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Clinique All About Eyes 15ml 15ml

4.3 of 58 reviews


4 instalments of $14.50


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4 instalments of $14.50


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Lightweight eye cream diminishes the appearance of eye puffs, darkness and fine lines. Non-creep, cream/gel formula actually helps hold eye makeup in place. For use morning and night, both under eyes and on lids. Ophthalmologist Tested.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 73% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.3 of 58 reviews

73% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My first high end eye cream


This is my first high end eye cream, now I'm almost in my 30 now, I still enjoy this eye cream, I have recommended to my small sister, I would say it's really nice basic hydrating eye cream for young girls.

Most Helpful Criticism

Moisturising eye cream


Excited to try this as I have very puffy eye bags. Unfortunately this hasn't reduced them but it is soothing and moisturising.
  1. My first high end eye cream


    This is my first high end eye cream, now I'm almost in my 30 now, I still enjoy this eye cream, I have recommended to my small sister, I would say it's really nice basic hydrating eye cream for young girls.
  2. very hydrating


    I received this moisturiser as a gift with purchase and I love it. It's very hydrating for the under-eye area.
  3. Decent eye cream


    I have never purchased the full size since I have collected a lot of little pots as gift with purchases. I do enjoy this moisturiser for the fact that it does not leave any greasy residue around my eyes. It hydrates fairly decently, although the effects are not particularly long-lasting. I hope to get a few more as gift with purchases as I do not think it warrants the price they sell it for.
  4. Moisturising eye cream


    Excited to try this as I have very puffy eye bags. Unfortunately this hasn't reduced them but it is soothing and moisturising.
  5. Moisturising


    This product doesn't exactly reduce puffiness or circles but its hella moisturising so I'm always happy with a deep moisturise to the eye area.!
  6. Not one of Cliniques best products


    I've been using this on one eye and another eye product from Clinique on the other eye for 3 weeks to the day to compare.. What did it reveal? Neither of them did anything for my dark circles whatsoever. Not even a slight improvement. This one personally didn't rid me of my puffy eye in the morning either.

    I like the gel consistency, the lightweight feel of it and how it absorbs well. I find it to be hydrating but other than that, that's all there was to it. I might just use as a moisturiser for my eyes through the day but that's about it.

    I don't think I'll repurchase this one when I finish it and I personally don't believe this is one of Cliniques best products.

    It looks as though this is working for others, just not for me unfortunately.
  7. Good affordable eye cream


    I think this is an okay eye cream, it is moisturising enough to be worn around the eye area and it does not cause milia. The price point is also reasonable compared to other brands in the market.
  8. So great


    So great for days when eyes are dry, tired and red. I use in the morning and before bed and my eyes end up super hydrated
  9. Works fine


    This eye cream is hydrating. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. I can already feel my skin feeling more plump. Definitely repurchase it.
  10. Didn’t do anything for me


    I like the texture but didn’t make any difference for my eyes. Stings so much when I accidentally rubbed my eyes after applying
  11. Very happy


    Wow!!!! My eyes look incredibly different even after one use! So plump and hydrated instantly. Very very excited to see the long term results and will keep using all the time!
  12. Perfect eye cream


    Love this eye cream from Clinique. Leave eyes feeling refreshed. This was my go to every morning and night but now Clinique has brought out the new eye product which is has the same benefit and does exactly the same thing. This one is a more creamy texture than the other watery one. Definitely recommended to all with dry tired eyes.
  13. Doesn't really do much for me!


    I find it is great at hydrating the undergoes (good if you are dry there!) but does not "depuff" as it claims. I would continue using it for the hydrating effect though. A whole jar will last you months!
  14. The best


    Fantastic brand and seeing some great results with this awesome eye cream. So great! I really love this and will continue to use it forever!!
  15. Amazing product for sensitive skin


    During winter the skin around my eyes gets very dry and itchy, I tried everything my GP prescribed, including pills and eye cream, but nothing worked. A nice lady at the Clinique counter recommended this product and it worked miracles on my skin. I applied it before bed and the next morning my skin was neither dry nor itchy. Excellent product for people with sensitive skin!
  16. Lovely


    I have noticed a slight different to the skin under my eyes. It's a little more hydrated and not as puffy in the mornings now. It's a very nice cream, I do find it does take a second to not be as sticky/greasy, but I don't mind this. During the day it also helps keep under my eyes hydrated, definitely love more for the night time eye cream though. Give it a try!
  17. Can do without


    All eye-creams are usual moisturisers with a lower concentration of active ingredients, marketed as eye-creams. I am a skin health fanatic and follow a few dermatologists. All of them have one thing to say- eye creams are a marketing gimmick. If you use a good and occlusive moisturise and a sun-protection, you don't need anything else. All your skin issues around the eye start with sun damage and lack of hydration. That being said, Clinique, besides Cetaphil, Cerave and QV, is the go-to brand I trust it with all my heart. If you are going to buy an eye cream, buy Clinique's.
  18. De-puffs and sooths under eyes


    This is more of an eye gel than a cream and I really like the texture. It feels great under the eyes, and you don't need to use much. I don't think it really did anything for my dark circles but definitely de-puffed my under eye area. Would recommend if you're not specifically after something to remove dark circles.
  19. Moisturising eye cream


    My under eye area is quite puffy and I was really hoping this would help reduce puffiness. The cream is soft, lightweight and easily absorbed but it tended to be more of a moisturiser than a de puffer for me unfortunately. Would also prefer it in different packaging than a jar which is sometimes unhygienic.
  20. Hydrating & long lasting


    This product is really hydrating and a little goes a long way. I'm not sure I noticed much of a difference in dark circles but do feel the under eye area is well moisturised. I love this the most when its in the rollerball application, its nice and cool on they eye area and feels more refreshing.
  21. a little bit goes a long way


    Out of all the Clinique eye creams that I have tried out, I have found that this has been the most effective eye cream that has worked for me. The product itself is very hydrating and moisturising. The product is quite heavy, it is definitely not a thin product but a little bit goes a long way
  22. Average


    If you are looking for something to encourage and maintain a hydrated and fresh undereye this is an amazing product. It is great for depuffing too.

    Unfortunately it isn't so good for fine lines and wrinkles, so if that is your concern you may want to look for something a little more heavy duty.
  23. Won't work for dark circles


    I've bought many products to impact my dark circles under the eye, this was one - and it didn't work. If anything I felt the area under my eye felt 'heavier'.
  24. Not as good as the hype


    I really wanted to love this product but as far as reduction in darkness and hydration, this did very little for me. I'd like to give this another try, but for the price, I don't think I'll repurchase. It definitely has a nice texture and I do think this'll work for those with less severe dark circles.
  25. Not sure about this one


    I had high hopes for this but apart from being a lovely texture, it didn't really do much in regards to under eye texture or hydration. Used it for two months and gave up.


    Omg! This is absolutely amazing! The best eye cream I have ever used! If you have concerns about fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, tired looking eyes, hydration- then this is for you. I have tried so many other eye creams in the past and none have even come close to this! Non greasy, non irritating and silky beautiful texture. Highly recommended this eye cream! I have just purchased my second tub and will continue to use it - forever! Love it. Thanks Clinique!
  27. Love it!


    I have honestly been using this eye cream for more than 10 years. As a teenager I always had dark circles so I started using this. And every time I try another eye cream, I always find myself going back to this one. Its great for day or night, and it goes well under makeup. I still naturally have some dark circles under my eyes but they are kept at bay by this cream, and the fact I think that I have been using it for so long. I am 30 now and don't really have any significant wrinkles around my eyes.
  28. amazing


    lets just say I have no more wrinkles and puffy eyes
  29. Average


    I'm 25 and am starting to get wrinkles and fine lines. I've been using this product for a few months now and won't be purchasing again. It hydrates however don't find it does much for my wrinkles.
  30. Great moisturiser


    I'm 40 starting to experience a few wrinkles and darkening circles. Definately improved the skin around my eyes and lessened the appearance of circles slightly. I would definately buy again.
  31. Nice


    It’s a nice eyecream that works for me but nothing special.
  32. Omg! The best eye cream ever!


    Omg! This is absolutely amazing! The best eye cream I have ever used! If you have concerns about fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, tired looking eyes, hydration- then this is for you. I have tried so many other eye creams in the past and none have even come close to this! Non greasy, non irritating and silky beautiful texture. Highly recommended this eye cream! I have just purchased my second tub and will continue to use it - forever! Love it. Thanks Clinique!
  33. Hydration perfection

    Late thirties

    I switched to this product as it seemed to be the most similar in consistency to La Mer. It absorbs in well and leaves my skin feeling soft and I noticed results after the first 3 days and nights of using it.
  34. Lightweight and gentle


    I received this in a gift with purchase and really enjoyed using it. It is a gel consistency and super lightweight meaning it does not leave any greasy film around my eyes. I unfortunately don't find it moisturising enough for my dry under eye area and prefer the 'rich' version of this cream.
  35. Rich hydration for dry skin


    You need to use this for a couple of weeks before seeing results so be patient and consistent, it works! It's non-irritating, hydrating and reduces puffiness significantly.

    TIP: Use at night; A little goes a long way.
  36. little pot of gold


    I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of samples of this, but would purchase the full sized product in the future. This is a beautiful lightweight formula that feels almost like a gel. It feels cooling, refreshing & definitely reduces puffiness. I use it before bed & in the morning under makeup. It is expensive, but a little goes a long way, even the samples last a long time. I love Clinique & can honestly say their products are worth the price. Invest in your skin!
  37. On the fence


    I’m on the fence about this product. Whilst it’s got a lovely texture and is definitely hydrating, using it long term I didn’t see any amazing results in relation to the reduction of fine lines or dark circles so not sure if I’d repurchase due to this.
  38. The best eye cream


    This is not one of the best; this product is THE best eye cream I have used. I have oily combination skin, most eye creams I have tried are very rich and nourishing (which means they are also very oily). This product is hydrating without the greasiness. Will continue to purchase.
  39. My favourite eye cream I've tried!


    My under eyes always get very dry, but this cream always moisturises so beautifully that my makeup always looks 10x better too thanks to this! Although it may seem expensive, the jar really does last a long time cause its so rich and creamy a little goes a long way, so defiantly well worth the money.
  40. Great texture


    I love how smooth the formula feels going on to your skin. I would definitely recommend this
  41. Not the best on the market


    This is a light weight cream that goes on nicely but I didn't really notice any difference to puffiness or fine lines whilst using
  42. Nice eye cream but didn't notice a difference


    This eye cream soaks nicely into my skin. It leaves my under eyes feeling hydrated. After continuous use for a few months, I didn't notice any difference in reference to my dark circles. Wouldn't repurchase it.
  43. smooth and soft


    I love this eye cream and use it nearly everyday. It really leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft and has a nice texture to it. I can't really notice a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin under my eyes, but it does give them a fresh feeling
  44. Good reliable product


    Good reliable product that keeps the eye area hydrated. I didn’t notice any impact on fine lines or under eye circles however
  45. Undecided!


    Love how it feels on my skin, however have been using for over and month and can’t notice any major differences. Will keep using to see if that changes over time.
  46. This little pot works wonders


    Little magic in a pot. After applying this eye cream the skin feels soooooo smooth is unbelievable. I usually only use it at night incase it becomes too greasy during the day. Would def recommend this as a little of the product goes a long way.
  47. Light and smoothing


    This product does everything it says it will. It’s lightweight, smooths and brightens my eyes. You can use it under make up without making your concealer go cakey because it absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a oily feeling like other eye creams.
  48. Everyone needs to try this..


    This is one eye cream I will purchase again and again. I have used this for a while and it is amazing. It is a soft, hydrating cream that doesn’t feel heavy or make your makeup look cakey when used underneath. It provides a great job at minimising fine lines and provides a great job at depuffing under the eyes. This used in conjunction with the ‘All About Eyes Serum’, is a match made in heaven. This eye cream is best used day and night to get the maximum benefits it has to offer. I love all of Clinique’s products and this is definitely one product I’ll continue to purchase and use. I haven’t found a better eye cream that does what this one does for me. Love it!!!
  49. Smooth & Gentle


    This is a very nice, gentle eye cream that completely smooths the eye area and brightens under the eye. It is a complete pleasure to apply and does not irritate any part of the eye area (I traditionally have dry/sensitive skin). Although there is a tiny bit of roll factor when you apply creams over the top, and it does feel silicone-like, the positives still dramatically outweigh the negatives. Would definitely repurchase.
  50. Best eye cream


    I have combo skin. I bought “All about eyes” to give my eyes some TLC. It is very soothing and hydrating. It also brightens my eyes and takes away that tired look. Love the fact the it instantly absorbs into my skin. Definitely recommend it.
  51. Worth it


    Love this as it is hydrating but not too heavy on the skin. You don't want really heavy products in such a sensitive and thin area, so this one does the trick. Nice texture, little goes a long way.
  52. Excellent Eye Product, hydrates dry skin


    I have aged (68 years old) dry skin around eye area, particular bags & wrinkles under eye area, I must use a good product so that I diminish the bags & wrinkles.

    Clinique 'all about eyes' reduces bags & wrinkles under eye area. I love silky touch of this eye cream, hydrates & decreases bags & wrinkles.

    Would most definitely recommend Clinique 'All about Eyes'
  53. Smooth!


    My under eyes are so much smoother after using this cream. It also makes my makeup look so much better in that area. A lot less creased and dry.
    I love Clinique!
  54. Lovely


    This is definitely in my top 5 eye creams. It has more of a gel-cream consistency, and doesn't give me milia. (I tend to stay away from the "Rich" variety of this, as it's a bit too rich for me.) I tend only to use eye creams when I've ended up irritating my skin or if my skin dries out too much in the winter, but this always feel lovely and nourishing.
  55. Hands down the best!


    I have used quite a few eye creams in my time but none have impressed me like this one has.
    It has such a light texture to it, goes on like silk and is great under makeup.
    A little goes a long way! I dip a cotton bud into the cream and gently dab it under my eye area. Then I use my ring finger and delicately dab it in further.
    It’s not greasy or oily. It dries and absorbs into the skin quite fast. There’s a very subtle smell, almost none. The undereye area feels so soft, I really love the feeling it gives.
    It doesn’t leave my foundation or concealer cakey/creased. But I do find that a setting spray (any brand you have) helps with an even better finish to the makeup under your eyes as well.
    I find that although it doesn’t get rid of my dark circles completely, it does minimise the appearance of a couple of deep set lines I have under my eye area. So when I put foundation, powder and setting spray - the finished look, looks amazing. It really diminishes any darkness and wrinkles/creases beautifully.
    Highly recommend this pot of gold!
  56. Fabulous


    I'm so happy that I found this eyecream.
    It has helped to hide my dark circles, has a beautiful texture and I will be sure to order it again!
  57. will keep using !!


    After 1 week i could visibly notice dark circles diminishing. absorbs into skin perfectlyer 1 week i could visibly notice dark circles diminishing. absorbs into skin perfectly
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