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Blinc Mascara Amplified 8.5g

4.2 of 31 reviews


$9.50 x 4

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$9.50 x 4

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Blinc Mascara Amplified

Blinc Mascara Amplified

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4.2 of 31 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Great texture, enhances lashes
I love this mascara and have been using for 2 years now. It does amplify
my lashes, lasts all day without flaking or smudging and removal is so easy, the tubes literally slide off and no smudging.
  1. Great texture, enhances lashes

    I love this mascara and have been using for 2 years now. It does amplify
    my lashes, lasts all day without flaking or smudging and removal is so easy, the tubes literally slide off and no smudging.
  2. Great product & service

    Love this mascara, no more panda eyes with no smudging through the day.
  3. Awesome

    doesn't smudge or wear throughout the day. My lashes are full, plump and super long.
  4. Intense

    Adds a lot of volume and depth to lashes and is truly smudge-proof. A bit expensive though
  5. Gorgeous!

    Does such a fantastic job and doesn't smudge or wear throughout the day. My lashes are full, plump and super long. Always get so many compliments wearing this mascara
  6. Great tubular mascara

    This mascara is fantastic if you are looking for a genuine tubing mascara. No panda eyes if I forget to take it off before bed. It only comes of in water.
    Its not very thick, so is more of a natural mascara, whereas I prefer something with more fullness. Its great if you like a more natural look. Highly recommend.
  7. Really good

    I have really oily eyelids and this mascara does not smudge at all. It comes off easily too without irritation.
  8. The best mascara I have found

    This is hands down the best mascara I have ever purchased. I have long lashes and all mascaras (even quite expensive waterproof versions) smudge for me as my lashes hit my eyelids. Once this is dry - it does not smudge.

    It is also really easy to remove with water or eye make up remover.

    I use it every day now.
  9. WHY didn't I know about this

    wow this stuff is literally AMAZING, It has made my makeup removal routine 10x easier. i used to end up with black eyes from my mascara but this stuff just wipes right off. My life is so much easier because of this stuff, and it also saves spending more money of makeup remover!!!!
  10. Full lashes

    This really gives me full lashes. It's easy to use and really makes my lashes look amazing
  11. I really like this mascara

    It stays put, comes off easily and hoes on really well
  12. Blinc Mascara Amplified

    Love this. Easier to apply than original Blinc, looks amazing-full, defined, perfectly curled-and stays put until I take it off yet is easy to remove.
  13. Good

    This is a good mascara and feels very light on my lashes.
  14. Greatest of All Time!

    This is the best mascara for sensitive eyes. The formula can be a little finicky, but once you get used to it, it's worth it!

    It also works really well on eyelash extensions. I do not believe that the formula is oil-free, which may be bad for the eyelash glue. However the ease of removal does prevent physical damage to lash extensions when removing mascara. My extensions last just as long during periods of use of this as compared with periods of non-use of any mascara.
  15. hate it!

    I love tubing mascara so I thought I'd love this but honestly its basically impossible to use. Its meant to be a volumising mascara but you cant even get to the root of the lash because the brush is so huge you just end up smudging mascara all over your eye, the formula is also very thin as well. I have to do so many coats of this to even achieve a look im mildly happy with and normally I have no issue with this. I'll be going back to my Clinique high impact curling mascara and throwing this out
  16. Disappointed

    I bought this due to the good reviews. However was very disappointed.
    I have lost a heap of lashes removing this, as instructed. My lashes are now sparse thanks to this.
    It was also messy to apply due to how wet the product is and provided little to no volume.
    I asked for a refund, however was told i could only get one if the product was unused or faulty, not because i didn't like it.
  17. Amazing

    Blinc was recommended to me by a friend who swore that she has never used a mascara that didn't smudge or run until Blinc. Happy to report that she was right! I also enjoyed a free sample of Blinc eyeliner and will be purchasing this next time.
  18. Good Mascara

    I love how volumizing this product is! I love that it doesn't flake after application. I also do like that there is really not any smudging. It does exactly what I need it to.
  19. Great for lengthening and natural looking lashes!

    This has always been recommended as a great tubing mascara.

    It really lengthens but doesn't really plump. Gives a lovely 'natural' look so if you're after something less dramatic definitely give it a go! Don't confuse 'natural' with no effect though! The length you get from this is really noticeable unlike some other mascaras that just seem to coat and not do much.

    If you love dramatic fat lashes perhaps give this one a miss. I honestly do love this for both day and night. It takes a bit longer to dry down, I'm not sure if this is because it's a tubing mascara so be careful if you're misting your face before.
  20. Gentle on my eyes

    I was searching for a mascara which would be gentle on my eyes as I have blepharitis and dry eye and cake across this product. I love how I just remove with water and it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is I would love it to give more volume but perhaps I still need to get used to application .
  21. Love this product!

    This mascara is the best. It never smudges, stays in place until you take it off. Easy to remove with warm water and slight pressure using a flat cotton square. I have tried so many brands over the course of many years, there is nothing out there like this one.
  22. Good

    Love tubing mascaras! will never go back to normal mascaras now. I prefer the mirinesse version as i find it more volumising but this is okay
  23. Disappointed

    Really disappointed in this mascara - doesn't give a lot of volume at all and I still need to use my supermarket mascara over the top to get the length I want. I have long dark lashes too so it's not like it has to work very hard! Because of the price I'll keep using it, maybe just as a no-make-up-make-up mascara. Overall pretty bummed that this one didn't come through.
  24. It's alright

    Plumps my lashes and adds length which is really good. However it does smudge a bit which I find quite annoying. Overall, it's a pretty average mascara
  25. Amazing

    This makes my lashes so thick and voluminous and long!! Easy to apply and lasts for ages, not clumpy and stays on well!
  26. Not a good tubing mascara!

    I love tubing mascaras as I don’t get smudges under my eyes at the end of the day. This is a terribly erosion of a tubing mascara! I get the worst smudges under my eyes. Have gone back to Kevyn Aucion.
  27. Excellent

    I have tried a heap of different mascaras before, including other well-reviewed and more expensive ones (eg Too Faced/Better than Sex), and all have smudged and dropped under my eyes.

    This stays perfectly, no smudging, and washes off easily with water - which means less irritation to the eyes. I've been using it together with the Blinc primer, and the combination works really well. The tubing formula really is different to other mascaras- highly recommend it if you have trouble with normal mascaras.
  28. My FAV

    My Thrid time buying this amazing mascara! It is amazing, no smudge ever! I do not miss those days! The price means nothing to me because it’s worth every cent! I cannot recommend this product any higher!
  29. I reccommend this product to all my friends

    Since I discovered this product I have not bought anything else. I used the get black smudging under my eyes at the end of the day. This completely combats that, and lasts for as long as you want it to. I use it for it's long wear properties, and the fact I can use it even in the most humid conditions, and it can withstand eye drops or tears. I told my friend about this who was constantly getting lash extensions as she couldn't find a mascara good enough. She hasn't had extensions since trying this.
    It can also be used for a subtle or bold look.
  30. Excellent Tube mascara

    I love tube mascara's as they easily come off with water only at the end of the day. Blinc stands out though, it doesn't flake like others (I'm looking at you Clinique!!). Using this mascara with the primer my lashes are voluminous, thick and luscious.

    Love it, and use it everyday.

    I have tried that many mascaras both high end and drug store and they ALWAYS smudge under my eyes, even after i have set with powder.

    This mascara is the best i have come by!!! It does not smudge at all and comes off easily in the shower.

    The only thing i don't love is the volume as it does't give much at all.

    Will continue using regardless.
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