All The Essentials Adore Staffers Buy For Their Own Homes

The obvious perk of working at Adore is all the skincare and makeup – which I’m pretty sure most of us spend a majority of our wages on. But apart from all the glamorous stuff, what do we add to our shopping carts that we actually need?

Circa Home Hand Wash

Nothing says house-proud like luxury hand wash in your bathrooms – but it doesn’t have to be the super expensive stuff, this Circa Home Blood Orange hand wash is under $20 and smells divine.

– It’s enriched with nourishing olive leaf extract & antioxidant vitamin E

– This gentle liquid soap moisturises, softens & conditions the skin

– Has a beautiful citrus fragrance which lingers on the hands

★★★★★ Beautiful fragrance – Renee

“I love this handwash, the fragrance is beautiful and it leaves my hands feeling soft with no dryness. It is beautifully packaged and would suit any home modern or vintage. Well priced, I will continue to buy it.”

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Bondi Wash Bench Spray

I switched to this Bondi Wash spray after experiencing irritation on my hands from using chemical-based household cleaning sprays – I gave one to my brother as a housewarming gift and now he repurchases it too (that says a lot).

– This spray is made from fragrant natural oils & plant-based ingredients

– It’s a multi-purpose cleaning solution that kills 99.99% of germs on surfaces

– Can be used on all types of surfaces including most fabrics (just wipe down)

★★★★★ Smells great & disinfects – Melanie

“I use this in every room in the house. Leave a lovely light smell and kills germs. The spray is not heavy so you don’t get an excess of product when using.”

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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap

This is the ultimate multi-purpose home product. Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap is a popular makeup brush cleaner, laundry detergent and gentle face wash (just to name a few).

– Made with certified Fair Trade & organic oils, is vegan & biodegradable

– It’s an ultra-gentle, natural formula that can be used for almost anything

– There’s an extensive range of fragrances including a mild baby option

★★★★★ Beautiful liquid soap – Narelle

“Dr Bronner’s liquid soap is a wonderful product. Diluting it in fresh water to wash my fruit works wonders. I wash my face, hair and body in this soap daily. I highly recommend this product as it is kind to your skin.”

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Poo Pourri Toilet Spray

Let’s be honest, this isn’t something we like to openly acknowledge but if we’re talking about home essentials, this is definitely one for the bathroom.

– A special blend of essential oils forms a seal over the surface of the water

– Unfavourable odours are trapped below the barrier so they can’t escape

– It’s to be sprayed into the toilet before you go with a discreet low-noise nozzle

★★★★★ Makes life less awkward – Jana

“The floorplan of our house is a bit awkward… the bathroom is next to the kitchen! Nothing to put you off your food like the aftermath of eating. This product has solved all our housemate bathroom woes! This scent is vibrant without smelling overly like toilet cleaner.”

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