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Black Chicken Remedies Copper Tongue Cleaner

4.6 of 159 reviews


4 instalments of $3.00

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4 instalments of $3.00

Or 4 instalments of $3.00 with LEARN MORE

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More than just a simple part of your regular oral hygiene, tongue scraping has the power to improve your palette by removing bacterial build up from your tongue.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Black Chicken Remedies Copper Tongue Cleaner Reviews

4.6 of 159 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Another step in the routine added


This scraper works well and it's easy to clean, for me it's better than using a toothbrush. My mouth definitely feels cleaner and fresher having added this step.

Most Helpful Criticism

Absolutely fine


I think if you want to try this, you should. It's pretty and a nice novelty. personally the novelty wore out and a tooth brush works just as well for me.
  1. Not bad not the best


    Tongue scrappers are great, i would definitely recommend getting one. This one however wasn't the best. It does the job fine but I personally like the stainless steel ones better. This one oxidises quickly so doesn't look very nice soon after purchasing
  2. Another step in the routine added


    This scraper works well and it's easy to clean, for me it's better than using a toothbrush. My mouth definitely feels cleaner and fresher having added this step.
  3. Works well


    Works well and leaves my tongue feeling clean but sometime feels like im having to use too much pressure which can hurt your tongue a bit.
  4. It's fine


    I think this probably does help with bad breath, my mouth feels fresher after use. But didn't make enough of a difference for me to stick with it
  5. Does the job well


    I like the way this scrapes my whole tongue and cleans it nice and good, however it can be uncomfortable when it makes my tongue dry and like honestly a toothbrush does the same thing
  6. Use it every day


    I switched from a cheap plastic scraper to this one and have not looked back since. It's sturdy, does the job well, and is easy to clean in between uses. I use it after every time I brush my teeth and have noticed an improvement in my breath. Overall, I highly recommend it!


    Seriously save your money and don’t buy this. This product gave me oral thrush. I didn’t know before I bought this, but these get rid of good bacteria as well as the bad in your mouth. The mouth self-regulates bacteria. We only need to brush our teeth. Using one of these throws off the balance of bacteria in the mouth. I have to use anti-fungals now to get rid of the thrush that this tongue cleane...
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  8. Easy and effective

    Sophie Evans

    Super cheap and effective option for scraping your tongue and making your mouth feel much cleaner! Sounds weird but definitely recommend!
  9. Amazing


    Never knew I needed a tongue cleaner, until I got one! Cleans all the gunk off my tongue with ease, and is really easy to clean.
  10. Good until it broke in half


    This was a really good alternative to my plastic tongue cleaner, until it snapped in half as I was using it
  11. everyone needs this


    this is fantastic at giving my tongue a good clean, a must
  12. fantastic


    this is great at cleaning my tongue and very good qauality
  13. Antibacterial. Must have


    Very pleased with product and would definitely recommend it.
  14. Never knew I needed this!


    Simple and effective to use. Certainly gets more gunk off than just brushing alone so that has to be good for removing bacteria. The little pouch it comes in is handy for storage and travelling.
  15. Great product!


    Something I didn't know that I needed until I purchased it and now I use it everyday!
  16. must use this


    this is a must, it gets all the gunk of my tongue and gives me super fresh breath
  17. Banisher of bad breath


    Tongue scrapers are invaluable to bad breath! This one is great, it's a bit more lumbersome having to use two hands for a tongue scraper but I love that longevity that comes with metal and better yet it doesn't rust as it's copper!
  18. a must


    this is a must, gets rid of the gunk on your tongue
  19. A must have


    Once you go ot a tongue scraper, you can never go back! So satisfying to see everything that comes off and it leaves me feeling like my tongue is actually clean. I am very prone to tonsillitis so I love getting all the bacteria out of my mouth with this before it can get to my tonsils
  20. so good


    I forget to use it some mornings and really notice the difference in feeling in my mouth...instantly fresh feeling and smell when you use it in conjunction with other dental care.
  21. Beautiful and effective!


    This tool is a must have in everyone's dental hygiene routine. There's nothing more satisfying than scraping your tongue in the morning and flicking off all the gunk into your sink. Bacteria on the tongue causes bad breath and our tongue is often neglected when we're brushing our teeth. After I scrape my tongue, all bad smells are gone before I even get to brush or rinse my mouth!
  22. Pretty and functional


    I mainly bought this for an added step in my oral hygiene routine - and I went for this one by Black Chicken Remedies mainly because it is a pretty copper. Copper is known for it's antibacterial properties, so it felt safe. Serves it's function as a tongue cleaner perfectly well. I've noticed improvements in my breath.
  23. Keeps my breath fresh


    This really helps keep my mouth feeling fresh and clean in between brushes!
  24. great


    so easy to use and great quality really does a good job
  25. a must


    this is a must for fresh breath, it gets rid of all the gunk on your tongue
  26. Strange but effective


    If I remember to use this first thing in the morning this is awesome! Mouth feels much fresher and it's so satisfying scraping all the gunk off my tongue.
  27. love love love


    so great, easy to use and made such a different to my oral hygiene
  28. Handy


    I use an electric toothbrush, so I don’t really like brushing my tongue (it feels funny). I honestly forget to grab this often because it’s one of those not totally necessary gadgets just hanging out amidst my toiletries, but when I do remember to use it, or feel like I could do with a freshening up, it does the job.
  29. Must have!


    This is now a staple in my morning routine! Gives a really thorough clean, and I honestly don't think I have missed a day of use since I recieved this in the mail
  30. a must


    this is a must, it scapes off all the gunk of your tongue, leaving your mouth feeling super fresh
  31. Works Well


    I had always used a plastic tongue cleaner growing up but this one is definitely going to be my staple.
  32. A new experience


    This was definitely a weird feeling at first. Using it daily now and had great results. Mouth feels much cleaner!
  33. A new experience


    This was definitely a weird feeling at first. Using it daily now and had great results. Mouth feels much cleaner!
  34. Makes me feel fresher


    Its amazing what this little tool can do, my sister recommended this to me and once I started using this I cant stop, will definitely be a lifelong addition my oral health routine!
  35. Works well!


    This works so well! I have an electric toothbrush and find that it’s soo much easier to use this on my tongue than the brush. Definitely recommend!!
  36. Essential item! Fantastic !


    I have noticed a huge difference in my oral health and my skin!! This has become an essential part of my oral health care routine
  37. A wonderful addition to my morning routine!


    I've recently starting tongue scraping and I've already noticed a difference in:
    - My taste buds
    - Oral hygiene
    - Breath

    I'm excited to see what other benefit's pop up.
  38. Great quality item


    This tongue scraper is great quality copper for the price point and works really well, leaves my mouth clean and gives me much fresher breath.
  39. clean


    You will need this for a brand new clean tongue! A little bit weird when I first start to use though
  40. Just get it


    Honestly just an important step now every morning, would recommend 100%
  41. Essential morning routine


    There's a time in your life when you start scraping your tongue first thing in the morning and then you can't stop. Seriously, once you see what comes off your tongue you won't forget to use it anymore... I also think it has overall improved my breath and teeth. Ayurveda recommends this and it's a good habit to get into.
  42. Effective in reducing bad breath


    Sadly I suffer from bad breath, and this cleaner has greatly improved my oral hygiene. 10/10 product!!
  43. Didn't know i needed this


    I didn't even know i needed this product! I'd never used a tongue scraper before and honestly thought it wouldn't make that much of a difference, but girl, it does! I LOVE IT!! It makes your mouth feel so fresh and clean. It's definitely something everyone should be incorporating into their dental hygiene routine! I even got my husband convinced on it!
  44. Nice


    If you're looking for a tongue scraper this one does the job. While I don't think it's a completely necessary tool I do really enjoy using it and feel that I feel cleaner and breath is fresher when I do use it.
  45. I never thought I would love the tongue cleaner as much as I do


    I love this tongue cleaner!! I am obsessed with using it and it keeps the tongue super clean and keeps bad breath at bay
  46. Amazing


    I love this tongue cleaner! It works so well and always leaves my tongue and mouth feeling so fresh and clean. Only downside is that it started to tarnish straight away, but that doesn’t affect the end result at all :)
  47. Nice to add to the routine


    This was quite strange to get used to but now I love it. My mouth feels much cleaner and it is nice to add to me night time routine.
  48. This product is a game-changer!


    I got recommended this product by a friend and was sceptical at first, but this product gives you the cleanest feeling ever and there's no mouth wash or fancy toothpaste that even comes close. It's super simple but the most effective product against bad breath I've ever come across. Highly recommend!
  49. Game changer !!


    I was shocked by how much of a difference this tool makes! I am obsessed it leaves your mouth feeling extremely cleansed and clean like nothing else I’ve tried !
  50. Awesome product


    This one was a bit of an adventurous curious purchase as I've never tried one of these gadgets. Took me by surprise how much of an essential in oral hygiene that it was. This is now a part of my daily routine. Quality of the product is great, highly recommended to give this a go especially at its very affordable price
  51. Where has this been all my life


    Such a fantastic dental hygiene tool. I had issues with bad breath and couldn't figure out why - made it all go away now!
  52. Morning routine


    This product has left me in shock. I have noticed such a difference, highly recommend to throw it in your morning routine. Quick, easy and simple, no other words to use.
  53. You Think Your Mouth Is Clean, Until You Use This!


    I had never used one of these before or even knew this product was actually a thing - until I came across it and read a lot of great reviews. I wasn't sure how the product was going to be as i thought it might be more of a gimicky tool and not actually do anything......boy was a wrong! The first time I used it i was expecting a gross metallic taste as its copper, which it didn't have. And what cam...
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  54. love this


    Love this, gets the gunk of your tongue and will last ages
  55. Great product


    Us never even heard of these before until I saw an influencer use one in her stories and they are great. My breath no longer smells!
  56. Effective tongue cleaner, some discolouration has occurred


    Having used (cheap) plastic and metal tongue cleaners in the past, I find this one to be quite effective. It cleans the tongue well, the smoothed edges minimise the irritation from scraping the tongue and the metal is quite bendable, which allowed me to fit it in my small mouth. The only detracting thing is that the copper has discoloured somewhat in patches (although I haven't experienced any dif...
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  57. A great product!


    Love using this, makes me feel very clean and fresh and is a great extra step in my morning routine. Good size and easy to use! Would recommend
  58. I use it everyday


    I don't even know what possessed me to buy this! Just thought it would be better than brushing my tongue.
    I thought it would be more compact but it's actually quite large. I didn't realise it was going to be copper though and was impressed by the quality of material for $12 :)
  59. Daily essential


    Love this tongue scraper. A couple scrapes and you're done!
  60. Doesn’t make you gag for some reason


    Bought this one for my husband after reading all the reviews. He have used plastic tongue scrappers before but always struggled to use them properly as they make him gag. For whatever reason this one doesn’t. I ended up buying one for me too. It’s awesome.
  61. New necessity in my routine


    I’ll never go back to not using this, so easy to use and clean and it makes me feel a lot fresher and cleaner. Would recommend to everyone
  62. Love using this


    I bought this and loved using it every day after brushing. It makes your whole mouth feel so clean

    I wash after each use and place back in my toothbrush holder, but the finish has decayed over time.

    Will purchase again and this time keep in the cupboard away from moisture.
  63. Where has this been all my life


    I use this every day without fail. Once you start tongue scraping, you cannot go back. This one is a cute rose gold colour and washes easily.
  64. A must-have on daily hygiene


    I didn’t even know these things existed! Honestly, a game changer. I use it first thing in the morning after waking up and removes all the bad taste as smell that you get during the night. I also using it before bed time just because I love using it, easy and doesn’t make me gag, I’m gentle. It takes 3 seconds people! Every human should use it everyday!
  65. it works!


    I was doubtful that this product would make a difference, but it leaves your tongue clean and healthy. I can taste more and the yucky coating is gone!
  66. Best $12 I've ever spent


    I use this cleaner first thing in the morning and oh man, what a game changer. I've never felt like my tongue has been cleaner or my breath has been fresher. Honestly never thought I'd love a product as much.


    I never really took interest in using one of these until I came about it on the Adore website and read all the reviews. For $12 I thought why not give it a try. I was shook at what a difference it made! Crazy. I never knew how much build up you can get on your tongue. I scrub my tongue every day with my toothbrush and I'm still able to clean it so much more when I use a tongue cleaner afterwards. ...
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  68. Different


    Good but not too sure how I feel about it but works
  69. Amazing


    Easy to use and does its job well!
  70. Who doesn't want a clean tongue?


    I got one of these for myself and one for my husband. We both use them at least every second day. I find it has helped keeping my breath clean. Cannot really comment on whether it has helped my skin because I have been playing around with my skincare routine. It is definitely easier for me to clean my tongue with - as opposed to brushing with the back of a toothbrush. Comes in a small drawstring p...
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  71. An essential you didn't know you needed


    I never understood why people had these until I tried it for myself. This tongue scraper leaves your mouth feeling super clean and your breath fresher than you thought was possible. I don't know how I lived without this! I have had a cheap tongue scraper from ebay before which just went rusty and turned me off the idea but this has me back on track! Must try
  72. Super cute


    This is great! My boyfriend bought one and I was super jealous! I really like this, makes your tongue feel so clean and fresh!
  73. works


    this does what it says it will and I do notice a bit of "gunk" coming off. I haven't noticed any long term benefits from using
  74. a great idea


    this is a really good thing to add to your oral hygiene routine. It makes my mouth feel extra fresh
  75. Must-Have


    I had a plastic one before this but the Black Chicken Remedies copper one is a lot better. For some reason it doesn't make me gag, and it's a lot easier to keep clean. Love it.
  76. Great product and very affordable


    I purchased 2 tongue cleaners a little while ago, one for me and one for my boyfriend. I have been using mine twice per day (morning and night) and I'm really happy with the product. It leaves my mouth feeling much cleaner and I believe it is essential to get rid of any 'toxins' that are left on your tongue from eating foods. It is also very affordable. Highly recommend.
  77. It is what is is


    I recently quit smoking and have committed to better oral care in general. I bought this as part of that deal I made with myself. This isn't something you NEED, it does what it says it does though and works perfectly fine.
  78. Simple and effective


    This is a must have, simple and effective. Love that it comes in a little pouch to keep in your drawer.
  79. Cannot live without this


    The most underrated item of your oral healthcare. Impressive amounts of gunk and flavours are removed from your tongue. It’s the final step in my AM/PM brushing routine which I cannot live without. I read some reviews that it’s too big for your tongue but if you squeeze the prongs together and scrap half the tongue (one side of the tongue) then go back and scrap the other side, this stops any gag ...
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  80. It does what it should


    I bought this as a last minute add on to my order - it works as it says it should. The amount of gunk I get off my tongue is disgustingly satisfying. That said, I could clean my tongue just as well with my toothbrush, so luckily it isn’t crazy expensive.
  81. something you didnt know you needed


    I also used to use my toothbrush to clean my tongue but when I got this i realised it was so much better at removing all that build up and it feels so much fresher. only thing is the copper does erode or tarnish quite quickly.
  82. Understated tool for oral hygene


    I use this tongue scraper every other day and It keeps my mouth feeling fresh and clean. Ideally, I think you should use it every day, but that, along with flossing, can get a bit much I know... I'm trying my best here team! Also seeing all the buildup of white stuff come off your tongue is oddly satisfying... TMI? Sorry.
  83. Essential part of oral care


    This product does what it says and is great quality. No weird after taste and a lot less likely to gag then when using a toothbrush.
  84. Absolutely fine


    I think if you want to try this, you should. It's pretty and a nice novelty. personally the novelty wore out and a tooth brush works just as well for me.
  85. So great (and gross)


    Tongue cleaning is so important, but i know lots of people hate it cos of the gag. This is a tool for easier tongue cleaning with less of that side effect!
  86. I Have Repurchased !


    Makes your mouth feel clean especially if you do it in the morning. Would recommend it to anyone who may suffer from dry mouth.
  87. Does the job


    Works well, expensive
  88. Does the job


    Works well, expensive
  89. Cute pouch, no after taste


    Comes with a cute pouch, easy to use, and leaves no after taste.
  90. Does what it says


    It is what it is. It does what it should do. It's ok. Nothing to rave about.
  91. I think I love....


    Not something I would usually stop scrolling for and look at, let alone purchase. It does what is says and the gunk pulled is quite astounding. I use every other day and do feel I have a cleaner overall mouth clean. Wouldn't rave about, but for the cost I have liked.
  92. Must Have for a Cleaner Mouth

    Gothic Granny

    I admit I was sceptical about a special tongue cleaner. I was using my toothbrush, but now I've tried (and love) Black Chicken Remedies Copper Tongue Cleaner I'm not going back. This strange looking apparatus is very flexible so it can reach right to the back of the tongue. It has a textured surface to trap tongue gunk so you can wash it away. I use it first thing in the morning before brushing an...
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  93. Super effective


    Easy to use, sturdy and doesn't make me gag, unlike my toothbrush!


    I had no idea I needed this. And as gross as it is, wait until you see how much STUFF comes off your tongue. But seriously - worthwhile.
  95. Product I didnt know I needed


    My sister has been using a tongue cleaner for years and after her recommendation I purchased this one and use it everyday and night. It really helps to properly clean your tongue and I have noticed a big difference in the smell of my breath. It is so much better than using a toothbrush to clean your tongue.
  96. So unexpected but love it


    So good, great for cleaning my tongue. Didn't know I needed it until I had it! Highly recommend
  97. Product I didn’t know I needed


    As the girls say on the podcast; this is ‘the product I didn’t know I needed’. I thought I would try this but I wasn’t sure it would be any different to brushing my tongue with a toothbrush. Well I was surprised because it does feel so much cleaner. It has become a new daily habit
  98. Product I didn’t know I needed


    As the girls say on the podcast; this is ‘the product I didn’t know I needed’. I thought I would try this but I wasn’t sure it would be any different to brushing my tongue with a toothbrush. Well I was surprised because it does feel so much cleaner. It has become a new daily habit
  99. Great


    I enjoy using this as part of my dental routine. I love the extra mouth clean feel you get after using it.
  100. Easier to use than toothbrush


    Tongue cleaning is so important, but i know lots of people hate it cos of the gag. This is a tool for easier tongue cleaning with less of that side effect!
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