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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste 75g

4.5 of 143 reviews


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$4.63 x 4

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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

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4.5 of 143 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best natural deodorant I have used!!
Over a years or so I have tried many natural deodorants and each time they haven’t lasted the day - loosing scent and me gaining a rather unwanted one. But this deodorant excels!! The tub lasts for ages too.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for Winter
I find this great for Winter and not too great for extremely hot humid days or gym workouts.
You only need a small amount on your finger...But I have a little applicator that I use to take some out. You can also use an ear but to get some out. It let quite long and best of all it is natural with no harmful nasty ingredients.
  1. Lasts and smells good

    The texture is creamy (except in very cold temperatures) and easy to apply with fingers. You don't need much at all and the smell is great. The only down side is it did leave a white mark on my black top after a long day.
  2. Pretty good!

    I wasn't expecting it to work so well, I'm surprised. 4/5 stars because I've developed some red patches-- I have sensitive skin however I still use it because it's so good and the redness is not always there. Just need to try it out yourself.
  3. Great natural deodorant

    I buy this for my husband and he loves it. He's freaked out by the concerns around aluminium (who knows if it's really detrimental or not) and wanted something natural that works. And this stuff does the job!

    I use it occasionally too, I have another roll-on I prefer, but occasionally I switch it out.
  4. surprised and amazed

    I have found most chemical deodorants never do what they’re supposed to. I wanted to try something more natural and environmentally friendly so I bought a sample size to give this a try after reading a review.

    I’m surprised with how little is needed and that I can go all day with no smell whatsoever. In Brisbane, this is impressive.

    Will buy again!
  5. The best natural deodorant I have used!!

    Over a years or so I have tried many natural deodorants and each time they haven’t lasted the day - loosing scent and me gaining a rather unwanted one. But this deodorant excels!! The tub lasts for ages too.
  6. Best Deodorant!

    This is a great deodorant, I smell clean and fresh all day, even on a really hot day.
  7. Great natural alternative

    Great natural alternative to typical deodorants. Smells lovely and really does work well. I do find i get red and irritated if I use it directly after shaving though so next time will purchase a sensitive option without the bicarb.
  8. Good for Winter

    I find this great for Winter and not too great for extremely hot humid days or gym workouts.
    You only need a small amount on your finger...But I have a little applicator that I use to take some out. You can also use an ear but to get some out. It let quite long and best of all it is natural with no harmful nasty ingredients.
  9. I will use this forever

    I am a complete convert to this deodorant. I've used generic brands for years and recently trying to switch to natural alternatives. After trying quite a few brands that weren't effective in keeping me fresh the whole day I stumbled upon this one. OH MY GOD it's amazing. After I got over having to gauge it from the container and smudge it under my pits I was super happy. It smells lovely & keeps me fresh the whole day. Even after a whole day at work followed by the gym. It's great for sensitive skin too. I would highly recommend trying this out.
  10. Best deoderant I've used!

    I have to say I was VERY skeptical about the effectiveness of this product, however, it has exceeded all expectations by a mile. I've since tried other natural deodorants (crystal ones) and nothing has compared.. No signs of rashes either? LOVE IT

    I wanted to switch to a natural deodorant as i am pregnant. After researching this looked this the best option and i was not disappointed. If you are thinking of making the switch to natural then this is the one. It actually works. I was hesitant about the tub as i am used to roll in but it is easy and not at all disgusting like i thought it would be. Also not sticky and has a great smell.
  12. The best

    I use this all the time. I’ve completely moved from normal deodorant to this, and will never go back!
  13. deodorant

    works really well and no irritation
  14. Great stuff but a bit messy to apply

    I’ve always been skeptical of natural deodorants and their ability to do the job; however upon receiving this as a sample I was pleasantly surprised as to how great this stuff is! I trialed it over summer and it worked amazingly well even on the days I went to the gym. It has quite a pleasure scent as well.
    The only criticism I have is the application whereby I had to use my fingers to scoop it out of the jar and then apply it; it kept getting stuck up my nails! Not sure if there is an easier way to apply it...
  15. Great deodorant

    Fantastic natural deodorant. Does exactly what it should. And I love knowing that there is no nasty ingredients in it
  16. Great

    Amazing! works 24/7...should have switched ages ago. Love the fragrance as well. Trying to convert my friends! Getting there :)
  17. Never go back to traditional roll on deodorant!

    It took a little bit of getting used to but I love this deodorant and wouldn't go back to traditional roll on style.

    Best to get a small amount, a bit over pea sized, and rub between your fingers then apply. It can get messy at first but easier after a few uses.

    A few people have commented on the smell or that its really strong for sensitive skin, I haven't noticed any smell and I have never had any adverse reaction when using this.

    I do agree sometime it doesn't prevent sweat BUT the sweat doesn't smell, so I don't mind.

    This product also lasts months and its easy to get every last bit from the container.

    Only thing I would love is if it didn't come in a plastic tub.
  18. Natural deodarant superstar!

    Love this product...one of the best natural deodarants I have used. I used it throughout the hot summer that we had and never ever did I have that awful BO smell. A little goes A LONG way and this little tub lasts me around 3-4 months. Only advice I would give is to not use it straight after shaving..bit of a sting!
  19. Great natural choice

    Recently switched from a pharmacy roll on with all the nasties to this and whilst it's probably not as effective at keeping the sweat away I find it stands up really well in milder weather, so great for autumn so far, and will use through winter and spring and maybe switch to something heavier just for summer
  20. love that its natural

    this was the first paste deodorant i have tried and i am never going back! this is honestly amazing without all the nasties, i do not get bad doury odur with this and leaves me fresh for AGES
  21. Great product

    It does do its job well. But when the weather is cold the paste is a little hard to get using fingers. When the weather is really hot, the paste melts and I get too much product. On hotter days, I will need to reapply everyday, but it does last for the whole day most of the time.
  22. Best Deodorant

    I like this deodorant. It smells good and lasts the day. I like that it’s natural and no nasties
  23. Perfect

    This was my first introduction into paste/ natural deodorants and let me tell you, it did no dissapoint!!! I'm not gonna lie, it did not keep me dry but it definitely worked for odour and it lasts ALL day. The scent is a little weird, I would prefer unscented or more 'sweet' scents but that's ok. As someone who sweats like tomorrow and finds it hard to find a good deoderant that LASTS all day, it was nice to finally find something that works. I purchased the smaller version first to try out and will purchase the full product very soon!! Highly recommend
  24. Amazing

    The best natural deodorant on the market, my skin is never irritated by this deodorant and I only have to apply once in the morning and no smell all day. The best thing is no nasty toxins going into your body.
  25. Life changing

    It does take a little getting used to but it is fantastic. Lovely scent.
  26. Great

    I was super apprehensive about using this product, as I had used really intense deodorants in the past.I work in the beauty industry and often have clients very close so I am really picky about the deodorant I will use.
    This works so well, and even in the summer time.
    The only down fall was that I notices these sort of oil transfer marks on the armpit of my white shirt from the product. I think the nature of the product just means that this will happen on sheer light coloured materials, however it would not be visible on darker/thicker clothing.
  27. best deo + a little tip

    This is hands down the best deodorant I've ever tried, and certainly the most effective. I used to stash multiples of my old, harmful stuff at work, it the car, in my bag as daily top-ups were required just to get me through the day smelling ok (TMI perhaps, but true for me and a lot of ladies I know!). This is apply and forget stuff - and better yet so much better for your body - so glad I switched!

    If you're trying this for the first time you might be put off by a detox rash... my tip? I bought organic arrow root powder from my local supermarket and applied a bit to "powder down" this product after applying it. It completed prevented the rash I had experienced when previously trying to switch to new, less harmful products.
  28. Excellent!

    I’ve been using this daily for over a year and it does a great job of neutralising odour and absorbing moisture. Ive tried other natural deodorants which weren’t as effective. Only thing I don’t love is applying it with my fingers especially in winter when the paste is quite hard. I wish they could make it as a roll on.
  29. It works but armpits don’t like it!

    I’m so bummed about this deodorant because it actually works and the smell is just gorgeous and lasts all day but unfortunately for me I’ve discovered my body is sensitive to the bicarbonate soda in this product and many other natural deodorants which explains why my armpits turn red and feel like they are on fire with regular use. Please black chicken remedies, make one with out the bicarbonate soda!
  30. love this

    this is probably the best natural deodorant paste i've tried. it's gentle and easy to use and lasts me all day
  31. Didn't work for me

    I waited ages to order this deodorant & finally got around to it due to the small, cheaper travel size that's available. I've tried so many natural deo's. I had high hopes, however it worked for a day or 2 then I went back to smelling again about halfway through the day. This is what usually happens to me and I have to wipe off & reapply. It just doesn't last the distance in the height of an Aussie summer. I passed it onto a friend who's less sweaty and she says it works a treat. So I suggest you give the small under $10 size a go.
  32. Love it

    Not many natural deodorants work. I love this one. I use it before they gym because I think its healthy to sweat but no one wants to smell bad. The only down side is you need to use your fingers to apply it so it can be a little messy. Otherwise its a great product
  33. I'll never go back to non-natural deoderants

    I actually don't even think about life before this product. I use it daily and have even put it to the test during training for a half marathon. Sure, you can still sweat, but I actually think it has trained my skin to sweat less. I have got my partner to put it through the ringer as a boy, and there was no odour or issue for him either. It makes me feel so much better to know that I am putting something natural, safe and effective on my body, especially so close to lymph nodes. I've re-ordered multiples times and honestly haven't even thought about trying a different brand.
  34. Love it

    This smells really great and it lasts the whole day too. Regular deoderants have never felt like they had much of an effect for me, but this really makes a difference, and makes me smell nicer even on forty-degree-plus days. I will say remember to follow the advice about not putting it on right after shaving (definitely my fault not the product's, of course) - it will sting a LOT if you do that and you'll be itchy for a couple days. But otherwise, it's fantastic!
  35. Careful, may work for the first time, then rash!

    I used it for a week without any issues, but then, I started to get pimples in my underarm. I actually exfoliate my underarms every other day with Alpha H gold liquid, so imagine if I don't do that the number of acne would have been much more. I like the cooling effect but prefer Aesop much better. At least I didn't get any reaction from it.
  36. Good!

    I'm not use to deodorant in paste form but I actually quite liked this. It's pretty easy to apply and lasts well considering it's natural. I get about half a days worth of wear from this one so I use it not when I'm going to the gym but just for everyday
  37. Great formula but bicarb irritates my skin

    I originally loved this formula and it is handy that it is unisex fragrance too but it increasingly irritated my underarms which were left burned and red. I have not tried the sensitive one as I have switched to another brand. If you are not bi-carb sensitive it does do a great job. Much better choice than regular store deodorants.
  38. going to give others a go

    I have been wanting to give a natural deodorant a try after seeing so many people talking about the side effects of some other deodorants on the market. This deodorant did do the job but I found that I was sweating and smelling very quickly on very hot days.
  39. Rubbish

    This deodorant paste does not work at all, it doesn't even mask peoples BO. I would never pay this much money for something that doesn't even work and i would much rather use a banana.
  40. Actually works great!!!

    I have scepticism about deodorant pastes but I thought I should give it a try.
    I have to say that I LOVE this: it smells nice, its a little strong but i don't mind. It doesn't leave chunks of paste or residue. I wore it on 30-35 degree days and it worked great. I will buy this again and again.
  41. Clean, fresh scent

    While I like the vanilla scented one more, I think this original formula is stronger. I have been wearing it to work every day and feel fresh even after my walk home.
  42. It works

    This is probably one of the best natural deodorants I've ever used and can last me a 9 hour work day running around behind the bar. Once in a blue moon it'll have a day it's not as good but I think that's just cause it's hard to get consistency with natural products and definitely would prefer a couple of off days a year over using chemical deodorants. Another problem is it's quite pricey but for me I don't mind.
  43. A great natural alternative

    Although this is not a bullet-proof deodorant compared to the non-natural kind, I would pick this every time.

    It has a super subtle scent and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, which is great.

    It also does a fantastic job of reducing odour, though it doesn't stop sweat completely.

    I'm happy for that trade-off though, because at least I know I'm not putting harsh chemicals on my skin.
  44. Better than my non-natural

    Blown away by this product, my partner and I now both have a tub and even on those really hot days this deodorant pulls through! 100% recommended!

    At first I was skeptical but then used the product and was pleasantly surprised. It is easy to apply, smells great and not once have I ever smelt bad even on a really hot humid day. This product is amazing and you will love it.
  46. Absolutely amazing

    I have been using this deodorant for almost 1 year and can say that this is the best one I've tried so far. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to switch to something more natural.
  47. Great

    I tried a sample of this and it worked quite well! Love knowing I’m using something without any nastys in it and does it’s job like it says it does
  48. So far so good

    Have used for a week - weather has been low 20s -,love the scent of this and it works fine. Will see how it goes when it heats up
  49. A natural deodorant that really works!

    I’ve tried several different natural deodorant products, looking for an alternative to using toxic antiperspirants. So when my daughter gave me a sample to try I was amazed that Black this one really works! The natural ingredients have a pleasant scent which is neither masculine or feminine, the paste is easy to apply and protection from body odour lasts all day even in the height of Australian summer temps. If you’re looking for a natural deodorant that really works then try this one, you wont be disappointed with the results. The handy 15g travel size jar is the perfect size to trial this product if you need further convincing!
  50. Very effective!

    I love this deodorant. Can be a bit of a mess to apply but it smells lovely and controls body odour
  51. Excellent deodorant!

    I adore this deodorant. It is all natural and really does keep me smelling fresh all day - even on hot days! It doesn’t block your pores so allows you to sweat like nature intended. Best of all has no nasty chemicals. I’ve already purchased this twice and will again.
  52. Great natural deodorant

    This is the first natural deodorant that I've used that has worked, it covers odor, is easy to apply and I love the botanical fragrance (not overpowering). I'm on my 3rd one now. The only problems I have is that it often leaves marks or discolours my clothes, they all come out in the wash though. And that if I am at the gym or break a sweat it needs to be reapplied. One jar lasts me 2-3 months.
  53. Great natrural alternate

    Great natural alternative, stops the smell and it’s good knowing that I’m not putting toxins into my body
  54. Great Deodorant

    I've been using Axilla for a few years now. I really like the scent. I find it very effective at combating any odors all day. I react to standard supermarket antiperspirant but I have never had a reaction to Axilla. I find I now sweat less compared to using antiperspirants as well. The application is a bit of a pain (I use too much as it tends to melt when applied) but you should just start small and you can always add more after.
  55. Lovely & effective! Dislike packaging.

    Goes on smoothly and smells great! I live in tropical, steamy north Australia and it seems to last all day long running around my jobs. I can still smell it at the end of day. The only thing I personally hate is the tub style packaging. The oils/ingredients seem to expand in the heat (normal day 35deg) and leaks out the lid, even when it’s tightly on. I’d appreciate a squeeze tube form or some sort. Less mess in my bag and car, tho they smell lovely too:)
  56. Good

    This product definitely works for me and is a great natural alternative to other deodorants filled with nasties. The only downside is that this hasn’t lasted me very long and for the price point it is difficult to repurchase again and again.
  57. great!

    I've never used a natural deodorant before but am now definitely a fan!
    It works super well and is easy to use. Am now converted :)
  58. Easy to use, lovely small, and won't stain your clothes.

    I've bought numerous natural deodorants and was never really 100% happy with them. I thought I had to compromise on something. This works great, really works and I've managed to convert my non-natural deodorant friends too.
  59. It really works

    I have tried a few natural deodorants and this is the best. Really effective odor control and non irritating. Great!
  60. Great natural product

    I’ve used this product on and off, I’m a fan of it being natural and having good ingredients but I have managed to get two staph infections in my arm pit whilst using it and my dr recommended that I stop. Maybe it doesn’t work well for my skin?
  61. A fantastic natural alternative

    I started hearing about this product a while ago and am so glad I gave it a go.
    I have always used store bought deodorants with lots of nasty chemicals that I was sure wasn't do me a lot of good in the long term.

    I decided to go for and found it a fantastic alternative that really does stop you from smelling. You still sweat occasionally but as the brand and other reviewers have said, this is natural, your body is meant to sweat, but you don't smell using this product. I use this as my everyday deodorant and also use it occasionally on my feet as well to stop them smelling as well. But when I'm going to an event where I know I am going to sweat a lot, I will opt for something a bit more drastic.

    My only dislikes are the price and the fact it doesn't take me long to get through it.
  62. Love it but a bit pricey

    I love this natural deodorant - it works very well for me and I am definitely a sweaty/smelly person.

    I think with any natural deodorants, you should periodically swap to another kind so you don't get 'used' to it but I am back on it now after an absence and it's working very well.

    After a long hot day, I just smell like the scents in the deodorant and maybe just a warm 'skin' smell, but no BO noticeable (I asked people around me to give me a big whiff hah)

    I wish it were a bit cheaper but that's that I suppose! Went about a year making my own (there are recipes online) but my version was getting a bit inexplicably greasy/oily so I'm back on the Axilla paste and loving it.

    If you are moving to natural deodorant for the first time, you'll need to clear out your armpits before condemning natural deos. Your pores are all blocked with aluminium so give it time!
  63. wouldn’t be without it!

    I have been using this paste for about 2 years now. The tub lasts for a good 3 months or more as you only need the tiniest amount - less than a pea size. It’s a bit strange to get used to at first and at the beginning some people can get a rash (also after waxing, I leave it a day before using again). But it works a dream! I find if I forget to use it I can go all day without smelling. It’s perfect size for travel too. There’s no way I can go back to the aluminum, poor clogging sprays and roll-ons!
  64. great natural deodorant

    a really great natural deodorant that lasts and actually works
    a must have if you are trying to get into natural deodorant
  65. Great

    I usually use sprays but this balm is a good natural alternative. The balm doesn't have a heavy scent but it does work and spreads/absorbs easily
  66. I wanted to like this

    I really wanted to get on the bandwagon of natural deodorant however this product doesn’t work as an antiperspirant and left me very sweaty! I don’t think it promises to be an antiperspirant though so I guess it depends on what you are after...
  67. Best deodorant ever

    Incredible stuff! I’m definitely converted. Been using this for over 12 months now and not once has it let me down or made me smell... and it washes off so easily, doesn’t stain clothes or leave marks... I can’t fault it at all. The tub also lasts ages too BONUS
  68. This really does work

    I was sceptical if this would work but it really does and is even better than regular deodorant. I have very sensitive skin so by the third day it was making me itchy but that is just due to my skin! Definitely give it a go if you don't have sensitive skin
  69. It works!

    Only natural deodorant I will use as it works better than most chemical ones, leaves you smelling fresh and feeling dry all day
  70. Worthwhile alternative to regular deodorants

    The only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars is that I haven't tried using this on a toasty summer day and seeing how effective it is or how long it lasts. But even after sweaty gym sessions it seems to prevent odor, so consider me a convert to the natural deodorant club so far. Unfortunately not as quick to apply as a normal roll-on but not exactly a deal-breaker, and it smells much nicer than any commercial deodorant you'd find in a supermarket.
  71. Great natural deodorant

    I tried the sample size first and really liked it, so bought the full size. The first time using a paste deodorant I was unsure, but since got used to using it (only tricky when all of my fingernails are long!). Not 100% "sweat-proof" but does a good job.
  72. Great natural deodorant

    I’ve been using this deodorant for almost 2 years and am still really happy with it! It’s 100% natural and effective, and it’s easy to travel with. I apply a bit more when I know I’m going to sweat more and it works a treat! You just need to get used to the pasty texture but it doesn’t bother me at all.
  73. Be really cautious if you have sensitive skin!

    A while ago I tried to switch to natural deodorant, and tried just about every option out there. Unfortunately this was not for me! After a couple of days I developed a red, bumpy, itchy/sore rash. I stopper using the paste and it went away after about a week. I then did an "underarm detox" with another company's product, before trying this again, with the same results - a painful underarm rash.
    I also found that while this did control odour, i still sweated, which would make the rash even worse.
    I had to stop using it. However, I should note that i experienced this same reaction with many of the other natural products I tried.
  74. Happy Hippie!

    Love this product! it works well, no sweat or smells. Is a bit strange, trying to "paint" clay-like paste under both arms and getting even coverage, but it does the trick. Wish it came in a bigger jar, as I ran out pretty quickly. not sure how much to use, but good buy if you're worried about chemicals and the ozone layer.
  75. Smells beautiful

    I have used lots of natural deodorants that have been alright but this one's great! I read a few reviews on it and decided to give it a shot and am glad as it smells so fresh and is very easy to apply. I have found on hotter days I need to reapply which is understandable for a natural product but it's in such a neat little tub that I can keep it in my bag. Give it a go if you want natural beautiful smelling deodorant.
  76. Nope, still smelly after wearing this

    I've been on the hunt for an an aluminium-free deodorant that actually works, and unfortunately this is not it. If I'm just hanging around the house, not doing much, it might be ok, but as soon as I go anywhere or even go for a light walk, this does absolutely nothing. Also, I really do no like having to apply it with my fingers, especially if I'm going to have to keep re-applying during the day. Gross. Not for me.
  77. Surprisingly decent

    This is actually surprisingly decent. Easy to use and actually effective.
  78. You HAVE to try this AMAZING Deodorant!!

    My sister introduced me to AXILLA BLack Chicken deodorant paste a couple of years ago. And I have fallen in love! After trying many natural deodorants, this is 'the one'. I never have to search for another product again. It smells amazing, and this stuff works. My husband uses it too and loves it as well.
    Although its pricey, you only use a small amount and it lasts for a long time.
  79. Best deodorant ever

    This is by far the best and most effective natural deodorant I have ever used. I’ve used nothing else for for over 5 years now and have never had a problem with odour.
  80. LOVE!!!

    The ONLY deodorant that works for me and stops me smelling! I have tried dozens of deodorants and nothing ever worked. I got a sample of this and couldn't believe how well it worked! I still sweat, but there is no odour at all, not even after a big workout. And best of all, it's all natural ingredients!

    For the first month or two I did get a rash under my arms each morning but it didn't hurt. Upon research, I found out that this was because my body was getting rid of all the chemicals I was putting under my arms previously from other deodorants.

    I will never go back to any other type of deodorant!
  81. Like it!

    I like that it's natural and is only lightly scented. Since it's in paste form you can easily control how much you put on. It wears off rather quickly for me, so I have to reapply.
  82. 100% works

    Love this stuff! Last for ages and genuinely works, so much better than normal deodorant. I've already converted my family. It takes a bit getting used to a paste deodorant, but worth the adjustment.
  83. Best natural deodorant

    I switched to natural-style deodorant about 2 years ago and this is the one I always come back to. It smells lovely and is the perfect consistency. The thing I like most about it is the fact it stops body odour. Other natural deodorants start off nice but over the course of the day they wear off quickly. This one lasts all day and keeps me smelling fresh. It doesn’t keep me 100% dry but that is pretty normal for natural deodorants and not something that bothers me.
  84. Amazing

    Such a great deodorant. Smells good, doesn't leave any noticeable residue and works great, even when I'm exercising.
  85. Nice Lemon Scent

    I really like the scent of this deodorant, it's smells somewhat like lemons to me but not in an artificial way. It's also not heavily scented but does well to neutralize body odour.
  86. Love it

    I have sensitive skin and received this as a sample and bought it right away. It makes my skin feel hydrated whilst also preventing any bad odour. I love how natural yet effective it is. This does precisely what it says and i would really recommend it!
  87. Not completely sold on this

    This deodorant is nice and has a lovely smell. Easy to apply. It does mark clothes though, has yellowed some white t-shirts quite badly. It also doesn't seem to reduce any sweating for me and i think this will be particularly problematic in summer. I don't think i will purchase it again.
  88. caused underarm pimples

    I wanted to like this, and support an Australian product. Maybe my skin doesn't like being clogged by the kaolin clay. I did compare possible ingredients that may have caused this against Native, which I love. While the deodorant worked well, I do not like large painful pimples. Back to expensive Native for me
  89. Great natural deodorant

    I wasn’t sure about this product but thought I would give it a try.. but now I have it I LOVE it! Its quick and easy to use, you don’t have to worry about that wet feeling from roll on deodorant or breathing in the spray deodorant. The essential oils work so well, keeps you smellling nice throughout the day and absorbs the moisture so you don’t sweat as much!
  90. Have been using this for years!

    Would go without this product anymore. Lasts for over 6 months with twice daily use and melts into the skin without any greasy residue. Smells amazing
  91. Great Natural Deodorant

    I didn't think I'd like a deodorant in paste form but this was a surprise! It melts into the skin and has a soft lemon/mild herbal scent that I really like.
  92. Great natural deoderant

    I've really enjoyed the deodorant paste from black chicken remedies. I have sensitive skin and haven't had any issues with the formula in this one. The paste melts easily into the skin and you also only need a little at a time.
  93. smells great

    this is a good product! smells really nice and works well as a deodorant! easy to apply and it's nice and gentle on the skin which is great!
  94. Perfect post pregnancy

    This was perfect after pregnancy, i was being so careful about what i put on my body. It smells good and easy to apply, however after a few weeks i started reacting to it. I bought the sensitive one instead with no issues and my hubby uses the normal one. Great price too
  95. Great natural deodorant

    The smell of this is beautiful and lasts all day. I have found I need to reapply this on stressful or busy days, though I am a heavy sweater. Overall, this deodorant is great for preventing odor, but I feel it encourages underarm wetness. But I reckon it's a bit over hyped - there are definitely better, more effective natural deodorants
  96. Natural & Gentle

    This is a really great natural deodorant. It has a balm/paste like texture which spreads easily and absorbs quickly. Smells great too! Not heavily scented, but just mildly which I like. Also gentle enough for my sensitive skin
  97. Really works!

    A great alternative to deodorants full of toxic chemicals! Really does work
  98. Amazing

    Skin Type: Dry and sensitive

    I started trying natural deodorants because normal deodorant stopped working for me - they wouldn't stop the smell (only mask it with the perfume) and stained my clothes. I tried a few natural deodorants with mixed results, but this one is fantastic. Easy to apply, doesn't stain or mark clothes and stops any smell (even with heavy exercise). Please note - this is not an antiperspirant, you will still sweat. This doesn't bother me because antiperspirant never worked for me anyway. Also, do not apply this straight after shaving (it stings and on me, caused a minor rash) - but it says this anyway on the container.

    All in all I love this deodorant, and will keep re-purchasing.
  99. It works

    This is the only natural deodorant that I have tried which actually works! Doesn't irritate my skin and actually prevents dryness. Only downside is that it can stain clothing so I would be careful with certain outfits.
    Overall a good product.
  100. love this product

    I have been using this deodorant for ages and absolutely love it. I love the smell and the way it feels. I did notice a reaction but now I alternate this with the one for sensitive skins and that works perfectly. I work up a sweat when I exercise and have complete confidence in its staying power.
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