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Aspect Purastat 5 Cleanser 220ml 240ml

4.8 of 83 reviews


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4 instalments of $15.13


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  • Oiliness and shine

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  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
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Aspect Purastat 5 Cleanser 220ml

Aspect Purastat 5 Cleanser 220ml

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4.8 of 83 reviews

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Good Cleanser
With winter here I needed a gentler cleanser that was still effective at removing the grime of the day. Enter this fab product that manages to leave my face feeling clean and smooth without leaving it dry and tired.
  1. A great daily cleanser

    I have acne prone and combination skin with occasional dryness, oiliness & hormonal acne & congestion. Having used creamy cleansers for some time, It took some getting used to, but after a few weeks it became second nature. This cleanser has a gel consistency that has the lightest foam/lather when mixed with water, gently cleansing the face and neck to leave the skin feeling clean with no sign of dryness or tight, uncomfortable skin. A Double cleanse is recommended if wearing sun cream or makeup. Highly recommended for all skin types.
  2. Good Cleanser

    With winter here I needed a gentler cleanser that was still effective at removing the grime of the day. Enter this fab product that manages to leave my face feeling clean and smooth without leaving it dry and tired.
  3. This is the only cleanser for me

    This is the best cleanser I have ever used. My skin is combination and prone to breakouts, I think it would be a lot more prone to breakouts without this product though. My skin feels super clean after using this cleanser without feeling 'tight' or stripped. Would definitely recommend this as one of Aspects best products.
  4. 10/10

    This cleanser was amazing, left my skin feeling so clean but a little tight.
  5. Amazing!

    I received this cleanser as a sample and thought I would give it a try. Didn’t know anything about it so didn’t have any expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by how great it was and the results I saw in about a week! It calmed my hormonal break outs right down and left my skin feeling so soft and supple! As soon as I finished the sample I purchased the full size and haven’t looked back. I haven’t had any hormonal breakouts since using this, and it has completely replaced the Medik8 cleanser I thought I loved and had been using for years. Highly recommend.
  6. Great cleanser!

    Love this cleanser! I use other Aspect products so thought I'd give this a try. It cleans my skin thoroughly after wearing make up all day!
  7. Super impressed!

    I had no expectation when trying this cleanser but was overly impressed with the results. I’ve used my normal serum and moisturiser but found that this cleanser leaves your skin super clean and fresh without drying it out - my skin felt softer than usual.

    The price seems expensive but when you think about the size (it’s double the quantity of a normal cleanser 100ml) it is actually pretty affordable. I will definitely be buying the full size!
  8. 10/10 would recommend

    I love this cleanser that was recommended by my skin therapist. It leaves my skin super clean and refreshed. I have no use for makeup remover when i use two pumps of this in the evening and only use one pump in the morning and can see the bottle lasting me a long time. I highly recommend this. I have oily skin prone to blackheads and hormonal pimples and believe this is helping.
  9. Highly recommend

    Have tried a lot of cleansers before and none have left my skin as clean as this one.
  10. Love it

    I tried a sample of this and loved it! Leaves me really clean without that dry irritated feeling.
  11. One of my faves

    I’ve been using this cleanser for about 6m and I really like it. It’s nice, removed make up and smells divine.
  12. Good, but the price tag?

    I received a large sample of this product and used it for about two weeks. It's a good cleanser that didn't dry my skin out after, but I didn't think it was revolutionary. I don't think I'll be purchasing the full size because I can't justify the price.
  13. good

    I’ve been using this cleanser for 3 years and I absolutely love it and would not consider using another cleanser and I make sure I never run out of it. It takes off all make up radially and my skin feels clean but not dried out
  14. The best cleanser

    Love this cleanser, it cleans & clears my combination skin without drying. My skin feels great after use and I have noticed less breakouts after using this for a while.
  15. Cleansing without Stripping

    With winter here I needed a gentler cleanser that was still effective at removing the grime of the day. Enter this fab product that manages to leave my face feeling clean and smooth without leaving it dry and tired.
  16. The only cleanser I have used for the last 3.5 years!!

    This cleanser is perfect. It is the best cleanser that I have ever used!
    Firstly, it is free of any harsh chemicals and you can really notice this when you use it on your skin. Your skin feels amazing after each use and only one small pump of it goes a long way. My bottle has lasted 1.5 years and I use it almost every day. It is also very reasonably priced - especially for how long it lasts. It is great for sensitive skin and removes make up without fail. I highly recommend this product. You will not regret it!

  17. Don't think I will ever not use this cleanser

    I think this will be my cleanser for life ! I was recommended this cleanser by a skin therapist a few years ago to cleanse and purify my skin without drying or irritating and I used it for years as I found it amazing. I think I tried a few different ones in between as it's a little pricey but I have gone back to it now and think I'll keep using it. Definately worth the money. My skin is clear, not irritated and not dry !
  18. Great cleanser and makeup remover in one

    I love this cleanser for removing makeup with just one use. As a double cleanse your skin feels all so squeaky clean but not dry. Definitely a staple in your routine and it smells amazing. Lasts for ages as well.
  19. Best all round cleanser - Great results

    I love this cleanser for removing makeup with just one use. As a double cleanse your skin feels all so squeaky clean but not dry. Definitely a staple in your routine and it smells amazing. Lasts for ages as well.
  20. I reach for this a lot

    I think this is worth it! I really like this, it helped my skin a lot and I reach for it all the time! A go to for me!
  21. Best cleanser by far

    I’ve never had a cleanser that’s been able to give me a deep clean without stripping all the moisture in my skin away leaving it dry and stiff. Until this! It is hands down the best money I’ve invested into my skin care routine. I have normal to sensitive skin and this has done wonders whilst not making me break out.
  22. Worth it

    I’ve never been one to spend money on cleansers thinking they don’t spend a lot of time on your skin and saving my money for serums and treatments. However, I have seen the light. This takes off my make up yet leaves my skin not stripped dry. My hormonal acne has also disappeared. I’m thrilled
  23. Does exactly what it says!

    The perfect cleanser that takes off my makeup from the day, calms my skin and prepares it for my night creams. It has a lovely fresh scent. Its light and gently foams up with water but does not strip the moisture from my skin. I suffer from hormonal acne (at age 40) and this has really calmed my skin down. It lasts forever - I will definitely repurchase.
  24. Great cleanser for acne prone skin

    I have hormonal acne and rosacea and this cleanser is gentle enough not to irritate my skin and also does a great job at helping to keep my acne under control.
    It is expensive but you only need two pumps and a bottle lasts 4-5 months.
  25. sensitive

    I bought this a month ago and it has been so kind to my skin. I have incredibly sensitive skin and I haven't had any irritation using this cleanser.
  26. The never ending bottle

    Will I ever use a whole bottle? I’ve never had any product last this long! And I use it daily. Furthermore it removes all my makeup and leaves my skin hydrating get clear. I always cleanse twice - once before my shower and once after. Considering a little goes a long way, this cleanser has lasted a long time, so much so I don’t remember when I bought it it was so long ago! Would 10/10 recommend.
  27. Great

    I have been using the Purastat 5 Cleanser for well over five years. It leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and revived. I like the pump application so you can dispense sparingly because a little goes a long way with this cleanser. I have tried others to make a comparison but I have found no other product that gives me the same satisfaction after cleansing as Purastat 5 does .
  28. Worth the money

    This is a holy grail cleanser for oily break out prone skin. It is expensive (use the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser if you don't want to spend the $). This cleanser clears breakouts, and is very potent, leave it on your skin for as long as possible while massaging in with your hands. Don't waste this product on removing your makeup - take your makeup off first with micellar water or wipes, so that the product can really sink into your skin.
  29. Beautiful cleanser

    It really does an effective job. I am noticing brighter skin with less breakouts. I am using it in conjunction with my Clarisonic and it works amazingly.
  30. A clean, clear complexion

    I received a 7ml sample of this in the recent GWP giveaway and highly enjoyed it. My skin is normal to dry and it sweeps away dirt, oil and debris as well as all traces of makeup. It also seems to be helping my pigmentation and post acne marks. Five stars!
  31. Get this cleanser!

    I was at my wits end with my skin which was both super dehydrated and breaking out with acne (fun times), when a dermatologist recommended this cleanser to me. My skin got visibly better within a month of using it - it's very gentle so didn't dry out my skin, and my overall skin tone was better as the cleanser seemed to calm everything down. I still sometimes get breakouts but they're more like one-off pimples than acne. It's more expensive than your standard cleanser but it's 100% worth it.
  32. Great foaming cleanser

    I use this cleanser on the days before I exfoliate and apply a mask. I find it cleans my skin more affective than a milk cleanser and as a result my masks and serums seem to perform better. My skin always feels squeaky clean but not at all dry or irritated. The liquid is a beautiful green colour with a pleasant non offensive smell.
  33. Cleans without drying

    I really like this as it doesn’t dry my skin out like everything else I’ve ever used. I hardly have any more break outs and if I do they are gone quickly. It’s easy to use as a busy mum it’s defintely something quick and easy while I have little children clinging to my legs.
  34. thorough cleanser

    effectively removes all the build up on my face from throughout the day
  35. Highly recommended

    I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and Purastat has been a game changer for me. My skin is hydrated and I've noticed a serious reduction in blemishes. In the event that I do have a breakout, they clear faster than ever. I've used it for the last four year and wouldn't even consider using a different product.
  36. Best cleanser ever!

    This is the best cleanser ever. After suffering through acne and uneven skin tone. Aspect has saved my skin. This cleanser is the perfect morning and night cleanser. The entire Aspect range is the best ever!
  37. Holy grail!

    I’ve been using this product for about 4 years now and it’s the only one I use. I have oily fair skin and have suffered with acne most of my life. This product has been as savior over the years, after being recommended by my skincare professional. Wouldn’t use anything else!
  38. Clear skin results

    This cleanser is so good.. after first use my skin looked so clear . I get pimples popping up on my forehead and cheeks but this stuff really clears them up without drying my skin out. My only regret is not buying this sooner . Love love love the “aspect” brand!
  39. Holy Moly - best cleanser ever

    I admit, I am one of those people who constantly changes products, HOWEVER I will stick with this product for as long as I can.

    It is Australian, cruelty free, economical, and it works. So yes, a little goes a long way. I didn't need to repurchase for 9 months. I have always had problematic skin but have not had one single tiny breakout since using it.

    Fabulous product
  40. Removes impurities

    Removes most dirt and grime with only a small amount.
    Good for normal to oily skin.
  41. A good staple

    I really liked this cleanser. It is great for combination skin, although I can be sensitive at times so found it oh so slightly stripping on the odd occasion. But on a standard day this was another lovely Aspect product. Works really well with the vitamin C serum and the Exfol 8.
  42. Gorgeous Cleanser

    I love this Cleanser! I have acne prone skin, and with this cleanser, my skin has never felt cleaner! It’s such a beautiful soft face wash, that somehow makes my skin feel super clean but also soft and hydrated at the same time! My acne hasn’t flared up at all since using it. I will definitely be repurchasing!
  43. The only cleanser I’ll use

    I’ve tried many cleansers for my skin, and this is the only one that keeps my skin feeling balanced. It removes makeup and dirt without over drying (hello combination skin) I also use the moisturiser in this range.
    Great price point as well, one bottle lasts a long time.
  44. New fave

    I have just started using this cleanser and so far am pretty impressed. I have been trying out different skincare brands recently trying to find some good quality holy grail products. I am pretty impressed with the aspect range. This is a good cleanser - 2 small pumps is definitely enough for my face. I have combo skin and whilst this cleanser doesn't foam, it still seems to completely clean my face without stripping. I am impressed so far and will continue to use.
  45. Nice cleanser but doesn't rub in well...

    I like this cleanser and the scent. It seems to clean well but it doesn't really lather up unless you use a lot- the consistency isn't creamy which is what I am use to. See how we go. So far no issues with breaking out.
  46. Great cleanser

    Didn’t irritate sensitive skin, great design of how product is dispensed, only need 1-2 pumps so lasts ages
  47. Best cleanser

    I love this cleanser it works well with my acne prone skin! So happy I was recommended it. It lasts ages as well!
  48. Really great cleanser

    With combination skin, and a massive problem with adult acne, I have found this cleanser fantastic. It cleanses very well, without leaving my face feeling excessively dry. The large bottle and pump system is great, and will last me ages. Really happy with my purchase.
  49. Holy Grail

    The BEST cleanser I’ve ever used....and I am a product junkie!!! It took about a week for my skin to get used to this cleanser, but now I just couldn’t use anything else. I have breakout skin & use this morning & night. I’m generally an ASAP & Alpha H lover but Aspect cleanser is the best!! Hands down
  50. Awesome cleanser

    I am new to using Aspect but this is hands down one of the best cleansers I have used. Huge bottle and you only need 1-2 pumps. Will definitely buy again!
  51. Amazing

    I started using this after noticing how amazing a friends skin had been looking - i use this with the fruit enxyme mask and vitamin C serum and my skin is better than ever. I also get dermatitis on my face and this has helped alot!
  52. Great Affordable Product

    I was put onto this product by my beauty Therapist, pretty happy with the product, i love aspect and their products, its a great light cleanser that still feels like its actually cleaning my skin, as help clear up alot of congestion i get along my jaw line, i also pair it with the Aspect vitamin C serum
  53. Non irritating cleanser with mild exfoliating properties

    This is by far my favourite cleanser I've ever used! It's gentle on the skin, but still manages to make my skin feel squeaky clean without stripping or making it feel too dry. I also love how it has mild exfoliating properties so it keeps my skin looking fresh and even. I only use 2-3 pumps to wash my entire face, so a little goes a long way and the bottle lasts a good few months which is great!
    Will purchase again :)
  54. Amazing

    I love this cleanser, its a bit stronger than other brands I use but I alternate this with those so that I have a strong skincare routine but dont overwork my skin.
  55. Deep cleanser

    This cleanser is great, gives a great deep cleanse without stripping the skin. I have sensitive skin yet this doesn't irritate my skin at all.
    Adore Beauty also have great customer service, quick delivery, samples with each package and a chocolate treat tops it all off!! Definitely order here again!
  56. A winner

    I use this as a second cleanse after oil. You need very little and it foams up easily. I love it - my skin feels clean after washing but not dried out. I have used it for a few years and will continue with it. Large size - I think it's good value for money.
  57. One of the best cleansers I've found

    I have adult hormonal acne skin, in my early 30s, with sensitivity and get easily congested. This cleanser was recommended to me (I was using Philosophy Purity cleanser for years which I loved) and I love this new cleanser! It cleanses well without stripping my skin til it's squeaky clean. I feel clean but fresh with my skin in tact. It feels really gentle but effective. Doesn't leave any residue. I'm converted! I use it in the shower morning and night, with a couple of pumps on dry hands and slightly damp skin, then massage it in gently, then rinse off thoroughly. I've been using it for three months at the time of writing this :)
  58. Amazing

    I have sensitive breakout prone skin and since using this product I've noticed a difference in the feel and look of my skin. Will definitely order again.
  59. Best cleanser for problem skin

    I used to have issues with breakouts and oiliness, and yet with patches of dryness as well. I've been using this cleanser for a few years now and it's made a huge difference - definitely has balanced my skin a lot. While it can remove makeup, I prefer to use an oil-type cleanser for that and then wash it off with Purastat 5. I love that it's lightly exfoliating - to get the best effect, I use a popular face brush with it, get it lathered up and then let it sit on my skin for a couple of minutes (while I brush my teeth). It is expensive but you genuinely don't need a lot of it so a bottle will last a while. Highly recommended for problem skin - it's gentle but effective.
  60. Best cleanser I have used

    I started on trial products and have gradually been upgrading to larger ones as they finish.

    Awesome cleanser, makes your skin really soft and clear, I have dry/dehydrated skin and this has lifted the dullness I often experience.
  61. Good for acne

    I suffer from cystic acne and I feel like this cleanser really help keep my acne under control. Although I have to say it can get a bit too hard on the skin and leave your face red if you overuse it, so I tried to use it every other day. The skin can feel a bit dry after using it too so I think moisturising afterwards is a must
  62. Awesome cleanser

    I started on the trial sizes of this product and absolutely love it! Makes your skin super soft and a little goes a long way.
  63. Nothing compares

    This product is great for my oily skin, it clears my pores and still leaves me feeling hydrated and moisturised. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite.
  64. The Perfect Cleanser

    I was recommended this cleanser by a friend that had struggled with skin problems, acne etc. since forever.

    Originally when I bought it I went all out on the ASPECT range and bought a lot of product. Out of all the things I bought I ALWAYS come back to this cleanser.

    Traditionally, I would buy a different brand every few months always looking for the perfect cure. I have always struggled with breakouts and pigmentation, and this cleanser has done SO MUCH to combat those pesky problems.

    What I love about it is EVERYTHING - 1. A little goes a long way, it foams up so nice (weird I know, but I love that) 2. It's exfoliating without the harsh-ness, 3. It has helped control my breakouts, 4. Makes me skin fell ah-ma-zing, soft yet cleaned, 5. Price is good, I mean I would love if it was $10 instead but when it comes to it, you pay for what you get and it's really the best I've ever used.

    Love it, x
  65. The best

    I seriously don’t have to worry about my skin after finding this product. I’ve had troubled skin forever, since using this product for 6 months and it’s been the best it’s ever been.
  66. Clean

    I’ve been using this cleanser for 3 years and I absolutely love it and would not consider using another cleanser and I make sure I never run out of it. It takes off all make up radially and my skin feels clean but not dried out
  67. Best all round cleanser

    Excellent cleanser. I have normal skin with the occasional breakout and after I use this cleanser (morning and night, twice with make-up) I feel super clean.
  68. Gentle yet effective and visible results

    I am 54 and prefer gentle exfoliants as my skin is showing signs of thinning and wrinkles. This exfoliation is gentle but shows all results better than harsh granule exfoliations. Read the ingedients and see how this works. This brand is great. What they say is what you get. This brand is used in some medical dermatology clinics and I thighs it may be too strong but not at all. It’s gentle and super effective cleanser. Leaves my skin brighter and ready to drink in the serums and creams. Super excited about seeing results with this brand. Thanks Adore Beauty x
  69. Best cleanser I have used!

    After trying so many cleansers over the years I have settled on this one. The product doesn't have an overpowering smell, and what smell you do get is fresh and suitable for guys. A little definitely goes a very long way so the product definitely lasts a long long time. Since using this I never get that tight, over-washed feel and have less breakouts. Great, great product!
  70. Best cleanser EVER!

    I've recently started using this due to hormonal breakouts and dry skin from working in a air conditioned office. This is super gentle, but hard working. Breakouts have cleared up, and my skin feels hydrated. Doesn't make your skin feel super tight or irritated at all, and a little goes a long way.
  71. Squeaky Clean

    I started using this after my first pregnancy, where after I stopped breastfeeding, my skin went haywire (pimples/pigmentation/redness). This product helped really clean skin deep and left my skin feeling soft and supple. Within weeks, redness dissapeared and it wasn't long before my skin cleared. I used this inconjunction with Physostat Mosturiser.
  72. Worth every penny!

    I started using the cleanser after some advice from my beautician and she explained how the skin barrier works and the importance of a good cleanser.
    I bought this and could tell the difference so quickly! One bottle lasted me a year, and when I ran it and had to use a different cleanser for a few days - my skin felt and looked so much worse. Quickly started using aspect again and my skin was back to its perfect self :)
    A little goes a long way (one pump, run with a bit of water and you’re good to go).
  73. Love this cleanser!

    Absolutely love this cleanser! I have used it in the past and came back to it recently. I'm fortunate to have fairly good skin but have an oily T zone and this cleanser is great at balancing my skin out without feeling dry or tight. Would highly recommend trying it.
  74. Amazeballs!!

    I've read a lot about this brand, and thought I'd give it a go. I'm pregnant at the moment, my skin is super sensitive, and i sm very acne prone. Anything I've ever used has either stung or burnt my skin, or caused me to breakout the next day.
    I was truely blown away after using this cleanser!! My skin didn't burn or sting, it didn't leave it feeling tight or dry, and I didnt wake up with any new pimples! A lot goes a long way too, only one pump is enough to cover my face. I would highly recommend trying this product!
  75. Great night cleanser!

    I have oily & combo skin that can get congested. This is a great cleanser for night and day that gets rid of makeup and any dirt.
    At night I do a double cleanse and my skin feels bright and clean. I would highly recommend this for anyone that has oily skin.
  76. Great value for money

    This product only needs a couple of pumps and with water lathered up and glides on with a deep cleanse. Smells great too.
  77. Great value for money

    This product only needs a couple of pumps and with water lathered up and glides on with a deep cleanse. Smells great too.
  78. The perfect basic cleanser

    This cleanser was recommended to me by a facialist about 18 months ago. It really is the perfect basic cleanser - one pump is sufficient to clean the entire face and it takes off makeup and sunscreen easily without leaving skin feeling stripped and dry. I use it as my sole cleanser in the morning and as my first cleanser in the evening (before second cleansing with a more hydrating cream cleanser). The bottle lasts for ages so it is good value for money and well worth the initial outlay.
  79. Great product

    Only need 1 pump of product to clean face and neck. Non drying and cleans skin well.
  80. Best cleanser I’ve used!

    Only need 1 pump of this and it cleans your whole face! The bottle is massive so it lasts forever! Will be repurchasing!
  81. Love it!

    I use this product by dispensing 1 pump, adding warm water to my hand and mixing into a lather then massaging into my face(do this twice if wearing makeup and/or sunscreen) Firstly, I was put off by this when I first started using it because 1 pump seemed so little but after 6 weeks use I can say I love that 1 pump does the job. It's such a small pea sized amount but this cleanser does it's job so beautifully. My face feels so fresh and clean after using it. I love that you get a decent amount of product for the price as well. This is the best cleanser I've ever used.
  82. Great Product !!

    I have mature skin, but that aside can imagine this product would be brilliant for a lot of skin types. You only need a small amount of cleanser as per instructions, but your skin feels smooth, fresh and beautifully clean. Try the starter kit . I am sure my skin is brighter, smoother and firmer.
  83. 5 star cleanser a must

    I have been using the Aspect Range for 7 years and this super value for money cleanser is wonderful as you only need a pea size amount to leave your skin feeling clean and beautifully refreshed
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