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asap soothing gel 200ml 200ml

4.6 of 61 reviews

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4 instalments of $10.73

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Does your skin need a little extra love? Slather on the Asap Soothing Gel to refresh and soothe red or irritated skin. This powerfully calming formula is oil-free, depositing tons of hydration without overloading skin with heavy ingredients.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap soothing gel 200ml

asap soothing gel 200ml

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4.6 of 61 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Very refreshing and moisturising


I use this product when my skin becomes a little red and inflammed whether that be from ezcema or a break out. I put it on at night and by morning my skin is a lot more even and significantly less itchy. Very soothing and a nice natural product to manage my skin.
  1. ASAP Soothing gel


    It's good for my sensitive skin. Nice package and good price as well
  2. Very refreshing and moisturising


    verified purchaser
    I use this product when my skin becomes a little red and inflammed whether that be from ezcema or a break out. I put it on at night and by morning my skin is a lot more even and significantly less itchy. Very soothing and a nice natural product to manage my skin.
  3. okay


    I’ve been using this gel as a moisturizer for a month now and it does what it says, it is a very soothing gel that does not irritate the skin. This gel does leave a sticky residue which some people may find annoying. Other then that this is a great soothing gel that can be use by pretty much anyone.
  4. Calming


    I was given a small tube of this to take home after i had microdermabrasion and a chemical peel done and its extremely soothing on the skin! It has a cool refreshing feel and calms any redness. Its even better if you leave it in the fridge
  5. Great for summer


    I love this product after I spend the day at the beach. Feels incredible on my skin, especially if kept cold.
  6. So soothing


    verified purchaser
    This is a great soothing moisturizer. It does feel a bit sticky for a while after applying, but thats pretty standard with Aloe Vera based moisturizers.
    My skin can be really sensitive/reactive, and this leaves it calm and clear. Will keep using this.
  7. I don’t know when to use it


    I like the texture of this gel, I receive it as a sample and still have it in there, I just don’t know when to use it, because I always choose hydration over soothing.
  8. Essential to use post sun exposure


    Essential to use post-sun exposure. It really helps to soothe sun-damaged skin.
  9. Soothing


    Nice and soothing, a good gel to use when your skin is red from sunburn, irritated by anything or simply keep it in fridge and use a light later in the hot weather.
  10. Love it!


    Started using this as my daily face moisturiser about 6 months ago.. I have fairly oily skin and suffer from breakouts on my tzone and this is really helping! Soaks in well.. I love it.. on my second bottle :)
  11. Soothing and moisturising

    Ali B

    I had a dry itchy patch of skin from an allergic reaction. This gel really soothed the irritation and the dryness was almost gone after just two applications. I can see it being really good for sun burn too.
  12. Does help soothe sunburnt skin


    I'm still on the fence about this product. It definitely soothes sun burnt skin! I purchased this product for a soothing gel and a moisturizer and I'm not too sure if it does count as a moisturizer as of yet. All on all it is a good product
  13. soothing


    really soothed my red, sensitive skin. i have normal skin and it soaked right it and didnt leave a weird residue on top
  14. It is indeed soothing!


    Love it. I was having quite bad hormonal breakouts on my cheeks and this calmed them and made my skin feel so soft and hydrated. Have been using for a few months and my skin is noticeably less red and bumpy
  15. Great


    This is a very soothing product and my skin soaks it up and is left hydrated
  16. Summer essential


    You just need this in an Australian summer, after sun and for sunburn, bug bites and just general soothing. I love it in the fridge but if you can keep some with you at the beach too just incase.?
  17. Soothes any sunburn and irritation


    This reduces redness, especially from irritation, very fast. It works really well at soothing sunburn too! It reduces the amount I peel as well.
  18. Best moisturiser ever


    I suffer from extremely oily skin and acne.
    I was recently using Clinique ID which was leaving my face feeling dry and irritated when applied then extremely oily and red the next day. I looked up moisturisers for oily skin and acne prone skin and found this. I liked that it said that it has calming properties. I took the plunge. I’m not even kidding when I say it’s a game changer! After my f...
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  19. Helps soothe skin


    I had a glycolic peel that my skin reacted too, my face was stinging and this was honestly the only thing that helped calm my skin. Although it is quite thick it doesn’t feel heavy on my face which is a bonus.
  20. Excellent


    I had horrible rosacea since having my last baby, used prescription creams that didn't help. Used this amazing product for 2 days my skin was perfect, it was gone completely. Could not recommend highly enough
  21. Great for oily skin


    Amazing on all skin types. I have oily skin and this does not make my skin oily at all. It works really well and I love using it particularly after the gym - such a great effect.
  22. Amazing product!


    This soothing gel has completely calmed my skin. I had been on topical cream for an acne flare up and I just couldnt find a cream that would keep my skin hydrated and without burning my already sensitive skin. This soothing gel has just been amazing, has completely calmed my skin. Will definitely buy more!!
  23. Soaks into the skin beautifully!


    This gel soaks into my skin so well! I wear it under my make up regularly! Works a treat and does not clog up my pores.... also sits really well over the top of any serum I use! Bonus! :)
  24. good


    I love this product so much, ever since my beautician recommended this to me it has saved my skin. I simply use this as a moisturiser and it calms my redness, and has started to fade away my acne scars. Will always be purchasing this!
  25. Great


    I'm not 100% sure what this product was designed for, but I love it anyway. I use it as my nightly moisturiser, and it keeps my skin smooth and moisturised without clogging up pores, which is a problem for me. I love the gel texture, I can't imagine going back to a cream-based moisturiser now! It's really soothing for my rosacea patches as well...I love it!
  26. asap soothing gel


    Love the feel of it & when I mix it with the oil it’s even better!!!! Great product
  27. Great


    This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling hydrated and nourished, without extra oiliness. It also helps to even out my skin tone.
  28. Nice non-drying cleanser


    I've received a sample of this gel, and have been using it for few days until I ran out. It's a nice cleanser which doesn't dry the skin and makes it feel clean and fresh.
  29. Great


    Amazing for redness and flushing - a great every day product
  30. Great for inflamed skin


    My skin is prone to redness and hot flushing. This product definitely seems to calm my skin and I am excited to use it after sun.
  31. Great product


    This is my daily moisturizer prior to wearing make up. It was excellent for light weight, non greasy moisturizer. Nice and cool and refreshing. I must add though myself and my friend have those experienced burning/stinging sensations when this is applied to irritated skin so please be cautious.
  32. Awesome for after the sun!


    I really like keeping this in the fridge for after being in the sun/ getting sunburnt. It is a really nice cool, soothing gel. I did originally buy it for my face but it leaves my face a little sticky which I don't like. But turns out it wasn't a waste of money because it was a life saver on my holiday!
  33. Fantastic as a moisturiser


    I personally love this as a daily moisturiser if I don’t need spf!
    I love the gel feeling as it makes my skin feel smooth and fresh. It also calms the redness down in my skin.
    Love it - could not live without this product
  34. Love this!


    I absolutely love this gel, i have one tube in my fridge and one in my bathroom! I like to use the refrigerated one to soothe and hydrate my eyes, I've found it helps a bit with puffiness. I always apply this to my face after using treatments, and I like to mix a bit of this in with my moisturizer as it seems to help my foundation sit better - it goes on smoother and lasts longer!
    These are ...
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  35. Love it


    I looove this product! It works wonders on sunburnt skin and i even use it after laser treatment because it’s so soothing and gentle. I often get severe break outs as well so if my skin is ever feeling very overwhelmed and inflamed, i stop using all my other skincare products for a few nights and use this instead before i go to sleep to calm and repair my skin. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend doing...
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  36. Great product


    I got it as a sample. I have combination prone to redness sensitive skin.I loved this product from the first application. I didn't have any skin irritation at all. It does exactly what it describes to do! It would be great to use it during summer and after derma procedures. I would definitely buy it.
  37. Sample


    I got this as a sample and I must say I like as it is good for the sun burnt skin but won't be buying again coz I use other Korean product for the sun burnt skin which way cheaper (around $10) and works really well to cool your skin.
  38. Sunburnt


    Sunburnt skin doesn't stand a chance with this magical secret. I have very fair skin which burns easily and often becomes inflamed from the smallest irritation. This is the perfect product for your handbag or even your first aid kit!!
  39. Great Product


    I recieved a smaller version of this product as a sample from Adore Beauty and purchased the full bottle as I really liked the product. My acne has been getting really bad lately, and sore. This product is great for calming the redness from my acne down and making it not hurt so much. The bottle is huge also at such a great price! It’s going to last forever.
  40. Great for sunburn


    I was hoping this would make a good alternative as a daily moisturiser as my skin can get very oily, unfortunately I find it feels a bit gooey on my skin so I don't love it as a replacement for moisturiser. Its great for sunburn though - especially if kept in the fridge.
  41. Keep it in the fridge for extra soothing!


    I use this on my face after any hair removal (laser, waxing, tweezing) and it’s ultra soothing. It also helps to take the redness away. My skin therapist gave me the tip to keep it in the fridge for extra skin calming benefits. A great product.
  42. Great for oily skin but leaves hands a bit sticky


    I was sent a sample of this and instantly loved how light it felt on. I have reasonably oily skin and find it hard to find a moisturizer that doesn't leave my skin wit a sheen. This one I loved so bought the bottle, which is huge, Great value for money. It goes on really nicely and is lovely and cooling and is definitely helping wit oil control. Only downside is I feel like you need to wash your h...
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  43. great


    Amazing on all skin types. I have oily skin and this does not make my skin oily at all. High recommend.
  44. I LOVE IT!


    Highly recommend! I have combination skin which is acne prone, so I like to use this as a moisturiser every second night. I was a bit dubious when I first started this but it is so great. I find it super hydrating without being too heavy or greasy. I also keep a bottle in the fridge and it is really soothing to use after being in the sun. Love it!
  45. Great


    I started using this when I accidentally burnt my eyelids with A+ serum. I know, stupid! Who puts serum on top of their eyelids? Not a great idea.... So anyways, they got all red, irritated and very sore. So I put this on to help smooth them. And it did! It stings a little at first when you put it on irritated skin, but goes away shortly after. Within a day or 2 your skin is great again.
  46. Brilliant


    Again with asap you get so much product for the price. But this soothing gel is just amazing. I use it after I exfoliate and it really calms the skin. Goes on feeling quite sticky but absorbs well and my skin felt great and less oily even the next day. I wouldn’t use this under make up as I found it caused my foundation to clump up and come away. I might not have given it enough time to fully abso...
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  47. Every household should have this


    Had this as a sample and purchased full size. So much product for the price - it's a massive tube! I had very angry skin for a bit and found this helped. A little goes a long way as it is quite sticky, but the my skin easily absorbed it. Feels good! And multipurposeful
  48. Sample


    I received the ASAP soothing gel as a sample and I enjoyed the product so much it made me interested in the ASAP brand itself and I ended up buying the cleanser and the exfoliator from ASAP and I will never look back. My skin is not only softer but clearer of spots and redness. The soothing gel has helped moisturize after the use of the cleanser and exfoliator and it helps to finish my skincare ro...
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  49. Very Soothing


    I don't suppose I use this gel in the conventional way. I read a lot and I use the computer a lot, so my eyes can get the feeling of being tired. This ASAP Soothing Gel does an excellent job of smoothing the skin under my eyes, so I don't look as tired. I love it and it will always be my go to eye gel. Also I have sensitive skin, so when I have a flare up on my face, this is what I use to soothe i...
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  50. Oil free moisture


    I find this gel very refreshing and hydrating. I use it as my day moisturiser and find it very light, breathable, non-irritating and my skin doesn't get greasy by the end of the day.

    I do find it takes a few minutes to absorb fully and lose the 'sticky' feeling after application, but once it has fully absorbed it feels very comfortable on the skin.
  51. Pretty good, a little sticky


    I liked this a lot, it's good for when you have a bit of an acne flare and you want to moisturise your face but also sooth and spot treat the effected area. It can have a bit of sticky residue at first but it mostly goes. Overall, I really liked it.
  52. Works well but is kind of smelly!


    I bought this to use after laser hair removal as I seem to get a reaction on my legs from LaserAid.

    When I opened the tube the product that game out was unexpected. It's the colour of green cordial and looks a bit like jelly.

    It applies smoothly to the skin and I didn't feel sticky the way I do with LaserAid, I also felt like it made me smell less however the scent of the...
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  53. Nice aroma and no rash


    I have not used after shave lotions or gels now for 20+ years, which tended to sting and leave a rash after the shave for days. But, I was really surprised with this product. It cooled my skin, had a nice aroma and no rash. It ticks all the boxes I am looking for after a shave.
  54. Perfect for soothing sore skin


    I used this to ease the pain from using efudex cream (a prescription cream used to treat skin cancer). It was so soothing and I would guess it would be great for sunburn too. It was the only cream that eased the pain. Love this cream - also no associated alcohol smell it's just a smooth soothing gel
  55. Solid

    elliot (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I use this after i shave my face and it stops most of the irritation i get. I also use it for sunburnt skin and it seems to help great. Would recommend for people with sensitive skin who are looking for a simple moisturiser.

    Love the the fact that there's aloe vera in it, however some people may find the smell of it overpowering.
  56. Slightly tacky however, very soothing

    Gareth (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Its been a long time since I have used an Aloe Vera gel on my face. I only shave about 1-2 times per week so I do get a fair bit of irritation.

    The Aloe Vera works absolute wonders post shave for me, it soothes as well as longer term in the day makes my skin feel really supple.

    I have used this product without shaving and its a totally different experience for my skin, my...
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  57. Okay


    It feels soothing, though it does not reduce any redness and feels tacky on the skin.
  58. Perfect


    This has been a god send as one of my core skin ailments includes oily skin. It really does help keep me matte during the day and includes natural ingredients that is so gentle on my skin. I use it as a moisturizer and it is just everything I could ask for and I really feel it has improved my skin over time.
  59. I love it!


    I will start by saying this tube is HUGE and great value for money. I have very reactive skin and using this really helps to sooth redness and itchiness in a snap. I have dry skin so I di use in under a moisturiser but I imagine that this would be beautiful on its own on oily skins. The texture is lovely too, it''s very silky feeling and absorbs amazingly well in to the skin and leave a soft feel ...
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