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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 125ml


$12.26 x 4

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$12.26 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Skin Concern:

  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

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Most Helpful Positive

My favorite moisturizer!
I have a combination skin and have been using this lotion for over 5 years now and I LOVE IT!
it keeps you skin moisturized without leaving it too oily. I use it everyday.
Would definitely recommend it.

Most Helpful Criticism

classic moisturiser but low effects
This moisturiser is for young ladies, around 20 to 30. Above 30, I do not recommend. I have dry skin, this moisturiser is really hydrate my skin, and I need to use huge amount.
  1. My favorite moisturizer!

    I have a combination skin and have been using this lotion for over 5 years now and I LOVE IT!
    it keeps you skin moisturized without leaving it too oily. I use it everyday.
    Would definitely recommend it.
  2. favourite moisturiser ever

    i love this moisturiser as it does not leave my skin oily, and it locks in hydration all day. it smells divine also. would definitely recommend!
  3. 100% breaks me out

    Both my best friend, my mum and I've tried this, and this product breaks me out. Maybe just not for our skin type because I heard it works well on others. FYI my mum and I are Asians (Olive skin) with combination to oily skin.
  4. Super soft skin.

    I tried dramatically different after my friend put me onto it. It works very well. I have noticed if I use too much my skin will become oily but I do have troublesome skin at times. I highly recommended this as an ‘’everyday moisturiser’’
  5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

    I purchased it 5 months ago and still just under half of the product left which is amazing, you really only need one pump to moisturise the whole face and décolletage. I have been raving about all my friends and family about Clinique and will definitely using all Clinique going forward!
  6. repurchased

    I like this moisturiser because it doesn't leave skin feeling slimy or greasy, soaks in week
  7. Lasts a long time

    Super hydrating, good for a primer and nightly mask. The big tube lasts months, you only need a little bit and your face is good to go. Love love love this.
  8. classic moisturiser but low effects

    This moisturiser is for young ladies, around 20 to 30. Above 30, I do not recommend. I have dry skin, this moisturiser is really hydrate my skin, and I need to use huge amount.
  9. Great value for money

    I love this moisturizer under my make up for those days I don't want to waste skincare products. For the price point you're getting a ton of product and leaves the skin feeling perfect and prepped for your makeup routine.
  10. Super hydrating

    I have been through 2 tubs of this amazing moisturiser, I have dry/combination skin. It always leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowy. Highly recommend!
  11. Love this

    Love this one in winter when skin is a bit dryer. Doesn’t leave any residue or a film. Soaks into skin beautifully!
  12. Proof is in the ageing..(or lack thereof)

    I’ve been using this for nearly twenty years....it’s not a rockstar moisturiser..it’s a quiet achiever but it is the business...but I don’t think you notice it when younger because let’s face it you’re skin is usually pretty wrinkle free up until the age of thirty or so...I’m 39 now and I have very few lines on my face and have never had any work done...I didn’t know if it’s this product or genetics but I’ve had multiple people not believe I’m 39....
    I think it’s down to the mineral oil in it which some people don’t like but that has scar erasing (and maybe line erasing?!) properties...
    I have pretty normal skin, I find the moisturiser to leave my skin nice and supple after application...
    In my twenties and early thirties 2 pumps did me...in the last 4 years I’ve had to increase to three....
    I would defiantly recommend this product
  13. Good moisturiser

    If you are looking for a no frills moisturiser that just does the job then this is a good product. It doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin and it moisturises well. I like to have a small tube on hand for when I feel like my skin just needs a break from other more active products.
  14. Okay moisturiser

    It works alright as a moisturiser on my combination skin which gets slightly dry during winter. Feels a tad bit greasy on normal days. Did not irritate my skin but didbnot see much difference on overall appearance on my skin while using it.
  15. Good Moisturiser

    Have received this in sample sizes over the years as part of GWP. It is a lightweight fragrance free moisturiser with its classic yellow colour. Leaves skin feeling soft , smooth and hydrated, love that like all Clinique products it is fragrance free.
  16. Unofficially Kylie Minogue approved

    ♪ Come on, baby, choose the moisture lotion ♪

    No greasy feeling, sinks into my oily/combination weightlessly. Doesn't leave my hands with a film on them. Much enjoyment all around.
  17. Works well under makeup.

    Got this product in a clinique package. I love that it has no initial scent to it, it glides on easy to the skin. But I found it took awhile in order for it to absorb, i trialed it under my mineral foundation, and there was no issues. My skin felt so soft and supple.
  18. Hydrating and non comedogenic

    One of the few hydrating moisturisers that won’t clog your pores. It’s a shame that there are very very few brands investing in dermatologists to come up with non-comedogenic formulations. They will add all kinds of fragrance and spend money on fancy packaging, which is what people fall for- unfortunately. Clinique DDM is one of those few options out there that are designed with care and no nonsense. Its dermatologist recommended and suits skin like mine which is super dry but acne prone. Love it and love Clinique in general ❤️
  19. a great simple moisturiser

    a nice light daily moisturiser. works great under makeup and no breakouts :)
  20. Great!

    Great basic everyday moisturiser that really plums and hydrates the skin
  21. Maybe not for me

    I do like the fact that this mousturiser isn't stong smelling, it's a general good day to day one to use but I usually perfer something that gives me a bit more of a glow under my foundation to make my skin look like and dewy and youthful, my skin gets quite dry in the winter on my nose and oily on my forhead, i don't think it's quite for me but it's not all bad.
  22. Dry skin

    Absolutely love this for dry skin in the winter. So nourishing and hydrating, keeps flakes at bay
  23. Moisturising

    Very rich and moisturising. A little goes a long way, particularly for oily skin. Might be better suited to dry types.
  24. Great for dry skin

    this is my go to moisturizer and really helps hydrating the face!
  25. Allergic reaction

    I have sensitive skin and I did not have a great reaction at all I would not recommend this. My face was red and burning. I would suggest you try a sample before hand if you have sensitive skin like me.
  26. Great everyday moisturiser!

    This is a great daytime moisturiser!
    Very hydrating and works well under make-up

    Can't wait to try the Clinique ID range!
  27. Love

    I always come back to this! Love this
  28. nice and creamy

    I only used a sample of this but that little sample bottle I had, lasted me for weeks. It's because such a small amount is enough since the product is rich. And my skin was so beautifully soft after using this for only a couple of days. I immediately saw a difference. Absolutely love it.
  29. Great Moisturiser for Dry Skin

    I have dry skin on my face and I struggle to find a good moisturiser at a reasonable price. It is a fine line between getting a moisturiser that is not too thick, but still makes my skin feel good. This Clinique moisturiser does the trick! The pump applicator is also easy to use. I find 2-3 pumps is great for my face, and my skin soaks it up nicely. It lasts quite awhile, so I feel it is good value for money.
  30. great moisturiser

    comfortable and makes my skin feeling so smooth and soft. great to wear under makeup as well!
  31. I use this everyday

    A really hydrating moisturiser for everyday use, not too heavy. Leaves my skin feeling super soft. I like the bottle it comes in too.
  32. Good morning moisturiser

    I use this moisturiser in the morning and it sits perfectly under my makeup. It feels very moisturising but not too heavy. A little bit pricey but it is a large bottle and lasts a while. I highly recommend.
  33. One of the best

    This moisturizer is one of the best and really gives better looking skin and lasting moisture
  34. Good, but not great

    This product is good, and is definitely very different to other moisturizers. But I wouldn't pick it as my go to under makeup. But on no-makeup days it's matte and light finish is quite good.
  35. Allergic reaction

    I used this moisturiser and ended up with blotches all over my face. It feels nice when it goes on but didn’t agree with me. I don’t have overly sensitive skin.
  36. Great

    This is a great moisturiser. Leaves skin smooth and soft.
  37. 125ml of heaven

    I LOVE this moisturiser - I have dry skin and use it as a primer for my makeup. It’s moisturising without being greasy and you don’t need to use much product.
  38. One of my all time favorite moisturisers

    I started using this years ago after receiving a sample. It really is wonderful, sinks in leaving skin nourished, medium consistency, not tacky or sticky in the slightest and good value. Doesn't upset sensitive skin, and calming. I have moved on to thicker creams as my skin has become dryer of late but would highly recommend for any skin type. Moisture Surge is similarly good, and great for the summer months/oily skin types.
  39. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good moisturiser

    This moisturizer is one of the best and really gives better looking skin and lasting moisture
  40. one of the best!

    Does exactly what it says + more! I would recommend this to everyone
  41. Bathroom Cabinet Staple

    I have used this for years and years and years. Depending on how my skin is faring, I will either use it alone (ie if I've had a breakout and need to recover) or in conjunction with other moisturisers.
    It's also a very good option for extra moisture on my neck and chest, especially if I've managed to get myself sunburnt.
    It's not greasy, no fragrance, is generally inoffensive and a good all-rounder.
    I will always have a bottle on hand.
  42. Best everyday moisturiser for everyday use

    I LOVE this moisturiser - I have dry skin and use it as a primer for my makeup. It’s moisturising without being greasy and you don’t need to use much product.
  43. Not a big fan

    Received a sample of this in a promo. I am a big fan of Clinique products and I have combo skin. Most of the Clinique moisturisers agrees with me but not this one. It's good for hydration but expect an oil slick under your make up by the afternoon. I ended up using the rest of the product on the weekends when I was just at home.
  44. Not enough for very dry skin

    This is a nice lotion, but I didn't find it moisturising enough for my dry skin. Unfortunately I didn't even use up the bottle that I had as I needed something a bit stronger/heavier. I think that this would be a great product for someone with normal/combination or even oily skin, but if you have very dry skin maybe go for something a bit heavier.
  45. Average

    I have had this product now for a couple of months and although I cant find anything I dont like about it (I have nothing bad to say about it) - there is also nothing that great that I love using it. It tends to get put to the back of the draw and used 'Occasionally' It does feel moisturizing so I think would be good for people with dry skin. I dont have dry skin so maybe thats why I havent seen a big difference. Will still keep this and use occasionally on my neck.
  46. Average but still nice

    After using the Clinique Moisture Surge this cannot compete, although I feel for an everyday moisturiser that doesn't feel to heavy, I would recommend. If you're after something more moisturising and intense, definitely the Moisture Surge 72 hour
  47. Good Moisturiser

    Good moisturiser that is fragrance-free and doesn't make my acne prone skin break out.
  48. Great value but too thin and full of chemicals for me

    Good product for oily and combination skin types, it's far too thin to do any real duty hydration and there is a strong chemical smell which I am not fond of. I am in the process of switching to all natural or organic products and this was the first to go.
  49. Not a fan

    Not a fan at all, makes my face so shiny/greasy and adds absolutely nothing to my skin or skincare routine. Packed with mineral oil - would not recommend.
  50. Not the best

    I really wanted to like this moisturiser, it's affordable and easy to find on Adore or in a department store. This moisturiser is pretty heavy and leaves my skin looking quite shiny and oily. I'll admit that my skin breaks out a little bit using it but that may be due to how heavy the cream is. It's an ok moisturiser but it's not for my skin type.
  51. Good all rounder

    good basic all round daily moisturiser. Does exactly what is says on the bottle.
  52. It's okay...

    I'm using this moisturiser currently and probably wont be purchasing again. It does a good job at hydrating however when you put it on it seems quite thick as if you can't rub it in for long before it settles. I prefer something more light and soothing.
  53. good day time mosturizer

    i got it as a sample, but this is going to be my next new day time moisturizer. it keeps my skin hydrated for the day and did not break my skin out
  54. Made my skin feel a little oily

    I’ve been applying this nightly before bed. It’s really made my skin feel moisturised and helped all my dry patches of skin. It’s quite thick when applied but soaks in well. I do find my skin feels oily in the morning when I wake up though.
  55. Not bad

    This moisturiser is nice and light on the skin and didn’t cause any breakouts, but I really didn’t see anything special in my skin after using it. I tried the smaller size and unfortunately won’t purchase the full size as it’s quite expensive and isn’t anything overly amazing!
  56. Just a normal moisturiser

    I love Clinique - especially their Moisture Surge line - and this moisturiser is just average to me. It's lightweight and feels nice on the skin, however I don't notice anything different after using the product in comparison to their moisture surge line or other brands, like Avene. On evenings when the humidity is high, it starts to go sticky on my skin. I have normal to slightly oily skin in my T zone. For the price, I would look elsewhere.
  57. Good moisturiser

    It's hydrates all day and quick to absorb.
  58. Good

    This is a good basic moisturiser for face and neck. Seems to keep my skin feeling moisturised the next day but cant say I notice anything so dramatic that I would purchase it again.
  59. Great

    This a a great moisturiser. I use it daily in the morning
  60. Amazing

    This is an amazing moisturiser that leaves my skin hydrated, without the heavy feeling
  61. Moisturising

    Moisturising. Little expensive though for what it is.
  62. Very hydrating

    Very hydrating and lasts all day. Clinique skincare in general is very high quality in my opinion. I bought this in a tax and duty free store for much less than this price but even for this price it is worth it.
  63. Love!

    This is such a nice lightweight yet creamy moisturiser. I like to alternate this through the week with other moisturisers but could be used every day.
  64. Excellent!

    Totally moisturising! Not too heavy on the skin. Have gone through 2 bottles and I will re purchase!
  65. Basic moisturiser

    Nice basic face moisturiser. It is very hydrating. Not sure I would spend that much on it again because I dont notice any dramatic differences with it - but great as just a daily moisturiser morning or night.
  66. Good everyday moisturiser

    This is a good everyday moisturiser, its light and sits well under makeup. You get a fairly generous size for the price point. I have normal/combination skin and it suits me well, if you had very dry skin it might not be nourishing enough for you.
  67. Love!!!

    I have been using this moisturiser for over 5 years.
    As a person with extremely sensitive skin and many allergies it is one of the very few products that doesn’t give me any kind of reaction and is super hydrating while still being lightweight.
  68. Good

    This is a GOOD moisturizing lotion - great for face and neck. But im not convinced its worth the price so not sure I would re-purchase.
  69. A classic!

    A classic moisturiser! I have been using this product off and on for almost 20 years - and it stands the test of time! It provides the right amount of moisture, without leaving skin sticky or oily!
  70. Moisturizing

    I'm a bit undecided on this product. I purchased it when I heard heaps of good things about it but once I received it I didn't particular think it was that amazing. Sure it is moisturizing and I do still use it occasionally but for the price I cant justify why it costs that much. Didn't notice anything too dramatic with it. I just use it now on my neck and shoulders as a moisturiser as I have others for my face. Not sure I would re-purchase personally but I think this would be really great for someone with really DRY skin.
  71. Cult Favourite!

    Can never go wrong with this cream; I always have some at home on hand as I know I can always count on it to leave my skin feeling great! It’s especially good when my skin is stressed or irritated
  72. for normal to dry skin

    can make your skin slightly oily but very hydrating
  73. Excellent for Dry Skin!!

    This was fabulous (as a part of the 3-step) in helping combat my dry skin patches, and feels so lovely and light on!
  74. Good but not great

    Good for moisturizing but very average considering the price. It is very hydrating but I have other moisturizers that work similar or better. Not sure I would re-purchase.
  75. Very moisturising yet lightweight

    I have extremely oily skin which is the only reason I did not give this product more stars. I prefer the gel or jelly version. However this is not to say this is a bad product. I love that it comes with a pump and there is a decent amount of product in there too. It spreads and absorbs into the skin very easily and moisturises deeply. For my oily skin it is a bit too heavy but I highly recommend it to normal to dry skin types.
  76. Great for combination/oily skin

    I find this moisturizer perfect for summer when you don't need anything too thick and rich. It is a great every day product but you may need a serum under or a richer cream for summer nights in air conditioning or in winter.
  77. Does the job!

    This moisturiser is so nice and I can see it slightly smoothing the lines on my face. It's not the best moisturiser I have but it is nice
  78. not hydrating enough for my dry skin

    this doesn't seem to do anything for my skin. I prefer their moisture surge range
  79. A great moisturiser

    I like this moisturizer alot, It is a great product for younger skin (below 30). It is nourishing and not oily. Looks great under makeup.
  80. A great moisturiser

    I like this moisturizer alot, It is a great product for younger skin (below 30). It is nourishing and not oily. Looks great under makeup.
  81. Ok

    Is like any other regular moisturiser, didn’t really wow me. Would not repurchase but it goes on well and absorbs quickly. I have oily skin and I found it kept it slightly mattified through the day.
  82. Unsure

    I was a bit unsure of this product - I purchased it in the full size because I had heard good things about it but its very average for the price of it. I do think its very moisturizing but have found better products for similar cost. It tends to be one of those products I occasionally will use but not regularly.
  83. Great product

    This mouisturiser is so light and refreshing, i use it morning and night right before bed and prior to applying my make up.

    It doesnt leave yor face feeling oily or heavy i have tried a range of face mouisturisers and this one is by far my go to.
  84. Just not quite

    I bought this just wanting a simple moisturizer, and it is a simple moisturizer but its just not a good one. I really didn't notice a difference, good or bad.
  85. Not for me - but most others love it !

    Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this moisturiser just isn't for me. It didn't do anything terrible (i.e. it didn't cause any reaction or break me out) but it didn't offer the surge of moisture I was hoping for either (for reference I have normal/combo skin, and can be prone to dry patches at times). I prefer Estee Lauder Hydrationist, it gives a surge of moisture without being thick or breaking me out (there is one for combo skin I believe).
  86. Great for oily skin, but not great under makeup

    I purchased this after having it recommended to me highly. The consistency is lovely, the moisturiser goes on incredibly light weight and is not heavy or greasy by any means (which was exactly what I was after). However I don't find that it adds quite enough moisture for my combination skin. Additionally, due to the fact that it contains silicones, it tends to seperate my makeup when wearing many of my favourite products as they are water based.

    This product didn't end up being ideal for me, but it would be incredible for someone with oily skin who wears a silicone based foundation.
  87. Effective moisturiser

    This moisturiser is effective on my dry skin, it's not my favourite but I have used it a few times as its often come as a gift with purchase.
  88. Love this product

    I've been using this lotion for years. I have wandered off a few times but always come back. I have mature skin and it ticks all the boxes, even around the eye area
  89. It's good...but not great

    I know this is an iconic product, and I definitely used it a great deal in my 20s, but I don't feel as though this has enough anti-ageing properties to continue with it now I am in my 40s. It's a good consistency and it wears very well under makeup, but I feel like I need more "active" ingredients in my moisturisers these days.
  90. VERY hydrating

    this is great for the winter as it deeply hydrates your skin, a little goes a long way and this lasts forever too I'm only half way through and I've had it for almost a year
  91. Feels amazing

    Really really nice on the skin. Soothes and feels more luxurious than the pricepoint would suggest
  92. Not for Oily Skin!

    I can picture this product being amazing for those with super dry skin but I suffer from a very oily T-zone and this just made me X10 shinier. Not for me nor other with super oily skin, way too thick and doesn't absorb too well. However, because of it's thick nature I have been using it on mine and my partner's tattoos to help keep the integrity of the colour after a beating from the sun. Love the product for this purpose but not my oily face!
  93. An oldie but a goodie

    This was the first non-drug store moisturiser I ever owned - about twenty years ago it would have been when I was gifted my very first glass bottle! It is iconic, this one.
    I've got combination skin, which can get a bit dry in winter. As one of the heavier lotions, I still reach for this moisturiser on days when my skin feels particularly parched and sometimes for around the eyes as a mask. It's a highly-moisturising emollient lotion in a good pump bottle (plastic these days) - there's nothing particularly remarkable about it, as it is a fairly basic formulation but it's a good reliable moisturiser. It feels a little heavy on the skin, but not uncomfortably so. If you had dry skin and didn't need any other benefits from it (i.e. if you were using serums that covered you for anti-aging, etc.), then this would be a great choice.
  94. No smell and just work as it says

    I bought this product as my skin is very dry in winter and despite using other moisturising creme it will be dull, dry and flaky soon after use. I have bought this product after my friend's recommendation. This product proved her right as well as itself. it gives my face a good amount of moisture which stays under my make up for long. will definitely recommend this to all.
  95. Okay

    Not my favourite moisturiser but a good everyday one for normal to dry skin. Easy pump action as well and lasts a long time
  96. using it for 20 years

    I have been faithful to this brand, in particular to this cream for 20 years. I love that it isn't overly perfumed and not heavy, not too light... just right. will always keep buying it.
  97. Great stuff

    I received a sample of this with an adore beauty purchase and fell in love. It's hydrating without being too oily. Lovely velvety texture and not scented. Perfect stuff.
  98. great for combo skin

    super hydrating without being too oily
  99. Great moisturiser for all

    This is such a wonderful face moisturiser. It is not heavy on the skin and there is a version to suit everyone.
  100. Cult status!

    I just love this stuff! It is wonderful for my dry skin and make it look and feel well hydrated without being the slightest greasy. It's my understanding that if you have less than dry skin, you might want to try the gel formula instead of the lotion.
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