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Developed by a Danish scientist. Results that speak for themselves. A brand that is trusted internationally. Beauté Pacifique blends the latest in skincare technology with emerging sciences to create products that excel.

With award winning formulations, Beauté Pacifique’s efficacious skincare originally launched in Denmark but quickly became a salon sensation. With over twenty years of developing skincare to swear by, Beauté Pacifique is proud of the results that their clients achieve. The before and afters speak for themselves.


What are the best Beauté Pacifique skincare products?


  • Beauté Pacifique Clinical Super 3 Booster
    A cult classic, the “Super 3” in this product name refers to the three types of Vitamin A that are blended together for the perfect synergy of efficacy and gentleness. The result? Your skin is left smoother and softer, both texture and skin tone evened out.

  • Beauté Pacifique Puffy Eyes Gel
    A multi-tasking eye gel that is frequently raved about by beauty insiders, Beauté Pacifique have created an eye cream that is both lightweight and highly active. Treat fine lines, dehydration, puffiness and dark under eye circles, all in one simple, easy to use gel.

  • Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask
    A mask that forms an immediate barrier to provide instant relief to tired, sensitised skin, Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask is essential to keep on hand for times when your skin has been damaged by the environment or by procedures.

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Recent reviews on Beauté Pacifique products

Beauté Pacifique Cleansing Foam 150mlBeauté Pacifique Cleansing Foam 150ml
Beauté Pacifique
Beauté Pacifique Cleansing Foam 150ml

Lovely face wash

I love this cleanser. It it so gentle and does not strip my skin. My skin still feels hydrated after using it but so clean. It is pricey but for what it does and how long it lasts, it’s totally worth it. You only need the tiniest amount and it turns into a lovely lather.
Beauté Pacifique Gentle Facial Exfoliator 100mlBeauté Pacifique Gentle Facial Exfoliator 100ml
Beauté Pacifique
Beauté Pacifique Gentle Facial Exfoliator 100ml

Gentle but effective

This exfoliator looks creamy, feels creamy, but hallelujah there is absolutely no heavy residue using this at all. The exfoliating beads are made from wood pulp, but you wouldn't know, they just feel soft beads that gently exfoliate. I have steered away from cream exfoliators in the past because of that heavy residue feeling, but I really look forward to using this one.
Beauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask 50mlBeauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask 50ml
Beauté Pacifique
Beauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask 50ml

Insane clarity

I have a tendency to do facials for my friends when I go to someone's house for dinner, and I used this mask on my two sisters in law recently, and the clarity of their skin after using this mask was insane. Not only was their skin texture so much smoother, but their skin tones looked evened out and fresh. Definitely recommend for dull, congestion skin types.
Beauté Pacifique X-Tra Dry Skin Fix Repairing CreamBeauté Pacifique X-Tra Dry Skin Fix Repairing Cream
Beauté Pacifique
Beauté Pacifique X-Tra Dry Skin Fix Repairing Cream

Literally the perfect texture

I always struggle to explain to people - because if you're not a skincare person you sound like a crazy person when you try to put your favourite moisturiser texture into words.This has this gorgeous richness without the heaviness and isn't greasy, but you can FEEL how comfortable your skin is.

I'd highly recommend this as a moisturiser to anyone to have on hand for like, sunburn, or after you overdo the retinol of AHAs (happens to all of us!). Super hydrating, super comfy!