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Benefit All-Purpose Sharpener

4.7 of 55 reviews


4 instalments of $2.25

Or 4 instalments of $2.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $2.25

Or 4 instalments of $2.25 with LEARN MORE

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It's twice as nice! Sharpen your pencils, thick or thin, to the perfect point with this dual pencil sharpener.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Benefit All-Purpose Sharpener Reviews

4.7 of 55 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing !!


Best sharpner ever. I love it :)

Most Helpful Criticism



This is an okay sharpener. Its not the worst but I also notice when im sharpening eye pencils it doesnt sharpen them properly it takes off the sides and leaves it a little uneven. I feel it wastes the product a little.
  1. Good


    This does the job, sharpens well.
  2. Amazing !!


    Best sharpner ever. I love it :)
  3. Cute sharpener


    verified purchaser
    Great sharpener for pencil make up products. Great that it has too sizes. The colour is cute!
  4. Good


    Good product, does the job and good price too.
  5. Pretty and practical


    verified purchaser
    I bought it because I loved the colour and needed a sharpener for my (standard size) pencils. It does the job and I love looking at it. A decent price, too.
  6. Great


    Does the job extremely well some could be a fuss but worked well :)
  7. Good


    This is a good little sharpener. It’s affordable and does a great job of sharpening my pencils
  8. Best sharpener ever had!


    verified purchaser
    Wouldn't buy any other! This sharpener is amazing it effortlessly!
  9. amazing


    one of my favourite sharpeners and the price is very good ! affordable & great!
  10. Good sharpener


    verified purchaser
    I've been through so many sharpeners but this one works the best and fits all different size pencils.
  11. My favourite sharpener


    I own quite a few sharpeners but this one is my favourite. Sharpens my liners so well without making it jagged
  12. Not bad


    Not bad as far as sharpeners go. I very rarely use this but I do have it in my collection just in case.
  13. Does the job


    I prefer to buy makeup products that have a push up mechanism most of the time but occasionally for items I own that needs to be sharpened, this does the job. The dual size means it can be used for all pencil products big or small and it comes in a cute baby pink colour too!
  14. Great sharpener


    This is a great little tool. Sharpens thin and thick pencils well. Also comes in a cute colour!
  15. My favourite sharpener


    This does the job well! Very high quality and works really well.
  16. Perfect tool


    This is a great little tool. Sharpens thin and thick pencils well. Also comes in a cute colour!
  17. Benefit sharpener


    Sharpens all liners beautifully and doesn’t leave them jagged
  18. Pretty decent sharpener.


    I got this in my last order to sharpen my jumbo eye pencil.

    It doesn't work well for that, it sharpened it a little bit but i had to push really hard to get the sharpener to work and it didnt bring my crayon to a point and kind of messed up the tip.

    I'm not sure if that's the sharpener's problem or whether that's just my jumbo eye pencil, because my eye pencil isn't wood,...
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  19. Good sharpener


    Effectively sharpens my eye and lip liners, good quality product! Love the colour, so girly.
  20. Love it


    Sharpens all liners beautifully and doesn’t leave them jagged
  21. Need


    Finally a sharpener that will sharpen my thick pencils and thin ones all in one! Easy to sharpen and good quality
  22. Works a treat!


    Finally a sturdy sharpener for my lip liners and eye liners. Love the two size options and the colour is super cute too
  23. Cute


    Super cute, love that it has two size options, also like that it's not black so it stands out when I'm looking for in a case/bag.
  24. Great sharpener


    I love this sharpener because it sharpens thin pencils and thicker ones! Pretty packaging too.
  25. Awesome sharpener


    Lovely, high quality sharpener. Great price point too
  26. Love it


    Bought this because it’s Benefit and I needed a sharpener. Super sharp, looks good and can use it on crayons to liners. Quality product that I’m glad I bought.
  27. Cute Sharpener


    I bought this because it was cute. Its no better/worse then previous sharpeners i have used before. I like the fat that it has the ability to use with three sizes.
  28. A pencil sharpener on steroids!


    Talk about a blingy sharpener! It has the most gorgeous of packaging and comes with a little tool to clean the blades and another little insert tool to fit big and small pencils. The construction is interesting, I'm not how to best describe it but underneath the blades it has a strip of metal that gently sharpens it to a nice point while driving all the wooden shavings down. Downside is that the e...
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  29. Cute and Useful


    Love the multi-size sharpener. Cute colour and packaging. Does what you want it to :)
  30. Good size


    Great size for different pencils
  31. Perfect


    Does exactly what it needs to do as any other one I have ever used just wreaks and breaks the tip off.. but this one has just been amazing well worth the $9
  32. Pretty good


    I use this for my eyeliner pencils only so far - seems to work pretty good. Nice that it has two different sizes. Cheap and handy.
  33. Works


    Seems to work pretty well and sharpens all my eye liner pencils good.
  34. Great


    Does exactly what you need and is the prettiest sharpener I’ve seen
  35. Love it


    Fits 3 size of pencils and is so pretty
  36. Okay


    This is an okay sharpener. Its not the worst but I also notice when im sharpening eye pencils it doesnt sharpen them properly it takes off the sides and leaves it a little uneven. I feel it wastes the product a little.
  37. Great


    Sharpens pencils perfectly
  38. Great


    Great sharpener, works well
  39. Great price and works


    Really great for eye liner pencils. Works well.
  40. Great


    Nice and sharp, works well with both my eyeliners and lip pencils. Great.
  41. Good sharpener


    This sharperner is truly amazing not only you can use it in different types and sizes of pencil but the product itself isnt sturdy plus points for its cheap amount compared to other brands. definitely stocking this up on my makeup drawers :) Good Job Benefit as always.
  42. All-purpose.


    I was forced into buying this product as my 'Benefit High Brow' wouldn't fit into any ordinary sharper. Nothing amazing, it's a sharpener, but does its intended purpose.
  43. Does the job


    Its a simple sharpener so it cant really go wrong but it DOES fit ALL my pencils no matter the size they work and its nice and sturdy feeling
  44. Does what it says


    I mean its nothing groundbreaking but it does what it claims and can be used with all sized pencils!
  45. Perfect


    Fits all size pencils and sharpens them perfectly! Pretty too.
  46. Great value


    Fits my highbrow pencil perfectly. Does a great job and makes it sharp.
  47. Perfect


    This is perfect, does what it should and it's a pretty pink. Overall great.
  48. Great sharpener


    Great sharpener - most importantly, it sharpens the pencils without breaking the 'lead'. Love the pink colour too!
  49. Cute as


    Adorably pink, it does what it's meant to do and sharpens well :)
  50. Love anything pink, great little sharpener


    As stated, I love pink. So this was great to add to my little collection, hasn't ruined any of my pencil's yet! It is good quality and isn't expensive.
  51. Great sharpener


    This sharpener is a great tool to have in your make up bag. Sharpens well and doesn't ruin any pencils.
  52. Perfect


    I know this is just a sharpener but I love it. I have ruined so many pencils using dodgy makeup pencil sharpeners, this one does exactly what it needs to do and doesn't ruin the product. Love how there are size options and an insert.

  53. Easy


    Does what it should. Works easily and I love the colour. Great sharpener.
  54. Perfect


    This is perfect. It works like a charm and does exactly what it should.

    Love the colour too.
  55. Love it


    I love it because it fits the high brow so perfect. Doesn't ruin the pencil. Plus, IT'S PINK.
  56. Does the Job!


    I like this sharper as you have the option for smaller and larger pencils and that it is pink. However it doesn't have a little bottom on it to collect your shavings which is annoying unless you have a bin handy.
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