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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste 75g

4.5 of 251 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.63

Or 4 instalments of $4.63 with LEARN MORE

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Our bodies work hard to naturally detoxify itself. Why choose to stand in the way? Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste is a high-performance natural product that effectively neutralises unwanted odour without the potential hazards of aluminium compounds.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste Reviews

4.5 of 251 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

One of the Best


I have tried so many different natural deoderants but always find myself coming back to this one.

It deoderises sweat very effectievly.

Only downsize is the messy application method via your fingers.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me.


I used this for a little while then my under arm area started getting quite sensitive to it, i haven't experienced sensitive arm pits before so didn't think i'd require the sensitive version but it seems i do. I didn't mind it but realised quickly how much i hate applying a deodorant paste with my fingers. I found scooping it out annoying and time consuming and kinda gross. My next natural deodorant will be in stick form, possibly the one Jo mentioned in the podcast.
  1. Incredible


    Affordable, works well, and clean beauty. I love this product, this is one of the best deodorants I’ve come across! Easy to use, not messy at all
  2. It worked for me


    While it takes some time to get used to the application of the paste, it does work and smell great.

    For reference, I do not sweat much however I do play sports where I sweat and this worked like my normal deodorant. The paste takes a little while to be able to apply with ease.
  3. One of the Best


    I have tried so many different natural deoderants but always find myself coming back to this one.

    It deoderises sweat very effectievly.

    Only downsize is the messy application method via your fingers.
  4. Absolute game changer!


    This is King! And Queen! Seriously love this product. Have tried soooo many natural and aluminium free deodorants trying to find one that works for me has cost me $$$. Received this as a mini free sample with my Adore order and instantly was stoked! No odour or feeling wet for weeks trying to adjust like others have caused me. The paste is easy to apply, instantly dries and definitely works! So ha...
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  5. works well


    this surprisingly works well for me. I like this product and there is a nice natural smell to it
  6. best natural Deo


    verified purchaser
    I had made the switch with this deodorant and couldn't have asked for a better one. It's cheap and does the job what more could ask for. It doesn't have a sweet fresh smell. I think it has a natural smell with a mix of the little coco cola bottles. However if I put it on after my shower and went to bed, I would have a lil rash it the fold in the armpit
  7. Fantastic product


    This product is the best natural deodorant I have ever used. I live quite an active lifestyle and this keeps me smelling fresh all day. I have tried many natural deodorants an they don’t keep me fresh like this stuff. I brought the small sample size and have just gone and brought the bigger container. Highly recommend!
  8. works well


    this works well and I was super surprised. Smells a bit odd but its not bad
  9. It's a bit different


    I'd heard a lot about this product and was glad I could give it a go courtesy of a free sample the other day. I loved the 'day spa' aroma but found it somewhat off putting having to use my fingers to apply it to the under-arm area. It did, however, keep me BO-free during the middle of winter, so it seemed to be reasonably effective but I'm unsure how it would fare come summer time with a bit of h...
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  10. The only one for me!


    verified purchaser
    This is the best natural deodorant - the only one that works for me! I've tried so many and this is the only one that properly works for me.
  11. Love!!


    The first natural deodorant I’ve used and I love it! Went to the gym and barely had any odor, and have worn to work all day with no more sweating than any other normal deodorant I’ve used. This also smells so nice
  12. Best low waste deodorant I’ve used


    I’ve tried a couple of different deodorant pasted and this is my favourite by far - it smells amazing and does not sting after waxing like other brands. It’s effective and gentle and lasts forever. Amazing choice if you are looking for a natural alternative with less packaging
  13. Its ok


    This was a bit of a random buy for me. I like it, and it does seem to work, however, its a bit messy having to use your fingers to apply. Im still not 100% sure how i feel about it.
  14. Black Chicken Remedies Rocks No Nasties Deodorant


    I was delighted to receive this as a sample as I had been super curious for a while about this product. Yes! It really works! Smells insanely good and works like an antiperspirant but without the nasties.
  15. Irritated at first- but now I can't go back to artificial!


    So I'll be honest- I did have some reactions to this at first. My skin became very red and inflamed, then flaked off. I went without any products at all for one week to allow it to heal. Since then, I have had no issues. I think it's very important to apply it in a specific way, for me at least. Definitely not right after shaving (it says this on the tub, so a no brainer), but also I find that rub...
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  16. love, love, love!


    This is the best natural deodorant I have tried. It actually does prevent perspiration and i still smell good even after a 12 hour shift. It is scentless, so i can add any perfume over top. I feel like its a better option than commercial deodorants. will always buy!
  17. Love Love Love


    I have tried so many natural deodorants over the years and this one is far and away the best. It smells beautiful and once you get used to using a past rather than a stick or a spray you'll never go back. It keeps me feeling fresh and smelling nice even through a workout.
  18. Works well but not on extremely hot days


    Very happy to have found something no aluminium that works. On very hot days however it turns into a strange odour half way through the day and requires re-application. I have found No Pong more effective.


    omg my hubby approves of this. has a lovely scent and is a lot better than spray on deodorant.
  20. Fresh all day long


    I love this deo paste. I received this as part of a goodie bag sometime back. I have always had issues with non-natural deodorants because of their fragrance. After I discovered natural deodorants, I have never looked back.
    The product leaves you fresh all day long. Consistency of the paste is thicker than how I would've liked, but it gets better once you rub it in between the fingers. Easy...
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  21. Nope.


    I bought the mini of this because I thought ‘if it doesn’t work, at least I won’t have to wait long until I finish it’. Wrong. It feels like I’ll be using this mini until I the end of time. And to make matters worse, it makes my BO smell really bad- like... chalky. Not pleasant at all
  22. Very effective deodoriser!


    The product is actually amazingly effective at deodorising smell. Works better than most normal deodorants. I actually love the smell. Only annoying thing is that the balm has gone really hard in the cold weather, so every morning I need to blast it with my hair dryer for 10 secs to soften it to use. Annoying, but I will definitely be re-purchasing!
  23. My fav natural deodorant


    I received this as a gift with purchase and have been very impressed. As far as natural deodorants go, I have tried a lot and been trying my hardest to move away from heavy duty/ chemical products! This is by far the best natural deodorant (along with moogoo's one which i also love). This smells lovely and is actually quite clean to apply. I would def buy this, it also was very effective in keepin...
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  24. Really great natural deodorant


    I got this as a sample and was pleasantly surprised at how well it works - gets me through the day without getting stinky. I do find that I have to switch to a normal deodorant on exceptionally hot/humid days but 90% of the time this is powerful enough for me. Would love it if came in a stick format instead of a paste you have to dig your fingers into though.
  25. Not for me.


    I used this for a little while then my under arm area started getting quite sensitive to it, i haven't experienced sensitive arm pits before so didn't think i'd require the sensitive version but it seems i do. I didn't mind it but realised quickly how much i hate applying a deodorant paste with my fingers. I found scooping it out annoying and time consuming and kinda gross. My next natural deodora...
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  26. natural and works


    this left me feeling fresh and not smelling even after wearing it all day, this is really good
  27. Once you go natural, you never go back


    I've been using Black Chicken deodorant for a couple of years now. Previously I used the good old chemical sprays and clinical deodorants.... which NEVER worked. No matter what I tried, I stunk. I hated it, I was embarrassed and can even recall having a wash and reapplying during my lunch breaks. Once I started using Black Chicken deodorant (and my body adjusted), I was amazed. It really, truly wo...
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  28. Great for travel


    I received a small size of this as a gift from Adore and I like the packaging. It is easy to carry and doesn't look like I'm carrying a stick of deodorant. It does take some getting used to putting on a paste under your arms. Overall, it is very nice and works for me. (I'm not a heavy sweater)
  29. I'm a convert.


    I was skeptical this would be effective. I've tried other natural deodorants without success. After seeing the success of a deodorant paste on an episode of Myth or Medicine on SBS. I wanted to try it. Most are quite expensive so I was excited to receive a sample of Axilla. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I am really impressed . I honestly do not smell from morning to night even after ex...
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  30. Liking it


    I received the mini size as a gift from adore. So far I love it, and after a week I’m getting used to applying it (it’s a little grainy). I really like the smell which isn’t overpowering once it’s applied. Definitely keeping bo at bay, but not sure about sweating. I sweat with regular deodorant anyway though so this isn’t a deal breaker for me.
  31. Worth a try!


    I bought this out of curiosity really, im normally a mitchum girl and have a job that i run around a lot in....so was a but unsure this would actually work but it does! It took a few days to get used to applying it but it probably only takes an extra 30 seconds of your time. I also tried this on some seriously hot summer days and it definitely worked quite well. I love the scent of it, the only t...
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  32. Good


    I love this deodorant as goes on easily, smells great and lasts the full day.
  33. Good for a natural deoderant


    I like this deodorant for a natural one, and I have tried plenty including the crystal ones which I found not so effective. I did find it took a while getting used to, in terms of having to scoop it out and get your hands dirty and having to wash them afterwards etc. Wasn't something I was used to but all in all the product does actually work and you don't have to worry about any nasties which is ...
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  34. I love this - beware if you’re a heavy sweater!


    I love this product! It’s a paste that you scoop out with your finger and spread onto your armpit... I’ll admit that took some getting used to but I work in air conditioning and this just does the trick! I’m not a heavy sweater but I’ve noticed on particularly hot days you’ll still sweat but there’s hardly (if any!) smell and I’ve tried some spray on and roll-on natural deodorants and this would b...
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  35. Bad reaction


    I had to stop using this as it gave me a bad rash.
  36. So great


    I am shocked by how well this worked as a sweat quite a bit and worry about smell but this really masks any odour and makes you feel so fresh too all day !
  37. No more stanky pits

    Bon Bon

    I really love this product it keeps me nice and fresh throughout the whole day and it has a smell which I really like and best of all no harsh chemicals like other deodorants. Only thing that bother me is it gets stuck in my nails but first world problems right.
  38. Not sure


    I'm not sure how I feel about this product. It seems to be doing the job but I'm not a fan of the consistency and the smell is a bit too strong for me. Works well in keeping you fresh though.
  39. Pleasantly surprised


    I was skeptical using a natural deodorant at first, and it took my body a bit of getting used to, but I was pleasantly surprised. While it's not antiperspirant, It left me feeling fresh. Might need to reapply on a sunny hot QLD day, but otherwise it is now a part of my daily routine.
  40. refuse to purchase any other deodorant again!


    I've been on the hunt for a deodorant that will keep my underarms fresh, especially during a busy day! I stumbled on this beauty and I don't think I will purchase another brand ever again! This makes your underarms smelling and feeling fresh (slightly citrus), and lasts ages! It can be a little difficult to get the product out without it getting stuck under your nails, but after a few uses, you're...
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  41. See ya, stinky pits!


    A friend recommended the deodorant paste and I’m now onto my second tub - it lasts AGES and really does so much better of a job than all the other chemical-laden deodorants. I train hard every morning and not one day has gone by that I’m not blown away by how effective it is. I’m a fan!
  42. Amazing


    I got some of this as a sample when I bought some other stuff and I loved it so much that I bought a full size. It does a really great job of keeping underarms dry and odourless. With regular deodorant, I usually feel sweaty at the end of the day but after using this, I still feel as sweat-free as I did that morning :)
  43. great alternative!


    this was my first time using a deodorant paste, and i am loving it! not only does it keep you from smelling, it also keeps sweating at bay leaving you dry.
  44. It works!


    Works really well, i like how it smells fresh and natural. I wear it to gym sometimes and it really works!!!
  45. Blown away

    Elle R

    Wow this product really stops the pong. Super impressed. Using normal deodorant I felt like 1hr later I could smell my B/O :*( i was abit skeptical that a natural product would be effective but boy I will say Im happily wrong. Abit messy first few uses but you get the hang of it. Got to apply straight after a shower. I forgot 1 day and applied maybe 1-2hr later and had a slight B/O smell that day ...
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  46. A absolutely necessary product


    I adore this product. I have tried a few natural deodorants and have always felt like they really weren't doing anything helpful. However, this deodorant is incredible. The scent is very natural and pleasant, the paste is smooth and easy to apply and lasts all day at work. I will be most definitely be purchasing this one again.
  47. So great


    Such a great deodorant, so much better than spray. No sweat or stains on shirts.
  48. The Best


    This is the best natural deodorant I have tried (I’ve tried a lot). I was hesitant to buy as I didn’t want to use a paste to rub under my arms, as I’m used to a roll-on. I’ll be repurchasing 100%.
  49. Love


    Absolutely love this stuff! I find it really easy to use and smells great does the job
  50. Wear with confidence


    My work uniform requires me to wear polyester shirts and sweating is a real problem! I need something that’s strong but I don’t want to wear anything with “nasties” black chicken paste does and job and is also non drying!
  51. great natural deodorant


    I love the smell of the product and it's easy to use. If I am having a really sweaty day, I can easily re-apply it. I can apply it even after shaving and I have never experienced any sensitivity.
  52. Great non-chemical alternative


    I have been using this for years after hearing about it from Sarah Wilson. She raved about it and so I tried it and love it. I use it on weekends and in winter and cooler months as a fantastic alternative to chemical aluminium based deodorants. During summer months and really hot days 30+ or during a workout I feel that I need something a bit stronger but it does a great job of preventing odour an...
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  53. Amazing


    I love this deodorant, it's easy to apply, lasts a long time and is natural!
  54. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste


    This is the only product that stops me from sweating on my clothes and eliminates odours. I love it and won’t use anything else now!
  55. Earthy and good


    Awesome natural deodorant with a deep earthy smell that both myself and my boyfriend enjoy, need to apply twice a day or so for the particularly heavy days but overall a great substitute for standard deodorants
  56. Stick with sensitive


    I love Black Chicken products. Especially the deodorant it really works. Just one word of caution. If you are at all undecided between the regular or sensitive, go for the sensitive. I have been using that one for over a year, however, when they had a breast cancer version of the regular for sale, I thought I would give it a go. Big mistake. I have reacted quite badly to it. This experience has no...
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  57. Earthy and good


    Awesome natural deodorant with a deep earthy smell that both myself and my boyfriend enjoy, need to apply twice a day or so for the particularly heavy days but overall a great substitute for standard deodorants
  58. Good Product


    Gentle and perfect for anyone who finds themselves getting sensitivity or swelling from conventional products
  59. pretty good


    I find it works great in winter but summer i need to reapply throughout the day
  60. Fantastic Deodorant


    The best working natural deodorant I have used to date!
  61. Excellent


    Yes it's a little messy, you do have to ru it between your fingers, then massage it under your arm pits, but you get use to it, much cleaning your teeth or applying a cleanser. Very good though as i run most days and this is great
  62. A fantastic alternative!


    Still my favourite alternative to date! I am a deodorant fiend who can't live without it. I sweat a lot and find this definitely lessens it, and I never ever smell! On really hot days up here in Queensland, I do find I can sweat a little, but it is natural for the body to sweat a little still, and it never smells which is the thing I worry most about. The scent is lovely too
  63. Wow


    I was hesitant at first but wow. This is better than a deodorant stink but feels 1000x better than one and helps with sweat so much more than a normal deodorant stick!
  64. Stink no more!

    Tresna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    The best natural deodorant I've ever tried. To begin with the need to rub it on with my fingers was a little annoying, but I soon got used to it and also now really like that it seems to moisturise my under arms!
  65. Effective but irritating


    I found this to be highly effective for a natural deodorant and the cream sinks in to the skin easily, compared to some others. However, I found this to be highly irritating to my skin and made it red and incredibly itchy. I moved on to the sensitive version instead, which I found to be as effective without the itchiness. Also, doesn't hold up through the QLD summer, melts easily and doesn't recom...
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  66. Changed my life!


    I've been an excessive sweater since I was a teen (36 now!), and I'd never though to try a paste, I'd just given up and conceded that I'd have to reapply regular deodorant multiple times a day - and STILL end up sweaty and smelly. No more! I received this as a sample, and it is AMAZING! I've chucked all my regular supermarket sprays & roll ons, this is all I'll ever use. Thank you AB, if I'd never...
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  67. Great natural and effective product

    a friend of a friend

    Great natural and effective product, took a bit to get used to paste but wouldn’t change now.


    I love love love this deodorant ! It smells amazing, is easy to apply and NO MORE smelly armpits . I find I don't sweat as much either. I will NEVER go back to a spray deodorant !
    Thank you Black Chicken.
  69. Great natural choice

    K Custom

    I prefer this over all other deodorants, does a great job while allowing the area to breath. Also makes area smooth as if it’s a skin care product too. Would have given 5 stars, however the smell is rather hippie when first applied. The fragrance does go, however if the smell was that if “baby powder” I’d give it 5 stars.
  70. My favourite natural deoderant


    This stuff is a hassle to put on however it really does work!!! It doesn't completely stop you sweating however it DOES prevent odour and honestly, coming from somebody who is always self conscious about sweating so much, this is a really good product!! The scent is unusual but still pleasant and the cost isn't too bad either! Highly recommend
  71. Fantastic natural deoderant


    Have tried a few natural deodorants and this is by far the best. I don’t find it messy, just use a very small amount and if you’re needing a touch up during the day, I keep the mini version in my bag.
  72. Works well


    Works well for me. Love this natural deodorant. You might experience a detox phrase if you're used to commercial deodorant, but that's normal. Otherwise try the sensitive option.
  73. It really works!


    I've been using this deodorant paste for at least 6 months and I love it. I've always struggled to find a deodorant that actually works and went through so many different brands, natural and non-natural until I found this paste. It comes in a little jar, which can be recycled and also makes it ideal for travelling as it won't leak or explode in your suitcase. On a hot day or when working out, I st...
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  74. Best natural deodorant but..


    first timer to paste and natural deodorant, bit sceptical. But several years later, I am still using it. It has soft scent, still make you sweat but blocking tne odours which is important, it is effective as it can be when it comes to natural and nasty free deodorant. But, everyone says, I am not a fan of paste form, messy to use and i feel yuck when it goes under the nail. Hope they change it to ...
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  75. Works, but damages clothes


    I really, really wanted to love this product. I was surprised when I first used it that it actually worked - I am a heavy sweater and this did work, even while walking around lots while travelling. So that is the bonus. However, I used it on a travel work trip while wearing a silk blouse and the product completely stained the fabric, due to the essential oils in the product. As soon as I put the t...
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  76. mildly scented


    I like how this paste is mildly scented, I can smell a little bit of lemon but other than that, it has a pretty neutral scent. It's also effective, though I'm not the biggest fan of the paste form as it's not the most easy to use.
  77. Not the best


    This paste is ok, it does keep you smelling fresh all day even in hot weather. The smell is pleasant, herbal. However I do much prefer no pong. This product is a bit oily whereas nopong goes on almost dry. This product while not interfering with your natural sweat production could help a bit. No pong helps you stay drier, has a better scent and is cheaper. I will go back next purchase.
  78. Paste


    Have never used a deodorant paste before, but I found this to be a pleasant intro. I found the product applied smoothly and didn't transfer to clothes or flake (which were my main concerns). Not sure it had antiperspirant effects on me though
  79. Works well, but a tad on the oily side


    Works really well at fighting odor and I really like the clovey smell, but I find it a bit oily and stains clothing. Better than most in terms of fighting odor, but the oiliness makes it a pass for me.
  80. Works pretty well but a bit messy


    Pretty impressed by this deodorant. It's a bit difficult to use but I'm happy with how it works for me. Recommend trying the sample size if you're not sure
  81. Very effective


    As a serious sweater even when using "anti-perspirant" deodorants who struggles with BO (more so than some) I was hopeful yet skeptical about this product. I am so impressed! OK the application isn't ideal, but just wash your hands afterwards?! I would easily have started smelling after a short time with an ordinary deodorant but this one keeps me fresh MUCH longer. Definitely a convert!
  82. Effective but a little tricky to use.

    Emma C

    I found this product highly effective as a deodorant, but the difficulty to use it has meant I no longer persevere or repurchase. I wish it were in a stick or other mess-free applicator. I found I was always getting it under my nails when I applied it, and despite washing my hands afterwards would sometimes detect the menthol in the formula when I rubbed my eyes later in the day! I also found the ...
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  83. Messy but effective


    I've come back to this product because it does really work well. But I find it incredibly messy. I would like to see a packaging that maybe allowed it to be squeezed and rubbed by an applicator head rather than fingers. Also it can make a mess of your clothes. For me it's the perfect gym buddy because sweating still happens but the stench doesn't.
  84. Alright natural deodorant


    A good natural deodorant. Not my favourite natural deodorant but does a good job.
  85. Best out there


    I love this natural deodorant, it lasts for ever and soothes after shaving
  86. Good for winter!


    I purchased this on a whim from AB, and I was pleasantly surprised! Not only does it smell beautiful (the scent lingers ever so slightly throughout the day), but it has a good handle on sweat. It's perfect for daily use.
    However, I have been using it in the Australian winter and so I have no idea how this will fare in summer. I have seen however that this doesn't particularly do much when I...
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  87. Great natural Deodorant


    First time have ever used a paste deodorant and am pleasantly surprised. On the super hot days yes you do sweat as it is not an antiperspirant but no bad smells. It melts into the skin easily and does not stain clothing. Would recommend to anyone looking for a more natural deodorant.
  88. Great


    Really good natural deodorant that keeps me fresh for hours! Don’t love the smell but I don’t hate it either
  89. Doesn't stop sweating - that's why I like it


    This is a really great product. And no, it doesn't stop sweating - that's why I like it. The idea of blocking my body's natural way of cooling down and releasing toxins (ie sweating) doesn't work for me.

    Axilla Paste keeps BO at bay and actually works all day in winter. It took a while to get used to the application method though. I always apply after my morning skincare routine to e...
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  90. Best natural deodorant


    I have been looking for a natural deodorant that works and this is it. I don’t want to add chemicals to my body and this feels safe and like I’m caring for my skin at the same time. It’s easy to apply with your fingertips, the smell of the essential oils is lovely. It did take a couple of weeks for my body to get used to it, or perhaps for me to get an idea of how much to use, but I now feel like ...
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  91. Works great


    I used to make my own when I was leaving in Europe and it was the best I ever had. When I moved to Australia, I stopped making it as the texture is too liquid under the hot weather. So far this is the closest product I can find from the one I use to make. I have tried other brands but they don't even compete.
    I like the smell, which works great for all genders. It is easy to use, lasts fore...
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  92. Doesn’t irritate


    Traps odors and doesn’t irritate my under arms like other deodorants do
  93. Good


    This was suggested to me by my sister and it has really helped with my odour and I don't get smelly very easily now.
  94. Happy ....satisfied


    My sister suggested to me this magic and I was really confident after using this ..
  95. Best natural deodorant I’ve tried


    I have tried a few natural deodorants and this is by far the best I’ve used. The texture is smooth and rubs in quickly and the scent is nice and fresh.
  96. I'll never go back to supermarket deodorant


    I've always been hesitant to try natural deodorants as I exercise daily and I'm a sweater (even when it's cold) but my personal trainer insisted I try this out.
    It is the best, smells lovely and neutral and I've never had to worry about being smelly at the end of the day.
  97. I've used better


    This deodorant isn't bad. It keeps odour at bay but I've used better natural deodorants. It's not an anti perspirant so you will sweat. I just find it messy to use, prefer a roll on deodorant.
  98. It works!


    I've used this and the sensitive alternative and find both work equally well!
  99. doesnt work


    may work for a little while but not good for me
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