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Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 50ml 50ml

3.9 of 49 reviews


4 instalments of $7.25

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4 instalments of $7.25

Or 4 instalments of $7.25 with LEARN MORE

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24-hour hydrator with Clean Shield Technology™ locks in the good—like moisture—and filters out the bad. Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and improves resiliency. Unique water-jelly texture feels fresh, penetrates quickly. Oil-free formula is non-sticky, leaves no residue. Skin is smooth, strong and healthy with a pure, clean glow.

What customers say

GREAT - 70% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 50ml Reviews

3.9 of 49 reviews

70% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Light weight & hydrating


This is new daily go to moisturiser. It’s light weight, not sticky, and super hydrating. Can’t get enough of it!

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't feel hydrating


I have very oily skin so definitely want a lightweight moisturizer, but this didn't feel like it did anything - make my face feel tight and sticky and like I hadn't moisturized at all, and it looked shiny after applying. Much prefer the moisture surge 72 hour hydrator, also a gel but makes my skin feel soft and smooth.
  1. Moderate hydratation


    Love the consistence of the product, comes in a translucent jelly like cream. It does hydrate on the spot,but I later need to either re apply or use my current go to cream. Happy to have received this as part of a travel size gift while doing another Clinique purchase.
  2. Lightweight


    I received this jelly as a gift and starting using it this week. Love the way it is so lightweight. I found that it is easy to wear under my makeup.
  3. Light and hydrating


    I was skeptical about a jelly moisturiser but was pleasantly surprised. I received a deluxe sample which last me about 2 weeks, and throughout the 2 weeks I really came to appreciate how light but still super moisturising this was. Would consider purchasing the full size.
  4. Light weight & hydrating


    This is new daily go to moisturiser. It’s light weight, not sticky, and super hydrating. Can’t get enough of it!
  5. An OKAY morning moisturiser


    This product did not seem to be worth the hype for my combination skin. I did not get the moisturised, glowy skin that I thought I would. This might be okay for a light pick-me-up but certainly not worth the expensive price point. The texture is nice, but does not leave the skin feeling replenished or smooth. This works nicely under foundation though before a primer, but again I don't think I woul...
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  6. lightweight and non-oily


    It's water based gel, not oily at all, but it's a bit hard to absorb into skin. Massaging and patting is a must.
  7. Clear but useless for dry skin


    I have received this as a promotion it said for all skin types. Unfortunately it was not moisturising enough for my dry skin even when I put heaps on. I really wanted this to work but it didn't.
  8. Gorgeous


    I received this as a promotion, it’s gorgeous, great hydration, very lux.
    I love the jelly concept and this doesn’t disappoint, no stickiness, soothing, worth purchasing
  9. Glad i got this as a sample


    Not for me! Felt like it just went into my skin and then that was it. gone, not hydrating for the whole day at all. i ended up re-applying my alpha h about 2hrs after the clinique jelly just to be comfortable for the day. Glad this was a sample> won't be purchasing in the future.
  10. Great hydration


    Received a free travel sized bottle. Very hydrating and is easy to apply. Great for a quick hydration when your skin is feeling dry
  11. Good for travel


    I bought this by accident, but I like to keep it in my travel cosmetic bag. Doesn't feel any different to the hydrating jelly. Works well with my dry skin.
  12. Interesting texture,


    I received this as part of a gift with an order. It goes on well and feels nice but does not feel deeply moisturising. I would not purchase this.
  13. Hit or miss


    I’m 50/50 on this moisturizer. I have oily skin and it definitely doesn’t make my skin shiny or oily but I’m not convinced it does much hydrating either. Leaves a sticky residue that takes a little too long to soak in too.
  14. Great moisturiser for oily skin


    I bought this in a small size because I was interested in trying the product, especially for its claims of protection against pollution. The packaging was the quality you’d expect from Clinique. I was quite happy with the product itself - the consistency is very unique and nice to apply and the jelly works well under other skincare and makeup. I would definitely recommend this product for people w...
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  15. It's a no from me


    I got a sample size one of these as part of a previous order. I've used and like other clinique products before, so had hope for this! Howver, it doesn't feel moisturizing. It feels a bit sticky going on, but then also just like water has dried onto my face. Make up doesn't blend well over the top.
  16. Great product


    I really enjoyed using this product. It does exactly what it promises.
    It gives amazing hydratration with leaving my skin feeling grrasy. It melts straight it.
    I have oily skin and need to keep it hydrated to reduce oil production and this product worked a treat.
  17. Great travel moisturiser


    I received this moisturiser as part of a gift with purchase. It feels very hydrating & the size is perfect for travel.
  18. Didn't feel hydrating


    I have very oily skin so definitely want a lightweight moisturizer, but this didn't feel like it did anything - make my face feel tight and sticky and like I hadn't moisturized at all, and it looked shiny after applying. Much prefer the moisture surge 72 hour hydrator, also a gel but makes my skin feel soft and smooth.
  19. Is it hydrating tho?


    I received this as a gift, I usually use The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid but thought I may as well give this a go as a felt like I needed some extra hydration after being in the sun the last few days. Pros- goes on super smoothly, feels really lightweight, scent free, absorbs quickly, good if you really like to layer up products. Cons- too lightweight for me, felt pretty much like water on the skin, ...
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  20. Good, but not moisturising enough for me


    Lightweight formula and felt nice and refreshing to apply however still needed to layer on another product as it wasn’t hydrating enough for me. ( I have combination skin with a few blemishes).
  21. Different but great!


    I received a deluxe sample as a GWP and am really surprised by this product. It’s different to anything I’ve tried before but my dehydrated skin drank it up! Sits well under liquid foundation and I don’t have any complaints! It’s different, but worth a go!
  22. Does what it says it will do!


    I received this is part of a goodie bag. As I have more mature skin, I slathered it on throughout the day when I was home all day, by night my skin was well hydrated.
  23. Very hydrating.


    I received a sample of this. I use this is a serum and I find it to be very hydrating and soaks nicely into my skin. I have oily/combination skin and this doesn't make my face look greasy.
  24. THIS is a product!


    Now, THIS is a product! It is truly hydrating in a way and my skin looked plumper and more hydrated immediately. I have been using it in the evening. Do not let the jelly texture put you off, it is more of a thick water consistency and a little bit goes a long way. I found it best at night under a layer of thicker, creamier night cream. But that's just me. I didn't even realise my skin was dry unt...
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  25. Holy grail for sensitive and dry skin!


    I got this as a free sample and I fell in love. My skin was in the middle of reacting, was dry, bumpy, acne flare ups and felt so sensitive to touch. In a desperate bid to get some hydration back into the skin I gave this sample a go under my usual occlusive moisturizer. I used this solely with my moisturizer which contains Hyuralonic Acid for about 3 days and it worked so well. Bumps are gone, sk...
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  26. OK, better for oily/combination skin


    I got a sample of this product, and I think it would be a good product for combination oily skin as it seemed to sink into the skin quite well, without leaving it oily and greasy. But unfortunately for me, having dry skin, it just wasn't enough moisture for me.
  27. Perfect for wearing under heavy make up!!


    This moisturising gel is almost Serum like in texture. I love wearing it under heavy make up in the evening! It’s so moisturising but without adding any weight! I just love this product!!
  28. amazing


    i found this very moisturising and made a dramatic difference to my very dry skin! definitely would use throughout winter maybe not summer
  29. Love


    I love that this is oil free and I can use it with my lash extensions.
  30. Nice and light and layers well


    Love this travel size dramatically different, I have been using this product year around now as it's nice and light for summer and layers well in winter under other products. I like that it's no fuss, doesn't have an overwhelming or highly perfumed scent and sinks well into the skin.
  31. Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 50ml


    I am very surprised on the lotion that finally works and you can see the impact of your skin feels and look very moist and hydrated, and people thought that I'm 10 years younger, lol. Well, this is the secret. I won't look back. It works guys!
  32. Hydrating


    Nice, hydrating gel however it feels more like a serum and I usually layer it under another moisturiser.
  33. Nice


    This is good for skin that isn’t very dry...probably perfect for oily. I used in summer during day and was nice (and not sticky) but in winter it just wouldn’t be enough for skin that’s like mine and dries right out in colder weather
  34. Not for me


    I received a sample of this and whilst it felt ok applying it just wasn’t moisturising enough for my skin - and I don’t have particularly dry skin. Might be ok for someone wanting really light moisture but not for me unfortunately.
  35. Pleasantly surprised

    Tea Sommelier

    It surprises me that this is from Clinique, it seems like such a departure from all of Clinique other products, particularly the ones that they are well known for. This Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly works really well with my skin in summer as it's lightweight, but I'm not sure how hydrating this gel will be when winter comes around. I'm considering repurchasing this Hydrating Jelly depend...
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  36. Hydrating jelly


    This hydrating jelly is hard to get used to if you have been using a cream. However saying that I don’t normally like gems but I loved this one. You need only a small amount as a little goes along way. Non scented and slides on the skin easy for a quick routine. Does it’s job and good at hydrating but basic I found. Still it’s a good moisturiser.
  37. Ew


    I don’t like this stuff at all! When I tried it first I loved the consistency and how it dried into my skin nicely but then not long after my skin felt oily and heavy it felt so gross I went and washed it off. I thought it would be perfect for my combination acne prone skin, but no oh well. Thank you, Next.
  38. Lovely Gel


    I really like this product. I normally use the Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel and this is quite comparable. Really light and refreshing moisturising, no sticky residue at all.
  39. Unsure


    I received a sample size of this product to try and whilst i do like this product, it’s hard to know if it’s living up to it’s anti pollution claims. It feels nice on the skin but I think I prefer the the Dramatically different moisturiser.
  40. Lightweight


    I've tried this in the sample size recently and wow. I'm impressed. I love clinique products and this is no exception. It’s a nice light weight non greasy moisturiser. Might give the DD gel a run for its money.
  41. Not bad


    While i do like this product, i do not love it as much as the Dramatically different moisturiser. It is hard to tell if it lives up to its claims of blocking pollution - i didnt find my skin to be any less irritated or blemish prone while using it. It does a good job of hydrating, but i would say that after the 8 hour mark, my skin felt tired and like it needed to be moisturised again.
  42. Nice but I can't deal with the smell


    I received a small sample of this with an order and was really excited as I have wanted to try it for a while. I have very dry skin and this soaked in really quickly. The sample didn't contain enough for me to tell if it hydrates my skin, but I did love the gel consistency. My only issue was that it has a terrible smell! Not sure if I got a bad batch but it smelt so strongly of house paint which I...
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  43. Super hydrating


    The texture is a little odd, but surprisingly good. It goes ok feeling like a thick gel that you wouldn’t think would soak in ... but it does. The skin isn’t tacky it is super hydrating almost like a drink for the skin.
  44. A unique "jelly" type product


    I initially purchased thinking this would be more like a serum, and was a little disappointed with the texture, but then when I looked at the name, the jelly part should have been fairly obviously it isn't a serum. It almost feels like an after sun aloe vera style consistency when applying, but doesn't leave you feeling dry or tacky after. I have dry skin and feel that I still need to apply a day ...
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  45. Fantastic


    I bought all three sizes of this as soon as it was released! I keep the sample size in my purse, take the 50ml one when I travel, and use the big pump bottle at home. This is a FANTASTIC moisturiser for people with dehydrated but clog-prone skin. It's also full of all the good stuff: hyaluronic acid etc., but is completely fragrance free. I will be buying this as long as Clinique keeps making it!
  46. Lovely


    I bought this size after trying the sample size. I really like the consistency of this and it feels good on my face.
  47. A nice light moisturiser


    A very light, clear gel consistency with no matte finish. A little goes a long way. No issues with my sensitive skin.
  48. Yay amazing product


    This product is so good. It is definitely dramatically different and decreased the dryness on the cracks of my nose. I Love it
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