leaves my skin soft and dewy


    Beautiful product that nourishes my dry, sensitive skin. I use it more often in the winter months, often after e.g. a face mask or an exfoliator so that my skin can soak up the product better.
  60. Would recommend!


    I've purchased this product twice already... I've found that it really nourishes dry, parched skin and you wake up feeling like your skin is super soft. I have normal-combo skin and heavily rely on this product during the colder days- definitely a life saver
  61. Love!


    I'm taking medication for my skin which has made it extremely dry. I started using Clinique products and the difference in my skin in incredible. I've been using their moisture surge range and am very impressed with the results. This mask is super hydrating. I wake up with super soft skin. Love this product!!
  62. Wake up with fresh skin


    I love this overnight mask!
    I use it two or three times a week after I have cleaned my face and applied night moisturiser. A little goes a long way with this mask. It gradually absorbs overnight and in the morning my skin feels hydrated and fresh.
    I have certainly noticed a difference.
  63. Winter essential


    This mask is very moisturising I would only use the sample I got for when my skin feels extra dry - in the middle of winter. I have sensitive skin and had no reaction.
  64. Nice & Light


    I have normal to oily skin (erring on the oily side) so I've found this hard to fit into my skincare routine. I received this as a sample... probably almost a year ago..? and I still have a couple uses left. I only use it when my skin feels drier than usual, and I don't wake up particularly greasy or anything, I just don't notice much of a difference over my usual night time moisturiser unfortunat...
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  65. Love it!


    Absolutely love this product, I used it every night and usually have really dry skin. I found that my skin in the morning was nice and dewy and my regular dry patches had reduced dramatically.
  66. Clinique Moisture Surge


    The Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight mask is a really soothing and nourishing way to let your skin get some sleep. Skin feels smooth and fresh the next day without it being greasy.
  67. Great moisturiser!


    Received a sample and loved it as it’s not too thick but still hydrates well overnight. Feels lovely to put on and I believes it’s reasonable priced. Will purchase to incorporate into my night routine.
  68. Amazing stuff


    I received this as a sample and it's amazing.. Will definitely be buying a bottle. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated.
  69. Amazing


    I have been using this product for a few months now and I love it! I feel like it has made a huge difference to the hydration levels in my skin, my skin looks firmer and is more plump!
  70. 2nd time buying this - will keep buying


    I have combination skin which can get quite dry and feel very tight in the winter. I've used this product for a while now - at night before sleep - and I wake up with glowy hydrated skin. Love it! It is a bit thicker so I wouldn't use it during the daytime, but it's the perfect winter night mask!
  71. Brilliant product - worth the money


    I find this mask is great for dry skin, and even for healing my skin after a breakout or if it is irritated. I also find, that as it doesn't have oil in it, It doesn't cause my acne prone skin to break out, while still giving me a good hit of hydration. This is my fourth tube and I'll keep re-purchasing!
  72. Love this mask


    I use this mask whilst travelling thanks to dehydrating air conditioners and heaters in planes, trains and hotels. I apply it on flights and find my skin rarely suffers from obvious signs of dehydration.
    I've also begun using it during my night routine as the weather gets colder and love that I don't get breakouts, but still have smooth healthy skin in the mornings.
  73. Soft, smooth skin.


    More like a moisturiser than a mask as such this is lightweight fragrance free and leaves skin feeling super soft, smooth and hydrated. A lovely product to use especially in the cooler months.
  74. Moisture replenishing mask


    I love this overnight mask. It feels so nice being applied, sinks in nicely and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. My skin always looks and feels soft and hydrated after using this.
  75. Nothing special


    I used it on my night routine and it kept my skin moisturised without being oily. I have combination skin and it didn’t cause any breakouts, what’s good. I didn’t find anything special about it though.
  76. Glowy


    Moisture masks usually make me break out - not this one. I love it!
  77. hydrating and smooth skin


    i use it twice each week. i can feel the smoothness in the morning which is great. i have a dry skin, usually in the morning my skin becomed tight and uncomfortable if I use light cream. this mask pretects my skin from the tightness, my skin is nice and soft after using it.
  78. A lovely nourishing overnight treatment!


    I received this product in a travel mini set and have been so impressed that I bought the full size bottle straight away. It is a very nourishing yet not oily/greasy formula that sinks into the skin really quickly, so you can apply right before bed and not wake up with a pillow covered in face mask! My skin always looks clear and plump the morning after using this product. My sister also uses it r...
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  79. Awesome sleeping mask for dry skin


    I wake up with soft plump and hydrated skin. Dry skin will love the texture too
  80. pearly pick pacakaging! love

    Olivia (adore beauty staff)

    really liking this overnight mask, it is not overly rich or too heavy and it does not give me any unwanted breakouts. The packaging is like pearly pink and I am a huge sucker for packaging and just love it! After a few nights of using this, my skin looked noticeably more hydrated.
  81. Moisturising


    Its heavier than the moisture surge and can act as a nice moisturiser. Good as an eye cream as well.
  82. My go to


    Whenever I am experiencing uncomfortable dry skin this is my go to, my skin feels amazingly soft the next morning - I even apply it under my eyes on my off nights and it makes my under eye area extremely hydrated
  83. Good even for oily skin


    I have oily skin and use this after dermarolling and applying a hydrating serum. I wake up and my skin isn’t oily and feels nice and soft. I would definitely use this again.
  84. LOVE


    Love this product, I recenvied a sample and I love how hydrating this product is. Will purchase.
  85. Such a difference in my skin


    I LOVE this mask. My skin feels so nice in the morning. I usually only use this when my skin needs a boost.
  86. Give it a try!


    I received this overnight mask as part of a Clinique package. I’ve never used one before, so I was pretty keen, considering Clinique moisture surge gel moisturiser is my favourite. This product does what it claims to do, my skin appeared to be a lot more hydrated, but also it was quite oily. I do have combination skin, so I think on The next application i’ll Apply less. It does have a heavier cons...
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  87. Hydrating


    I love using this weekly overnight. It really boosts my skin's hydration and picks it up when it looks tired or dehydrated
  88. Plumps and moisturises


    I bought this after receiving a sample. It absolutely does what it says it will. It plumps and firms the skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles. I’m 55 with combination skin and this is the best all-round product I’ve used in ages. I use it as a overnight mask, but also as a day moisturiser and under-makeup balm. Fabulous!
  89. Baby soft


    I received a small tube tester of this and I have woken up every morning with such a moisture recharge. It is a little oily and quite thick but if you can get past that the results are worth it for me.
  90. Mask


    Hydrating mask that makes me always feel fresh
  91. love the hydration this provides to my skin


    I LOVE this. I have very dry skin and need something to save me sometimes. I have pretty sensitive skin and the formula is very gentle. I love the soft and gentle look of the packaging. I received this in a gift package and will definitely buy again. I love clinique skin care.
  92. Mini tester


    I recently received a small tester tube of this product and have used it a couple times with great results. Nothing amazing, but I have woken up with slightly softer skin than the night before. It isn’t long though before my skin feels dry again which keeps me reaching for it at night time. perhaps I am not using enough but am more than happy to keep trialling it to see longer lasting results.
  93. Perfect mask!


    Love this as an intense overnight mask to hydrate and plump up my skin! Super affective
  94. Impressive


    I got this in a set a few months ago (small size) and use it once a week. It's lasted me ages, and always creates instant results, softens and smooths my skin. Any texture on my face is always diminished after a use. This mask doesn't get rid of black heads or pimples, it hydrates dry patches and creates glowing, smooth, hydrated skin. Creating the perfect base for foundation after washing it off.
  95. Great for Dry Skin


    Gives immediate hydration to the skin, love the end result when left on overnight
  96. Just Lovely


    I have very oily skin and I LOVE this mask! It feels very thick as you put it on but it soon soaks into the skin and leaves it feeling so soft and hydrated! I use this 2 to 3 times a week when my skin needs a drink!
  97. Pretty good


    Very hydrating as promised, but not much effect on fine lines
  98. Instant fav


    This product is so amazing, I will literally wear it everyday to maximise the benefits (all day under make up, before bed etc). I have oily skin, and this mask sinks in so quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue. My skin has definitely improved since including this mask! 100% will repurchase.
  99. Rich and lovely


    I love this moisturiser! I originally received as a sample and am now onto my third bottle.
    I know it's called an overnight mask, but I use it at any time of the day or night! I have especially enjoyed using it over the summer months - I've spent a lot of time at the beach and this is just what my skin needs after all that time in the sun.
    For reference my skin is normal/combo but it...
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  100. Lightweight but SUPER hydrating


    I'm a big fan of the Clinique moisture range and like how this mask hydrates my skin especially when I leave it on overnight!
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