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asap pure beauty blender

4.6 of 172 reviews

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4 instalments of $2.34

Or 4 instalments of $2.34 with LEARN MORE

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asap pure beauty blender will help you create a flawless, smooth base with minimum product wastage. Completely latex free, this makeup sponge can be used to apply liquid and powder makeup, as well as your serums and moisturisers. 

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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asap pure beauty blender Reviews

4.6 of 172 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

One of my favs


I found this to be better than the original beauty blender which is 3x the price.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not that great


I have used other drugstore sponges that perform better than this. It is not as soft and bouncy as the other ones and does not blend as well. It is good enough for touch ups though.
  1. Not bad


    Not bad for the price, does apply product easily but also absorbs a bit too much.
  2. One of my favs


    I found this to be better than the original beauty blender which is 3x the price.
  3. asap


    Incredibly soft and bouncy - blends foundation and cream products really well. Would recommend
  4. Finally an affordable beauty blender.


    verified purchaser
    I don't wear a whole lot of makeup. I only wear makeup occasionally so this is perfect for me. Does the job well and since I would use it not so frequently should last a long time.
  5. Affordable and quality


    verified purchaser
    Not being one to spend too much on a beauty blender, I was happy to find this one on the cheaper side. It is lovely to use, doesn’t absorb too much product and lasts a while with cleaning. I’ve had cheap ones fall apart before too quickly and this is the perfect replacement.
  6. Affordable and effective


    verified purchaser
    An affordable beauty blender which is easy to clean and works just as well as more expensive versions! Glad I didn't spend more and chose this one instead!
  7. The best


    Good quality beauty blender. Nice and soft and spreads well.
  8. can't fault it


    It becomes incredibly soft and bouncy when dampened and I love using it to blend my foundation out. so affordable too
  9. Good


    Good beauty blender. Nothing too special about them, just like any other beauty blenders. It's soft on the face as well.
  10. Does the job!


    verified purchaser
    Love this beauty blender! Lasts forever and provides excellent quality blending for much cheaper than other brands.
  11. Great buy


    I bought this because of the price and I will repurchase! Works as a beauty blender should, blends well and works wet or dry.
  12. I've never used a sponge before - now won't be without this one


    I've never used a sponge before - now won't be without this one - its provides a flawless cover - I'm wrapped.
  13. Best Blender


    Super, like super, spongy - even application and easy to clean. Affordable.
  14. Asap beauty blenders


    This inst the best sponge, i would just stick to the original beauty blenders they last longer!
  15. Pretty good!


    Easy to use and feels nice in your hand. Easy to clean as well. I use it to apply concealer and I feel like it gives me an airbrushed look.
  16. Great use


    Have bought a second one now product applies amazingly after being wet will repurchase again
  17. Good for price


    It’s not the best sponge but I think it’s the best at this price. Very soft when wet and still nice to use when dry, work well with both liquid and powder when baking. The only thing is I found it pretty hard to clean, if I try to clean the sponge completely it will be damaged after 3-4 times.
  18. Wow!


    In general, I am a brush person, but have been searching for a sponge to try as brushes tend to aggravate my rosacea. This cute little sponge is wonderful!!! It is super soft and easy to use and I like it better than the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge! Incredible quality for the price! Yay!
  19. Affordable


    a great alternative to the beauty blender and works just as well!
  20. Great make up blender


    Super affordable, effective alternative to a beauty blender. Applies makeup streak free and cleans easily.
  21. Easy peasy!


    This product is very easy to clean and works well at blending my foundation or CC Cream. I'll definitely repurchase this when I feel like it needs to be changed over.
  22. Great Beauty Blender


    This beauty blender is great works perfectly very soft, black makes it very easy to clean and doesn't look gross like lighter colours.
  23. Good value for money


    Nice bouncy feel and does a great job of blending. Good value for money.
  24. So good!


    Randomly decided to try this beauty blender when making an order as I needed a new one and it did not disappoint! It's honestly one of the best ones I have used and will def be buying again.
  25. Easy to Use, Easy to Clean


    I like it. Easy to use, easy to clean. Does exactly what you need a beauty blender to do.
  26. Nice sponge


    I prefer this to the RT and Ecostore ones. It’s a nicer quality material, washes really well, expands to a good size, and while soft and squishy it still holds its shape. I find some sponges to be too soft when wet but this bounces nicely when used.
  27. Best sponge ever!

    Beauty Lover

    This sponge is one of the best I’ve tried, leaves a lovely flawless finish.
  28. incredible


    love this blender, I find it just as good as the original beauty blender, just at a lot better price point
  29. Make up's best friend


    This beauty blender punches above its weight despite its small size. I like that it's black and doesn't discolour with all the cream products I've used on it and it's size means I can get in small places on my face (i.e. under eye, around the nose etc).
  30. One of the best, hands down, without a doubt


    This beauty blender is amazing! They did not lie when they said it was a "blender". It honestly just bounces on the skin perfectly.
    I use it mainly to blend my cream contours and blushes.
    If I had to nit pick the product, absolutely down to the finest tooth comb, I don't like how dirty this beauty blender gets, being black it shows up lots of marks. But I cannot fault it.
  31. blends well


    this really blends my foundation well. It works just like any other blender. It is also very cheap and good quality.
  32. One of the best


    So good one of the best. I want another one : ) love how it blends in the makeup ! So good.
  33. Yay for beauty blenders!


    This beauty blender blends liquid foundation so well and gives a great finish. I will last all day!
  34. not as soft as expected


    this blender is definitely not as soft as i expected, but it still works fine, you just have to work harder to pat the product in to your skin. for the price you can't complain!
  35. Blends like a charm!


    Amazing! It doubles in size when you wet it and blends bb cream and foundation flawlessly. Definitely will purchase!!
  36. Best value blender


    This blender is better than the expensive ones, it is easier to keep clean, doesn’t leave marks and bounces nicely. I just purchased a second one as I am so impressed with this product. The pointy end is perfect for blending eyes and concealer and the rounded end is great for the remaining areas. It is very quick and easy and you don’t end up with excessive amounts of product being absorbed. Also ...
    Read More
  37. Good for it's price


    I think this blender is good for its price but I much prefer other brands. I find that it doesn't stay damp for long (which is annoying) and isn't as bouncy as I'd like. I do like that it doesn't soak up as much of the product as I expected.
  38. Good


    Blends liquid foundation well and gives a good finish. Lasts ages.
  39. great for blending


    this is so great for blending my makeup, use it everyday, easy to clean, highly recommend
  40. A great tool for foundation


    This beauty blender does a wonderful job at blending liquid make-up and is a fantastic price for what it is. Make sure to wet it before you use it as it becomes lovely and soft. I use it for my foundation and then a Real Techniques mini sponge for my concealer.
  41. Does the job well!


    Great and easy to clean! Blends the foundation really well and I much prefer the colour of this as it rids any stains.
  42. Works well


    Great beauty blender. Blends foundation in like a dream
  43. Not that great


    I have used other drugstore sponges that perform better than this. It is not as soft and bouncy as the other ones and does not blend as well. It is good enough for touch ups though.
  44. Buy this instead of $$$


    Why buy the original beauty blender if this works just as good? And its much kinder to the wallet. Recommend!
  45. Blends in everything


    I actually use this to reapply sunscreen on top of my makeup. Also excellent to blend in foundation itself, particularly after mixing foundation with moisturiser
  46. great for blending


    I love this beauty blender so much. use it for all my makeup needs. great product
  47. Neutral


    This isn't the best product but it's also not the worst beauty blender I have used. It absorbs quite a lot of the foundation.
  48. Better than Beauty Blender


    Very easy to clean and does not absorb as much foundation or BB cream as the other sponges I have tried (e.g. Real Techniques, Beauty Blender, B Cosmetics). I will admit that the feel of this sponge does take some time to get used to (it is very light to handle and the material is unlike any other sponge), but I enjoy how it applies makeup.
  49. Such a good product!

    Linh nguyen

    I tried to use this new beauty blender and really sastified with its quality. It is cheap and i think compare to blender of real technique, i love this one better.
  50. Second buy


    This beauty blender spreads my foundation evenly and does a great job
  51. Good Product


    This is a great, cheap alternative to the Beauty Blender sponge brand. It does a good job at providing a good and smooth application. It has quite a dense consistency, similar to that of the Real Technique sponge.

    In saying all that, I still feel like the Beauty Blender still does a superior job.
  52. in love


    I now use this all the time, its just like an original beauty blender but much more affordable
  53. Great product


    This is one of the beauty blender that does it job so well. The price isnt steep either, would totall recommend.
  54. So-so product


    I bought this to test out the quality against the price and was disappointed. I have used other sponges that, in my opinion work far better. this product remains a bit stiff and picks up more foundation than others. This product converted me back to applying my foundation with my fingers!
  55. Amazing


    Such a great beauty blender at such an amazing price!
  56. As good as beauty blender!


    I feel like this blender is definitely up there with the beauty blender it turns nice and soft when wet and is super easy to blend into skin to make your makeup look natural and light!
  57. As good as BB, one third the price

    I buy too much makeup

    As good as the original beauty blender and one third of the price. What's not to love?

    And bonus can buy from Adore. I hate having to purchase from Sephora for the items they have exclusively.
  58. Hands work better


    Hands work better, I've tried a few beauty blenders now and I honestly think the best way to apply foundation is with hands.
  59. Great value!Great product!


    This beautiful makeup product is very good. It's very easy to use. It is very convenient. It saves me valuable time in the morning. Like it.
  60. Great imitator


    The ASAP pure beauty blender is a well priced, good quality item, which I believe gets the job done! I use it damp, the same as I would for some of the more expensive blenders, and it does a good job with my foundation coverage. It’s certainly not perfect, however for the price represents a great valued product.
  61. Great value


    Great value sponge for blending makeup. It works well, I use it when I have more time, as it takes more time to blend in that using my fingers, but overall gives a nice finishoks
  62. As good as the original

    Princess Ariel

    This is a quality beauty sponge! I use it wet and dry and it’s great both ways, I have also found that it does not tear as easily as some other sponges and I like that it’s completely latex free. The black colour is also smart as you don’t get unsightly staining as you do on the lighter coloured sponges. Will definitely repurchase as needed.
  63. Excellent!!!


    It feel pretty hard at first but become super soft when damp. You can’t really tell the different between this sponge and the other expensive ones, flawless finish with any foundation also easy to clean. Definitely will repurchase.
  64. Awesome!


    As someone who has used the original beauty blender for a while I was a little skeptical when I purchased this one, as I've found in the past other versions just don't stack up to the infamous one. But ASAP has done an amazing job, and this one retains the softness and makes for a great application for a fraction of the price of the beauty blender! I would definitely recommend this!
  65. Very happy


    This is my first ever beauty blender and I’m super happy with it, makes my morning routine much faster and cleans easily!
  66. Been using this for ages


    Does a great job and blends foundation out so well!
  67. Perfect foundation every time


    I had never used a sponge before this and now I am hooked! Perfect for even, light coverage of foundation. I apply all my cream products using this sponge now. Easy to use and wash. Only downside is it didn’t last as long as I’d hoped .. but awesome product for the price.
  68. Good


    Good little sponge for the price. I use it to apply concealer and it does the job.
  69. Flawless finish!


    I love the ASAP skincare range so tried this beauty blender, it does everything you’d expect it to, without the hefty price tag. Leaves your foundation looking flawless.
  70. Amazing!


    One of the best beauty blender I have used, smooths out foundation so well and leaves a flawless finish!
  71. A great dupe for the original beauty blender


    Great price and does the exact same job as an original beauty blender would. It has a great bounce and will smooth and blend your makeup nicely on the skin.
  72. The most comfortable blend ever!


    I’ve used a few different sponges before and this is by far the best. When damp it is so soft on my face, it doesn’t absorb all of the make up and it has worked well on different types: liquid, stick, cream contour.
  73. Excellent product!


    Does the job, and cannot beat the price. Great blender!
  74. Blends seamlessly


    I bought this after my last sponge started to fall to pieces and I'm beyond impressed. It blends all different foundation types (liquid and stick varieties) beautifully and is a great price. No need to try any other brand again!
  75. The best beauty tool!!


    This is one of the best beauty sponges I’ve ever used. It blends foundation seamlessly and not to mention how cheap it is!! Such good value for money.
  76. Fantastic!


    I bought this upon reading the reviews and have never used a sponge before to apply foundation. I am very impressed! You won't be sorry with this purchase! Thanks!
  77. Love this


    Foundation looks great when I apply it with this. It also lasts ages and lives through many washes!
  78. Cheaper version of the original but still works the same


    A more affordable version of the original BEauty blender but still works beautifully and blends makeup well without soaking up the product!
  79. amazing


    i love beauty blenders so thought id try the asap as i love their skin care range!
  80. Affordable Alternative


    Similar to a real beauty blender. Very soft and easy to blend. Super affordable as well.
  81. best blender I've ever used


    this blender is amazingly soft! It bounces off the skin and blends all makeup out beautifully! This tool is so simple to use and perfect for every look you are going for. I think this is also one blender that doesn't absorb everything. I Definitely recommend!
  82. So soft


    This blender is so so soft! It blends my makeup so easily and leaves it look seamless and flawless! I’ve never had a better blender! I definitely recommend this!
  83. Good blender


    This beauty blender is great. It blends my makeup well and doesn't absorb it like others I've used in the past. A really great price also. Only downside is it has started splitting however I have been using daily for months now so this is expected
  84. Best beauty blender


    This is the best beauty blender. I’m a make up artist and use these all the time.
  85. Beauty Blender A+


    I've paid $30 for the proper beauty blenders in the past, and this one is just as good, there's no going back for me now
  86. Does the job


    Does the job, but you could get the same results from other blenders. No need to spend a fortune for these. Having said that, this one appears to be on the value-for-money end of the spectrum.
  87. Does everything the OG blender does!


    This beauty blender does everything you’d want a beauty blender to do minus the hefty price of the namesake. Blends my makeup to perfection and is easy to clean. A must have!
  88. The best


    Love this sponge! I used this to apply foundation on one side of my face and a high-end sponge on the other side - no difference at all. Definitely recommended!
  89. Great cheaper alternative


    Started out using the beauty blender but always felt the need to throw them out in fear they were going kindly, so went through them too fast. These are cheaper and bigger, work just as good .
  90. Good but overpriced


    I live these little blenders however I think they are overpriced for what they are
  91. Good quality


    This blender is easy to use and seems to be of good quality. This is my first time using a beauty blender and I'm very happy with my purchase!
  92. Super Soft!!


    For this price you cannot fault it!

    It blends my foundation perfect on the daily basis and I use it to bake also.

    Makes my foundation silky smooth when dabbing.
  93. Very good quality


    Great quality for such a reasonable price.

    Very dense, been using it for so long now and it hasn’t started to crack or break like some brands too after some time
  94. good for applying foundation


    This sponge is comparable to a beauty blender and is much more affordable - love the black colour as makeup doesn't show up on it
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