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BaByliss PRO Glitz Titanium 25-13mm Ceramic Conical Wand

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BaByliss PRO Glitz Titanium 25-13mm Ceramic Conical Wand by BaByliss PRO

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BaByliss PRO Glitz Titanium 25-13mm Ceramic Conical Wand is a small conical for fast & easy free flowing curls.


An iconic hair product, our conical wands are a favourite tool for session stylist around the world. The conical barrel made from the finest titanium-ceramic allows you to create a variety of styles from tight, classic curls to soft, loose waves with a beautiful, shiny, smooth finish. Featuring a choice of 11 temperature settings up to 210° for the perfect level of heat required for different hair types and constant, even heat distribution for long-lasting results.

• Titanium-ceramic provides an ultra smooth finish for faster styling & enhanced shine
• Ultra advanced ceramic heater for super fast heat up & instant heat recovery
• Digital control up to 210°C with 11 heat settings
• Auto shut off after 1 hour
• 2.7m salon length cord
• Heat protection glove
• Cool tip


How to use Babyliss PRO Conical Wand:

  • If needed, start with a heat protectant.
  • Section out your hair. Starting at the bottom layer at the back of your head. 
  • Keeping the tip of the wand angled down and the base of the wand angled upwards to the top of your head, start to wrap your hair around the barrel. This is a practise makes perfect thing - don't worry about it if you don't get it perfect the first time!
  • For loose waves, concentrate on using the wider part of the wand, and for tighter curls use the tip.
  • The length of time you need to hold the Curling Tongs to your hair will vary depending on your hair - for more fragile hair, try 10 seconds, for thicker hair try 20 seconds. Start lower first, and try again if it wasn't long enough to create the curl you're looking for.
  • Unwind your hair gently, do not agitate the curls until they are cooled.
  • Continue in sections, repeating the above steps.
  • Brush out your hair once your hair cools down if you want a more relaxed curl.

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Amazing! - 28-07-2017 by

Perfect curls that stayed for days, definitely recommend!

Go-to styler - 11-04-2017 by

This curling wand has changed how I style my hair. My previous wand had a thicker barrel, and my curls/waves wouldn't hold for longer than a couple of hours. Since using this styler (and MoroccanOil's hairspray) my hair stays styled for at least 3 days (or until I wash it). The curls are quite tight when first styled, but if I want waves, I just allow my hair to cool before brushing it out, or I wrap larger portions of hair around the barrel for looser waves. I've been able to do curls, Hollywood-style waves and be achy waves all with the same styling tool. I have medium-long hair, so I probably wouldn't recommend this size barrel for hair shorter than below shoulder-length as the curls will be too curly - there is a size up in this same styler for you!

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