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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml 500ml

4.7 of 322 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.50


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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser available for a limited time in a 500ml professional size! Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser is a very gentle fragrance-free micellaire solution that cleanses impurities and removes make-up while respecting the skin's natural balance.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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  • Sensitivity and redness

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4.7 of 322 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

very gentle


this makeup remover is very gentle on my skin and takes all my makeup off very well. Definitely recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice but not groundbreaking


This feels nice and fresh on my skin when I take off my makeup, however it doesn't seem to work on my mascara so I have to follow up with a dedicated eye make up remover.
  1. very gentle


    this makeup remover is very gentle on my skin and takes all my makeup off very well. Definitely recommend!
  2. great product


    verified purchaser
    Have used this for several years. Definitely great cleansing product.
  3. Favourite


    My Favorite Micelle water it is the best of the best
  4. bioderma


    micellar water that works to remove my mascara all the time without fail. very impressed. large bottle lasts forever
  5. never looked back


    never looked back ever since it has landed to my shopping list.
    Love how gentle to my skin but works the wonder removing my makeup.
  6. Gentle


    Good micelle water and it's very gentle, it can remove light makeup and won't make my skin feel very dry. But it's a little bit expensive.
  7. Excellent makeup remover


    Removes makeup gently and thoroughly. I like to use this before my regular cleanser at night to make sure all traces of makeup are removed. Doesn't irritate skin or break me out.
  8. Light makeup


    Removes light makeup perfectly well but anything like mascara or a matte lip takes quite a few tries to get off. But it's still quite good for sensitive skin.
  9. Amazing


    Such a fantastic make up remover!
    I do find that I have to use a second cotton pad per eye to remove eye make up but my mascara is quite thick.
  10. Holy grail of make up removal


    This is the best, best, best product ever to remove your make up after a day or night out. I tried this product after Zoe Foster Blake recommended it on her Instagram story for removing make up. It is simple and effective, and lasts ages. I will be purchasing again
  11. Such a great addition to your skincare routine


    I've used Bioderma for over a year and just love it. It removes the last bit of make up after my shower and refreshes my skins every morning before make up.
    P/S It's also a great self tan remover :)
  12. Must have


    Ok, so I was gifted this by my mother. I have always been a fan of shower makeup removal until I tried this. Let me tell you, I am converted! It takes off mascara, and Revlon Colourstay with ease, and I use it on cotton wool. Afterwards, there is no redness, and my face feels balanced - not dry, not oily, just clean. Absolutely no tightness after. This product actually lives up to the hype!
  13. The best of the best


    The best micellar water there is on the market, the original and best. Have been for nearly decade when I would stock up in Paris each trip, have tried substitutes over the years and nothing compares.
  14. So gently and refreshing


    I received this as a promotion, it’s very sweet and effective makeup remover.
    I was so impressed
    Very gentle, light, lovely and it didn’t sting my eyes which are sensitive.
    I would purchase
  15. great


    the big bottle makes this makeup remover last for soooo long! it gets makeup off so easily and doesnt leave the face feeling dry or congestied at all. definitely recommend
  16. Very good micelle water


    I really like the bioderma micelle water. it cleans off your makeup very well and feels quite gentle on the eyes!
  17. Better than water


    This Micelle solution has completely changed my skincare routine. I hardly ever wash my face at night now (which sounds bad, I know). I don't really wear makeup though, but even then when I use this at night I still can't believe the stuff that comes off my face! Especially if I've been outside a lot, the build-up is incredible and water just doesn't cut it. Bioderma's Micellar water is a lifesave...
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  18. Best makeup remover


    I use this as my first step in my double cleanse. This micellar is amazing how it takes off makeup, even My waterproof mascara comes of with ease. I have been using this for two years and will be using it till I die.
  19. Excellent Micellar


    This is a nice micellar and does a great job at removing makeup up, including eye makeup without leaving the skin feeling sticky.

    I would recommend it to my friends, even with the pricier price point.

  20. End of the day saviour


    This is honestly the best micellar water I have ever used. It gets every last bit of make off my face and the bottle lasts forever!
  21. amazingggggggg


    love this at night it makes my skin feel awesome
  22. Pricier than other brands but worth it


    500ml will last forever. Although a bit pricier than your standard Nivea etc, there's a reason why this is a global hit. Doesn't ever feel sticky and leaves my skin feeling clean. Does a great job of removing makeup.
  23. Does the job well


    This removes my makeup really well aswell as any dirt on my skin, I found my bottle lasted me a long time even while using it almost every day.
  24. First Cleanse


    This is a good product for cleaning make up off at end of the day as a first cleanse and then doing a proper cleanse after with a foaming cleanser. It is quite expensive though for water but I find this one doesn't sting my eyes like the garnier one does.
  25. best micelle


    I've tried micelle water from many other brands including some more high end brands (e.g. ultraceuticals) and found this is by far the best. I have combination skin and this cleans all makeup and dirt off without leaving my skin tight and stripped.
  26. effective


    this is sooo good at removing all makeup and dirt from the skin and the bottle lasts ages. I use this nearly every day and my skin feels sooo clean afterwards.
  27. Primary cleanser

    Lindy lou

    Love this product. It cleans off make up and mascara so easily. The best micellar product i've ever used.
  28. Exactly what I need


    I’ve tried a few other micellar water products from other brands but always come back to this one. It cleanses thoroughly without leaving a sticky residue, and is gentle on my sometimes sensitive skin. I alternate this with my Korean Beauty Water by Son & Park and love both of them equally - what makes me come back to Bioderma is that the price point is reasonable for the amount of product given.
  29. worth it


    this is a little expensive but totally worth it, takes my makeup off with ease
  30. Effective and easy to use


    This is a favourite of mine for removing make up. I find it effective for foundation, eye makeup and the brightest of lipsticks. I have combination dehydrated skin but I don’t find it particularly drying at all.
  31. GOAT Micellar Water


    The BEST micellar water I have ever used! I refuse to use any other brand, I have one in every size. Highly recommend to all my friends and family.
  32. The best makeup remover on the market


    Bioderma is great and I really think this is the best, most affordable makeup remover out there.
  33. Gold Standard


    Top notch micellar water. It is gentle and removes the most stubborn of eye make up and lipstick
  34. Super impressed


    I had just trialled a few other Micellar waters and I have to say, this is my favourite so far. I'm still addicted to wipes but I'm starting to like Micellar water for initial make-up removal, followed my cleansing. I highly recommend this product!
  35. Great make up remover!


    A no-brainer, must have product for anyone who wears make up. More convenient than facial wipes as you can control the amount of solution that you need, whether it is to remove make up from the entire face or just one area like the lips or eyes. 500ml size is also better value for money.
  36. Dried my skin out too much


    I found this made my skin feel dry and irritated. Switched to the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O. I highly recommend Bioderma products though.
  37. No more sting!


    This product is perfect for the eyes. It's the only one that doesn't sting the eyes. Love t!
  38. The best


    Received a sample, will buy the full size. Friendly to sensitive skin, very convinent, very gentle, very cheap!
  39. Efficient


    Removes eye makeup very quickly and easily. Can't fault the product, except perhaps the price. 500ml is a great value for money option though
  40. Fast and efficient


    This product just works like magic, it just swipes that makeup off, you will be so amazed at how much makeup comes up. I use 2 or 3 cotton pads, depending on how much makeup I am wearing. My skin is left feeling clean and refreshed, ready for skincare.
  41. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution


    This product comes in handy. When I'm too lazy to use the make-up remover, i'll just use cotton pad and wipe away the make-up. It can remove maybe 90% of the make-up and won't dry up my skin.
  42. Good


    This takes my makeup off well at night and keeps my skin clean
  43. Great makeup removing water


    This is a staple to remove makeup without issues and harsh rubbing. Bonus that it’s fragrance free. Doesn’t irritate even the most delicate of skin.
  44. Best for all skin types


    I don't use this every day, but it is amazing for getting extra dirt/makeup of your face at the end of the day. Great for sensitive skin.
  45. Love this


    `I love this product. I use it to remove makeup and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. It's so soft and nourishing. I would highly recommend. There is no need for rubbing. I use a little cotton pad and it all comes off.
  46. Easy gentle clean


    I use this to wipe off my makeup when im lazy to do a full cleanse. Its gentle and wipes off even my eyeliner (maybe not the for the days i wear mascara though)
  47. Great Product!

    Kirsten M

    I love this product - for removing make-up and for a quick cleanse before morning gym etc.
    Is super sensitive on the eyes and dots flare my acne.
  48. Amazing


    This really my high end makeup really well and is gentle for my sensitive skin
  49. Great


    Amazing at taking off eye makeup without pulling out any lashes or stinging eyes! I received a sample and ended up buying a full bottle after use.
  50. Great


    This is an amazing micellar water. Works amazing, lasts for ages, is very affordable
  51. nothing beats this one


    no other micellar or makeup removers work as well as this, I wish it wasn't as expensive as it is but it does the job !
  52. Best Value


    This cleanser is effective and great value. I recommend it. It keeps my skin clear and clean and doesn't cause any breakouts.
  53. The best micellar water


    This is the best micellar water I have tried. It is so gentle and not drying and gets all your makeup off. Even stubborn eye makeup. Great after a night out to quickly and easily get your makeup off before you jump into bed! I will never use another brand!
  54. The Best Micellaire Water


    I've tried so many Micellaire Waters and this is by far the best. It gets my waterproof mascara off without having to tug and pull at my eyes. I wouldn't use it alone though as I feel like it may be stripping, I always follow up with a cleanser. But it does what its supposed to by thoroughly removing makeup and doesnt irritate my skin.
  55. You daily skincare routine best friend


    My everyday essential, it clean my make up well, it's reasonable price, can't fault ! I already stock another two bottles !
  56. best makeup remover so far


    I've tried many different removers and this is by far the one that gives me the best results. non drying and non irritating
  57. The best micellar water


    I love using this every morning when I wake up to cleanse my skin before I put on makeup. It's super gentle and soothing on my skin. Also good to remove makeup, an absolute staple.


    I really love this product and cannot be without it in my daily care. Really recommend it to all skin type, especially the sensitive and acne skin.


    I really love this product and cannot be without it in my daily care. Really recommend it to all skin type, especially the sensitive and acne skin.
  60. So good!


    This is such a good cleanser. I use it to remove make up and it gets everything every time.
  61. The reviews speak for themselves!


    Such a cult classic. Definitely the best at removing waterproof eye makeup and the larger sized bottles last for ages!
  62. Great


    I use this with a cotton pad and it removes all of my makeup even my waterproof eye makeup. It does not sting my eyes like some other makeup removers can. My skin feels so smooth and clean after using it. It does not cause any irritation to my skin, and no overpowering fragrance. I still follow up with my face cleanser to make my skin extra clean.
  63. lovely


    I find this so hydrating, especially in winter! Makes my skin feel nice and plump
  64. so great


    Great to use in the summer! So lovely and refreshing for my skin
  65. so good


    Another great product from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  66. Bioderma


    Nice, but I've tried other micellar waters that do much the same thing. This one is particularly effective on stubborn eye makeup though, which is why I keep buying
  67. Best in the business


    Really wish I had discovered this product sooner as I was always struggling trying to get rid of makeup after a night out. This solves everything!! It is so gentle and light on my skin and it always feels so refreshed afterwards. I highly highly recommend this product!
  68. above the rest


    i have used many micellar waters, but this one tops it all. It isn’t too watery and removes all makeup so quickly and thoroughly
  69. Best Micellar


    Best Micellar out there. Have very sensitive skin and no reaction whatsoever. I use everyday
  70. Excellent makeup remover!


    This is the first time I have actually liked a makeup remover. Traditional makeup remover usually left an oily residue and clouded my contact lenses. This one feels like water and removes all traces of eye makeup and foundation. I usually cleanse with my favourite cleanser for a super clean finish.
  71. Soft and gentle


    I love this product. It takes my eye make up well too, without leaving my eyes stinging. It is very gentle and light on the skin. Highly recommend.
  72. The best micellar water


    This is the best micellar water available. Takes off eye make up easily and doesn’t require you to rub or tear at the eye area. Cleans your face without stripping any natural oils. When I want to double cleanse I’ll use this first and then my cleanser, but you certainly feel nice and clean after just using this. No fragrance is great.
  73. Great product


    I purchased this product after using a sample I received. I had never used micelle water before and I found it to be very effective to remove any last bits of makeup I may have missed when cleansing. It’s also good to use around my sensitive eyes.
  74. effective


    Surprisingly effective at cleaning off eye makeup especially! Great value for money with this size too.
  75. Excellent for removing makeup


    This product is great for quickly removing makeup. While I normally like to double-cleanse, this micellar water is excellent for when I'm too tired. It doesn't leave the skin feeling tight or sticky.
  76. Gentle make up remover


    I prefer this to the Garnier as this is more gentle. It won't remove stubborn waterproof mascaras but will help clean off everyday make up. Good for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate the skin. Good step before cleansing your face to ensure all the make up is off.
  77. Best Mascara Make-Up Remover!!!!


    This product may appear to be fancy water but it is absolutely amazing! I have never had a make-up remover, eye or otherwise remove my mascara with such ease. I have always had trouble removing my mascara without vigorous back and fourth motion to break it down; More so with brands such as benefit, Bioderma does this effortlessly!! Highly recommend for any girls who love wearing mascara during the...
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  78. The original and best.


    We’ve all heard of micellar water by now, the liquid cleanser that removes makeup, saves time and soothes skin in no time. I love it as a first cleanse or at night when I’m too tired to cleanse properly but still want to remove makeup. I used to think Garnier was the best I’ve tried until I stumbled across this at Priceline and I quickly changed my opinion.

    I used it as my first morni...
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  79. Lives up to the hype!


    I bought this because of its amazing reviews! It cleanses and tones and removes makeup! I'm so glad I bought it! Highly recommend!
  80. Cleans your skin perfectly


    This is the only makeup remover I'll probably ever use. It's so gentle yet it gets everything off my skin. It honestly feels like water. Never stings my eyes nor does it cause break outs like other makeup removers do to me. Highly reccomend. It lasts a really long time too. :)
  81. Nice but not groundbreaking


    This feels nice and fresh on my skin when I take off my makeup, however it doesn't seem to work on my mascara so I have to follow up with a dedicated eye make up remover.
  82. Great value


    This removes makeup really well and is super affordable
  83. Micellar water


    Really enjoy this micellar water. It removes makeup really well with my face halo and gets off tough mascara. Good value for money too.
  84. Lives up to the hype


    I bought this in the hopes it would do what everybody claims in these reviews! It is amazingly gentle on my sensitive skin, yet removes my makeup without stripping my skin. I usually use the Clinique Take The Day Off. Happy to keep purchasing this because it works really well and is so affordable!
  85. Great make up removal


    One of the best micelle water out there. Its very gentle but yes does the job well. Don't think I gonna using other micelle water brand any time soon :))
  86. Good for taking off makeup


    I use this to take off my makeup before i cleanse and it works quite well and dosent make my skin feel stripped. On its own, if im not wearing makeup i find its abit too oily for my oily skin so it might be better for people with dry skin
  87. Great Cleanser


    I have been using this product as my morning cleanser, instead of the cleanser I use during my evening shower. I was surprised by how much I love it! You can totally see the grime from the skin on the cotton pad. It really cleanses effectively but does not leave any kind of residue and does not strip the skin of hydration. This is perfect for sensitive skin types as it is completely non-irritating...
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  88. I love this product


    When a bottle runs out I already have another. It cleanses the skin, does not burn the eye and does not irritate. It also feels clean and refreshing
  89. Removes makeup, non-irritating


    A really effective micelle solution that removes my eye and face makeup well. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin but it sometimes leaves it feeling tight/not hydrated.
  90. Great Miscellaire water


    This is the best Miscellaire water that I have ever come across. Being a Miscellaire water type cleanser, it is not the most hydrating cleanser you can get. However, it is a pretty quick and gentle when it comes to removing makeup.
  91. The Best Miscellaire water


    This is the best that I've tried.I have sensitive, acne prone skin and this does not irritate or break me out. It's gentle on my skin but powerful enough to remove all the makeup/excess dirt. Highly recommended!
  92. Gentle and effective


    I use this as first cleanse - it is gentle, non-drying and effective. Works fine with my oily but dehydrated skin.
  93. Quick makeup remover


    this is great for removing light makeup and does not irritate my skin. I definitely recommend washing your face immediately after using this if not it will dry out your skin.
  94. Really good


    It's a good product for gently removing makeup. Not too expensive either and lasts forever!
  95. A great alternative to make-up wipes


    This is the only micellar water that doesn’t irritate my eyes. I use this to remove make-up and then use a cleanser to get rid of any residual make-up or oil. The 500ml bottle lasts me at least 6 months. 100% recommend this.
  96. great


    really like this
    removes all my makeup and my skin feels nice afterwards
    doesnt need much and squeeze a little bit onto the cotton pad
  97. There is no better!!!


    Really wish I had discovered this product sooner as I was always struggling trying to get rid of makeup after a night out. This solves everything!! It is so gentle and light on my skin and it always feels so refreshed afterwards. I highly highly recommend this product!
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