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Benefit They're Real! Lengthening Mascara 8.5g

4.4 of 496 reviews


4 instalments of $11.00

Or 4 instalments of $11.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.00

Or 4 instalments of $11.00 with LEARN MORE

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The jet-black They're Real! Mascara lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates lashes for a spectacular "out-to-here" look.

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GREAT - 82% recommend

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Benefit They're Real! Lengthening Mascara Reviews

4.4 of 496 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

False lashes


These totally give me the false lashes look, I tend to do 3 coats and these make my lashes look longer, darker and bolder

Most Helpful Criticism



I didn’t love this mascara it left fallout under my eyes and was hard to take off
  1. Long lashes


    Love this- definitely makes my lashes look so much longer. Good colour and the mascara stays put and lasts all day as well.
  2. False lashes


    These totally give me the false lashes look, I tend to do 3 coats and these make my lashes look longer, darker and bolder
  3. It’s a good Masacara and it gives a good length. But to remove it I need to eye make up remover to take it off completely


    It’s a good Masacara and it gives a good length. But to remove it I need to eye make up remover to take it off completely
  4. Nice


    not a bad mascara. It lengthens my lashes. My lashes look very long. Doesn't clump like other mascaras. Benefit has nice mascaras.
  5. true to name


    As the name suggest, the mascara is very lengthening and does not budge on my eyelashes. I do have quite dry eyelids though so that may have contributed to the longevity.
  6. Long luscious lashes


    Doesn't rub off. Doesn't flake. Easy to wash clean with water. Gives amazing length. Can't live without it!
  7. great


    lovely mascara, truely lengthens the lashes without clumping them up!
  8. Long lashes


    Gives me super long looking lashes and doesn’t go all clumpy on me either
  9. No clumps!


    I love this mascara! It really lengthens my lashes and it doesn't leaves clumps which is what I love most.
  10. Not bad.


    It was way too clumpy to use, so I won't be buying the full version
  11. amazing!


    an awesome mascara. super lengthening and makes my eyes really pop
  12. Lashing out


    I never thought I would move on from my old lengthening mascara, but I am converted. Gives a natural finish that does not clump together.
  13. Fantastic!!


    perfect for good coverage
  14. #1 mascara in the whole entire world


    This is easily my favourite mascara that I've ever used. It has the best brush and helps curl my eyelashes with a super black colour. Hands down best ever!
  15. Not for Me


    I have short eyelashes and didn't find this mascara lengthened them at all. Instead I found it quite messy to apply and hard to remove but also smudged quite easily. I'm not a fan of this product at all especially considering I've used much cheaper products with much better results
  16. Classic!


    This mascara is perfect. I have short lashes and it really lengthens and separated them. It only takes on swipe to get a thick, dark, even coat of mascara and the definition is fantastic.
  17. Lengthens and separates lashes


    This brush is amazing, as its bristles are firm enough to keep lashes separate to prevent clumping. I love the little bit at the tip for getting my inner corners
  18. Long lashes


    volumising and lengthening but my curls don't hold
  19. Meh


    Works ok but I prefer the benefit bad gal bang masacara instead
  20. Excellent Product!!


    love love love this mascara
  21. Disappointed


    Really disappointed, at this price point was expecting a wonderful lengthening and professional finish but very disappointed. My cheaper maybellines are way better. I also received a free sample of "roller lash" and it out performed this one by far!
  22. Love this


    This mascara is a little messy (or at least I am with it) when applying but wow I love the results. Not the best with wearing a mask lately as I find that it runs so a waterproof option is what I've gone for but I love the definition and length it gives to my lashes
  23. Disappointing


    Based on the multitude of positive reviews for this product, I thought for sure that I would love it. I'm actually very disappointed with it. The formula is quite thin, and the brush does not apply well at all. It's not too bad on my upper lid as my eyelashes are quite long and thick, but it's absolutely terrible on my bottom lashes. The weird spike design of the brush does not cover or even pick ...
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  24. Really good


    this product really makes my lashes very voluminous and thich without looking clumpy i find it doesn't lengthen as well as the bad gal but still amazing
  25. Lengthening


    It is ok for lengthening however doesn't hold much of a curl at all. I also find that it smudges underneath my eyes after 3-5 hours.
  26. Not for me


    I have super straight lashes and this does mascara does not hold a curl at all. It is good at lengthening but does not provide much volume. Not my faovurite.
  27. great mascara!


    great lengthening mascara, easy to remove but not waterproof
  28. Not amazing


    This unfortunately didn’t work too well on my thin, short Asian lashes. The brush was much too big for my liking, and for me the formula was a little too heavy/wet.
  29. Perfect!!


    I love this mascara so much. The brush isn't too big and chunky so I didn't make lots of mistakes and get it on my eyelids while applying. Made my lashes look so long and dark and they didn't clump
  30. Thick but not long


    My lashes definitely become thicker and defined, often clumpy but youve just got to not apply too many layers. This didnt really help with lengthening though
  31. Decent Mascara


    I remember buying this to try because it was so famous. I really does do a good job of lengthening and volumising the lashes so they do have the appearance of being fake. Unfortunately it does rub on my upper and lower lash line and smudges so it is not my favourite
  32. Very lengthing


    I recieved a sample of this with an order, it has lasted a decent amount of time. It lengthens really well and doesn’t clump to much, I did find throughout the night the mascara was dropping a bit under my eyes. All in all a good mascara though
  33. Average


    I purchased this mascara after reading all of the great reviews. It is a nice mascara, however it is nothing special in my opinion and I believe there would be better mascaras out there for this price tag.
  34. Best eyelash mascara


    I’ve been using this for years! The wand picks up all my lashes and glides effortlessly to give my lashes the pop and full look. Great price and definitely must have item in your purse on the go.
  35. Long lashes


    A lovely mascara but I need to use an oil cleanser to take it off
  36. Not for me


    Has a nice natural look, good at adding length - not so good at adding volume. Best suited for a very natural look. I find this mascara flakes easily. Not for me and not worth the price tag.
  37. Not bad


    Not a bad mascara. It separates lashes and doesn't clump but it doesn't coat lashes that well and there is little length. I prefer the BADGAL bang mascara from this brand.
  38. not for me...


    A difficult brush to use and no-curl or length.
  39. Best mascara


    Best mascara I've used. Super natural, doesn't transfer and comes off easily with cleanser.
  40. The best for lengthening


    I have lifted lashes and love a long, fanned out yet natural look,this is the best mascara that I’ve found that does just that. Worth the money. No flaking either.
  41. Not for me


    Was disappointed when I tried this product because of how hyped it was. I have thinner, straighter lashes that need to be curled. I also usually typically wear a waterproof mascara to hold the curl. This mascara didn't work for me personally, but that's okay. I think maybe it would've worked a lot better if I had bought the waterproof formula (but at the time I bought it it wasn't available, and i...
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  42. The best


    This is the best mascara I’ve ever used. It separates and elongates your lashes. The brush has little bristles on the very end which help to reach every single lash. Love this.
  43. Holy Grail!


    I have curly eyelashes and only use this mascara to define them. It extends the lashes and separates them perfectly
  44. so hard to remove


    The brush of this mascara makes it the most painful application ever. It always gets onto my lids and is a nightmare to remove. It stays on for ages which is good if you are looking for that
  45. Best mascara I've ever used


    Originally had as a sample tube, and have only used this since! Best lengthening mascara. Always complimented on how long my eyelashes are. Naturally they are decent but this does add a noticeable boost to them. Also, really sensitive skin/eyes and no problems with this product!
  46. Holy Grail


    This is my hands down favourite mascara. The first few applications go on a bit thick but I have never had a mascara stay on as well as this. My skin is quite oily and with other mascaras by mid day I have black smudges under my eyes but I have never had that with this one. The brush is really good at separating the lashes so they don't end up clumping together. It is easy to remove with face wash...
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  47. Have


    I love mascaras and I am always after dramatic volume more than length. This mascara does give me good volume and I enjoyed using it but I was not mind blown. The brush feels a bit spikey/scratchy and pokes at the base of my lashes when I get too close. It performs OK and I am not going to repurchase after I use it up. For me the deal breaker was the fact that it is hard to take off. I have found ...
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  48. Almost Perfect


    This mascara is a bit gloopy with the first few applications, however, after that the shape, volume, and lengthening are stunning! I use this with the They're Real Tinted Primer and my lashes look gorgeous. The only downside for me is that it smudges. I cannot for the life of me find a mascara that doesn't smudge underneath my eyes (and I don't even apply to my lower lashes...)! If it were not for...
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  49. A go-to


    One of my favourites for sure, it goes on well, it stays on, and it has a neat finish. It’s never been clumpy, always glides on smooth. Can be tricky to remove, especially if you wear it every day.
  50. Great


    This mascara was really good for everyday. It didn’t made the lashes go super big and thick but as I have many it separated them and made them lengthy without the clumping and dark look. Really nice for subtle everyday looks
  51. love


    love how it makes the eyes stand out, a great mascara and gives wonderful volume
  52. Love love LOVE it


    This is my favourite mascara! It is a jet black which makes your eyes pop and the brush is really easy to use. It opens my eyes and makes me look wide awake. Couldn’t recommend it more
  53. Not for me


    I had high hopes for this mascara, after reading reviews and being drawn in by the packaging.
    It just did work for me.
    I found the brush incredible harsh and stiff to work with around the eyes. The formula was quite dry. I thought I would've been able to build this product up a few layers to achieve long natural looking lashes, however, its formula became clumpy quickly and it just mad...
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  54. One of the best!


    Without a doubt one of the best!!!
  55. Great


    This lengthens my lashes enormously
  56. Works well


    great for my not so long lashes it makes a massive difference to my eyes
  57. Good


    This makes my asian lashes look really long and huge
  58. amazing


    The unique brush design grabs and grips each of my lashes and get those small lashes, also minimise clumping. My mascara stays in place all day.
  59. Average


    It's just average. I don't think any other mascara from Benefit tops the Badgal Bang. I like the brush on this but it works just okay.
  60. Always a winner


    This mascara will always be a go to. Thickens and lengthens the lashes without clumping
  61. The best mascara for glasses wearers


    I love this mascara so much! I recently purchases it after having tried various cheap and expensive mascaras and have found that nearly all of them always smudge under my eyes, even waterproof ones. I usually wear large glasses and I think it's to do with that that I always get rings of mascara under my eyes, even in non humid weather, but with this one I haven't found that at all it stays perfect...
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  62. Bet mascara out there


    I adore this mascara! My lashes need all the help they can get and this mascara thickens and lengthens them in such a dramatic way I get complimented on them! I have strayed from time to time to try other brands but I always return to this one! The only downside is that it can dry out in a few months but I honestly do not know another mascara that doesn't! I highly recommend this for anyone who wa...
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  63. awesome for natural looking lashes


    this is so nice for an everyday no-makeup makeup look
  64. Doesn't capture a lot of lashes


    I have naturally long and full eyelashes, this mascara doesn't colour even half of them (compared to other mascaras). The pigment is good quality but the brush is kinda tough and too long for my eyelash line. Wouldn't repurchase
  65. benefit


    I like how it lengthened my lashes but unfortunately I felt like it transferred to my undereyes when it was humid
  66. Holy Grail


    This is my favourute mascara of all time. i am often asked if I have eyelash extensions when I wear it. Its super lengthening and separates lashes beautifully. I especially love that the formula is water resistant - so that it doesnt smudge yet its easier to remove then waterproof.
  67. good product


    Benefit makes my favorite mascaras and this is no3 in my list. looks natural and does not transfer onto your lids
  68. Love this


    Volumising but not clumpy. Lasts all day and makes my lashes look beautiful.
  69. love it


    my lashes are lengthened and long. in love with this
  70. Loveeee


    This mascara does exactly what is says it will do! Beautiful long lashes, no clumping and easy to get off at night! Will def be re buying.
  71. Amazing product


    The best mascara out there if you want long black lashes! Its amazing. Only fault is its hard to get off so ensure you have a good eye makeup remover.
  72. decent product


    i was happy with this product before i discovered the roller lash from benefit, in my opinion its better, if you enjoy the mascara wand on the bigger side then youll like this one other wise if you like smaller wands like me, the roller lash is the one to go
  73. Makes your eyelashes pop


    Love this mascara, really gives your eyelashes wow factor! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I've used cheaper mascaras that have worked better
  74. defines and separates lashes


    Defines and separates lashes, with a true jet black colour. Doesn't give heaps of volume, but great for everyday when not doing full glam.
  75. Lengthens, defines, doesn't clump


    This mascara is perfect for everyday as a single coat, yet versatile enough to build up for sexy date night. I fell in love with the formula for day use - it defines without clumping, doesn't smudge and there is very little fallout throughout the day. I was surprised when I built it up for a night out - same definition with volume. I've purchased this a few times now and always find myself disappo...
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  76. Holy Grail Mascara


    Perfect mascara that is never too heavy and gives nice definition, even for bottom lashes
  77. A natural look with some smudging


    I used this before I switched to cruelty-free cosmetics. It has great staying power, but it did tend to smudge under my eyes. It also starts clumping after more than one coat, so it's best for a more natural look.
  78. Good mascara for everyday work look


    This is a good staple in your makeup bag - a reliable everyday mascara for work or running errands. I wouldn't say it lengthens but it definitely gives volume. Not clumpy and light weight. Comfortable to wear.
  79. Great mascara


    Very good mascara, up there with the best! I can’t seem to go past Benefits Bad Girl Bang mascara though!
  80. Really nice mascara


    I did like this one. It holds your lashes in place all day but it can be a little hard to remove later on
  81. Not a stand out mascara

    Bridget L

    This is a pretty good mascara, doesn't clump, comes off easily. It's in the mix with other mascaras around the same price point, the Eye of Horus and Clinique High Impact mascara. But there are other $20-$25 mascaras which are just as good as these $45-50 ones.
  82. Lengthens and Defines!


    Up until a few months ago I had been getting eye lash extensions. I made the decision to give my eyelashes a break and had experienced some eye lash damage. I have been desperately trying to find products to help repair and lengthen my lashes. This worked very well! I was very impressed with the length I got from using this as a primer and it didn't make my lashes clump up. Yes, I would buy this a...
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  83. Use it by itself


    I was told by a friend this is a very subtle mascara to use by its self. It’s my everyday mascara and I’ll put something on top if I’m going full glam.
  84. super natural


    looks super natural, but also very buidlable
  85. Perfect for nights out


    Volumizes, lengthens and doesn't clump at all! Makes my lashes look perfect for a night out and doesn't give me panda eyes by the end of it.
  86. Beneficial mascara for simple lashes


    Not a huge fan of this mascara but easy for a simple face and everyday lashes. Impressive wand to seperate lashes and quality pigment.
  87. Wow


    I received a sample of this in an order and wow! This is probably the best mascara I’ve ever tried. My lashes look amazing they are so long and not clumpy at all. No fall out either! Definitely investing in the full size
  88. Oh yeah They’re real


    I tried this product because of the makeup community and the first application was like an angel flew down from heaven and danced on my lashes to make them longer and curled and beautiful. I’ve now been through about 6-7 tubes and I loved the blue one as well (so did my mum) and they discontinued which I’m still mourning.
  89. Best mascara !


    I have always used benefit mascaras and this one is definitely one is definitely the best! Love it
  90. Great mascara


    This is a great mascara! It Lengthens well and doesn’t smudge all day. Although it definitely takes some time to remove.
  91. really good


    this was really good, it made my lashes look longer. Only bad thing is that it had a bit of fallout under my eyes
  92. All time favourite mascara!


    So beautifully pigmented, doesn’t clump, long lasting! Everything you want in a mascara.
  93. Great!


    I have been using this for years and is easily my favourite mascara!
  94. Good


    Lengthens and stays on all day without going clumpy, good product.
  95. Great Mascara


    A great mascara that is currently in rotation of my faves
  96. Luscious Lashes


    Love this mascara, not only is the packaging sophisticated, it leaves your lashes thick, lengthened and separated without creating clumps, even when applying more then one coat. My holy grail.
  97. Pretty good


    Gets a little clumpy the more you try to layer, so definitely just use sparingly. Super lengthening and good staying power, I like it a lot for my very no make up make up looks.
  98. Ultimate fave mascara


    Like everyone, I've tried many mascaras in my search for the one, and this is my favourite- easy to apply, love the thin style brush, achieves excellent length and volume
  99. Love it


    Lifts and seperates all lashes, gives a lovely natural look.
    Doesnt leave any fall out which i love and lasts all day!
  100. Just okay


    I bought this because I kept hearing about how great benefit mascara was. I was underwhelmed, there’s nothing wrong with this mascara but nothing great about it either.
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