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Avène Thermal Spring Water 300ml

4.2 of 134 reviews


4 instalments of $6.49


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4 instalments of $6.49


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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia


  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avène Thermal Spring Water

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4.2 of 134 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I regularly buy this spray after I have had a long day out in the sun. I love it

Most Helpful Criticism

Just Water


For me, this is a product that is good to have but it is not essential. It works for calming irritated skin.
  1. Good


    I regularly buy this spray after I have had a long day out in the sun. I love it
  2. Best!


    I basically can't live without it, I've always had it for more than 10 years, it just is such a nice refreshner for any part of the day, when you wake up, at the beach, before makeup, after removing makeup etc etc.
  3. Refreshing


    I love this spray for summer! I keep it in my bag when my skin needs hydration. It's refreshing, soothing and never irritates my sensitive skin. I use this spray with other avène products
  4. Yes it’s water in a can but now plays a big step in my cleansing routine!


    This works really well after toning and before applying essence. It gives my skin a burst of hydration and it feels noticeably more hydrated. Only downside is the price
  5. Just Water


    For me, this is a product that is good to have but it is not essential. It works for calming irritated skin.
  6. Quick spritz of freshness


    This is a regular buy for me and I love it during the summertime when I need a refreshment or during winter my skin is feeling dehydrated from the indoor heaters. Carry it in my handbag and spritz throughout the day even over my make up.
  7. Quick hydration


    Such an easy, nice way to hydrate the skin. I like to use this one to give my skin a quick pick me up when it's feeling dry or dull.
  8. Great for sensitive skin


    Fine mist is soothing and refreshing on my sensitive skin if irritated. Excellent for gentle hydration.
  9. Lovely product


    This is a lovely hydrating product, I like to use it in the warmer weather to give my skin a light hydrating boost. So quick and easy to apply but best to use in conjunction with other moisturising products.
  10. Avène Thermal Spring Water


    Perfect for ageing, or sensitive skin. i use this mist after cleansing, when i am hot and when my skin is going through a rough patch. it is one of the BEST mists on the market for its price!
  11. So safe to use


    I buy this when this product is on sale at the chemist near me. It is so safe to use for any kind of skin. No irritation or stings afterwards. I have used this many many times.
  12. It’s okay but not worth the money


    It’s nice but a little bit unnecessary. I don’t find myself using it a whole lot since it doesn’t do much. Gives a slight burst of hydration but I don’t think it helps my makeup or skin too much.
  13. Refreshing & perfect prepping agent before skincare


    I love this spray in summer but I use it most days to prepare my skin for certain skincare ie hyaluronic acid & thick gels
  14. A great skincare basic


    I thought this was a gimmick but I was drawn into the idea of layering skincare with extra moisture so bought this to avoid any adverse reactions to any ingredients in other face mists. I think this will be a lifelong repurchase for me even if I venture out to try other face mists. I use it in between skincare steps to achieve the ‘moisture sandwich’ and hopefully help the products absorb better. It’s a very fine mist and the 300mL bottle is huge, I have half left after daily use for probably 6 months.

    I think the claims about thermal water properties are somewhat true, it seems to help calm my face down if it’s red ever so slightly which is impressive for a canned water spray
  15. Feels great but not sure what it exactly does


    My skin feels very fresh after each spray but it does not exactly hydrate or make my skin feel plump. My skin is not dry either.
  16. Summer bag must-have


    I always keep this in my bag over summer. Because it's an aerosol can, it stays cool even in a beach bag. So refreshing and easy for a quick mist over the face - and when my babies were actually babies, I always had it on hand over summer to give them an instant cool-down mist.
  17. Great for dry skin


    This spray is great for dry skin or during Summer when it’s hot. If your skin is sensitive, it’s a refreshing spray that isn’t full of fragrances and chemicals.
  18. Must Have Staple


    I keep this in my handbag at all times! I get hot a lot, and it's just great to have to give myself a refreshing spritz, and to use to refreshen your skin at the press of a button
  19. Great for Summer


    I often use this is summer when my skin is feeling dehydrated. I give a light spray and then follow with a hydrating serum to keep my skin from drying out. It’s one of those products I use for ages and then it finds the way to the back of the cupboard and I don’t use it again for months. I think though its handy to have.
  20. Great for summer.


    This is literally water in a can however during summer, I like to spritz this across my face for some refreshment and it's also good to mist between serums too. It's a little expensive but it is nice to have.
  21. good but not sure?


    doesnt have any benefits obviously, just gives a nice calming feeling to the skin. but overpriced. could basically make ur own.
  22. My Skincare Treat


    I love this product, I use it twice a day and add my serums and moisturiser on my face afterwards so they all sink into my skin and lock in the moisture. It helps to keep my skin looking dewy and hydrated all year round and I love to use it after makeup to freshen up the look.
  23. Good but not worth the hype


    I hear really great things about this so I decided to give it a shot. It’s good but I don’t think I’ll repurchase it. It’s not worth the money for what it is.
  24. Perfect for summer


    I always travel with this when going on summer holidays. Great for an instant cooling hit on sunny days. I always travel with the mini to refresh my skin on the airplane.
  25. Multi purpose


    I use it as a refreshing face mist in summer, or as a toner or over makeup to reduce a powdery look.
  26. refreshing


    I used it once in store and found that it felt very cooling and refreshing on the skin. It made my skin feel much softer and calmer. It exceeded higher than my expectations and I would most definitely go back and buy it again. I recommend if in need of a cooling spray to calm skin.
  27. Great


    I bought it initially just for have it a try. I don't like any products contain alcohol or perfume, so this products suits me the best. I spray it after washing my face, and on my body after shower, i feel skin has been hydrated. I have heat rash always, and this product soothing and hydrate my skin. recommend to use it anytime you like.
  28. Travel Treat


    I always stock up on this product in the summer months and before I get on a plane. Anytime of the day when my skins needs hydration or a pick me up this is my go to especially if on a dehydrating plane! I constantly show my friends this spray and they instantly purchase after seeing the results! It may sound bouje being thermal water in a can however if you want something easy to travel with that requires nothing besides a spritz action, look no further!
  29. Nice and refreshing. But not sure will be repurchased


    Great for hot weather, cooling me down right away. No sticky feeling after use.
    But not hydrating enought ( just abit better than spray normal water into you face ;P)
    Won’t buy again if on full price.
  30. Soothing and moisturising


    Yes, it is water in a can. It’s a luxury item that nobody needs. But it’s nice to have. When my skin is irritated, it soothes it quickly. The mist is nice and fine so that you can apply it over makeup as a refresher without looking too wet. I do think it’s higher quality than just tap water because my skin feels much more smooth, calm and moisturised after application
  31. Must have for hydrated skin


    I love this product, I use it twice a day and add my serums and moisturiser on my face afterwards so they all sink into my skin and lock in the moisture. It helps to keep my skin looking dewy and hydrated all year round.
  32. Refreshing mist!


    Bought this as a mist to keep my face hydrated and refreshed throughout the day especially during summer time where it can get really hot. The mist is very fine and continuous which is good coz you don't feel splatter of water on your face. I use this on my face and neck whenever I feel hot or if my skin feels dry. I use it before and after makeup and it just keeps my face hydrated and doesn't affect or ruin my makeup at all. definitely worth the buy!
  33. Water in a can


    Definitely hydrating on the face, but not seeing much benefits other than being water in a can - tend to prefer other sprays over this one.
  34. Very Refreshing


    This is such a beautiful product! It is great to put in the fridge and use on burns or tired skin.
  35. Refreshing!


    This spray is really refreshing and has a nice scent to it. I'm not sure if it is worth the price though.
  36. Refreshing, but so is a tap water spritz


    It's fun to use but not essential. It is very refreshing.
  37. Refreshing spritz!


    Refreshing! Lovely fine mist!

    I use on damp skin after cleansing, or i love it after ive put my makeup on to make it more glowy!
  38. Not sure


    I found this to be just water in a can for me. Didn't do any wonders for my skin at all. Nice to spray when it's hot and you need to cool down.
  39. Fine mist


    Lovely fine mist comes out of the bottle. However, at the end of the day, it's just mineral water - nice for a hydrating boost before makeup but doesn't set or prime the skin.
  40. Water in a can..


    Nothing exciting here.. It is refreshing as a skin mist and I like to apply it before moisturiser for a little extra hydration however you could get the same results with tap water
  41. love love love


    Love this product. Just wish it was cheaper
  42. Not just ordinary water


    This product is a total staple in my beauty routine. Moisturisers are most effective when skin is still damp, as damp skin best absorbs the moisture and locks it in for a longer time so giving your skin a quick spray of this before applying serums and moisturisers helps them work better! I find that it also helps moisturisers spread further!
    This isn't just any ordinary water though. It has a unique mineral composition which allows it to soothe and heal the skin. I even spray this if I get an insect bite as a natural alternative and it works a total treat!
  43. Literally water in a can


    I don't know what I was thinking when I purchased this. It is literally water in a can. I could have got almost the same effect by putting water into a spray bottle myself and not paying $25 for it. Save your money for a hyrdrating serum or moisturiser instead.
  44. Should be cheaper


    This brand was recommended to me by a dermatologist as I suffer from rosacea and my skin is extremely dry and sensitive.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the range and this product in particular.It is beautiful and refreshing especially in Australian heat.
    I don’t know if there is any Benefif to this product but I know it makes you feel nice and cool.
  45. It’s fancy water in a can


    I feel like this didn’t do anything at all, my skin is dry and it hydrated the same as any face spray would. I do love the experience though, if it was on sale I would probably buy it again just because you feel so extra spraying it
  46. So lovely and cool!


    I bought this for my Mum who struggles in the summer heat and I also have a mini for myself. The mist is fine and cooling, and is great for a refresh on very hot days!
  47. Good value and hydration


    I use it as an toner, the mist is very fine. It hydrates and no drama. I spray it after sunburn or when I stay in air-con room. It is good value with a huge bottle.
  48. Great for sensitive, irritated skin


    While I can see how people can think of this as 'just water', yes to an extent it is 'water', but the whole point (in my opinion) is that it is not as acidic as tap water, and avene's thermal spring water is also more pure, and a stable, cant-go-wrong item for sensitive and irritated skin.
  49. refreshing summer face spritzer


    This product is great after days in the sun - and I keep the mini in my beach bag. its a pretty luxurious product to have since its only water.
  50. Good value


    It calms my skin after sunshine or shower. I use it everyday as my skin is quite sensitive. The pump is really good and the mist is very smooth and gentle.
  51. Cool & refreshing


    Although I find that the spray doesn't really improve on skin texture or tone, I really enjoy how cool & refreshing my skin feels after using it. I often use it at the beach to keep my skin hydrated.
  52. Nice mist


    Of course we all know this is just water but it is the mister that makes this product lovely to use. The mist comes out very finely and even, to refresh yourself when ever you need it. This is something of a staple for me and best effects are when it is stored in the fridge!
  53. refreshing


    I like to spray this over my makeup towards the end of the day to give my skin a refresher. I find it doesn't move my makeup and actually makes my skin look more awake and plump.
  54. Very refreshing, but really just water


    I love the fresh feel after a spritz of this. But really it's just water.

    Nice for a mid-afternoon office pick me up though!
  55. Really refreshing


    Everyone loves this in my house. We keep it in the fridge to cool and use it post sun to soothe and rehydrate the skin, even my husband loves it
  56. Refreshing


    This my just be water however I love to use this on planes or at work as I work in air conditioning.
  57. Confusing


    I am very confused by this product as it is just mineral water - feels lovely as a summer spritz, but offers my skin nothing extra. Much prefer the La Roche-Posay serozinc (with the added zinc) - great when I have blemishes. Would not repurchase this product.
  58. Love it!


    I love it, yes it's just water but it's so refreshing to spritz over myself and the kids during summer.
  59. Refreshing


    As a cabin crew I need to have something to hydrate the skin as I spend most of my day in the strong aircraft AC. It’s really helpful to have this in hand the only down side is that is not so easy to find the travel size.
  60. My guilty purchase


    I know this is literally just water in a can, but I keep repurchasing this because of how calming it is on my sensitive skin. I recently had a severe reaction to tea tree oil on my face, and this mist was the only thing that helped calm my inflamed skin. I also think it feels a little warm on the skin, but in a soothing way. It's also great for summer when you feel your skin is getting too tight
  61. Desk Side Buddy


    This is the kind of office friend you never get sick off! Perfect to pop on your desk, it has really saved my skin from dehydration, it provides a quick burst of refreshment!
  62. Always Repurchase


    I've been using this thermal water for years now, after developing eczema on my forehead as an adult. It's great at clearing out sweat from my eczema throughout the day and is extremely refreshing. Also find it an essential to keep in my glove box and bag at festivals. Instantly cooling! I apply daily after cleansing and rinsing in my skincare regime as well. So unassuming but it really has changed my skin.
  63. Refreshing mist


    I always restock this when I finish a can and carry the travel size one on flights & when away for weekends. It feels refreshing and keeps my skin soft during hot days. It's SO good. Avene truly makes quality products.
  64. Nicest thermal water out


    I keep mine in fridge in summer to cool me down through day and give skin a pick me up/moisture burst.
    I also use to make my makeup more dewy and to set it. So beautiful
  65. Cooling Mist


    Love this Avene Spring Water, it produces a very fine mist and the button on the container is sturdy, even after multiple uses. It has a very calming effect on my skin and helps to refresh and cool, which is great for hot days. The spring water lasts for ages and I highly recommend this product.
  66. Good


    It was very nice, cooling and refreshing. I'm not too sure about what it does of redness and dryness but as a cooling product it is especially amazing to use after it's been in the fridge.
  67. So refreshing


    So calming and soothing. I use this daily. It feels especially nice after you've put it in the fridge or after the beach. Makes you feel fresh again. Doesn't cause any irritation or sensitivity and has no scent. I love it.
  68. Water in a can


    Feels very refreshing which is nice but it’s just water, no other ingredients
  69. Perfect for Summer


    In summer I usually have a stash of this either in my fridge or the esky. It's so lovely to spray on your face or body when you're hot. It doesn't really ruin your make up. It also feels nice on sunburned skin. Very refreshing.
  70. Freshens up my complexion


    Great to keep in my bag for those hot humid days. Instantly cools and refreshes you. Great for when you have applied a little too much powder as well!! Easy to apply and the mist is super fine - your face is not dripping wet after!
  71. Hydrating mist


    Honestly probably not 100% necessary as it is just water, but I love it enough to have gone through about 5 bottles of this stuff, it is definitely not necessary but a nice product to have. Really refreshing when you need a pick-me-up anytime of the day. I love this in the summer, hydrating and cooling on a hot day, actually a great way to freshen up my brain while I am studying on a hot day. A bottle actually lasts a long time.
  72. Indulgent Loveliness


    Refreshing way to lighten up. Indulgently easy. Softens my skin and picks me up in the hot weather. Do I need it? No. Do I like it? Yes.
  73. Magic water in a can


    Rather than hit the snooze I pump this on my face for a refreshing start to day. The hydrating mist is soaked up. This is a low cost product that makes me feel like a million bucks.
  74. I love this product


    I love this product. Probably highly unnecessary but a light spritz without all the additives definitely makes you feel fresher! No nasties in it either
  75. Just water


    Feels nice but you’re literally paying for water
  76. Perfect in flight especially for sensitive or reactive skin


    This comes in 2 sizes - the smaller one is great for your handbag and amazingly refreshing when used in flight. It comes out as a light mist and doesn't saturate your face either. Good if you're looking for a spritz without any scent and no additives.
  77. relief in a bottle


    The nozzle is great, dispensing a very fine mist. I don't feel my face is drenched, just enough to cool my skin when my rashes were getting too warm or I've been under the sun.

    I sprayed a small amount on my face, wait a little while then pat dry. This also helps to distribute the water to the edge of my face which the spray might have missed. I feel that afterwards my face is less itchy and not as warm.
  78. refreshing


    Its a simple, nice product that you can use to freshen up , but i dont see it doing anything big either.
  79. Love it!


    At first glance this seems like a gimmick, paying for a spray bottle of water. But it really does make your skin feel great. I love taking this on the plane to feel more refreshed.
  80. It's Not Just Water in a Can


    It's not just water in a can - it's water in a can from France! I have been using this stuff for about five years now and it has been a skincare game-changer for me. I use it as part of my skincare regimen every morning and evening, and I have one on my desk at work to refresh and rehydrate my skin throughout the day. I find that my moisturisers work and absorb a lot better and my skin just looks really soothed after using it. I also spritz this product during and after makeup application - it just has a way of melting together the product on your skin so everything looks naturally blended and flawless. There is no way I can live without it now.
  81. Luxe


    Certainly not a beauty essential but a fabulous addition to a beach bag on a hot day. I keep one bottle in my bag and one in the fridge during summer. A refreshing delight for anyone who doesn’t one paying for glorified water!
  82. Refreshing, great for priming the face before moisturising


    I have been loving the Avene Thermal Spring Water- it is so refreshing to spritz onto your face for a pick-me-up. The mist is fine, and doesn't leave large droplets of water on the skin. My favourite way of using the face mist is in between my application of face serums, facial oils and moisturisers- the spring water makes the facial products glide onto the skin much better! I enjoy also using the Avene Thermal Spring water when my face is red and irritated, or has been out in the sun for too long. My only qualm is the price- a little pricey for a can of water! However one large can does last a long time.
  83. Refreshing


    Although this isn't an essential its very refreshing and I personally love to use it after a shower when my skin is feeling particularly dry or as an after sun care to soothe skin! The mist is light and odourless and the can lasts quite a long time.
  84. Refreshing but...


    I find this to be really cooling and refreshing but it is definitely not my go to.
    For my dry skin, i find that water can be quite drying so i'm not too sure about how often i would use this if i were to purchase it again.

    It's also a little too big to carry around and the smaller bottle is a little too small for the price.

    There are definitely other alternatives that are available.
  85. I was sceptical but it is nice


    It’s literally just water in a spray can but I don’t know why this water is so special but it is refreshing and cooling. I find myself repurchasing it all the time because I like the feeling of refreshing my face, especially after the gym and I wipe away sweat I spray this and I feel immediately fresher.
  86. High priced water


    Although this spray is refreshing and feels great, ultimately you’re paying for water. I love spritzing my face throughout the day but I would rather use a product with skin loving nutrients packed into it.
  87. Good after showering


    What I do is I use this right after showering because my skin tends to get dry and tight then. I find that this calms and soothes my skin while giving it a little moisture back.
  88. Refreshing


    Great to keep on your work desk, the spring water instantly refreshed your face when needed
  89. So refreshing


    Great to have on hand as its so refreshing to spritz over in the afternoon and during summer.
  90. Such a great product


    This is a great product to have on hand, whether its in your own handbag or the kids nappy bag, a handy refreshing spray that has so many beneficial minerals to soothe and hydrate. Love it!
  91. Ultra hydrating


    This spray leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I love how this makes my skin feel and leaves it extremely hydrated.
  92. love it


    I have oily skin and i find using this is very refreshing and helps me to not produce so much oil because it keeps me hydrated!
  93. Refreshing


    This is great for refreshing and replenishing your skin with moisture, particularly during the summer. Instantly hydrates and soothes dry skin.
  94. So refreshing!


    This is such a refreshing mist! I mainly use it after I exercise to try tone down my redness and it feels great. I’ve also used it after my make up has been on my face for a while and it’s so nice and keeps it from going dry and cakey.
  95. It makes me feel good, however, it is basically water


    Normal skin type, I like a toner which is refreshing and alcohol-free, this one suits my requirement, however, it doesn't help with anything tho, it sure is hydrating. You can use bottled water as toner if this is your type of toner instead of get this one.
  96. Great for flights or travel


    Great spray to take on holidays for the plane or for just in your bag for any day. Great refreshing spray to help give you a pick me up and look more awake and refreshed
  97. only works at night for me


    I have normal to dry skin, not necessarily sensitive but sometimes sensitive to sunlight. This thermal water doesn't do anything to my skin when using as a toner or day time hydrator, however, only when I use it at night after my skin care routine and before going to bed, it soothes and hydrates my skin during the night and I would wake up with flawless skin and have quite an even skin tone.
  98. Refreshing pick me up


    I love this spray when it is extremely hot outside. It is perfect spritzed on mid day to refresh your face. The spray is fine and doesn't leave your face ripping in water.
  99. So refreshing!


    I recently got this product and I'm in love! It's so refreshing on my face. My face often gets hot and red and I spray this on and my skin feels cool and refreshed. It also helps reduce redness. Will definitely keep continuing to use this.
  100. Soothing


    This spray is great for sensitive or easily irritated skin. Its also great for sunburn as it is quite refreshing.
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