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Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel 7ml

4.6 of 176 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Get set for budge-proof brows! Benefit 24HR Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel is an invisible shaping & setting gel that holds brow hairs in place & locks on your brow makeup. No more disappearing acts - get ready, get set for brows that just don't quit!

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel Reviews

4.6 of 176 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This is a great mascara, I only usually use 2 coats for a more defined look yet not over the top. Doesn't clump either

Most Helpful Criticism



I found that this hardened in my brows and was abit visible
  1. Ok


    I found that this hardened in my brows and was abit visible
  2. gorgeous


    This is a great mascara, I only usually use 2 coats for a more defined look yet not over the top. Doesn't clump either
  3. New fave brow product

    Melissa Fine

    I’ve hopped onto the fluffy/bushy brow trend and bought the half sized product to give it a go after hearing about it on That Beauty Podcast. Love love love! Fives my brows that extra wow factor even if I haven’t filled them in. Stays on all day and a little is all you need
  4. I love


    I love this. Its such a simple and easy product to use. I love doing the whole fluffy brow, laminated eyebrow look. keeps them in place all day
  5. Lovely to use


    Used a sample of this and was surprised at how easy it is to use and the great results it creates.
  6. For a natural brow, this is amazing.


    This product is a must have! If you are looking for a product that holds all day this is your go-to!
  7. Love it


    I love how it gives a natural look to my brows!. I'm no pro when it comes to make up but this is easy to use.
  8. Best brow product


    After trying heaps of brow products and being disappointed, I tried this. It’s amazing. It is seriously the only brow product that holds my eyebrows in place all day. Will definitely repurchase
  9. Brilliant!


    Aside from the price tag, I love this! It keeps brows in place without making them feel overly crispy or crunchy. I like pairing this with a pomade.
  10. Can't go wrong with Benefit


    I am new to using clear brow gel but I am really impressed with this one. You truly can't go wrong with Benefit. Keeps my brows in place all day and they never feel crusty.
  11. The best


    I have tried many different brow setters as my eyebrows are very soft and do not stay in place, generally most of brow setters wont stay effective as long, but this one does stay for many hours. It might take a bit of time to get use to its firmness on eyebrows.
  12. It works!


    Your brows will not move all day!!
  13. Just what I was looking for


    I tint my brows so wanted a gel to shape them up a bit. Although pricey I’m happy with this product. It has a better hold than cheaper brands I’ve tried.
  14. Wish I found this sooner


    This is a great product that holds your brows in place all day and a great primer prior to applying other brow products.
  15. Brows stay put!


    I received a sample of this and love it! Brows stay in place all day and the formula easily removes in the evening. Great product!
  16. A must have!!


    Received this as a sample. Will definitely be buying!! Sets your brows perfectly, they don't move at all and don't look like they have product!
  17. Great hold


    This gel works quite well! When applying it feels like nothing is happening, but it's doing plenty. For the first half an hour after it has dried, your eyebrows will feel kind of crunchy and crispy (for lack of better words) when you wiggle them, but this unpleasant feeling gradually disappears without the desired effect wearing off. I think some cheaper products work just as well though.
  18. works great


    This used to be my go-to for brow gels but recently I've been into soap brows and it's just so much more cost effective. If you're in the market for a brow gel this is one of my faves but a spoolie & a lush soap bar works wonders as well!
  19. Yes!


    Must have product to set your brows
  20. The one brow product you need!


    I got this as a free sample from AB. I wasn’t expecting much. I thought my current chemist brand brow gel was doing enough. Well, I was wrong! This one literally locks your brows in place all day. It’s true to its name. I like the natural look, so I just tint and/or fill in my brows, then brush them up. As my final step, I apply this product and boom! I’m ready to go! Have now repurchased in the f...
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  21. Fantastic!!


    Must try product. I have been using this for so long and I feel amazing
  22. Great


    The only brow gel I’ve used that actually holds them in place :)
  23. Meh...


    For the hype and the price, I thought this was going to be amazing, but there are so many drug store brands I prefer. Did not give me the brushy brows they promised!
  24. love


    i love using this product. it keeps your brows stiff and in place all day or all night
  25. great hold


    hold my brows up all day this is a great product and worth the price as a little goes a long way
  26. love this brow gel!


    holds my brows in place - super effective! but quite pricey
  27. 10/10


    One of my favourite brow gels. My brows often droop down and I find this to be one of the few products that help them stay nice and fluffy throughout the entire day.
  28. The best


    I've been a big fan of Benefit brow products for years and this is also a wonderful product. I personally think this is a better performing brow gel than anything else I've tried, both low and high end. A little product goes a long way, and I find it very difficult to overdo it. Compared to Surratt brow pomade, which very fast becomes clumpy and stays white as opposed to turning clear.

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  29. Benefit never disappoints


    Love all of their brow products. Expensive but definitely worth it.
  30. Nice but expensive


    This product is nice and my brow hair stays where I set them with this gel. However it's little expensive.
  31. Works


    This is a like a clear mascara for brows that keeps them in place. The blush is great and has a paddle type shape to help pat the sly away down.
  32. Does what it say it does


    Definitely helps brows stay in place, but crusted on by brows even though only a small amount was applied.
  33. Truly 24 hour wear.


    I received this product as a deluxe sample and I will most likely repurchase when I've finished the tube.

    True to its word, it has consistently stayed on for 24 hours; I've even worn it at night and my brows remain in place the next day.

    The only issue I have with the product is that a little goes a long way and if you use even a little too much it becomes a bit like me...
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  34. Stay in place!


    This product is like a hair spray for your eyebrow; it stays in place! Be aware not to put too much product, make sure you wipe off the excess, otherwise you will end up with a scrunchy eyebrow. It is a little pricey but I'm happy to repurchase this until I found a better reasonable option.
  35. Good product


    First time I've used a brow gel - I got this as a sample with my last order. Seems to set in place quite well, even though the plastic brush I found difficult to comb through my brows (despite them being quite fine). Helps my brow pencil stay put longer.
  36. Great holding and not drying


    I have had same product in various brands but I found this one very effective. It holds the eyebrows quiet well for a bout 4 hours (others I think do the job for 2 hours max). I removed one point as the mini size in the same product would leave white cast on eyebrow. also would be good to have longer hold as well.
  37. amazing


    keeps my eyebrows in place all day
  38. Love!


    I enjoy using this product when I don't feel like wearing makeup but still want my brows to look good
  39. New Favourite Brow Product!


    Even on days where I don't use any makeup and want to enhance my natural look, this brow gel is amazing for it. Never clumpy or crusty and just puts them in place. Incredibly versatile!
    I received this as a sample in a good bag promotion.
  40. Hold the shape


    Eyebrows stay perfectly in place. Easy to apply without excess material. with a few thin pencil strokes under, the eyebrow looks dense and naturally pretty. Indeed, bit expensive but I try to buy it during special offers
  41. Brows best friend!


    I get my eyebrows tinted regularly, but they're quite coarse and need combing into place - I got this as a sample in the August goodie bag and it was the perfect fix! Looks natural, clings to all the hairs and keeps them in place without any 'gluey' residue or crusty stuff flaking off. Will definitely be purchasing.
  42. Great product


    I tried Anastasia Bev. H. gel and also Ardel. but the Benefit brow setter is the best among them, It hold the eyebrows and does not leave a lot of white cast on the eyebrows. I wish i twas available when I was a teen as I have very fine eyebrows and it was always a challenge to keep them in place.
  43. Impressed but my bushy brows need a better wand/more strength from the formula


    I got a sample in one of my other orders of this and was excited to use it. I found the at start and end of my brows the product works well and the brush is suitable.
    However in the mid section the product does not stack up that well. I have very bushy, curling eyebrow hairs (I try to trim them so they aren't as curly and difficult) that were too strong and too many for the product to work....
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  44. Good product


    I got this as a sample in my goodie bag and have been using this for a few times now. I like that I can use my brow pencil to give my brows a bit of colour and then I can top it up with this clear gel to keep them in shape. A little bit pricy in my opinion as I have used similar products that are cheaper and work as well as this Benefit brow gel.
  45. Sets easily with the perfect amount of product


    The brush dispenses the perfect amount of product with no mess. Brows are set into place that lasts all day. Perfect to set my brow looks.
  46. Serious hold


    My brows still looking amazing after a full day. Awesome!
  47. Definitely works


    I like the Benefit eyebrow products, I almost have all of it, I also have Anastasia B H clear gel, which I think leaves a bit of white powder on my eyebrow, but the Benefit one doesn't leave any powder effect and is stronger and more effective. I wish it was available 15 years ago when I was dying for such a product.
  48. Didn't work for me

    I buy too much makeup

    The reviews on this were raving so I had high expectations. Was looking for a reliable clear gel to use on days I wanted less product than gimme brow. Unfortunately I found that this didn't hold. When I used this to brush and fluff my eyebrows up, I kept finding them looking like I hadn't done anything when I caught sight of myself in a mirror an hour or two later. Disappointed.
  49. the BEST brow gel !


    I recently bought this and its a very long-lasting gel that shapes your brows to perfection.
  50. Perfect


    This product is perfect for brushing and keeping the brows in place for the day, losing one star just for the price point for such a small amount.
  51. Keeps brows in place all day!


    I didn’t expect this product to be much different to other (cheap) brow gels I own, however the unique brush grabs each brow hair and allows you to style brows sleek or natural/fluffy, depending on the look you’re going for.

    The gel dries clear and firm and keeps brows in place all day, without feeling crusty and/or dried. I recommend wiping the brush against the inside of the bottle...
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  52. amazing


    I really needed a brow gel and I love the benefit brow products so why not try the brow gel. It's an amazing brow gel. It sets my brows all day long. Its clear so its great.
  53. Really good


    It really does keep brows in place all day. I also love the packaging.
  54. makeup must have!


    this is hands down the best brow gel i have ever used! it keeps my brows in place for hours when i'm out and even without filling them in, i can use this to make look naturally thick and shaped!
  55. Keeps hairs in line


    I’ve never used a brow gel before but this works perfectly for me. I wanted to keep my eyebrows lifted a bit to look fluffier and its done exactly that. Easy for a beginner to use and look good. I’ve had a lot of complements
  56. amazing


    I have used many brow gels, and this one really lasts all day. and does a great job
  57. Love this gel omg


    Firstly is it just me or does it smell delightful?! Other than that, it does the job you want it to! Keeps my very long brow hairs pointing up for the fluffy look all day!!
  58. Best brow gel ever!


    The Benefit Brow Gel is the best on the market! I’ve tried a few clear gels and they either don’t last all day, don’t spread evenly and are too clumpy or the actual product runs out really quickly. I personally use a pencil in my brow first and then the gel to define my brows and keep them super upright and bushy - all day and all night long! It’s also great worn on its own - the wand is double si...
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  59. Love, but not the price


    I love this product so much, but the price leads me to look for cheaper alternatives and isn't enough to keep me coming back. Granted, it's the best I've used, but my student budget doesn't agree with me.
  60. Amazing Brows


    A great bow gel and applies nicely. For me I have quite thick and dark brows and this product very nicely applies to the brows and darkens them to a nice natural colour.
  61. Keeps brows up but never stiff


    I love this product to keep my brows lifted for a youthful look without getting crusty or stiff. I first apply the Benefit Precisely my Brow Pencil first to fill in and define my brows, then follow up with this product to set it all in place. I always use the shorter bristled side of the brush to ensure I get the right amount of product. The longer bristles can apply too much product for my brows ...
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  62. Brows for days (or hours)


    Fabulous product that I never knew I needed. Perfect for those who's eyebrows begin to fade away throughout the day. I love how it also keeps my brushed brow hairs in place to keep my desired shape! Love love love.
  63. Best browgel ever!


    I just love this product! Have already repurchased many times, the best brow gel I have used so far. Separates and holds the brows like no other. I always recommend it to everyone.
  64. Keeps brows in place!


    Im so glad i found out about this because it changed my makeup game, it was the product i didnt know i needed until recently ! it keeps my brows firmly in place for the entire day!
  65. This product is fantastic!


    This brow gel absolutely exceeded my expectations, my brows literally stayed in place all day! Even after I went for a swim my brows remained tamed and in place. Absolute must have!!!
  66. PERFECT!


    This product is heaven sent. I tint my brows weekly and just brush them of a morning and apply this in an upwards direction and I have full and fluffy brows all day! Doesn't leave residue or a crunchy feeling. LOVE IT.
  67. Set and Ready


    This brow setting gel sets my brows perfectly for the day. Love the different textured sized on the brush. Works wonderfully over the Benefits eyebrow crayon.
  68. Prefer the tinted version


    This product does what it says it will. HOWEVER, I gave this a go for something different, but I definitely prefer the 'Benefit Gimme Brow + Fibre Gel'. Because it is tinted I find it 'picks up' some of those finer/lighter brow hairs and makes my eye brows look slightly fuller without having to 'fill' them in as such.
  69. Like glue for your brows


    This is by far the best brow setter I have ever used. The applicator has 3 sides - long bristles for brushing through hairs, short bristles for getting little stray hairs perfectly placed and a flat edge to stick everything down. Absolutely will repurchase again and again.
  70. definitely doesn't hold for 24 hrs


    works well but you have to touch up during the day
  71. GOAT


    I am onto my second tube of this brow gel. Best brow gel in the game 100%. Worth the splurge as it lasts so long. I love the look of 'brushed up brows' and this gel keeps my brows in place all day and night. Highly recommend! Staple in my makeup kit. Could not live without.
  72. Great


    Great brow setting gel when I don't need added colour to the brows. Keeps brows in place all day.
  73. Really great brow gel!


    This brow gel sets the hairs so well! They don't budge at all. Being clear it is also easy to use to set brows on a 'no makeup' day. Really glad i purchased this!
  74. Best clear brow gel


    Keeps eyebrows tamed all day, best paired with Benefit's precisely my brow. People will be asking you where you had your eyebrows done!
  75. Game changer


    This is an absolute brow essential! Keeps my brows in place all day and doesn't leave any sticky residue.
  76. Brows that STAY in place!


    This eyebrow gel literaly sets your eyebrows as if they were stone. Once they are in one spot, they will NOT move at all! This is really good if you want a glam, put together look. The only down side is the price point. It is quite expensive, but if you are a high-class makeup enthusiast then this is worth the money.
  77. Didn't know I needed this product


    I don't usually need a brow setter but after using this I absolutely notice a difference. This product sets my brows in place without feeling "crunchy" and lasts all day. It makes me look put together and I didn't realise I needed this product.
  78. Good holding power


    I have a pretty thick eyebrow and keeping 'em in place is a real challenge. While this does provide a good holding power, it tends to get crusty, so you need to be aware for not putting too much.
  79. Didn't love

    Emma Loves Makeup

    I had such high hopes for this one! But sadly it missed the mark for me. It wasn't as setting as I was wanting and didn't lock everything into place. I found I still had a few flyaway brow hairs that didn't want to stay. I find the ABH setting gel to be a million times better!
  80. LOVE THIS!


    This is absolutely my favourite brow setter. It sets the brows all day, once set they NEVER move! I love this it isn't tinted and the packaging is so cute!!
  81. beauty BFF


    i find the gel is amazing! specially if in a hurry this is my go to brow gel and love it!
  82. Best eyebrow gel I’ve used


    This doesn’t leave white clumpy bits like how with some gels you have to warm up. The applicator is also really good for putting your brows in place.
  83. Nice


    This is a nice brow gel, stays on for most of the day but sometimes can need re-touching depending on the weather. It dries quickly though.
  84. not bad


    Its a great brow gel. It does what it claims to be doing but have some cheaper brow gel that does the same job
  85. Perfect over natural or filled in brows

    Trish S

    I love this product, goes on gel and then I just run my finger over it lightly to set the brows. Alternatively can brush up and let them sit more feathered.

    Only draw back is the price for the small tube but it lasts for a long time and don’t need to add much.
  86. great brow gel


    It a great clear brow gel. keeps my brow in place.
  87. Best Brow Gel Ever!


    This brow gel works wonders on any eyebrows and with any products! Once the gel is on your brows they don’t move! Almost feels waterproof! Whether you pair it with a pencil or pomade or just on its own, it adds definition and keeps your brow hairs in place! Amazing value and packaging just like the whole benefit brow range!
  88. Nice but


    This is nice, however I am not sure if it is as strong as everyone claims
  89. Lovely product


    I love this little wonder product, keeps my brows up and in shape for at least 5 hours! I then need to reapply but that is pretty good overall I think. My one pro tip is to ensure you don't have any product on your brows before you apply, whether that be foundation powder or what not, it will congeal with the brow gel and leave a horrible flaky paste by the end of the day. Not ideal!
  90. Great product!


    Been using this brow set gel for years, it’s amazing
  91. Amazing!


    Keeps my brows up and fluffy all day. Completely worth it. There's nothing quite like this, and I've tried many variations
  92. Keeps brows fluffy and staying upright!


    This stuff is a great price for how much products is in the tube. It keeps brows looking full and helps to keep them in place all day! Just make sure you don't use to much as it may make the brows look wet.
  93. Love, love, love it!


    Totally natural and brows stay in place all day. Layer it over a pencil for days you need fullness.
  94. Stay in place all day


    I love that this keep my brows in check all day but doesn't make it feel sticky. Good for days when you want your brows to stay on-fleek!
  95. Impressed


    I had troubles in the first instance working out the applicator, however now I’ve mastered it, it’s so effective. The product stays all day, I’m impressed.
  96. Love this stuff


    I got the mini size of this about 2 years ago, and I love it! I haven’t run out yet, but when I do I know now the full size is worth getting. Sets my brows perfectly. The liquid can change colour a bit, so just be careful how dirty you get the wand because it’ll change the colour of the clear product.
  97. Newfound essential


    Love the way this makes my brows look, isn’t clumpy like other brands I’ve used. I’m obsessed
  98. overpriced but great


    this product is good, i use to use hairspray and a mascara brush but thought id try a proper eyebrow gel. This one is good and works but i feel the brush could almost be bigger. great product but for the price probably wouldnt re-purchase
  99. Great gel


    Really makes the hairs stay put. Only downside is the price.
  100. Best eyebrow gel!


    I purchased this eyebrow gel a couple of weeks ago and have been using it religiously since. This gel works beautifully with other products or by itself by making sure your eyebrows stay put all day. I won't be purchasing any other brand of brow gel since discovering this.
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