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4.5 of 124 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Benefit Ka-Brow! is a crème-gel brow color that does it all! Its rich color easily fills, sculpts & defines brows… and it comes with a custom built-in brush.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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4.5 of 124 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good staying power, cute packaging


I love the packaging. It works beautifully (not for you if you want a natural fluffy brow though) I use this on the days where I want a more blocky filled in brow. It doesn't transfer. The pack is good for travel as it has a great little brush that works well. So no need to bring one along. I use five and it's a deep brown close to black. Nice and ashy with no red tones in it.

a little goes a long way so a smaller pot would last months. You need to keep it sealed though or it dries up

Most Helpful Criticism

Great product in average packaging


I really love this brow pomade however I find the packaging really fiddly and product hard to reach if you are using different tools rather than the provided brush. It also dries out easily
  1. great


    I love it, use it every day for the shape of my eye brow, it gives a very natural looking.
  2. good staying power, cute packaging


    I love the packaging. It works beautifully (not for you if you want a natural fluffy brow though) I use this on the days where I want a more blocky filled in brow. It doesn't transfer. The pack is good for travel as it has a great little brush that works well. So no need to bring one along. I use five and it's a deep brown close to black. Nice and ashy with no red tones in it.

    a litt...
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  3. Great pomade!


    This is a great pomade by benefit, it does everything a pomade needs to. It is easy to use and I love their colour selection. It doesn't dry out too quickly but even if it did I just pop some duraline in it and it is good as new. The brush that comes with it is handy but very small so I rarely use it.
  4. Not bad


    I am not a brow pomade fan as I find these take a long time to apply and do the same job as the gels and pencils. It stays on well.
  5. amazing


    It very pigmented. I got this in a box full of gifts. Ive used all of the benefit products and each one has there own specialties. I love the shade range. I use it with the small brush to comes with. I but prefer the pencils
  6. Amazing!


    I love that this product is no-nonsense and so easy to use. It has a lot of pigmentation, so I tend to brush it on very lightly, however it's versatile enough that you can go for quite a natural look, or be a bit more heavy-handed and have a bold brow.
    I found that it has dried a little over time, but I think it actually makes it easier to use.
  7. Great brow product


    Its very pigmented so you really don't need to use too much product. I use it with a small angled brush but I feel as if the product drys out too quick.
  8. Great brow product


    Benefit does the best brow products in the biz and although my absolute favourites are Precisely, My Brow and the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, I also reach for this occasionally and it does not disappoint. It's got a soft brush that you dip into the pomade instead of a pencil applicator like the others, and I find that it works well for softly filling out the brows for a nice natural look. The colour r...
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  9. great


    This pomade stay put all day. it keeps my brows in place. It has a great shade range. make brow thicker and fuller.
  10. For a natural look


    When I lost my eyebrows to chemotherapy, a few ladies had recommended Kabrow as their go-to product for drawing those babies back on. Glad I took their advice! The brush gives you the precision needed to create realistic strokes and texture. So many people could not even tell it wasn't real hair unless I pointed it out. My only complaint is that in winter, the product went a bit 'stiff' and was ha...
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  11. Brows on Fleek


    I love this product for my eyebrows. I like how the brush provided glides on smoothly and is very pigmented. A little goes a long way so be careful not to over do it. It does not smudge after wearing for a whole day, which is good for me because I can get oily eyebrows. The only down is that the consistency can dry out after some time, otherwise it is a great eyebrow product.
  12. pretty good


    just got myself one, very smooth, easily glides onto your brows, long lasting. pretty good!!
  13. great pomade


    Brows are dark brown and number 4 is the perfect shade super easy to work with and brush it comes with is great. A little product goes a long way and its lasts ages however only slight downside is it does start to dry up after a while.
  14. The best


    Favourite brow product by benefit. So easy to use with and provides a natural or glam look
  15. Great!


    Another great brow product from benefit. One of my favourites, lasts well and is very easy to use
  16. best Brow Product!


    I love the applicator of this product. This lasts for ages and gives a defined brow. A little goes a long way so it's definitely worth the price.
  17. Brow Tech Recommendation!


    My Brow tech recommended this product to me and I am glad she did. It is amazing and I use it everyday. You really don't need much and it last forever. People often ask which product I use on my brows. Love the Benefit brand.
  18. staple


    this brow pomade is an absolute staple in my makeup routine!! lasts ages as you don't need much product, so easy to apply and it sets my brows in the process!! Definitely makes your brows look on fleek
  19. Great brows!


    I really like this brow product, I've been using it for a couple years now and it has replaced other brow products I used, great color options and stays all day, I use gimme brow over it. The only downside is that as much as it last forever it does dry up after a while so using the bottom of it is a bit hard and I've had to add oil into it.
  20. 10/10


    Great brow product as always from Benefit. This product lasts so long I find it actually dries out before you use all of it, and I'm talking using it every day for close to 12 months.
    Initially you need to be quite precise with application but I actually find as time goes by and it dries a little I like the application better as it's a little more like a powder and goes on a little lighter s...
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  21. The best


    That was simply the best purchase I've ever made! I love this eyeliner, it makes my eyebrow super drawn and lasts all day. I can't live without anymore.
  22. Good pomade


    This is the second time i have purchased the Ka Brow and i do love it. Im not a fan of the packaging as the brush isn't that useful, It lasts a really long time which is great!
  23. Used once and I'm in love!


    I have been trying to find something to fill in the pesky eyebrow gaps that never grew back and this works a treat. Will definitely be repurchasing in the future
  24. Wowl Ka-Brow


    I`m very fair, meaning you can hardly see my eyebrows, this builds beautiful long lasting all day all night brows which are water proof meaning when I sweat it doesn`t come off. Fantastic product
  25. My fave benefit brow product


    The best benefit brow product. Easy to use pomade. Just be careful so you don’t put your brows on too blocky.
  26. Perfect pomade


    Ka-Brow is the most amazing pomade and the best I have tried it also has a built in brush with is great for travel or taking it on the go not that you need to touch it up as it stays all day. Its a staple for me as I travel a lot and the shade range is great too,
  27. Best Brow Product


    This is currently my favourite brow product by far. It is very easy to apply and can be built up for a fuller look. It also does not sweat off at the gym which is a huge bonus for me.
  28. Best brow gel


    Definitely the best on the market. So easy to use. Precise brush makes it so easy to get the light feather strokes
  29. Easy to use


    This is really easy to use and very blendable. Lasts all day, colour is realistic. I like the included brush in the lid, so I don't have to look for one of I'm in a hurry. I've had mine awhile and it hasn't dried up like some others do too.
  30. An unexpected makeup favourite,


    I initially received this as a sample and was unexpectedly shocked at how much I loved this product! It’s a beautiful paste that is applied using a small brush. Only an extremely small amount is needed to colour in the brow area and if you want a more dramatic look it is super easy to layer.
    Since receiving the sample I have gone on to buy the full size product and can’t imagine ever not hav...
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  31. A favourite!


    By far my favourite brow product out of all the ones benefit released. very easy to use. I have a thicker angled brush which makes the application fast although not so precise but easy to clean up. when I brush my eyebrows to diffuse the colour, it doesn't all go away so great pigmentation. had mine for a few months now and it hasn't dried up so that's good. travel-friendly coz it has a brush that...
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  32. Best pomade around!


    This is a super easy to work with pomade once you get used to using it. The formula isn't too dry or waxy and transfers easily from brush to skin/brows. It is very pigmented so a little goes a long way and this little container will definitely last you a long time. Perfect for travel too with an included brush at the top!!
  33. really easy to work with


    really creamy texture that's easy to work with. it lasts a long time as well.
    strongly recommend
  34. Simple and Looks Great


    I use shade 2 which is great for my cool toned eyebrows, it’s kind of like a taupe. I found this easier to use than some other pomades I’ve tried in the past, it’s texture is great and you don’t end up putting on heaps accidentally. Great for reshaping your entire brow or just filling in gaps. I just got my brows microbladed and it’s AWESOME for the stage where you’re losing pigment I just use thi...
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  35. Great product!


    Absolutely love with brow product! Glides on beautifully and is nice and opaque, very easy to work with. The only downfall with this product is the packaging - I feel like it could be a bit more user friendly and a lot of product goes to waste. That's the only reason for my 4 stars.
  36. Love the actual pomade but the packaging is a bit crap :(


    I really like this brow product and think it makes my brows look really awesome, but the packaging is a little bit bleh. Since it’s on the pricey end of brow products, I feel as though they could make the packaging a little bit better! Otherwise, it’s great! :)
  37. The sh*t is the bomb.com


    Ok so this stuff is the actual best, I love it.
    it is honestly the best brow pomade I’ve ever used.
    It hasn’t dried out in the time that my ABH pomade did and is just generally easier to use. Like the Anastasia pomade though, a little goes a super long way so use sparingly and with a light hand galsss <3
  38. Love this


    I am more of a powder and pencil kind of person because I find gels and pomades too fiddly and messy. However, this one I found quite easy to work with and did not end up looking too heavy. I like the consistency, it allows me to apply a tiny bit and still look good. Only drawback is it dries out fairly quickly but that can be fixed with a drop of oil.
  39. Idiot proof!


    This pomade is perfect for me for filling in and defining my brows. I'm usually in a rush and it is so easy to apply and stays put all day. Very good value for money too because a little goes a long way. I will re purchase this again. Viva la Benefit!
  40. Great product in average packaging


    I really love this brow pomade however I find the packaging really fiddly and product hard to reach if you are using different tools rather than the provided brush. It also dries out easily
  41. Makeup Bag Staple


    I cannot go a day without using this product! It is a staple in my routine and even on no makeup days it gives me a pop of colour thanks to my brows. Benefit are the only brand i use for anything to do with brows as they KILL the game. Non greasy and sticky as well as a super cute compact brush. Perfect!
  42. Excellent


    This is one of the best brow products. A little bit goes a long way, it's really good for shaping the brows
  43. Good for Instagram brows!


    This is a fantastic pomade that can be used to achieve that thick, full Instagram brow in real life. I absolutely love how easy it is to work with and how it makes my brows look after applying.
  44. My Favourite!


    this is such a good brow product! a little goes a long way, the texture is really good to work with and it leaves a really nice, natural finish. the brush it comes with is also really good
  45. best brow product i have ever tried


    this blows my anastasia beverly hills pomade out of the water. it is so blendable and creamy and leaves a natural look to my brows that is buildable
  46. Easy to use


    The Ka-Brow is my new favorite pomade. So creamy and easy to use. So good to shape the brows with. Also doesn't rub off, she's here to stay!
  47. Great even for beginners!

    Beauty Bee

    I love this pomade! It's the first brow pomade that I've ever used and it's fabulous. The brush you get with the product is great (bonus!) and it's hidden in the packaging safely and stealthily! This means it's a great travel companion. Colour 01 is perfect for those of us with a fair complexion and blonde hair - it looks very natural.
  48. Good


    A little goes a long way. Brush included is a bonus and the formula is pretty good too. I used to use ABH pomade but it dried up pretty quick. Not a lot of product for the price but still a great product
  49. Okay


    It’s okay. The product is quite dry and I found that it fades quickly
  50. Yes!


    I love this. Formula is great and the brush makes it super easy to get perfect brows. If it had to pick one Benefit brow product to use forever it would be this. I’ve tried all of them which is probably overkill but they’re all so good.
  51. Must Have Product


    Very easy to use, perfect if you have tattooed eyebrows and in need of a touch up or extra shading.
  52. Depth & fullness


    Love this, the colour I have is slightly too dark for my eyebrows but I use this for a night look or when wearing heavier makeup. Precise shaping you can fill in as much as you like. Only thing is the brush can dry out occasionally so need to make sure you clean it
  53. Lovely


    I prefer pomades for my brows and this one is great especially as it comes with a brush.
  54. Not my favourite


    I probably wouldn't repurchase this product. I thought the brush was too wide and the bristles get destroyed when putting the brush back together. It's difficult to achieve a defined look and the pot of product dried out completely after not long of owning it.
  55. Great!


    Great for the outline of a brow but unfortunately the colour I picked was too dark for me so when I fill my brows in it’s way too dark ☹️. Still it’s a great product that’s easy to use and fairly smudge-proof too!
  56. Creamy but dries out


    This product is very creamy and easily blended at first but then get very dry and hard to use
  57. Good for shaping


    I use this to make the shape of my brows and fill in. It's definitely worth it and a little goes a long way!
  58. not bad


    very creamy at the beginning but can go dry after time just use water to soften
  59. Hmmm...


    I like using this product when my curly brows are freshly plucked, shaped and trimmed as it is not too difficult.

    However I do find it hard to use, often going in too hard and creating an ultra dark brow look which I personally find is not flattering on my face shape.

    Okay for filled in but natural brow looks, great for Instagram brow looks.
  60. Game changer!!


    Brow game changer!! The application of the product is impressive and this pomade lasts for over 24 hours! Overall really great product.
  61. my go to for a quick easy brow fill


    I found I am always reaching for this when I am on the go as it has its own Mini brush included - which can I just take a moment to say ... IS A LIFE SAVER!! .

    I love how convenient it is that I don't have to go looking for a seperate eyebrow brush , which was the reason my ABH pomade never got used !!

    I love using this and clean my mini brush every 2 weeks or as I reme...
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  62. Good for travelling


    I received this in a deluxe sample size and the little tiny pot has gone a long long way. The brush is nice, the angle makes it easy to get precise lines. Not sure if it is because of the small size, but I found the product to be quite dry in the pot and needs to be worked a bit on the skin before it warms up and applies smoothly
  63. Amazing product!


    I absolutely love this product, it is definitely the best brow product I've used. It goes on very smoothly and looks very natural. My brows are dark and beautifully shaped, I use this to sharpen the shape and slightly fill them in. The only downside is the colors though. I brought the Medium 4 and while it's a perfect match for my brow color, it builds up so quickly that my brows very quickly look...
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  64. Great


    So so so happy with this product! I used to use pencils, and then I was using a matte eyeshadow and angled brush and my brows looked okay but this has transformed them completely! I wish the brush was maybe an inch longer but it still gets the job done. Very satisfied.
  65. Great product


    Really cute design and really simple to use.

    I'm not into super-done brows but I like to have them looking neat and shaped and this product is perfect for that. It is super smooth to use and the tiny brush helps create neatly filled in brows, lasts for ages but can be a little fiddly compared to others.
  66. Smudge proof brows!


    I was struggling to find a brow product that didn’t budge but also didn’t look caked on... ka-brow was a life changer! All day wear and it look sooo natural! I’m quite fair and the colour matches perfectly. Plus I can build it up when I want to go for a more dramatic look. The brush is super easy to use as well!
  67. Alright


    This dose the job and the formula is pretty good but the pot is fairly small and the brush is tricky I don't use it.
    The colours are pretty good although all a little on the warm side which isn't for everyone but there is a nice range of shades.
  68. I love this!


    This is my favourite eyebrow product from benefit. Super easy to use and you can create both natural and a bold brow. I just wish it was easier to figure out what colour you were as colour 3, although works is slightly too dark for me. Otherwise I highly recommend this.
  69. Okay but not my favorite


    Doesn't compare to some of the big brands in the pomade game but does do a nice job and the 8 colour choices mean you have more chance of actually matching one. Although that said, they are all super warm tones and sometimes too much so.
  70. Colour choice hard for pale bronde


    I can see how this would suit thick brows and it has great staying power but the colour choice for me (3) was no good. Too light for my sparce, pale brows. Too many spaces to fill and the brush wears out faster than I could of imagined. I find the tail looks synthetic on me and would choose darker if I were to have a chance to repurchase which I wouldn't. Pomade and your own brush is a much better...
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  71. Works really good


    Between you and me, I like this better than Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow. It is so creamy, applies so beautifully. I sadly left it open for a whole week and I just scraped the top off and it was like brand new. I was shocked.
  72. liked it


    this was an amazing formula product, glides on really easy and good colour range however i found that the actual sizing of the product was quite small, it lasted a while but is definitely smaller compared to Anastasia dip brow which is cheaper too...
  73. Great product


    this is by far the best brow pomade on the market. Ive tried them all and nothing compares. smooth and easy to apply and lasts all day/night long!
  74. This is so great


    I can easily control the amount of product I want to use if I'd like a heavier brow or lighter one. I get consistent compliments on my eyebrows. I bought this product last year, use it almost daily, and still have plenty of it left. I'd say it's worth every penny.
  75. It’s good, but not the best. It’s quite hard and sometimes can be hard to work with, it also can clump up as it’s so hard and makes application difficult. I would much prefer the Anastasia dib brow.


    When I first received this I first noticed how hard this was, i was expecting it to be firm but compared to the YouTube videos I previously watched I was a bit shook. I was using it for a month or so and noticed how it would occasionally clump I’m and make application difficult I then received the Anastasia dibbrow as a gift and enjoyed it a lot more. If you enjoy this type of eyebrow product I st...
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  76. Definite must have!


    I absolutely love this! I've tried a bunch of eyebrow pomades and pencils but I've never had one that the shade matches. The finish is matte which I love cause I have oily skin. The applicator comes in handy when your traveling and forget your angle brush. Absolute favorite
  77. soft brows


    i liked this product alot as it had a very easy application because it glided so well, you could also create more pigment for a deeper look of less pigment for a softer look. i also loved the applicator it came with in the lid as its the perfect shaped brush to do brows with
  78. Perfect colour for pale skin


    Disclosure - I am not very experienced in make up

    I tried this at my friends house and fell inlove, I usually use a pencil that is a similar kind of texture (clay like) which is about $20 so I thought I might as well just buy this pot because it will last so much longer, I am pale so I use the 2nd shade which is great for a bit of definition, not too light and not too dark.
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  79. Well defined brows


    I love this product. Been using it for a couple of years now. It is so easy to use and apply. This product helps shape and fill your brows with ease. My eyebrows are full but in certain areas need a little more filling so that’s where this product comes in handy, not only does it fill my brows but also helps to create the perfect shape. When going out though I do add that bit extra for a full brow...
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  80. Great


    Love this product so easy to use and it last a while. Only problem is it dries out before I have even used half of the product but this is after a few months of use.
  81. Good for the experienced


    Nice brow product but can be tricky to use if you have not used this type of brow product before. I have always only used benefit precisely my brows pencil and gimme brow, so this was a bit tricky to use at the beginning but once you get use to it. It creates defined bold brows that lasts all day. The brush hiding in the lid is also really handy.
  82. Everyday Go to


    This is the easiest brow product I have ever used ! This little pot of gold lasts forever ! I use medium it’s such a good colour for most . Packaging comes with handy little brush my only feedback that’s negative would be that the product gets a bit hard over time but still useable I will never stop buying it as I use every day and my brows don’t budge !!!!
  83. Good brow product


    This product has a cream/pomade texture and is very easy to work into your brows for a natural look. You need to be careful not to pick up too much - I would recommend dabbing your brush in and then stippling excess off onto the back of your hand. This also helps distribute it a little more evenly into your brush. The mini size is good to trial it, but the pot is so small it’s almost a little bit ...
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  84. Easy to use


    This is so easy to use and lasts on the eyebrow all day! I find it is easiest applied with a small angled brush. I have shade 2 which has a cool undertone
  85. Best brow product on the market!


    Benefit always amaze me with their products but this one is my absolute favourite. The ka-brow is the best best priced pomade on the market and has the best consistency! The little jar with brush makes it so easy too and great to take on the go... Even if you aren't the best at brows - this is really easy to learn!
  86. Lasts so long!


    This product stays put for sure! I got shade 02 light and it matches my light brown hair perfectly and has a cool/grey undertone. It is easy to apply and lasts so well
  87. Average


    I found this quite clumpy and didnt go on smoothly, but good for a back up.
  88. Great for filling brows on the go


    Replete with brush, I can shape, fill and set my brows on the go! Decent shade range, and it's a long wearing product. I'll be buying the full size next time...
  89. Game changer


    Love this product !! Is my go to for brows, stays on all day without having to put any setting products with it
  90. Durable


    Long wearing and travel friendly as its a brush and product in one. Very easy application
  91. Holy Grail!


    I absolutely LOVE this product, as a blonde I've always struggled to find a shade that matches my hair/ skin colour and is long-lasting. This is by far the best brow product I've used.

    The one downfall is that it does dry out over time, but I just pop a couple of drops of any eye drops in there and it keeps it going.

    I also have oily skin and find that this stays in plac...
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  92. Yes!


    This product is great. It makes you look like a professional has filled them in, when really I have no idea :)
  93. WOW


    This has changed my eyebrow filling game...
    I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks and women keep asking me if I’ve had my eyebrows done or feathered.
    It’s so user friendly. This is my first eyebrow pomade/cream and it took a second to nail.
    As I already have quite dark and thick eyebrow hairs, the brush is forgivable. I would recommend though that anyone with finer and/or ligh...
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  94. Great product


    Very easy to use, great colour range and the brush is extremely convenient. My only gripe is that mine definitely dried out a lot sooner than I expected - it lost its creamy consistency quite quickly.
  95. So easy to use


    I revived a sample of this product and purchased shortly after because it was so easy to use and stays on so well. I love it I can see why everyone raves about this product it is amazing.
  96. Great


    This is a really innovative product which has become a best-seller for Benefit. Unlike using a pencil, which can look overdone if you aren't careful, this helps build on the natural shape of the brows so that you don't end up looking like Gloria Swanson.
  97. verryyyy good


    My favourite Benefit brow product, You can either be heavy-handed and have super dramatic brows or light to have a more natural look!! either way so so good
  98. Not my favourite...


    It's great for the first few weeks but dries out so quickly even with the lid tightly secured.

    I prefer the pencils!
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