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Circa Home
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Official Australian Stockist of Circa Home | Free Shipping. Indulge your senses with the fragrant, Australian-made, scented products from Circa Home.

Circa Home's light and refreshing fragrances are infused into a variety of home products ranging from mood-defining scented soy wax candles to fragrance diffusers and hand washes.
Transport yourself to the tropics with Circa Home's tropical blends or choose a more soothing combination of vanilla and bergamot. Whichever scent you choose, you'll be instantly welcomed home by a bouquet of beautiful fragrances.

Never leave a burning candle unattended or out of your immediate sight.
Keep the flame away from anything that could catch fire
Children should not be able to reach the candle and should be supervised when around it at all times.
Do not burn the 260g Circa Home Classic candles for more less than one hour, or more than four hours. 

Circa Home

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Making the most of your Circa Home candles

When you’re feeling like your home could use a boost, adding the perfect candle can totally change the game. Beautiful, swirling scents from clean-burning soy candles will elevate any atmosphere, and Circa Home brings you any vibe you’re looking to create with their delicate, unique candles.


Circa Home candles are intended to complement, not overpower, a space. Each fragrance is carefully crafted to elevate a room rather than take it over completely. This careful leveling of fragrance over the candle’s burn time allows the gentle fragrance to create harmony, rather than chaos, in your space.


If you’re looking for a more intense scent, Circa Home candles are perfect for cocktailing! This allows you to truly personalize your space while still maintaining a peaceful, non-irritating vibe. A cocktail of Circa Home candles will be a soothing sensorial experience- not a suffocating one. Try Mango & Papaya with Oceanique to create the scent of cocktails by the ocean or Vanilla Bean & Allspice with Narcissus and Patchouli for a sultry, romantic night in. While each scent is beautiful on its’ own, you can truly personalize your home by creating your own perfect combo.


Circa Home candles work best when they’re properly cared for. A little candle maintenance never hurts! Maintain the integrity of your Circa Home candle by ensuring the wick is trimmed, and extinguishing the flame with a proper candle snuffer or by lightly blowing it out. Extinguishing the flame by throwing water on it or closing the lid may cause the candle to become damaged or stained with soot. Ensure your Circa Home candle is stored in a cool, dry place to minimize melting or dust.


Don’t love candles? Circa Home also makes hand washes and wax melts, allowing anyone to bring a little of their gorgeous scents home.


Circa Home Pear & Lime Classic Candle 260g

I love that Circa Home candles are soy, if you maintain the wick as per... read more >>

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