Episode 12: Chemical Peels Aren't As Scary As They Sound

We're back for another episode of Beauty IQ Uncensored, brought to you by Adore Beauty

What’s on this episode? We’re glad you asked...

Oral health:

Cosmetic Dentist Dr Dee, founder of Vogue Dental Studios, joins us to answer all our oral health questions. We chat bad breath, tongue scrapers, teeth whitening and, as always, Hannah has a little confession to share.

You can follow Dr Dee on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/dr.dee_official/

Chemical peels:

Joanna and Hannah both got chemical peels to dispel the common myth that they actually peel your face off à la Samantha Jones in Sex And The City. The two products we use post-procedure: 

1. Mesoestetic Post Procedure Fast Skin Repair

2. Aspect Red-Less 21

Our favourite at-home peel: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Instant Resurfacing Peel

The products we didn’t know we needed: 

Joanna’s product: Aceology Green T Mask

Hannah’s product: Make Up For Ever Reboot Foundation


Hosts: Joanna Fleming & Hannah Furst 

Guest: Dr Dee from Vogue Dental Studios

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Chemical Peels Aren't As Scary As They Sound - Beauty IQ Uncensored Episode 12 Transcript


 Welcome everybody to Beauty IQ, the podcast.

I'm your host, Joanna Fleming.

And I am your cohost, Hannah Furst.

So, want to start this episode off on a bit more of a serious note, Hannah, because you were really upset yesterday afternoon.


And that upset me that you were upset.

Thank you. You were really supportive.

And it could have impacted the rest of this podcast, to be quite honest.

Yeah. I actually said to you, I was like, "Aw, I don't really want to share about my personal life anymore, because this DM was so nasty."


So, why don't I just let you know what I got? So this random girl DM'd me after listening to the episode about bacne, and how I said that I don't always shower after the gym, because I don't always sweat that much after the gym. And I'm sorry, if everyone showered after every time that they sweated, you'd be having a lot of showers in summer.

God, I sweat so much at my desk in summer. Anyway, so she said that it was... her words were, it was revolting and disturbing, which is very-

And disgusting, I think she said, as well.

I'm not sure if she said disgusting.

She used a lot of nasty adjectives.

A lot of intense adjectives. It's like I was a murderer. It was like I'm disturbing. Anyway.

So that got you a bit down.

Yeah, and I think Joanna made the comment yesterday, 'cause I was like, "oh I don't really want to share about my personal life if I'm going to get these kinds of DM's."

And she was like, "we're made to be a community of women who, these things aren't disgusting, they're not disturbing. These are normal things that happen to people."

And Hannah and I talk about really personal things so that other people can relate.

There was an article on self magazine that said Ellie Golding also doesn't shower after the gym so she doesn't, you don't need, also a doctor said that sweat isn't like dangerous, like it's not that disturbing.

And the other thing was that if you really want me to disturb you, I once went on a six day hike and shower for six days. So how about that?

So that comment could have impacted our recording today because Hannah was feeling really flat.

I was like, I'm not sharing anything anymore.

And it is really hard for two regular people to just come and share things about like their poo habits. It's like ...

And their bum hair.

Yeah, exactly. So...

But for the vast majority of you, you love it. So we will keep doing it.

I've convinced her. Keep sharing.

Yeah, I'll keep sharing guys.

So moving away from that serious note, we are talking to Dr Dave from Vogue dental studios today about oral health for [inaudible 00:02:28] . And we're also talking about chemical pills because you and I both had one recently and it's something we get asked about all the time and of course our products we didn't know we needed.

On the topic of revolting.


I have something I want to share with you before our first guest comes on.

Oh my God, what?

I know, I said I wasn't going to share personal details anymore.

What? Wait guys, we have not discussed this pre show.

I actually didn't want to discuss it with you. Okay. So when I was young, it's actually not that revolting, but when I was young I had an extra tooth start growing in the palette of my underneath my tongue. It's called a ...

Do you have a photo of it?

Yeah, I have one at home.

Please bring it in.

I think I was 15 maybe. And all of a sudden this big lump ...

It was when you were 15?

This big lump was growing on the pallet underneath my tongue. And I was like, "what the hell is that?" So I went to the dentist, I did an X Ray and they're like, you have an extra tooth growing.

Is that common?

It was like right in there under the tongue. Oh, I don't know if it's common.

Could you feel it with your tongue?

Yes! Yeah, it was like a lump. And then the tooth started showing.


Yes, like a baby tooth. Like it started like pushing out of the pallet of my mouth. And so I ended up having to get surgery.

It's making my mouth feel funny.

I had to go to the hospital and they cut out the whole extra tooth. They had to get it at the root, like right under my tongue. Isn't that bizarre?

Wow! That's so bizarre.

How weird is that? It's called, I think a supernumerary I think it's something like that. But yeah, that's my little dental tidbit.

Wow. Well I thought I knew everything about Hannah, but you surprise me every day.

So we've got our guest today to talk about oral health and introducing Dr D from Vogue dental studios. He is a cosmetic dentist. So Hannah and I have a lot of questions for him, because Hannah is obsessed with oral health.

Well no, actually what happened was my sister who doesn't like beauty at all, I told her we were having you on and she was like "Oh my God, I'm going to send you all my questions." I was like, okay so there's going to be a lot of people that want to hear this.

Yes. So Dr Dee tell us a little bit about what you do in a day. Like what kind of patients do you see? What kind of work do you do?

This stage of cosmetic dentistry we are more doing restoration or reconstruct work, where the cosmetic part is more as a byproduct.

So I've noticed that literally every influencer on this earth pretty much now I've got veneers and so that's probably made me a bit more self conscious about my teeth I reckon. Cause I'm constantly saying just beautiful, perfect smiles. Has that increased business a lot for cosmetic dentists?

Not really. I shouldn't dismiss it off, but what it is, is the end of the day, we should not be pressurized or polarized by the social media of what we see around.


So that's where I tell my patients when they come in or a client who come in, it should be need-based and we not going to try and achieve what so-called influences are driving us towards.

I always think, what are influences going to do in 10 or 15 years when they're not an influencer anymore and they've got to replace their full mouth of porcelain.

That's a thing. Right. And again, that's a very valid point. So you go and think about what are my longterm implications?

Yeah, that's good advice.

I think that's good advice for you, Joanna, because Joanna said today, she was like "I really want to get Veneers" and I was like Joanna ...

I don't want veneers I want ...

You do not need veneers. [crosstalk 00:06:03].

We can have a consultation afterwards.


But I feel like you just got your answer. You do not need anything done, you've got beautiful teeth.

I know I don't need them, I just haven't liked my teeth since I got my braces off.

My sister says, you're living in Hollywood and you need to out.

Maybe I am.

So on the topic of oral health, can you tell us the kind of causes for bad breath and how people can treat that?

Majority of the reasons we can solve bad breath with a simple oral hygiene practice, it's the same routine. What we want to do is spend two minutes morning and night brushing and flossing, making the best effort. If you want to use a mouthwash, you can, but there are things where a dentist can see, okay, I don't find any reasons in your mouth why you struggling with this. This is the time I have to send you to a doctor to just go through some tests, which could be a simple reason in the stomach or it could be a lot of other things, which could be simply solved. Once we started to link to it, if you look your tongue through a microscope, you don't want to ...

I don't want to.

Trust me, you don't want to.

Can you send us a photo? I'll look at it in my personal time.

Look it up on Google. Just say tongue microscope. You can see there's much space for bacteria. And again, touching back on the bad breath. Yeah, tongue could be one space where everything's hiding on tongue scrapers. If they're safe and dental tested and whatever they are. They are great and brushing your tongue again is a great habit to again, keep your odor causing bacteria's down and it feels fresh.

I have a question. This is just a selfish question because I want to know you recommend seeing a dentist every six months. What is the longest period of time you've ever seen someone go between dentist visits?

All right. We've seen like 28 year olds, 30 year olds saying this is my first visit.


Okay, so that is possible and sometimes it could be non-accessible [crosstalk 00:07:59] but yeah, we, so we have extreme cases where again, it's those two things, one, they haven't had any major issues or they have been totally negligent or they've been anxious or it could be an experience from the past.

Yeah. Well his dental fear is a huge thing, isn't it?

Huge thing.

Well that was actually one of my questions was about people with dental, it's called dental anxieties.

How do you get them over that?

Absolutely. We love to hear that. So then we can help you even better.

So then you're prepared, yeah.

Yeah, of course. We like to treat everyone the same and make them calming. Sometimes knowing that they're too anxious actually helps us to prioritize treatments and desensitize them with the easy treatments first and getting them into it. Of course, all of us would love to do that for every person, but then sometimes anxiety's not well expressed, but well-trained dentists should know that. And our dental team, it's more the team effort than anything else.

That's interesting.

And what's the kind of reaction from a patient that's gone through I guess their whole life having not taking care of their teeth and then they've come and they've gotten veneers and they've kind of gotten over that fear. What kind of reaction do they have to their new teeth?

All three of us in the room, I think we are gifted with teeth, which we can smile without thinking second time, but what about those people who live with insecurities where it just smiling in public is a major, major goal.

Yeah. It's a lifetime goal. They cover their mouth every time they smile.

I just remember like I have such bad memories of having braces. So the good thing about getting them done, young, correct me if I'm wrong, is that your teeth don't move as quickly when you're an adult. Is that right?

Not necessarily.

Okay. I've got the wrong information then again.

Not necessarily, but in a way that's right. Sometimes when we're treating early, we use the growth as well as part of the procedure to correct things where when we, when you're treating an adult who's finished up with the growth, we don't expect any changes in the jaw size. So, and again, when you're at 13 you see all your friends walking around with colorful braces and you're talking about matching them up with you?

I wasn't.

I did, I had pink ones.

Oh, I hated mine so much. I never smiled with my teeth when I had braces. My mom used to be like, just smile like "they're ugly!"

And we've got kids who will sit with their color chart for about 10 minutes and decide what they're going ...

Like picking a nail color!


It's like going to the nail salon.

Braces was fun at that age. Oh, it's still fun, at that age for people who see their friends with them.

Yeah, I think I was late to get them. I didn't get mine until I was like 14 or 15.

See there you go.

It would've been fun if I was like 12, maybe.

If you were the first one in, you're class to get one. Then you go like, "Oh yeah, wow." By the time I finish, I'm going to go through all the color chart twice and now that you can alternate the colors, it's even better.

Yeah. I feel like teenagers really have the ability to skip that awkward stage now though. Like they all know how to do their makeup. They can have clear aligners. They're all skipping that awkward phase that we went through.

I know, we went through...

It's not fair.

We have a better choices today than you used to have 10 years ago.

Teeth whitening I think would be a big one from our customers would want to know about. I got my teeth whitened years ago it was the best thing I ever did. I love it. What can people expect or what different options are there for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, everyone can relate to cosmetic dentistry, but it does not have to be at one off procedure because depending on our food habits, whether we could be a smoker, which was no, no, for dentistry.

Or life, or skincare, or anything.

Yeah or life.

Smoking is one of those social things which we, if we give up, I think we get a lot of benefits back. But red wine, people who love curry sauces.


Every day, every day, black coffees or coffees in general. These are things that we can sometimes live without. So am I going to change my lifestyle or am I going to change my whitening routine? If it was me, I would keep doing more whitening in a safe way, and continue my lifestyle. Then as the dentist may tell patients like, you're not going to have a cup of coffee tomorrow, then people are not going to take that instruction well enough. Whereas if the whitening is becoming more accessible and safer, people are happy to do. You can do home maintenance whenever you need and it's not an expensive procedure.

What do you think the at home whitening? What's your ...

At home whitenings are great as long as we know what's in the whitening product. If it is hydrogen peroxide based product, as if now that's what the dental association with support or the entire, the world dental community would support. Any whitening product which is a safe concentration can be used and it does bring in results.

Is that what's in ... what about the whitening toothpaste?

Right, so toothpaste can have either a silica or an abrasive product in them to lighten up your teeth, which means they scrub your teeth with a bit more abrasive material to remove the stains. They actually don't cause one thing, but they remove surface stains. And then there could be the strongest tooth place that I know, I could be wrong, but correct me is 2% hydrogen peroxide.

Where do we buy it?


No, it's in the supermarket. It's such a small concentration to relate it to your at home whitening. Your at home whitening is about 6%, the gels what you use. They could be six to 12% hydrogen peroxide. So compared to that, the toothpaste have a very small composition of the second type of whitening toothpaste. So, and you also applying a toothpaste to your teeth for only two minutes.

Yeah, that's true. And you leave a whitening thing for like 10 minutes to half an hour or overnight even.

Now I did want to ask you about charcoal toothpaste because we have a charcoal toothpaste at adore beauty. And when I was writing about it, I did some research about charcoal and that it's not recommended to use charcoal directly on your teeth. It should be in a formulated toothpaste to make sure it's not too abrasive. Is that right?

So we're going to go one step back. Right? So when we spoke about two types of tooth paste, one is hydrogen peroxide, which is a known bleach. This is the only known product to my knowledge that can whiten up teeth or change color as such. Right? Anything else can only remove surface stains.

So charcoal is another abrasive product, which the particle size is bigger. So a charcoal could remove stains and make your teeth look a whiter, but they don't have the ability to bleach your enamel.

What about electric versus manual? Toothbrushing because I, because of what's happened with my gums at the moment, I have an electric toothbrush at home but I don't like using it as much as a normal toothbrush.

Can I know the reason why?

I don't know. I don't find it like brushes enough. Like I really like to get like a proper teeth ...

She's had a really weird thing with toothbrushes. She has one at her desk, she brushes her teeth like in the middle of the day.

I do, I do. I'm like really weird about teeth. So I don't feel that the electric, it doesn't feel like it's doing anything.

Doing a great job.

Like it's not getting in there and like really getting at my teeth.

This is such a common question. That's a great question. If the manual brush is used as effectively as an electric brush, then it's great to continue with them. But majority of us do we time ourselves, if we might brush with a manual brush, are we doing two minutes brushing or are we just doing 45 seconds or less?

Probably 45 seconds or less.

And we count ourselves and pride ourselves saying we've done that brush or brushing time and we can [inaudible 00:15:42] right? That's what happens with manual brushes. Most of us are quick and we're done and we don't feel guilty about not pressuring, but even the basic model of any branded electric price as a two minute pulse in them or any kind of indication to say that we finished up the brushing cycle, right?

It takes two minutes to cover all the surfaces of your teeth with a gentle movement. And it also takes the worry off the hand and we see this again and again. Some kind of conversations can be of heavy scrubbing from manual brushes and we also always go and pick up hard bristles or medium bristles, harder bristles have gone off the shelves now.

I hate using hard bristles.

I noticed that I was using a hard toothbrush, so that's gone off the market now.

Hards gone and even medium should go.

That's your gum recession problem right there.

That's right, if we brushing twice a day.

Three times a day, with a hard toothbrush.

So I need to go to a soft toothbrush.

Soft, or extra soft is better, for a few reasons. One, they have flexible bristles which can get in between your teeth better and we're doing twice or three times brushing, we're removing only soft sediments on our teeth. So which means soft brush should do the job easier and it's kinder of on your gums.

So basically down to personal preference, whatever you do ...

I strongly recommend electric toothbrushes. You don't have to spend big money on most expensive ones to start with you can buy something that's basic, use it for a while and then you feel like, "Oh, someone can give me it as a Christmas gift." then I'll write it down. Yeah, that's my wish list.

Well if you think about cost per use.

We do talk about this a lot.

We talk about cost per use or cost per wear a lot, so using it twice or three times a day, you may as well buy like a pretty good one. Right?

If you can and should not put you away from not brushing well until then. Electric toothbrushes are definitely better way to go.

Thank you so much Dr D for joining us. That was a real eye opener.

I've learned a lot.

Thank you for having me. I've learned a lot too.

So today we're talking about chemical peels. Why are we talking about chemical peels, Jo?

Well we've both just had chemical peels because it was something that came through as a topic that people wanted us to talk about on here. So I went and got a lactic peel, with the dermal group. What did you have?

I also got a lactic peel with aspect.

Okay. So we both had a lactic. Maybe they're slightly different cause we had them at different places, but we've had chemical peels because they have a lot of benefits, which include improving skin texture. They can make the skin like a lot smoother and get your makeup going a lot nicer. And they stimulate blood flow that can help with sun damage and minor scarring. So there's lots and lots of benefits. With chemical peels. I probably recommend chemical peels the most out of any professional treatment I recommend.

Most of you are probably thinking if you've never had a chemical peel, firstly the name sounds quite intense.

It does.

But secondly we think back to when Samantha Jones on sex and the city had a chemical peel and her whole face was peeling off. So she couldn't go out in public.

It freaks people out, seeing that.

Yeah. So that's actually not what happens in a chemical peel will a milder chemical peel and they're actually, when I had mine done, I was told that we're never going to start you want a chemical peel of that strength first time round.

And not give you any prep, as well.

Exactly. So yeah, so you would build up to that anyways. So your first chemical peel that you get is not going to be skin peeling off it. That is a side effect for some people it could be a side effect, but both of our experience ...

I just had dryness.

I had a little bit of redness.

Yeah. Yeah. I was a little bit red that night and I've just had dryness for the last week. But I can, I mean I couldn't use, you can't use actives for a week. You've got to make sure you using sunscreen every day. You've got to prep for the treatment as well.

So there was a few things that I was surprised about when I had my consultation. So there's a few things that you need to be mindful of before getting a chemical peel in the weeks leading up to the treatment. And your dermal clinician or skin therapist will tell you all these things. But things like waxing, bleaching, IPL, laser hair, other facial treatments, fillers, Botox, or you need to get the information before in your consultation, they will let you know what you can and can't do in the weeks before.

Yeah, you should always have a consultation, not just walk in and order a peel.

Exactly. And so the thing for me, cause I'm getting laser hair removal on my face at the moment, was that I had to wait in between the laser hair removal appointments because it can irritate the areas where you've had laser.

Yep. So there's a few different forms of peels. So probably the lactic mandelic and glycollic are the most common and they can be quite mild ones as well. And then you've got things like a jessner and a TCA peel and they are hardcore.

I've never heard of these things.

So we used to do jessner peels back in the day when I was working in clinic. And that's, that usually causes your skin to actually flake off.

I love the sound of that.

Yeah, it was so like rewarding to see someone's skin just like shedding off. But anyway, that's probably more for people with more severe scarring or sun damage, as it resurfaces the skin and then a TCA peel usually it has to be done kind of under sedation cause it's ...


That full on! Yep. So it's really, really full. And it can be paired with like plastic surgery procedures and things like that to improve the skin in the area, tighten it up. And yeah.

So when I went in for my consultation, I was told about a few of the risks involved. One of the risks that I wasn't aware of was pigment changes. So she said that if you cut yourself at, there's two ways your cut could heal, it could be pink and then go back to the normal skin color or it could go a little bit brown and that shows how your skin reacts to the wound healing process. And so I think it's like a very rare side effect of chemical peels is that it can create pigment.

Ah, okay. Right. That makes sense.

Definitely something to ask at your consultation, and they should warn you of any of those risks or side effects.

Maybe what we'll do is talk through the actual process so that you know exactly what to expect. So if you've never had a chemical peel before, this will kind of be the process. So you'll go in for your first consultation, you'll learn about the risks, about what to do beforehand, like the pre-care, and then in your treatment you'll come in, did this happen for you? They, they cleanse your skin, then they apply the peel and what you'll expect is it, for me it went quite red.

Yeah, I was red too.

It's red and quite tingly.

Mine wasn't as tingly. I was fine. They gave me a little fan and I was like, "I don't need that".

Okay, well I was a little bit tingly and I was filming and I could see in the camera how red my skin had gone. At the end of the treatment, they'll put, I had a hydrating serum put on.

Did you sit under the LED?

No, I didn't.

Oh, I got an LED, it was great.

Oh nice! And then basically you'll go through your aftercare. And so my aftercare was to use a gentle cleanser. So I was told for three to seven days and she actually said, based on the fact that my skin type, she's like, you don't seem to be reactive. She said I could do the aftercare for five days. So gentle cleanser, hydrating serum and also the aspect, redless. Which is a serum, but it's kind of a bit of an oil.

Yeah, it's an oil.

So I actually mix that into my moisturizer.

Oh, nice. Okay.

And then you can use a hydrating mask. So I actually used the aspect probiotics. Sleep mask, after the first two to three days. Sorry to talk about that product again.

She's finally used it everybody.

I've finally used it.

So I was also told to use a gentle cleanser, which I do anyway, so I just use my regular cleanser and then I was just using a HA serum. I think I was using like rotating between surge and medicate, hydrate be five intense, and then I was also using, and I use this in my treatment to finish it off the meso aesthetic post-procedure fast skin repair, which I actually already use when I have a reaction to something or when my rosacea is really flared up. I use it to calm down my skin. So it's a really hydrating cream. It's comforting, it's soothing, it just helps to nourish the skin after a procedure or when it's aggravated.

I think that's been recommended. I just had skin needling and I was recommended to use that off of the first couple of days.

Oh were you? Yeah, it's really good. It just calms everything down, takes the redness out and it kind of improves texture for me as well. I don't know if that'll be the same for other people, but it just helps to repair the skin's barrier. And support the barrier, which is really important after a treatment.

I have a question for you. So I love doing an at home peel and I find they're really, really effective.

Yeah, I mean I love my Estee Lauder peel.

Yeah, so I have started using that Estee Lauder peel, we'll link it in episode notes.

Yeah, what did you think?

It is the bomb.

Oh see!!

Oh my God. I did. I texted you and I was like far out my skin so glowy.

See I told you, you'd love it.

It's amazing.

I like at home peels, they're obviously not as strong as the stuff that you have in clinic, which is really important to note. Anything in clinic, which includes things like micro-needling as well, it's never going to be at the same level.

I can tell you now the needling than I had was very, very different to the at home needling.

So it's always a much more subdued version, but they can still be effective. They're still similar ingredients like the Estee Lauder one is an AVA BHA peels. So it's like having a lactic and salicylic based peel in clinic, but on a much lower level. But you still get that really beautiful glow without the downtime or the prep involved. So if going in clinic is not an option for you, have a look at some of ... you like the alpha H ...

The power peel.

If you have any questions about chemical peels, you can shoot us a DM. I went to the dermal group, Hannah had hers with aspect, so ...

Oh and also if you don't follow us on Instagram, we're both going to upload our experiences to Instagram stories, when you see episode goes up so you can see exactly what happens during a chemical peel. It is a little bit hard to describe it.

Yeah. It is.

On audio. So follow us at Adore Beauty.

So now for the product I didn't know I needed, the product that we didn't know we needed.


So what's on your list today?

So mine is on the topic of masks and things like that, the Aceology green tea mask.

This going crazy all over Instagram at the moment.

And I'm not surprised, Hannah. Honestly, I don't get wowed by sheet masks very often,

No, but I love a good sheet mask though.

But I had these mask sitting just in my bathroom for ages and it was that week that we had a really tough week. We both were in Sydney, we had a few late nights. I was exhausted.

Can i ... That's happened so many times, which week?

I know! It's a blur.

When did we go to Sydney?

So it was a really hard week. I was exhausted. It was like 7:30 and I was like, I'm going to bed by 8:30, I'm going to whack this on and see what happens? I put it on left it on for half an hour. I peeled it off. Oh my God. It took all the redness and dullness out of my skin. Honestly, I'm speechless because I was looking in the mirror. I was like, Holy shit. That is incredible!

What is in the mask?

Green tea!

Okay. You do love your tea.

I do love my tea.

Joanna loves her tea every morning, 10:00 AM tea time.

It's got some nice calming ingredients. It's 9:30 actually.

Sorry, I don't go to tea time. Can you believe we work in a workplace where they call it tea time? Like how old are we? Teatime!

I started tea time, years ago.

I know, it sounds like we're in primary school.

We are.

So yeah, it's just got some really nice nourishing, calming ingredients. So for people that suffer from redness or irritation, it's awesome. Highly, highly recommend. Love it.

I find those masks look really funny on though, they're very instagramable.

It's a two piece once, so you put the bottom, I put the bottom half on and then I did the top part. So it's kind of easy to fit on your face.

Yeah, I don't like the sheet ...

I've got a small face.

When I do a sheet mask that's all one sheet mask, I lie on the couch and just smooth out.


The areas cause it doesn't sit on properly.

Yeah. So I like the two piece part of it. And it's a gel one as well. It's not a sheet. So if anyone who's allergic to sheet masks, like Al in our team is allergic to sheet masks, but the gel mask, she was fine.

So yeah, it's, it's a bloody good product.

And how much is it?

I don't know.

Okay. Why do I bother asking? Why? People care about these things? Yeah [crosstalk 00:00:28:18].

In all honesty, I'm pretty sure it's $64 for a box. I don't know how many are in a box though.

Do you do sheet masks before events? That's my favorite time to do a sheet mask.

Yeah, sometimes. I'd definitely do that one before an event. But I've got to buy myself 32 boxes.

So anyway. What's your product? You didn't know you needed.

So I actually was going to change it cause we did the cosmetic CC cream but I was like "nah, I want to talk about this", so for a really long time my holy grail foundation was Mac Studio Fluid Fix foundation. I don't know if I said that right.

Studio Fix Fluid.

Probably. I don't know the names of things.

So it's a full coverage foundation. It's always been my Holy grail. I haven't found another foundation that I liked and then since starting working in Adore, I have discovered makeup forever. Which is a makeup brand that we stock and they sent me their Reboot foundation, which is like skincare in makeup. You probably know more about it than me, but anyway.

Not really. So I'd been telling you for ages you need to switch to a lighter coverage.

You did.

You don't need full coverage. You don't need to be wearing that every day.

But we saw my skin when I started at Adore.

Oh yep, you needed it then. No, I'm kidding.

I did need full coverage then.

But you just don't need to be wearing it every day. And you kind of prefer to wear makeup more than you don't.

Not anymore.

Oh really?

I don't wear make up to work anymore.

Yeah. But sometimes you do.

Sometimes, but I'm pretty good ...

You probably wear it more than I do to to work.

Yeah, I would, but I'm pretty good now, I don't wear makeup to work.

But I love that you're wearing the Reboot foundation now because it is much lighter coverage.

It's like, the only way I can describe it is, it's like your skin, but better. So it's like, I don't even know what to say. Like it doesn't look like foundation. It doesn't look like you're wearing...

I'd say it's probably more of the finish and coverage of a BB cream, it's very light.

I would take light to medium.

Oh really? Buildable?

It's not really light. Yeah, I don't know what that means. I just said, yeah. I kind of know what buildable means. You can keep adding it as more coverage. So I'm actually never going back now. I'm never ever going to go back to full coverage.

Now that I've got my skincare in order, now that my skin is looking good, I don't need to go back to full coverage.

Yeah, you don't. It's ultra buildable. According to the listing it is ultra buildable.

Sorry we've just doubled checked if it's buildable, and it is it ultra buildable.

Well there you go.

If you're not sold. You better be now. I was right, it is a lot to medium coverage. And what I would say it's got like a luminous ... it's not super dewy. It's not like ...

But it is a luminous finish.

But also what's really good about it, and I don't know what's in it, it does this, but you know how I have very like oily skin in the T zone. So I don't always put like a mattifying primer on underneath, don't judge me, but I don't find that this ... Stop!

I'm not, I'm not.

she's judging me, people. She's looking at me and judging me. You can't see it right now but she is.

So it's not really like that dewy look, it is more luminous and it's just like skin. It's like a skin finish.

I agree, I really like it.

And I actually can't go back to normal foundation now cause I like my skin looking like my skin. I don't like not looking like me.

Yes, love that for you!

You've been trying to get me on board for that for ages. But to be fair, when I started at Adore beauty, I showed you a photo the other day, she screamed.

I forgot!

She was like, Oh my God.

I forgot how far you'd come on your skin journey Hannah.

So yeah, I actually don't ever know what's in anything and I don't know what things do. So tell me what ...

So from what I can see, it's got ginseng, camelia and mondo grass. Mondo grass, that's a weird one.

What's mondo grass?

Well, I don't know.

Sounds exotic.

It does. So it leaves your skin brighter, smoother and firmer and it's hydrating as well.

It is.

So it never looks flat or dull on your skin. It just gives you that really luminous finish.

It has a brightening effect. It really does. And I've never ever had a foundation where so many people have asked me, what are you wearing?

That's true. I've seen, I've encountered that.

You've encountered it.

But I would like to say it is a lighter coverage than the CC cream.

Yes it is. It cosmetics CC cream, which is another one that I'm using at the moment. It does ...

It's a fuller coverage.

It's a fuller coverage than that, which is great cause I wear it during the day and at night. I just have one foundation now.


Yeah. Cool. So can I please make a request? Could I please not get any revolting comments this week.

That would be much appreciated.

I'm not revolting, I'm normal.

I can't counsel her again.

So yeah, if you've ever been trolled on Instagram, please DM me. Don't troll me.

Thanks guys. See you next week.

Thanks everyone for joining us today.

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