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Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

4.5 of 90 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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Professional paddle brush features extended bristles for easy detangling and reduces stress to hair and scalp during blow-drying and styling. Originally created for scalp treatments and detangling, this professional brush features extended bristles that stimulate and massage the scalp.

  • Vegan

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush Reviews

4.5 of 90 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Big, comfortable


Its' big and my scalp love it! A little bit tricky to clean it but I dont really mind.

Most Helpful Criticism

Gentle for hair


It’s a gentle brush for hair, but the problem is cannot use when taking a shower, the price is too expensive
  1. Does what it needs to comfortably


    Comfortable on the scalp and does its job, but it's possible to get the same from a brush that isn't as expensive you're not keen on spending as much.
  2. Big, comfortable


    Its' big and my scalp love it! A little bit tricky to clean it but I dont really mind.
  3. Gentle for hair


    It’s a gentle brush for hair, but the problem is cannot use when taking a shower, the price is too expensive
  4. fantastic


    this is a great everyday brush and i love the look of the wood
  5. Great brush


    verified purchaser
    This is a wonderful brush. I've bought two, one for me and one for my daughter and she loves it. Its great for long hair when blow drying and its nice on the scalp too. Comfortable handle.
  6. good for messaging scalp


    this brush is good for massaging scalp but doesn't worth the price
  7. good for messaging scalp


    this brush is good for massaging scalp but doesn't worth the price
  8. Like it


    The size is nice for massaging the scalp. A bit pricey as a hair brush.
  9. Best hairbrush


    I have had my version of this hair brush for 4 years and it’s the best hair brush I’ve used! I recommend to all my friends and family!
  10. good for hair


    the only problem is its a little bit expensive....== but good to use and good for hair, feel comfortable after use it
  11. Good brush!!


    This brush is very suitable for straight hair and very good using for hair blowing!!Love it so much!!
  12. Amazing hairbrush


    I love this hairbrush! It’s incredibly light weight, glides through my hair and has a nice wood handle. Also feels great on the scalp.
    I originally had the ghd black paddle brush which I wasn’t completely happy with due to it falling apart very quickly.
    Definitely pay the extra money for this aveda brush... you won’t regret it!
  13. Lovely brush but similar can be found


    This ia a great brush and feels lovely in my scalp when I brush my curly hair. Sits well in my hand too with the handle shape. However you can find similar thats just as good in other brands for the price.
  14. Quality product

    Hair crazy

    This is one of the best brushes Ive ever used. I love the way my scalp tingles with using it, highly recommended product!!
  15. Best EVER!!


    This was the first paddle brush I've used so maybe I seem a little biased, but I LOVE the brush with all my heart. It works so well and its so easy to brush my hair.
  16. Like a head massage!


    This hairbrush looks heavy but is actually very lightweight and comfortable to use. I have long hair and it is a great detangler and feel so nice on the scalp.
  17. Love it!

    Aveda Paddle Brush

    Absolutely love it and I use it daily to brush my hair. I have had this for about 2 years and it is suits my straight hair.

    The paddle brush is easy to grasp and the teeth feels great on your scalp.

    Definitely recommend this brush!
  18. a great brush


    this is a really good quality brush, and the wooden style makes it look pretty too
  19. Helped reduce hair breakage


    I didn't know this was possible, but I think this brush has actually helped reduce my hair breakage. I have curly long hair and was using a detangling brush...now using this brush I have less hair falling out and it is growing thicker.
  20. Not for blow drying!


    I was so excited to buy this brush after reading the reviews, however I was sadly disappointed. When I went to use it for the first time it struggled with untangling my hair after I washed it and wouldn’t blow dry very well, my hair was left a bit frizzy. When I looked down at the brush, the bristles had bent over from the heat of the hairdryer!! I think this brush is overrated! I have medium leng...
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  21. love


    Love this brush can even use in shower!
  22. The BEST brush!


    Fantastic brush well worth $50, I have used mine every day for over a year and it still looks brand new. Works well to get all of my knots out of my long, fine, wavy hair without pulling my hair too much. Definitely recommend!
  23. Sadly not for me!


    This is a beautiful hair brush & I was so excited to buy it. Sadly, it does not suit my hair type, it makes it really static and frizzy. So much so, I had to stop using it & buy a different hair brush.
    But it is a good quality hair brush & did not pull my hair out at all.
    I’m giving it to my daughter & hopefully it suits her hair type as it really is lovely..
    My hair type is p...
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  24. good but a little overpriced


    this brush easily detangles my thick and long hair. but it's too big for me. i should have bought the mini version.
    a little overpriced and it's a headache to clean it.
  25. AVEDAntly a very good brush


    compared to the cheap brushes that I usually buy, this is a really excellent brush and it makes me feel like a princess looking out the window at dawn while her toad on the window is looking innocently at her and wishing they could play the harp to harp on that silky hair
  26. very nice product


    make my scalp very relax, love it
  27. amazing brush


    an amazing brush, great for detangling, makes my hair so smooth
  28. Best brush I've ever owned


    I purchased this brush, thinking it was a little overpriced - that was over 5 years ago - and I still love and use it everyday! Just purchased the mini one for my bag and to take away on holidays.
    So worth the $$... it's an investment!
  29. Decent brush


    This is a decent brush. Feels luxuries and of high quality. Also feels nice on the hair. I switch between this and my Wet Hair Brush.
  30. Good brush


    Really great for blowdrying. Not the best for removing lots of tangles on fine hair, but feels nice on my scalp and easy to dry my hair with.
  31. Great


    Really nice product with a nice natural feel and smell. Solid handle and large paddle.
  32. Amazing quality


    The quality of this brush is so great and it is a really lovely weight.
  33. Overrated


    Overrated and expensive. Doesn't work for my thick hair that well.
  34. amazing brush


    amazing brush. use it all the time. nice and strong.
  35. Nice


    This brush is amazing at detangles my hair.
  36. wow


    I was really amazed ! such an expensive piece for a brush, but really worth it !
  37. Good!


    Personally, I don't find this brush amazing for removing lots of tangles in my hair. For that, I prefer my tangle teezer. However, I do like this brush when I am massaging my scalp or blowdrying my hair smooth. I have also had mine for a few years now and it is still in perfect condition, so it does last.
  38. Hair best friend


    I bought this brush as a present for my Mum. She has been using it and loving how it detangled her hair nicely, it also helps massage her scalp, distributing her natural hair oils to the tip.
  39. Best brush ever!


    I’ve used this brush for over 6 months now and absolutely love it. I recommend it to everyone! It reduces frizz, makes blow drying hair straight super easy and has reduced the static in my hair. Love love love.
  40. Underwhelming


    A nice brush but doesn’t seem to have the quality that matches the price
  41. Beautiful Brush


    I’ve had this brush for over a year and love it! Particularly great for my very thick hair. The bristles are quite stiff which makes it really wonderful for scalp stimulation. Stunning wood which is not only beautiful but also more environmentally friendly. Highly recommend for the thick hair guys and gals out there!
  42. Long lasting and great for thick hair


    Ive had this brush fro years, literally 10 years and it's still going strong. I have long thick hair and it does the job. would buy again if I lost it or needed another.
  43. tough


    works the knots out of my hair so well, a great tool to have
  44. Great investment for knotty hair


    I've been using this brush for around 1 month and wish I made the investment long ago. My hair is very knotty and this brush makes brushing my hair pain-free and a lot quicker than the cheap, plastic brush I was using before. Me and my partner were amazed that the brush actually seems to have made my hair visibly shinier, too. The brush itself is light-weight and aesthetically pleasing. Highly rec...
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  45. I have never felt strongly about a hairbrush...


    but here I am. I love it. My hair is quite fine and straight, it's prone to tangling and flyaways. This brush is so gentle on my hair I honestly feel like there has been quite a reduction in hair loss due to brushing. It's easy to keep clean.
  46. nice product


    This brush feels comfortable and soft on the scalp, like it.
  47. Long-lasting, great quality


    This brush has lasted me for over a year so far with no bristle fall out. It is easy to clean and detangles my hair well (straight hair prone to tangling). Would recommend for sure!
  48. Finally frizzless


    This brush is a dream! I have lots of hair with a bit of a wave, but it is quite fine, and use this brush to blow dry my hair. It always results in smooth and soft hair, that rarely needs to be straightened afterwards.
  49. The Brush You Need


    I have had this brush for months now. Since purchasing it I have found that I rarely reach for any other brush. I use it to blow dry my hair straight and for everyday brushing as well as on wet hair. I have found that there is less breakage and fallout and my hair is soft.
  50. worth the price


    Ive noticed this brush doesnt cause sever damage like other hair brushes do
  51. Very soft


    This brush feels nice and soft on the scalp! it doesn't hurt or dig into your head like other brushes!
  52. Excellent results = tangle free and shiny hair!


    This is the best brush I have ever used! I have really knotty and damaged fine hair. This brush helps get all of the tangles out with minimal pain/effort. It leaves my hair feeling nice and soft and shiny. I can also brush my hair when it is wet after washing it, without damaging my hair. Although it is pricey, I would definitely say it is worth every cent! It is very sturdy and seems like it'll l...
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  53. timeless


    I love this brush! Such a good investment. It stimulates your scalp so well and is very soft and gentle on strands. it has helped make my hair thicker after 8 months of use. it's also very good for scalp massage. The wooden paddle is so sturdy and good for day to day use
  54. Revitalising for the scalp!


    I bought this brush after trying it out in store and hearing the Aveda representative talk about all the benefits this specific brush had. The bristles of this brush are very high quality and so are the handles which makes for a great hair brushing experience. I use this brush daily and use it for a good 5-10 minutes at night in circular motions to stimulate blood flow and activate the hair follic...
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  55. Great brush


    This is a great brush. I've had it forever. It easily brushes out knots and tangles, and softens curls for a beautiful wavy luscious look. Worth the buy!
  56. Still a fan 12 years on


    I bought my first of this brush more than a decade ago and loved it, but after about 10 or so years, the rubber degraded and it fell apart (I think this is reasonable with high use and sometimes heat from the blowdrier!) anyway I recently replaced it and love it even more, as it's also perfect now for my 8 year old daughter's bottom-length, thick and straight hair. I wouldn't hesitate to replace a...
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  57. Good


    Love love this brush, it is big and good for detangler. Highly recommend.
  58. Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush


    This is a fantastic brush. I bought after I read about it in different websites and it was rated highly across the board. I am glad that I was not disappointed. I have a long hair and it makes it feel silky and takes the frizz of it.
  59. Luxurious detangler


    I bought this brush because my previous Aveda brush was getting old. Have used this paddle brush for years and it is worth the price tag. Great for detangling without breaking hair follicles and I love using it when I blow-dry my hair straight.
  60. Boss of the brushes


    I love my aveda paddle brush. I have had it for about 8 years and it’s still fantastic. I have long fine hair and a fair bit of it and I find that this brush smooths and adds shine to my hair and helps speed up the amount of time I spend drying my hair.
  61. Great Brush


    This brush is so lovely! Nice and big so brushes my long thick hair effortlessly. Great to use when brushing out loose curls too
  62. love love love


    Love love love this brush. It is amazing. i love my Aveda wooden paddle brush! Makes my hair feel soft after brushing! Gentle on hair! I only brush my hair when my hair is dry so it won't cause so much damage! Great brush! Detangles hair easily without getting caught in brush!
  63. Great


    I cannot believe how easy is to detangle my long and thick hair. I love this brush, I just ordered one more piece for my mom.
  64. Can't imagine my life without it


    I have purchased it after recommendation from my hairdresser almost a year ago and I can't absolutely live without it. I use it for brushing and blowdrying every single time and its like new. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  65. great brush


    This really helps me to get nice, smooth hair. It's easy to use and is a good size for my long, medium thick hair
  66. Niceish


    This brush is nice but it does feel cheap.
  67. I love this brush


    I love this brush, I use it every evening, it's so nice and stimulating on the scalp and removes tangles well. High quality, worth the investment.
  68. could be better


    Amazing brush, however it can feel a little brick like at times, especially if you have a tendency to brush quite hard. For the price, you could purchase much better
  69. Favourite brush


    This brush is so lovely! Nice and big so brushes my long thick hair effortlessly. Feels nice on the scalp too
  70. Fantastic brush


    This is such a good, light, quality brush. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is the price - I feel like it is expensive for a hair brush. But I use it daily and it feels lovely on my scalp and doesn't tangle my hair.
  71. lightweight and easy to use


    I have thick frizzy hair. I use Aveda products already and so I read the description and bough this one. The brush is lightweight and easy to use when blow drying my hair. Only downside is that sometimes it can make my hair very static and more frizzy than usual. I've had my brush for over a year and it hasn't become damaged or lost any bristles. Can be a little pricey when purchased on its own. I...
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  72. Investment brush


    Reduces breakage and gives the scalp a nice massage
  73. A good brush is worthy of investment


    A good brush is worth the investment, and after my hairdresser used this on me, I caved and purchased the brush! The handle is sturdy and will last you a long time, whether you use this for everyday de-tangling or to brush out tight curls. Highly recommend.
  74. Favourite brush!


    I purchase this brush a year ago and it still is as good as new! It massages my scalp and leaves my hair very smooth. Sometimes use it to blow dry my hair and it works well. Highly recommend!
  75. Amazing quality brush!


    Feels amazing to hold, the right weight to feel like quality, yet not too heavy that it is laborious. Hair is easy to detangle and smooth.
  76. The best


    I've been using this for years. It's feels amazing on my scalp (it's like getting a massage) and drags all my hair's natural oils to the ends. I only brush my hair before I wash it because I have curls that turn into a big mane when brushed. Doing so makes washing my hair so easy – it makes any product buildup easy to wash away and makes my scalp feel lovely and clean.
  77. Very nice comb and you would never regret


    Light weight wooden handle hairbrush. Very comfortable to use. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
  78. Best brush I have


    I cannot leave it now!
  79. BRUSH


    I really do love this Aveda brush. It feels great on the scalp, and I love the way it de-tangles and smooths my hair. The wooden base is really nice and smooth and sustainable too! I'm bummed however, as the material which holds in the plastic brushes has recently started cracking, and the litte individual brushes are falling out. So sad! For as much as it costs, I'm disappointed it hasn't lasted ...
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  80. Not what I expected from Aveda


    I am one of the biggest fans of Aveda products, botanical kinetic range and composition oils. I have medium length dry hair damaged by continual styling and thought I would treat my tresses to a new brush. When the brush arrived the packaging was nice typical Aveda sustainable style. Upon opening the brush one of the bristles (plastic) was missing which was slightly disappointing for the price poi...
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  81. Perfect!


    This is the one and only brush I need. It's great for brushing hair, wet or dry. I also use it for blow drying and styling. It's super lightweight and effortlessly glides through hair without snagging or pulling. I've recommended this to a lot of my friends and family because I think it's a brush everyone needs!
  82. Perfect!


    You won't need any detangler spray and it's gentle yet able to comb through knots. Definitely my go-to brush!
  83. Fantastic!


    This brush is perfect for detangling wet hair but also taming frizzies on dry hair and giving hair a smooth polish. It also gives a nice scalp massage. I use it every day. Definitely worth it!
  84. Great


    This is great. So easy to use and detangle my hair in minutes
  85. The greatest brush


    Good for thick hair and cruelty free too!
  86. Great brush for fine hair


    This is my favourite brush at the moment. It’s firm enough to massage your scalp while not being too rough on your hair. My hair is very fine and prone to breakage. This is also a great brush to use for blow drying. Little on the pricey side but well worth it for the quality
  87. My favourite hairbrush!


    This hairbrush is one of my favourite Aveda products. Its bristles are soft but firm and massage my scalp when I use it. It leaves my fine curly hair feeling soft! Definitely recommend!
  88. There are much better paddle brushes


    I needed a new paddle brush and decided on this one as the description sounded good and it is meant to be a good brand, but I am very disappointed. I have fine medium length hair and this brush makes my hair static and feels rough and uncomfortable when combing through. I have had much better ones from the Body Shop and from Muji that are also cheaper.
  89. great


    Best paddle brush for my thick, curly hair!
  90. great


    Best paddle brush for my thick, curly hair!
  91. Easy to use


    Love this brush as it is very light and glides through hair. Makes blow drying much easier if you love a paddle brush.
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