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Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Oil 250ml

4.6 of 88 reviews


4 instalments of $23.50

Or 4 instalments of $23.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $23.50

Or 4 instalments of $23.50 with LEARN MORE

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A best-selling, cult classic product to truly, deeply nourish even the most damaged of hair types. Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Oil mask's creamy formula absorbs perfectly into hair for a deep and lasting action from root to tip.
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Dull, lacking shine

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Oil Reviews

4.6 of 88 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Absolute luxury


Smells divine. Softens and moisturises hair and leaves it so smooth and silky. I've been using it once and week, and notice the shine and manageability improving with each use. Expensive, but worth it in my opinion!

Most Helpful Criticism



Nourishing and smoothing hair ok. Distinct smell.
  1. Absolute luxury


    Smells divine. Softens and moisturises hair and leaves it so smooth and silky. I've been using it once and week, and notice the shine and manageability improving with each use. Expensive, but worth it in my opinion!
  2. i mean yes but not worth the price


    this is a gorgeous mask yes it is but for the price i mean i have had just as good at half the cost do i enjoy it yes does my hair feel gorgeous yes i have dry fine hair that is heat damaged will i repurchase it no, ive had just as good from brands sold on adore for half the price
  3. Expensive but nice


    I think there are products out there just as good but it is very nice to use. I have very long hair with slightly dry ends. This is very nourishing but doesn’t weigh hair down.
  4. Silky soft


    I received a sample of this product and I must admit I was convinced after one use. It left my hair feeling so amazingly soft. The only thing is I am not a huge fan of the smell but a different leave-in product did cover it.
  5. one of the best hair products


    my naturally wavy hair love this mask. it makes my hair silky smooth, hydrated, and the wave in my hair becomes more defined. I love using it after the scalp scrub and styling with a bit of the CR sandalwood hair cream.
  6. Ok


    Nourishing and smoothing hair ok. Distinct smell.
  7. Beautiful Mask


    Loved using this mask, it is so hydrating and leaves my hair feels soft and nourished after use.
  8. Definitely a 5 star hair mask - and you don't need much


    I first received this as a sample pot, didn't think much about it - until I tried it. The Regenerating Mask slides effortlessly over wet hair after rinsing out with a good cleansing shampoo (I personally like the Christophe Robin Salt Scrub to start with). I've decided to move towards these more natural hair products to help improve condition and reduce the frizz. I didn't notice the scent as bein...
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  9. Nourishing Hair Mask


    After finishing the 50ml sample of the hair mask, I feel that my hair more silky and soft. I didn't buy a full size for the time being because my hair is easy to oil now. I want to try more oil control products. But there is no denying that this product is very suitable for some friends who need moisturizing hair.
  10. Very impressed! Silky shiny hair!


    I just purchased the full size of this after finishing a free sample. I felt the last thing I needed was another hair product but the results of this product are hard to ignore and addictive - I just had to have it! It left my hair silky and shiny right through to the ends and you only need a small amount to recieve results. The fragrance smells a bit like baby powder but is inoffensive. I really ...
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  11. Nourishing mask


    I purchased this mask in a duo with the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub and had zero knowledge or expectations of it. I was pleasantly surprised on first use to find that this mask is actually fantastic! A little bit goes a long way and leaves your hair feeling nourished, soft, shiny but not at all weighted down. The smell remind me of my nan (in a good way) and lingered in my hair for ...
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  12. Soft hair, shame about the scent


    Amazing hair mask- does leave my hair soft and smooth, however the smell is awful! It is also really quite expensive for the size, so not for regular use for me.
  13. Can't live without it


    I use this hair mask without fail once a week. It has resurrected my dry and coloured hair dramatically. This is my desert island must-have! It is seriously nourishing without weighing down your hair after use.
  14. Good product


    Really love the way it works on my hair. My hair does not look damaged anymore. But price point it's pretty expensive. So I keep using it occasionally.
  15. Great product


    Great product. Does everything it says it does. Smell is not to my liking.
  16. I can’t fault it


    Let’s start with a PERFECT. My hair is dry and after I unbleached it starts to break and coursing lots of split ends as well. I thought I would never see my hair to shine again. A friend told me about this product and it is the best. I’ve been using kerastase for a while, but I’ll be with this one instead. It makes my hair very soft, shine and hydrated. I’ve been using with the shampoo of the same...
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  17. A little bit expensive. But worth it


    I bought a small suit. After a complete fall in love. The hair is super smooth. The smell is good
  18. Believe the hype!


    I received a sample of the Regenerating Mask and ordered the full size before the sample had finished! Absolutely lovely product, love the smell and the way it makes my hair so soft afterwards. Its quite nourishing without weighing the hair down. Definitely not cheap - a bit of a splurge but well worth it if you love hair masks!
  19. Beat cream to recovery my damage hair

    Rita Alencar

    I bleached my entire hair because I was sick of my old black hair and my hair got totally damage , broken pieces, very dry and split ends. After a good cut the only thing that helped was this amazing cream. The smell is not my favourite part and I’ve took half star for that reason. Best cream, now my hair is shine and looks very healthy. Miracle is possible with it, but a bit overpriced. Will buy ...
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  20. Best hair product of all time


    Best thing I’ve ever invested in. Easy peasy application - 5 minutes in the shower. Hair so silky it wont stay up in clips - legit silky shiny mane. And I live in humidity city, far north QLD. All I can say is save your pennies, this is the product you’ve been waiting for. All day I felt like I’d just walked out of the hairdresser.
  21. can't get enough


    got this as a sample and oh my god I'm inlove!! smells amazing and leaves my damaged hair feeling so soft and silky. definitely will be purchasing the full product
  22. leaves the hair soft


    i have used it only a few times and my hair feels softer. it smells nice and i really like it. i have short relatively frizzy hair and this controls my frizz too i feel.
  23. lovely


    Absolutely loved this product! I received a sample with my last order from Adore (thanks) and really loved it! I used it in place of a conditioner. You only need a small amount so I feel like the full size product would be worth every cent, however I am still hesitant to purchase due to the high price!
  24. Worth the money


    Love this product so much. Smells great and leaves hair feeling hydrated and healthy. Also gives a very lively smoothness and shine. Highly recommend .
  25. Phenomenal hair mask


    I’ve received multiple samples of this product over the years and I always enjoy it - it feels and smells so nice and makes my hair feel so amazing and soft. The price point is a little high but I feel like it’s worth it for the ingredients and would definitely consider purchasing in the future
  26. Worth it


    I have combination hair of normal at the roots and dry/wavy mid to ends. This balances out the condition of my hair. It smells great and although expensive, a fall pot has lasted me well over a year.
  27. Amazing for Curls!


    This product is absolutely worth every cent. It has really helped restore my damaged curls into the most gorgeous ringlets & I see the most amazing results during every use.
  28. Beautiful


    I received this as a deluxe sized bonus gift with my order (thanks adore) and I absolutely adored it. The texture is so lovely and the fragrance is Devine. I picked up on the lanolin straight away and this made me think that it was going to be heavy on my hair, but after washing, blowdrying and straightening, my hair was so soft and looked lovely. The little jar is 50ml and I have used it 4 times ...
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  29. Recommended for smooth results

    G Zhou

    Tried this product from a free sample with order, great to use in the shower after shampoo in place of conditioner. Possibly purchase again but hesitant due to price.
  30. The most amazing mask I've ever tried


    I have long, fine, brunette, dry hair. I have troubles with split ends and breakage due to heat styling and I've tried every hair mask under the sun. Despite the price, this is by far the greatest hair treatment I've ever used. It makes my hair feel soft, shiny, bouncy and you notice a huge difference after 1 treatment.

    It's a very concentrated product, so a little bit distributes so...
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  31. just amazing!


    I received a sample of this product and honestly this has been the best mask I ever tried so far- It is ridiculously good. My hair was so incredibly soft. I just wish it was heaps cheaper. I'm about to order a full size mask so hopefully it will last me a long time.
  32. Just one thing


    I LOVE the way this mask makes my hair look and feel (so soft and silky) but I just cannot get over the horrible scent. It's super strong and it lingers too
  33. Good results


    This mask has a very weird paint-like smell which fortunately doesn't stay after you wash it out. The result is really soft hair, very well conditioned and no greasy build up. I use it after the CR scalp scrub, they go nicely together.
  34. Super nourishing mask


    I received a sample pot in a recent Adore order. This is a very nourishing mask and I saw results after a single use. Will definitely purchase the full size when my I have used all of my current mask.
  35. Worth it


    This is expensive but absolutely worth it. I have weather damaged curly hair and find this super nourishing.
    It also smells beautiful.
  36. Holy Grail Hair Mask


    I received a small sample pot of this mask in an Adore goodie bag last year and will be purchasing the full size very soon. Although pricey, a little goes a long way and the results fully justify the spend!!
    The mask is sumptuous and creamy in texture and makes my frizzy, unmanageable hair soft, smooth and shiny. Highly recommend!
  37. Holy grail


    Worth the price tag!
  38. I haven't noticed a huge difference


    I don't really love the heavy perfume smell..and so far it hasn't improved my hair very much..but i will keep using and see after a few uses whether it does smooth and hydrate my hair
  39. Beautiful but SO Expensive


    Such a gorgeous hair mask... it's so nourishing and hydrating for my fine, damaged and weak hair. Yet - it's so light at the same time! Hair is softer, manageable and shiny. I just wish it was less expensive. It think it's VERY expensive for the Christophe Robin haircare line. A little does go a long way but still. It doesn't have the best scent ever, but it fades and isn't tooo strong.
  40. Soooo nourishing


    I have curly hair and ALWAYS have a dry scalp and hair. I was given this as a sample and loved it. I will definitely purchase. My curls formed so well after - so much less frizz
  41. frizzy hair tamer


    This mask tames my frizzy, curly hair. Smells great and super softening
  42. Lovely product


    I got this as a sample. This is a really nice conditioning hair mask. Made my hair soft, detangled and feel much healthier (I have bleached/damaged hair). I love the smell, and you don’t need to use a lot. It is too pricey for me to buy but I can see why it’s expensive, it’s a very nice product.
  43. Lovely and soft


    I received this as a free sample. It is a quality product and left my hair lovely and manageable. I have shoulder length colored hair. Unfortunately this is a little too expensive for me.
  44. Smells so luxurious

    Chele Pagno

    This mask is amazing - extremely moisturising! I only need to use a tiny bit because otherwise it can make my hair feel a little weighed down and greasy. You only need to leave it on for a few minutes so no waiting around for this one. The smell as with all Christophe products is to die for, it smells so luxurious!
  45. This is so lush!


    I received a sample of this from Adore Beauty and got 3 uses out of it. I have bleached hair and it can be frizzy sometimes. This is absolutely gorgeous on my hair and leaves it silky smooth and soft but without a heavy feeling.
  46. So nourishing and luxurious


    I bought this for my Mum as a present for her dry, wiry, blonde coloured hair, and she is thrilled with it. She said she only uses a tiny amount and that it is really potent and nourishing and her hair felt soft and hydrated.
  47. Dream mask


    This mask has changed the game for me. It’s so hydrating but doesn’t leave my hair heavy.
    Works so well in conjunction with the shampoo.
  48. Wowsers


    Ok, so this smells like grandma, and not the nice one. However, it does feel so luxurious. My hair was so much easier to brush and was so soft afterwards. I received a sample pot which was plenty! I slathered generously over my hair, came on here to see the price.... then I cried. Loved it but unfortunately not in my budget to have as a shower staple *sniff
  49. Fab


    I received this as a sample and it is fantastic. Love it when you get a sample large enough so you can actually determine whether the product is suitable to you. This makes my hair so shiny and soft. Don’t need too much of it, which is good considering the price.
  50. I cannot live without this mask!


    My hair is very long and coloured. I don't mind spending a little more money on products that do their job and do it well, and this is such a product. Absolutely incredible stuff! Smells great and leave my hair feeling like silk. I leave it on for 15 minutes in the shower and then follow with conditioner. I love that it doesn't have silicone in it or other nasties!

    I am exploring oth...
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  51. Incredible


    The smell alone is worth the five star rating. I absolutely love the smell of this gorgeous hair product. I’m used to using hair treatments from midlength to ends, so I was apprehensive of the root to tip directions, but it works. Makes my hair silky smooth and doesn’t leave my scalp and roots oily. I love the way it emulsifies when water is added. It’s the best hair treatment I’ve ever used....
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  52. Smells great.


    I purchased this based on reviews and friend's recommendations. As I have fine hair that can get dry at the ends, so I had high hopes for some great results. However, while it is a good mask and I can feel the difference I am not wowed as many are. Could be my hair type? I'll definitely keep using it as it smells great but I probably won't buy agin.
  53. Highly recommend


    Great at reversing the damage from my hair straighter and blow dryer. It rinses out easily and my hair feels so soft and looks shiny. It is pretty pricey but a little bit does go a long way.
  54. Very good


    I have very long coloured hair which takes a bit of looking after to keep healthy. I love this mask to replenish my locks, alternating with baby blonde and I use the sea salt wash beforehand. Keeps my hair soft and shiny. Love this combo
  55. Great, but undecided on value


    I got this mask as a sample and it is great. Really restored moisture to my hair and I loved the smell. I've only used it a few times, so can't vouch for the long term affects. I probably wouldn't pay the price for the full tub though...I love all Christophe Robin products, but really have to prioritise what I purchase as they are so expensive!
  56. A little goes a long way


    I received this as a sample and have since bought the full size. It seems expensive but you only need a small amount and with my mid-back length hair, a tub will last 6 months using it once a week. It leaves your hair so soft and silky, you will not be able to stop touching it!
  57. Weightless


    Makes my hair feel much more nourished, especially after a long time using hot tools! Doesn't weigh down/ make hair greasy after you rinse either
  58. Love it


    My hair was dry however after using this mask, feels like i've just been to the salon.
  59. All your silky hair dreams come true...


    I rarely do reviews but so in love with this product after one use!
    My hair is long, has not been cut in over a year, prone to frizz, bleached blonde, and constantly blow dried and straightened. After one treatment (and you don't need much), my hair is seriously like silk. I can't stop touching it! And I love the smell.
    I'm a big fan of Olaplex, but this is next level A-MAZ-ING.
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  60. Hair nirvana


    This product is freaking amazing!!! I received a sample in a free gift and am definitely saving up my pennies to buy the full size. Over the years I've wasted so much money buying expensive shampoos and conditioners but my hair has never looked or felt any different than when I use the cheaper ones. With this product however, it's like I've just left a really good hair salon. My hair is so soft I ...
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  61. Worth the money


    Received this as a sample and I’m going straight out to buy it. I have never been able to recreate a salon like feel in my hair at home until finding this. It’s absolutely amazing. Expensive but you honestly don’t need to use a lot at all and it’s far cheaper than trips to the hairdresser for the same kind of feeling.
  62. Best hair of my life!


    This is amazing! I received it as a deluxe sample but doubt I’d hesitate to pay the big price as it’s given my usually dry, split ended hair the biggest hair makeover of my life. My hair hasn’t been this soft since I was a kid. Pairs perfectly with the sea salt scalp scrub. Holy grail hair mask!
  63. Salon Worthy Hair


    My hair was dry however after using this mask, feels like i've just been to the salon.
    Just love it - such a treat!
  64. Highly effective and nourishing


    I love using this after the purifying scrub. I find the mask really nourishing and really effective, even after having used a few times. My normally course and frizzy hair becomes so smooth, shiny and soft, I wake up in the morning feeling like a superstar. It's all part of the luxurious hair care experience with Christophe Robin and it's amazing! You don't need a lot so this could last a long tim...
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  65. Super Healthy Hair!


    I've been using the Christophe Robin Regenerating range for a few months now and my hair is so healthy! I have thick, long hair and use a small amount of the mask and am left with soft, shiny, bouncy hair. Definitely worth the money!
  66. Fantastic but expensive


    I really love what this does to my dry, brittle, frizzy hair but the cost is high. I'm someone who likes to do a hair mask every week but I leave this for when my hair is really in need of some love.
  67. Fantastic. Soft hair.


    I received a premium trial in my adore beauty goody bag and used it in my hair. It left my hair so soft I am considering repurchasing just from one use.
  68. The best!


    Received a sample of this with a prior adore order and this has honestly changed my hair! It feels so soft and healthy I have also noticed some growth in the month I’ve been using it. The smell is kind of reminds me of talcum powder but I don’t find it that over whelming and settles on the hair when dried.
  69. Happy Healthy Hair!


    I received a premium sample size of this product in a promotional gift and it's simply amazing. I've used it on my hair several times more and it's so luxurious!

    I've short, thick hair that's prone to going wild but this treatment tames the savage beast! It leaves my hair silky smooth and soft with a wonderful shine. Best part is that I only needed a small dab to run through my hair....
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  70. Best Hair Mask Ever!


    My hair was dry however after using this mask, feels like i've just been to the salon.
  71. Hair saviour


    I received a sample of this and instantly loved it. Yes the scent is quite strong but to me I quite liked it. What is important is it left my hair feeling soft and manageable. I have highlights and my hair tends to lean towards the dry side, especially on the ends. This mask transformed my hair after a few uses. The price point though is a bit expensive for me to spend on a hair mask and for that ...
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  72. Super expensive but it lasts!


    Look, it's super expensive, but it works really well and made my hair feel incredible. I tend to only use it once every couple of weeks, so it lasts.
  73. Nice mask


    This does make the hair feel fresh and healthy. However not sure if worth the money just yet.
  74. Expensive but works well


    This mask really improves my hair overall. My hair looks more healthy and soft than before. I use it one to two times every week and I can already see the difference. The only downside is the price, it a bit too expensive. Other than that, definitely love it.

  75. Soft hair dont care!


    makes your hair feel really soft and shiny!
  76. Loved it!


    I am using this mask once a week on my blonde (bottle), thick and occasionally frizzy hair. After four uses, I am noticing a great difference in the overall texture, appearance and manageability of my hair. There are some negative comments about the smell of the product but I actually really like it; I think it is fresh and clean. The only downfall is the price tag.
  77. Love


    After receiving a sample (which was generous in size), I have invested in the full size tub. It's super luxe and leaves my hair soft and manageable for the week after use.
    Some people comment on the strength of the fragrance, but I personally like it. Super clean and expensive. I didn't give it five stars as I do think the price is ridiculous.
  78. Cult Classic!


    This is the best treatment I've used. I had bleach damaged hair, not fried... but just about ready to start snapping. This seriously brought my hair back to health. It is a little heavy when used with the Regenerating shampoo, but it was like I'd just stepped out of the salon when I used it with the Green People Detox Shampoo.
    I would totally recommend this over the Oribe Gold Lust range. <...
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  79. Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask


    This product makes your hair super soft but oh my goodness does it stink! If you are at all sensitive to heavy fragrance then you will not like this. Smells very powdery Chanel number 5ish. The product does work but it definitely doesn’t work any better than other products that don’t smell horrible.
  80. Worth it


    This product is definitely pricey, don't get me wrong, and for some may not be worth the hefty price tag but as someone with hair that has been bleached to oblivion this is a total game changer. It made my hair so super soft, just like I had been to the salon!
  81. Amazing mask, wish the smell wasn't so strong!


    This range of hair care is incredible. My hair is repaired and soft. I can even air dry it. Only negative is the smell. It is overpowering and sometime nauseating. Similar to the smell of baby powder and nappies.
  82. Amazing


    I received a sample of this product. This stuff is amazing. Made my fair soooo soft. I've enjoyed this sample very much
  83. The most beautiful mask out


    I received this as a sample and oh...my....god. Best hair mask I have ever used! It looks expensive but you don’t need much at all! The sample did mine and my daughters hair (hers is waist length and mine is thick) and hair is like SILK after. Even made brushing her hair easier as no knots after so no carrying on whilst getting her hair done which was a first. I’ll be buying for sure!!
  84. It works


    This is an amazing hair mask that actually works. It is very expensive but a little bit goes a very long way and I have long hair. It spreads easy throughout the hair and after rinsing off leaves hair so soft and smooth. Love the smell aswell.
  85. Nothing special


    I've seen a taiwanese show recommending this hair mask a few years back and i got this myself finally. There's no noticeable changes of my hair but only a slightly smoother hair texture and thats all. Maybe it doesn't suit my hair type as i already did hair straightening
  86. Small sample was a nice taste


    I got a sample of this in my most recent adore order and it definitely made a difference in my hair. It made it feel smooth which it often doesn't as i blow dry my hair daily, and gave it a lovely fresh scent!
  87. I received a free sample and now I need more!


    Adore beauty sent me a free sample of this product with my last order. Perfect timing, because I had lightened my hair this week and it was feeling incredibly dry! Just the small sample size was enough to make my below-shoulder length hair feel so soft and nourished. It's scent is nice, a few people in the reviews seem to disagree with me on that, but I liked it! I'll definitely be adding this to ...
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  88. Amazing


    have very fine wavy but dry and heat-damaged hair. This stuff is amazing! My absolute favorite conditioner. Doesn't weigh my hair down but makes it soft, silky and shiny. I use it with the volumizing shampoo. I wash my hair about 6 days per week. I use the lemon cleansing balm every other day and the volumizing shampoo/this conditioner combo every other day.
  89. Rich and hydrating


    A really lovely mask to use on extra dry hair, especially after the Christophe Robin sea salt shampoo. I like to make sure I really massage it into my scalp to hydrate that area too. Especially good when left for several hours to really get into the follicles. My only criticism is that you need to ensure you really thoroughly rinse- it's easy to think you are done washing it out, only to realise y...
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  90. So good but so expensive


    This is a great hair mask, I scoop out a little with my fingers and leave it in my hair after shampooing.
    It's a thick cream and it stays well in my hair for 5-10 minutes then I rinse out.
    As I'm rinsing out I can feel my hair is silky and smooth.
    I have bleached and dyed hair and this helps keep it healthy.
    The pot is a good size and will last me awhile, especially as I on...
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  91. Good Hair Mask


    I've lighten my hair and it's quite dry. My hair feels great after using this hair mask. However, the only drawback is the scent. I prefer more fruity and fresher scenes
  92. My hair feels so healthy and silky


    After a few uses of this mask has definitely seen a change in my colour treated hair. Will definitely purchase again.
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