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Cire Trudon have excelled in candle creation since the 17th century. Once the owners of the famous Manufacture Royale des Cires, the royal wax manufacturer who provided candles to the Versailles palace, Cire Trudon today now make boutique candles with a focus on high quality scents and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Originally created with beeswax, Cire Trudon became renowned for their beautifully luminescent white candles which illuminated the dark with an almost daylight intensity. Masters of the wax process, they had created via a time intensive process of bleaching with sunlight, which was later chronicalled in the Encyclopedia of Reason for Science, Art and Trade in 1761. Today, though Cire Trudon candles are now created with a more sustainable blend of vegetable waxes, the motto on their emblem “Deo regique laborant” refers to the bees who “work for god and king.” They supplied Versailles up until the days of the French Revolution, and after that continued to provide fine candles and wax products to Napoleon’s imperial court thereafter.


Which Cire Trudon candles are the most popular?

  • Abd El Kader Candle is Cire Trudon’s exquisite rendition of Moroccan mint tea. More fresh and comforting than minty, Abd El Kader is inviting. With a blend that is surprisingly creamy and awakens the senses, Abd El Kader brings a cool feel to summertime, or a summer feel to any other time of the year.
  • Cire Trudon Reggio Candle centres fresh mandarin. More than just a single note candle, Reggio takes the idea of what a mandarin could be, and elevates this note to an almost honeyed brightness with notes of mimosa and grapefruit. Sparkling and uplifting.
  • Ernesto is one of Cire Trudon’s most popular scents. An ideal gift for a man, and well at home in a library or study, this candle is a perfect harmony of tobacco and leather. With creamy notes of patchouli and amber, Ernesto is warm and comforting.

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Cire Trudon White Abd el Kader 270gm  by Cire TrudonCire Trudon White Abd el Kader 270gm  by Cire Trudon

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Cire Trudon Hupo Candle 270gm  by Cire TrudonCire Trudon Hupo Candle 270gm  by Cire Trudon

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Cire Trudon White Abd el Kader 800gm by Cire TrudonCire Trudon White Abd el Kader 800gm by Cire Trudon

$359.20 $449.00

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Cire Trudon Madurai Candle 270g

Lovely candle!

This candle looks so chic on display as well as smelling amazing! It’s my second time purchasing this particular scent, and I plan on using the jar once it’s finished to house my makeup brushes!
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incredible scent

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