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Clarins Water Lip Stain 7ml 7ml

4.4 of 41 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.25


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4.4 of 41 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Rosewater - beautiful


I got this to try as an alternative to benetint (which I have faithfully used for almost two decades), but I actually prefer this. The texture is much better- a bit more viscous- which helps it blend well. It just arrived today so I don't know how long lasting it is.
The Rosewater is very beautiful but is a bit more blue-toned/pink than I anticipated- slightly more cool than in the photo.

Most Helpful Criticism

It lasts whole day long but HARD to apply EVENLY


it last forever and will not transfer, however, it needs patience to apply with weird applicator which cannot apply evenly on my lips.
  1. Great tint


    I am very fair with green eyes and auburn hair. Violet works really well with my colouring. My lips are already a middle toned darkish pink, this stains them very thoroughly and it lasts! I find it best to put simple lanolips on top for a defined but natural(ish!) finish. You only need a tiny amount, and you need to blend fast - I tend to swipe it in a quick line along the lips, then blend it out with my finger tip (then wash Your finger tip quickly!)
  2. Rosewater - beautiful


    I got this to try as an alternative to benetint (which I have faithfully used for almost two decades), but I actually prefer this. The texture is much better- a bit more viscous- which helps it blend well. It just arrived today so I don't know how long lasting it is.
    The Rosewater is very beautiful but is a bit more blue-toned/pink than I anticipated- slightly more cool than in the photo.
  3. Love this


    I love this stain, I actually find I use it for a cheek stain more than the lips, give a really soft, subtle flush
  4. I love this lip stain!


    This lip stain goes on so smoothly and lasts for ages. I have it in a couple of colours. You get a lot of product in the bottle and it's well priced.
  5. Lovely!


    I have tried many stains and have never had success until now, this actually stains the lip evenly and doesn't pool in the middle of the lips like others I've bought and it stays on for quite awhile. It works really well with the Clarins lip oil on top. Would love for there to be more colours released.
  6. Game changer!


    I've always loved Clarins skincare for more years then I care to admit but I have only bought their lip balms but this stuff really sticks and as a committed red lip stick wearer I had read put this on and use your normal lipstick and when that rubs off you will still have a stain and I love it. I bought red water but will check out some of the other shades.
  7. Pretty on lips


    Great colour, and to wear during the day as it lasts a long time and doesn’t have to be reapplied multiple times during the day.
  8. good alternative to lipstick


    This lip stain lasts for a long time on my lips, it has like a sheer tint of colour and the rest is very oily and t hick but if you need something stronger than lipblam than this is perfect!
    Its very comforting and hydrating, a bit slippery at times LOL but other than that its a nice alternative to a lipstick
  9. Hard to apply but lovely colour

    Burmese Cats

    I struggle a little with applying this as other reviewers have said. It is basically a paint brush with very watery lip stain! I do love the colour though and I found it builds in colour. For me it is a little dry so I add a lip balm over the top and the colour lasts most of the day.
  10. Really nice


    Looks really nice! I like the colour and it reminds me of benetint. Super pretty!
  11. Pigment to die for!


    If you're after a long wear stain this is for you! Looooove it! Stays put it is definitely long wear and the colour is amazing and not over the top! Lovvve
  12. Very gorgeous


    So lovely, reminds me a bit of Benefit benetint! This is stunning!
  13. It lasts whole day long but HARD to apply EVENLY


    it last forever and will not transfer, however, it needs patience to apply with weird applicator which cannot apply evenly on my lips.
  14. all day


    Lip stain lasts all day on me, and fades gracefully. The formula is good because it sinks in right away
  15. great stain


    fabulous smelling long wearing lip stain
    applicator can be a little messy but otherwise great !
  16. Smell good


    I bought this, maybe just over a month ago and I’ve used it everyday since! The colour pay off is really nice, great for both natural and subtle glam looks! I love how hydrating it is, but also how it isn’t sticky!! Would 100% recommend!
  17. Great


    I loved how this lip stain stayed on my lips and didn't dry them out.
  18. Better and cheaper products availible


    This is a nice product but simply not worth the price! You can get a selection of lovely lip tints that give the exact same effect from Korean beauty companies.
  19. Perfect for Summer


    I have this in orange water and it is the perfect summer hue - the lip stain glides on and adds a beautiful pop of nourishing colour. It's not slimy or sticky and lasts well throughout the day. I sometimes even like to pair it with a clear gloss or lustrous balm over the top. Would definitely recommend.
  20. Pretty natural effect


    This lip stain is perfect for everyday wear, no need to worry about smudging or wearing off. I bought the red shade hoping to achieve a casual red lip and was not disappointed. Colour is buildable so can be really subtle or built up for a more dramatic look.
  21. Very pretty!


    I bought the Rose Water and Violet Water shades of this lip stain. Admittedly, this is my first foray into the world of lip stains but I'm pretty impressed. My lips are naturally a darkish colour and I usually have to wear really bold lip colours to change the colour of my lips. I wanted something slightly more muted, which wouldn't bleed and wouldn't require constant reapplication as I like low-maintenance beauty.

    So, I've worn each colour to work and sometimes out after work, two times each. Firstly, these colours are fabulous because they don't scream "I'm wearing LOUD lipstick!" but they certainly add a lovely tinted colour to my lips. Next, I used lip liner the first day (just in case) but have forgotten to do so since and haven't experienced any bleeding, which I'm so ecstatic about! As for staying power... I've had to reapply these stains after about 6 hours - which I think is pretty amazing. The 6 hours includes breakfast, lunch, coffees, water and my crippling addiction to lip balm (which I apply at least twice an hour). I think if I were to apply lip balm only a couple of times a day, these stains would last a lot longer. I can't speak to whether or not they dry the lips out - my obsessive application of lip balm means my lips are never dry! 10/10 would highly recommend these lip stains to everyone.
  22. So good.


    I've owned a lot of Korean lip stains and decided to invest in this one because I just love these types of lip products a lot. Was it worth the investment? YES. It's incredibly long-lasting and you just need to put it on once in the morning and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Had it on while swimming once and it didn't budge! No weird taste like some stains can have, and the colours are gorgeous. You can wear it sheer or bold, which is what I love about it. Highly recommend!
  23. excellent long lasting lip stain


    This is a great product, and stains your lips perfectly. I use the rosewater and the colour is great. Add a clear gloss over the top and away you go. Perfect!
  24. Expensive for size but good


    This is expensive for 7ml!!! But I initially bought it for the korean gradient lip effect and my mum ended up liking it more as an everyday lip product so its hers now! This is really lightweight but hydrating and gives off a natural, healthy look to the lips
  25. Long lasting


    I bought this in the colour in rose water. I have fair-medium skin tone and this colour was beautiful. The colour is buildable too. I like to put on a very light layer and it lasts through one meal and fades evenly.
  26. Great Lasting Lip Tint


    I don't particularly like wearing lipstick so this product is for me. I read the reviews and didn't really know what to expect as some people really like it and some don't. I don't mind it, but this one is my first lip tint I have. It's lasting for half a day for me, so by after lunch the tint is pretty much gone. I find application is not a problem like some people say, it's pretty easy to apply. I think the colour is not as "natural" as some people say, they look like lipstick colour. Overall it's a good buy.
  27. Smudge proof and lasts all day!


    I purchased this based off an instagram review and it is amazing! Unlike a normal lip stick, this product has staying power! It doesn’t smudge, it lasts all day and is lightweight! I couldn’t be happier with this product!
  28. Gorgeous Shade, limited staying power!


    Purchased in Violet Water shade, gorgeous colour for my skin tone, olive 'Mediterranean' skin tone. With just the right amount of pop in colour Did find that the product has 'limited' staying power only lasting a few hours before needing application. Did also find the product difficult to apply.
  29. Just not what I expected at all


    I really, really wanted to like this but have been left feeling quite disappointed.

    I bought the violet water colour. I definitely did not have an issue with applying it, as some others have found it dries quickly. However, I found I had plenty of time to apply it well before it set.

    The problem with it is that it just didn't last.I probably got about two hours max out of it before I had to reapply as it just faded so quickly. I have tried it several times and the same result. I have also done two layers of it and I continue to have the same result of it not lasting.

    Nice bottle, nice colour while it lasts.....no staying power.
  30. Stay proof!


    Gorgeous, lightweight lip stains that are sheer and smell like berries. I love how they deepen with each layer and keep your lips hydrated and glossy. Application takes a bit of practice though as the stains are quite thin. Overall, the colours are gorgeous and look natural.
  31. Awesome staying power


    I love this product. I never leave the house without some colour on my lips. This is awesome! Beautiful colour, easy to apply and it really does last. Now I need to buy the other shades...
  32. Hydrating


    Super hydrating but can be a little bit messy/hard to apply.
  33. Stays on forever


    I have been looking for a stain that is easy to apply and last forever. I finally found it!! I have 03 red water and my lips look like I just had a popsicle except the stickiness. I will repurchase
  34. Long lasting stain


    Similar to Benetint, it’s long lasting and an easy alternative to lipstick.
  35. Love this!


    This lip stain is incredible! I have naturally red lips and medium skin, and I love the violet color! I apply it in the morning and it doesn't fade whatsoever. You can eat, drink, workout, shower, and it stays on your lips for the day. I personally use a cotton swab when applying it on my lips because it dries very quickly after applying and a cotton swab helps me apply more effectively. Overall, I highly recommend this!
  36. The lip colour you want when you're not wearing lipstick


    Stains are absolutely my work around when I need a bit of colour and don't want the worry of lipstick (I seem to end up getting lipstick on my teeth or smudge it all over the place!). The red water colour at first looked liked the completely wrong shade for my pale complexion, but once painted on and blotted off it was absolutely perfect. Natural looking and with a bit of staying power.
    I wasn't a fan of the brush applicator, as I found it hard to be precise when putting it on. I'd image putting some on the middle of the lip and then using your finger to smudge it in would be the easier way to ensure you don't "colour outside the lines" with the applicator.
  37. Decent lasting lip stain


    I have this in the shade Violet Water. It's a lightweight lip stain that dries down matte. Once dried, you don;t feel it on the lips at all. Would have given this 5 stars if it had a little more lasting power. This doesn;t compare to my all-time favourite, YSL tatouage lip stain.
  38. Not bad!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have a lot of lipsticks, and probably half of my collection are lip stains collected from all over the world.

    My favourite lip stains are just like this one - they're transparent, they're versatile, they're lightweight, they stay where you put them.

    Where this diverges from my preferences though, is that this is too easy to remove at the end of the day. I prefer the ones that reaaaaally stain your skin, rather than ones you can take off with micellar water. So! Me giving this three stars isn't really a negative, just a statement of preferences I guess?

    The lasting power of this is really good, it just doesn't replace my absolute fav from Korea!
  39. Whoa!

    Alexandra (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Okay, so I gave this four stars. I have the red colour and it's incredible - lightweight on the lips, smells delicious, and the colour is incredible. It dries down to a matte finish and is really comfortable to wear.

    The only issue with this product is that you have to be REALLY CAREFUL with your application. Because it's so lightweight you have to be careful to get an even layer, and if you made a mistake it's over - the applicator could do with some improvement, because it's hard to get it super precise.

    Once this product is on though, it's ON. It lasts beautifully throughout the day, through coffees and lunch.

    I'd definitely rate this product if you have the time to be careful with your application!
  40. Lip Stain don't lie!

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Punchy and juicy colours, this Clarins Lip Stain has the best pigment and staying power over anything else I've tried. Not to mention, it smells good enough to eat! The sponge applicator makes it easy, though I recommend the initial application in front of a mirror - with THAT staying power, any slip up is risky. If you're after some extra moisturisation, I suggest applying a matte, clear balm underneath also. I'm buying one in each colour :)
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