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Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel 7ml

4.6 of 111 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25


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4 instalments of $11.25


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Get set for budge-proof brows! Benefit 24HR Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel is an invisible shaping & setting gel that holds brow hairs in place & locks on your brow makeup. No more disappearing acts - get ready, get set for brows that just don't quit!

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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4.6 of 111 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This is absolutely my favourite brow setter. It sets the brows all day, once set they NEVER move! I love this it isn't tinted and the packaging is so cute!!

Most Helpful Criticism



This is a nice brow gel, stays on for most of the day but sometimes can need re-touching depending on the weather. It dries quickly though.
  1. Good holding power


    I have a pretty thick eyebrow and keeping 'em in place is a real challenge. While this does provide a good holding power, it tends to get crusty, so you need to be aware for not putting too much.
  2. Didn't love

    Emma Loves Makeup

    I had such high hopes for this one! But sadly it missed the mark for me. It wasn't as setting as I was wanting and didn't lock everything into place. I found I still had a few flyaway brow hairs that didn't want to stay. I find the ABH setting gel to be a million times better!


    This is absolutely my favourite brow setter. It sets the brows all day, once set they NEVER move! I love this it isn't tinted and the packaging is so cute!!
  4. beauty BFF


    verified purchaser
    i find the gel is amazing! specially if in a hurry this is my go to brow gel and love it!
  5. Best eyebrow gel I’ve used


    This doesn’t leave white clumpy bits like how with some gels you have to warm up. The applicator is also really good for putting your brows in place.
  6. Nice


    This is a nice brow gel, stays on for most of the day but sometimes can need re-touching depending on the weather. It dries quickly though.
  7. not bad


    Its a great brow gel. It does what it claims to be doing but have some cheaper brow gel that does the same job
  8. Perfect over natural or filled in brows

    Trish S

    verified purchaser
    I love this product, goes on gel and then I just run my finger over it lightly to set the brows. Alternatively can brush up and let them sit more feathered.

    Only draw back is the price for the small tube but it lasts for a long time and don’t need to add much.
  9. great brow gel


    It a great clear brow gel. keeps my brow in place.
  10. Best Brow Gel Ever!


    This brow gel works wonders on any eyebrows and with any products! Once the gel is on your brows they don’t move! Almost feels waterproof! Whether you pair it with a pencil or pomade or just on its own, it adds definition and keeps your brow hairs in place! Amazing value and packaging just like the whole benefit brow range!
  11. Nice but


    This is nice, however I am not sure if it is as strong as everyone claims
  12. Lovely product


    I love this little wonder product, keeps my brows up and in shape for at least 5 hours! I then need to reapply but that is pretty good overall I think. My one pro tip is to ensure you don't have any product on your brows before you apply, whether that be foundation powder or what not, it will congeal with the brow gel and leave a horrible flaky paste by the end of the day. Not ideal!
  13. Great product!


    Been using this brow set gel for years, it’s amazing
  14. Amazing!


    Keeps my brows up and fluffy all day. Completely worth it. There's nothing quite like this, and I've tried many variations
  15. Keeps brows fluffy and staying upright!


    This stuff is a great price for how much products is in the tube. It keeps brows looking full and helps to keep them in place all day! Just make sure you don't use to much as it may make the brows look wet.
  16. Love, love, love it!


    Totally natural and brows stay in place all day. Layer it over a pencil for days you need fullness.
  17. Stay in place all day


    I love that this keep my brows in check all day but doesn't make it feel sticky. Good for days when you want your brows to stay on-fleek!
  18. Impressed


    I had troubles in the first instance working out the applicator, however now I’ve mastered it, it’s so effective. The product stays all day, I’m impressed.
  19. Love this stuff


    I got the mini size of this about 2 years ago, and I love it! I haven’t run out yet, but when I do I know now the full size is worth getting. Sets my brows perfectly. The liquid can change colour a bit, so just be careful how dirty you get the wand because it’ll change the colour of the clear product.
  20. Newfound essential


    Love the way this makes my brows look, isn’t clumpy like other brands I’ve used. I’m obsessed
  21. overpriced but great


    this product is good, i use to use hairspray and a mascara brush but thought id try a proper eyebrow gel. This one is good and works but i feel the brush could almost be bigger. great product but for the price probably wouldnt re-purchase
  22. Great gel


    Really makes the hairs stay put. Only downside is the price.
  23. Best eyebrow gel!


    I purchased this eyebrow gel a couple of weeks ago and have been using it religiously since. This gel works beautifully with other products or by itself by making sure your eyebrows stay put all day. I won't be purchasing any other brand of brow gel since discovering this.
  24. setter


    best setter created only thing I find is if you use to much you get crusty brows, but my brows stay in place all day long
  25. A bit unnecessary


    I tried this product and whilst it set my brows nicely, I find it’s a bit unnecessary, especially considering the price. My goof proof brow pencil doesn’t smudge during the day so no good for me.
  26. Perfect Brows


    This brow gel keeps my brows in place all day - they do not budge! I have been using it for a couple of years now and have not found a better brow gel. Doesn't make brows feel hard and too gelled and it lasts me at least 6 months.
  27. I prefer the ABH version


    I found this didn't stay put as long as the ABH version. It doesn't last all day and I don't like the formula as much. Anastasia's brow gel is incredible and I'll never go back!
  28. Doesn’t go hard or crusty!


    The only brow setter that sets my brows beautifully without going hard and crusty! Always shapes my brows beautifully
  29. Keeps brows in place all day!


    This brow setter is amazing! It is the only brow setting gel that I have used that keeps my brows in place all day long! It is so easy to apply, keeps my brows there, doesn’t take brow product off when I apply it and doesn’t make my eyebrows too stiff. Definitely recommend!!
  30. Really good!


    Forget soap brows! This setter sets your brows without feeling tacky and sticky, long lasting and great hold without looking like gel or caking. The only fault is the smell but other than that, it is a fantastic brow product!
  31. A great brow setter!


    I really enjoy using this clear brow gel because it allows me to manoeuvre around my brows easily and more than that, it keeps my brows in place all day! The tube lasts a very long time, I have had mine for almost 8 months now and it also does not leave behind any flakes after it dries.
  32. Great


    I purchased this product online after going into the store to find they had none in stock. This is the best brow setter ever. Holds brows in place all day as the name says. Great product. Very happy have purchased several times before and will purchase again when I run out.
  33. Favourite brow product ever


    I love this brow gel, its staying power is better then any i have used before and you brows just look naturally groomed. I use this by itself and with other brow products and it works great with both.
  34. pretty good


    Okay, so I love this brow gel.

    It gives great shape and does hold all day. It's clear so if you are someone with patchy eyebrows this gel is not for you, though if you just need some shape and definition this is the one for you.
  35. Awesome


    best gel i have ever used on my brows, ive never found a clear gel especially that really sets my eyebrows down in place all day long, the brush makes for an easy application and seperates each hairs apart to make your brows extremely volumised
  36. great for making brows stay in place


    a great brow gel for making brows stay in place and as its clear is mess free for those who already have thick long hairs. lasts all day and helps to keep stray brows in place
  37. The best brow gel


    This is the best brow gel I have ever used. The product stays on all day and nice and is easy to remove. It looks really nice on and ensures that powder product is set in place.
  38. great for out of control brows


    This definitely sets my brows really firm, great if you have fly away hairs or want to tame them to an almost waterproof setting!
    great product and it being clear means it suits all brow hair colours and im able to use it after I've used a brow powder or pomade to outline my brows.
  39. Keeps my brows in place


    It's the only brow gel I've ever used that actually keeps my brows in place! I like the fluffy, brushed up brow look and this is perfect for that. It doesn't look crunchy or shiny, just perfect. One tube lasts me ages and I use it pretty much every day so I think it's worth the price.
  40. Favourite Brow Gel


    This is currently my favourite brow gel. Due to plucking when I was younger my eyebrows are quite sparse so I fill them in with a powder. I use this gel over the top to set them in shape. It truly lasts 24hrs, I even sleep with it on. The applicator is easy to use and does not distribute excess product. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a long lasting brow setting gel.
  41. love this product


    I am so obsessed with this brow gel, I have patchy brows that I fill in and I need them to stay in a certain shape throughout the day. This is perfect for that, my brows don't look crusty but it keeps them stiff enough that they stay looking perfect all day. This could also work for those who need to tame their thick brows.
  42. Addicted to this product!


    My friend introduced me to this setting brow gel about three years ago and I have been addicted to it ever since - I don't know how I lived without it prior to. Whether you just like to set all your make-up or you're quite active and like to ensure your brows stay in place, this is the perfect setting gel to make sure your brows stay on fleek all day long.

    I couldn't recommend this p...
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  43. #1 Brow Setter!


    I have thick brows and literally nothing will keep them in check except this gel! Makes my brows look so sleek and tidy, i love to use it even on days when I dont wear makeup, it helps make you look more put together! I love that the wand has 2 different lengths on each side - I use the longer side to spread the product and the shorter side really helps to control the hairs and put them in place!
  44. It’s okay


    I use this product every day to shape and set my brows. It doesn’t go hard or crunchy but doesn’t really have much hold either. My brows can get pretty messy throughout the day
  45. Staying power!!


    Love this eyebrow gel! Makes brows stay put all day long. The best out there!
  46. budge proof!


    this brow gel is one of the only ones I've tried that keeps my brow hairs up all day. I only use the side of the wand with the shorter bristles as I really like the feathery look it gives. also it's important to note that if you apply to much of this, it will goop up a little and become difficult to fix - just one quick layer works best!
  47. The only brow gel to do it's job and stay doing its job!


    This is the only brow gel I've used that actually efficiently sets my brows and holds them in place all day. The applicator has a dual-sided brush depending on the intensity you desire so it'd be perfect for beginners too. I think the only fault this product has is if you apply too much it can make your brows look a bit stiff and shiny. This is easy to avoid though if you just start with the small...
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  48. Underrated brow gel


    i feel like not many people talk about this brow gel. I feel like this is the best brow gel i have ever tried. it set my brow beautifully and accentuate the hair of my brow which make that bushy eyebrow look
  49. My favourite brow product ever!


    Wow! This brow setter is everything. I tried ‘soap brows’ to get my barely there eyebrows to stay up and for me, it just didn’t work as well as it seems to for others. I wanted that fluffy brow finish but was having no success until I tried this! Hallelujah! My brows stay exactly where I want them all day and I can layer over brow pencil and tinted gel without it smudging. I adore this!!
  50. Recommended to me, and I recommend to everyone


    I LOVE this product. A friend recommended it to me, and it works really well. it is a bit like a stiff hairspray - in that it has amazing hold BUT it is stiff. it REALLY holds eyebrows in shape. It's the best I've found to do the job.
  51. Fave Brow Product


    I have unruly brows and this product keeps them in place all day, without making my eyebrows feel stiff or like I have lots of product in them. Love it so much
  52. Holy grail


    This works incredibly well and lasts all day. Makes my sparse eyebrows appear fuller and more defined. On to my second tube and will continue to purchase.
  53. Great product, but sometimes can leave a clear clump


    Huge fan of this product but sometime it does leave a clear clump, which can be fixed by going over with your brow wand or a coloured gel.
  54. Lifesaver


    I have really unruly brows, and this brow setter has helped me tame them. I often wear it with a light, natural, makeup look.
    It's light on the skin when applied and you can't tell that it's on.
  55. Incredible product


    Super lightweight when on, holds the hair in place for a long period of time. Just works really well and comes off easily with makeup remover. Brow gel is a beauty product I'd never included in my makeup routine in the past, and I'm so glad I've introduced myself to it, because it makes such a big difference, particularly if you have lush, but ultimately unruly brows.
  56. Fantastic


    I use this gel over the top of Gimme Brow. Holds them in place all day. Great product. Its a bit $$$ but I think its worth .
  57. Very nice.


    A very nice setting gel, holds the hairs, creates the natural look and is not heavy
  58. Nice product


    Nice product, sets well. Maybe a bit too expensive - but overall good.
  59. I like it. I don't love it


    This definitely helps my brows stay in place but I'm not a fan of the plastic brush. I'd have preferred a mascara style wand.
  60. Good go to for "no-make up" days


    This product was applied by Benefit in Myer and set my brows beautifully. If you are wanting to neaten/define/set brows on a no-make up day, or just want a super natural look, this product is absolutely perfect. Like the Gimme Brow, its small brush is very easy to use.
  61. HG Brow gel


    24 hour staying power - yes. Flake free - yes. My HG brow gel? Yes. This gives my brows a stunning, feathered look whether used over eyebrow pencil or gimme brow+. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality, clear eyebrow gel. It makes you look groomed but not fake. Love love love
  62. My favourite brow gel


    This does exactly what it says on the box. Universal because it’s clear, sets brows well all day without having a crispy texture, and the applicator is great for combing the product through and helping define edges. A little pricey for what it is but I find myself reaching for it every day.
  63. Super setter!


    I have been using this product for years now in conjunction with the gimme brow, I like the way it not only sets the brows in place all day but it also blends all the brow product together as your combing it through. I love feathery brows & this product definitely helps achieve this look, locking them down all day.
  64. Works amazingly


    Love this! It sets your brows nicely but not over the top.
  65. Light and does the job!


    This gel stays on all day, doesn't look sticky and comes off easily with make up remover. Love this.
  66. Good for thick brows


    This product keeps thick brows in place all day
  67. Amazing


    My brows are long and curly and this holds them in place amazing
  68. Great product


    favourtie brow setter ever. keeps brows in place all day long
  69. Amazing job


    Does an amazing job of keeping brows in place all day until wiped off! beware that a little goes a long way. if you don’t apply right using it can give off a thick and stiff looking brow.
  70. Amazing


    Omg I love setting my brows with this gel it’s amazing
  71. does the job - but left eyebrows too stiff


    This does the job , and if you want something budge proof - this is great ( like a trip to the beach). however. for daily use, this left my eyebrows a bit too stiff - like a hard gel had been used.

    Also , I found it gave my eyebrows a wet look . which sometimes is desirable to create a certain look , but not so great day to day.

    but it does what it says !! budgeproof !!
  72. good


    Does a great job of keeping brows in place all day until wiped off! I find a little goes a long way and if you don’t take quite a bit off the brush before using it can be too thick and not near as nice of a look.
  73. Budge proof brows!


    Great clear eyebrow gel to set eyebrows! I use it after I’ve filled in my brows and they’re set for the day/night!
  74. Okay but not really worth it..


    It does what it says, sets your brows down with a sticky and thick sort of gel. However, its sort of a pointless step imo and one of those products that I only really reach for when I am trying to go for a 'no makeup' look with sneaky makeup on.
  75. Second-time purchaser, can't live without!


    This is the only brow gel I've ever used that doesn't wipe away my pencil/powder when I apply it. I love the two-sided applicator (I'm not a fan of the spooley type). Holds my brows in place all day without looking over-the-top. LOVE this product, worth every penny.
  76. Great product


    This is a great product. I use it with the good proof eyebrow pencil and I love that I can have bold polished eyebrows without being a pro!
  77. Not a fan of the applicator

    AC Sydney

    A lot of gel comes out with the applicator and even after wiping excess off, quite a bit is deposited on the brow. It leaves brows a bit shiny and can get a bit crunchy. However brows definitely stay in the place the whole day!
  78. Perfect brows


    I love, love, love this brow gel! I use it every day to set my brows for work. They are often unruly and it completely tames them without looking hard or crunchy. I love my brows brushed up and natural and this gel ensures they stay in place all day. Exactly what I wanted from a brow gel :) Best on the market!
  79. MY FAVE


    This is my favorite brow setter ever! It sets my brows and they don't move until I wash them off. It doesn't leave my brows crunchy or anything!
  80. Natural look


    This gives me lovely natural looking brows. So easy to use its idiot proof for me.
  81. great eyebrow gel


    Great brow gel, I love this for a natural brow look to brush through my eyebrows to get a fuller brow. Also works for more glam looks to hold eyebrows in place after filling them in. The clear colour is great because it doesn't add volume, which I like since I have naturally full brows.
  82. Comparable to tarteist clear brow gel


    Comparable to tarteist clear brow gel in performance but a bit pricier. Works well, though.
  83. Everyday brows


    A product I use daily. Sets brows to last beautifully with makeup or use without makeup for a groomed yet natural no makeup look day.
  84. Stays put


    Very good brow gel that keeps the eyebrows in place for quite a long time and the clear colour is nice as I have dark eyebrow hairs.
  85. Love this gel


    Hands down best eyebrow gel out there. Love brushing my brows up with this and it keeps them in place all day without changing the colour/shape that I've already made with my pencil, since it's clear.
  86. LOVE!


    I don't know what I did without this setting gel. It really is a wonderful product. I can actually do a gym workout and sweat and my brow filler and brows are still in place because of this. Can't live without it and lasts for sooooo long!
  87. Great clear brow gel


    Love setting my brows with this gel as it holds them in place all day. Sometimes I set my brows with this gel and then fill them in with a pencil once they're in place
  88. Love the applicator!


    This is a strong hold gel and the applicator is so easy to work with. This is one ill repurchase over and over again!
  89. Keeps your hairs in place


    This brow gel keeps my hairs in place and is a great consistency! The only thing preventing me from giving it a 5 is the applicator. I personally prefer a spooly type applicator as I find it easier to fluff out my brows and control where the hair goes. But not a massive issue.
  90. The best I have tried!


    This is one of those products I wish I had bought sooner. It really does live up to all the love it gets. Holds my brows in shape all day better than anything else I have tried. I have naturally pretty good brows and this is pretty much all I need to have a good brow day.
  91. Long-lasting Brow


    Super long lasting and worth every penny. I don't know what I'd do without this product.
  92. Not the wear time they claim. Not even close


    A nice setting gel, this is comparable to the Nudestix brow gel, but less waterproof. Doesn't last a full day on me, but that could just be my skin chemistry. Either way, I'm not repurchasing.
  93. Great holding power


    Love this when I've filled my brows in with powder/pencil and want them to stay in place all day!


    What a great product.Delivers in every way it claims.
    .The product is jammed packed, very full of product,its just fantastic.
    I had almost given on my BROWS,till now....The Benefit Brow Setter, is a winner, its a REAL KAPOW FOR THE BROWS.Yes I would Highly recommend it to one and all.
    Benefit your brow Setter is a REAL KAPOW FOR THE BROWS!!!


    This product does exactly what it states, its Magic for my brows.It makes someone with near no brows appear to great brows.The container is jam packed full.
    I had almost lost hope till I tried this beauty, it is Really Is KAPOW FOR THE BROWS.Iam in Seventh Heaven Now, with BENEFIT BROW SETTER!!!!!!!!!!!Highly Recommeneded to friends and family NEAR AND FAR.
    ITS A WINNER Thank You Benef...
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  96. Great for neat brows


    Helps my brows stay in place after I've filled them in, gives them a very neat and natural look!
  97. Amazing !!


    personally, i have really really sensitive skin and this product hasn’t affected me at all. it does exactly what it says and my eyebrows are always looking flawless after using this product !! would 100% recommended this product !
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