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Aspect Probiotic Mask 118ml 118ml

4.7 of 218 reviews


4 instalments of $15.50

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4 instalments of $15.50

Or 4 instalments of $15.50 with LEARN MORE

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Your overnight skin saviour. Offering nourishing hydration for skin that is parched and sensitised, Aspect Probiotic Mask helps you restore your skin barrier.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Aspect Probiotic Mask 118ml Reviews

4.7 of 218 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Made every other mask redundant


Its just all the good, nurturing and soothing things on your skin. My friend gave me some of this to try as a sample, when I woke up the next morning my partner said 'Oh my god, your skin, you're glowing.' I no longer see why you I would need any other mask. If my skin is dry, dull, wind-burnt, sunburnt, breaking out, sensitive, being a jerk, I use it, and it helps every. time. It's also a really generous size and lasts an eternity. I now use this every second night on top of my Alpha H Liquid Gold as a treatment routine.

Most Helpful Criticism

Wanted to love it


I really wanted to love this mask because of the amazing reviews I've read about it, but my skin just did not get along with it. My skin became quite sensitive when I used it and I did get breakouts after using it. :(
  1. Okay mask


    This mask has been very hyped as it's been mentioned on the adore podcast and tegan mac's skin Instagram page. Sadly, I did not love this mask as much as them. It's very thick and creamy in texture ( a little goes an long way) this product does have an fragrance which I assume is from the essential oils in this product (there's three), which is what I think made my skin go red from it. This mask i...
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  2. Made every other mask redundant


    Its just all the good, nurturing and soothing things on your skin. My friend gave me some of this to try as a sample, when I woke up the next morning my partner said 'Oh my god, your skin, you're glowing.' I no longer see why you I would need any other mask. If my skin is dry, dull, wind-burnt, sunburnt, breaking out, sensitive, being a jerk, I use it, and it helps every. time. It's also a really ...
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  3. never live without it


    I've been repurchasing this for about a year now and I never go to bed without a layer of it on. So hydrating & perfect for winter
  4. Quick pampering

    Miriam Wallace

    I love this! Feels so calming and restores reactive skin
  5. This works!


    This is a great mask which I leave on overnight 2 nights per week. Upon waking my skin is glowy and hydrated. A great staple I would highly recommend.
  6. Good for acne


    When my skin is flaring up I tend to turn to this product. It really does improve my skin. I see wonderful benefits and think it’s well worth it!
  7. Great healer


    This mask is so lovely and healing. It has really helped my angry acne as well as stopping more breakouts. I’ve been putting it on most mornings before my shower (probs a bit excessive, but I’m obsessed with how much better my skin feels) then just rinse it off with a flannel rather than do a morning cleanse. Total convert to probiotic skin care after this.
  8. Best overnight mask used!


    I've tried quite a few overnight mask in the past and nothing tops this probiotic mask. I use this often to help with any redness and irritation from overusing retinols and acids, this is the perfect calming and rehydrating mask. The texture is so smooth, I love it!
  9. Overnight hydration


    I love this product at night. My face is always so hydrated I’m the morning.
  10. A+

    Sarah D

    This is an A+ product! It serves your skin with all its needs! The price is super affordable for the quality and size! I had tried a sample from this product and a little goes such a long way! I had to purchase when I ran out! Great product for when your skin is sensitised, dehydrated, and after a night out of fun this is the perfect product to replenish your skin!
  11. Exceeded expectations


    Bought this the other day after reading all the glowing reviews and was seriously impressed. This mask felt wonderful on the skin and delivered lots of hydration. I kept it on overnight and woke to find healthy and smooth skin. The yummy citrus aroma is also really nice without being overpowering. My new favourite mask!
  12. Hydrating and calming


    Absolutely love this mask! Especially in winter when my skin needs extra love this mask becomes my moisturiser and I wake up extra glowy! Not too thick and not too scented.
  13. Hydrated and glowing skin overnight


    I received this as a free gift promotion quite a while a go and am still getting through the bottle, a little goes a long way. I love how hydrated, smooth and glowy my skin looks and feels when I wake up in the morning. It has quite a strong citrusy scent which intoxicates the senses when you put it on. I will definitely repurchase this and have gifted it to family and friends who also love it.
  14. Its good


    Good... but not mind blowingly good. It is my friendly, familiar, gentle friend on the skincare shelf that I reach for because I know what I'm getting every time. Hydrated, nourished skin.
  15. Awesome to calm skin!


    I bought this product after hearing so much about it on the podcast and reading the reviews. It is amazing to use as a night moisturiser to calm skin down. The morning after glow is real!
  16. Nourished skin!


    I bought this becuase of hearing it on the podcast and so many great reviews and boy did it deliver. With the change in season my skin was feeling reaaaally tight and dehydrated. I use this once a week to give my skin a moisture boost. You only need a pea size amount, a little goes a long way! I've also used this on my boyfriend who has very dry skin and he loves it too!
  17. Soft and hydrated skin!


    I love This product! I use it once a week after doing a salicylic acid mask. I leave it on overnight and wake up to smooth soft skin. I only use it once a week, as my skin is more oily prone so feel this is enough. I’d imagine if you had dry skin it would do wonders!!!
  18. Post-drinking saviour


    This has been such a saviour to my skin after a night out and when drinking is involved. My skin is usually oily however gets so dry after a night out. Putting this on before bed after a night out, its saves my skin so much the next day with the dryness. This really is a holy grail post-night out. I won't live without this one and the smell is so lovely.
  19. Great pre event mask


    This mask is definitely a worthy spend. I typically use it the night before any event to hydrate and brighten my skin. Does not irritate my dry and sensitive skin at all.
  20. Beauty staple!


    I've bee using this mask for years now and absolutely love it. Perfect to use overnight if you're feeling a bit dry... wake up with fresh, soft, hydrated skin. My pre-event go to as well. I'm in my late 30's now and can say that this mask has stood the test of time.. it is one of the few products I've stuck with as my skin has changed... works just as well on maturing skin as it did when I was y...
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  21. happy!


    love this mask my go to for hydration
  22. Life changing mask


    Omg this mask helped my skin so much when it was suffering from irritated dry skin after using AHA wipes! Perfect for anyone with sensitive and dry skin that is allergic to actives.
  23. I understand the hype


    After listening to Beauty HQ Uncensored religiously I have heard this product mentioned a few times and thought to give it a go. I really love it. Makes your skin feel so supple and soft. I do wish it did last until morning though as I find it rubs off quite a bit. But overall really love the product and feels like a great treat to put on at night.
  24. wow!


    great for a pickup during the week. makes my skin feel suuuper soft and nourished whilst not drying me out too much


    I bought this mask having been skinfluenced once again by Joanna and LOVE it! As I have dryish skin that I use this as an overnight mask twice week and it leaves my skin feeling more hydrated and looking more dewy the next day.

    A little goes a long way too so the tube will last for ages.... highly recommend!
  26. True hydrated love!


    This is such a nice product and my first 'sleeping' mask. I would highly recommend and think that it's a great product at a reasonable price point given a little goes a long way and it'll last a while. Super nice on the skin, very hydrating and soothing. I haven't woken up 'glowing' but it definitely feels like it works some magic overnight and will reduce any redness or problem skin.
  27. Wanted to love it


    I really wanted to love this mask because of the amazing reviews I've read about it, but my skin just did not get along with it. My skin became quite sensitive when I used it and I did get breakouts after using it. :(
  28. So lovely!


    I use this as an overnight mask if my skin is feeling sensitive/tight/dehydrated or if i've over done it on the actives. It's soothing, hydrating and doesn't feel too heavy or congesting. I don't use it that often as my skin has been behaving lately but i still love to have it on hand and my mum always steals some when she visits. I think i'll reach for it a lot more when the weather gets cold aga...
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  29. Love!


    This mask is amazing! Not only is it great for my face, I’ve actually started using it nightly on my dry cracked and bleeding fingers (thanks to all the hand washing and being in Melbourne stage 4). The doctor prescribed strong cortisone cream for them, but I actually think the mask has done more.
    The subtle Orange sherbet smell is an added bonus!
  30. Aspect puts the pro in probiotic


    I couldn’t tell you what’s in this mask (and I don’t need to because you have Google), but what I CAN tell you is the probiotic mask is truly hydrating and will give you juicy plump skin the next morning. I generally layer on vitamin B, retinol, and then use this to lock it in.

    Pro(biotic) tip - if you have a friend staying over and don’t want to wake up the next morning looking all ...
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  31. Smells lovely, easy to use, good results


    I bought this mask to try and hydrate my skin once or twice a week- I haven’t been disappointed. I use once a week after a clay mask and again as an overnight mask- works well both times.

    Smells lovely, decent size bottle. Will purchase again.
  32. Amazing


    Very trusty when my skin needs something to help it chill out a little. It makes my skin feel incredible and I absolutely love it, definitely worth a try if you haven’t already!
  33. Calming and healing


    I bought this when I suspected that I’d compromised my moisture barrier by over-exfoliating; recommended to me by a skin therapist. My skin was red and stung to the touch, but after applying this mask overnight, I had noticed an immediate improvement in the reactivity/sensitivity of my skin. Being a probiotic product, I keep it in the fridge (what I recommend to anyone considering purchasing!) and...
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  34. Fabulous Mask!


    I use this mask 2-3 times a week and it is like a great big drink for my skin. I apply it after any serums and leave it on overnight. In the morning my skin is plump, hydrated and a bit glowy. I find it calms redness and irritation as well. I will never be without this mask!
  35. Love this mask!!


    Bought this after having it reccommend day to me and I love it! I often leave it on overnight and my skin feels so clean and smooth.
  36. Great results, minimal effort


    My new fave mask. Just whack it on and go to sleep. This mask glides onto the skin with a beautiful matte texture, and you only need the smallest amount. Slather on this beauty, which smells divine, and drift off to sleep - you’ll wake up with soft bouncy and hydrated skin. Voila! This is a wonderful product, especially for the time-poor or lazy girl (like me!)
  37. my fav


    love this mask, have been using it for years and it always gives such a good glow and hydration
  38. Very Hydrating


    Used this for the first time as an overnight mask. Coming out of winter my skin is dry but this glides on, its not greasy at all and absorbs nicely. The next morning my skin felt lovely and smooth - Looking forward to seeing results with regular use.
  39. Very Hydrating


    Used this for the first time as an overnight mask. Coming out of winter my skin is dry but this glides on, its not greasy at all and absorbs nicely. The next morning my skin felt lovely and smooth - Looking forward to seeing results with regular use.
  40. This sleeping mask is really good, the smell is good, the mask is slippery, non-sticky, non-greasy, easy to absorb, has a light floral fragrance, try it for a little bit, the absorption effect is good, very moisturizing and also gave one mock up. I bought


    Great, I hope I can give away samples of other best-selling products
  41. Cooling post treatment


    I use this primarily after doing an at home peel or microdermabrasion. Its nice and cooling on the skin and I wake up with soft smooth skin.
  42. Love it


    Decided to try this after Joanna recommended it.
    I love it.
    I feel like it nourishes, hydrates and is healthy for my skin.

    Im all for probiotics!
  43. Love using this as a sleeping mask!


    I use this mask approx. 2 times a week as a sleeping mask and really notice a difference in my skin in the morning. My skin looks clearer and feels smooth and plump. I have issues with a disrupted skin barrier and whenever my skin feels aggrivated, this is a great antidote.
  44. Makes everything better


    This is great mask to pop on overnight as the last step in a routine. It's a little thick so it feels rich and has a slight citrus scent too it. Helps to calm any irritation and leave my skin hydrated and soothed come morning.
  45. Thick and nourishing


    The tub is huge a little bit goes a long way. I can’t use it on my chin or I breakout, but it’s lovely and nourishing everywhere else. I feel dewy and hydrated after using it once a week. Smells kinda funky, which I guess is authentic for a probiotic so I don’t mind.


    If you suffer from dry and sensitive skin, you need this in your life! I use it at nighttime before I go to bed and leave it on all night: when I wake up in the morning, my skin is so hydrated, smooth and plump. I have never been able to find the right product to soothe irritated and dry skin and this has been the only thing that has worked! Definitely recommend!
  47. Lovely


    This has improved my skin so much. It looks way healthier and more plump! I’m really glad I bought it, it’s good!
  48. Holy grail


    This is the BEST mask! I first tried it after I did an isolation facial kit that I ordered and it felt like heaven. I've heard so many people rave about it and for a very good reason. It smells amazing, isn't too heavy but still so nourishing. I use it as an overnight mask and it's so tempting to slather it on every night as I wake up with the glowiest skin!
  49. Soothing godsend!


    I LOVE this mask!! I finally purchased it after hearing so many good things about it - and it has lived up to the hype! I love using it as a soothing overnight mask, especially when my skin is in need of some TLC, and wake up with super soft, hydrated skin the next morning. I haven't used it as a 20 minute mask as I am too precious with it and don't want to let a single bit go to waste - the finis...
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  50. Best Mask

    Skincare Junkie

    This was recommended to me when I had a facial. I keep the mask on overnight and wash it off it the morning. I wake up to soft, hydrated and glowing skin.
  51. Hydrating after a long day of wearing a mask


    I’m a nurse and my skin was feeling dry, red with occasional break outs. Using this twice a week is really nourishing on the skin.
  52. Perfect!


    Nourishing, calming and hydrating and no issues w breakouts on dry acne prone skin
  53. Seriously nourishing mask


    Amazingly nourishing mask for dry winter skin. Thick and delivered a heap of moisture to my tired dry winter skin.
  54. Holy grail of masks!


    Um wow. I bought this on the recommendation of the Beauty IQ girls (best pod ever by the way!) I could not be more impressed with this product. I wake up SO dewy and glowy the morning after using it! Especially in these cold months, I've been using it instead of a night cream, or using it after trying to melt my face off with actives. Love love love! The smell is also heavenly!
  55. Love this so much!!


    I recently bought this for the first time and I am obsessed! I leave it on overnight and it smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. Will 100% continue to buy.
  56. Hangover Cure for skin


    Never fails me for when I need to rehydrate especially after a big night! Little bit goes a long way and it always feels so nice.
  57. Calming


    I’ve used this product twice now as my skin was starting to flare up and become irritated. I wouldn’t say my skin was glowing the next day but it looked a lot calmer, fresh and irritation relieved. I think I will use a little more than recommenced next time as my skin absorbed the mask. Soft Light creamy texture applies beautifully.
  58. So much HYDRATION


    I've been using this once a week for a few weeks and can confirm, supple skin for about 24 hours. I only leave it on for 30 mins as it feels like one of those thick masks that would break you out - although I've never experienced a breakout from it. Used it on my husband also and it worked so well for his dry tradie skin. Just try it, it will last forever with off and on use depending on weather.
  59. My favourite mask!


    I recently started using this mask, and it is fantastic. I have been skeptical to use a mask overnight, but this is quite light weight and just feels like a serum. I wake up and my skin isn’t flared up, and it’s very soft and plump. Fantastic value for the price, it’ll last a long time.
  60. Addicted!


    My beauty therapist applied some after a facial and I remember thinking to myself "this smells amazing!" I then bought my own and have been using it twice a week, or more if I feel like my skin is dehydrated or as a spot treatment for really flakey skin. I leave it on overnight and I always have super soft face and neck the next morning! I think this has also helped improve my skin barrier.
  61. Wonderful.


    Very hydrating and nourishing. Creamy texture, has a nice smell without added fragrance. It absorbs quick into the skin. I personally love to massage my face with this mask and leave the mask over night. Will i buy this again? Yes i would!!
  62. Not bad


    This mask has a lovely smell to it and will last you quite a while. Not sure if I notice a huge difference to my skin so I'm not sure if I would repurchase it again. I would recommend trying this mask out for yourself!
  63. great mask


    this is really good, it works well and you only need a really small amount so it lasts ages
  64. It's okay


    This will last you ages! I primarily use it as an overnight mask 2x a week and I did like it initially as it left me super hydrated and glowing. However these days, it seems to be doing nothing for my skin which is super weird. I will continue to use till I finish the tube but I'm still unsure as to whether I will repurchase.
  65. AMAZING!


    After Joanna recommending this on the podcast a few times, I decided to just get it and I am so happy I did. I have used it over night twice, my skin feels so nice a glowy when I wake up and I have had so many comments on how good my skin looks. I use a lot of actives, so it's nice to give me skin a break now and then but still get amazing results!
  66. Great - love it!


    I love this product. No idea why you would want to wash it off though. I put mine on at night after my normal skincare routine. I wake up with soft and skin that is noticeably less red. Added bonus is that it smells lovely.
  67. Amazing!


    Having oily breakout-prone skin I would have never thought I needed a hydration mask until I listened to the podcast and now I cannot live without! I will use the product alone or with my favourite serum underneath and leave overnight and wake up with a new face. My skin is always smoother, glowy and so soft. I love using this product and well priced considering the effect and how little you need....
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  68. Beautiful


    Thanks to Joanna again .....my skin changed to super soft hydrated texture . Will be buying again and again best sleeping mask .
  69. Best skin barrier fix


    Had eczema on my neck and cleared this up in 2 days. Visible improvement and relief after 1 use! 100% recommend to anyone!
  70. Holy Grail!


    I’m so late to the bandwagon with this, but everyone needs this in their life! I leave on overnight and my skin literally glows and it is so damn smooth. I’d bathe in it if I could. Buy it now!
  71. My husband even uses it


    I bought this after seeing people rave about it on the you beauty FB group and I love it! It’s thick, creamy with a fresh scent. I have dehydrated skin so love a thick moisturising mask. It’s also a huge bottle for how much you need to use so lasts for ages! Kind of wishing I hadn’t introduced it to my husband though as he is making it go down quicker..
  72. Hydration +


    I bought this after seeing so many recommendations literally everywhere and was not disappointed. I use this as part of an at home facial and my skin is so soft and hydrated after. I also use this as a moisturiser when my skin is really dry and I’m stuck at home in iso!

    Great price point for the size
  73. Smells and feels beautiful


    I really love this mask. I tried it after a recommendation from a colleague and from hearing about it on the Podcast. It is so smooth and creamy to apply, plus it smells amazing. I have skin on the oilier side and it doesn't break me out. I use it once a week and wake up with soft and glowing skin the next day. I also find it helps blemishes heal faster. You don't need much product (maybe a large ...
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  74. Really like but won’t repurchase


    I bought this after hearing Joanna rave about it. While it smells lovely and is super hydrating is rather the Clinique moisture surge masque
  75. Lasts forever!


    I love this mask - it lasts FOREVER! I use it in combination with the fruit enzyme mask and love both so much, I took half a mark off simply because I don't love that if I sleep in it it's a little bit sticky - but honestly, i'd still recommend it 10 fold.
  76. Such a Moisturising Mask

    Amy W

    I have combo skin with some sensitivity. I use this mask weekly, usually on a Friday as a self-care option for making it through a hectic work week. Wake up feeling like you have had a week's work of sleep and kept up your daily water intake despite that not being the case! I never know exactly how much to use, but winging it has worked out so far.
  77. great


    such a great mask helps to calm and balance my skin
  78. My new go to mask for amazing hydration!


    I purchased this after watching Zoe Foster Blake's home facial video in which she used this mask. I love everything about it. It's so beautifully creamy, smells amazing and my skin felt incredible afterwards! I will be using this weekly, at LEAST!
  79. Obsessed


    This mask is amazing ! It is SO hydrating and feels so silky and delicious on my skin! I always leave it on over night for a little more of a boost - serums sit really nicely either under or over the top of it. This is such a must for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin !! Also, great value for money
  80. Good!


    This gave me a slight reaction initially, but I think I applied too much. After using for few weeks, i've noticed my skin is a lot more firmer and smoother, I really like this
  81. amazing


    this feels amazing on the skin. it leaves my face feeling fresh and moisturised and it has visible effects
  82. Another happy customer


    I bought this mask because of the great reviews and I'm happy to say that this product is just as good as everyone says. I've used it a handful of times now after a clay mask to re-hydrate my skin and it leaves my face feeling so hydrated and smooth! I love the texture and the scent and a little goes a long way. It's a big YES from me!
  83. Very moisturising


    This mask is very lightweight, but highly moisturising. You only need a small amount for the whole face. Would repurchase.
  84. The best


    This is my favorite night time moisturiser. I really notice the difference if I go without one night. As its really rich you only need a small amount if you use it as a moisturiser, the tube last so long it's definitely a bargain
  85. Love!


    I bought this because I saw Zoe Foster Blake use it (obviously) and i love it so much! It’s hydrating but tingly so I feel like its doing something. I wake up with clear hydrated and glowy skin in the morning after using it.
  86. Contains Lactic Acid


    I was recommended this by a friend, so I purchased it without doing a lot of research. I had dry/dehydrated sensitive skin (rosacea) and was looking for products to help. My friend leaves it on overnight and said her skin was lovely and soft the next day.

    The first time I tried this, my skin tingled a bit after applying and I my rosacea flared up a bit, but nothing too bad. I was surp...
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  87. Lives up to the hype


    I purchased this mask based on Joanna recommending it in the Beauty IQ podcast. I use it 2-3 times p/week as a moisturiser and I find I wake up with glowy and fresh skin. I think it's also really good value for it's price, most of Aspect's other products are much more $$$. Will be repurchasing.
  88. holy grail


    Half my wage goes to adore beauty since the podcast haha. But this recommendation from Joanne is by far my favourite. Instantly feels amazing, smells incredible and not too thick and heavy. I've been using this nightly during a retinol skin purge.
  89. Dry patches best friend


    I honestly think that this product has helped with my acne scars! Which surprised me. I use it on my whole face maybe once or twice a week, but I often use it on my dry patches as well as need :) would highly recommend, feel like it’s going to last forever as well
  90. A winter staple


    I’ve been using this for about a month now. Not only does it make my skin feel so soft but I feel hydrated after sleeping in it especially with the colder weather and heating indoors, it really helps. I might start using it as a moisturiser when I feel really dry.
  91. Amazing !


    I use this product 3-4 times a week in place of my nightly moisturiser ... you really only need a pea size amount to cover entire face. I wake up looking fresh, plump and nourished.
  92. Best hydration ever!


    I have had this mask for 2 weeks and I really cannot believe how dramatically it has improved my skin! I have dry mature skin and this has made such a difference I don’t have to wear makeup! I literally cannot stop looking at my skin now in the mirror it’s amazing!
  93. Brilliant for Winter


    This product will be a holy grail skin care staple during winter. Hydrates and nourishes the skin with a boost of goodness. Skin was brighter and plumper. Does leave you slightly oily after so may not be great for the warmer months
  94. One of my favorite masks.


    This is truly heaven for dehydrated skin. This night mask is great for sensitive skin. I like to use it 1-2 nights per week.
  95. Really Like, but don't Looooove


    Have been a long-time lover of the Aspect Hydrating mask and was hoping this would be amahhhzing based on all the hype. Buuuut controversially I'm going to go against the grain and say it doesn't quite live up to that hype. I think applied as a standard mask it does quite a good job at hydrating and brightening the skin, buuuut still doesn't rate as highly as the Hydrating Mask for me. I like to a...
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  96. Worth the hype


    Hands down, best nourishing sleep mask ever. I use this 1-2 per week. Some people say this gives them a rash, the ingredients mention lactic acid so it is very important to be mindful about when you're using your other acids alongside this product so you don't over do it! Also, retinol processes over two days on the skin so if you do have sensitive skin I wouldn't use this until you're outside of ...
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  97. The Only Hydrating Mask You Need


    Hands-down, this is THE best hydrating mask ever. Perfect particularly during these colder winter months where hot showers and heaters dry out your skin. I love to use this twice a week, particularly after a clay mask. Aspect have again delivered incredible results.
    I would definitely buy again.
  98. Love this


    This is heaven on my dry sensitive skin! I love this. It doesn’t completely help when my skin is super dry but still much better than most other masks I’ve tried.
  99. Plump and glow


    Great overnight mask which leaves my skin looking plump and hydrated the next morning
  100. Dreamy mask


    This is rich and beautiful as an intense mask or can be left on overnight for even more benefit. My skin loves it, silky soft and moisturized.
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