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Benefit BADGal Bang Volumising Mascara 8.5g 8.5g

4.4 of 238 reviews


4 instalments of $10.75


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4 instalments of $10.75


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BADgals go BIG! BADgal BANG! volumizing mascara is a 36 HOUR* FULL-BLAST volumizing mascara that creates MASSIVE volume without weighing down lashes.

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4.4 of 238 reviews

75% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Does everything it says!


This mascara is one of my all time favourites. I love the brush and it really lengthes your lashes and doesnt leave any black residue or smudge throughout the day. I have used too faced mascaras before but this one tops them all!

Most Helpful Criticism

very wet can get clumpy easy


this mascara gives you great length but takes foreverrr to dry. it can clump together if you use too many coats (literally 2 coats only lol) because its so wet. you have to sit still for a while without looking around or up because it rubs on the top underneath ur eyebrow and leaves a mess. ive used better. wont repurchase. hardly use this now i used it once such a waste
  1. Does everything it says!


    This mascara is one of my all time favourites. I love the brush and it really lengthes your lashes and doesnt leave any black residue or smudge throughout the day. I have used too faced mascaras before but this one tops them all!
  2. Pretty good mascara


    It does everything it claims. But the only problem it takes long to dry and something leaves black stains are my eyes.
  3. Pretty good!


    Really love this but sometimes it can smudge. Other than that I really like it and think it’s worth the money.
  4. Love it


    This is amazing.

    Probably my favourite ever mascara. But I like to use the They’re Real brush after I’ve put this one on.

    If I could only pick one mascara, this would be it.
  5. Great


    Amazing mascara that keeps my straight lashes curled. Stays all day and makes my lashes look fuller too
  6. Super lashes

    Jess M

    A great alternative to my everyday mascara for length and a bold look.
  7. very wet can get clumpy easy


    this mascara gives you great length but takes foreverrr to dry. it can clump together if you use too many coats (literally 2 coats only lol) because its so wet. you have to sit still for a while without looking around or up because it rubs on the top underneath ur eyebrow and leaves a mess. ive used better. wont repurchase. hardly use this now i used it once such a waste
  8. My Fave Benefit Mascara


    I have fine lashes that quite adamantly point down (sigh)
    A heated curler and this mascara give me the best finish I've had. This mascara is very "wet" and makes all my lashes go the same way (sometimes they go a spider-leggy when the mascara is dry)
  9. Fantastic


    I love the volume this mascara gives me! The wand really lifts my lashes and holds them in place all day. I quite like the packaging too
  10. 10/10


    I never thought I’d love this mascara as much as I do. I’ve tried Benefit mascaras in the past and never liked one as much as this one. Normally I steer clear of silicone wands because they don’t add a lot of volume, but this one does! It lifts my lashes, lasts all day and doesn’t flake at all. It also doesn’t dry out so you will get your moneys worth.
  11. Good but not my holy grail.

    Emma C

    This mascara definitely packs a punch - it delivers excellent volume and impact with it's pitch-black formula. I really enjoyed the look it gave my lashes, but had a few minor qualms. I found it tricky to remove, even with an oil cleanser. I normally use Benefit Roller Lash and don't experience the same issue. I also think my tube was slightly faulty in that there was no narrow orifice through which the brush pulls (and serves to remove excess formula) so I found the brush overloaded and I needed to scrap it off on the edge of the opening before I could apply. I think this issue was an anomaly though, so still think this mascara is worth a go if you're after excellent volume and a glam look.
  12. Great


    No complaints from this product. I was looking for a volumising mascara and this definitely does the trick. The wand is quite bendy which was a bit of a surprise at first, but it works well.
  13. Amazing for your lashes!!


    This mascara is great for voluminous lashes as well as separating them and lengthening them! will definitely be purchasing this product again.
  14. Best mascara!


    Fav mascara of all time. I do curl my lashes first but very often gets asked if I have fake lashes / lash extensions as this mascara is THAT GOOD!
  15. In the Fav List


    I got this as a sample and immediately loved it. It gives long, black, thick lashes, and what I love the most is how easy it is to remove it at nights. Another great product from Benefit! 100% recommended.
  16. best mascara ever!


    honestly i could rave on and on about this mascara all day! it is that amazing! it does everything i could every ask for and more. It curls my lashes without me needing to use an eyelasher curler, it makes them blacker than they have ever been before, it lengthens them and adds so much more volume, and it lasts all days and doesnt smudge off or shatter at all! I definelty recommend!
  17. A bit dissapointed


    I love the Benefit range and usually buy the "They're real" mascara. This did give my lashes amazing volume, however, it takes a long time to dry and is not waterproof (my fault I didn't check) and I ended up with panda eyes by the end of the day and this was in an office at work, so not a good look. Not for me.
  18. Not the best


    This mascara definitely did the job but isn’t worth the hype!! The product itself was very dry isn’t worth the price :(((
  19. This just didn't work for me


    This mascara just did not work for me.
    It was super wet and sticky and one coat didn't give much payoff, two coats gave me the dreaded spider lashes and stuck them all together which makes me look like I have exactly 6 eyelashes per eye.

    YMMV as this is the holy grail mascara for some of my friends.
  20. So so good


    Benefit cosmetics is soooo good with mascaras. This is just mind blowing and I love this so much! So good!!!
  21. Awesome


    the best mascara ever! i use this every day, really separates the lashes and give them volume without clumping them together
  22. not for me


    I like a mascara that wont take too long to coat my lashes and give volume/length but this one just takes too long to get an ok effect
  23. Literally the best mascara I’ve ever used!


    this mascara is so amazing! It does everything it says it does! It makes my lashes so big but not clumpy at all! It makes them so curled and black and they look stunning all day when I use it! Definitely recommend
  24. Defines all of your lashes


    The thin comb wand ensures all lashes have mascara applied to them and defines all your eyelashes without a thick, ugly buildup
  25. Alright


    This is good for extending my lashes. Although I do find it starts to flake
  26. A new favourite!


    I love this mascara! It really does live up to the hype...within just a few swipes my lashes look instantly longer and full of volume, it's almost as though I'm wearing falsies! The wand makes it super easy to apply and the best part... It doesn't smudge!
  27. Really good mascara for length!


    This mascara is really great for length and volume! It’s not clumpy so doesn’t make all your lashes stick together and lasts a really long time on! Mascara is such a hard thing to nail and benefit have definitely hit it on the head with this one.
  28. Great


    Best mascara ever! I have tried multiple mascaras and this is by far the best one I’ve tried I’ve just repurchased it, makes my lashes look super long and gives off a false lashes look! ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE!!!!
  29. Great


    I love, love, love this mascara! It instantly gives me volume and length and makes me feel like a bad bish lol! I also adore this brush — the tiny bristles catch all of my struggle eyelashes and makes them pop!


    love this so much!!! makes my lashes so long and curled, don't even need to use a eyelash curler! so nice and light on my lashes and gives them a full volume effect!
  31. Not what I expected


    I like how the mascara applies, the wand shape makes it easy to use and the amount of curl, separation and length is excellent. BUT it flakes on me, after 4-5 hours I have little black specks on my undereye area. Creates a mess. I do not recommend.
  32. Great but not big enough


    This is a great product however I would always buy the full size moving forward!
  33. Bananas!


    This mascara is bananas!!! I love everything about it! The brush, the product, the way my lashes look with it on! I was stopped and asked if I was wearing false lashes the first day I wore it. Pair it with your eyelash curler, and a killer liquid line, and you are ready to take on the day!!! I am one happy gal.
  34. Great mascara


    This mascara gives you very dramatic lashes. It’s my fav for night time, probably too much for a day time look. Very big and bold. Applies beautifully
  35. Oomph, but...


    This makes my lashes look seriously good, for a while. I find I get bad smudging. My skin tends to be oily though- I struggle with a lot of mascaras.
  36. Good mascara


    I like this mascara. It separates, lengthens and defines my lashes well. I do have another that is my all time favourite but this one is a great one and would likely repurchase.
  37. Great!


    I received this mascara as a sample, It’s a beautiful mascara that coats the lashes from the first application. I find that some mascaras need to be used over several days before the mascara ‘thickens up’ and only one coat is needed, this mascara is great from the start. It does not smudge and is easily removed. Will definitely buy again.
  38. Hit and miss


    I have trouble with many mascaras transferring into my eyelids. To combat this, I apply a light dusting of setting powder of the top of the first coat of mascara. Unfortunately, this trick didn't help me at all, and I looked like a racoon within the hour. It's such a shame, because the length was AMAZING. If you don't have my troubles, you'll love this mascara.
  39. I love this mascara


    I love this mascara, i received it as a gift - I will be re-purschasing it from adore beauty in a few weeks
  40. Excellent


    I must say that this is the best mascara I’ve used, my eyelashes are just medium length and the product is not wet and gluggy which seems always to stick eyelashes together and I’m forever separating with a dry brush, this product seems to lengthen and separate all in the first application.
  41. Fav


    This is my favourite mascara, best I've ever used. It's super lengthening without clumping or looking false and good volume.
  42. Was good


    Is a good mascara however I find benefit roller lash works better.
  43. The mascara I’ve been looking for.


    I was thrilled to receive this mascara as a free gift with my latest purchase. It works very well and my lashes look instantly longer. I like that it doesn’t make my lashes look clumpy and feel heavy. I will purchase this again.
  44. Everything I want from a mascara


    I was thrilled to receive a free sample of this in my last order, I have been stuck with one brand for donkeys years...and I'm so glad I tried BADGal...this is the best I've ever used. It is nice and easy to apply with instant volume and lift from a well-designed brush AND no clumping or smudging or smearing off during the day. Then it comes off really well and cleanly with coconut oil (my preferred make up remover)..loving it!


    Super amazing mascara, so much volume and easy to remove
  46. Works really good


    This makes my lashes look long and full. Plus it's very black. I love it.
  47. Love it!


    Gives me long, beautiful lashes! Does clump them together after a few coats, definitely a new fave
  48. Pretty good


    I like this mascara but it’s not the holy grail for me. I curl my eyelashes before using it, but find that they do go a bit flat after applying a couple of layers of this. It also makes my lash line feel a bit sore when I apply it to the inner corner of my eyes, so I use it more on the outside corners for a doe eyed look. It’s quite hard to get off, but then it doesn’t flake or smudge during the day either which is good. I would definitely recommend getting the smaller size to see how you go and so you can use it before it expires.
  49. Great product but a little too heavy


    So I have tried benefit products on and off over the years. I used to use their mascara but then the product changed and it became a lot drier so I stopped using it. I decided to give it another shot after a year off and look I think it’s a great mascara, it’s thick (no longer dry) covers the lashes and coats them well, personally I find it a little too heavy on my lashes. It doesn’t make my lashes seem thicker or fans them out. It’s pretty basic for the price tag. It’s a great product but not sure if it’s worth the money especially since some drugstore brands actually are better at making your lashes seem ‘fancier’
  50. Love this


    Love this mascara, always have one in my handbag, adds volume and is really easy to layer for a real 'doe eyed' look
  51. Good Mascara but def not gravity defying

    S Fahd

    I like this mascara and its quite light in the sense of where you can apply a few coats without having your lashes look all clumped up. Does the job !!!
    I curl my lashes every time before applying mascara and I currently am going through a phase with the lashes where no matter what product i use , my lashes seems to go back to being straight after couple of minutes so hence why the comment of def not gravity defying.
  52. Lovely mascara


    Love this mascara — new favourite! Doesn’t clump and can add multiple layers!
  53. Amazing Mascara!


    Absolutely love this mascara! It lengthens and gives so much volume! Love it :)
  54. The absolute best


    My absolute favourite mascara on the market, it’s hard to go back to using anything else after using this! Absolutely love it.
  55. Love it!


    I got this as a sample and at first I was unsure but after I tried it a second time and really focused on the root of my lashes and wriggling up the lash it really worked wonders for me! The brush is really flexible and is tapered so the brush is larger for the end of the eye. I personally didn't find that it clumped my lashes and it gives a really dramatic look.
  56. Flakes


    It’s not the worst mascara I’ve used, but it flakes something chronic after a few hours. It’s also very clumpy. If you like that, that’s fine. But it’s not my thing. I received this as a sample so I can’t whinge to much. I prefer roller lash and I think the roller lash formula is much better.
  57. big miss for me


    this mascara did everything i hate!! it made my lashes clumpy and stuck them all together and was incredibly hard to remove! i was so disappointed because of all the great things i’d heard
  58. Best wand


    Mascara wand is perfect to get into any tiny, thin lashes especially on the lower lash line and inner corners!
  59. No regrets


    This is amazing. Wish it came in brown too. Buy the small size if you’re unsure but you won’t be disappointed!
  60. Fall out under the eyes!


    unfortunately i dont love this mascara the first time i used it, i could see mascara fallout underneath the eyes! not a great look! and hard to get off!
  61. Honestly amazing


    This mascara is my absolute go to product! It’s so amazing it makes applying it so simple because the wand is skinny at the end so it can really get into all the small lashes! It makes my lashes so long and black and curly without needing to use a curler 100000% recommend
  62. Amazing for lower lashes


    The mascara wand is thin and perfect for getting into the lower lashes! Also a great mascara for separating top lashes. Only reason for the 4 stars is I've found sometimes I have mascara on my eyelids at the end of the day.
  63. excellent


    i actually love this so much its literally perfect! makes my lashes look so nice oml
  64. Lovely


    this is such an amazing mascara it is so good!!! it makes my lashes look amazing and so long and fluffy
  65. not sure about this one...


    it does make ur lashes long. doesnt make them that thick though. and also i find it too...... wet??? i like my mascaras a little more drier (BETTER THAN S..) so i can coat my lashes with more than 1 coat.. but this is way too wet that if you do more than 1 coat all ur lashes stick and clump together. so be careful of that
  66. Best of an average Benefit range of mascaras


    I used to use Badgal waterproof until it was removed. Have had a few benefit ones (and other stores) and nothing matches that quality.
    This I find is the best of an average bunch- still waiting for the wow product to replace using this one.
    It goes on fine, non clumpy but I do find that too much humidity makes it almost melt and leave black marks on my upper or lower eyelids.
    It isn’t waterproof, or cry proof, and even just a quick rub of the eye if you’re tired and forget your wearing it can mean it starts to smudge.
    If I try to put too much on for a night out it makes eye lashes start to clump and also leaves little flakes flaking off on edge of eyelashes.

    It’s okay for now. But not as good as what Benefit used to have
  67. Unsure


    I did find this mascara to make my lashes look a great length without going clumpy but.. I find my other mascaras which are half the price of this to do just as good of a job!
  68. Love the brush!!


    I received a deluxe mini size as a GWP and absolutely love the brush! No clumping and separates lashes beautifully. My lashes aren’t long, thick or dark but this mascara makes me feel confident without extensions. Would definitely recommend.
  69. The BEST mascara on the market!


    I have the shortest and stubbiest lashes ever, which means I have tried A LOT of mascaras over the years, in hopes of finding one which will both lengthen, volumise and hold a curl over the entirety of the day.
    At first I was skeptical of buying it due to amount of hype online but gave in and purchased it as I was in need of replacing my old mascara anyway.
    First thoughts were that I loved the wand and liked the consistency.
    In one application I saw length that I had never seen before and a curl that was just amazing! I didn't find it volumised as much as I was thinking but honestly the length and curl were just great!
    Over the day my lashes usually fall, making it look like I am not even wearing any mascara at all, but when I looked in the mirror they looked just as good as when I had initially put it on! I was in shock at how great it looked!
    The only down side is that I find that the mascara does transfer to my eyelid or under eye area throughout the day if i sweat or don't set my under-eyes/eyelids. But this issue can be easily fixed by rubbing it off with some tissue or your finger.
    Overall I would highly recommend this mascara to anyone with short and stumpy lashes which find that no other mascara works as fulfilling those requirements!
    I will from now on, only purchase this mascara!!
  70. Holy Grail Mascara!


    I am in love with bad gal bang! Was a hardcore fan of rollerlash but i feel like bad gal is the next level version of roller lash. Makes my lashes so long, seperated & beautiful. Definately havent used anything else since discovering bad gal bang. Would highly reccommend this mascara to anyone looking for next level lashes that give a false lash look. Such a great formula and worth every penny.
  71. The holy grail of mascara


    I currently have four different tubes of mascara. I could never find one that I absolutely adored. This not only lengthens my lashes but it delivers a gorgeous dark black that does not smudge off!! I'm hooked!


    One of the best macaras ive ever used - makes my lashes long and not clumpy
  73. Big lashes


    At first this makes my lashes look seriously wow! Big, curled, almost false lash look. But, unfortunately it smudges on me. I have quite oily skin though.
  74. favourite mascara !


    this is the best mascara ever. I love the brush, its super easy to get into the corner of my laser and the mascara doesn't flake or melt throughout the day
  75. Best high end mascara


    Absolutely love this mascara, I always get compliments on my lashes when I wear it. Lengthens like crazy. Worth the money!
  76. Good mascara


    I get nice definition in my lashes when I use this. It separates and lengthens my lashes quite well. Easy to remove with no serious scrubbing required.
  77. Nice but Not My Favourite Mascara


    I think this mascara is a little tricky to apply if you want to avoid a clumpy look. Wiping the excess product off of the wand is key! However it is a nice mascara which definitely packs-a-punch on the lashes.
  78. The BEST


    I was a little sceptical buying this mascara because it sounds too good to be true, but I’m so glad that I bought it! This is my new holy grail make up product. I’m fair skinned so I have blond eye lashes and they’re pretty thin/sparse but when I wear this mascara you can’t even tell! It looks like I have naturally long lashes and just opens my eyes up perfectly. Will 100% be repurchasing!
  79. Fantastic


    I use this as a finishing mascara. I have my favourite Chantecaille one, then this as the last layer. It gives a black drama and pushes my lashes up and 'sets' them!
  80. Great size


    massive mascara ever. it is a great size for the price and goes long way. it give length to the eyelashes however for the thickness i have to use another mascara.
  81. HG for fabulous lashes


    I’ve finally found THE ONE after years of trying every next generation mascara, this is it. I start with Benefit’s They’re Real lash primer and the results with BadGal are unsurpassed, voluminous and long beautiful lashes. It lasts, doesn’t smudge and I’ve binned the falsies, I couldn’t ask for more.
  82. Turns short straight lashes to long curly ones!


    This mascara turns my super short and straight lashes to thick and long lashes. It hold the curl in all day and, best of all, doesn't give me panda eyes by the end of the day!
  83. Not the best.


    Bought this twice, first time it was great, second time either I got a faulty product but it was clumpy and too much mascara was left on the brush each time. This is not a product I use daily... Nor would I recommend it roller lash is better.
  84. Lengthening mascara


    Beautiful lengthening mascara, the wand looks like it wont do much, but I just dip the wand in and wipe the excess off (this avoids that thick clumpy look everyone has mentioned) and then apply one coat and let it dry, then another for a bit more volume (the first coat gives you great length) The price is a bit expensive for what it is, but the reality is that if you are after a good quality mascara, then spend that bit more on it, if you use it for 3 months its only $14.33 per month, which I would rather pay than buy a cheaper one more frequently.
  85. Longer but thin lashes


    Great non clumping mascara, but doesn’t add weight just length.
  86. really good mascara


    I have small uncurled lashes and hooded eyes and this mascara gives me really nice dark curled lashes
  87. LOVE


    This is so good at opening the eyes! I use the roller lash first and then this and it’s absolutely amazing!!
  88. Not impressed


    Love this brand so far. But not happy with this product. It leaves my lashes clumpy and sticking together. I much prefer the other mascara with the pink case/lid.
  89. a new favourite


    Applies well and easily on eyelashes, lengthens without making them clumpy, does transfer a bit when wet, but wears well throughout the day/
  90. Best eyelash mascara ever


    Super black super dramatic effect gives length and volume
  91. Unpopular opinion


    I tried to like this since theres so much hype but it makes my eyelashes clump together. Thought it was a bad batch but I bought a sample product and had the same problem :(


  93. Big YES!


    My eyelashes haven't looked this good since extensions, my eyelashes stay lifted all day and still look flawless after an 8 hour day at work.
  94. Fav


    This is my favourite mascara, best I've ever used. Super lengthening without clumping or looking fake and nicely volumising.
  95. Loving it


    Loving the new mascara I purchased. It separates my lashes nicely while extending them to feel like they are longer!
  96. very good


    love this product. my lashes look very long and pretty!
  97. Review & Earn
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