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Aveda Shampure Nurturing Shampoo 250ml 250ml

4.6 of 39 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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Nourish your hair and nurture your spirit while calming aroma infuses your day
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Aveda Shampure Nurturing Shampoo 250ml Reviews

4.6 of 39 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing smell shampoo!!!


This shampoo has the amazing smell and it can really make my hair smooth and feeling so fresh after using,loving it so much!!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice smelling shampoo


Thought this shampoo smelt quite nice, it left my hair feeling fresh and clean! Would recommend.
  1. Amazing smell shampoo!!!


    This shampoo has the amazing smell and it can really make my hair smooth and feeling so fresh after using,loving it so much!!!
  2. smells devine


    this smells so lovely!! It is a really good cleansing shampoo that is not too drying
  3. The smell


    I purchased this due to it being vegan and it had good reviews. The smell though, I don't like it. It smells too herb like for me. However, my hair looked good and seemed to have more volume after using this shampoo and I found that I can go an extra day without needing to wash my hair.
  4. Nice smelling shampoo


    Thought this shampoo smelt quite nice, it left my hair feeling fresh and clean! Would recommend.
  5. fresh shampoo!


    I use it everyday, it keep my hair fresh and clean, very nurturing but not oily, I love it !!
  6. Lovely shampoo


    verified purchaser
    I'm moving all of my haircare to Aveda as this brand has single handledly rescued my over bleached hair back to normal and healthy.
    This shampoo is so lovely! Cleans my oily scalp and dry hair beautifully and leaves it clean but very soft. It also gives my fine hair lots of volume in combination with the Nutriplenish spray.
  7. Divine

    Hair crazy

    Shampure is an excellent shampoo, the whole brand is way under rated imo.Just using this even once you'll notice the difference & it smells divine.Adore Beauty were wonderful with getting my order out to me in just 2 days.I highly recommend both...Aveda & Adore Beauty:)
  8. great product


    great shampoo doesn't dry out my scalp , only need a small amount
  9. Lovely shampoo


    Very lovely shampoo! Smells amazing and makes the hair feels so nourished and soft.
  10. Smells amazing!


    verified purchaser
    I have been looking for a shampoo that smells amazing and lasts longer than a couple hours. I read a lot of reviews for best smelling shampoo and this one was mentioned the most. I am so glad I found it! My hair feels super clean after washing and smells so earthy and fresh.
  11. nice shampoo


    really enjoy this shampoo, it's nourishing and smell so delicious
  12. Smells amazing


    This shampoo smells so good. Very herbal. Left my hair smelling really nice for a couple of days. Cleanser my hair well. I didn’t feel it stripped my hair too much but had definitely not coloursafe so had to stop using it since I started dying my hair again.
  13. The best


    This is the best smelling thing i’ver ever used on my hair - so uplifting and earthy! And the smell lingers on my hair for a couple of days. Lathers and washes beautifully, leaving hair Clean but not squeaky. Awesome awesome shampoo!
  14. Seriously good


    I think this is a really good shampoo, it makes my hair feel light and soft, and doesn't make it greasy too soon
  15. Amazing!


    I am a recent convert to Aveda products (both body and hair) and I can highly recommend the Shampure Nurturing Shampoo. Firstly, the smell is beautiful. Secondly, my hair stays cleaner for longer! With other shampoos I need to break out the dry shampoo the day after washing, but with Aveda Shampure I can last 3-4 days. And lastly, my hair is softer and more hydrated and nourished than it has ever ...
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  16. AVEDA


    Perfect for damaged dry hair that needs a little love. Leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh
  17. Best shampoo


    Makes my hair feel incredibly healthy and soft
    I have white platinum blonde hair. This shampoo is honestly amazing and the price makes it even better
    I use this every wash, it has totally transformed my hair condition
  18. Fresh


    Keeps my hair soft and clean with a beautiful scent of essential oils. Good all rounder shampoo.
  19. Great for damaged hair


    A nice, simple shampoo that is AMAZING for damaged hair!!
  20. Great for sensitive scalps


    I have tried so many shampoos over the last few decades with most of them causing me to have flakiness and an itchy scalp. I seriously just started to accept it as normal for me.
    Not only does this stuff smell absolutely incredible; a beautiful sweet floral aroma,so unique and pretty, but it lathers exceptionally well with little effort, leaves my hair smooth, soft and looking healthier, AN...
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  21. Holy Grail


    Best shampoo I've used. Scalp and hair feels clean and hydrated. A little goes a long way!
  22. Lovely and soft


    I use this along with invati or the Kevin Murphy detox wash.

    After remove build up of product, I think it’s important to use a softening shampoo and this smells lovely and definitely leaves my hair soft.
  23. My hair is back to it's former glory! :)


    I have very fine hair but A LOT of it, died blonde. I walk a fine line between drying it out, having it sit limp or having it oily as hell the day after washing it depending on which shampoo/conditioner I use. I have been this for a few weeks now and it consistently delivers the goods!! I have (once again) received heaps of compliments on how bouncy and 'vivacious' my hair is again. I also use ...
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  24. Nice smell but very heavy


    I like the smell and makes a good lather but this Shampoo isn’t for me it weighs my hair down and leaves build up.
  25. Cleansing and Smells amazing!!


    Aveda Shampure is great for if you get an oil scalp or have build up on the hair!
    It doesnt only smell AMAZING!! But it’s so cleansing but still leaves the hair feeling hydrated and smooth!!
  26. Great for dry hair


    Love this stuff for really dry hair. The shampoo really nourished my dry ends and hydrated my hair. Also great for coloured/ treated hair because it's sulfate free.
  27. Worth it!


    I've never been one to spend a little extra on my hair even though I do for my skincare and makeup. My hair was getting really dry and brittle using supermarket shampoo and conditioner, and no matter what I used it just wasn't good enough.

    I finally decided to do some research and switched to Aveda. I'm so thankful that I did and I won't be looking back! My hair is super thick and Ave...
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  28. Love It


    I use to be very sceptical of shampoo and conditioners which have a hefty price tag, especially if they are small in size, however this product is actually worth a go! Does a great job at nourishing and hydrating from the roots to ends.
  29. Perfect shampoo for dry hair


    Switched to this after using Aesop nurturing shampoo, and the Aveda formula really delivers. I don't need much product to develop a good lather and I think it will last a long time. Not drying, and also smells so good!
  30. The best


    This is my go to everyday shampoo. I’ve been using Aveda for 20 years and I always come back to the Shampure. It has Morikue protein that strengthens my hair and makes it smell wonderful.This is the best smelling shampoo ever! I adore it. My hair is left feeling clean and healthy, and the scent is like aromatherapy. I will keep buying this until they no longer make it!
  31. Great


    Have used this product ever since it came on the market and it is one of the best! I love the clean aroma and I could name it blindfolded.
  32. Feels great


    A really good quality wash and go shampoo for fuss-free hair. It feels great and smells great. On its own it leaves the hair soft enough to not need conditioner. Works well with the conditioner every other wash.
  33. Light weight and nourishing


    You can feel the effect of the natural ingredients used. The hair feels fresh, light and infused with botanical ingredients. It feels like a green smoothie for the hair.
  34. fantastic shampoo


    I wash my hair quite frequently and it tends to be quite dry, so I love how this shampoo is moisturizing and leaves my hair smooth and soft.
  35. Great every day natural feeling shampoo


    Aveda shampoo and conditioners are the best. I love the nurturing shampoo for every day use. It smells great. Makes my hair feel clean. I have short fine blond hair but a lot of it. I need a shampoo that does not leave my hair limp or that makes it feel greasy. This shampoo is everything I need. You can use it every day no problem. I let my hair dry naturally at night after washing and a quick bru...
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  36. No more bad hair days


    I have grey fussy hair, some days it would be springy and bouncy and other days it would sit flat and lifeless. I have to be careful about product selection as many brands give me an itchy scalp. I’ve tried all the expensive brands over many years and decided to try Aveda. I purchased the travel size shampoo and conditioner to begin with as a trial run and was so delighted with the results after...
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  37. So nice!


    Makes my hair really clean and doesn't weigh it down. It also smells good, but I do prefer the smell of Avedas exfoliating shampoo, but this is more affordable. I still wish it has more product for the price- will keep using though!
  38. Fantastic product


    Amazing shampoo! Makes your hair soft but clean for longer, nourishing and great on all hair types.
    Definitely recommended
  39. TRY TRY TRY!


    I use to be very sceptical of shampoo and conditioners which have a hefty price tag, especially if they are small in size, however this product is actually worth a go!

    very hydrating and moisturising, perfect for dry or damaged hair!
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