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Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Primer 3ml


4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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Benefit BROWvo! Conditioning Primer is the first-ever nutrient-rich brow primer AND conditioner! The conditioning formula enhances brows to look healthier & fuller. Special smooth tip applicator coats brows in one easy swipe. Layer under brow products to instantly enhance the look, performance… and extend wear.

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Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Primer Reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Very happy happy with this product. Would definitely buy again. Sticks down unruly hairs.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad


It helps keeping the hairs in place all day but other than that it is not necessary.
  1. great


    Since I've been using this my brows have grown. You've got to constantly use the product to see results. I
  2. Not bad


    It helps keeping the hairs in place all day but other than that it is not necessary.
  3. Love


    I really do like this primer, I sometimes use it before I do my brows (if I am using a pomade or powder) I don't think it works well with a brow pencil because the primer causes your brow hairs to dry down hard
  4. Surprisingly good


    I didn't expect much from this but it works for the brows as I have thinning eyebrows with age and this helps somehow.
  5. Great!


    Very happy happy with this product. Would definitely buy again. Sticks down unruly hairs.
  6. good conditioner


    amazing conditioner for your brow its not a "growth serum" but it does differently have all the good stuff in them to make there baby hairs healthy
  7. Primes and DOES make the brows grow!


    I was skeptical at first, and decided to try this product on only one brow and leave the other. After 3 weeks I saw a significant difference and the brow I was using the product on, brow hairs were definitely thicker and grew faster than the brow with none. I will 100% continue using this product!
  8. Gel for your eyebrows


    It’s meant to condition and be a primer, however I felt it goes a bit hard, similar to hair gel and so I’m unsure as to whether it actually does condition your eyebrows. As a primer I would say it does well, I use it before I apply an eyebrow gel or cream which makes it really blend in smoothly with my real brows. It’s not an absolute need, but it helps a little bit
  9. Good primer


    I purchased a mini of this product because it seemed like an interesting idea. It's not an essential product but nice to use if you have time. The applicator combs through brows nicely and leaves your brows neat. It adds a decent amount of hold - it's like a soft version of clear brow gel. It doesn't leave your brows too stiff or wet looking. Coloured brow products apply nicely over the top and I ...
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  10. brushes brows out nicely, but no growth.


    verified purchaser
    Really nice product to brush through my brows before I fill them in or before bed. haven't noticed any brow growth.
  11. Not bad


    I received a small size of this in one of the holiday sets and I have enjoyed using it. I usually brush it though my brows before applying my brow powder and it helps the power stick and last. It also tames my brows and hold them in place all day.
  12. Holds brows in place


    I use this as a primer to put my brows in place before I fill them in with benefit pencil. I haven’t noticed any increase in brow growth or thickness, but I would say it’s a good primer to hold brows in place and lasts all day.
  13. Holds brow hairs

    Lilian D.

    I've been on the market for a brow gel that holds my drawn brows in place. This definitely extends the wear of my brows from the mornings until the time i remove it at night. I don't know about the benefits of conditioning the brows - i would not invest in that aspect but holding brows in place is a definite yes!
  14. Nourishing


    Conditions brows and makes them thicker after time
  15. Growth!!


    Crazy how much my brows have grown since using this product! Even the sparse areas are growing.
  16. Great


    My brows were sparse and hair wasn't as thick or full but now I'm more comfortable having my real brows show. Helps to keep brow products on (I use pomade) and keeps the hairs in place! I've been using it for a couple months, always before makeup and occasionally at night after removing makeup. Definitely buying again!
  17. A bit pointless


    I like this product and its great just to reshape your brows if they are a bit wild but its probably not the most necessary thing I own. I would not buy again but would happily use if it was part of a pack like they do.
  18. Expensive, average primer, but helps with brow hair growth?


    I saw this product from a video of GinsMakeup on Youtube (it's called model brows tutorial), i thought it works like wonder on her brows!! Her brows look very 3D and after she applies it, it looks like her brow hairs just neatly glued together (in a good way), so i decided to give this product a go, but it didn't work half as good (perhaps it is because i've got naturally soft Asian hair?), howeve...
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  19. Good


    Conditions brows and preps brows for makeup. I normally use this with Gimme Brow+. I already have pretty thick eyebrows so I cannot comment if this make my brows grow or more luscious with use. This product also works very well with Benefit’s Precisely my brows pencil and Ka-Brow. Overall, pretty good brow primer.
  20. Seeing a difference


    I got this as a free sample. I definitely noticed more thickness in my brows. I’m using it on the insides of my brow and arches hoping more hair will grow there!
  21. Actually works!


    I was reluctant to purchase this as I wasn't sure how well it would actually work to grow out brows but have been pleasantly surprised. i've been using this for just over a week now, applying it in the mornings under my brow gel and at night, and am already seeing a noticeable difference in my brows. Any patches of lighter hair are now much thicker and darker and the overall shape of my eyebrows i...
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