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Barry M That's Swell Plumping Lip Gloss

3.8 of 79 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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Get fuller, plumper, smoother lips with Barry M That’s Swell Plumping Lip Gloss. This clear volumising gloss hydrates lips and helps to stimulate natural collagen production for a plumper pout.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 75% recommend

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Barry M That's Swell Plumping Lip Gloss Reviews

3.8 of 79 reviews

75% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love the smell


Love the smell of this. Really glossy and hydrating. Didn't notice that it had a plumping effect until a few weeks after I finished it when my lips got smaller. Was using multiple times a day. Great for the price. Will be re-purchasing.

Most Helpful Criticism



Really shiny and pretty gloss but I'm not certain that it plumps much. Bonus, it smells good.
  1. Nice lipgloss


    Good quality clear gloss. Has a nice scent/flavour and only tingles a little when on the lips. Not sure how effective the plumping is, but I'm happy with the product regardless
  2. Affordable and does the job


    Very affordable. A little goes a long way. Highly recommend
  3. Nice lip gloss


    Nice lip gloss, good consistency. looks nice over the top of a lip liner, and tingles slightly when you put it on.
  4. Pretty


    Really shiny and pretty gloss but I'm not certain that it plumps much. Bonus, it smells good.
  5. didnt work that well


    nice as a lip-gloss but didn't see much of a plumping effect, did smell of peppermint and a tiny tingle but didnt make any difference to the size f my lips.
  6. plump and shine!


    So much shine and so much plump! really like this
  7. Plumping


    This really does plump up my lips!! Such a cool product
  8. Not much of a plumping effect


    Not much of a plumping effect, just a regular lip gloss
  9. Not the most plumping, but insanely pretty


    verified purchaser
    I love this lipgloss so much, it's not the most plumping but it's so shiny and glossy you can easily overlook that.
  10. Love the smell


    verified purchaser
    Love the smell of this. Really glossy and hydrating. Didn't notice that it had a plumping effect until a few weeks after I finished it when my lips got smaller. Was using multiple times a day. Great for the price. Will be re-purchasing.
  11. No plumping but shiney


    I didn't notice any plumping effects but it is a nice shiney gloss.
  12. Nice


    Nice gloss, non-sticky but it doesn't plump.
  13. Nice gloss, not effective plumping


    It tingles slightly when applied, just like a peppermint lip balm, but I haven't found that it does anything to plump my lips!!
  14. preferred


    i prefer this to the plumping XL gloss by barry m. it's not so irritating and still gives a nice shine to my lips
  15. Fine


    Yes it plumps your lips a little but its short lasting and not a huge difference. I would stick to the Too Faced gloss in the future.
  16. Good gloss!


    I really like this gloss! It's a bit sticky but it looks nice
  17. Realllllly plumping


    My lips grow so plump and red when I use this. It’s great before I go out! It gives me a little extra confidence.
  18. gloss


    shiny and reflective. however I found it a bit too sticky for me. I like the doe foot applicator though, easy to be precise
  19. it works


    this really works for me and plumps my lips!
  20. Pumps those lips!


    this helps plump up my lips and it also felt nice on and left my lips nice and glossy. Very affordable too
  21. great gloss, but not super plumping


    it's cruelty-free and vegan, which we love! It is a great gloss that smells great and goes well on top of other lip colours, but not super plumping at all unfortunately
  22. Gloss


    So shiny and reflective. I love that it's just clear and gives an extra punch to any lip colour
  23. Affordable Plumpness


    Smells yummy and leaves a high shine finish, lips look hydrated and healthy. Not an overly activacting/tingly feeling but definetly a good base for applying my lipstick over.
  24. Plumping gloss


    I think this gloss is great for an effortless look. It's easy to swipe on and it isn't too sticky. However, I don't think it plumped my lips at all.
  25. Pretty good


    Doesn't have the plumping effect but I really like this gloss. It changes a simple look into a glamorous one.
  26. New Favourite


    This is such an affordable option in comparison to other lip plumping glosses. I find my lips definitely looks bigger and very soft and glossy. Love this gloss!! would recommend
  27. Not for me!


    I found the consistency a little too sticky for my liking, it did tingle and slightly plump my lips and is a pretty colour.
  28. Loved it but dried out my lips!


    I loved this before it gave me the tingly sensation lip plumpers have and my lips looked super glossy/glowy. It did not make them bigger but the extra shine made it look more plump.
    However, this did dry out my lips after 2-3 users so make sure you moisturise your lips so they do not dry out after use.
  29. Nice but not plumping


    Doesn't really plump, which is a shame. However does give a nice shine, and has a nice scent. It's a bargain too.
  30. finally found it


    It is very hard to get this gloss in Australia. Thanks for stocking it. it is great
  31. Amazing scent.


    Love this gloss is smells so fruity and gives lips a fuller plumper look.
  32. Not good


    good non-sticky gloss, but defs not plumping!
  33. Not plumping


    Does plumps but its nice and hydrating, plus it smells good.
  34. Dissaponted


    This product does not do what is stated, very disappointed
  35. Feels lovely on!


    Absolutely lovely feeling lip gloss. Doesn't really plump up my lips very much but looks and feels great!
  36. Barry m lip gloss


    Love this lip gloss. It has a nice glossy lacquer finish however no plumping
  37. Nice gloss


    After reading other reviews, I was’t expecting this gloss to plump my lips, and it didn’t. For the price though, it’s a good gloss for a bit of shine and doesn’t dry out my lips at all, which is nice
  38. prefectly nice


    this is a nice gloss for daily use. i have been using daily for a few weeks now, have notice minimal plumping efffect. i will say that my lips have stayed nice and hydrated during this time period.
  39. Beautiful colour


    Lovely lip gloss that has a beautiful colour. Doesn't dry out lips, highly recommend
  40. It’s ok


    I’d say this is a nice gloss rather then a plumping gloss. I didn’t notice any plumping
  41. Awesome!

    Emma Loves Makeup

    Love the smell, the gloss is so pretty and it's not sticky at all which I love!!! It's just a nice smooth silky texture. The only downfall is that the plumping effect is pretty minimal - you can feel your lips tingling but it's not a very noticeable effect sadly.
  42. Not bad


    Like the shine, not bad for the price but doesn't plump my lips.
  43. barry m


    Love this lip gloss so much. use it on a daily basis. great shine, no plumping
  44. Pretty gloss


    This is a pretty clear gloss and can go great on its own or as a lip topper. However, it fails to provide a plumping effect - for me personally. This is why the score has been pushed down for this product.
  45. Great gloss!


    It's definitely not a plumper. I got NO plumping from this.But it's a great lip-gloss,
  46. Glossy


    I did not receive a plumping effect with this product however it did provide a bit of a gloss which is nice.
  47. Lovely colour


    Love this lip gloss so much. use it on a daily basis. great colour.
  48. Barry


    Not plumping but a nice clear shiny gloss to give any lip colour that shine
  49. Non sticky gloss


    This gloss is lovely, not sticky at all. I don't really think it plumps but makes lips appear full and hydrated.
  50. Good value


    Love the brand! Goes on perfectly and is pretty long-lasting for a lip gloss. Gives a great, classy shine!
  51. Good but not great


    Not plumping but nice clear lippy
  52. Actually works


    Gives you a tingling feeling while it plumps up. Nothing dramatic but it does make
    a noticeable difference. Layer over lipstick for a better effect
  53. glossy


    doesnt plump my lips however have not found any that really do that
    it's nice and glossy though
    and feel moisturized
    good price for value
  54. plumping lip gloss


    Doesn't do plumping, just gives a clear shiny lip look. Sits well on top of lip liner and doesn't "gum up" on the corners of the mouth. Average wear time, not sticky
  55. Certainly plumps my lips up


    Certainly plumps my lips up, but it can leave them feeling a little tingly.
  56. Plump & Juicy


    Gives you a tingling feeling while it plumps up. Nothing dramatic but it does make
    a noticeable difference. Layer over lipstick for a better effect
  57. Not plumping


    It's a great lip-gloss, but it's definitely NOT a plumper. I got 0 plumping from this.
  58. Not worth it


    Didn’t get a plumping effect, didn’t offer good hydration, just a sticky sort of gloss.
  59. Ok


    Don’t see a massive plumping effect but it is a nice clear gloss
  60. good


    glossy and smooth, plumps your lips
  61. Plumps but doesn’t hydrate


    I definitely felt that my lips were more plump but I don’t recommend using this product if your lips are dry or chapped, as it will only make them drier. I’m not sure that I will purchase this product again but for the price, it was worth a try!
  62. Nice clear gloss


    I picked this up since I was only looking for a regular clear lip gloss however in regards to the plumping effects of this gloss, I really didn't notice much. Sure the gloss did tingle slightly but my lips still looked the same after 15mins. As a normal gloss though it worked well no complaints.
  63. Glossy


    I love how glossy and smooth this is. As for the plumping , I don’t have that effect, but hey, maybe it takes more than a week? Kinda like the menthol feeling when you put it on, like a slight tingle , overall happy as a gloss that isn’t expensive, but not sold on the plumping claims
  64. Gloss


    Love this so much!! So cheap and just transforms any lip colour underneath! Very glossy, lasts for hours. Not too sticky either
  65. Did not work for me


    When applied it leaves a nice shine, fees rather smooth no sticky feeling. As for it’s swelling power, I didn’t notice much difference to my lips
  66. Not the best


    Didn’t feel a tingling sensation at all, didn’t plump my lips the slightest. It was a nice gloss though, it oddly plumped my sisters lips nicely so for the price it’s worth a go, even if it doesn’t work you still scored a good gloss.
  67. Some plumping


    Gives you a tingling feeling while it plumps up. Nothing dramatic but it does make
    a noticeable difference. Layer over lipstick for a better effect
  68. Barry M That's Swell Plumping Lip Gloss


    I didn't really notice a plumping effect on my lips but there was a slight tingle which was enjoyable. Ordered one for me and my sister. With such a small amount of product, I'm sure we'll be ordering again soon!
  69. good


    definetly plumps your lips more, great product
  70. OK for a lip gloss


    I usually like Barry Ms products but unfortunately this didn't work for me. It didn't plump my lips at all. But if you're just looking for a lip gloss that part is OK.
  71. Yes


    This lip gloss does what it says it make my lips more plump. Definitely enjoy it.
  72. perfect high shine gloss


    perfect for using for high shine gloss looks, does plump up a little but not like crazy.
  73. Shiny


    Not very plumping, but certainly a very shiny gloss for wearing over top of more matte lips. Love it for adding a sheen to the tops of my cheekbones too - very natural dewy look
  74. good


    This is one of my lol time favourite drugstore lip glosses it works well it doesn’t swell but as a lip gloss it does. It fills its job and plumps the lips nicely giving them a natural shine which i love
  75. Good standard gloss


    Cheap, reliable, doesn’t taste weird. I’ll buy again!
  76. Nice


    I don't see a dramatic difference only slightly more plump than usual. I still enjoy wearing it though.
  77. Good


    Good value plumpling lip gloss for the price
  78. Fantastic lippy!


    Smells so damn gooood. My lips love this stuff and it’s nice and light and also gives them a healthy glow. I use it all the time but usually put lip balm underneath. Stunning!
  79. Not as plumping as it claims but very high shine


    this product does plump, but not as much as it hypes up to do. I do however, think that it looks great and the since the lip gloss provides is really nice
  80. Great lip gloss


    Great product, nice texture and smells yummy. Doesnt do much in the way of plumping but its just a nice lip gloss regardless. I would buy again.
  81. OKay


    Not bad it’s a basic lip gloss no plumping effect
  82. Not that plumping


    Disappointed in the result thought it would plump more but still a good high shine gloss
  83. Subtle glow


    This gives me a nice and subtle glow. Not too thick or sticky
  84. gives a subtle plump


    i like this product as it doesn't sting when applied, however the plumping results are not as good as other brands can give.
  85. Nice Product


    The results aren't the most noticeable but it's still a good product for a clear glossy lip look.
  86. Great value, slight plumping gloss


    Not too sticky, nice minty fragrance, gives a little plumping effect but nothing groundbreaking. Good value.
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