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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 125ml 125ml

4.1 of 239 reviews


4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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What It Is

Step 3 in our customised 3-Step Skin Care System.

Dermatologist-developed face moisturiser softens, smooths, improves. Leaves skin glowing.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 73% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Skin Concern:

  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Questions & Answers

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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 125ml

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 125ml

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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 125ml Reviews

4.1 of 239 reviews

73% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

the product name says its all


This moisturizer really dramatically is a different moisturiser than I ever used before

Most Helpful Criticism

It's alright


It works alright as a moisturiser however I found that I have bad breakouts after using it.
  1. Ok for Normal skin but not enough for dry skin


    I think this product is medium moisturizing but not enough for my dry skin.
  2. the product name says its all


    This moisturizer really dramatically is a different moisturiser than I ever used before
  3. Lovely basic moisturiser


    This moisturizer is great. It has a basic, non irritating formula and it works well on my oily dehydrated skin. There are no active ingredients, so it is very gentle. The bottle lasts for a very long time, even with twice daily use.
  4. Did not like


    It breaks me out and also it has this weird smell that put me off straightaway. I won't recommend for acne prone and sensitive to smell.
  5. Okay but not dramatically different.


    Tried this product in the middle of a bad breakout, and although it's lightweight and non irritating, I didn't find that it made a huge difference to my skin. I think this would be more suited towards normal skin rather than acne prone skin types.
  6. Lightweight and Lovely


    A little bit goes a long way with this moisturiser. It is super light weight and doesn't feel too heavy on my skin like other moisturisers do. It also comes in a handy pump bottle so there is no messing around with fiddly lids!
  7. Light Weight


    I have oily skin and use this morning time, love the pump leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and hydrated all day and absorbs quickly.
  8. winter moisturiser


    this is a thick moisturiser perfect for winter. the yellow colour doesn't show on the skin at all
  9. Does not sink in


    I applied this in the morning and by the end of the day, it still hadn't sunk in. My skin felt tacky. I gave it to a friend with very dry skin who loved it, so maybe it's just not for combo skin types.
  10. Basic but classic


    The smell of this takes me right back to my childhood! It's a nice basic but I think there are better options around these days. The texture is lovely.
  11. It's alright


    It works alright as a moisturiser however I found that I have bad breakouts after using it.
  12. Doesn't work with Actives


    Its good but I noticed that it did not mix well with actives. Whenever I would use it after using a serum with actives like vitamin A or exfoliate with AHA/BHA it would leave a white cast and would be difficult to blend in my skin. I stopped using it and opted for simple moisturisers like Cetaphil for Cerave when I use actives.
  13. 4 years later and i still use it


    This is my go to. I prefer the pump so that I don't go through a bottle too quickly and get a good small amount every time. I have very oily skin and it never makes it worse. Absorbs super fast, love this cream.
  14. very good


    I used this product when I was 20 years old. my daughter use it now. Ii is good for young people.
  15. love it


    This cream has been used for years since high school and is good for dry skin.
  16. Good for everyday


    Good all round moisturizer, absorbs well into the skin and assists with a smooth base for foundation. Did not flare up my skin and did not appear to dry it out as some moisturizers do with extended use.
  17. Prefer the gel!


    I can see people with dry skin liking this better than the gel version, however, for my normal leaning oily skin this is slightly too much for my skin. The smell is also kind of off putting.
  18. Surpassed staple


    This used to be an icon and something I used every day, but moisturisers have come so far that I don't think this is as nourishing as others out there. Pretty pricey for what it is.
  19. I recommend this to everyone


    Do you want an amazing moisturizer that does everything? This is for you and I recommend this to everyone. I works for all skin types and it totally worth the funds.
  20. Decent moisturiser


    This works pretty well but is a bit basic for the price
  21. Not bad


    This was probably the first moisturiser I ever started to use. It's lightweight and lasts forever, It was great for my teen oily/combination skin it's just not moisturising enough for my nearly 30 year old dehydrated skin. Still a great product but not suitable for me anymore.
  22. Very hydrating


    I loveeee this stuff. It’s super moisturising and really keeps my skin plump and glowy. I always come back to this one, it’s very trusty!
  23. Ok


    This is an ok moisturiser. However, it’s not moisturising enough for dry or sensitive skin. It just doesn’t do enough.
  24. Excellent moisturiser

    Love Clinique

    This was one of the original products of cliniques when they first entered the market in the 70's. It was good then & it hasn't changed.Highly recommended product.....& ive yet to find someone that was allergic to it.Clinique is a very good buy!!
  25. My mum’s favourite


    This is my mum’s favourite moisture in all seasons. She has used several bottles of this. This is the must buy every year. It hydrates your skin and also not too oily. It keeps your skin soft and hydrates. It is also great to use in combination with other products. It calms your skin and repair it.
    This bottle is also convent to carry when you go travel. You can also use it on your neck, ha...
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  26. Not for combination skin


    Too rich for combination skin. Not recommended for combination or oily skin
  27. Decent


    I used this moisturiser for a long time and while it never caused any adverse reactions it also never significantly benefited my skin and became too costly for me for no significant improvements so I stopped using but it's still a nice, simple moisturiser
  28. Good for young people


    I used this product when I was 18 years old. To be fair there was no significant effect. If you are around 20 years old that is not bad. But if you are 25+, I think had better to buy other product!
  29. I do enjoy using this


    I have used this for so many years, works great with other clinique products but i feel like during winter i need something a little bit more heavy duty.
  30. good lotion


    I love this lotion very much, it's very moisturizing in winter, and makes my skin balanced and hydrating.
  31. Just ok


    Does what a moisturiser should, great for sensitive skin types
  32. Super hydrating


    Doesn't feel weird or heavy on my skin and always makes my face feel soft and supple.
  33. Does the job!


    I do always come back to this moisturiser, love that it comes in a variety of different sizes, love that it is fragrance free, love that it is full of ingredients that have been tried and tested for skin hydration, love that I can use it morning and night and my skin never seems to experience 'product overload'. It's just a great all rounder safe facial moisturiser to keep on hand! Highly recommen...
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  34. its ok


    For me, it was quite thin which made a little hard to apply as I felt it just sat on top of my skin rather then soaking in. Benefits though, it was non greasy and was very light weight
  35. Moisturising without being greasy


    Needed a moisturiser to go under makeup for winter (no SPF in this one). Its lovely, nice and smooth and doesn't make my skin look greasy. Need a richer moisturiser for night, but this is perfect for daytime and exactly what I wanted.
  36. old faithful


    this is scentless, smooth and non greasy to apply. it is best for normal skin type; not hydrating enough for dryer skins.
  37. Clinique - basic but not full of moisture


    Clinique is a brand name we are all familiar with however for moisture surge, i don't think this is a dramatically different lotion for your needs... i tried it for a while but much prefer the moisture surge for my skin type. i remember using this moisturizer as a teenager and it seemed to work well with acneic blemished skin but not anymore.
  38. My husband's favourite moisturiser


    This is my husband's favourite moisturiser. He never changes from it!
  39. Great!


    I love this location. I've already won more than one from my wife and I use it until it's over. It does not leave the skin oily and moisturizes as well.
  40. it is a nice lotion.


    i love to use it, help my skin more balance, and no more pimples. it is a good product.
  41. Not amazing but not bad


    This is good as a basic moisturiser - I have very dry skin and still found my skin to feel dry the next morning after applying.

    I feel like the formula might be bad for acne prone or oily skin
  42. Great product


    This is my go-to moisturiser. It has a good price point and does a great job without having to spend a lot. This product works really well and is reliable. Doesn’t cause breakouts and moisture lasts the whole day. My skin can be sensitive but I have no issues with this. Would definitely recommend
  43. Nice moisturiser


    I already bought 3 bottles of this moisturiser. Just perfect for summer as its light and absorbs quick. No nasties free from alcohol and fragrances. That is the reason why I'm sticking to this moisturiser although expensive coz my skin doesnt react.
  44. On and off the fence


    This products works for a short while throughout the day, but after maybe about 3-4 hours, it completely wears off. For the price, I expected a little more. However, it was significantly hydrating for the period it worked.
  45. On the fence


    I’ve tried this a few times, and I’ve always been happy but never super impressed. It feels good, doesn’t leave the skin oily or shiny and it smells neutral and nice. I have slightly dry skin and often feel I need something a little more invigorating for my skin to really soak up. A little goes a long way, but even still, it’s a bit pricey for the product that it is
  46. hydration for oily skin


    love this moisturiser! it sinks into the skin nicely and doesn't feel greasy or too heavy. does a great job on ensuring the skin is happy and hydrated without any irritation
  47. great for during the day


    wears very well under makeup
  48. Brilliant


    Been using for years. It’s the best moisturizer before applying makeup.
    Always got a bottle in my beauty draw. I have dry areas and I’d recommend this cream to anyone with dry skin.
  49. hydrating


    great moisturiser ,thicker consistency but very absorbent. seems suitable for most skin types
  50. good


    This product goes great with my my dry skin and I'm happy with the result . I have been using this cream for over 2years now and i 100% reccomend this
  51. nice and light


    works great under makeup
  52. Love this moisturizer and so does hubby!


    This is a great moisturiser which seems to work well with a wide range of skin types. It's really moisturizing but not heavy at all. Great for my senstive, irritable and dry skin
  53. for oily skin


    I found this worked better for oily skin, it's lightly moisturizing but I personally didn't love the texture or finish
  54. not the best


    it is very thick and feels like it stays on the skin and doesn't get absorbed into it. thats why i didn't like it.
  55. Perfection bottled.


    I have extremely sensitive, combination skin and I can quite honestly say this is the only moisturiser I have ever been able to use long term.
    It makes my skin happy, doesn't let my eczema come out to play and doesn't cause any breakouts.
    Tick, tick and tick.
    Also keeps the pockets happy at a very reasonable price point.
  56. Classic staple


    This is a standout classic that I did use for years, now I rely more on the 'surge' collection by clinique, like the classic on steroids and I love it
  57. A bit grassy for my taste


    I have normal skin, but this moisturiser gets too oily. I prefer the gel forms that clinique has.
  58. Skin didn’t like it


    I fly as a profession and my skin gets very dry and dehydrated from the job. This moisturizer did nothing for me and if anything made my skin more irritated. Also don’t like that they use mineral oil and petrolatum as well as other non clean ingredients. Definately better moisturizers on the market.
  59. A classic for a reason


    This is a pretty solid basic moisturiser. It was the first one I used, many years ago, because my parents used it. I don't dislike it, it's a good middle of the road moisturiser - light but reasonably hydrating - but it does seem to slightly irritate my skin if it's very dry. I am a sucker for the classic packaging and smell, but I certainly think there are better options out there for dry skin.
  60. Great for everyday


    Great everyday moisturiser that can be worn under makeup. You only need 1-2 pumps for your face & neck so it lasts quite a while.
  61. Very moisturising


    Great product worth the money
  62. Great moisture


    This is a lovely moisturizer, great hydration without being too greasy
  63. Was perfect for keeping my eczema at bay


    I’m nearing my mid 30s and I now find I need something even more so hydrating than this. This product served me well for a very long time. I’d have rashes and itchiness when trying new products so I’d always go back to this moisturiser. My partner who has eczema uses this moisturiser and it still works perfectly for him. I’d recommend this product for people with sensitive skin and eczema.
  64. Moisturising!


    I received a sample of this and having never tried Clinique skincare before, I was pleasantly surprised. It felt lovely to apply and was definitely moisturising on my dehydrated skin. Not sure if I’d purchase only due to me having my favourites already, but I did really like it.
  65. Good value for the size


    I used this in the past then went away from it for a few years, thought I would go back as I worked out it was cheaper to buy this big one rather than what I used to get. It’s a good moisturiser and adds good hydration
  66. Oily Moisturiser


    I bought this moisturiser and it was really nice when applying but after leaving it on my face for a bit, it started to feel really oily on the skin.
  67. Very moisturising


    Not a thick moisturiser but definitely packs a punch. I have sensitive combination skin and my tzone is quite oily at the end of the day with this moisturiser so won't be repurchasing. However the rest of my skin is great so will be great on other skin types I'm sure.
  68. No dramatic difference


    I did not like it. I found that on my combination skin it leave a bit of oily residue and makes my foundation look worse and uneven. Did not like the smell and it definitely not make any difference let alone a dramatic one. Very average result but for given the price no worth more than 2 stars. Overrated.
  69. Magic

    Chanelle j

    1 pump does my whole face
    I've been getting so many compliments on the suppleness of my skin.
    Keeps me hydrated and not oily
  70. Better for younger skin


    I use to love this in my 20s as an everyday moisturiser but in my early 30s now, I need something a little more intense.
  71. A little runny


    A little bit runny but wow this stuff is moisturising, smells great, adds hydration but can sometimes leave a little bit of oily residue. It’s still such a great moisturiser!
  72. Hydrating but not thick


    I have combination/dry skin and this sits so well, doesn’t end up greasy or shiny or have a strong smell. Spreads well and a little goes a long way
  73. Lighter than their other line


    This is really nice for a very light moisturiser under makeup but wouldn't rely on it when flying of for overnight
  74. Good


    A great moisturising lotion that keeps your skin soft and moisturised. It’s thick, creamy and has a mild scent.
  75. A reliable standard daily moisturiser


    I have tried this moisturiser several times over the years, mostly in Clinique gift with purchase sets. The formula is fine for every day use, I like that it's not too thick and very easily spreadable however it does leave a bit of a film/residue on the skin so it isn't great for use under makeup. I have used it at night before bed with no problems and it hasn't caused any breakouts but due to the...
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  76. Great cream


    This is a great cream,
    Very moisturising and not sticky. The pump is not great and very hard to completely get all product out
  77. Hydrating


    Adds nice hydration to my skin. A bit oily at first but eventually dries and leaves skin soft
  78. Great daily moisturiser


    Not overly oily, great everyday moisturiser
  79. Good basic stuff


    Standard moisturiser, nothing incredible. does a good basic job but doesn't create long term benefits for your skin. it's also not very deeply nourishing - but it's a good everyday moisturiser for the morning time
  80. OK but doesn't live up to the hype


    My sister and a lot of my friends used to rave aobut this stuff (particularly when they were in their teens/20s) but I think it just doesn't suit my skin. Even though my skin is quite dry, I find this product a bit greasy. It is hydrating and I didn't have any reaction to it but I just don't see any improvement to my skin with it either. OK but not great.
  81. Love


    My favourite moisturiser by far. Perfect for really dry sun damaged skin. Since I started using it I can seriously see the difference .. I highly recommend!
  82. Love love love


    I received this as a sample and I love it! Super hydrating, skin feels really soft after using it. Will definitely be buying.
  83. Always comes back to this


    I have used so many moisturizers but always comes back to this one as it suits to my dry skin and leaves it smooth and supple for whole day..provides good base for my makeup,never gets oily..smell is neutral which is a plus for me.
  84. Ok


    This moisturiser leaves my oily skin a bit greasy so I do not like the feel of it. However it does provide a good amount of moisture to my skin so might be suitable for other skin types
  85. Go to moisturiser


    It hydrates well and gud as a makeup base it holds makeup well without being too greasy..one of the best gel based moisutriser.
  86. My favorite moisturizer!


    I have a combination skin and have been using this lotion for over 5 years now and I LOVE IT!
    it keeps you skin moisturized without leaving it too oily. I use it everyday.
    Would definitely recommend it.
  87. favourite moisturiser ever


    i love this moisturiser as it does not leave my skin oily, and it locks in hydration all day. it smells divine also. would definitely recommend!
  88. 100% breaks me out


    Both my best friend, my mum and I've tried this, and this product breaks me out. Maybe just not for our skin type because I heard it works well on others. FYI my mum and I are Asians (Olive skin) with combination to oily skin.
  89. Super soft skin.


    I tried dramatically different after my friend put me onto it. It works very well. I have noticed if I use too much my skin will become oily but I do have troublesome skin at times. I highly recommended this as an ‘’everyday moisturiser’’
  90. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+


    I purchased it 5 months ago and still just under half of the product left which is amazing, you really only need one pump to moisturise the whole face and décolletage. I have been raving about all my friends and family about Clinique and will definitely using all Clinique going forward!
  91. repurchased


    I like this moisturiser because it doesn't leave skin feeling slimy or greasy, soaks in week
  92. Lasts a long time


    Super hydrating, good for a primer and nightly mask. The big tube lasts months, you only need a little bit and your face is good to go. Love love love this.
  93. classic moisturiser but low effects


    This moisturiser is for young ladies, around 20 to 30. Above 30, I do not recommend. I have dry skin, this moisturiser is really hydrate my skin, and I need to use huge amount.
  94. Great value for money


    I love this moisturizer under my make up for those days I don't want to waste skincare products. For the price point you're getting a ton of product and leaves the skin feeling perfect and prepped for your makeup routine.
  95. Super hydrating


    I have been through 2 tubs of this amazing moisturiser, I have dry/combination skin. It always leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowy. Highly recommend!
  96. Love this


    Love this one in winter when skin is a bit dryer. Doesn’t leave any residue or a film. Soaks into skin beautifully!
  97. Proof is in the ageing..(or lack thereof)


    I’ve been using this for nearly twenty years....it’s not a rockstar moisturiser..it’s a quiet achiever but it is the business...but I don’t think you notice it when younger because let’s face it you’re skin is usually pretty wrinkle free up until the age of thirty or so...I’m 39 now and I have very few lines on my face and have never had any work done...I didn’t know if it’s this product or geneti...
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  98. Good moisturiser


    If you are looking for a no frills moisturiser that just does the job then this is a good product. It doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin and it moisturises well. I like to have a small tube on hand for when I feel like my skin just needs a break from other more active products.
  99. Okay moisturiser


    It works alright as a moisturiser on my combination skin which gets slightly dry during winter. Feels a tad bit greasy on normal days. Did not irritate my skin but didbnot see much difference on overall appearance on my skin while using it.
  100. Good Moisturiser


    Have received this in sample sizes over the years as part of GWP. It is a lightweight fragrance free moisturiser with its classic yellow colour. Leaves skin feeling soft , smooth and hydrated, love that like all Clinique products it is fragrance free.
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