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Benefit Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain 6ml

4.3 of 51 reviews


4 instalments of $8.25

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4 instalments of $8.25

Or 4 instalments of $8.25 with LEARN MORE

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Want a rosy glow that lasts for hours? Reach for Benefit BeneTint, the cult favourite, bestselling lip and cheek tint with intensive staying power that brightens lips and cheeks all day long.

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GREAT - 82% recommend

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Benefit Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain Reviews

4.3 of 51 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Really nice product


This blush/tint is amazing. I have been looking for a really natural blush for a long time and I came across this product. It is really easy to use and very natural-looking, both as a blush and lip tint. I love that I am able to control the intensity of the colour by layering it up and it truly stays on all day. The only issue I have with this product is as a lip tint, the colour fades throughout the day however I do put lip balm on top of it, so that may be the reason. Overall I love this product and it is definitely worth the price as a little bit of it really goes a long way!

Most Helpful Criticism



Wish it was cruelty free because this is a great product. Love how you can use it for your cheeks and lips and it looks fresh and healthy.
  1. Love it but irritated my skin :((


    I started using this and absolutely loved how it looked - I would apply it on my cheeks and lips and it instantly gave me a refreshed, natural, glowy look. However I started to notice where I applied it on my cheeks I would get redness, irritation and a weird texture. I have really sensitive skin, keep in mind, but still sad that I can't use it because it's super cute :((
  2. Really nice product


    This blush/tint is amazing. I have been looking for a really natural blush for a long time and I came across this product. It is really easy to use and very natural-looking, both as a blush and lip tint. I love that I am able to control the intensity of the colour by layering it up and it truly stays on all day. The only issue I have with this product is as a lip tint, the colour fades throughout ...
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  3. not as i expected


    verified purchaser
    i buy the posietint before but its too light for my pale lips, so i buy this shade, because it’s more darker. it nice colour even still lil bit bright and not as i expected (i already find some review from youtuber) but the texture so watery compare to posietint. and not very long last actually.
  4. Lovely cheeks


    This is a great blush’s Rosey cheek stain.
    On lips it wears off quickly and In my experience, can leave lips dry.
    Solution is watery so that needs getting used to. Smells lovely and easy to apply.
  5. Pinky tint


    This comes out very pinky red on my skin tone. It also doesn’t sit well on the cheeks as a blush. Works fine on the lips. Probably won’t repurchase this.
  6. great tint


    I bought this as I was looking for a nice lip tint I could use on the daily. I personally found that it looked very nice on the lips and didn't make them appear chapped or dry. The tint was light but noticeable and didn't smudge all day long. It also didn't leave lip prints on the cups I drank out of. I would recommend this lint tint as it is one of my go to products. However I didn't like the tas...
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  7. Good on lips but not great on my cheeks


    The tint on my lips was great. Nice and natural and brings out a bit of colour. Taste is not nice though. On the cheeks I find it didn't smudge well so I looked a bit blotchy.
  8. Nice natural blush/lip tint option


    Love this red tint for blush, I put this on after my liquid foundation/BB creme and it gives me a natural looking flush, in a flattering way. I also occasionally use this as a natural looking tint for my lips to make them look a bit more rosy, following the tint with a bit of face oil or lip balm. I am not usually a blush person, but this is really nice and natural (so perfect if that's the look y...
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  9. Such a handy product


    It’s such great product I used for the first time and even if you wear no makeup it looks like you are. It’s easy to use and dab on your face and packaging is super cute. I love the long lasting effects of it and will purchase again
  10. natural Flush


    I love this product because when you out it on your cheeks it looks like you just have a natural flush. It blends beautifully and is so nice on dry skin.
  11. Very light and natural lip tint


    This one is good if you're going for a very natural no-makeup lip as it is almost like lightly tinted water. I normally use this for blush rather than lip tint because it doesn't give much colour on lips.
  12. Brilliant tint


    The best tint I've used. It is a bit drying, but I find as long as I put lots of lip balm on afterwards, it's not an issue
  13. FIne


    Does its job I would say but doesn't have a very strong effect. If that's the look you want then this is perfect but it almost feels like it's not worth the money.
  14. Great blush


    I’ve been using this as a blush for a couple years now, it’s been great since I started going through menopause as I found the powder blushes just didn’t last with the hot flushes
  15. perfect shade


    Such a beautiful product and easy to use, especially if you want a soft, natural look. On me, it lasts longer on my skin than as a lipstain. The packaging is also gorgeous.

  16. The original


    The original benetint is still my favourite! I love the candy pink colour - great on so many different skintones as a lip tint.
  17. Good for "no makeup" make up days


    I love this product for a natural makeup day- just make sure your skin is moisturised.
  18. Benefit lip tint


    Gives a nice red color which makes your lips look natural. Love the packaging, can be easily fit into a purse.
  19. Not the best longevity


    This has been a classic product of mine for years since I absolutely love the natural flush of colour it gives my lips. Even on days when I choose to wear minimal makeup, putting a little dab of this on really brightens my complexion. I do find that on me this product fades away quite quickly since it is a water tint so I like to carry a mini around with me to reapply throughout the day.
  20. Rosy flush


    Gives cheeks a rosy flush. Very light on the skin but doesn't last long. Is good for really natural makeup days.
  21. Dreamy!


    An absolute essential in achieving that glowy sun-kissed, no-makeup makeup look.
  22. Beautiful and long lasting


    I love the benetint - the shade is gorgeous and so long lasting on both the lips and the cheek. It is a very strong colour though, so great for a night out.
  23. The Best Multiple In One.


    This product really is outstanding. There's nothing bad I have to say, it leaves a beautiful and natural flushed look when applied to the skin and I find it melts in really nicely and doesn't streak or blotch. I apply it to my cheeks, eye lids and lips on a day-to-day basis and it really brings my look back to life.
  24. Not bad


    I like the finish of this and it is good for travel. Easy to blend and looks gorgeous for that no makeup makeup look.
  25. It's ok.


    I don't reach for this an awful lot. I definitely prefer it as a cheek stain than a lip stain as it doesn't have much staying power on lips. I'm probably more of a cream blush fan but this is still nice. Not sure if i would re-purchase.
  26. Doesn’t last on lips but great on cheeks


    This product gives you a gorgeous flush of colour on your lips but it doesn’t last long. I use it as a cheek stain instead and it works beautifully!
  27. Hmm


    Wish it was cruelty free because this is a great product. Love how you can use it for your cheeks and lips and it looks fresh and healthy.
  28. Six bottles later


    My secret to looking like I had 10 hours of sleep, drinking 3 litres of water and eating the healthiest foods. As I am rushing out the door to work (or wherever) I tap benetint on my lips and cheeks, I instantly feel like I look alive. Whether I add a touch of colour to my makeup-free-face or to my foundation-ready-face I always feel better with that touch of beautiful colour the benetint offers. ...
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  29. A classic in a travel size


    I love the original size of the Benetint. It's an absolute classic. I saw this and was so excited to take it with me on my travels, especially since the original is quite pricey. Amazingly this one packs a punch and lasts for quite a long while, and I still have a decent amount left even though I used it practically every day while travelling. I love the new brush and design, and while I now prefe...
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  30. No good as lip stain


    This was no good at all on my lips. Went on ok, then just disappeared.

    Tried as a check stain and was great - blended nicely and stayed on.
  31. Versatile


    Love this product for it's versatility. The colour is perfect for a natural flush. Downside is you have to work quickly or you can end up with little splotches where you dab it on!
  32. Good product


    In terms of colour, I prefer the claryns brand which I found much more pigmented and last longer. However claryns set so much quicker and you cant use it for your cheeks. This one is very transparent and more forgiving, it blends easily.
  33. Average


    The good; I like the colour, and its good on the cheeks, plus its small and compact.

    The bad; It's hard to apply as it's very watery, the application brush is awful, it doesn't last long at all.

    Recommendation; purchase the Jane Iredale lip and cheek stain, got it as a sample, and its amazing, beautiful colour, lasts for ages!
  34. Long lasting lip colour


    Using benetint is by far better than using a regular or long-wear lipstick! The colour is buildable, and lasts along time. It is easy to apply and doesn't dry your lips or crack and flake, like some long wear lip colours. I have not used it on my cheeks so cannot comment on how the product works in that respect.
  35. Great shade


    I love this cheek and lip stain, for the price you get two products which are easy to use and look very natural!
  36. Lovely tint


    I love this tint. It is easy to apply, lasts for ages and the little bottle will keep you going for a while. I don't use it as a cheek stain but my lips love this! Sometimes I add a gloss on top of it! Cannot recommend this highly enough!
  37. Great versatile product


    This s a great versatile product, awesome in your handbag for touch ups, and gives a lovely, rosy flush and glow, looks really natural.
  38. Beautiful


    I brought this after a few friends talked about it and I love this. It gives me that natural flushed look. I use it on my lips and cheeks.
  39. Beautiful blush


    I love using this on my cheeks and lips. It gives me that natural flush.
  40. Good two-in-one product


    This is a good two-in-one product. It gives a nice flush of colour to the cheeks and lips. The only thing I don't like is the watery consistency. And you have to work fast to blend it out. Although I don't find that I have as much control with the application of this product as I would like due to its consistency, it does produce a very nice natural tint which is great for everyday looks or to tou...
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  41. Great pay off, difficult blend


    The pigment to the product is amazing and the tone of the packaging is true to how it actually appears on skin. However, I found it a bit too "staining" in the sense it id difficult to blend on the cheeks for a natural finish but works amazing on lips!
  42. My favourite product of all time!


    This tint is phenomenal. I use it for my lips and cheeks and it lasts for hours and hours without needing a touch up. If I am going for a night out then I will layer the tint about four times on my lips and add some gloss for the perfect lipstick and for just a subtle tinge, I just use one coat. This is permanently in my makeup bag and I won’t let myself run out before purchasing more. It’s a must...
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  43. New applicator!!


    This product has improved since it now has a doe foot applicator. It stays on and spreads evenly on the lips (not sure about cheeks since I don’t wear blush). It’s absolutely gorgeous and a staple of mine
  44. amazing color


    this product is the best! stays on forever and gives a beautiful rosy colour! I don't love it as a blush -but I couldn't live without this lip stain! I use it every day
  45. amazing blush


    I use this for blush as well as when I need a little tint my lips. it give you that natural flushed look
  46. Love


    New favourite replacement blush, easy to use and blend
  47. Must have for summer!


    Since Benefit have changed the packaging and has a doe foot applicator, the Benetint has become a staple of my warmer weather make up looks.

    I use it to give my lips a good dose of colour and my favourite lip balm over the top, which is perfect for keeping your lips from getting dried out in the heat. Also really easy to use as a blush, super quick if you’re running out the door.
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  48. great pigment and handy bottle


    I love this cheek and lip tint, great for summer when you dont want a cakey blusher on and want to look natural. I use this just after i've moisterised my skin on my cheeks and it gives me a healthy natural pink colour. Small bottle but you only need a tiny drop. I was hesitant to buy after i saw the price and size comparison but its worth it!
  49. Improved


    The new and improved packaging is so much better and way less messy
  50. Must have!


    I always go back to repurchasing this tint and the new applicator is amazing! This product adds the most natural and beautiful flush of colour to cheeks and makes lips look gorgeously pink and healthy. The tint is heavily pigmented - and you don't need much of it at all, but it is so buildable! So great for days when you want a beautiful deep red lip.
  51. Love the new packaging


    I seriously love the new doe foot applicator! So much more convenient to apply to the lips and easy to reach into corners of my mouth. Great lasting power - stains my lips all day. Tends to cling to dry patches if used as a cheek tint on skin
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