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butter LONDON Hardwear Top Coat


butter LONDON Hardwear Top Coat P.D. Quick (Pretty Darn Quick!) is the finishing touch to make any manicure perfect. One coat of this magic formula will jazz up any nail lacquer to give that wet, super shiny look and prolong the life of your manicure.

butter LONDON, a new concept in nail care, offering the most exclusive colours available in a non-toxic, long-lasting formula.

butter LONDON 3 free lacquers:
- NO formaldehyde
- NO toluene

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Shiny topcoat - 21-06-2018 by

This is a great topcoat that protects my nail colour and adds shine.
It helps my nail polish to last longer and minimises chipping.
I do wish that it was just a little more shiny, but this is pretty good.
I use this with the basecoat and feel the combination really helps protect my nails and the nail colour.
The bottle looks classic and is great to store together, rather than the typical round nail polish bottles that take up a lot of room. It might not sound like much but it's appreciated by me as I don't have much storage space!

good but not nothing special - 04-02-2012 by

whilst the base coat is absolutely brilliant and Holy Grail as far as I am concerned the top coat is just average for comparable brands. I do not think it outperfoms say sally hanson miracle top coat in any criteria...slower to dry, not as shiny not as long lasting Unless I become seriously concerned with the additive thing I will not repurchase. I was a bit disappointed really as I am besotted with the base coat. NB I have just realised I am using the top coat over an essie polish. I am ordering some Butter colours and if I find it performs better over them I shall amend the review.

Hardwear Top Coat - Review - 10-03-2011 by

Quite good. However, did not deliver quite the results i had hoped for. But yes, there was some improvement to my soft nails. Will keep using this brand because of the lack of formaldehyde.

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