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Clarins develops skin care and makeup products that deliver optimal results and are a pleasure to use, to help you make the most of your beauty. Clarins' botanically-based products contain ingredients specially selected for their proven effectiveness. Clarins offers skin care treatments for the Face and Body, effective Sun Care products and a complete range of Colour Cosmetics. Within Clarins' extensive offering, you are certain to find answers to address your personal beauty needs. Effective no-nonsense products to keep your skin in great working condition!

Why we love Clarins
Clarins is a family brand - to this day, Clarins is run by the descendants of founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The products are made with love and knowledge that has stood the test of time!
Clarins is continuously innovating - research is conducted in-house, meaning formulations, ingredients and techniques can't be replicated
Clarins is responsible - the brand works with fair trade principles and local communities to buy their raw materials
Clarins is all about education - in fact, Clarins actually began life as a beauty institute in an exclusive area of Paris!
Clarins listens - there are research centres and staff, not to mention retail outlets, all over the world, as Clarins is very much committed to making every person's life that little bit more beautiful. They even re-formulate best-sellers to make them even further effective!
Clarins is made in France - rest assured that, unlike other brands, which have dubious product origins, Clarins is always manufactured in the Gallic country, where nothing but high quality and safe standards is demanded by the brand.
Clarins is the number one luxury skincare brand in Europe - that's no mean feat, considering how many high end face, body and hand care products exist there. And we all know what exquisite taste people from this continent have!

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The first Clarins Institute was created in Paris by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954. Intrigued by the secrets of plants, Jacques decided that beauty was a sciences that deserved new treatment formulas. He devoted a French-style standard of excellence to beauty and women which would take the world by storm. 

Clarins aims at being a socially-responsible company and takes several steps to ensure they give back to the communities around the globe.

Clarins has joined with Pro Natura in Brazil to protect natural vegetation from industrial activities.

Clarins has also worked with Alp Action to save the flora on Alpine peaks.

Clarins has supported the work in Madagascar to replant the "Katafray" or "the Healing Tree"

Clarins stopped animal testing in 1987 and in 2011 received approval from Ecocert for the organic ingredients they use in their products.


The Clarins lab, headed by the Director of Clarins Research, knows more about plants than anyone else. To stay on the cutting edge, they work with 10 of the most advanced research centres and universities and each plant that arrives at Clarins is controlled and tested to ensure that the extraction from the plants are the most effective active ingredients .


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