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ASAP Moisturising Daily Defense SPF30 - 100ml


Protect your skin with asap’s lightweight moisturising daily defence SPF 50. This SPF formula provides essential and lasting hydration while protecting against harmful UVA/UVB rays and damaging free radicals.

What are the skincare benefits of the asap moisturising daily defence SPF 50?

  • SPF 50
  • Hydrates and protects skin against UVA/UVB rays and free radical damage
  • Targets pigmentation and boosts skin immunity
  • Lightweight, non-poreclogging
  • Suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive
  • Can be used daily
  • 100ml

What are the key ingredients in the asap moisturising daily defence SPF 50?

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Niacinamide
  • Hyaluronic Acid


This unique scientifically formulated SPF moisturiser is infused with Hyaluronic Acid to maintain and increase moisture levels, while Niacinamide targets pigmentation and fights free radicals. Skin is protected daily from harsh environmental factors while reaping skincare benefits.

This easily absorbed, non-comedogenic sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone. This broad spectrum daily facial sunscreen can reduce the risk of certain skin cancers. We advise using a broad spectrum facial sunscreen daily, especially if using other anti-ageing products that contain AHA's or forms of Vitamin A, as these ingredients can increase the skin's sensitivity to UV exposure.

Why is it important to use SPF daily?

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, making sun protection more important than ever. Sun protection is also one of the best anti-aging products you can use. Protecting your skin from radiation is vital in slowing the impacts of ageing that is accelerated by sun damage. No matter where you live, your age or gender, it is recommended that you wear SPF protection daily.


For additional anti-ageing benefits, use asap's range of active serums from asap's platinum collection.

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 Please note: this product is not a primary sunscreen.


Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide


Apply as required.

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Reviews (37)
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Good but a bit oily - 19-04-2018 by

I have an oily T-zone and this makes my face shiny. Even though it is pretty moisturising for my cheek areas but I will probably opt for a less oily option. The product kind of separates out after it sits in the cabinet for a while.

Skin reaction - 16-04-2018 by

I was super excited to try this sunscreen after reading all of the amazing reviews. I have sensitive skin, so I tend to do a bit of research before buying a product. I though I’d give this one a go as I am too pale for the Alpha H tinted spf. Within the 1st 3 days of using this sunscreen my skin texture went down hill and I started to form what looked like rosacea followed by dry patches and deep painful breakouts. My husband hasn’t had an issue and will continue to use it but I am super sad it didn’t work for me!

buying my second bottle of this - 27-03-2018 by

This looks so good under every day makeup and such an added bonus that there is spf. I have dry skin that can sometimes look dull and this brings back luminosity :)

New favourite - 22-03-2018 by

Love the feel of this moisturiser. I found a lot of moisturisers with sunscreen would either be really thick or feel really greasy, this is not the case with this one and leaves my skin feeling great.

Good, not great - 21-03-2018 by

I bought this moisturiser because I have very fair skin and I need to wear SPF50 to protect my skin. I also have sensitive skin and this didn't irritate me but I didn't find it too moisturising. It's also not waterproof, which didn't seem like a big deal at first, but during Summer when it's hot, I found sweat caused this to drip into my eyes and it is irritating on my eyes. In it's defence, I never got sunburnt while wearing it.

May not be suitable for sensitive/dry skin - 19-03-2018 by

Feels really nice on the skin and leaves the skin looking dewy but after using it for a few weeks, I noticed patches of eczema developing. I stopped using it for a little while and my eczema ended up disappearing.

Would recommend for people with normal/oily skin types.

The ultimate spf! - 07-02-2018 by

I have been on the hunt for an every day spf. I tried Invisible Zinc and even DMK and this has come out the winner by a mile! It’s so light, doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t leave a white sheen. The others I tried were really heavy and oily. My skin tends to get oily towards the end of the day and this spf didn’t make it worse at all. It soaked in quickly and only made my skin slightly dewy which I actually liked. It’s easily the best and I’ll definitely keep buying it!

A fantastic daily protective moisturiser! - 06-02-2018 by

I love this product - I had been using my daily moisturiser plus a physical mineral sunscreen and finding it quite thick and heavy, especially on warmer days. Can't go past wearing SPF every day and have been so pleased since using ASAP daily defence! Great SPF rating, consistency not too thick, finish is nice; doesn't leave you looking pale or white (like some physical sunscreens) and allows makeup over the top really easily.
Would definitely recommend this product!

A go-to SPF mosturiser! - 29-01-2018 by

This is my everyday mosturiser when I do not wear a foundation with an SPF factor. I have combination skin, and this formula never makes me feel congested and always protects my pasty skin from the rays of our hot Aussie sun. Definitely recommend and a little goes a long way!

Been using for years, great for sensitive skin/eyes, great all-around product - 23-01-2018 by

I have combination skin, am nearly 40 and this is the daily moisturiser I've been using for years. I've never wanted to be bothered with a seperate anti-ageing moisturiser and sunscreen, so this is a perfect all-in-one. The SPF has never stung my eyes. Great under make-up, to the point I've sometimes worn it in the evening under make-up, even when I haven't even needed the sunscreen. Never oily and you don't need much. Skin looks very healthy after application. I will keep using this.

FAV Sunscreen - 17-01-2018 by

This is my favourite sunscreen I have come across!
Feels lightweight and absorbs well, with a mild sheen to my face (without leaving a white mask). It's definitely something you can wear every day,
Minor downside is the sting if you get it in your eyes - i.e when exercising.
Have trialled many, and this one is my go to.

Love this suncreen! - 22-11-2017 by

I love this stuff because it is so smooth on the skin and not grainy like a lot of other sunscreens! It also doesn't block my pores or smell like sunscreen all day long! and its 50+ which is a bonus for Australian sun!

Great Product! - 26-10-2017 by

I have a very oily T-zone but I'm also prone to dry patches and this moisturizer works great at keeping everything in check and makes my skin feel soft.

Nice texture and coverage - 25-10-2017 by

I'm very pleased with this product. I have both very fair and sensitive/oily skin and so struggle with sunscreen for my face that feels ok and doesn't make me break out. I really like the texture of this - like a thick moisuriser - and you don't need a lot of it either to get good coverage so, although it's pricey I think it will last well. So far no breakouts. Does give slight eye sting but that's pretty typical for sunscreen and it's not too bad.

Perfect moisturizer for Aussie Sun - 19-10-2017 by

I purchased the small tube of this to start, but I have since fallen in love with ASAP. It's not to heavy once it soaks in, and I used 4 different creams on my face with this. It doesn't feel like my face is clogged and it doesn't have the heavy sunscreen smell either. It lasts a good few months if you're just putting it on your face, but I use it on my chest and shoulders when in a singlet and it's great, I burn like a biscuit but this cream works wonders.

Lightweight moisturiser - 10-10-2017 by

I am very concerned with the harsh Australian sun, and would often put on moisturiser and sunscreen. When I discovered this product, it was obvious to me to give it a try. I have been using this product for over 2 years now, and will never use another.
I don't feel oily, it is fresh, and it has a high SPF factor, which is very important in Australia.
It doesn't make my skin break out either - which is something I have struggled with using other moisturisers.

Disapointed - 22-07-2017 by

I was really hoping this would be what I have been searching for ie a moisturiser with high spf sunscreen. Unfortunately I am Disapointed, classed as a cream but it's a lotion, very runny consistency and left my face very shiny. I left it to settle for 40 minutes before attempting to put on foundation but still very shiny . I bought this in a trial size pack of asap products and loved all the serums and would purchase those again but not this moisturiser.

Spreads nicely, absorbs well - 10-06-2017 by

While I find that this spreads nicely and wears ok under makeup, it does contain oxybenzone as well as zinc. I couldn't find this info on the internet anywhere so I went ahead and purchased it anyway because of the positive reviews. I am sensitive to oxybenzone and my face starts to feel hot when I use a sunscreen with it in. This was no different. I also found it to be slightly grainy on squeezing it out of the tube but it did spread very smoothly. I wasn't a fan of the sunscreen smell although it wasn't necessarily bad. So I'm on the fence about recommending it.

Wanted to love this - 21-05-2017 by

This smells and feels great, however, it makes my eyes water/sting which happens with some sunscreens for me.

Good value for money - 11-04-2017 by

This is the first moistriser I've used that contains SPF 50+. Previously, I've used ones with SPF15+ or 30+. I really like this moistriser - you only need a pea size amount to cover the whole face. It leaves a shine but makeup goes over it fine (I've used both liquid foundation and powder foundation over it). I find that if I put it over my eyes, it does sting so i just tap around the brow bone and just under the eyes (not too close). Overall, really happy with the product.

Overall good - 16-02-2017 by

Good product, smells lovely, my skin has been great since using however it does leave a shiny apperance and slight residue on my skin. I naturally have slightly oily skin so I would prehaps try another product after this due to that.

moisturising daily defence spf 50 - 14-02-2017 by

Over this product I use the super c and super b complexs under it and not only is my face is protected But my make up also just glides on and stays put I also use the asap mineral foundation definitely recommend it and comes in half shades too

moisturising daily defence spf 50 - 14-02-2017 by

Over this product I use the super c and super b complexs under it and not only is my face is protected But my make up also just glides on and stays put I also use the asap mineral foundation definitely recommend it and comes in half shades too

Effective for sunprotection and pigmentation, as well as moisturiser - 04-10-2016 by

I don't find it greasy, an sometimes use over a serum B,B, First product that does the complete daytime cover for me. Using it for 2 years now, and it helped to improve the pigmentation problems more than other products previously used.

New packaging disappointing and leaves product exposed to air - 07-02-2015 by

I have been using this product for a few years now and with very sensitive skin, was extremely happy to find it! Unfortunately the new packaging (sticker and twist top) is really disappointing.

Great summer moisturiser - 18-09-2014 by

Great value lightweight day moisturiser with protection. Great for hot humid weather as it doesn't leave your skin greasy or heavy.

Love this product - 03-09-2014 by

In my opinion, this is the best moisturising 30+ on the market. Soaks straight into the skin without any greasy feeling. Smells beautiful too. I wear this everyday under makeup

Great moisturiser with SPF - 26-08-2014 by

Love this moisturiser with added SPF.
Does not leave my skin feeling greasy.
Great new packaging as well, no mess or wastage.

Highly recommended - 26-07-2014 by

Love he new easy to use tube, no wate and no mess. Easy to apply, not greasy, just a really lovely product, great for dry skin.

Good and bad points - 18-07-2014 by

I've been a fan of this product for a long time. I have oily skin and it leaves it nicely moisturised without feeling like my makeup is going to slip straight off. I also love the spf30 aspect, as I wear sunscreen every day and incorporating it into my moisturiser saves me time. However, I'm not a fan of the recent packaging changes (harder to get the last bits out of the bottle without having to cut it open) or the recent price increase (since I'm trying to keep my beauty budget at a manageable level). Might have to start searching for something cheaper :(

Love this! - 03-07-2014 by

Love this moisturiser! Feels great on and has so many benefits.

Great protective moisturiser - 25-01-2014 by

I have tried many SPF moisturisers and all of them have reacted badly with my skin until now. This product does not leave any greasy residue. It absorbs quickly and gives me peace of mind that my skin is protected and will not break out as a result of using it. This is my new all time favourite daytime moisturiser.

ASAP - absoultly super amazing product - 09-10-2013 by

Feels fantastic on my skin & gives my face the protection it needs.

Good sunscreen - 23-09-2013 by

Works well. Non irritating to the eyes. Small amount required.

A good quality lightweight oil free moisturiser with sun protection - 16-05-2013 by

ASAP's oil free 30+ moisturiser is a great daily moisturiser. Leaves the skin well moisturised and is a great base for makeup. Take care to blend the lotion around eyebrows as it is quite filmy due to the sunscreen and does tend to cling to the brows. Moisturises and protects sensitive, combination and oil prone skin with a lasting mattifying effect that doesn't strip the skin. I have tried many many different skincare brands from Chanel and Lancome to Neutrogena and Garnier. This is truly the best day cream I have used, a very effective mid-priced product!

Lovely product - 01-01-2013 by

The moisturiser is great if you need some intense moisturisation, It's great to use just before bed.

Asap 30 plus - 25-09-2012 by

My housemate recommended this moisteriser to me and I have never looked back, nice fragrance leaves my skin soft and feeling fresh - not oily! And the 30+ sun protection is a BIG PLUS FOR ME! Great Aussie product

Q & A
4 Questions Ask a question
  • From asap moisturising daily defense spf 50 - 100ml at 14/11/142:46 AM
    • Q: Does this product contain nano-particles?
    • A: Hi Lee,

      No, asap products do not contain nano-particles.
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  • From asap moisturising daily defense spf 50 - 100ml at 20/08/159:31 AM
    • Q: Would this moisturiser be suitable for children and teens?
    • A: Hi Ange,

      Thanks for your product question. The ASAP Moisturising Daily Defense contains no active ingredients, and will be safe for use on children/teens.

      I hope this helps. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at

      Kind Regards,

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  • From asap moisturising daily defense spf 50 - 100ml at 15/09/159:04 PM
    • Q: Hi!
      Just wondering if this moisturiser contains Oxybenzone or
      Retinyl palmitate?
    • A: Hi there,

      Thanks for your product question. For a full ingredients list of any of the products we stock, please contact and we'd be more than happy to assist.

      I hope you have a great day, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Kind Regards,

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  • From asap moisturising daily defense spf 50 - 100ml at 3/02/1610:57 PM
    • Q: Hi,
      Is the asap moisturising daily defence spf50 a mineral or chemical sunscreen?
    • A: Hi Verena,

      Thanks for your email. The asap daily defense spf50 contains both chemical and mineral sunscreen ingredients, to offer broad spectrum protection.

      I hope you have a wonderful day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

      Kind Regards,
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