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Aspect Jungle Brew 30ml

4.6 of 42 reviews


4 instalments of $33.75

Or 4 instalments of $33.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $33.75

Or 4 instalments of $33.75 with LEARN MORE

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Aspect's Jungle Brew is a potent serum that is just what you need to achieve clear, glowing skin. This serum is perfect for oily, combination or problematic skin. This serum aims to help attain a healthy skin cycle without disrupting the skin's balance. Containing powerful ingredients, this formula works to detoxify, mattify and soothe the skin.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aspect Jungle Brew

Aspect Jungle Brew

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Aspect Jungle Brew Reviews

4.6 of 42 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this!


I use this serum when my skin is particularly oily and it is great to get it under control while still offering the protection of vitamin c etc.

Most Helpful Criticism

controls oil


I have combo skin and I did find my skin was more balanced but it wasn't great for much else
  1. Love this!


    verified purchaser
    I use this serum when my skin is particularly oily and it is great to get it under control while still offering the protection of vitamin c etc.
  2. Helped my hormonal acne


    I've been using this along with Aspect super B, hoping to calm my hormonal acne down and I've definitely seen a difference. I used it pretty much twice a day from the get go and it wasn't too harsh on my skin. My skin appears clearer and less congested. You don't get much product in each pump but I don't feel the need to smear over my whole face, neck and décolletage area like I would with other s...
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  3. Good for balancing out oil


    This has helped me out a lot, I went from clear skin to waking up overnight with oily and a bunch of pimples on my face. After maybe 2 weeks it really has made a difference especially with soaking the access oil on my face - especially my T-Zone..
    TIP is apply some form of moisturizer over this because for me it was quite drying even like a water based one.
  4. My hormonal acne saviour!


    verified purchaser
    I’ve been very impressed by all of Aspect’s products, but if I had to choose one, it would be this one. I’ve struggled with painful hormonal acne about my jawline throughout my 20s, and this is the only product that I tried that really seemed to make a difference. It took about a month or so of daily use before it kicked in, but I’ve been a loyalist ever since!
  5. Great Vitamin C Option for Oily Skin


    verified purchaser
    This is a lovely morning serum. I have struggled to find a vitamin C that agrees with my skin, however this one contains a form of vitamin C that is suitable for oily skin types. This serum helps to regulate oil and keep my skin clear. I love that it has extra antioxidant protection from the Amazonian extracts. I often will mix this with the Aspect Extreme B serum.
  6. Doesn't do a huge amount for me.


    verified purchaser
    I think this balances my skin well, but I don't see any real noticeable effects after using it for a while. I find I need much more than the one recommended pump of product - two at least - one doesn't seem to cut it. I like this but don't think I will repurchase again.
  7. Great


    This has helped my bumpy and textured skin but it is quite expensive
  8. Worth the $$$


    I love this product! I have acne-prone, acne-scarred skin and this has proven one of the keys to my skin's healing process! It's gentle enough so it doesn't make me break out but gives me a beautiful glow!
  9. Beautiful serum


    This is a beautiful serum which glides on nicely before makeup. It is hydrating but effective at treating breakouts. It is not oily at all. Give it time to soak in before applying moisturiser on top.
  10. Great for oily skin


    I use a vitamin c in my skincare already but thought id give this a go. I dont have oily skin so this really stripped away moisture but when i gave it to my sister to try she loved it! Definitely more suited to oilier skin types
  11. jungle brew is life


    i was recommended this product by my beautician and after using it for almost 2 yrs now, i can't live without it. it's honestly the best product to manage my oil levels throughout the day. it also helps sooth my skin when i get any pesky breakouts and works wonders in reducing redness (something i'm prone too). it soaks into the skin well and feels amazing (no tackiness). i use it in combination w...
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  12. lovely serum


    I use this when my skin is acting up, it helps with break outs and kind of just calms the skin
  13. great for acne prone skin


    this serum is great for acne prone skin, I have a few problem areas and it's helped so I will keep using
  14. controls oil


    I have combo skin and I did find my skin was more balanced but it wasn't great for much else
  15. will keep using


    I've been using this for a week now and it's improved some scars but will keep using to find out
  16. Great for breakout prone skin


    I love this serum, it’s light soaks in almost instantly and has helped healed my current breakouts faster and reduced the redness and I believe keep a lot more of the evil bumps at bay. The only negative thing I have is that the instructions on the back say pump 1 metered dose into hand and I don’t find this enough to cover my whole face so I do 2 pumps but then I’m left feeling like I’m wasting i...
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  17. Great for problem skin


    I discovered this product 3+ years ago during my second pregnancy & have used it since. The only serum I keep going back to that calms and settles the painful, angry, hormonal and cystic acne that I get around my jaw and on my neck. Lightweight and absorbs well. I used it once a day after cleansing. Highly recommend for teenagers with acne and pregnancy problem skin.
  18. Great Serum


    This is a beautiful serum which glides on nicely before makeup. It is hydrating but effective at treating breakouts. It is not oily at all. Give it time to soak in before applying moisturiser on top.
  19. Good but unsure if great...


    With so many products it's common to get a big initial skin response (good or bad), followed by lacklustre performance afterwards, so I committed to finishing the entire product before reviewing. The fact that I managed to finish the entire product, in my opinion speaks more to the fact that it didn't do anything crazy to my skin. I felt as though it was nicely sitting on my skin, it smells good, ...
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  20. Amazing


    I think I prefer this to the vitamin C serum, it does exactly as described.
  21. Worked wonder


    This product has cleared up my acne beautifully. I couldn't recommend this enough. It does exactly what it says.
  22. Love this product


    And pretty much everything from aspect actually... but this one i keep re-ordering. I just got it in the "problem skin" kit this time to try out some other products at a discount.
  23. Nothing special


    I have acne prone skin and have hormonal acne scarring so I was super excited to try this because of all the great reviews. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 weeks now and haven’t noticed much of a difference. It hasn’t done much to help with any acne that comes up and doesn’t do anything for acne scarring. It makes your skin feel nice but for the price it’s not really worth it
  24. Didn't help my acne


    I tried this on the advice of an esthetician a couple of years ago. While I have been happy with the other Aspect products I have used (about 4), this product did nothing to help my skin and was terribly expensive.
  25. great


    This especially has done a wonderful job of evening out my skin tone and brought a beautiful glow back to my skin. Highly recommend.
  26. Great


    I have been suffering from adult acne for awhile and had to resort to medication for a period of time. Within a week of using Jungle Brew it has dramatically reduced the acne and redness. I also have sensitive skin and rosacea, which has also improved. I have only had this product for under 3 weeks and I look forward to seeing further excellent results
  27. Yes it works!


    This is a beautiful serum which glides on nicely before makeup. It is hydrating but effective at treating breakouts. It is not oily at all. Give it time to soak in before applying moisturiser on top.
  28. Lifechanging


    Nothing has cleared up my skin like this product! Have recently come off the pill and my skin went crazy with little bumps everywhere.. This product has completely change the texture of my skin and i am now pimple free (apart from the occasional one at the time of the month!)
  29. Changed my life


    This has been the only product to work on my here and there breakouts. I use this every morning and have done so for a few months, it has changed my skin for the better. I had suffered from hormonal breakouts on my chin, this product (along with the entire Aspect range) has cleared up my breakouts and the texture of my skin has never been better. Anyone who suffers with breakouts should purchase!
  30. Smells amazing!


    I was breaking out here and there and since I’m in love with other aspect products I thought I'd give this a try. Firstly, it smells amazing! So far I’m really enjoying it and I think I’m slowly seeing results! Would recommend.
  31. Holy Grail Beauty Product


    The Jungle Brew is awesome! My skin is alot calmer, less red and helps control the acne. Would recommend 10/10
  32. Amazing


    Absolutely loving the results in seeing from using this as well as the b17 serum and purastat cleanser which I will be purchasing after receiving sample products. Well worth the price you pay. Good skincare is not cheap and cheap skincare is not good.
  33. Amazing product to help control acne & scarring


    I could not recommend this product highly enough! Amazing to help control acne and reduce the appearance of scarring from acne.
  34. Fav aspect product


    I use this after the extreme B and before the sheer hydration moisturizer but it is definitely my favourite aspect product. Have used it without the extreme B previously but I find this combo is working really well with my pregnant lady skin. Would 100% repurchase and have recommended to friends.
  35. Best thing for my skin


    Though pricey, this product cleared and brightened my skin up like I couldn’t have imagined. I was not expecting it to work that well because my skin has always been highly problematic, but it reduced my breakouts and had me waking up GLOWING. Would recommend to those with dull, oily, acne prone skin.
  36. Great product


    I love Jungle Brew. It is a great day time product to keep skin health up. It keeps active breakouts at bay, the Vitamin C reduces scarring and it is beautiful under makeup. I use Aspect products along with ‘The Ordinary’ and Go-To and I know that although the price tag of Aspect can be high, they are a reliable company that delivers on their promises.
    I have acne prone, rosacea prone skin ...
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  37. 8/10


    This serum has worked so well for me - I have always been prone to breakouts as and adult and they are often unpredictable. Since using Jungle Brew, my skin is calmer and I have no breakouts.
  38. Works wonders


    I've been using this for about 6 weeks now, and have noticed a huge improvement in the clarity of my skin. I still have the occasional hormonal breakout, but this helps to clear them quickly.
  39. Skin changing product


    I had a beauty therapist recommend me this product a few years ago but I was put off by the price tag. My skin has been acne-prone since I was teenager (currently 26), and I have used a lot of products, but this product has absolutely changed my skin. I get so many compliments on how amazing my skin looks. I don't even wear foundation day-to-day anymore. Not only has it cleared all my spots and i...
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  40. Unisex Mattifing Hydrator

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I use a combination of Aspect serums over the day. I use the Extreme B17 and Jungle Brew in the morning, and the Exfol L15 & Retional Brûlée in the pm.

    The combinaton of the two I use in the morning (upon being absorbed) sooth my redness, brightens and tones my skin, makes my pores disappear!! and just generally freshens by skin before applying moisturiser.
    Jungle Brew is a ...
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  41. Worth every penny!


    I was recommended this product by my beauty therapist. Yes it's expensive but the active ingredients make it so effective!! I was breaking out all over my face, and this baby helped with calming my skin and preventing further breakouts. I still get a pimple here and there but it goes away much quicker now. I got my partner hooked on this too! Have repurchased and will continue to :)
  42. Expensive but it works


    I was contemplating not buying Jungle Brew because of the price. But I am so glad I went ahead with the purchase. Within a week my blemishes were healing and looking less inflamed and by week two they were completely gone.
    My skin is clear and very smooth.
    I've tried many different products for blemishes and this has by far been the most effective.
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