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Leave your crowning glory in our hands - we’re keeping your follicles phenylenediamine free and triclosan won’t touch those tresses! Adore Beauty has thoughtfully curated a mix of hair products that take your health and environmental concerns in mind.

Did you know your scalp is four times more absorbent than your forearms? When it comes to hair care products, ingredients matter - and once you consider that a steamy shower turns all those nasties into the world’s worst sauna* right in your own bathroom, it’s pretty clear that it pays to spend some time looking for products that are non-toxic and will do the right thing by you.

Hair care should be tailored to the individual, so our range considers hair of all textures and types, from the very coarse and dry to the super fine and oily - and everything in between. A selection of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products means that those who prefer to shop with a “green” flair will have plenty to choose from, in what can often be a fraught landscape.

All of our products in the Clean Beauty Hair Care category are:

Cruelty free, Paraben free, Sulfate (SLS/SLES) free, Phthalate free, Aminophenol free, Phenylenediamine free,

Triclosan free, Toluene free, Diethanolamine free.

So whether you’re shopping for triclosane free shampoo, toluene free hair products, phenylenediamine free hair colour or just Australia's best natural hair products, you can be sure that our personally curated selection of non-toxic hair products has been thoroughly considered and curated. 

What about cruelty free?

Yup, we’ve got that covered too. Just like the rest of the Clean Beauty offering, we promise that no kitties have been shampooed and no hounds have been touched when it comes to the haircare available under Clean Beauty.

What sulfates are your products free from?

All haircare in the Clean Beauty category is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate free. These are the more drying sorts of sulfates, and if you’re following the curly girl method or just don’t want to include sulfates in your routine, then this is the place for you!

What about ammonium lauryl sulphate?

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate may sound super similar to the SLS/SLES family but really, they could not be more different! ALS is a much larger molecule, so it is far more difficult for it to penetrate the outer layers of your scalp and thus is MUCH less irritating, unlike its wiley brother.

*In our humble opinion, Yelp may disagree…

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Olaplex No.4 + No.5 Duo by OlaplexOlaplex No.4 + No.5 Duo by Olaplex



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R+Co CENTERPIECE All-In-One Hair Elixir 147ml


I got a tester size of this and made the mistake at first of trying to spray directly onto my hair, which left it kind of oily and gross. Then I tried spraying it onto my hands (it kind of spurts out rather than mists) and then applying evenly through my hair (mostly on ends and mid-lengths). This worked so much better and now I'm in love and also use it on all my girls' long hair too! Beautiful p...
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Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil 30ml


I had heard an influencer raving about this oil and thought I would invest, knowing how much I like Olaplex no. 3. I am thrilled with this. The oil goes such a long way with just 2/3 drops, it smells DIVINE like pineapple and holidays. My hair can tend to get quite dry and knotty the day after curling and this has kept it feeling smooth, soft and manageable.
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R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo

Healthy shiny hair!

I tried this shampoo a while ago in a small sample and really liked it, and I recently splurged and bought the full size product. My hair is sooo soft and shiny, this shampoo is now my go-to as my hair feels amazing! And I am super fussy with my hair! Definitely recommend!

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