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Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 125ml 125ml


4 instalments of $12.26

Or 4 instalments of $12.26 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.26

Or 4 instalments of $12.26 with LEARN MORE

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Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is a 24-hour hydrator with Clean Shield Technology™ locks in the good—like moisture—and filters out the bad. 

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GOOD - 68% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 125ml Reviews

68% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I thought the jelly would be weird but it's surprisingly very moisturising; I find it less greasy than the original lotion too

Most Helpful Criticism



I really was excited to try this out! i have dry and flaky skin! i use this every night and found it hasn't done much for my skin at all! the dry flaky bits are still there and i exfoliate & follow a skincare routine! & drink lots of water to! i wouldn't re purchase! i need something way more hydrating than this.
  1. Dont like it but may appeal to some people


    I'm not a fan of the jelly texture. It feels "wet" and odd on my skin, however it does absorb quickly and well. I prefer a cream texture for moisturizers.
  2. Jelly hydrating moisturizer


    I find this really good for sensitive skin! it doesn't have any fragrance or alcohol which is great! it doesn't give you a thorough moisturize but it does the job! i have really dry skin & acne prone, and this doesn't clog pores.
  3. Basic all rounder


    I switched to this after always using the dramatically different moisturiser and honestly I don't think this is any more moisturizing than that so i am not sure what they are going for. It does work really nicely under makeup and absorbs easily into the skin.
  4. Surprised


    I thought the jelly would be weird but it's surprisingly very moisturising; I find it less greasy than the original lotion too
  5. Love this!


    I love this moisturiser! I have switched the the lotion version for the last 2 purchases however I plan to switch back to the jelly once I have finished my current bottle. I like the feeling of freshness of the jelly and is great for smoothing heat and redness!
  6. Not the best on the market


    I purchased this product after hearing some amazing things about it. Unfortunately this product did not live up to my expectations. It does not hydrate, and it leaves my face with an odd texture. I have quite oily skin, and I feel as though it actually dried out my skin, so I would not suggest this if you have dry skin.
  7. Great product


    Great product and such a good price for the size. Although I do prefer the moisture surge range more as I feel it’s more hydrating.
  8. Hydrating


    This product is definitely hydrating to the skin! Feels a bit sticky at first but is absorbed quickly by my skin.
  9. Could use it in daytime during the summer


    I received a sample of this, and found it was a good moisturiser for my oily skin - just didn't moisturise enough.

    I would probably use this in the summer and will keep the sample size in my bag for when I go to the beach as its light and fresh.
  10. hydration but non greasy


    It is suitable for oily skin or.summer time. It is like water gel, aloe vera gel. It refreshes skin without any oil.
  11. Hydrating?


    I really was excited to try this out! i have dry and flaky skin! i use this every night and found it hasn't done much for my skin at all! the dry flaky bits are still there and i exfoliate & follow a skincare routine! & drink lots of water to! i wouldn't re purchase! i need something way more hydrating than this.
  12. Great for daytime


    I really like this as a day moisturiser in the QLD heat and humidity. It soaks in well and doesn't make me sweat.
  13. Not bad


    It absorbs into the skin well but it isn't that hydrating for my skin especially in winters. It does make my skin soft.
  14. Lightweight and ideal for oily skin


    I love this stuff!! I find it quite difficult to find products for combination/oily skin that also target dullness and dehydrated skin, since even though I have an oily t-zone my skin can still look parched without actually being dry. This jelly has a great, lightweight consistency that doesn't leave a sticky residue. I also find it acts as a good barrier for pollutants when I'm out and about. I a...
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  15. Great for daytime


    I find this is really great for morning as it It absorbs quickly and it works well under makeup.
  16. Yeah ok


    Pretty good for dry skin. I'm sure there is better out there for the price.
  17. not good for dry skin


    I used this and its similar to the moisture surge moisturiser by clinique. very light weight and the moist feeling doesn't last very long. didn't help my dry skin but would probably better suit someone who is already oily
  18. Amazing


    non-oily and hydrated. I tried 15ml before and will buy this super size next time.
  19. Great mid-priced product


    I love this hydrating jelly. I use it every day before my more heavier moisturiser. It provides a good based after my vitamin c serum. It is hydrating and a little goes a long way.
  20. Suitable for all skin types?


    I got this because it said it was suitable for all skin types. I was using the purple toner with it but found my skin was very dry with it. So I swapped to using the alcohol free toner. My skin feels nice and I like the texture of this product, along with the pore minimiser insert. However my skin is still that teeny bit dry, so I would say it is not really suitable for dry skin unfortunately. I w...
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  21. drink for skin


    I love this jelly gel! It's like a drink for my skin and absorbs quickly. I use it like a serum and then layer a cream on top
  22. Hydrating Jelly


    I have been using this hydrating jelly for over a month now! It is a good moisturiser however! i feel it doesn't really last that long! im nearly out if i use it day and night! no scent which is great!
  23. Gentle and Hydrating


    I have oily skin which, due to working in an airconned office all day, is dehydrated and can get a bit flaky (tears streaming down my face emoji!). This product is cooling and absorbs into the skin nicely. You get a good amount of product and I'm happy with it. It doesn't work under every foundation I own, so I mightn't repurchase - but I do recommend.
  24. Surprisingly good


    I received a sample of this and was sceptical about the texture but it was surprising how quickly it absorbed and left no residue. I have sensitive dry skin and this did not irritate it at all and my skin felt hydrated.
  25. very hydrating


    I really like this moisturising jelly. It absorbs quickly and it works well under makeup.
  26. Not the best


    I love the pump packaging and the cool looking jelly. I have very oily but dehydrated skin and thought this would be good for me but unfortunately this left me just as dehydrated and shinier than usual. You do get a good amount for the price though so it might be good for those with normal skin just looking for something basic.
  27. Very hydrating, great for giving skin a nice boost


    Very hydrating, great for giving skin a nice boost. I found it left a nice afterglow, I just use the tiniest bit too, so it lasts for ages.
  28. Great and buildable!


    I've been using this for a couple of months and it works great for my skin, (oily prone but dries out pretty easily). Really light weight and just sinks right into my skin. There are days where my skin is drier than others and I just use a pump more leaving my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.
  29. Definitely not for me


    I didn’t like this product at all. The consistency is unpleasant - it’s like a wet sticky jelly that doesn’t feel as though it gets absorbed into the skin when applied; instead it feels as though you need to wait for it to dry on the skin. I did not feel like moisturised my skin at all. I would not purchase this product again.
  30. Perfect


    Perfect for winter time dryness. I use a lot of this stuff when my skins dry. However a little goes a very long way!
  31. Not the actual deal


    I love clinique moisturisers however this one doesn't make the mark for me. I don't think its really hydrating enough for my skin and when i combine it with my sunscreen for example the consistency becomes all weird. I still have almost a full tub of this product.
  32. Good lightweight moisturiser


    If you're looking for a lightweight moisturiser this one is pretty good. The product is fragrance free which I like. I have dry skin so it wasn't strong enough for me.
  33. Already recommended this product to a friend!


    I only just got a sample of this in my Adore Beauty package last week and not only have I already recommended this product to a fellow oily girl friend, but I literally just bought a full size today. That's how good it is!

    My skin is super oily and is normally oily and shiny by lunch. I was using The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA which was good, but by 2pm I was an oil sl...
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  34. Nothing too special


    This is an OK moisturiser but really isn't anything too special. I find it gives similar effects (or even less hydrating effects) than the neutrogena hydro boost gel which is also much cheaper. The packaging is quite sleek though and I assume the new serum pumps take this moisturiser to the next level!
  35. Love Love Love It!


    Got this one as a sample and it's become my new favourite! I have relatively oily skin (working on it) and I would wear this one under my makeup all day. I only start to see a shine maybe sometime after lunch? on my forehead.
    I was really sceptical at first coz I was like "?? this feels like water ??" but it's so wonderful! Just purchased a full size with a cartridge.
  36. Fantastic lightweight moisturiser, particularly for oily skin


    I have combination/oily skin that is prone to hormonal cystic acne. I had previously used the dramatically different moisturiser for combination skin and had great success. I tried this product as my breakouts were getting worse and my skin was highly congested.
    I found this product was extremely lightweight and easily absorbed into my skin. It did not feel congested or contribute to more br...
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  37. Great first impressions from this product!


    I've only just begun using this product however so far I'm really enjoying it. The lightweight texture is great and it is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving any sort of greasy residue. I think this product would be best suited for those with oily or combination as it is quite a light and refreshing product- drier skin would need something heavier.
  38. Good for acne prone


    I can only use light moisturiser otherwise I get breakouts so I was excited to try this product. It gives me an okay level of moisture and it gets absorbed pretty quickly. No breakouts whatsoever. It works well during summer but during winter it’s not moisturising enough for me.
  39. Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 125ml


    It's my first choice when choosing moisturizers as in winter my skin gets extremely dry and in summer, my skin tends to get oily so this leaves my skin hydrated and glowing in all seasons.
  40. Like it


    I like this product although it isn’t as moisturising as I’d like it to be so I always use another moisturiser on top
  41. Not really the right product for my skin


    I love the way this product looks, so I probably just ended up buying it for that reason. It feels very refreshing, however it isn't moisturising enough for my slightly dry skin. I have been layering it with another moisturiser, which works quite well as it's quickly absorbed, but probably won't buy again. It does feel just a little sticky too when applying but settles in quickly and becomes un...
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  42. Drying


    Very sticky to use, not a pleasant feel on the skin. I have oily combination skin, I find it stings a little when applied and is drying. My skin tends to produce more oil after application.
  43. Perfect for adding a hydration boost!


    As I have gotten older my skin has gotten more and more dry. After years of oily skin it has been an adjustment. Since finding this product though my skin has been very ‘normal’. I use it as a booster under another moisturiser morning and night and I notice the difference if I happen to skip this step. I also love tapping a bit of this gel around my eyes if they are feeling dry or tired. My skins ...
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  44. Lovely texture


    I really loved the jelly texture of this moisturiser, it was lightweight but hydrating and a little goes a long way! For me personally, I needed something a little more hydrating but overall I really liked this moisturiser. Didn't react with my sensitive skin and would recommend to others
  45. Pleasantly surprised

    Tea Sommelier

    I'm pleasantly surprised that this Hydrating Jelly is from Clinique, it is such a departure from all of Clinique other products, particularly the ones that they are well known for. This Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly works really well with my skin in summer as it's lightweight, but I'm not sure how hydrating this gel will be when winter comes around. I plan to repurchase this Hydrating Jel...
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  46. Incredibly Lightweight and Moisturising


    This is a jelly like texture and very moisturising. I've been having breakouts lately and this has helped me calm my skin, and at the same time it hasn't dried me out. It's perfect because I always wear an SPF which is a bit heavier than moisturiser so this also makes a perfect base.
  47. Not for dry/combination skin in cooler months


    Clinique says that this product is for all skin types and while my dry/combination skin liked it over summer, it's leaves my cheeks feeling dry in cooler months. Use a hydrating serum underneath it for the cooler months if you insist on using this and have the same skin type.
    For normal to oily skin types, this is amazing all year round!
  48. Super light weight


    This is a super lightweight formulation and I love the jelly consistency! It's light and locks in hydration. It's not enough to use at night or in very dry skin/dry conditions. I use it in conjunction with the korean 7 step method (7 layers of hydrating toners and then a moisturiser) in order to lock in moisture. Because it's so lightweight it sits really well under makeup. Highly recommend.
  49. Summer Must Have


    Great product for summer time. I have oily combo skin and this is prefect for me. Very comparable to the Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. Keeps my skin hydrated without any heavy oily feeling.
  50. Big fan of this


    I used to use the old school Dramatically different back in the days of the 3 step routine, so i've been really keen to try Clinique's offering in a sea of k-beauty inspired products. I really love the consistency of this, it sinks quickly into the skin and doesn't feel heavy, gives a plump and matte look to the skin. it goes well under makeup if given time to absorb properly. Great for day time u...
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  51. Not for me


    Not moisturising enough for my skin. Probably more suited for oily skin types. It does absorb well, and doesn't have much of a fragrance which is good.
  52. Decent hydrating serum


    My skin is on the drier side so I used this as more of a serum before moisturising. I did like it and would probably use again! nice and light but definitely helps with flakiness.
  53. A little goes a long way.


    You only need one pump to help moisturise your face. Definitely helps if you use your every day moisturiser after as well as it locks in the hydrating gel.
  54. Sticky


    I'm not a fan, the gel is very thick and when its dried its sticky.

    I have applied foundation on after with my hands and feel like the gel rubs off like an eraser.
  55. Super hydration


    Super hydrating but not heavy or greasy, love it!

    If you don’t like that traditional moisturiser feeling which can leave your skin greasy, try this!

    A big drink for your skin
  56. A nice alternative to heavier moisturisers

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    The jelly texture of this moisturiser is really nice and cooling and it dries quickly. I like that it feels so lightweight and not clogging at all.
    My partner who is usually very resistant to using any kind of skincare really likes this, because it leaves no residue on the skin.
    As someone with oily skin that is easily triggered into hyperdrive, it is nice to give my skin a break from...
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  57. Not as hydrating as I like.


    I’m very unsure about this product, due to the jelly like consistency, absorbs fast into the skin, however it leaves a sticky feeling. I haven’t noticed any difference in regards to hydration, my skin looks the same. It seems to leave a matte appearance so it might be ideal for Oily combination complexions, I find it doesn’t break me out after use. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this product as it ...
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  58. Replaced my moisturiser


    I love this product! It's quick drying, light and super hydrating. I have completed ditched my daily moisturise for this gel!
  59. OK


    Performes just like a normal moisturiser. Nothing amazing. Bit gimicky because of the jelly feeling which I assume is the selling point for some. Kind of feels like aloe vera gel.
  60. Didn't Notice Improvement


    The Clinique sermum didn't stack up to some of it's hydrating gel competitors.

    I have oily/dehydrated skin and usually use a hydrating gel/serum after derma rolling my skin. I didn't notice any changes in my skin - my skin did not even seem more hydrated.

    I think there's much more effective alternatives that have visible results.
  61. I haven't noticed an effect as of yet


    I have dry to normal skin and brought this thinking it would add hydration to my morning/evening skincare routine. So far, I haven't noticed anything sensational about it but definitely does add hydration to the skin (just does not last long enough for me).
  62. Perfect for summer


    Great product for summer time. I have oily combo skin and this is prefect for me. Very comparable to the Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. Keeps my skin hydrated without any heavy oily feeling.
  63. Lightweight and Hydrating!


    I have problem and very dry skin apart from my t-zone which during the day can get quite oily, I was drawn to this product as its anti pollution and hydrating and I am not disappointed! Its so lightweight and absorbs really quickly but at the same time it really does hydrate but not so much as my t-zone goes shiny not to mention the feel of the jelly is so cooling and feels amazing! It hasn't caus...
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  64. Not quite sure about this one


    I am a big fan of the gel version and have used it for years on my extremely oily and acne prone skin. Since it did not really keep me matte, I was super excited to see this even lighter version come out. I have been using it for around 2 months now and I must say that I am a bit on the fence with it. I love the look of it, the clear jelly and the pump on the bottle are great and the product itsel...
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  65. Perfect!


    I have really dry skin, and using the Clinique AntiBelmish Solutions Bar means I need a decent moisturizer....which is THIS!
    Not only is it super hydrating, it absorbs in next to no time. I use this with The Ordinary Niamincide at night followed by Granactive 2% Retinol Emulsion, and I always wake up with glowing skin. This is also fantastic to use before a decent primer (I also use The Ord...
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  66. Great moisturizer


    This worked well for my problematic, oily skin and provided the right amount of hydration. In the winter I'll probably have to add another layer of serum underneath this moisturiser but for now, it works perfectly well to hydrate my skin. Love that the ingredients are nice and simple too- it didn't make me break out.
  67. Unsure


    I received a sample size of this product to try and whilst i do like this product, it’s hard to know if it’s living up to it’s anti pollution claims. It feels nice on the skin but I think I prefer the Dramatically different moisturiser.
  68. Not very hydrating


    While this is a lightweight formula that absorbs into the skin very quickly, I didn't find this particularly hydrating. This is nowhere near as good as the original Dramatically Different Hydrating lotion.
  69. Surprisingly good


    After being disappointed with the discontinued moisture surge- extended relief, I'm glad I gave this product a go! I had previously tried the normal dramatically different moisturiser, but didn't find it was hydrating enough for my skin. This jelly however, is super lightweight and great for dry-normal skin, though if you have extremely dry skin you may wish to add a serum before hand
  70. works for oily skin


    not super hydrating but its lightweight
  71. Not hydrating


    I’m 30 and have skin that’s lately prone to breakouts combined with that it easily dries out. I received this as a sample and used it one evening before bed. Did not try it a second time as I woke up and my skin looked just...not nice at all. I have used Alpha H products over the last few months and become accustomed to my skin looking wonderful each morning. Not after using this Clinique product....
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  72. Good for oily skin


    My skin feels repaired after use since I'm no longer breaking out; it's helping my acne scars heal faster without the oily irritation most hydrating products cause. My skin feels bare, fresh and smooth when I wear it, which I love! It gives me the after effects I might receive from rinsing off a Moisturizing mask. Although it's a wonderful stand alone hydrator, I prefer it with Clinique's system f...
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  73. Hydrating


    While i do like this product, i do not love it as much as the Dramatically different moisturiser. It is hard to tell if it lives up to its claims of blocking pollution - i didnt find my skin to be any less irritated or blemish prone while using it. It does a good job of hydrating, but i would say that after the 8 hour mark, my skin felt tired and like it needed to be moisturised again.
  74. Nice consistency but horrible smell!


    I received a small sample of this with an order and was really excited as I have wanted to try it for a while. I have very dry skin and this soaked in really quickly. The sample didn't contain enough for me to tell if it hydrates my skin, but I did love the gel consistency. My only issue was that it has a terrible smell! Not sure if I got a bad batch but it smelt so strongly of house paint which I...
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  75. Water based found drying


    I have combination to dry skin and I found this product did not suit my skin at all. The jelly absorbs well but leaves my skin feeling super rubbery and dry. I have to apply the dramatically different lotion after to actually moisturise. Clinique doesn’t explain what skin type this jelly if for, but I wouldn’t use it again on winter skin. it is super lightweight and might be appropriate for summme...
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  76. so light!


    I really like how lightweight this is, perfect for under makeup so it doesn't feel too heavy
  77. Awesome


    I purchased this as soon as it was released by Clinique. They have really been upping their moisturiser game lately! Gone are the mineral-oil based moisturisers that used to mess up my skin, and instead they've released a bunch of fantastic products over the last couple of years. I bought this ahead of summer when my skin turns into a greasy mess, but still needs some hydration.
  78. feels weird putting on but absorbs well


    i received a few samples for this product. it is very watery based and feels jelly putting on but after a while, it sat nicely on my skin and i went about my day with no issues. can't say i saw a major difference or improvement in my skin but it didn't make it oily or give me any irritation which i'm prone to as i have sensitive skin.
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