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Aspect Probiotic Mask 118ml 118ml

4.7 of 152 reviews


4 instalments of $15.50

Or 4 instalments of $15.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $15.50

Or 4 instalments of $15.50 with LEARN MORE

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Your overnight skin saviour. Offering nourishing hydration for skin that is parched and sensitised, Aspect Probiotic Mask helps you restore your skin barrier.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Aspect Probiotic Mask 118ml Reviews

4.7 of 152 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best


This is my favorite night time moisturiser. I really notice the difference if I go without one night. As its really rich you only need a small amount if you use it as a moisturiser, the tube last so long it's definitely a bargain

Most Helpful Criticism

Feels nice but gives me a rash


I wanted to love this but it gives me a rash! I gave it three stars though because it feels beautiful going on and I’m sure I’d love it if it didn’t give me a rash...
  1. Another happy customer


    verified purchaser
    I bought this mask because of the great reviews and I'm happy to say that this product is just as good as everyone says. I've used it a handful of times now after a clay mask to re-hydrate my skin and it leaves my face feeling so hydrated and smooth! I love the texture and the scent and a little goes a long way. It's a big YES from me!
  2. Very moisturising


    verified purchaser
    This mask is very lightweight, but highly moisturising. You only need a small amount for the whole face. Would repurchase.
  3. The best


    verified purchaser
    This is my favorite night time moisturiser. I really notice the difference if I go without one night. As its really rich you only need a small amount if you use it as a moisturiser, the tube last so long it's definitely a bargain
  4. Love!


    verified purchaser
    I bought this because I saw Zoe Foster Blake use it (obviously) and i love it so much! It’s hydrating but tingly so I feel like its doing something. I wake up with clear hydrated and glowy skin in the morning after using it.
  5. Contains Lactic Acid


    verified purchaser
    I was recommended this by a friend, so I purchased it without doing a lot of research. I had dry/dehydrated sensitive skin (rosacea) and was looking for products to help. My friend leaves it on overnight and said her skin was lovely and soft the next day.

    The first time I tried this, my skin tingled a bit after applying and I my rosacea flared up a bit, but nothing too bad. I was surp...
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  6. Lives up to the hype


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this mask based on Joanna recommending it in the Beauty IQ podcast. I use it 2-3 times p/week as a moisturiser and I find I wake up with glowy and fresh skin. I think it's also really good value for it's price, most of Aspect's other products are much more $$$. Will be repurchasing.
  7. holy grail


    verified purchaser
    Half my wage goes to adore beauty since the podcast haha. But this recommendation from Joanne is by far my favourite. Instantly feels amazing, smells incredible and not too thick and heavy. I've been using this nightly during a retinol skin purge.
  8. Dry patches best friend


    verified purchaser
    I honestly think that this product has helped with my acne scars! Which surprised me. I use it on my whole face maybe once or twice a week, but I often use it on my dry patches as well as need :) would highly recommend, feel like it’s going to last forever as well
  9. A winter staple


    I’ve been using this for about a month now. Not only does it make my skin feel so soft but I feel hydrated after sleeping in it especially with the colder weather and heating indoors, it really helps. I might start using it as a moisturiser when I feel really dry.
  10. Amazing !


    verified purchaser
    I use this product 3-4 times a week in place of my nightly moisturiser ... you really only need a pea size amount to cover entire face. I wake up looking fresh, plump and nourished.
  11. Best hydration ever!


    I have had this mask for 2 weeks and I really cannot believe how dramatically it has improved my skin! I have dry mature skin and this has made such a difference I don’t have to wear makeup! I literally cannot stop looking at my skin now in the mirror it’s amazing!
  12. Brilliant for Winter


    This product will be a holy grail skin care staple during winter. Hydrates and nourishes the skin with a boost of goodness. Skin was brighter and plumper. Does leave you slightly oily after so may not be great for the warmer months
  13. One of my favorite masks.


    This is truly heaven for dehydrated skin. This night mask is great for sensitive skin. I like to use it 1-2 nights per week.
  14. Really Like, but don't Looooove


    Have been a long-time lover of the Aspect Hydrating mask and was hoping this would be amahhhzing based on all the hype. Buuuut controversially I'm going to go against the grain and say it doesn't quite live up to that hype. I think applied as a standard mask it does quite a good job at hydrating and brightening the skin, buuuut still doesn't rate as highly as the Hydrating Mask for me. I like to a...
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  15. Worth the hype


    Hands down, best nourishing sleep mask ever. I use this 1-2 per week. Some people say this gives them a rash, the ingredients mention lactic acid so it is very important to be mindful about when you're using your other acids alongside this product so you don't over do it! Also, retinol processes over two days on the skin so if you do have sensitive skin I wouldn't use this until you're outside of ...
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  16. The Only Hydrating Mask You Need


    Hands-down, this is THE best hydrating mask ever. Perfect particularly during these colder winter months where hot showers and heaters dry out your skin. I love to use this twice a week, particularly after a clay mask. Aspect have again delivered incredible results.
    I would definitely buy again.
  17. Love this


    This is heaven on my dry sensitive skin! I love this. It doesn’t completely help when my skin is super dry but still much better than most other masks I’ve tried.
  18. Plump and glow


    Great overnight mask which leaves my skin looking plump and hydrated the next morning
  19. Dreamy mask


    This is rich and beautiful as an intense mask or can be left on overnight for even more benefit. My skin loves it, silky soft and moisturized.
  20. Nice mask


    I apply this mask in a thick layer and leave it on overnight. It’s very soothing and my skin is less red in the morning but it’s not as hydrating as I would have liked.
  21. awesome hydrating mask


    i love this mask, it is a bit pricey though but does an awesome job
  22. Comforting in the cold


    This has been such a nice mask to sleep in multiple times a week.
    It feels really comforting on my skin.
    Upon waking my skin feels plump and refreshed
  23. I'm in love


    I, too bought this mask after hearing about it on the podcast. The packaging feels sleek and luxurious, and the smell of the product is wonderful. I applied it after my other skin care and OH MY GOODNESS, it literally has made me look like I've just had a facial. After five hours, my skin has a beautiful, lit from within glow. I can't wait to see what my skin will look like after a month of regula...
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  24. hype worthy!


    bought this product after listening to Joanna on the podcast. Definitely lives up to the hype! I use it every 3rd night to lock in moisture at night because I have oily skin and can’t wear thick moisturisers during the day. Found it really helps calm my skin after using retinol and AHA/BHA serums.
  25. Night Moisturizer


    Love this mask! I use it as my night Moisturizer! No need to wash off! Very hydrating!
  26. Best mask to hydrate skin


    I use this mask approximately 3 times a week and leave it on overnight. Hydrates dry skin and leaves your skin smooth the next morning. Will definitely repurchase
  27. BEST MASK!


    Recently bought it and I’m in love! It’s the perfect overnight mask. You will wake up with a new fresh face!! This is now my holy grail. The texture is beautiful :)
    Thanks for the recommendation Joanna


    My boyfriend and I are obsessed. This is the most amazing mask I've ever tried. We do it together twice a week with a little massage and then sleep in it overnight. It goes on clear so it's perfect for zoom meetings. HOOKED my skin is noticeably more hydrated and smooth.
  29. IN LOVE


    I look forward to using this baby every sunday night! It goes on smooth and light (a little goes a long way) I put it all over my face and neck and leave on over night. The next morning my face is so smooth and fresh. Iv been using it for a few weeks now and I'm amazed at the difference in my skin texture. I have been using a AHA exfoliator prior to allow this to sink right in and its a game chang...
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  30. OBSESSED!!!!!


    This mask is a MUST HAVE in any routine!!!! I push it on to everyone I know. I apply every second or third night after washing my face & sleep in it. You will notice a difference by the next morning after your first use. Honestly obsessed!! Love it!!!
  31. The reviews are true!


    I loveeee this mask, I’m so excited to wake up in the mornings after using it to see my plump hydrated glowing clear skin. Could not recommend it enough. As someone that struggles with severe dry irritated skin this is a lifesaver!
  32. Perfect for dry skin


    I have extremely dry skin and this mask is exactly what it’s craving. I leave it on over night and my skin still feels soft and moisturised the next day
  33. Perfect


    Purchased this a few weeks ago and used once, today will be my second time, l loved it, easy to apply and take off. Skin looked great sfter
  34. Great overnight mask!


    I have used this mask twice and left on both overnight. I found the consistency to be really smooth and luxurious (smell is great too!) I really like the versatility of leaving it on for 15 mins or overnight.
  35. Definitely worth the hype


    I purchased this after hearing good things on the Beauty IQ podcast, and also watching Zoe FB use it as part of her home facial routine. I'm 37, I have sensitive skin, and love a good mask! This product exceeded my expectations. A little goes a long way - I use it as an overnight mask and I wake up with soft, glowy and plump skin. I can't stop touching my face
  36. Beautiful product. Great to sleep in overnight


    Beautiful product. Great to sleep in overnight
  37. Feels nice but gives me a rash


    I wanted to love this but it gives me a rash! I gave it three stars though because it feels beautiful going on and I’m sure I’d love it if it didn’t give me a rash...
  38. Your skins best friend


    This mask is gorgeous! I bought it after seeing so many rave reviews and it does not disappoint. It feels so luxurious putting on a layer before bed once a week and sleeping in it, you wake up feeling so soft and juicy! It is also in a great tube that you can travel with, I’ve taken it on girls weekends away and to my mums - it’s a crowd pleaser!
  39. I cannot love this enough!!


    This is amazing!! I use this as a night cream and it has changed my skin. I bought it for my mum for mother's day and she is now a religious user too. It's a facial in a bottle.
  40. Can’t recommend more highly


    This is more than a mask... It is the best overnight moisturiser ever for thirsty dehydrated skin... Beautiful texture that can also be used as a luxe hand cream!!!
  41. Nourishing


    I saw this featured in Zoe Foster Blake's ISO facial tutorial and immediately wanted it! It is fabulous! I leave it on overnight and feel deeply replenished. I have extremely dry skin and love using this after a charcol mask.
  42. The best face mask I have ever purchased.


    My skin has been feeling dry and irritable with all the inside time I have been having lately. This mask is just so nourishing and revitalising plus it smells great! I have been using it twice a week after night time cleansing. At first I left it on for the recommended time then washed it off - recently though I have left it on all night and the results are amazing! My skin is bright and plump and...
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  43. Love it but not the best


    I use this twice a week and sleep in it, its hydrating but I feel like there could be something better. My face doesnt feel plump or super hydrated in the morning, Ive had night creams that have done more. Im holding onto hope though! I will finish the tube as I still have high hopes for this product. Its not the best Ive used but its still a great product.
  44. A rich and hyrdrating skin treatment


    I was recommended to mix my retinol into a sleeping mask as I increased the number of times I used retinol each week. My skin feels so soft and hydrated the next morning when I wake up - with no hints of redness or irritation from the retinol. Great product!
  45. Not a wonder


    I've used this one twice but the results were just so so, compared to using the cream from skinceuticals. It does remove the dead cells but not giving and glow result as expected.
  46. A must as part of facial routine

    Fiona Dev

    I use this at least once a week as part of my facial routine. It gives me back so much moisture in to my skin after cleansing and makes my skin feel super soft. Couldn’t be without it
  47. Where have you been my whole life


    In iso i've found that my skin has lost its sh** !!!!! This product has saved it. Not only does it feel hydrated but it also leaves my skin feeling really plump. You've got the option to use it as a mask whenever you please or leave it on over night. I was worried it would get everywhere but it's a nice consistency that doesn't leave your pillows dirty. I pair this as a step after using my fruit e...
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  48. A lovely leave on sleep mask


    I prefer to use this as an overnight mask, its not sticky when it dries and just feels lovely and moisturising
  49. Super Hydrating


    Another Joanna convert here and I'm happy to say i love it! I use this mask every third night, usually the next day after I do retinol. I pair it with a simple vitamin b serum first and wake up feeling super hydrated.
  50. Hydrating overnight treatment


    I really like using this mask as an overnight treatment - it absorbs really nicely into the skin and feels really nourishing and rich! Love that it has probiotics as well.
  51. Great Mask


    The mask feels wonderful when on, it's not too heavy and I sleep in it and wake up with lovely skin. A little goes a long way so good value for money.
  52. The Best Mask EVER!!

    Anna May

    I received this mask as a gift and couldn't be happier with it! my skin soaks it up and just loves it! My skin has never been so hydrated!
  53. Wouldn't recommend for sensitive skin!


    I'd heard raving reviews about this product online and read in the description it is for 'sensitised' skin. This product can be left on for 10-15 mins or overnight for more intense treatment. First time I left it on for 4 hours and my cheeks were red and irritated afterwards. My skin looked the same, if not worse the next day. Five days later I left it on for 15 mins, and I was slightly less irrit...
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  54. So rich!


    I have extremely dry skin which gets worse as the temperature drops, so I've noticed a big difference using this mask after just a week. It's so rich and smells lovely, skin feels lovely after using. I've tried leaving it on just for the recommended 20 mins as part of weekly self care routine, and leaving it on overnight on nights inbetween actives, and both methods work well!
  55. Hydration Station!


    This is soooo amazingly hydrating! Thanks Jo for the recommendation. Best value for money I have ever spent on quality skincare.
  56. Changed my life


    I love this product, it is soooo good. I heard about it from the podcast and instantly purchased it. Being a mask, I was a little skeptical as I’ve never found masks to really work but this is amazing. It soothes, hydrates and plumps the skin. Love it!
  57. Hydrating weekly mask


    I like to use the Aspect Probiotic Mask once a week especially after a few days of actives to give my skin a break and bring some hydration back. I wouldn't say it automatically delivers dramatically soft skin the next morning but it is effective. As a sleep in mask, I'm glad it doesn't feel too thick and heavy on the skin overnight.
  58. Lovely overnight mask


    I’ve been using this as an overnight mask for the past 6weeks. I like the texture and results. I find my skin is more plump and even. I had previously been using this once a week but now that it is getting cold I’m going to up it to twice a week. Lovely rich cream that melts into the skin and isn’t sticky. Would definitely recommend.
  59. SO Hydrating


    I purchased this mask last month and have been using it overnight 2-3 times a week. It is so hydrating and soothing. I usually have naturally drier skin, since using this I wake up with glowing, plump skin. It also doesn't cause any irritation. Highly recommend!
  60. Great product


    I really liked this mask, it is hydrating, smells kind of like herbs, very creamy and soothing BUT I don’t love it as much as the hydrating mask. It is not quite as thick and luxurious in my opinion however it does sink into the skin better than the hydrating mask. For me personally it is great and I would buy again (and will, because mine got taken away at airport security lol), but will still al...
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  61. Good


    Nice balancing mask that helps with occasional breakout without stripping the oils from my skin.
  62. Best mask ever!


    I been using this twice a week for three months now, and it has done wonders for my skin. I have oily/normal skin that gets a few breakouts, whenever I use this mask the next day any pimples I had the night before after gone or fading. Also, it's a very thick and hydrating mask that doesn't make my skin oily or breakout. 100% will be buying this mask for life.
  63. Glow up


    I have been looking for a probiotic mask for a long time and once I read the reviews on this product I was eager to try it. Firstly, the smell is absolutely heavenly and the consistency is creamy. I have combination skin, and wanted an extra glow from the inside. This mask achieved all of this and more. I find my boyfriend using it now too. Would highly recommend and I will certainly be purchasin...
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  64. Genuinely obsessed!!!


    Decided to buy this after seeing it all over Joanna's Insta stories. Soooo good for my dry and reactive skin! Ive been waking up with tight and dry flakey skin for a while but using this as a night moisturiser at the moment and the next day I wake up and my skin feels so good its insane!!
  65. So calming


    Love! Joanna raved about this and she wasn’t lying. I find it so hydrating and calming - have used it as an overnight mask each time and love it. I have dry skin so it sinks in well, my parter doesn’t like it overnight as he finds it sticky but it works beautifully washed off too.
  66. Holy grail!


    This is my holy grail skincare product, out of all the toners, serums, and moisturizers. I have just purchased my second tube. If I had to only choose one skincare product, this is it. I originally purchased this as I dislike sheet masks, but now use it as part of my daily evening routine leading into winter. It is especially good if you use chemical exfoliants. The tube packaging is great as it i...
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  67. Lovely texture


    I love the texture of the mask. It goes on well and doesn't feel at all greasy or sticky. My only criticism is that I have very dehydrated skin and it wasn't quite as hydrating as I hoped.
  68. The Ultimate Mask


    I finally took the plunge and purchased this highly recommended product and I get now; I left it on over night and I could see and feel a visible difference. The mask is nourishing and leaves your skin feeling fresh and bright. I want to turn this into a night cream - it also smells AMAZING!
  69. The Ultimate Mask


    I finally took the plunge and purchased this highly recommended product and I get now; I left it on over night and I could see and feel a visible difference. The mask is nourishing and leaves your skin feeling fresh and bright. I want to turn this into a night cream - it also smells AMAZING!
  70. Best night time treatment


    One of the best overnight masks I’ve ever used! No need to wash off in the morning as your skin fully absorbs the product while you’re sleeping. This helped heal a lot of the scarring on my face from years of picking and squeezing pimples as well as hydrating my skin to another level. One of my favourite products from Aspect!
  71. ProMOISTotic


    My face is so moist and hydrating.
    I used more than a pearl sized amount (as recommended) and wasnt sorry. The moister and probiotically the better!
  72. Favourite overnight mask


    This is my current favourite overnight mask to give hydration and wake up feeling smooth and dewy. Currently using on alternate nights and loving the results
  73. A hydrating mask


    I leave this mask on overnight, twice a week. I wake up feeling super hydrated and glowy. It also smells amazing. A great product to use post-mask.
  74. Super nourishing


    Love using this after a night of retinol use. I find it really restoring. I keep it on over night for extra hydration. I have skin that is quite sensitive to anything abrasive e.g. microderm, rough pillow cases, boyfriends beard - when my skin is hurting I'll pop this mask on and the next day I'll feel so much better for it.
  75. So hydrating!


    I love this mask as an overnight treatment when my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated or sensitive. Its so calming in the skin and feels luxurious to apply!
  76. So hydrating


    Love this mask! Calms down my skin when i have a flare up! Instant glow!
  77. Beautifully hydrating


    This product is so beautifully hydrating. I use it both as an overnight treatment and as a 20-minute mask and its great for both.
  78. Nice moisturising but not game changing


    Like but not obsessed.

    I purchased this after rave reviews and friends loving this product. I put it on as a night mask and woke up feeling plumper and fresher, it was nice :). It does feel like the change happens on the surface of the skin though and not fixing the deeper issues and have it on rotation with other products.
  79. Amazing


    This is such a gorgeous nourishing mask I often use it as a night cream, it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. The mask is very lightweight it feels almost like a lotion. You get a lot of product for you money. This is great for most skin types needing a boost.
  80. Perfect overnight mask


    I got this specifically because my skin was drying out like the desert, due to using tretinoin retin-a while in isolation. It's a really beautiful, thick, hydrating mask and most definitely makes you feel a little plumper the next day. However, I wouldn't exactly recommend it if you are extremely sensitized, it stung a little bit when I was right in the middle of retonising my skin.
  81. Must HAVE


    Jo is correct everyone needs this!
    I have been using this for about a week now and I have noticed a significant difference in the size of my pores, the texture of my skin and the hydration it gives. I will never be without it again!
  82. always feel fresh!


    I LOVE this product! I sleep with it on overnight and it the morning all the redness out of my skin has gone and i look super fresh and hydrated. Makeup always goes on better the following day too. Love this treat for my skin especially before events and when i feel blah. Love it
  83. So good!


    This product has become my FAVOURITE. I use it most nights and leave it on overnight. My skin is so plump and I really feel it has help my skin recover and heal. I would recommend this to anyone looking for night treatment that isn't crazy expensive.
  84. Super hydrating


    This has become my go to, no fail, when my skin is feeling dry or dull. Smells like heaven.
  85. W O W


    I must admit, I had high expectations of this product after hearing Jo rave about it on the podcast - but boy, did it deliver! I left it on overnight as a mask, and wow, my face was so hydrated and juicy the next morning! Such a hydrating product, and I did not need to use much to get full coverage. Would highly recommend!
  86. beautiful


    this makes my skin feel so lovely. after every use my skin is plump, soft and has a lot less redness. i love it!
  87. Can not live without


    I started using this product after hearing Joanna recommend it (many) times both on the podcast and her instagram. I honestly don't know how I was getting through life before. I have dry skin that is easily irritated but when I wake up after sleeping with this baby on I feel like a new woman. My skin is velvety soft and feels full of moisture without being wet or slimy to touch. This is one of tho...
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  88. Super nourishing


    I love this mask.
    I apply it before bed most nights for a supercharged probiotic hit and I wake up with super hydrated and fresh skin.
    I enjoy the botanical scent but my partner hates it.
  89. Amazing!


    I purchased this product after listening to the podcast and could not rate it more! I leave it on overnight and it leaves my skin feeling plump, glowy & hydrated. I use it 2-3x per week and love it! Highly recommend.
  90. Beautiful hydrating mask


    I can't rate this mask highly enough. I left it on overnight and the next day my skin was absolutely glowing and feel so beautiful and plump, soft and hydrated. Especially love doing this mask on the weekend to enjoy my skin with no make up on the next day. I slept in it overnight and will continue to do this because the result was amazing.
  91. So hydrating


    I have only used this a couple of times and am already so happy with the results. Leaves your skin feeling hydrated. I have only used it over night but am keen to use it just for 20 minutes and then wash it off. I would recommend using it the night before a day when you know you are not going to wear makeup. It can leave your skin feeling a little sweaty the next day.
  92. Great overnight mask!


    Adore this overnight mask. Feels so soft and hydrating on my skin - I love it!
  93. Fantastic overnight mask!!


    I bought this product off a recommended by Joanna but also my love for Aspect. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth. As someone who suffers from hormonal acne and dry skin it really gives my skin the added hydration that it needs. I use it once a week and leave it on over night, the next day my skin feels amazing.
  94. One of the most amazing products


    I discovered this product through the Beauty IQ podcast and been in love ever since. It's extremely nourishing and really calms my skin whenever I overdo the actives. Love it.
  95. A Glass Of Water For My Skin!


    This product is my new midweek bestie. It was recommended by Joanna and it really does live up to its reviews and my own expectations! It completely overhalls my dry skin when leaving it on overnight and really gives my skin what it needs it terms of loss of hydration from using some heavier/retinol containing products.
  96. A little too rich


    I got this as a premium bonus product and wary to try as its got rave reviews. Would i have order it myself? No. i have oily skin, prone to breakouts and tend to steer clear of super hydrating products because they make me breakout. If i leave this on overnight like intended, it is too rich and gives me spots. However, if i just leave it on for half hour and then wipe my face with a warm cloth, my...
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  97. New favourite leave-in mask


    I am obsessed with this mask - I use it twice a week as a leave on mask before bed, when I feel like my skin needs a little extra nourishment.
    I have normal - oily skin, and this hydrating mask doesn't leave me feeling oily in the morning.
    I wake up with the softest, baby-smooth skin.
    I will definitely be repurchasing this and recommend buying this for the affordable price ta...
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  98. Super hydrating for dry and dehydrated skins!!


    Love using this mask to replenish the moisture levels in my skin!! Leave it on overnight for extra hydration, it does not irritate the skin in any shape or form. This is a worthwhile investment for those struggling with dehydrated, tight or dry skin conditions.
  99. Love this creamy moisturising sleep mask


    I got a small (but generous) tube of this as a gift a few months ago and absolutely love it, I use it two nights a week and love the thick, creamy feeling when applying it and by morning my skin is so soft and supple. I will definitely repurchase when I run out!
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