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Avène Thermal Spring Water 300ml 300ml

4.3 of 256 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.50

Or 4 instalments of $6.50 with LEARN MORE

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Tested by dermatologists, Avène Thermal Spring Water provides soothing and anti-irritating benefits for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin.

Extracted directly at the source and packaged in a sterile environment, it is low in mineral content – does not dry out the skin.

It works to comfort a range of everyday skin irritations including sunburn, razor burn, facial redness, itching, post-depilatory irritation, eczema and nappy rash.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is pH neutral, hypoallergenic and preservative free.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Avène Thermal Spring Water 300ml

Avène Thermal Spring Water 300ml

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Avène Thermal Spring Water 300ml Reviews

4.3 of 256 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Very good hydrating spray

Most Helpful Criticism

Bougie Buy


I got a mini of this as a freebie, other wise I would never have tried this. As much as I've spent lots on ridiculous skincare products, I drew the line at water in an aerosol.

Turns out it's a nice enough product... but it's still water in an aerosol. It is hydrating, calming, and soothing, but I can't help but think any spring water/mist toner/splash would provide the same function.

Not a bad product by any means, but not worth the hype/money in my opinion.
  1. Best


    Very good hydrating spray
  2. Great for soothing your skin!


    I watched a documentary about the Avene Thermal Spring in France which is where the water for this product is sourced and I immediately wanted to try it out for myself! My skin gets red and irritated after a long day in the sun or an intensive workout so I was looking for a way to soothe and calm it down. This was it! I keep it in my fridge and take it with me wherever I need it. It has no odor, h...
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  3. Refreshing


    This is nice enough and offers some refreshment on hot days, but it is a little pricey for what is essentially fancy water. The can though is a good size and is convenient to carry around.
  4. Great Basic Facial Spray


    I like a basic facial spray that does not contain any other ingredients and this is great. I just spritz some on my face before layering my moisturiser. This tip was given by a dermatologist and I've never look back!
  5. Not sure I would rebuy


    Nice and hydrating, and good to calm the skin but did just seem like i was applying a fine spray of water on my face. Not sure I would re-buy but have heard this is a holy grail french product.
  6. great for travelling


    i am quite a frequent flyer so i always carry this with me through flights, helps keep my skin refreshed when i need abit of a pick me up.
  7. good


    I use it after I washed my face as a double cleaning
  8. Calming


    Yes it feels like tap water , but when I have reaction to sun, or heat or any irritation, this is the best calming product which helps sooth the skin. My friend used it on his hands when he had a rash and it helped a lot too.
  9. Bougie, but essential :)


    I use this amazing product daily - usually for moistening my face before serum application and after using HA products, to ensure the HA molecules have water to absorb. I also use it when I'm hot and flushed, after waxing to soothe my skin, on tired/swollen legs and feet... keep a can in the fridge, especially in hot weather!!
  10. Does not do anything


    Save the money and buy other products! This does not do anything and it is almost like tap water
  11. sensitive skin friendly


    great for sensitive skin!
  12. Great addition to skin routine


    I really love hydrating my face when I get out of the shower with this product. I love the smell and the feel. It's very refreshing and I've just started using it after going to the beach or being in the hot sun for too long. it's a must for summer!
  13. calming


    very hydrating under moisturiser
  14. Simple but soothing


    Great for irritated, dry skin that needs some extra hydration. I use this after cleansing before I moisturiser to boost hydration, and the fine mist feels very soothing.
  15. Refreshing and cooling


    Super refreshing to use, I like spraying it when I travel or in the office or anywhere where the aircon dries my skin a bit. Doesn’t feel like anything else special but it is a nice hydrating spray.
  16. Great product.


    I use this spring water very often ,it really make my dry skin feel like drinking a lot of water. Great product.
  17. Good for sensitive skin


    It is good to use for sensitive skin or to be used as a mist when you've been staring at the computer all day everyday and just wants a refresh. It does not cause any irritation or sensitivity. Speaking of hydration, it does not really provide moistration.
  18. Great product.


    It works very well for my dry skin. I feel very refreshing and cool on the face. Great product.
  19. Great refreshing mist


    I love using this after I have damaged by skins acid mantel with too many actives or retinol.
    It's also lovely and soothing after you have had your skin needled or an accidental sunburn.

    It is also great to mist your face before and after using hyaluronic acid.

  20. Amazing addition to skincare routine


    I use this after every shower - it really helps hydrate my skin before it gets super dry. I have Rosacea and dry skin and I find it really helps my skin. Also use it throughout the day in summer - perfect for when you're in the sun, at the beach etc.
  21. Bougey but beautiful


    I got a small sample of this and thought it was a silly product, but after using it I fell in love. It is very calming for irritated skin and is great for warmer days too! Have already repurchased the bigger bottle!
  22. Refreshing


    As someone who has rosacea and acne I love this spring water! It’s a fine mist and I apply it several times throughout the day whenever my skin is feeling tight or irritated
  23. Great product


    Great product to moisten face prior to the application of other products. Easy to use. Fine mist. Price is great for amount of product.
  24. Lovely and light


    I expected spring water sprays to be a bit of a gimmick, but I'll be so sad when my sample of this runs out - I love it! It's a little pricey for something that I'm not sure added effectiveness to my routine, but it is nice to spritz before my serums. Will be going on my Christmas wish list!
  25. so refreshing!


    I keep a bottle of this on my desk at work and on my sink at home for when I get out of the shower.
    It feels very refreshing to apply and great for the dry office environment.
  26. LOVE


    My favourite avene product!

    I keep buying this over and over again. So nice on skin, hydrating and removes redness.
  27. unlike


    It feels like Spring Water, without any feeling.
  28. moisture water spray


    I used so many bottles of this water spray, it keep my face moisture after use it, I love it cause its really convenient, and not expensive for daily use
  29. A great pick me up!


    A staple in my skincare routine, I enjoy using the fine mist after cleansing and it is very hydrating on the skin. It is also a great way to rehydrate skin during the day and I find it to be very soothing.
  30. avene mist


    I love how fine this mist is. It's perfect to refresh makeup during the day/ wake me up in the morning.
  31. Refreshing


    Feels so nice to spray over face and helps refresh makeup to prevent dryness, however it’s expensive considering it’s literally water
  32. Perfect spring water for dehydrated skin!!


    I love this spring water cause I usually spray it many time a day and it really make my thirsty skin feel like drinking a lot of water!!Awesome!
  33. Relieve dryness at any time


    I will always keep a bottle next to the computer. Working with the computer for a long time is easy to make the skin feel dry. Using it can quickly moisturize the skin.
    In addition, the use of the powder puff makes the foundation more obedient.
  34. Good for skin


    It can help skin complement moisture wake up skin, leave skin vigor. I also bought the smaller size then I can carry it with me, moisture the skin whenever and wherever I want.
  35. Bougie, but great!


    This product is bougie water in a can yes, but it is effective as a product to feel refreshed or awake, or even as a skincare toner. It's a treat yo self splurge but a good and simple one at that.

    Top Tip: Put it in the fridge for a cool down method in the summer.
  36. Lovely for People with Sensitivities/Dryness


    My theory is that this product is only useful if you have certain skin problems. If your skin is pretty normal and unproblematic then this product will probably be pointless. However, If you are like me, and have skin issues ranging from sensitivity and redness to dryness and sometimes acne - then you might get some good use out of this!
    I originally started using this product when I had to...
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  37. refresh light


    this is nice to use on those summer days to sooth your skin, will it do anything to your skin? no not really besides the fact that it sooth the skin a little and cools it down and makes my face feels more refreshed
  38. Very refreshing!


    It feels very refreshing and cool on the face. Great for when my face feels dry!
  39. not bad


    It’s a good product to use in summer when the weather is hot. It is cooling and calming for the skin. It is just spring water so sensitive skin is suitable.
  40. Convenient


    Convenient if you need to refresh or moisten up you skin. Also the spray is great and the mist is very fine and feels lux. But won't do miracles for your skin.
  41. Must make for summer & travelling


    I sleep with this by my bed in summer as I’m prone to overheating, I also never travel anywhere without it! Highly recommend for summer especially as it is such a nice soothing & refreshing spray that won’t mess up your makeup (I actually also use it to set my makeup as my skin doesn’t tolerate setting sprays)
  42. Did nothing for me


    I’m not sure what I was expecting from this product, but it doesn’t really do anything. I don’t hate it - I use it to moisten skin pre-serum, but a spray bottle of water would be just as good! Hopefully it will be better mid-summer.
  43. Refreshing


    This is great to dampen your face before applying hyaluronic acid and an occlusive moisturiser on a simple skincare day or as a nice refreshing spritz on a hot day. The spray is so fine and luxurious and the bottle lasts a long time.
  44. Refreshing & Effective!


    This spray is one of my favourite sprays available. It is not only refreshing but soothes redness and irritation and calms acne as well. Spray before moisturiser/serums to allow better absorption!
    The spray mechanism is also really, gives great coverage!
  45. Great product!


    This is one of my must haves! It is so refreshing on the skin and so gentle on my rosacea skin.
  46. One of the best thing to calm your skin


    Whenever I have irritation or redness on my skin, I will use thermal spring water and it does the job. Calms my skin - I feel a difference instantly. It is worth the money in my case.
  47. So soothing


    I use this literally everywhere all the time. After cleansing my face, after exercise, after shaving etc. Soothes my sensitive and eczema prone skin so wonderfully and it's only water! No nasties!
  48. LOVE


    This product is one of my favourites. Great to use as a mist in summer (I like to keep mine in the fridge).
    Also like to use this in between product application to help with better absorption. SO refreshing!
  49. Must have


    This is a such a staple beauty product that every person should have. Leaves the skin fresh and feels instantly refreshed.
  50. Cooling Effect


    Very gentle on the skin and no noticeable scent. The mist is light and airy but still providing the hydration the skin needs. I carry the travel size predominately during summer or when i'm travelling for a quick refresh.
  51. Bougie Buy


    I got a mini of this as a freebie, other wise I would never have tried this. As much as I've spent lots on ridiculous skincare products, I drew the line at water in an aerosol.

    Turns out it's a nice enough product... but it's still water in an aerosol. It is hydrating, calming, and soothing, but I can't help but think any spring water/mist toner/splash would provide the same function...
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  52. Great hydration


    This is great if you need a quick refresh for the skin that's feeling a bit dehydrated...great if you work in air-conditioned place.
  53. Great hydration


    I bought this ages ago but forgot to give a review. As I work in air-conditioned store can be dehydrating on the skin, this product is great for a spray on the skin for a quick burst of hydration. I keep a can behind the counter for a quick refresh. Good stuff
  54. Must have in summer


    Really amazing to give your skin a little extra boost of hydration on hot days. My skin looks so beautiful when I use it!
  55. Beautiful mist!


    I love this spray when my face feels irritated... It really does make my skin settle and helps with hydration in the winter months. This is also lovely to use in summer!
  56. Great for travel


    This is just the refreshing spritz you need when traveling. I also use this post cleanse, pre-serum because it feels like it preps my skin for absorption.
  57. Refreshing


    I like to use this to make my face damp between skincare steps or to refresh my skin.
  58. I like this but..


    I used to use this between layers of skincare for extra hydration and it was very refreshing. Since I stopped using it I haven’t noticed much difference so it’s probably a bit superfluous.
  59. More like gold in a can


    I umm’ed and ahh’ed about purchasing this ‘water in a can’ for ages... I finally bit the bullet and my serum layering has never been the same since! Absolutely fantastic routine addition. Calming, hydrating, refreshing, all the good things. If you’re thinking about it, just do it!
  60. Luxury!


    I love having this beautiful, soothing product on hand. It revives and freshens my skin making me feel famous, fabulous and FRESH!
  61. hydrating and refreshing


    as for actual skin benefits i cant say this really does anything, however it feels so nice to do a little spritz of this throughout the day, makes my skin feel so refreshed and hydrated, its especially nice on hot days. i dont have sensitive skin but this does feel really nice and soothing
  62. Water in a can


    People seem to get great results with this, I keep buying it on and off after forgetting that it usually doesn’t do much for me. It feels nice and I generally end up taking a mini can on long haul flights or using it to set my makeup. Just OK.
  63. Nice for face and body


    I have only been using this product for a short time. It has been great for my skin hydration on my face and legs. Working in an office can make your skin dehydrated and this has helped with that too.
  64. Soothes sensitivity


    This is more than just water in a can. It helps to heal sensitive skin or soothe sunburn. It can be used by everyone. I use it as a spray during the day, toner, make-up setting spray or spray onto a sheet mask to use as a mask. It’s truly a multi-tasking product.
  65. One word REFRESHING!!!


    Perfect for a midday refresh on a hot summers day. As it has a fine mist the covers all surfaces without leaving wet spots
  66. Feeling Fancy


    I find this product completely useless in terms of actual skin benefits however I love buying it for a quick hydration mist that makes you feel fresh.
  67. Really nice and soothing


    I use this as a toner to remove excess cleanser on my face and to soothe. Is it necessary? No. But it feels great and I find it really useful as a toner.
  68. Soothing


    Very soothing and hydrating that doesn't irritate my skin and helps calm down the sensitivity.
  69. a fantastic spring water


    this is one of my favorite spring water! it cools down the face and body if you use it on yourself. i feel so refresh after using it. just the sprayer is a bit tricky, it can get a bit strong after using a while.
  70. refreshing


    a nice cooling refreshing mist for when I need that extra boost of hydration, but it's a bit expensive though
  71. Perfect refresh


    I have been using Avene Thermal Water for many years instead of a toner before moisturising and love it! It is cooling, calming and refreshing on my skin especially in summer. Having moved to Sydney which is often very humid, I find my moisturiser doesn't last at all, so I often just use this by itself in the morning and that is all I use until the evening when I moisturise. Whilst it seems expens...
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  72. Nice face refreshing spray


    Totally love this to spray on my face specially in summer to refresh and keep it moist. The price is a big too much for me to pay for water but its a versatile product.
  73. Great for summer!


    I absolutely love using this on warmer days when I feel a little hot and sticky, spraying this on freshens me up. The nozzle on this sprays out a very fine mist that doesn't feel harsh on the skin like other face mists do. As much as I like the product though, I do think the price is a little steep especially since I go through a single bottle so fast.
  74. Lets be honest, you are just spraying water on your face...


    ... but it does feel nice!
    I like to use it between steps if I get distracted and my face dries out too much. Or in summer when I feel overheated it is just lovely and refreshing to spray all over my face.
  75. Toner, refreshing mist or setting spray


    Such an amazing product. I use it as a toner, refreshing mist throughout the day (if makeup free) as well as a light setting spray to diffuse powder products. Really light and super hydrating. Takes the red tones out of your complexion quickly.
  76. A favourite


    I know it’s technically water in a bottle, but I love this stuff. It soothes my skin! The water in my area is harsh and this is great to use in between skincare layers and when my poor skin is feeling irritated. Also great to bring to sample size on a plane to freshen up the skin with moisturiser (if your skin dries out like mine does!)
  77. Refreshing product


    This product is nice and simple and just feels overall refreshing to put on the skin, its perfect to just boost your skins hydration and just feels good
  78. Cooling


    Love using this when I travel, it helps hydrate dry airplane skin. I use this in the summer to refresh and cool my skin, as well as to set my makeup.
  79. refreshing


    a great product to use during the cooler months to maintain moisture
  80. Refresh


    Nice finishing touch or midday refresh. Much needed pick- me -up
  81. Refreshing!


    I love using this product during the morning after finishing my skincare routine since I gives my skin added hydration and feels so refreshing especially during the summer. I sometimes like to use it throughout the day as well in order to freshen up. The only downside I find is that it is a little pricey especially when it tends to run out rather fast.
  82. Hero product in summer


    Its great for calming skin, in summer on days, before applying moisturiser. It can be a bit pricey but if you can afford it then it's definitely a nice little lush gift to yourself.
  83. Refeshing


    Love this mist for hot summer days where you need a bit of a refresher on the face, though it's quite expensive for what it is.
  84. Love this!


    I have been purchasing this product for years! I love using this whenever my face feels a a little tight or dry, and I keep the smaller travel size bottle in my handbag.
  85. Very nice!


    I really like this product for its ease. I can use it in my morning routine if I don't want to fully wash my face or to just spritz on my face when I feel like it needs to calm/cool down. I try to not overly rely on it so i am not causing more hydration problems for my skin than I am trying to solve. But I would still recommend it for those who are interested in purchasing a thermal water.
  86. Refreshing Mist


    This water mist is so refreshing to use throughout the day but I don't know if it actually does anything to help my skin. The only reason it isn't 5 stars is that it's quite expensive and it literally is just a fine water mist without any added skincare ingredients.
  87. Simple and effective!


    I keep a travel size of this in my bag at all times and love spraying it every few hours to refresh my makeup or when its hot and I just need a cool down. Does not irritate my sensitive skin and lasts forever.
  88. very refreshing


    Really like the spray component on this packaging, very refreshing and a great mid-day pick-me-up for the skin!
  89. summer refresh


    this spray is so refreshing during summer. i re-apply through the day and my skin loves it
  90. Refreshing and softening


    I keep going back to this over and over again because it's so gentle on my skin and so utterly refreshing! It's a lovely experience spraying this on after washing my face. After I spray it I immediately apply a face oil which glides on smoothly. It's an absolute must-have for summer, and for added cooling effect, just pop in the fridge! Great for all skin types.
  91. very refreshing


    a great basic to keep in your bag over summer
  92. cheap and calm skin


    It is quite good to use after sunburn, reducing the redness and cooling down. The spray head is so poor quality, always broke even have half bottle left.
  93. Soothing


    I've been using this spray for years it's super soothing on my sensitive skin when it is feeling dry or irritate. I also use it after shaving.
  94. Soothing


    I've been using the Avene Thermal Spring Water for years and cannot live without it! I spray this on my face at night time after I apply my toner and essence. It soothes and refreshes my skin both in the summer and winter seasons. I also use it on sunburns for its soothing benefits.
  95. Refreshing


    This is a nice face mist that refreshens and calms the skin. I use this mostly in hot and dry conditions and it helps my skin go from tight and dry to hydrated.
  96. Nice spray


    It has wisely usage. I use it on my sponges before I makeup and if I feel my skin is dry, I will spray it too, especially in summer.
  97. Great!


    After my cleansing routine, i use this as my first step of my skincare routine. I find that products absorbs easier when I use this.
  98. Best face mist!


    I use this as a go-to for when my face is looking and feeling a bit dull and dry in both winter and summer months and it always makes me feel refreshed! I've used many types of face mists but this is the only one that feels completely natural and also doesn't ruin my set make up or skin care I have on that day!
  99. soothing


    This is great for my acne prone skin and it is soothing and hydrating. I use it before putting on my serums
  100. really refreshing

    Chele Pagno

    This feels really refreshing. If you are normal to dry, this is really nice because it is hydrating and doesn't have ingredients that will break you out. It's convenient also if you are too lazy at night to do your routine. You can just mist your face and fall asleep for added hydration.
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