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Black Chicken Remedies Copper Tongue Cleaner

4.7 of 49 reviews


4 instalments of $3.00


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4 instalments of $3.00


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More than just a simple part of your regular oral hygiene, tongue scraping has the power to improve your palette by removing bacterial build up from your tongue.

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4.7 of 49 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Works great


Does what its suppose to

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Wouldn't re purchase


Weird sensation and noticed no difference
  1. Very reasonably priced


    Leaves funny taste but super helpful with morning breath and helping to upkeep freshness throughout the day. Very reasonably priced.
  2. Not great


    This is my first time using a tongue scraper. I thought being copper would be better than plastic, however, after using it leaves a metal taste in my mouth. When i rinse i spit out copper colour. It is a little concerning but i do feel i get a good clean, apart from the metal taste. I have stopped using because of this.
  3. Wouldn't re purchase


    Weird sensation and noticed no difference
  4. I like it


    Better than the rubber kind of tongue cleaners. I'm up to my 3rd now :)
  5. great product.


    this tongue cleaner is super easy to use and works well. it also helps with bad breath!
  6. Good product


    I'm trying to keep my mouth super clean after the deep cleaning and it feels a lot cleaner. The quality of the cleaner is good and it seems a strong tool. It's very helpful with bad breath as well.
  7. Great Product


    Great product! Leaves my mouth feeling clean and helps with bad breath!
  8. Great oral care addition


    After I use this my mouth feels so much cleaner. Love the price point for a great addition to overall health. Have found the quality good and it’s a flexible yet strong tool.
  9. Love using this


    I’m obsessed with using this. Really feels like it gives a great clean. I don’t know if I’ve noticed a massive difference with my breath yet, might be too soon to tell. But I really enjoy it being part of my routine.
  10. Awesome


    has really helped me with bad breath, easy to use and compact
  11. Helpful tool


    Completely got rid of bad breathe because of this. Amazing!! Really helped me!
  12. Really impressed


    So good! Great for bad breathe and has helped me a lot. Great product! Very happy with this!
  13. Not bad


    It’s nice colour and love the package. But quality wise I’m not impressed, the copper came off slowly after few days’ use. Only pros that I can think of is environmentally friendly than the plastic one


    You’ll never be clean if you don’t use this every single morning.
    It cleans amazingly!!!!
    It last quite long too. After 1 year it started to bend and lose its shape. I put it in the dishwasher once in a while and it’s perfect!
  15. My new favourite tool!


    I used to use a toothbrush to clean my tongue but I haven't since I started using this!! In addition to brushing your teeth, it gives your mouth a step-above-clean feeling and I love the fact that it's copper. Such an affordable price too!
  16. Suprisingly good


    Great product! Leaves my mouth feeling clean and helps with bad breath!
  17. Top quality tongue gunk remover


    This spiffy little copper scraper works a treat! Who knew my tongue was so grimey in the morning! Super easy to use and leaves my mouth feeling clean as a whistle! Definitely recommend.
  18. Sore tongue initially but persevered to good results


    When I first started using the tongue scraper my tongue was a little sore; perhaps I was overly enthusiastic. I could immediately see my tongue becoming cleaner each day, and in time, a lovely pink tongue. Also gave me a clean mouth feel.
  19. It's not pretty, but it works!


    I have always used tongue cleaners, but i find that this copper one helps keep my breath fresher for longer as opposed to a stainless steel one. Not pretty to talk about, but definitely important.
  20. works well


    I’ve never purchased as tongue scraper before but now I cannot do without! Leaves your tongue feeling fresh after brushing and helped me improve my morning breath
  21. Very easy to use


    It a must have in my routine, very easy to use. Abit more expensive than other same products on the market though
  22. Who knew?


    Does what it says, scrapes gunk off your tongue.

    Surely a gunk free tongue is what everyone wants at the end of the day?

    Can't imagine life without it now.
  23. Must have as part of your oral hygiene routine


    I’ve never purchased as tongue scraper before but now I cannot do without! Leaves your tongue feeling fresh after brushing & I use before mouth wash.
    A must have tool in your bathroom.
  24. Love this purchase.


    The perfect tool for removing oral bacteria on the tongue. It’s very easy to use.
  25. Essential


    Essential tool. I can't imagine my life without it.
    Copper material is the best!
  26. Does what you need


    This is an easy to use device that does what it’s meant to. I’m not sure the habit is for me but it’s certainly easy to use and effective.
  27. The copper colour change is off putting


    It’s an effective and flexible tongue cleaner however over time the copper, of course, has naturally changed colour which leaves it less that desirable sat in my toothbrush holder. I wish I stuck with a stainless steel option but it of course works!
  28. It works like a dream!


    I have always used tongue cleaners, but i find that this copper one helps keep my breath fresher for longer as opposed to a stainless steel one.
  29. Didn't know how much I would love it


    Easy, does a great job. Very satisfying way to clean your tongue and very impressed from the first use. Now a part of my everyday routine that I didn't know I needed!
  30. Game changer


    Never did I think a tongue scraper would completely change my dental hygiene routine! Absolutely love this product and have recommended it to all my friends. It’s so satisfying to use and I feel so clean!
  31. Great tongue scraper


    I use this tongue scraper before I brush my teeth and my whole mouth and breath is extremely fresh feeling. Easy to use by going over tongue like 3 times. I love the goldish colour as well looks very stylish.
  32. Excellent.


    I’ve tried a few tongue cleaners, this is by far the most effective and simple to use. Highly recommend.
  33. makes cute gift


    I thought this was quite expensive for what it was when I saw it online. But I couldn't easily source one at the shops so just got it. It's actually really well packaged, and of a good quality compared to the cheaper ones you can get at chinese supermarkets and stuff.
  34. Newly added staple


    The tongue cleaner is now a staple in my oral care routine. Leaves my tongue feeling cleaner then plastic cleaners I have used in the past.
  35. so simple, so effective


    A new must-have. After a couple of days use, my tongue is pink again, like a child's. My mouth feels clean, with no bad taste. Even after a night out!
  36. Amazing


    This product is amazing! My tongue is so clean after one use.
  37. Great tongue cleanser


    Really satisfying to use first thing in the morning! Would recommend.
  38. Great


    This is such an important tool in creating the best oral hygiene. Works well and mouth feels fresh and clean
  39. Good


    This is a sturdy, good quality tongue cleaner that really makes a positive difference to oral health.
  40. Whole mouth clean


    I had been looking for a tongue scraper and came across this one from Black Chicken. It was really reasonably priced and I use it twice a day and since I’ve started using it I feel so much better. My breath and general well-being have improved too. It’s a nice new self care step.
  41. So satisfying


    I love using a tongue cleaner for some reason it's extremely satisfying. Love the copper colour also
  42. Didn’t know I needed this


    Excellent step in your oral hygiene routine
  43. interesting


    Never thought I would enjoy this, but it is so satisfying to use! My tongue and mouth feel so fresh and clean
  44. Fresher breath, cleaner mouth


    I have been using this twice daily for a week now and I have noticed such a difference in my oral health. Food is tasting better as well. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to up their mouth game.
  45. Poor quality


    i am unimpressed with the quality. It builds up with green residue and just looks old and worn. I have used dr tung’s scraper for years and have gone back to it and put this in the bin.
  46. My oral hygiene has stepped up its game


    So worth $12. My tongue stays much cleaner for way way way longer after using this a few times, don’t have to do it everyday twice a day. It’s so gross what comes off so I know it’s doing something good. It’s very easy to use, I find it easier not to look in the mirror.
  47. Great oral hygiene tool


    After waking each morning with coated tongue & bad breath due to nighttime medication I decided to give this tongue cleaner a go. So happy I did. After first use it returned my tongue to a state it hasn’t been in a while. No more yukky taste in mouth or needing to feel conscious about bad breath. So easy to use & easy to clean due to being made of copper. Have only had it a week but already recommended it to a friend.
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