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BECCA Palettes & Kits

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Palettes are the perfect product, in that they are multi-tasking, easy to transport and make applying cosmetics on the go easy!

If you travel a lot, space is not only at a premium, but you need convenient packaging, too. Palettes often combine eye, lip, cheek and face items, so you can pretty much do your whole make-up using the one palette! With their mirror and sturdy cases, they make for good travel companions and let you easily touch-up when on the go. Keep one in your handbag, even if you're not travelling!

Palettes are also good in that they tend to offer a variety of colours for the one product, ie. foundation. If your skin tone is uneven, this is perfect for you! Say your chest area is a lot darker than the face and neck, you might want to use a darker but sheer foundation colour on the face to even everything out or apply a little contouring powder on top. We like to use BECCA Lowlight/Highlighting Palette specifically for this.

In addition, if you dye your hair often, palettes are a good option so you don't have to keep buying new products. In general, the darker the colour of your hair the more washed out you can look unless you have a tan or dark skin tone to begin with. If your hair is red, stay with neutral shades. If you go blonde, stay with soft peach pinks and soft neutral beige tones for eyes. If you are dying your hair brown you may find you need some bronzer and more obvious peachy blush as well as bronzed shades for the eyes, to give your skin some life. Really dark hair may call for some rich shades and if you plan to go grey then you may need some bright cool toned shades for cheeks and lips to avoid looking drained.

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Palettes & Kits

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BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

So when I got a feel for this formula I fell in love! It's so creamy, applies... read more >>

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