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Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep Mask 118ml

4.7 of 93 reviews


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4 instalments of $14.75


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Take your beauty sleep to a whole new level with the Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep Mask. This rich face mask is designed to comfort and soothe skin immediately while firming, moisturising and providing skin with nutrients throughout the night.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep Mask

Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep Mask

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4.7 of 93 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Very nourishing and luxury mash


My skin is always dry so keeping it moisturised has always been a priority of my night time skincare regime. This mask not only moisturise the skin but it also effected like a super shot for my dry and tired looking skin. Very subtle and luxurious smell is a bonus too.

Most Helpful Criticism



tried this as a sleep mask, can't exactly sleep in it, I'm just not use to it
  1. Very nourishing and luxury mash


    verified purchaser
    My skin is always dry so keeping it moisturised has always been a priority of my night time skincare regime. This mask not only moisturise the skin but it also effected like a super shot for my dry and tired looking skin. Very subtle and luxurious smell is a bonus too.
  2. Very luxurious


    It’s a very luxe face mask. Makes skin feel great though so worth the price!
  3. Life Saver!!


    verified purchaser
    I use this mask every night before I go to bed, and I wake up with softer, calmer skin every morning. I usually have inflamed, itchy, acne-prone skin and I’ve really noticed a difference since using the Probiotic Skin Mask!
  4. hydrated skin


    I like this mask, it's very hydrating and somewhat rich. so in the morning my face feels nourished and plump
  5. LOVE!!!


    verified purchaser
    Best sleep mask ever!!! Have used other sleep masks that don’t compare! I wake up with glowy plump skin! Perfect for when my skin has reacted from retinol treatments. Could not recommend enough.
  6. A sensitive skins best friend


    verified purchaser
    I have extremely sensitive skin, rosacea, dry cheeks and oily t-zone. I came across this product after hearing the adore beauty IQ podcast and following Joana on Instagram, who uses this mask in her routine. I hesitated for a while but after reading a number of reviews decided to try it. Since I got this I don't know why I waited this long to buy it. I absolutely love how hydrating and nourishing ...
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  7. Good


    I use this mask after exfoliating with the fruit enzyme mask. It’s very nourishing and hydrating. I like the texture on my skin. I haven’t used it as an overnight mask yet and not sure if I will. It doesn’t really soak in so I just think it will end up all over my pillow.
  8. so nourishing and hydrating


    This is a really nice sleeping mask but make sure you use a silk pillowcase! Otherwise, it absorbs all the product :( My skin looks super glowy and hydrated after I use it, really impressed. Really like all Aspect products and this one is no exception.
  9. good mask


    I liked this, my skin looks and feels more nourished and refreshed the next morning
  10. ok


    tried this as a sleep mask, can't exactly sleep in it, I'm just not use to it
  11. Nourishing and Smoothing


    Seriously nourishing and hydrating mask that isn't greasy (it's light but creamy) and doesn't break me out! I smother my face in it before setting foot on a plane :)
  12. Love this


    I was looking for another sleep mask and decided to give it a try to this aspect one. I have read some reviews previously. The texture is not thick and easy to apply all over the face and leave overnight. It doesn’t block the pores or irritate the skin. I see next day the skin is so pumped and glowing.
  13. great skin


    I haven't worn this to bed like it's meant to, but I do wear it for a few hours. Not sure I can sleep in a mask but that's a personal thing. My skin looks and feels better after using this mask
  14. beauty mask


    I really liked this, and call it my beauty mask because my skin feels and looks great the next morning
  15. Love love love!!!


    Stop the bus! This is such a beautifully decadent and lush overnight mask! It feels sooo good like it’s nourishing my skin with so much hydration! I use it once a week after the fruit enzyme mask and it will last me for ages so it’s good value for money!
  16. good mask


    really good night mask, my skin looks refreshed and feels hydrated
  17. Works so well for my dry skin


    I have dry sensitive skin so was recommended this product. I use it twice a week and it has left my skin feeling so nice. I love that I don't have to wash it off before bed, and it doesn't stain or mark my pillow slips. I definitely recommend this for dry skin in winter.
  18. Amazing!


    Love the very slight scent, absorbs so quickly & is pillow safe. Love using this on nights when I'm too lazy to put on the full routine (serum + cream).
  19. Good


    This is a great sleep mask, my skin feels fresh and hydrated after use. I am always complimented on my skin and I put it down to using the amazing aspect dr range of products!
  20. Love it!


    I have dry/sensitive skin and have struggled to find anything that really hydrates my skin during winter. I have been using this sleep mask 2/3 times a week and have noticed a HUGE difference in only a couple of weeks, my skin feels amazing and really hydrated when I wake up after using it! Definitely would recommend!
  21. Makes skin extremely soft


    I use overnight and wakeup with the softest skin! I only use 1-2 night a week but loving results
  22. Amazing!


    Recently purchased this and it’s an amazing product. I’ve got dry skin and I leave it on overnight. My skin is always clear and bright the next morning.
  23. Face feels very soft and clean


    Excellent to use, left my face clean and refreshed. A little goes a long way.  Face feels very clean when you remove it without feeling dry at all!
  24. Why didn't I buy this sooner!?


    I have never really been an overnight mask sort of person, my skin would always break out but this mask is something else. When I take it off the next day my skin is so much more plumper and supple and it seems to cool down any irritated spots I have. Highly recommend
  25. Gorgeous


    Super lovely and hydrating. Makes my skin really pretty and glowy.
  26. hydrating and softening


    Amazing hydrating mask that you can sleep in
    Wake up so soft and hydrated knowing essential nutrients was penetrating my skin as I slept
  27. Works well but hard to wear at night


    It works well but I struggle to wear a face mask overnight. Not sure that I'd purchase it again.
  28. Beddy Byes


    Amazing sleep mask! I use it when my skin is feeling extra tired and dry and I wake up with beautiful glowing and plump skin! Love it!!!
  29. Hydrating, plumping, nourishing YES


    I didn’t have many expectations before purchasing ... however the results speak for them self! Especially in this horrible winter period, I use this as I would moisturiser ! It plumps and hydrates and deeply nourishes my dry flakey skin! It’s non greasy and feels super lightweight and I absolutely love how it makes my skin look and FEEL
  30. So lush


    This product feels soooo lush and rich on the skin. Not thick and feels beautiful on my face overnight.
  31. Glowing skin


    I was hesitant to use this as I have oily skin, but this had been perfect for me this winter! I only use a tiny amount once a week and skin literally glows after putting it straight on. Definitely repurchase this again!
  32. Great Mask - Hydrating and not heavy


    I bought this as a change up from the Aspect Hydrating mask and am sold. This mask doesn’t feel as heavy and absorbs better and quicker into the skin. My skin is quite dry and always feels like it needs more hydration.

    Since you don’t much the tube will last for ages which makes it the best value. Would definitely buy this again.
  33. Regenerate my skin


    Regenerate my skin during the night, it does a wonderful job while I am asleep.
    Great feeling in the morning: my skin doesn’t feel dry anymore!!
  34. Super hydrating


    I absolutely love this and recommend to everyone. I’m addicted to anything that hydrates my skin. I sit towards the dryer side of the spectrum.
    I use most nights after retinol and serum
  35. Looking for dewy, luminous skin? Don’t hesitate to purchase


    I love this sleeping mask. Skin is soft, hydrated and dewy. Feels luxurious yet minimal scent. I love the texture and feeling. Great for a mid week indulgence for dull, dehydrated skin.
  36. Great


    This left my skin really calm and hydrated which can be difficult with my sensitive skin, impressed!
  37. Love!


    Leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Everyone always comments on my skin after using. It was recommended to me that I can use it Day and night as my moisturiser. It’s calming in my skin.
  38. good


    Best mask I’ve used
    I love this mask, I have tried many type of masks before but I felt all are not suitable for my skin. And I also love Aspect brand, I love cleansing aspect for face as well.
  39. Great mask


    This mask feels great when you put on, I left it on overnight and my skin looked refreshed & hydrated


    This sleep mask is wondering and so refreshing,,my skin looks so hydrated in the morning.
  41. New favourite mask


    Having mild rosacea and slightly reactive skin I felt a bit scared the first time I put this on my face. Initially, it felt quite tingly all over my face and the skin around my nose and mouth turned a little pink but after a minute or so the tingly feeling and redness was gone.

    The consistency of the mask before you put it onto your face is creamy and light but when you start massagin...
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  42. Amazing


    Amazing sleep mask! I use it when my skin is feeling extra tired and dry and I wake up with beautiful glowing and plump skin! Love it!!!
  43. Definite winner


    I love this product! Its so luxurious.
    Not only does it do a great job as a sleep mask, but I also have been using for calming skin complaints , eg epilation irritation, and it calms skin really well.
    My sister commented on how clear my skin is.
    I plan to repurchase
  44. Hello moisture !


    Received this as a gift with another purchase and absolutely love it! The only thing is it does feel a bit greasy on the skin but I woke up with glowing, hydrated skin! Im working in the pilbara and my skin has been so dry, Nothing has seemed to be working until I found this! If you want instant hydration and a glow when you wake up then I'd recommend this.
  45. Overnight miracle


    I love this! Go to bed feeling dehydrated, wake up with hydrated, calm and supple skin! Worth the price!!
  46. I use this as a day moisturizer


    I have dry dehydrated skin, and as suggested by my dermal clinician to use this in place of a moisturizer. it is the best! works well with serums, sunscreens, primers and works extremely well under foundation (estee lauder double wear). I have nice dewy skin that was not possible before and I have used every collagen, hydration, hya;uronic boosting moisturizer out there.





  48. morning


    It’s definitley on the heavier side but I use it as a night cream and my skin is amazing the next morning.
  49. Good


    I use the probiotic sleep mask once a week after I have exfoliated, I find it very hydrating for my dehydrated skin and my face always has an extra glow after using this product. I also find it handy that I can leave it on overnight for extra hydration and simply wash it off in the morning.
  50. Great to restore skin to brightness


    I've been using this as part of a new skincare regime (aspect serum and facial cleaner) so it's hard to say exactly which product is making my skin feel so nice, but i've been using this and keeping it on all night and it feels gorgeous to put on and my skin is super dewy and bright in the mornings - so definitely enjoying it
  51. Very Effective!


    This is defnitely one of my favourite sleep masks! Upon application in absorbs well into my skin and works it's magic overnight. I wake up to very hydrated and plumped skin! It is great to use as a weekly treat!
  52. Best Nightcream/ Mask I have come across

    Courtney (Adore Beauty Staff)

    After applying my night time serums I apply this mask on top. It is just so beautiful! Easy to apply- no sticky texture. I wake up feeling plumper and super hydrated! I like rich and thicker products on my skin and this is just that! I also massage this product in for around 30 seconds and this helps the product to sink into my skin. I won't be going back to any night creams/moisturisers!
  53. Just what this Mumma needs


    With two under two and little time to look after my skin, I need smart skincare that works efficiently and is simple. This mask is just that!! It deeply hydrates my tired skin and I just apply it and then forget about it overnight. I have been using it after the fruit enzyme mask and when I wake up my skin feels so smooth and looks healthier.
  54. i don't know how to feel about this yet..


    I ordered the full size not long ago, and I've been so excited to try it out it feels nice when you first put it on the skin but after leaving it on for a few minutes (as recommended) the mask became a little too greasy. I'm going to keep trying this product for the next few weeks to see if its made any changes to my skin...
  55. One for myself one for a friend


    Bought one for myself and loving it so bought another for a friend, it is quite thick but really hydrating.
  56. lifesaver


    This little beauty is a lifesaver - I'd like to say I love using it as part of a dedicated and elaborate skin care routine, but honestly, my favourite thing about it is when I'm too lazy at the end of a busy day I know all I have to do is cleanse and complete this one step rather than my usual routine, and jump into bed. I feel better knowing that I'm going to wake up with more supple, glowy skin....
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  57. Nice sleep mask


    I love this mask to sleep in after a good exfoliation. I find it really hydrating & nourishing and wake up with my skin looking fresh
  58. Great Mask to sleep In


    I love masks that you can wear all night and this is a great mask to put on after your shower and go to sleep in. There is very little scent to the mask and it is thick and hydrating and instantly makes the skin feel smooth and plump. It doesn’t absorb into the skin completely so the skin feels a little sticky but not unpleasantly so. I use a silk pillow case and didn’t notice residue on the pillo...
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  59. Oh my Lordy


    Didn’t purchase on adore beauty but my facialist introduced this to me. This did wonders. I’m currently using a ten cent coin’s worth every night and it’s really fixing my super dry cheeks. So good, and you don’t have to use much so it lasts for a really long time. This product is the ULTIMATE hydrating product. Obviously not suitable for daytime use.
  60. Firm, hydrated skin while you sleep!


    I have been using this mask twice weekly and from the first use I woke with visibly more hydrated skin. My skin felt firmer and plump and my makeup sat better the next day. I have normal skin and have fine lines and find this mask really pleasant to use and I’m loving the results so far. The tube is also a super generous size and will last me a really long time!
  61. Amazing mask


    If your looking for a hydrating mask this is a Definite. Makes my skin feel fresh clean and glowing
  62. I'm so happy I purchased this, saved my skin!


    Funnily enough I use this mask as my daily moisturizer morning and night at the recommendation of my facialist. It hydrates my skin and does not break me out. I can't tell you how hard it is to find a moisturizer that doesn't break me out. It sinks into my skin beautifully and gives it a nice glow.
  63. Happy with results


    I have slowly been adding aspect products to my skincare routine. I normally wouldn't spend this much on a mask but i am glad I did. I leave it on over night and wake up in the morning with smooth plumped skin that looks fresh.
  64. Really nice mask


    I really like this mask. I only use a small amount, about the size of a five cent piece all over my face about three times week. I leave it on overnight and there is still some residual product on the next morning. Calming and leaves my face really plump and moisturised.
  65. My new favourite Mask


    If you love Masks then this mask should definitely be in your skin care regime. I used it for the first time overnight last night and was amazed by how dewy and hydrated my skin looked this morning. I am 45 Years old but I didn’t look it this morning. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.


    By far one of my favourite products. It feels amazing on and it keeps my skin so hydrated overnight. I wake up and my skin is so soft and fresh. It feels like wearing a mask and feels so nice on your skin. A little bit more than i would regularly pay however it is totally worth every cent!
  67. Irritation and expensive return


    When I applied this product within a few seconds I started to get a burning sensation on my skin. I am not very sensitive to products and utilise many products with active ingredients but for some reason there is something in the Aspect products that causes this. I would beware of that when buying this. I have also broken out into tiny red dots when using their B17 serum. Also when it costs $8 to ...
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  68. Nice


    Only used a couple of times, so can't rave just yet. Maybe I'll review later
  69. Super hydrating


    This mask works miracles on dry skin, apply generously and leave overnight your face will feel soft and hydrated in the morning.
  70. Beautiful bedtime mask


    I have combination skin that’s prone to dehydration . This mask is sooo beautiful I put a night serum on then this on top and wake up with such beautiful plumped soft skin. One of my favourite masks
  71. A staple item


    I love this, I use it the first way suggested and its changed the way I feel when I wake up! I don think its a good sleep in mask as its quite strong and quite sticky, but if you rinse it off it still develops on the face as you sleep!
  72. Have to tryout


    This mask as the name suggests you can use as a mask, leave it until it dries and wash it off or you can put on and sleep. Even though at first I used as the first way but afterwards I included it in my nighttime routine which drastically changed my skin. In the winter I’ve driest skin ever. However, because of this probiotic sleeping mask my skin survived and breathing with satisfaction. You migh...
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  73. Amazing product - improved skin overnight!


    This product has quickly become one of the staples in my routine. My skin looks dewy and clear when I wake up, and it has tamed my dehydrated & acne-prone skin. I will definitely be reordering.
  74. Mask


    Make my skin smoother and brighter after use for 5 times.
  75. Very soothing!


    I love using this mask! When I wake up, my skin feels plump and nourished. It is especially good for soothing irritated skin,
  76. Love it


    Another great product from Aspect. This mask feels amazing on the skin and not heavy as I expected it would feel. Can’t recommend enough!
  77. works wonders!


    My skin has improved drastically since i started using this. I use this twice a week as an overnight mask and its really helped with my dry patches and dry winter skin!
  78. Soft, Moisturised Skin


    I will admit I am a serious skin picker and often find myself squeezing away at my nose, which looks clean and beautifully free of blackheads for about a day but then my skin begins to peel and I've created my own world of pain.
    This mask helps me rectify my poor choices SO WELL. I've found myself using it every other night as a night cream because I love the way it feels and smells. I have ...
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  79. Amazing!


    I use this once a week, its really hydrating and makes my skin feel amazing!
  80. words cannot describe how soft this makes your skin


    This stuff makes your skin feel amazing!! I bought it for hubby who gets alot of peeling on his nose but thought i'd give it a go and now I'm hooked. It makes your skin so silky smooth. I can't tell yet if it causes breakouts as being that time of the month I am getting a few spots but the way it makes your skin feel. i don't mind getting the odd little pimple..
  81. I absolutely love it, but...


    I have heard such beautiful and wonderful things about this product and now that I have tried it I know why everyone is singing its praises. I have dry skin, which absolutely hates winter, and I was desperate for something to bring some serious moisture back to my face. This product is incredible at hydrating and moisturising the only negative is that its deliciously thick formula, which is actual...
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  82. LOVE


    I'm in my early 30s and have patchy combination skin with small signs of aging, with this product my skin feels amazing every 3rd morning with super plump skin, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!
  83. smells amazing!


    This sleep mask smells amazing, I found that a little goes a long way. It absorbs well and I have no problem going to bed with it on my skin. A friend told me my skin is 'glowing' and I attribute it to this cream as my skin feels smooth and fresh when I wake up
  84. smells amazing!


    This sleep mask smells amazing, I found that a little goes a long way. It absorbs well and I have no problem going to bed with it on my skin. A friend told me my skin is 'glowing' and I attribute it to this cream as my skin feels smooth and fresh when I wake up
  85. A little greasy


    A little goes a long way so too much can be greasy. Works fabulously, would purchase again
  86. Great product


    Great product! I use it every second night alternating with Alpha Liquid Gold - wash it off in the morning and my skin feels great.
  87. Beautiful to use


    I just love it! As my skin can be oily, I wasnt sure how my skin would react but I wake up and my skin looks softer and plumper. Great product to use
  88. Really nice and hydrating


    I really like this mask and actually use it as an everyday night cream. It's lovely and rich although a little greasy so be aware it may rub onto your pillow if you use a lot. Haven't had any issues with breakouts or sensitivity and seems to keep the winter dullness away. Might be a tad greasy and rich for summer though.
  89. Like silk


    This is beautiful, like silk on the skin. You can feel it doing your skin good as you rub it in. I will definitely repurchase this.
  90. Love it


    My skin has improved since using the mask. I have oily skin but with some dry patches, since using it my skin looks and feels softer and more evenly toned. You only need a little bit as it goes a long way. It isn't greasy and it absorbs beautifully!
  91. I tell everyone to buy this

    Joanna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is one of my favourite products for repairing and reviving dull, dry or sensitive skin. It's super gentle and hydrating, and you can really notice the difference the next morning - your skin will be smoother, brighter and calmer!
  92. silky smooth skin


    I don't get a lot of free time to really treat my skin with my busy schedule but this product makes it so easy. Just apply before bed and when I wake up my skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated. My boyfriend loves the "lemony" scent of the mask also which is an added bonus :')
  93. For people who are time poor


    I’m a working mother of two who doesn’t have much time to pamper sesh but here is a great solution. So while you sleep your face is being hydrated with probiotics, potent antioxidant, argan oil, and other good stuff. So apply a small amount of the sleep mask before you go to sleep and tada when you wake up your skin feels hydrated and soft. LOVE IT especially after a night shift❤️❤️❤️❤️
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