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asap moisturising daily defence spf 50+ 100ml 100ml

4.2 of 356 reviews


4 instalments of $15.00

Or 4 instalments of $15.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $15.00

Or 4 instalments of $15.00 with LEARN MORE

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Protect your skin with asap’s lightweight moisturising daily defence SPF 50. This SPF formula provides essential and lasting hydration while protecting against harmful UVA/UVB rays and damaging free radicals.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

GREAT - 78% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap moisturising daily defence spf 50+ 100ml

asap moisturising daily defence spf 50+ 100ml

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asap moisturising daily defence spf 50+ 100ml Reviews

4.2 of 356 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Buying it for everyone I know!


I am absolutely obsessed! It’s helped clear my acne prone skin and prevents breakouts. It doesn’t leave a white cast and I’m always excited to put on my suncream in the morning.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my friend

Kate Y

I wanted to like this product because I heard great things from my facialist and friends. It worked well for about a week and then I started breaking out all over my face (I hadn't changed anything in my routine except for this sunscreen/moisturiser). I had to stop using it and then my face calmed down again. Works for some but not all.
  1. Buying it for everyone I know!


    I am absolutely obsessed! It’s helped clear my acne prone skin and prevents breakouts. It doesn’t leave a white cast and I’m always excited to put on my suncream in the morning.
  2. Buying it for everyone I know!


    I am absolutely obsessed! It’s helped clear my acne prone skin and prevents breakouts. It doesn’t leave a white cast and I’m always excited to put on my suncream in the morning.
  3. Great protection, minimal 'sunscreen' feeling


    I've been using this moisturiser every morning for a few months now. I love that it has SPF 50+ (that was the main reason I tried this product!) as my skin can burn quite easily. It sits quite well under my mineral makeup each day without using a primer, which is very helpful for saving time in the morning.

    I find it to be quite moisturising, but I have normal to slightly oily skin, ...
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  4. Basic sunscreen


    verified purchaser
    Good sunscreen I use it most days. Would not recommend for beach or exercise but as listed it is more a daily sunscreen. Great basic sunscreen, although a bit of a white cast and slightly drying
  5. Basic sunscreen


    verified purchaser
    Good sunscreen I use it most days. Would not recommend for beach or exercise but as listed it is more a daily sunscreen. Great basic sunscreen, although a bit of a white cast and slightly drying
  6. Basic sunscreen


    verified purchaser
    Good sunscreen I use it most days. Would not recommend for beach or exercise but as listed it is more a daily sunscreen. Great basic sunscreen, although a bit of a white cast and slightly drying
  7. Would recommend!


    Overall I'm really happy with this product. Its a great price and size compared to a lot of other facial sunscreens out there. I love that it has hyraluronic acid in it to keep my skin protected and moisturised, particularly in Aussie Summers. I find it leaves a faint white sheen but it absobs in and leaves your face slightly shiny. I personally like this because I feel it gives me a dewy look, bu...
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  8. Good product


    I recommend this brand and this product. It’s a light consistency and does the job well. Doesn’t clog my pores and keeps my skin protected, it’s a winner!
  9. Good product


    I recommend this brand and this product. It’s a light consistency and does the job well. Doesn’t clog my pores and keeps my skin protected, it’s a winner!
  10. Love it!


    Super moisturising and glowy on the skin! I love this product so much. As someone with dry sensitive skin, this is the best sun protectant I have found that does not irritate my skin or cling or accentuate my dryness. I love how lightweight and hydrating it is. I will say that it does stay fairly glowy on the skin and does not really 'dry down' or mattify, so if you don't really like having that g...
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  11. More of a sunscreen


    I bought this in the hopes that my daily morning moisturiser would now have SPF however when I first used this it felt like I was just putting normal sunscreen straight on to my face. It is thick, white and smells just like normal sunscreen.
    After it settles in for 5 or so minutes I can put my make up on as normal and it looks kind of dewy but it's definitely not what I was expecting. All I ...
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  12. Great as a sunscreen not so great as as a daily moisturiser


    While highly recommended as a daily moisturiser I would say this is more of a sunscreen than a moisturiser with spf.
    I use this when going out for a walk in the middle of the day and will probably put it in my beach bag over the Summer.
    It is thicker on the skin than la roche posay anthelios xl
    If you are looking for more of a moisturiser I personally wouldn’t use this but if ...
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  13. There are other better SPF out there.


    It is so greasy and makes your face extremely shiny. I don't recommend it. I gave it a really good go. But it just is a horrible consistency.
  14. great daily


    this is a great moisturizer. Feel light weight on the skin and but also keeping my skin so hydrated!
  15. Not great


    Pro's: Moisturising, smell, ingredients, 50+ protection
    Con's: Given the amount of product you need to apply to your face for adequate UV protection it is very greasy, feels gross and too thick to re-apply throughout the day, leaves white cast, burns/stings eyes if you put it too close to them or if it somehow make its way to your eyes.
  16. super hydrating


    really like this, hydrating and contains spf!!
  17. Love


    This is the perfect, light and easy daily moisturiser. I’m super happy with it. The fact that it has sunscreen in it is a massive bonus for me.
  18. Feels good, does the job!


    Currently trialling this product and have been impressed so far. The consistency is good, feels nice on my face and not greasy.
  19. Glowy Sunscreen


    I love the glow this ASAP spf gives! It is also a great consistency and does not leave a white cast. I would not recommend if you have oily skin as it usually leaves quite a shine, but if you have dry skin it would be perfect!
  20. Definitely not the right consistency for me!


    The description for this says 'lightweight and non-greasy' although I found it was the complete opposite! This product did not soak into my skin at all - it just sat on the surface and left me super shiny all day long. Only used once and decided to return it as it's just not right for me.
  21. Best moisturising sunscreen


    I wear this as my daily moisturiser and it looks great under makeup or by itself and has made wearing sunscreen daily super easy. Packaging is in a tube so its easy to get all of the product out and I cut off the end to make sure I completely use up every last bit. Really great price for the size of the product.


    I honestly cannot recommend this product enough.
    I am so, so sensitive to sunscreens and they give me some of the worst breakouts and painful rashes - I am talking hundreds of pinpoint whiteheads and painful, painful skin that lasts for weeks after use. I have tried SOOOO many different facial sunscreens, zincs, ev-er-y-thing and spent a ludicrous amount of money on different brands only to ...
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  23. Best moisturising sunscreen

    Julia Hothersall

    I really love this brand and at the moment use the whole range of only asap products for my morning and night routine. As my skin is very fair and sensitive I get sun burns easily once exposed to sun so I have tried so many sunscreens in my life and it is one of the best so far. It smells really nice, texture is light and absorbs quickly. What I love the most about this particular product is tha...
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  24. One of the best sunscreens I have tried

    Julia Hothersall

    I really love this brand and at the moment use the whole range of only asap products for my morning and night routine. As my skin is very fair and I get sun burns easily once exposed to sun I have tried so many sunscreens in my life and it is one of the best so far. It smells really nice, texture is light and absorbs quickly. What I love the most about this particular product is that it is not Gr...
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  25. Love this ASAP range and this is one to add to your daily routine


    Have been using this moisturiser since the beginning of 2020 and I love it! Takes a minute to sink in properly on my skin but once it's in, it feels hydrated.
  26. Great product


    This sunscreen is very thick and leaves a bit of a cast on my face but it feels super hydrating and I love that its 50+. I got a couple of big samples of this and it's lasted me very well!
  27. Love this suncreen


    Things I love about this suncreeen/moisturiser - It doesn't smell like sunscreen It smells lovely infact It doesn't leave a whitish look to your skin like other sunscreens can It goes so well under makeup It doesn't make your skin shiny Your skin will look fabulous Things I do not love about this sunscreen - None! Just buy it!
  28. Don't give up on it


    To be honest, after the first few days of using this I was already looking for a new moisturiser. My skin took a bit of time to get used to it, but now it's great! A little goes a long way and as long as you don't put too much on at a time it won't leave a white cast. I love that is got a high SPF and also works great as a moisturiser.
  29. Does the job


    It’s a really effective sunscreen, and is also lovely on the skin but it does leave a little white caste and greasiness so I find I need to leave it for ten minutes to absorb before moving onto makeup for the day. Doesn’t smell the best, but not overpowering at all
  30. Nice product - not for me


    Really loved the product. However the SPF stung my eyes every time I used it even though I didn’t apply anywhere near eye area. Would definitely recommend if you are ok with having spf in your product.
  31. Love!!


    A great moisturiser, I always go for the ones with spf for my day time skincare. Suncreen is super important and this one works very well! I’m really loving it.
  32. Really Happy!


    I have very oily/dry combination skin that is particularly sensitive in winter, and so struggle to find products that leave my skin moisturised but not greasy.
    This is the first 'ASAP' product I have ever used, and I am really happy with it. It is fast absorbing and gives my skin a slight matte finish, even when mixed with a moisturiser.
    It does smell like sunscreen, but the smell disa...
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  33. My go to daily moisturiser with SPF 50


    I can’t fault this, I’ve been using it for years. I am mature and wear a sunblock every day. My Teenage daughter also uses this with no breakouts. A great price for an everyday moisturiser with good SPF.
  34. I like the UV protection in this


    Not my favourite moisturiser but I like that it has UVA & UVB protection so I use it, goes on quite thickly to the skin
  35. Average moisturiser/SPF, above average price


    To me, this felt and smelt very sunscreeny. It's not bad, but just not what I was hoping for. I will probably still use it in summer though (and stick to Ultra Violette supreme screen for now).
  36. Best sunscreen


    Do you hate the feeling of sunscreen on your face? Yeah me too! I was so sceptical to try this product but I know I need to protect me skin. Well this sunscreen is amazing. Yes it’s a little oily feeling at first but it absorbs right into your skin, leaving you looking fresh and moisturised not greasy!
  37. After micro saviour!


    I received a sample of this from my beauty therapist for after my microdermabrasion treatments with the instructions not to put any actives etc. on my skin, and this stuff was a saviour! I was a bit cautious because chemical sunscreens tend to make me break out in bumps on my forehead, but this one didn't. And SPF50+ is a must after an exfoliating treatment. Moisturising but not too heavy and sun ...
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  38. Effective


    This moisturising SPF works well.
    I have worn outside on very hot days and it has protected my face from sun damage.
    It is a little thicker than some other brands and has more of a sunscreen scent but i quite liked that.
    Skin felt hydrated throughout the day and pores were not blocked.
  39. Great SPF


    Great SPF moisturiser, works great with my sensitive skin, doesn’t look white or shiny.
  40. Great spf for everyday


    This is a great everyday moisturiser with SPF. Doesn’t pill with any of my other ASAP products and looks great under my Mac studio fix fluid.
  41. SPF


    Great way of ensuring you use SPF everyday even in winter! Really hydrating.
  42. great for sunny days


    this is great for going for a run or to the beach. it goes on really well and spf 50 is amazing!
  43. Great if you struggle to put on SPF


    I use this product in the morning because it won't much longer until I step outside.
    I struggle to use so many products so I love having the SPF added in my moisturiser.
  44. Good


    Good moisturiser for my skin that doesn't feel too heavy. I also like the spf within.
  45. Love this ASAP range and this is one to add to your daily routine


    I use this as my morning moisturiser mainly because of the 50 SPF. It goes on really well and makeup can be easily applied afterwards.
  46. SPF50


    thick and rich moisturiser, I love that it has SPF50. I found this was great for winter when I still want sun protection but need something for my dry skin
  47. Its Ok


    I found the product too greasy for my skin. I would have normal to dry skin but found it stayed on the surface. I would think its better for those who have drier skin.
  48. did not work

    Mature Age

    I have a tan complexion. Left a white cast on my face. Unfortunately I had an allergy to it. Maybe it's the zinc oxide? I had to return. I do have sensitive skin.
  49. Feels like a moisturiser


    I use SPF 50 everyday and have been using Skinstitut's SPF 50 for some time. Feeling like a change, I ordered asap moisturising daily defence spf 50+. It feels beautiful on, very much like you're just applying a moisturiser. My skin has tolerated the change well. If you're looking for a daily sunscreen that doesn't feel like sunscreen this is a great product.
  50. Rich but not greasy


    This moisturizer is thick and rich but is not greasy. It’s 50+ and I was worried it would be ghosting or leave a sunscreen residue but it does not at all. I’m on to my 3rd tube and won’t be changing anytime soon. Great if you’re using products that make your skin sensitive to the sun. My pigmentation has not got any worse, maybe slightly better since using. Has no smell or fragrance.
  51. SPF


    I have been using ASAP moisturizing defence 50spf for some time now, up to my 3rd tube of this, I love that it's 100ml and sure last a long way. I also love that it's spf 50 which is really important to me as I am always out in the sun. The only thing that bothers me is that it is oily on my skin and I just blot it with tissue after application but would definitely recommend it. xx
  52. Love


    This is a great step in my skincare regime. At first I found it greasy when used just by itself, but I've found that it actually helps my foundation/mineral powder stay put and adds that much needed SPF. Really stings the eyes so be careful around the eye area.
  53. Great daily moisturiser


    This moisturiser is very thick, but my dry skin loves it and soaks it right up and leaves no oily residue.
  54. Didn’t love


    I have several ASAP products I love, use daily and repurchase.
    Unfortunately this one was the first I didn’t like. I found it a bit greasy and never really sank in to my skin. I also found the ‘reapply as required’ directions confusing. Most sunscreens give me a timeframe I know to comply with. And this was so greasy that there is no way my skin could have coped with reapplication of it 2-3-...
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  55. Great AM moisturiser


    My skin is combination (oily t-zone + chin). I have been using this in the AM for the past month. I love that it has SPF 50 in it - especially for low UV days or days I don't go outside. It is quite thick but absorbs quickly. It leaves my skin glowing ever so slightly. The colour completely absorbs - doesn't leave my face white. It is fantastic at keeping my t-zone in check - which normally needs ...
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  56. Great sunscreen option, deeply moisturising


    I love this as a daily sunscreen and moisturiser.
    It penetrates the layers and leaves my skin feeling soft, I was waking up with chest wrinkles from sleeping on my side and dry winter skin, I starting using this day and night and they have decreased significantly. Just don’t get it near your eyes it stings!
  57. Love it!!


    It’s absolutely beautiful!! No white cast, it blends really nice a bit greasy. My skin feels soft and nice after applying it.
  58. Pleasantly surprised!


    I was worried that this would be a greasy sunscreen, but instead it's very lightweight and performs well under makeup. This is my first foray into wearing sunscreen every day, and this product makes it a no-brainer. Highly recommend.
  59. Good value


    Purchased this for my husband, he has dry flaky skin. I wanted something with SPF because my husband refuses to use sunscreen daily. He tells me he’s not particularly thrilled about the product but keeps using it so it must not be that bad. I think this is one of the more affordable moisturisers you can get with SPF in it.
  60. For The Whole Family


    This is seriously the best SPF for the whole family - it's affordable so we do not have to be judicious with application as we would be with expensive brands and works beautifully over my serums and underneath my makeup. It does not cause pilling or disrupt my application whatsoever.
  61. Super glowy sunscreen!


    This is a fantastic choice if you don't like the feeling of a traditional zinc oxide sunscreen and you're into a dewy glow. This sunscreen is so lightweight, almost runny, and imparts zero white cast. You can be generous in application as cost per ml is low for a cosmeceutical brand product. This product has a very faint smell of oranges but it dissipates quickly after application. This sunscreen ...
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  62. No from me


    I didn't like this one. Didn't soak well into the skin and very shiny. I found it made my eyes sting if I sweat into them or went swimming.
  63. Bit thick for my liking


    Sorry but not a fan of this product. I found it a bit think to apply and also it left a white sheen on my skin. Felt a little tacky. wouldn't purchase again. This was my first Face sun screen that I purchased and I have since tried many more that are far better
  64. Maybe not for me


    I got this as part of an ASAP acne pack and I think that for my combination skin, it's a little heavy for day wear under make-up for me. In saying that, I do love the way it feels on, especially for make-up free days, and that it has 50+ SPF! I would love if they had a more lightweight version.
  65. Disappointed


    After seeing great reviews, I thought I would give this a try. Unfortunately, it is not lightweight like I was looking for. It is a very thick formula and doesn't melt into the skin, so feels like you are wearing something the entire day. It is definitely more of a sunscreen than a moisturiser.

    Would not purchase again.
  66. Fantastic product


    While this is a little thicker than similar products, it has been perfect for my skin. It protects and keeps my skin hydrated all day and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since using it. The fact that it contains hyaluronic acid and is great value as it’s 100ml is a winner for me. Definitely repurchasing this one, thank you asap!
  67. Best moisturiser with SPF


    I have trouble skin, prone to acne, and this SPF causes no issues (if anything helps to balance oils and prevent breakouts). I use a small amount daily, under primer and make up with no concerns. When applying makeup I do have to wait a few minutes for it to sink in as does go on greasy, but is not greasy for long! Also have never gotten sunburnt!
  68. Great


    I like the physical sunscreen ingredients and it does not feel greasy on my skin
  69. Good everyday moisturiser


    I have sensitive skin and use this most mornings. I haven't had any sort of reaction which is great, however it's leaves a bit of an unwanted shine if I'm not wearing makeup over it.
  70. Decent spf moisturizer


    Not a bad moisturizer/ SPF combo. It's not extremely moisturizing but has enough spf in there to avoid a burn (my chest and shoulders burned but face, which was covered with it was fine).

    Would probably be ideal for those with oilier skin types.
  71. Overall satisfied, but not lightweight


    I love the ingredients in this moisturiser, they appear to be non irritating and hydrating to my sensitive and dehydrated skin. However; I have found that this product is thick in texture and not smooth to apply. Also, after a couple of hours since application, I can still feel the moisturiser on my skin, similar to a general sunscreen. If that texture during and after application does not bother...
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  72. asap moisturising daily defence spf 50+ 100ml

    Rhiannon T

    I used to use this product years and years ago and recently came across it again, i love it! I have extremely dry skin it feels amazing! It looks shiny when you first apply it but it sinks into the skin within 5-10mins. Its probably best for people with dry-normal skin. It doesn't break me our which is another plus! I actually look forward to applying it every morning
  73. Bit thick for me


    I was hoping this would sit well on my combination skin, but unfortunately, it's too thick and fell a little greasy on my skin. It hasn't had any adverse effect (like breaking out) it just makes my skin feel too greasy. I only use it if I'm home all day so it's not wasted. I think it would probably be fine if you had normal or dry skin.
  74. Better than most sunscreens, but dissappointing


    I really wanted to love this - I have sensitive, combination skin and 99% of sunscreens sting my skin. This one didn't!
    But it was so thick and sticky that it broke me out, left a white tint to my face and just didn't feel great on my skin.
    I would recommend if you're looking for cruelty-free, sensitive sunscreen and don't mind the thickness
  75. Good moisturiser - leaves a funny residue


    I like this moisturiser, but I do find it leaves a funny residue and is very thick - though I think it’s because it’s spf50. For the price I’m a little hesitant to purchase it again.
  76. amazing


    essential for my mornings, so moisturising and love that it is spf 50+
  77. Good


    I like that this has zinc and it is a great SPF. It does not break out my skin
  78. Best facial sunscreen


    I am so in love with this sunscreen. Simple ingredients that are so good for the skin! I love that I can get some actives in with my sunscreen every day.

    The feel is so perfect, not too oily and not too dry. I end up looking glowy and hydrated.

    By far the best sunscreen I’ve ever used and I’m so glad I took the plunge. It was more than I wanted to spend but the bottle is...
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  79. Great even as an everyday primer


    This has a great blur effect but it does not give coverage. It looks amazing underneath my foundation and moisturises my skin well bonus that it is a sunscreen without the sticky feeling
  80. Great


    This is a great moisturiser to use in the morning and it helps protect my skin
  81. Dewy protected skin


    light but rich I love that my skin feels hydrated but never clogged it's a great primer too. Also A+ being a physical sunscreen no need to reapply.
  82. Really affordable high quality SPF moisturiser


    Love the multi benefits of this moisturiser, with its SPF. I don't find it greasy like most SPF moisturisers. Importantly is does protect my face and at the end of the day if you're not wearing an SPF every day you really ought to check yourself!
  83. All year round fave!


    Not too heavy on the skin lasts a very long time a little goes a long way I am onto my 5th bottle! Feel hydrates all day.
  84. It’s ok


    I like that this moisturiser has 50+ spf however I find that it leaves my skin kind of oily under my makeup. It’s ok, but not the best suited for my skin.
  85. Never going back


    I have combination oily skin, although since using this moisturiser daily in combination with the ASAP daily facial scrub my skin is far less oily. Initially I found I put far too much on and it was getting into my eyes and stinging. My skin purged maybe 2 weeks after starting but now it is absolutely divine. I love this moisturiser, my face feels and looks incredible, my pores are ridiculously sm...
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  86. Nearly a 5 star


    Love that this is an Australian made product and that it’s affordable for the quantity. I used this religiously as part of my skin care routine for the last year however I have switched to a different spf protection due to this one being a bit on the thick side. It takes a while to settle in your skin so can sometimes be hard to put make up over. It also has flashback which I don’t like.
  87. daily moisturizing


    This moisturizer is ok! its good because it has SPF in it and its not to thick!
  88. Perfect sun protection


    I have dry skin and do a lot of sport. This is a perfect way to moisturise, treat and protect skin all in one while I'm outdoors. I don't have to wear a sunscreen when I go running. It is a thicker cream due to the zinc but absorbs really well. It stays on for ages and really protects my skin from sun and dryness yet doesn't make my skin sweaty. Love it. Will repurchase.
  89. Good balance


    Hydrating and light weight. Doesn’t make you break out or skin go oily. Can use daily too! Has spf in it too which is a bonus you don’t have to add any extra
  90. Okay


    It has spf which is good but other than that I am not a fan of this moisturiser. It makes my oily skin more oily and shiny.
  91. amazing moisturiser


    an amazing moisturiser that makes my skin so soft and smooth, great for my skin, highly recommend
  92. Love the sunscreen!


    This sunscreen is quite good! SPF 50+ is perfect for living in Australia!
  93. Nice moisturiser


    I used this moisturiser and liked the smell and feel however found it made my eyes sting!
    It absorbs well, did not make me breakout and is great for the SPF. I now use the asap aloe gel instead and love it.
  94. Not sold


    I heard lots of great things about this product but im not sold. I feel like its slides off my skin throughout the day and leaves me looking oily by the end of the day.
  95. Works, but it's not for everyone


    This sunscreen is probably better suited to people with normal/dry skin than those with normal/oily.

    I have normal/oily and I find that this product just sits on my face & slides off throughout the day. My eyes are usually stinging by the afternoon if I've applied it in the morning (I don't apply it to the eye area, yet it gets in my eyes.)

    It's a great sun protection fo...
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  96. Pretty good


    I do really love the SPF and moisturising properties of this, but you really have to give it time to absorb into the skin, as it can look quite dewy when you first put it on. After a while it’s fine. It doesn’t flare up my sensitive skin though!
  97. Not my favourite


    I found this to be very thick and hard to work with also it made my face super shiny and just felt overall heavy on my skin.
  98. Amazing


    Use this everyday. It’s non greasy do doesn’t cause breakouts and works well with my dry skin !
  99. Amazing Moisturiser & Sunscreen


    I really enjoy this product for both of its purposes of protection and moisturing. I have noticed it can leave some white colouring to your face but thats only short term, it will sink in over time. Excellent product, and I love the ingredients.
  100. Its good!


    For a sunscreen and moisturiser this works well! You only need to use a little bit though as it tends to make my skin a little bit greasy sometimes as I have oily skin
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