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asap ultimate hydration 50ml 50ml

4.6 of 86 reviews

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4 instalments of $16.58


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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asap ultimate hydration 50ml

asap ultimate hydration 50ml

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4.6 of 86 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me
There are a lot of good things about this moisturiser, but for my oily skin, I don’t love it. I always apply an spf after my moisturiser, and before my makeup, and I find this way too rich considering my multi-step routine. It might be really nice for dry skin, but it’s not my fave.
  1. Lovely

    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  2. S

    Hydration that doesn't make me oily. A must have product - I'm really glad to have found this product.
  3. Love it

    My skin is dry and dead since I have stopped breastfeeding. I have only been using the asap hydration for a few weeks now and I can already noticed a difference. I love it.
  4. Great winter product

    I normally use the moisturiser with sunscreen however have switched to this one recently for a change for winter and I love it! Still use the sunscreen one if I’m going out in the sun but love this product for a day in the office to fend against the drying effect of air conditioning.
  5. good

    I love this moisturiser! My skin is smooth and feels nice all day long. I have oily skin and it doesn’t feel greasy at all! It also smells so nice. Great price too!
  6. My HG moisturiser

    Oh, it took me as long time to find my favourite moisturiser. Hydrating without being oily, and keeps me well-moisturised yet never shiny. It sits beautifully under makeup. Just perfect.
  7. Works well as an evening moisturiser

    I purchased this moisturiser intending to use it in the mornings, however I've found that it leaves my skin looking shiny/oily. This isn't a problem at night, so I've been using it before bed and it's great for hydration and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
  8. Great

    This product is my best friend. It prepares me for the day ahead, makes me feel amazing without even feeling like there’s anything on my face, unlike other products that make you feel yuk and greasy ... would recommend this to everyone.
  9. Hydrating

    Love that this gives my skin a boost of hydration but doesn't feel thick or heavy like a lotion. It just sinks in and feels comfortable, even when I'm oilier
  10. Wonderful

    This is such a lovely product and really hydrates dry skin! Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and skin is glowy after using it
  11. asap ultimate hydration

    Not overpriced, affordable product. Very rich and creamy so it is good for the winter time. Make sure to use toner before so it is easier to apply it thoroughly. Does feel a little sticky after applying, but it does protect your skin.
  12. amazing on sensitive skin

    ASAP ultimate hydration is literally the only moisturiser that my hubby will use !! It’s so hydrating and supports his sensitive rosacea flare ups every other cream leaves his skin red but this one provides a barrier of protection and so hydrating !! It smells amazing too I love it too !
  13. Great

    When I apply this moisturiser in the morning before doing my makeup, my face feels totally rejuvenated and hydrated for the whole day. I've been using this Asap Ultimate Hydration moisturiser for 4 years now and it never fails how I feel. Just Love It !!!!
  14. not a fan

    feels very greasy, can only use this at night because if i put on in the morning my face is super shiny all day.
  15. Love this stuff

    I have combo dehydrated skin and really struggle with the areas around my nose and mouth. I used this moisturiser maybe a year or so ago and fell in love with it (but not the price). I've been testing other moisturisers, both low and high-end, and this has definitely been my favourite. I've repurchased it and my skin has been great! My skin is plump and hydrated, I only need a little bit, and it doesn't clog my pores. It's well worth the splurge in my opinion.
  16. Love it

    Hydration that doesn't make me oily. A must have product
  17. YES, YES, YES!

    I am so happy i have FINALLY found a moisturiser that has ticked all my boxes. I have tried a few creams now that have fallen short but this is amazing. I get really dehydrated skin but throughout the day i will get an oily t-zone. This is so so hydrating but it doesn't leave an oil slick (which i have found with others). It sits beautifully under makeup too! and to top it off it is fragrance free! it still has a smell but its a natural skin care smell - no perfumes. It is on the pricey side but you only need one pump per application (no need to reapply once soaked in), and i don't mind paying that little bit extra for a product this good. Happy customer.
  18. Use it daily - love it!

    I use this daily along with the gentle cleaning moisturizer and serum at night. Absolutely love the texture and find a little goes a long way. Skin looks moisturised and plump after use!
  19. irritated my sensitive skin

    I usually love asap's products, and I really wanted this one to work. I have very dry, VERY sensitive skin, which tends to react to a lot of moisturisers. This irritated my skin, causing a red bumpy rash. Other than that, it was a nice moisturiser, although I didn't notice a significant improvement in hydration.
  20. Immediate positive results

    Visible improvement to skin texture after two days - so light but very hydrating - my over-65 skin loves this product.
  21. Best moisturiser I've ever used

    If your skin needs hydration don't look past this product. Lovely light smell, thick and rich. Great for skin that is prone to breakouts but still gets dry.
  22. Holy grail

    This is my holy grail product. I try other moisturisers but keep coming back to this one. I have combo, hormonal acne prone skin. This does not break me out at all and it helps to keep my skin clear and calm. At first it does feel slightly heavy but it sinks in like a dream. Try it!
  23. LOVE

    love, love, love. It took me a long time to find a product that my skin didnt react to. This one is great! I was so sick of buying different products and wasting my money.
    This is the one if you have skin that is sensitive to most products. This one is light but super hydrating.This is my second purchase of this product and it lasts ages! One pump is all you need for the face and neck. Thank god for asap products
  24. Love it!

    I am a recent convert to ASAP - I just wish I'd tried it before. This is a great moisturiser for my aged, dehydrated and generally crook skin. No more flaking, no more breakouts (that was a surprise) and much better looking skin. Only a very small amount is required so I expect it to last a long time. I'm very happy with this brand.
  25. Not for me

    There are a lot of good things about this moisturiser, but for my oily skin, I don’t love it. I always apply an spf after my moisturiser, and before my makeup, and I find this way too rich considering my multi-step routine. It might be really nice for dry skin, but it’s not my fave.
  26. Living My BEST Skin Life

    Simply the best! I simply can't move away from this brand or this product in particular. Absolute skin saviour for hydrating, evening out skin tone (I suffer with the dreaded discolouration) and simply giving you a natural glow. This beauty adsorbs easily and I combine it with my face oil routine too. If you want fresh, glowing and an even skin tone this glow-friend is your gal. Shoutout to AB for the speedy delivery, as I wait until I have the last pump out before placing another order.
  27. Stop searching

    Over the years I’ve tried many moisturisers to accommodate my changing skin. Various brand were recommended and some of them extremely good, however, they never succeeded in lasting the distance. By that I mean, my skin would eventually reject them. I work both in an office environment and outdoors, so I needed a product that could adapt to both. This is it! It is hydrating enough not to make my skin to oily and the texture feels light but it’s powerful. I have no flaking, no dry spots and it works the same indoors and out. Beautiful products that provides the results it advertises.
  28. Really liking this cream

    Great face cream. It is moisturising without being oily. I love the pump bottle.
  29. affordable and does the job!

    I like this product because of the price, and knowing that it is good for my skin and a benefit to add to my beauty regimen. I can't notice any dramatic changes to my skin, I thought from all the reviews it was going to make a very noticeable difference. I will continue to use because of the price and the benefits!
  30. amazing!

    I love this moisturiser because it feels so good on the skin after I cleanse. It goes on perfectly and sits well under my makeup. I use the ASAP night cream and 50 spf moisturiser and I love them so I decided to invest in this product and I'm glad I did. I love the pump bottle cause one pump is all you need so it gives you the perfect amount every time. Only thing is you can't see how much is left in the bottle!
  31. It's good, but ...

    I love this moisturizer when I don't use foundation. On days I need foundation, I won't use it as it makes the foundation crumble on the skin. But it's great for hydration and the smell is lovely.
  32. Nicest daily moisturiser I've used

    This is lovely, very rich and moisturising but soaks into the skin quickly and completely so it's a dream for wearing in the day time.
  33. Definitely Hydrates!

    To be honest I didn't feel too much difference between the Ultimate and the advanced on my combination skin, used only at night (both at separate periods). I do love these moisturisers and feel like they really do work on a deeper level and are full of amazing ingredients. My skin always feels soft and hydrated in the morning and it's a nice product to apply.
  34. Highly Recommend :)

    I bought this product after seeing so many great reviews and it does not disappoint! I have dry sensitive skin and use a few of the ASAP products but don’t know why it took me so long to try this one! It hydrated well but is very light on the skin, I’ve been using morning and night and have seen a big difference already.
  35. The best

    This product is the reason I can leave the house with out foundation now. I stopped and tried alpha h essential hydration cream and I hate hate hate it compared to this. I’ll never change again. You hardly have to use any compared to all other moisturisers where I feel I have to put sooo much on to get the same result with any thing else. Just love it!
  36. hands down best moisturiser

    I purchased this moisturiser when i purchased the asap cleansing gel and hands down best combo. I love how lightweight it feels but also so hydrating on my combination skin
  37. The best moisturizing cream

    The best moisturizer under $100 I ever had. Absolutely lightweight, but deeply hydrating cream which feels fresh and clean on the face. I had in past a couple of good moisturizing products, but never for such a good price. I also love the fact that the bottle has a pump, so you are not wasting any product and not dipping your fingers in that.
  38. lives up to its name

    ive tried everything under the sun to find the best THIN moisturizing not sticky serum/moisturizer and ive finally found one with almost instant results from applying morning and night for a few weeks, you ll never see me without it.
  39. Love it!

    Ive been using this product for about 3 weeks now. I’ve suffered a lot with dehydrated skin and this has definitely helped!! Smells so good!
  40. Hydration plus !!

    I'm in my early 30s and have been using this product for over a year and it's great. Smells great and provides great moisture. Only need the smallest amount so one bottle easily lasts 3 months. My favorite day cream on the market.
  41. Great

    This is a consistent in my skin regime. Immediate results when dry skin is evident. A great moisturiser for skin that is affected by seasonal changes. Can't live without it!
  42. My go-to night moisturiser

    I have somewhat dry skin (due to weather and product use) and I use this moisturiser at night over a hyaluronic acid serum and it works WONDERS. I wake up to baby-soft skin that's perfectly even - no excess oil, no dry patches. I have used this product for four years and it's now a core part of my evening skincare routine.
  43. No better product

    I’ve tried it all, and I haven’t found a moisturizer that is light weight on my skin but also hydrating. I never wake up dry or oily. It’s just a perfect combination for my skin type. I have always heard great things about asap and I now know why.
    My partner even uses this !
  44. Really hydrating moisturiser

    I am a big fan of the ASAP Ultimate Hydration moisturiser. I have combination skin which is acne prone, so I was looking for a hydrating moisturiser which was not too heavy. I love this but I find I can't use it every night. For my skin I do find it can be a little heavy but it works really well when I use it every second night (I use the soothing gel on alternate nights as a moisturiser). I find this routine works really well for me. It is really really hydrating and smells very nice. If you have skin which is dry, I would recommend this!
  45. Ultimate Hydration? eh..

    I definitely have dryer skin by default and purchased this because it came highly recommended by Adore Beauty for my skin type. I didnt find this provided adequate hydration.
  46. Instantly hydrates!

    I have dry skin and this is my winter skin saviour. I love the fruity smell too. It has a really nice consistency and soaks in without leaving skin feeling greasy. Would highly recommend for dry skin.
  47. Average

    ASAP serums (4 of them) are my absolute go to products, but I find their moisturiser’s average. I have used 2 bottles of this, because I love their vitamin serums so much I really wanted to love this too, but unfortunately I find it average. My skin is combination sometimes oily in the tzone this moisturiser was just that- average
  48. Hydrating moisturiser that sinks in quickly

    This is a new product in my regime but already I love it. It's moisturising and non greasy it has no strong perfume smell which I like. You don't need heaps. My skin is dry but congested and it's working for me.

    It's got some great ingredients for my aging skin "40"
  49. Needed more hydration for my combination skin

    I've decided to give ASAP products ago since I've seen them in many skin clinic stores and needed a moisturiser to try. I've got combination skin and suffer from dehydration skin as well. The ASAP Ultimate Hydration moisturiser has all the components of an emollient and humectant moisturiser. The packaging is on point! Tight air free pump dispenser to allow preservation of the ingredients, the consistency is light but not too thick or runny, it is lightly scented and absorbs very quickly once applied to the face. It got rid of my dehydration lines along my forehead sealing in moisturising factor but not for long, overtime I then needed 3-4 pumps for adequate coverage and hydration for my skin. I went through the product very quickly! I think it's suited for those with oily skin or as a summer moisturiser in humid weather.
  50. My go-to moisturiser!

    This is my go-to moisturiser! Every now and again I'll try something new (especially when I remember the price) but then my skin immediately feels better for using it.
  51. I'm converted!

    Firstly, let me start off by saying I am going to write the same review under the ASAP Super B Complex and ASAP Ultimate Hydration, as I have been using all 3 in conjunction with each other, so I'm not sure which product is responsible for my awesome results, or if it really is a combination. Secondly, I never write product reviews, but really felt compelled to share this as I am SO impressed.

    For years I turned my nose up at ASAP, and insisted on using higher end Skinceuticals, Aspect Dr, Societe or Ultraceuticals only -- which I still adore. However, just recently, my skin changed (I'm 32) and it started becoming irritated, dry, and rough in texture. I really didn't know why, because my skin has usually been perfect and trouble-free. So I turned to my favourite, wallet-draining brands and tweaked my regime to address my new concerns, and no products seem to make a difference. It didn't get worse, but nothing changed, despite using new products I had never used before. My skin is usually extremely responsive, so I was starting to get quite worried.

    Anyway, I saw a before and after image of ASAP products on IG and I decided to give it a try, as I couldn't continue forking out $$$ for the other brands in search of a treatment. I am now 1 week in and OMG! I am so, so happy. I noticed a difference in skin texture over night; I couldn't stop touching and looking at my skin the next morning, and it was almost back to normal. Now after 1 week of use, my skin is back to normal, and I actually feel like it's improving more each day.

    I can't vouch for the correction of fine lines, or any of the long-term benefits, as it's too early to tell. However, I can tell you that it does do wonders for skin texture! Just amazing. Hydrated, plump, smooth and lovely to touch. I am converted! With the exception of Skinceuticals CE Ferulic (which is a must have), I can't see myself going back to more expensive brands when I can get such awesome results with ASAP! Normally, I am very much a you-get-what-you-pay-for type of shopper, particularly with beauty-related purchases, but ASAP appears to be an exception.
  52. Great product

    I am in my 40s now and needed a new moisturiser. I waited to two months to write a review to see if it actually made a difference. My skin feels good and is looking brighter.
  53. The best moisturiser on planet earth

    I,ve lost count of the number of times I have repurchased this. Every so often I reluctantly change it up and use something else....but can see an improvement in my skin soon as I return to this.

    It kepps my 42+ normal to chat mob skin plumped and even toned....and really helps compatriots dehydration....and the price point is pretty great for such an effective moisturiser.

    I'd like to make a special plea to ASAP to never discontinue or reformulate this.
  54. Disappointed

    I have oily acne-prone skin (that's also dehydrated) and was really excited to try this out after reading the reviews, but I found this moisturiser to be just average - it did improve my dehydration and I didn't have as many dry patches, but I also felt it didn't sink into my face which meant that I couldn't use it for daytime.
  55. Not for me

    I was really excited about this moisturiser because of the overwhelming positive reviews. I’ve tried some sample ASAP products and liked them, and this moisturiser seemed like a real winner. It’s more than I normally spend on a moisturiser but I felt like I couldn’t go wrong. I was... wrong. It just isn’t for me - it leaves a really greasy film on my skin and doesn’t feel hydrating in the slightest. I’m so disappointed.
  56. The only moisturiser you need

    I have combination skin and my main skin concerns are pigmentation, occasional Acne and occasional dryness. I have been using ASAP ultimate hydration for around 6 years and I have never looked back. I really notice a difference when I use a different moisturiser, I just haven't been able to find another product with the same amount of soft hydration and coverage. The price is great and it is wonderful value for money. Highly recommend this product.
    I always try to have 2 bottles available as it is difficult to tell when it is almost empty.
  57. Wonderful

    As usual, ASAP delivers. Great hydrating creme which i use with my other ASAP products AM and PM. I Love these products!
  58. Lovely product

    This is a great light weight moisturiser. I use this product alone thru the day under makeup and at night I use with a serum . No need for night cream this works perfect for both
  59. Great night cream

    This moisturiser is really lovely. I have sensitive and somewhat oily skin, so this cream would be far too heavy for daytime use for me. But even though it is rich, I never break out from using it and it never feels uncomfortable on my face.

    The fragrance is light and fresh, it feels very soothing and my skin feels really healthy and hydrated after using it.
  60. Not for me

    I really wanted to love this product. Especially with all the positive reviews (that is what made me decide to try).... and there are some lovely aspects to this. The smell is devine. The cream has a rich texture (which I loved)and it didn’t flare up my sometimes somewhat sensitive skin..... BUT....unfortunately my skin has felt rough. Not quite hydrating enough for my skin.
  61. Amazing for dry skin

    This is my absolute favourite moisturiser. I have combination skin that gets extremely dry in winter, I had amazing results from using this moisturiser. It is very rich, so I only use it as a night cream in the warmer months, but it still absorbs well. It has a lovely mild fragrance which is a nice bonus.
  62. Amazing

    Love this moisturiser the best I've tried in a long time (and I've tried plenty). It's not too rich - just right. Would definitely recommend.
  63. Amazing

    Love this moisturiser the best I've tried in a long time (and I've tried plenty). It's not too rich - just right. Would definitely recommend.
  64. Does what it says!

    This cream is fantastic - because there's no SPF I use this product as my night time cream and it works wonders; I haven't experienced dry skin since my first purchase, it leaves your skin feeling like it has genuinely moisturised not only the surface of your skin but much deeper down. The scent is unusual but pleasant (my boyfriend loves it so that's a plus!) I'm onto my fifth bottle of this stuff - adore beauty often has this product on sale and I absolutely recommend trying it!
  65. Fixed my skin!

    I have combination skin and for a long time I was dealing with dry flaky skin. Exfoliating didnt even help and I hated every moisturiser I tried because it never hydrated my skin and only made it oily after a couple hours. It was even worse trying to wear a mineral or liquid foundation over the top as it would only expose how flaky my skin was! I would literally have to use a makeup brush to scrub all my dry skin off, then throughout the day have to pat down my shiny face.

    After trying Asap's Ultimate Hydration I have never been so happy with a moisturiser! Practically fixed my skin! My skin feels soft and hydrated. No more flaky skin, nor does it look oily after couple of hours. It smells really nice and its so much easier to put makeup on my face. I think the only downside is the cost as it only lasts me a month or so but its the best thing I've tried so far.
  66. Broken pump

    After reading positive reviews of this product, I was disappointed to find that the pump on my bottle did not work. It dispensed only a minuscule amount of product after I pumped about 20 times and after that ceased to work. Returned. Good customer service
  67. Amazing hydration!

    Love this moisturiser when I need a big boost of hydration, it melts into the face and leaves it soft at silky.
  68. worth it

    I like its beautiful smell and its texture too. I changed to Asap from different brand which is best move so far. Its perfect for my combination skin..just love everything about it..will definitely buy this product over and over again. ..thumbs up.
  69. Amazing moisturiser

    After using this product for the first time, I definitely noticed the weird smell on my face and it did take a little while to get used to (I could smell it for about 10 minutes before it was all absorbed).

    BUT the actual product is amazing. The packaging is great and the pump gives a perfect amount, the product isn't greasy or oily and makes my skin feel so smooth and soft. I had dry patches around my face which have completely cleared up now, I also had break outs which have stopped since using this moisturiser. I did get used to the smell after a few uses as well, and I suppose the fact that it isn't heavily fragranced with artificial ingredients is a good thing.

    I absolutely love the ASAP range and would recommend it to everyone.
  70. The best gift to myself

    Moved to ASAP 6 months ago, love Ultimate Hydration Moisturiser it is awesome. My skin feels good all he time now, No more tight feeling, just smooth silky skin
  71. The Best

    I changed to asap from another brand and it's been the best move ever. asap ultimate hydration does everything it says it would.

    I have a drier cheek area with the nose tending towards being oilier at times (esp. in summer). asap ultimate hydration is perfect - hydrates and alongside the asap vitamin a serum, I feel as though my skin has improved texture-wise 100%.

    Love the new packaging too ... and it's Australian!!
  72. Best moisturiser I've used hands down.

    I've tried all sorts of products for my combination skin and after buying this product on a complete whim I have to say I'm really, really impressed.

    It smells yummy, it glides on and spreads across the skin easily and it absorbs quickly It's light and doesn't feel like you've got a layer of cream over your face for ages. I will use it right after washing my face, towel dry and brush my hair and by then it's set. Makeup also goes on very nicely over the top of it. I've had problems with primers feathering and bleeding over the top of some moisturisers but not with this one.

    I used to have flaky, dry skin that sometimes decided to go oily randomly, but since using this my face has evened out completely. My skin feels like velvet and it stays that way all day. My complexion has evened out as well, which is fantastic.

    I'd definitely purchase it again. It's quickly become my go to moisturiser.
  73. Best Moisturiser...

    I have tried quite a lot of different moisturisers over the years, some expensive, some not...
    but I am so pleased to have tried ASAP Ultimate Hydration in a sample size. It only took one use to see and feel the difference in my dull and dehydrated skin. I have since purchased the 50ml size of this fantastic product, and use it everyday, whilst using the equally amazing ASAP Anti-ageing Night Cream at night.
    The ASAP Ultimate Hydration moisturiser smells so good, and there has been a definite improvement in the texture, tone and elasticity of my skin. So for a great all round moisturiser worn alone or under makeup, you simply have to try ASAP Ultimate Hydration.
  74. My favourite moisturiser

    I bought this moisturiser with no hesitation after trying sample for a week. I've got late 20s oily skin prone to clogging, but this moisturiser has improved the condition of my skin so much. I use it as a night cream as I use the ASAP daily defence in the daytime. Another fantastic ASAP product I will buy over and over again.
  75. Great hydrating moisturiser

    I bought this moisturiser specifically for the colder months when my usually combination skin turns drier. This moisturiser is very hydrating, but sinks in quickly and doesn't feel greasy.

    I especially like the pump packaging that is clean and seems to dispense just the right amount each time.
  76. Winter must have

    This is a fantastic face cream for when the weather turns cooler. Perfect for my combo skin that tends to get dehydrated at this time of year. Doesn't leave a greasy after feel and has a pleasant fragrance. Non irritating. The packaging is perfect for me too, I really dislike face creams in a jar!
  77. Great Hydration

    I have struggled to find products for my very sensitive skin. This product is amazing. It has great hydration, low fragrance and an easy application. I have been using the moisturiser for the last month and I no longer get dry flaky patches and I have had no sensitivity issues with continuous day and night use. I will be purchasing it again.
  78. Lovely hydrating cream; perfect for after cleansing at night

    Am in my early 40's and am noticing a lot of changes with my skin. I have dry skin that tends to have some flakiness too and was looking for a product that would hydrate my skin. I saw that this product had won a beauty award so wanted to see what the fuss was about. Am very happy with the result. I wake up with soft hydrated skin without flakiness . Its great! Definitely recommend.
  79. Full marks....

    I use this moisturiser overnight, or during the day if I'm not going outdoors. It is very light, non-greasy, has a pleasant though barely noticeable smell, and has helped my skin to look better in the couple of months I've been using it. No negatives at all.
  80. Amazing product ofr dehydrated skin

    I am new to the ASAP range but decided to give this a try. It is a nice consistancy and doesnt go on all heavy and thick. It leaves the skin looking fresh, glowing and quenched, I love this product. This is the moisturiser you will need if you have dry skin or you just want beautiful,radiant well nourished skin!
  81. go to cream

    it gives just the right amount of moisture day or night I have sensitive skin and have not broken out at all using this. One pump and your face feels dewy its really good..
  82. Excellent

    Love this moisturizer I'm in mid 20s. Really hydrating no breakouts. Feels great on skin and reasonable size jar. I like the pump pack gives the perfect amount. Odd smell but I like it. Will buy again
  83. Surprising

    This product glides on really easily and feels very light on whilst still being moisturising. Many light creams leave my skin dry half an hour later but this doesn't. I was really pleasantly surprised as I hadn't used this brand before or seen it in the department stores. I will be purchasing this again. The smell is faint but strange. It doesn't bother me but I wouldn't describe it as nice.
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