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Avène Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream 100ml 100ml

4.7 of 93 reviews


4 instalments of $6.75

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4 instalments of $6.75

Or 4 instalments of $6.75 with LEARN MORE

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Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream helps repair damaged, dry, cracked, and non-oozing skin.  Sucralfate, a unique ingredient, assists in healing the skin.

The combination of copper sulfate and zinc sulfate helps limit the risk of bacterial proliferation.

It restores the skin's cutaneous barrier and its high content in Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes irritations.

Preservative, paraben, fragrance and alcohol free, this formula is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

Apply once or twice a day to clean, dry skin.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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SUPERIOR - 99% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Avène Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream 100ml Reviews

4.7 of 93 reviews

99% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for skin reactions


I really love this cream, it’s perfect to apply if I have any reactions to products. Highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good moisture but sticky


I used this nightly on my face and occasionally on my dry legs. It has great moisturising properties, but left a white colour on my skin and took a while to absorb.
  1. Great for skin reactions


    I really love this cream, it’s perfect to apply if I have any reactions to products. Highly recommend.
  2. Must have


    My skin is sensitive and was reacting badly to something I was using. It was inflamed and itchy. I purchased this on a whim and it calmed my skin down completely. It provides basic hydration but it is perfect for when your skin is aggravated.
  3. Great for my oily skin


    I love this moisturiser for my oily yet still dry skin, it definitely keeps my oily skin at bay and keeps my skin hydrated all day long. It sits really well under makeup and given the price its definitely worth the money
  4. Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream 100ml


    I purchased a few weeks ago I'm very happy so far not to heavy or oily on the skin and don't need alot one pump is sufficient. Ok to apply makeup too without a problem.
  5. Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream 100ml


    Obviously it depends on the rest of my skincare and lifestyle, but I do find it reduces some of the oil and clears up some of my acne. I have only been using this product for about a month so will be continuing to use it to hopefully see even better results.
  6. lovely!


    This was a saviour for me in winter! My skin and hands get super dry and really bad when I neglect it. This was great for me and absorbed really well in my skin.
  7. soothes the skin


    i honestly cannot recommend this enough. my younger sister has very sensitive skin and she was suffering from severe dry skin and i had a sample of this and she applied and it just soothed her skin in just a couple of days. this is magic. great for dry skin girls
  8. great for sensitive skin


    If you have very dry skin, I recommend this product it is also great for eczema on the hand.
  9. restoring


    This is a very good cream for the night and works well for sensitive skin
  10. Best for irritated skin


    This is a heavy, occlusive cream - wouldn't recommend for daytime use, but it's amazing as the last step in my skincare routine when my skin is irritated by actives. Incredibly soothing and keeps moisturiser locked in overnight to help with restoring the skin's moisture barrier.
  11. Soothes sensitive skin


    I like to use this when my skin is feeling irritated or particularly sensitive - it's a heavy cream that feels very soothing and calming on affected areas.
  12. Great product.


    Work very well for my dry , I really notice a difference. Love it.
  13. Great for post laser


    Used this after laser hair removal and it worked a treat! Didn't want to fork out for laser aid when I already had this at home
  14. Plump skin


    I find this great for my dry and sensitive skin
  15. Beautiful barrier cream


    This is similar to the la Roche Posay cicaplast baum but I like this consistency much better. Beautiful at restoring moisturise and barrier health
  16. Soothing and intense hydration


    I over did it with retinol and had really flaky and sensitive patches on my face. I usually use Aspect Phytostat 9 but that seemed to irritate my skin more... I had read that cicalfate was a good remedy so thought I'd give it a try. It is thick and does take some time to work into the skin but it really helped! The irritations subsided and I feel like it's really helped with my skin barrier too (+...
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  17. I can’t believe how this changed my skin


    Iv become one of those weird people who feel the need to bring up this moisturiser in unrelated conversations because it’s so good. Both my husband with combination skin and myself - severely dry skin can you use and we both have found our skin drastically different.
    It has a white cast that does disappear quickly but it’s absolutely worth it and if you have dry skin.
  18. Thick and plumping moisturiser


    I don't have any specific skin concerns but bought this for Melbourne winter as it was a good price point and had good reviews. It goes on quite thick like sunscreen (no SPF) and smells tart - maybe a bit like greek yoghurt. Like sunscreen, you have to rub it in well to get rid of any white residue. It feels thick and greasy for a bit but once it sinks into your skin (20 minutes) it leaves your fa...
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    Apparently this has been a must-have in French household for years, and now I understand why. I have dry, acne-prone/sensitive skin and this product is an absolute miracle. It does everything that it claims too. Over winter, it totally restored my skin when it was extremely dehydrated from the weather, heating and prescription retinol. Even though it is quite thick and has a slightly white cast ...
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  20. Perfect for winter in Melbourne!


    Love love love this moisturiser for cold winters when my skin is a bit dryer. It's really rich and thick and moisturising. It doesn't agitate the eczema that I get on my neck. Really happy and it's super affordable.
  21. Covid saver


    My hands have been super dry due to covid and repeated washing and use of hand sanitiser. This has been such a saviour. I apply a thick layer in the evening and sometimes wear gloves over the top.
  22. Effective


    I received a sample of this and I've used it on my dry hands and legs and it's very effective. It also works a treat on my children's skin. A good overall moisturiser.
  23. Underrated product


    This cream is so good for instant relief, I had an allergic reaction that caused my skin to become dry and cracked. I was out of my usual balm so I ordered this and it was on my doorstop the next evening. The cream is thick and cooling and doesn’t smell awful like some fragrance free products, it does leave the skin looking very glowy so oily skin may not like it but my skin drank it up
  24. Great for sensitive skin!


    It can feel a little heavy, but I have really sensitive and eczema prone skin, so this has been a great addition to my routine as my moisturiser both day and night
  25. Great for redness

    Amelia L

    I received this recently as a sample and remembered why I used to love this product! I actually forgot about it, but so glad it has come to my attention again. I use it when I get redness on my cheeks (usually from other products) and within a night my skin in completely healed. Will be buying a new one of these once my sample runs out - A little goes a long way!
  26. It works


    Really works on raw patches. It is very thick, and does clog pores a bit, less is more and helps if you pat it on Rather than rub it in.
  27. Life saver


    Ever since I started using tretinoin cream my skin has been extremely sensitive and prone to red, dry patches around my mouth and nose. This has been a life saver! It’s so soothing and calms my skin right down
  28. Rich and soothing


    I was recommended this product by an Adore Beauty customer service person after going too hard with acids and having a very red and sore face! Luckily it came the next day and it really did work to soothe my painful skin. It's very rich and feels almost greasy, but once it's actually being smoothed into your skin it just feels incredibly nourishing and not at all oily (my skin is combination and I...
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  29. Great for dry skin


    My skin is really dry and I really notice a difference when I use this. It is incredibly thick though - I’m not prone to acne and if I use this twice a day for a few days I will break out. But I just love how my skin is when I use this, I just use it at night and it works really well.
  30. Thiiiiick


    I always reach for avene when my skin is irritated. I use this as a body cream as I find it a bit thick for the face. It does a great job at soothing irritated skin.
  31. Basically perfect


    This is my 3rd product I have bought from the Avene range. I don’t know how I haven’t discovered this earlier. I feel like it is reversing the aging on my face. I will never bother with anything else against. Avene is the best and the price is pretty good too.

  32. Thick and comforting


    This is super thick and very white, I believe due the high zinc content which is supposed to reduce bacteria. I get itchy irritated skin easily, especially on my legs so I use this to both calm down the itch and repair damage from scratching/dry skin. The effect is a little hard to describe, it’s not necessarily hydrating but is more protective/barrier repair focused.
  33. Miracle Cream!


    I suffered with perioral dermatitis around my nose & mouth for 2 years, tried everything under the sun but nothing seemed to work. This cream literally made a difference over night! Within days it almost completely cleared up. Highly recommend this if you suffer with perioral.
  34. great for sensitive skin


    the best for sensitive skin I always apply this before bed and wake up with amazing skin !!!
  35. Very nice


    It has a very nice consistency and nice smell. Hydrates well and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Overtime I can see the difference in my skin.
  36. For Super Dry Skin


    This is a really thick, dense cream, which I found good for my arms, because I get really dry in that area. I would recommend putting it on before bed though, just because it is so dense, it doesn't really soak in straight away. But, I think this is great for dry sensitive skin
  37. Seen an improvement


    I have very, very dry and sensitive skin. this honestly does the job, its easily absorbed and not greasy, it keeps my skin hydrated. I would only recommend this to those with dry and sensitive skin (because its quite thick which I personally like).
  38. Very hydrating


    I have been using this at night time for an intense hydration hit overnight. The cream is quite thick so I feel this would be best used a night cream. Leaves my skin hydrated and soft in the morning
  39. Makes skin feel comfortable & hydrated


    Such a lovely cream! Absorbs so nicely - you can really feel it working to soothe, hydrated and protect your skin. I'm amazed that it doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the skin at all. My skin just drinks this stuff up! Really, really lovely.
  40. The best


    I 100% recommend ! Just amazing !!
  41. A staple


    There's a reason this cream is a staple in France. It's amazing helping sensitive or mildly damage skin to heal. I have friends who have used it successfully for nappy rash as well.
  42. Good thick cream for winter


    I use this one in winter usually when I get particularly dry skin - true to Avene its a great product, thick in texture, and good for sensitive skin
  43. Go to for sensitive skin


    This is a staple in my beauty cardboard and a go to if my skin is feeling a little irritated and reactive. It took me some time to find a brand that work for my sensitive skin however all of Avene products are wonderful and Avene is my go to brand.
  44. eczema sufferer's best friend


    I have recently been suffering from eczema patches on the back of my hands and have tried so many products to help soothe the irritation. This product from Avene worked wonders in soothing and repairing the skin. My inflammed, itchy skin was soothed within a matter of days!
  45. Amazing


    This is a holy grail product for my dry skin. It really does help those dry or damaged patches to repair. Amazing
  46. I adore it


    I really adore this cream. There was a period when my face was just doing horribly, it's as if it was allergic to EVERYTHING, I changed my pillows, washed my pillowcase, duvet cover, vacuum my room, washed my face everyday & didn't skip morning or night routines...nothing worked, there were still strange little red blemishes on my skin. I guess i was using something too oily for my skin, so I deci...
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  47. Soothes inflammation


    I generally include this as part of my routine during summer when my skin becomes a bit inflamed due to being out in the sun for too long and when I feel like a breakout is about to occur. I love how cooling it feels when applied on the skin and it really soothes down my inflamed skin super fast.
  48. love this cream


    an amazing skin cream, made my hair so soft and great results, highly recommend
  49. nice cream


    really nice cream that restores my skins health. I really love how this works
  50. Good for fragile skin


    I've used this when my skin is a bit fragile, like on new skin after a sunburn, and I fell like it has helped a lot in the healing process and strengthening sensitive skin.
  51. Life saver


    I don’t use this all the time as it’s a bit heavy, but boy has it saved me in a few tricky situations! Great for pimples and skin healing (maybe you’ve used something a bit harsh on your skin and you need some TLC, then this is worth having in your bathroom cabinet.) I have super sensitive skin and I really like the Avene products.
  52. Best product for scars and aggravated skin


    Whenever I've had a cut or injury, I have applied this to the scab (I wouldn't apply it to an open wound though) and it has healed marvellously. The formula is so nourishing without being too thick, and it is great for cracked, dry skin. I even use it when I get hormonal bouts of rosacea, and after a day or two the red patches look much less aggravated. I keep a tube in my bathroom and it's really...
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  53. Hydration Station


    This product is amazing. This is so soothing and hydrating, it is very thick but sinks in well. It is really good at calming down irritation like skin needling or a bad reaction or even after a chemical peel. It really soothes and repairs the skin. It feels so nice on the skin and you end up with glowy, hydrated skin.
  54. Great!


    I am getting amazing relief from itching and redness with this cream. It is very soothing on my dry skin which is prone to eczema.
  55. great for sensitive, broken skin


    This cream is amazing. light, soothing, non-irritating. for rashes or dry irritation this cream is the go-to in our household. It's perfect to use on little ones skin as well, great for dribble rashes!
  56. Relieves irritated skin


    Due to my eczema, long exposure to the sun can cause my skin to become extremely agitated and redden. This cream has the perfect texture, thick but almost gel like with no stickiness. Upon application, its cooling effect immediately relieves the skin and I find that these days this cream has not left my handbag once.
  57. Thick


    This cream is quite thick but it really hydrates the skin. Definitely a must during winter season.
  58. Yes!


    When everything else burns this baby soothes.
    Very good for irritated dry skin
  59. Lovely and creamy


    Nice and rich, great for any cracked or extra dry skin, also awesome on hands and feet
  60. Thick but calming


    I recently used this for an underarm burn that was very irritating. Nothing else calmed my skin as well. It’s very thick - almost like a zinc sunscreen- but it does the treat for dry, irritated skin.
  61. Unbeatable value and quality


    I was super and pleasantly surprised at the price of this high quality brand, and it seems like such a versatile product.
    I have fair and normal skin and am very keen to keep moisture and hydration, and have something to apply a I don’t wear foundation usually. The avene range seems good quality and non-greasy, which is important to me too. I ultimately returned this product as I didn’t rea...
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  62. Winter skins best friend


    Helps a lot with my cracked winter skin. It gets super red and bleeds if I leave it too long. This honestly helps so so much!
  63. Great for any skin due to it's natural healing and moisturizing


    Can be used to sooth skin which has mild irritation, much better than using steroid cream which I don't recommend. Great value for money, very effective in soothing, moisturizing and a great base for foundation if you are prone to dry skin. Fantastic product, very pleasant on very sensitive older skin
  64. great for the price


    Great french product that has an awesome price that is affordable. Creamy and moisturising, a great base for make up.
  65. Good


    This feels really good when applying to the skin. Soothes irritated skin. Helps to re-hydrate my skin
  66. Great


    This skin cream is a life saver during winter season. It keeps my skin hydrated and nourished. My skin never felt so soft after using it. Love it.
  67. Soft skin


    I use this product after I do skin needling at home and it helps my skin recover quicker and boosts hydration. My skin is smooth and soft and looks healthy the next day. Love this cream.
  68. Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream


    I had tried a heap of moisturisers and creams before this and this avene creme is the only thing that worked! Highly recommend for those with anything similar!
  69. Good moisture but sticky


    I used this nightly on my face and occasionally on my dry legs. It has great moisturising properties, but left a white colour on my skin and took a while to absorb.
  70. Great


    I have acne prone skin and this cream didn’t irritate my skin. It hydrates and smooth my skin. Great to use during winter period. Definitely recommend.
  71. Amazing


    Helps a lot with my cracked winter skin. It gets super red and bleeds if I leave it too long. This honestly helps so so much!
  72. Life-changing for perioral dermatitis sufferers!


    I am currently battling perioral dermatitis and it flares up every now and then. I read a lot about this product (after spending $100’s on other products) and thought I better give this ago. Within 12 hours my flare up had reduced by 75%! It is so thick that it is the only product I can use on my skin that I feel like it is actually providing me moisture when nothing else could! 10/10 and a must t...
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  73. Good Stuff


    I prefer this cream in my winter days ..when my skin gets too patchy..,really practical to restore plump of my skin,..makes it smooth and supple in no time..definitely recommended.
  74. winter cream


    I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky! Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  75. Prefer others


    I have really sensitive skin. I find that the AVENE skin recovery or tolerance creams work better for me. This can feel a little occlusive.
  76. Winter Skin Saviour


    Leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and doesn't irritate my sensitive or clog pores. Perfect for restoring dry winter skin that can be dehydrated!
  77. Perfection


    This is a lovely thick barrier cream that absorbs really well. I've used it when I've had irritations and it's helped settle my skin. Highly recommended.
  78. Great


    I use this anytime I get dry or cracked skin or even when my bub claws me. You don't need a lot of product and I find it quite fast acting. It seems scentless and has an amazing feel to it. I don't use this every day but when I do I always get results!
  79. Great for irritated skin


    Very good skincare product at the last stage of your skincare routine when you're sealing in all the serums or moisture added into your skin. I love this especially when my skin is irritated - red with small bumps - soothes my skin and helps to heal asap
  80. Calming and moisturising


    I really like this cream as it is super thick and soothing. I think out of this and the Xera balm I prefer the balm !
  81. My favourite product!


    I love the Avene Cicalfate Restorative Cream. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It has helped improve my husbands eczema and my daughters flakey skin.
  82. Great winter addition to skincare routine


    I love this cream for winter months and when my skin is feeling dry. I feel like this cream not only moisturises but definitely calms chapped or irritated skin. It is perfect for putting on the dry spots on my face in winter too at the end of my skincare routine. It is essentially fragrance free so theres no harsh fragrances to further irritate the skin.
  83. good


    If my skin starts to feel warm and irritated, i'll apply this and it's fixed.
  84. Great for dry tired skin


    My go to when my skin is dry sore and tired. This picks up my skin and creates a nice resurfaced glow.
  85. The best for the most sensitive of skin


    The Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream is a life saviour, especially for those with extremely sensitive skin! It is a beautifully thick cream with no ingredients which can cause irritation. The Cicalfate is perfect for those who are experiencing irritated and highly sensitive skin, damaged skin, ezcema or just extremely dry skin. It does not sting, and helps the skin repair itself. A little go...
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  86. Excellent


    This is a great product. I purchased this after I had an allergic reaction to an SPF and had sore skin. I used it at night and it helped repair my skin within a few days. It's very soothing and I was surprised at how well it worked. Definitely recommend.
  87. The best!


    I have been using this cream every night after my cleansing/serum/oil routine for years now - and it is the best! Especially great in winter to soothe and plump dry skin, but every time I use it I wake up with a clear, glowy complexion.
    Really can't recommend this product highly enough.



    I use this anytime I get dry or cracked skin or even when my bub claws me. You don't need a lot of product and I find it quite fast acting. It seems scentless and has an amazing feel to it. I don't use this every day but when I do I always get results!
  89. Life saver!


    I have sensitive skin prone to eczema and hive outbreaks due to allergies. On those days my skin feels so tight and itchy and red that I want to rip my skin off it’s awful! I use this product in conjunction with their thermal spray and it’s been a LIFESAVER. I don’t use this everyday as I find it too thick, but when my skin is irritated or inflamed I put a thick layer over my face, kinda like a f...
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  90. Rich healing night cream


    I use this most nights after my cleansing routine, and it leaves my skin feeling glowy, plump and restored. I love it in Winter, as I get quite dry skin on my forehead and nostrils that this heals up overnight! Also great for elbows and heels :)
  91. Okay cream


    I've being using this cream for a little while, it works well on my dry sensitive skin. the price is a little high for the amount you receive. I tend to only use this cream on my arms. I haven't seen a reduction in redness on my arms since using.
  92. Rich and soft


    Leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and doesn't irritate my sensitive or clog pores. Perfect for restoring dry winter skin.
  93. Amazing


    I’ve only just found this brand and decided to try out this product because my skin was sore from an allergic reaction to another product. This is such a lovely product. I put this on over night and felt like I had new skin when I woke up in the morning. My skin was soothed, soft and plump. I might just keep using this a a rich night time moisturiser. Very impressed and now keen to try other produ...
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  94. Beautiful and Rich


    A thick, restorative, nourishing cream. Perfect for dry skin that needs some tlc. You can apply sparingly so it is not too oily if wearing under makeup. I like to apply a thick layer to my skin as a moisture mask after a steamy shower and towel off after 10 minutes - leave my skin soft and moisturized.
  95. I love the thickness of this cream


    I got this cream for my dry skin. I am obsessed with the thickness of it. You also don't need much product so the tub will last for a while. Will repurchase this product for sure.
  96. Beautiful face cream


    I used this product after seeing a makeup artist use it - and i fell in love. It is rich and moisturising and as the name suggests - restorative! I love putting on a thicker coat at night and letting it sink into freshly cleansed skin
  97. Excellent skin saviour


    When my skin is irritated, red, aggravated, dry, chapped or healing, I use this. It nourishes and protects so well. I don't even know what this should be technically used for, but I love it. Perfect for sensitive skin, it's my little skin saviour
  98. Skin saver


    I had an really embarrassing moment when I overdid the Vitamin C treatments. After a Saturday in the sun left the lower part of my face covered with peeling skin. I tried this cream recommended by a friend and it saved my skin from becoming crazy in about 2 days! I had tried everything before this and it didn't work out at all. This is one skin-saving cream! If you're suffering from red, angry pat...
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  99. Amazing product


    I have dermatitis and eczema in patches on my face and it seems this brand is the most effective but also sensitive to my skin. My red patches and scaly skin is almost gone! Love it!
  100. Amazing for ezcema


    This is the only product I've tried that actually calms my eczema when it's at it's worst. When the skin barrier is broken and horrible and red and reacts with everything, applying this literally calms my skin in less than 30 seconds. I now use it everyday to prevent flare ups and I think it's helped build up my skin defence again. Super soothing and calming, light and absorbs well without residue...
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